WEELY FORECAST — APRIL 17 – 23, 2016

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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 5:29 am Mon. to 4:24 am Tues., 11:13 pm Wed. to 5:17 pm Thurs., and after 2:46 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: We should begin completing and wrapping up projects (or putting them on a secure platform, from which we’ll launch the next stage) rather than starting new ones, as Mercury goes retrograde April 28, bringing a few weeks of misdirection, confusion, delay and “false starts.”

Mars turns retro today, April 17 to June 29, nudging men toward less testosterone-infused behavior – which will please some women, and disappoint others. So May’s indecision, already caused by Mercury retro, will intensify personally for ARIES, in governmental affairs for TAURUS, in social and wishful zones for GEMINI; in career for CANCER, in legal, travel and intellectual matters for LEO; in finances and sex for VIRGO; in marriage and agreements, negotiations for LIBRA, in work for SCORPIO, in romance and creative projects for SAGITTARIUS, in domestic arenas and real estate for CAPRICORN; in errands and communications for AQUARIUS, and in earnings, money for PISCES.

Sometimes readers complain to me when Jupiter is in their fifth sign, saying I’ve predicted lots of luck and fortune for them, but they’re having one of their unluckiest years – their career is going nowhere, they’re having fights on the job, their boss is unreasonable, etc. But when Jupiter is in your fifth sign, the luck lies in romance, beauty, seeking pleasure, falling in love, raising kids, adventure, being creative and gambling with life. These complainers almost always talk about their bad luck in work, or with the government, etc. Some of them slave day and night at their practical concerns. But the message, the luck, is specifically in NOT slaving away. You can’t disdain Lady Luck and refuse to go where she is/wants you to go, and then complain about your bad luck somewhere else!

(PS: To find your fifth sign – it’s your romantic love sign — just go to the Weekly Forecast below, find your own sign and label it # 1. Then go down the page: the next sign is your # 2, the next # 3, etc. E.g., if you are an Aries, your second sign ($) is Taurus, your third sign (talk/travel) is Gemini, your fourth (home) is Cancer, and your fifth sign (romance, pleasure) is Leo. If you are a Taurus, then your # 2 sign is Gemini, and so on…


(The AFTERAMBLE, mostly political stuff, and a couple of proven predictions, is located after the Weekly Forecasts, just below Pisces.)




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Your energy stays high, but your focus shifts slightly, from personal matters to money, possessions, and memory. Tackle chores and protect your health Sun./Mon. Best time: 3 pm to 8 pm (PDT) Sunday. Stick to routine after dawn Mon. Careful with sharp tools Sun. morning; with water, plumbing (and wilted food) this afternoon. Relationships fill Tues. dawn to Thurs. suppertime – and the world seems more determined to make you struggle with or change relations than to give you a nice, smooth way forward. Why does it do that, eh? This interval could deeply change a relationship, or create a new one. You could “change partners.” Be diplomatic. Aries, realize that until the spring of 2018 you remain very attractive to the opposite sex, especially to Libra and Gemini. This could even bring a marriage or co-habitation by this autumn to autumn 2017. Life’s mysteries swell up Thurs. eve through Saturday. Sex, intimacy, financial actions, research or detective work – all succeed. You could fall in love! (Well, perhaps into lust.)


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Two days left of quietude and solitude, Taurus. Tuesday starts a whole month of heightened charisma, increased energy, clout (and effectiveness – at least until April 28, when Mercury goes retro and indecision enters). Even those two quiet days (Sun./Mon.) will be filled with beautiful dreams, pleasure, and a hint of romance that might turn out to be more than a hint. (Though there is a slight hint that sex might face a closed door that is constructed of belief, philosophy or religion.) Tackle chores Tues. dawn (PDT) to suppertime Thurs. Take care during this interval with sharp tools, machinery, electricity – and ethics, and love. Be patient with others. Eat and dress sensibly. (Stick to routine chores Thurs.) Relationships blossom Thurs. night through Saturday. You could fall madly in love, or cause someone else to fall for you – or you could let a disagreement escalate to enmity (Thurs. only – Fri./Sat. are splendid). Fresh horizons, opportunities, sudden attractions and sudden insights arrive. A secret ally, a civil servant, or a management development might spring a happy surprise for you.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your revels now are ended, Gemini. Tuesday begins a month of quietude, weariness, charitable and spiritual activities, and restful rejuvenation. You’ll deal with civil servants, large corporations or institutions. These dealings should go very well, could even hit you with the magic wand of luck, or at the very least leave you feeling more secure. In fact, this whole month can make you feel comfy, warm and secure. It’s a great time to buy a home/property for enjoyment, but NOT for investment. (Investing in property is best June to early September – one of your best times in 13 years.) Sunday/Monday, though “technically” still part of prior weeks’ celebratory, hopeful, popular influence, brings domestic matters to the fore, and already begins to slow you down physically. Be kind to family, embrace kids – you might feel some argument or disappointment Sunday, but all’s well that ends well, and this does. Romantic notions and feelings surge Tues. dawn (PDT) to Thurs. suppertime – but dreams are better than action, as either fate or that sweet person seem determined to thwart you. Just enjoy, w/o acting. Tackle chores Thurs. eve through Sat. Eat and dress sensibly. You’ll accomplish a lot, as smooth good luck flows constantly. A new, or good, friend could be Friday afternoon’s happy surprise.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Tackle errands, emails, communications, paperwork and small daily business items Sun./Mon. Sunday’s a bit argumentative, deceptive to 3 pm (PDT). Stick to routine tasks Monday after dawn. (E.g., don’t start a new email program.) Though tempted, don’t buy tools nor machines. Tuesday begins a month of social delights, popularity, optimism, entertainment, flirtation and friendly romance. You’ll be happy. But start this “month” with a preliminary rest, from dawn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Be kind to family, rest, garden, soak up Mother Nature. You might face a choice between your spouse and your career – which do you cave to? If doing repairs, landscaping, etc., watch sharp tools and electricity Wed. Romance, passion, beauty, pleasure, creative surges and risk-taking urges come Thurs. eve through Sat. – and with such good luck, you don’t need my advice – just charge forth! You might fall madly in love.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

A month of intellectual focus changes Tuesday, to start four weeks of career pressure, ambition, prestige relations, and worldly standing. You’re in good shape this go-round, as your ambitious efforts should yield a large, solid earnings reward. You might step onto a new income plateau any time between now and September, one that could last years. Earlier, Sunday/Monday emphasize earnings and money anyway – with problems and luck mingled. Be astute, aware. Best times to act: Sunday, 3 to 8 pm (PDT) and Monday 1 am to 7:30 am. Tuesday dawn to Thurs. suppertime brings errands, communications, travel, paperwork and details. Tuesday’s fine, although the day could feature a dilemma between work and ethics/religion (or love). Be honest, but favour work. Wed.’s full of surprises noon into deep night. You could meet new love around supper time and later – or you could face a break-off, a slammed door. Be flexible, smile. Stick to routine Thurs. Home, family, kid/parent relations, security, food, Mother Nature, home repairs, landscaping, gardening – and securing or expanding business territory – all these bless you Thurs. eve through Sat. Again, love could “ping” your heart. (A love started now – Friday – would be filled with security and intimacy – and maybe more sex than even you can handle!)


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of mystery, lust, exploration, financial actions and changes ends Tuesday, as you commence four weeks of mellow understanding, love, compassion, far travel and/or international affairs (small: attending as foreign movie; large: demonstrating at the Kremlin) cultural and social rituals, religion, philosophy, higher education, publishing, fame, and statistics. It’s time to see the big picture, to make sense of God and the World, to reveal to others what you learned in the dark month just passed. You might elevate a love to another plateau (e.g., dating to wedding) or discover that someone loves you. Earlier, Sunday/Monday boost your energy and charm. Good and bad luck mingle, so be nimble, be quick. Chase money, new clients, a pay raise, new possessions, casual sex (if you really want it) and “memory games” Tues. dawn (PDT) to Thurs. suppertime. This interval isn’t easy nor smooth, so don’t attempt big things. (Stick to routine Thurs.) Wednesday might offer you a choice: daily money, or an investment; perhaps a sexual liaison. Be wise, but be ready to live, also! Errands, communications, paperwork, details, casual contacts and travel fill Thurs. eve to Sat. – and in a lucky, happy way! Again, you could fall into lust with someone, or say yes to an investment, debt program, or lifestyle change. All good!


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of opposition and challenge, of potential partnership, of exciting new meetings and new horizons, of opportunities and rejections, ends Tuesday. For the following four weeks, you’ll veer into depths, mysteries, commitments and consequences. What was an opportunity now becomes a “put up or shut up” situation. Funding arrives, or is demanded. Note: now to June 1 is NOT a good time to start a business, nor to invest (especially not in health products, sanitation/waste industries, forestry, plates and cutlery, gardens and land, retreats and spas). Instead, use your financial urges to reduce debt, and to explore, research – so you’ll know what to invest in after May. Sexual urges will also demand attention. That’s fine, but remember: an Aries (or other man) will be a bit “unassertive” in the two months ahead; and your best partners will tend to arrive after late September, not before. Daily, Sun./Mon. nudge you to rest, avoid competitive situations, contemplate and plan. Your energy soars Tues. dawn (PDT) to Thurs. suppertime – you’re the leader, your charisma’s strong, but realize major obstacles still exist, most of them domestic. (E.g., you live in a house that freaks out potential dates.) You might see this clearly Tues. afternoon, or Wed. afternoon. Wed. night could bring a sudden, surprising attraction. Friday’s similar. Some Librans might meet and marry within a week. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients (and/or your boss) Thurs. eve to Saturday – excellent luck accompanies you. A health problem solved. If unemployed, find a job Friday afternoon (despite popular wisdom).


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Tuesday begins a month of relating: partnerships, public dealings, fame, possible relocation, negotiations and contracts, litigation, fresh horizons and new opportunities. Be co-operative, realize others hold the aces now. (If you act independently you could either “come up empty” or engender opposition, even enmity.) Earlier, Sun./Mon. technically belong to a now passing work and health phase, but the main thing you’ll notice is: rising hopes, popularity, sweet expectations, social joys, and, well, happiness. Luck is a bit mingled, so sidestep the bad (Sun. morning and late Sunday night) and embrace the good (Sun. eve, Mon. pre-dawn). Retreat Tues. dawn to suppertime Thurs. – find a quiet place to contemplate, examine your progress thus far, and plan for the future. Deal with civil servants, agents, warehousing, manufacturers, charities and institutions. Above all, maintain a restful pace. Your energy, clout and charisma soar Thurs. eve to Saturday, and your good luck is evident. Usually, I’d advise starting significant new projects during this interval, but a slow-down, a period of indecision, delay and false starts begins April 28, so only start what you can finish soon. Instead, use this time to impress others, cap off ventures with a flourish. Friday could bring true love, also a co-worker romance, maybe an unexpected by welcome work/health agreement.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of work and drudgery, of health concerns, employment issues, service personnel and machinery utilization starts Tuesday. Might as well just plunge in and plod along. Earlier, Sunday/Monday accents your ambition, career, worldly standing and prestige relations. Be ambitious, but realize there are some rebuffs or setbacks – these will be less than your progress. Tuesday dawn to Thurs. afternoon brings sweet relief: social joys, popularity, optimism, perhaps a flirtation. This interval isn’t an easy one event-wise, but nothing will den your upbeat mood. Love is sweet these days, but it might run into a money snag, or a bit of (valid) jealousy Tues. The same occurs, to a lesser degree, Wed. afternoon. But this eve and night you could meet a stunning new attraction, though not necessarily a durable one. Retreat Thurs. eve through Sat. – rest, contemplate and plan. Realize you have a huge pile of work to tackle: these days are excellent for preparing, planning your attack, putting chores in priority, lining up (old, faithful) allies, and resting up to gather your energies. Again, a sudden love attraction is possible – so is a domestic success (e.g., knitting the famiky together, home repairs, etc).


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Tuesday begins a month of romance, creative urges, risk-taking, charming children, adventure and pleasure. Earlier, Sun./Mon., your mind opens to new horizons, new thoughts. Your philosophical mood aids love. Still, Sunday daytime can hold some irritants, misunderstandings (a secret of yours could be the not-obvious cause). This night can reassure you (as you mull it over the next day) that you do deserve, will find, love. Be ambitious Tues. dawn to Thurs. suppertime (reserve Thurs. for routine actions). Your luck isn’t high, and the future seems to snag on the gap between your hopes and your position, or you might find your domestic situation doesn’t agree with your ambitions. So work carefully, with discretion and diplomacy. Happiness arrives Thurs. eve through Saturday – your popularity surges, social delights and entertainment come, you’re optimistic about your future (correctly so) and friendly romance might arise. These few days are packed with good luck, so don’t hesitate – dive in! Communications are like an arrow that hits a bullseye. A surprise involving family or real estate solves a problem, or brings a happy “reunion.”


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Tuesday brings a domestic month, Aquarius. You’ll feel a bit tired at times – nap without guilt, as this is your natural “hibernation” month. Embrace the family, re-introduce yourself to your kids; garden, repair, and handle security, retirement and (children’s) education concerns. (DON”T invest in a new home before June.) At your job, you might be asked to work on expanding or maintaining your company’s sales territory. Sunday/Monday highlight the depths, and bring your subconscious to the surface. Lust, for sex and/or power and/or wealth, drives you. Act on this between 3 pm and 8 pm (PDT) Sunday, or (better) before dawn Monday. Mental expansion, compassion, and a mellow, philosophical mood visit you Tues. dawn to Thurs. suppertime. International travel, cultural and social rituals, publishing, higher education and all intellectual pursuits appeal to you – but few of these are free from obstacles. Don’t gossip, and don’t reveal your own secrets or vulnerabilities. You could meet a new, rather significant friend Wed. eve, night. Be ambitious Thurs. eve through Saturday – a splendid luck rides with you. Again, you could meet an exciting person, probably Fri. daytime.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships fill Sun./Mon. Your luck is mixed here, but you will ultimately gain if you reach out, co-operate and jump on another’s band wagon. Do so. “Destiny” seems to operate in bringing certain people or opportunities into your view. If you have an agreement to tie up, do it now, as next week into May slows and confuses, causes people to change their minds. Tuesday starts a whole month of “light duties” – errands, paperwork, trips, calls, emails, delivery, casual friendly contacts, etc. The stakes generally will not be high, so you can “relax within your busyness.” Delve into life’s mysteries Tues. dawn to Thurs. suppertime; research, be a detective. Intimacy calls, so do power moves (be honest, ethical) and financial actions. Listen, Pisces, DO NOT invest heavily before June. This mid-week interval holds hints of alienation, as well as money surprises (Wed. eve/night). (Probably good ones; you might laugh with relief.) A mellow, philosophical mood flows through you Thurs. eve through Saturday. Charge ahead with far travel, international affairs, higher education, publishing, media, intellectual and cultural pursuits – a splendid luck accompanies you. Again, a possible money surprise (Fri.?) – or even better, an inspiration, a new idea about how to make money.

The End



Well, I wrote here that Bill Clinton, though campaigning for Hillary, would subconsciously work to deny her a shot at the White House, just as he did in South Carolina in the 2012 primaries. Last week (well, 2 weeks ago compared to the dateline of this blog) he entered a big shouting match with “Black Lives Matter” protesters, a fight the media picked up and kept alive.

Told you, here, that Trump had better watch Cruz, that Cruz was a hard worker, a born politician, and would try to defeat Trump in the ground game. Last week Cruz grabbed all 24 of Colorado’s delegates, “in secret,” while neither candidate campaigned. Cruz also went back to 2 or 3 states Trump had won, and by exercising arcane rules, “stole” the delegates from Trump. Cruz isn’t violating rules, he’s just using the ones Trump ignored.

OMEN? During one of Sanders’ outdoor speeches, near the beginning of his campaign, a little yellow and green bird, about the size of a parakeet, landed on Bernie’s podium and stayed for a few moments, a friendly visit. (It’s probably on You Tube.) To me, that was God’s little finger, tapping Bernie on the shoulder in approval.

But Bernie better watch out during the April 14 debate with Hill. Bernie’s a Virgo, and the Moon will be in Leo, his sign of retreat and weariness. So either Bernie will devastate Hill and win hugely (because sometimes this position grants that – a 10 % chance) or he will fail, and the media will use words like “tired,” “confused,” “same old platitudes,” etc. Leo is Hill’s career and prestige sign, so she could reach upward strongly. If you watch that debate, you’ll admire Hillary, but you might not like her, as her ambition will be on display. Bernie needs to have either a podium or a chair – he should not accept standing “in the open” as in some town hall meetings, because his physicality might “stumble.”

(Here’s my opinion: Sanders serves everyone. Hillary serves herself.)

In late May and June, Bernie will make mincemeat of Hillary; Hillary, frustrated, will fight back at her dirtiest, but remain puzzled that her attacks bounce off him. June/July could also bring a significant message from the FBI.

If Bernie doesn’t become the nominee, three causes will be foremost: 1) the media was slow to catch his train, 2) the Democratic establishment is Bernie’s enemy – they owe Hillary, Bill, Obama, Biden and the billionaires too many favours, and will, probably, continue to rule America as they have always done, with a sort of patronizing “noblesse oblige” (which currently means, “throw them crumbs – they don’t know what steak is, anyway”).  Oh, and third – fate.

In Russia, they have “democratic” elections – with just one candidate. Of course, that’s thinly disguised dictatorship. But what do you call it when in America there are only two candidates to choose from, and both have been hand-picked, not by the electorate, but by the upper one or two per cent, the aristocratic establishment. In other words, you can vote, but only on our terms, and only for our two hand-picked choices. Is that a democracy?


Received some criticism for my suggestion that the police/military (yes, they have merged, just as I predicted in the 1990’s, into the new, modern, benevolent police state) should surround a city like Brussels, and go through every warren and factory, every house and hole, until they grab all ISIS’ weapons, bombs, people, etc. I was called “aristocratically militaristic” (in a nice way). I wrote that in frustration with Europe’s limpness re ISIS, etc. Europe certainly has huge courage (as evidenced by millennia of wars, from Alexander to Caesar to Napoleon to Hitler) but its bravery, which last century propelled it into two world wars of huge devastation, has deflated, perhaps as a psychic result of war’s ubiquitous trauma, perhaps in a karmic push-back. Or both. So the region, shocked by war, sped toward peace, and fell in love with it. And is loath to lose it. So they do not oppose Putin; they seem bewildered and small in response to the ISIS attacks on their soil. If another world war does come – I believe it will not, ever – Europe will be the graveyard of civilization.

(Courage is a core value; but bravery, more impulsive, is a bit like the little brother of courage, who asserts himself quickly but not always wisely. Courage can be timid, and bravery’s role is to press courage into service.)

Standard astrology would say that the winner of Wisconsin will not be president. (That’s Cruz, and – it’s sad – Bernie.) Or that it will have no effect. But the day the Donald was dumped in Wisconsin, the Sun was square Pluto (a “hard aspect” indicating non-co-operation between the realms ruled by two bodies). This aspect times major changes in our lives. It topples kings, and tears apart weaker bonds. This could signal the beginning of Trump’s end.

But we shouldn’t overestimate this aspect’s strength, as it occurs 2 X per year, all our lives, and few of us have 160 huge momentous events in our lives. Still, arriving at a critical period in our life, say, while we’re running for President, it could signal a major turn – and that concept has filled the media all week. They call it a “possible pivot point,” one which could send frontrunner Trump down and Cruz up, all the way to a contested convention.  The Donald has wounded himself deeply this time (the abortion punishment and nuclear missiles in Japan and Korea). His usual ability to make us forget seems to have weakened and faltered. Perhaps New York will tell, another sentence to be flown like a flag off a high-rise balcony, a bit of story like a wisp in the wind, gone with the gossips.

RE: The Bible’s pronouncement that the “sins of the father” will be on the children’s heads, seemingly eternally… incest? infects the children, and their children, and theirs…As the generations stumble down the decades.

Overheard: “He loved humanity; he just couldn’t stand company.”