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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: Before 5:46 am Sun., 8:51 am to 4:54 pm Tues., 0:07 am to 1:47 am Fri., and after 7:56 pm Sat.



Justin Trudeau should see a neurologist; an incipient problem might be lurking.

ALL SIGNS: Mercury retrogrades Thursday, April 28, to Sunday, May 22. Don’t start new projects now – use the present week to wrap up tasks and projects, rather than launch new ventures. To give you an idea of Mercury’s retrograde effect: NASA launched the Hubble space telescope during a Mercury retro. Soon after, they discovered the lens had been incorrectly shaped, so a new lens was created and sent into space to be fitted onto the Hubble – from that point on, it worked spectacularly. The U.S.A.’s official birth date occurred during a Mercury retro – which could explain all the indecision or “split” this nation often faces – e.g., Viet Nam war or not? Two party system. Iraq or not? Etc.

On markets: short pop makers for the long run: Coke, Pepsico, etc.

The pundits are starting to notice the similarities between Trump and Bernie. (Remember I wrote about them as the new extremes in politics?) One point they missed: Sander’s crowds and Trump’s crowds are roughly age-equal, perhaps with Sander’s crowd more heavily 20’s and 30’s, and Trump’s more 30’s and 40’s. This means the energetic, more courageous voters (those under 40, 50) are “in play.”

Reality is beautiful. Reality is sweet, and fruitful, and sometimes, magical.

What’s mysterious is the present, not the future.

Slimmest of moons, she lays on her bed of clouds, dreams wisps of dreams; when full and pregnant, she bathes roofs and trees in her creamy light, and makes flat fields dream in strange wakefulness under the silver light.  Think of her view, seeing the Earth in the sky, big as the Hulk’s fist, bigger than a basketball, so bright that you’d squint in the earth light.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21 – April 19

The main accent lies on money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory, rote learning, and sensual attractions. (You respond very quickly sensually, it’s who you are, but you also grow bored quickly, so enter any sensual/physical relationship cautiously and honestly this month. When one person wants a lifetime love, and the other just wants a roll in the hay, then sex isn’t consensual.) On the plus side, the weeks ahead are great for money-through-work (ask for a pay raise) and for career advancement through work. Sunday dawn to late Tues. afternoon brings a wise, mellow, compassionate mood, and supports far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural, legal, religious, ritual, media/publishing and similar pursuits. However, don’t be over-optimistic about these things midnight to 9 am Monday (PDT). After this, significant ideas and inspirations can come – love, too. Be ambitious Tues. eve to Thursday’s end – luck accompanies you all the way, though Thursday seems a bit jumbled – less so, if you’re co-operative, easy-going. Happiness arrives Fri./Sat! Your favourite dreams seem achievable! A period of delays and false starts commences Thurs., so don’t begin new projects/relationships/commitments this week to May 22 – stick with what’s already in the works.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Read Aries’ last sentence, Taurus. Although your charisma, energy, clout and leadership capabilities shine at their peak this week and the next few, Mercury retro from April 28 to May 22 warns against starting any new ventures – they would wilt on the vines of delay, indecision, false starts, etc. Use this week to wrap up ongoing projects. (Wrap up: end, complete, or make safe – try not to change or reconfigure a project during this retro period: you’d be creating a “new monster” of complexity and nil result.) Life’s (potentially valuable) mysteries surround you Sunday dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime. I usually advise against investing or starting a relationship while the Mercury retro looms – however, if there is someone you want to embrace from your past, or an investment you’ve long yearned for, you could succeed now, especially Mon. afternoon to Tues. breakfast. Gentle love, understanding and compassion – a broader picture of the world – visit you Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. Legalities, intellectual activities, far travel, higher learning, cultural venues and foreign lands/peoples are blessed with luck Tues. night and Wed., but fall apart a bit Thurs. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. – you could earn points toward a promotion. (But DO NOT start a project or business.)


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

The emphasis lies on rest, recuperation, self-examination, charity, spirituality, and background efforts, until May 20. Almost coincidentally (April 28 to May 22) Mercury retrogrades, bringing delays, false starts, indecision, misunderstandings and missed appointments. Luckily, this fits in with your present state of low energy and rest. Start nothing new before May 22. This period is a great one for contemplation. Study the past, and how you arrived at this point. This will give you a “floor” from which to launch new things after late May – but don’t make new plans until then. (Don’t worry, the “floor” will stay with you.) If there is someone you should apologize to, or whom you’ve wanted to help but hesitated, or someone you always wanted to show your affection for, do it now into May. An old, neglected burden might return – perhaps a government-related chore: tax returns, proper filing of documents/receipts, etc. – tackle t now, once and for all. Sunday dawn (PDT) to late Tues. afternoon brings relationships. Be diplomatic, co-operative. Some might challenge you; some flirt; some might even want love – accept! Life’s mysteries, heightened intuition, financial actions, lust, research urges, medical and lifestyle developments greet you Tues. suppertime to midnight Thurs. Been meaning to make an investment for a long time? Then act Wed., “zero hour” to 7 pm (again, PDT). A sweet, mellow mood flows into you Fri./Sat. Expect mild progress in legal, higher educational, philosophical, intellectual, cultural, travel and love affairs.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead bring joy, heightened popularity, entertainment, wish fulfillment, social delights, and, possibly, a friendly romance (perhaps someone met in a group). However, it’s far better to enjoy life’s happiness bounty than to try to use it, i.e., to start something new. (A period of mistakes, delays and false starts begins this Thursday, and lasts until May 22.) Instead, wrap up ongoing projects, revisit old chums and groups/clubs, and welcome old flames, old flirts, rather than chasing someone new. Tackle chores and protect your health Sunday dawn (PDT) to late afternoon Tues. You should get a lot accomplished, especially if you don’t let a sluggish Monday stop you. Relationships, negotiations, contracts, relocation themes, co-operation versus challenge, allies and enemies fill Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. Be diplomatic but eager – love is only one of the prizes this interval might hold. (Another, a work reward, promotion.) (But remember, things are slowing down, and people might change their minds over the next 3 weeks – so grab any plums quickly, don’t wait for them to fall.) Life’s secrets loom Fri./Sat. – be curious, investigate. Finances, sexual bonds, lifestyle changes, health concerns form the topics these two days.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Use this week to wrap up projects and tasks, Leo, rather than start new ones. A period of delays, missed meeting, misunderstood directions, indecision and false starts looms from April 28, this Thurs., to May 22. That’s a shame, as almost the entire time is one of ambition, career, prestige meetings, worldly status – in other words, a time when you would usually be working hard to push new proposals and projects. DON’T. Instead, clean up old messes, support ongoing projects – protect them from delays, misunderstandings, and supply shortages by acting earlier to order supplies, by clarifying all directions and double-confirming appointments, etc. Be ambitious in showing higher-ups your skills and hard work, but DON’T start new career ventures – your reputation could be at stake. A former position might be re-offered to you: could be good, or bad – judge it on its own merits. Sunday dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime emphasizes romance, adventure, loving kids, beauty and pleasure – luck is good Sunday, and Monday afternoon into Tues. morning. Love gets a wee boost! Tackle chores and protect health Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. – splendid luck in getting things done. Yes, do buy that tool or machine Wednesday IF you have seen it, wanted to buy it, at least over a week ago. (If a new impulse, desire to buy, don’t.) Relationships please and irk you Fri./Sat. – be diplomatic, flash your famous grin, and all will be well.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize legalities, learning, far travel, international affairs, teachers and foreign-born people, all intellectual pursuits, abstract truths, religion, philosophy, culture and media. These will carry more good luck than bad for you, with one big BUT – these same weeks form a period of delays, mistakes, second-guessing and indecision, and false starts – mainly in this same zone of far travel, legalities, media, etc. So DO NOT start new projects, especially in the learning, travel (et al) zone; they would tend to fail. Instead, use this week to wrap up projects or bring them to a “safe” level; and use future weeks (to May 22) to protect ongoing projects from supply shortages, mistakes, etc.; and/or to reprise promising projects or relationships from the past. An old flame might return, perhaps one you “learned” from. Sunday dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime emphasizes your domestic situation. Hug the family, upgrade security, make home repairs – but do not start a major repair or reno project: do only what can be completed now, by Tues. (If you live in western North America, take the family out for Tuesday’s supper: spouse and kids will enjoy it and you.) Romance, creative surges, beauty and pleasure flow in Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. You could fall madly in love, especially Wed! But if you spark a new relationship, it will tend to go in future circles and bog down. Stick with past or present flames. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. Stay alert – all’s well.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Now to late May, the focus lies on secrets, mysteries, investigation, medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices, commitment and consequence(s) and, most obviously, on sexual desires and financial urges. This same period overlaps another (April 28 to May 22) of Mercury retrograde – causing indecision, delay, misunderstandings and missed meetings, supply shortages, false starts, etc. These will affect any new projects, ventures or relationships. But this period can bless ongoing and former, reprised situations. For example, a former sexy lover might re-appear (and has dropped the old arguments) or an investment you’ve always wanted becomes available. Dawn Sunday to early suppertime Tues. (PDT) brings an easy, busy time – errands, paperwork, communications, short travel, siblings and casual friends. Or perhaps not so casual, as all three days seem likely to trigger love, love of the marrying kind. Your domestic sphere blossoms Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. – former difficulties here can be solved, especially Wed. You’ll feel reassured, comfy and loved. Romantic notions strike Fri./Sat., as do creative urges, a risk-taking mood, beauty and pleasure. Go slow; remember: start nothing new.


 Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Complete tasks rather than starting anything new, Scorpio. A period of delays, false starts, indecision and misinformation prevails from April 28 to May 22. That said, the weeks ahead (covering virtually the same period) feature relationships, new horizons, opportunities, possible relocation, agreements, negotiations and litigation, dealings with the public, even fame. In all these, further and support ongoing projects, and/or reprise past ventures and relationships. So an old flame or an old faithful is far better than the most luscious new prospect. (A love affair started now would groan through the future with indecision, frustrating timing mishaps, etc.) Chase money Sunday dawn (PDT) to suppertime Tues. Buy/sell (don’t buy big, significant things such as a tv, car or diamond ring) cultivate clients, send out bills immediately (don’t wait until late week). You could make a nice little bit of extra money, or learn of a better job. Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips, siblings and casual friends fill Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. Wednesday’s great – call a group of friends or a former lover, learn, be curious – a money secret is there to be plucked! Your domestic arena lights up Fri./Sat. – hug the kids, do minor repairs, garden, enhance security, etc. – a few glitches, but all’s well!


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The weeks ahead hold chores and health concerns. Usually this would be a good time to buy machinery/tools, get a health check-up, or tackle new tasks (or seek employment). None of these are likely to succeed easily, unless they have a link to the past: e.g., seek employment from former bosses, and tackle chores that have already begun. Machinery is more complex: buy something only if it’s a great bargain, AND you have already “laid eyes” on it in the past. (If so, this Wednesday’s a good time, before 6:30 pm [PDT].) In general, now to May 22, stick with ongoing projects and relationships, or reprise past ones – everything brand new will tend to succumb to the plethora of mistakes, indecision, false starts, and delays. Your energy and charisma shoot up a notch Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. You’ll start out “inflamed” by a creative idea, a “need to gamble,” or a romantic fire Sunday. Things slow early Mon., but this night and Tues. morn could ring the love bell once more. Be outgoing! Chase money Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. – especially money already owed you. (Pay overdue bills, also.) Your luck remains high Tues., Wed., and Thurs. afternoon. Casual friends, errands, visits, chats, communications, paperwork and trips fill Fri./Sat. All’s good – just avoid new man-woman relationships.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Use this week to wrap up things, rather than begin anything new. This Thursday through May 22 brings a slowdown, mistakes, missed appointments, wrong figures, supply shortages, etc. Until May 22, stick with and protect ongoing projects and relationships – or reprise past ones – rather than initiating anything new. DON’T buy electronic items, new fashions, or pleasure “craft” (e.g., a boat, or a spiffy new bicycle). The weeks ahead focus on romance, beauty, pleasure, risk-taking, creativity, self-expression, and charming kids. (Creativity is not a good idea, as the creative is always new.) An old flame might return – and with a good result if you are both unattached. Or, you’ll tend to reawaken to the beauties and charms of your regular mate, your children, nature, gardens, etc. However, if you start a new relationship before May 22, it will tend to die away later. Retreat, rest and contemplate Sunday dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime: be charitable, spiritual. Don’t bother making plans, though, as they’ll soon be irrelevant. Your energy and charisma soar Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. If you ever wanted to impress Joe Bob or Linda Sue, now’s the time. Use this energy to give projects a significant heave, but don’t start a new one. Chase money, pay overdue bills, flirt if you want, Fri./Sat. Buy only routine items.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Use the present week to complete projects rather than start new ones, Aquarius. Now to May 22, slowdowns, delays, mistakes, false starts and indecision are enough to squelch almost any new project or relationship. So stick with ongoing ventures and relationships, protect them from upsets or mistakes. The main emphasis, now to late May, lies on your domestic arena – parent/kid relations, gardening, repairs, landscaping, security, retirement programs, and, above all, peace and rest. This is your hibernation time. By June, you’ll be glad you did rest up – especially if you’re single. However, don’t start new renovations, major repairs, and don’t open a retirement (or other) savings program until after May 22 – unless you’ve wanted to for a long time. In general, don’t start anything significant. Sunday dawn (PDT) through Tues. suppertime brings joie de vivre, popularity, happiness, social delights, wish fulfillment and grand optimism. Enjoy! In socializing, a garden party or some down home thing would please, Sunday, or Monday p.m. Retreat, rest and contemplate Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. Deal with civil servants, large corporations, institutions, charities and spiritual groups. Warehousing, too, and assembly lines. Your luck’s excellent, Tues. eve through Wed. night (Wed. best). You could even land tax forgiveness, etc. Your energy and charisma shoot upward (but not hugely) Fri./Sat. – get out, mingle, greet, impress people. But don’t lead others into a new project or relationship – you shouldn’t be there either!


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Wrap up chores and ventures this week rather than starting anything new. Until May 22, a period of slowdowns, mistakes, misunderstanding, indecision and false starts prevails. So use these weeks ahead to protect ongoing projects (e.g., double-confirm that the right workers will be on site, or order needed supplies early to avoid snafus, etc.) – or to reprise past projects and relationships. Not to launch anything new. The weeks ahead feature busy but not important times – errands, siblings and casual acquaintances, paperwork, short trips, visits and communications. Make a “To Do” list long before you leave the house, so you can add to it as memory dictates. (You’ll still forget something.) Sunday dawn (PDT) to suppertime Tues. brings pressures from above – career demands, prestige, your worldly status form this pressure. Press for more money Sunday, for praise or promotion Monday afternoon, night. Happiness, optimism, light romance, wish fulfillment, entertainment and social delights lift your spirits Tues. eve to midnight Thurs. You could fall in love Wed., or solve a partnership puzzle. Retreat Fri./Sat. – rest, contemplate, meditate – don’t plan, as you’ll have to abandon them later. Catch up on any neglected administrative or government-related chores. An easy, upbeat week.

The End

(Sorry, no AFTERAMBLE.)

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