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START NOTHING: 0:30 am to 0:57 am Sun., 9:48 pm Mon. to 11:52 am Tues., 11:57 am to 7:59 pm Thurs., and after 3:28 pm Sat.


If smart-phone maker Blackberry survives until March 2014, then it will survive much longer, even thrive (though that – thriving — won’t come until at least 2015). But it has to make it another 5 months. Famed investor Prem Watsa, who bought a large chunk, made a mistake. Now he wants to buy the whole company….hmm. I wouldn’t, before March 2014….

You know what I’d like to see? A study that follows those couples who marry in extreme situations – who wed while skydiving, or utter vows while hanging on the edge of the world’s highest tower, etc. I wonder how successful those marriages are and how long they last? (I suspect a portion fail quickly, and another portion last life-long.)….

An argument rages in the West (especially in Quebec, Canada’s Texas of Intolerance) over whether women should be allowed to publicly wear the hijab or burka (covering their face and body). Here’s my suggestion. Across the country, a hundred beefy men, in one’s, two’s or three’s, should enter fifty prominent shopping malls with nylon stockings  over their heads (like bank robbers do) and see how many are arrested. Those who are, should sue for false arrest and discrimination…. The tragic part is that the burka is a cloak of subjugation.

First is foremost? Funny how, before the wedding, it’s “Bride and Groom,” but immediately after, it’s “Husband and Wife”….

A month ago, I suggested the U.S. should embrace al Qaeda. Within two weeks, they did so, 1) by arming the Syrian militants and siding with them against the government; 2) the terrorist mall attack in Kenya was partially performed by 2 to 4 Americans who had embraced al-Q, and 3) the sponsors of terrorism, Iran, did a complete turn-around, and sought an embrace with America….

You know that old saying, Life seems to go by faster when you’re older? Here’s what I think: life moves at a constant speed. For proof, look at the seasons: they don’t change willy-nilly, but at a regular, constant speed, with predictable event surges: e.g., the yellowing of trees in the fall. Perhaps the less energetic we are, and hence the slower we move, the faster life seems to pass. The reverse also holds: our children, filled with energy, see time as virtually boundless, their days an infinitely miniscule movement toward the end. To the young child, time doesn’t even exist. For them, every hour is filled, and mass slows time. (We also, of course, use clocks to measure real time — but even these seem to run — not tick — faster as we age. This itself — run not tick faster — is revealing, but I’m running out of time) In addition, we tend to measure time by, or connect it with, the amount accomplished within that time. Our kids, being more energetic (it makes no difference that they’re aided by newer technology) accomplish things much faster than we old folks. As we approach death, real time must move — that is, the relative motion of all around us must speed up — to a tremendous pace; perhaps hours seem minutes, months mere days. We recognize this, to some degree, by our custom of moving slowly and quietly around a sick, bedridden senior. Death occurs, maybe, when time moves so fast you stand still.


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

You will meet your equal this week or the next two. If before October 2, this meeting will be a problem, or create one, with hidden intentions, hidden attractions, hidden enmities. If after October 1, this meeting can bring good future results: a slow but steady and reliable financial growth, a similar partnership; a love and mating; new horizons and opportunities, and perhaps relocation. You’re in a romantic mood, and your courage is high: so in love matters, aim high! The meeting might not be formal. Until late October, be co-operative, eager to join, diplomatic. Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, but a glitch or two (career, your reputation, and/or a “wedding barrier”) can appear both days (Monday better). Tackle chores midweek – most go well, but watch a relationship that’s ready to spark, or explode. Relationships are front, center, and vibrant Thursday eve through Saturday – best after 3 pm PDT Friday.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

You might as well plunge into work, Taurus  — three weeks of chores await you. (And poor you if, when Mercury retrogrades October 21, you still have large outstanding tasks to perform. DON’T leave renovations, house repairs, etc. until mid-October.) Others are talkative, restless, affectionate and gracious toward you, all week. (But don’t ask for more directions: you’ve already been given them, earlier in September.) Focus on home, parent-kid relations, nurturing, diet, garden, mother nature, security and retirement (or vacation) plans, Sunday/Monday. A streak of romance or creativity, an urge to take a risk, comes Tuesday afternoon to Thursday eve. Tuesday might contain a break-up or subtle, buried alienation. Another country might hold a problem. Chores sweep in Thursday night through Saturday – most succeed, but take care around electricity, with driving, computers, Friday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Ah, sweet love! Joy and pleasure come in many forms, including friendship. But you seem to be serious about love, if single. And you might find it – but this person is not as secure as you might think. If you perceive this, your responsibilities increase – sweetly, if your love does too. The “security flaw” might be hidden, even innocently so. If you’re married, your children please you; their talents grow. News of future tasks arrives. You and others are active, even hurried (especially Sunday/Monday) – a hopeful visit or short trip involved – it does you good, could even benefit your career. Midweek pulls your focus closer, to your home, family, neighbourhood. (Through all this, an attraction can be developing.) Romance blooms for you singles, Thursday eve through Saturday; it won’t be easy, especially before 3 pm (PDT) Friday. Romance might also wear the “brilliant disguise” of creativity, self expression, speculation, or the pursuit of pleasure and/or beauty.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The emphasis lies on home, family, parent/kid relations, security and foundations for the few weeks ahead. Embrace a large project – home repairs, ensuring the kids’ scholastic future, new furniture, etc. This is a good period to rent/buy a new home, if you’re looking. You start to feel a new affection for a child, or, if single, for a “stranger.” Chase money Sunday/Monday. (Sunday eve’s tough, no one co-operates.) Casual friends, siblings, errands, short trips, visits, variety and curiosity fill midweek – all goes well with these, but watch (Tuesday) a disagreement with partner, spouse, and take care that a career-home conflict doesn’t create cleavages in loyalties. Thursday night through Saturday bring those home, security and parent/kid themes to the fore – everything works better after Friday afternoon, not before.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

You start this week in impressive fashion, Leo. Everyone notices you Sunday/Monday, you radiate confidence, “star power.” Start projects, seek favours, see and be seen. Your energy and effectiveness soar. Don’t be surprised if a friend seeks a more romantic connection with you. Chase money Tuesday noon to Thursday noon – ask for a pay raise or for more duties, seek new clients, buy/sell, etc. Thursday night through Saturday emphasize what the weeks ahead are all about – communicating, curiosity and travel. Short trips, casual acquaintances, visits, calls, emails, paperwork, media – these pull you. You might start a new project here – e.g., a new telephone system, or buying a new car. Your home is  affectionate, talkative. Careful Tuesday with tools, work, co-worker communications. You might have to choose between the profound and the casual, perhaps between love and friendship, around Thursday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize money, buying/selling, possessions, memory, rote learning, and sensual attractions, especially Friday/Saturday, when a new project could begin in these zones. Earlier, your energy flees Sunday to Tuesday noon, so rest, nap, avoid crowds and competitive situations. This is a good time to plan, and to contact government agencies, institutions and large corporations. That energy, and charisma, and effectiveness return Tuesday noon to Thursday night – charge forth, start projects, seek attention and show your skills. You might meet a Pisces or another “peer” Tuesday afternoon, and feel an immediate subterranean “understanding.” Yet romance with this person can bring contention over “possessiveness” or money. Proceed lightly. This same midweek period holds a surprise or sudden development in sexual and/or financial areas; this carries over to Friday. Don’t despair – take advantage!


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re the star now to late October. Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness run high. Start new projects, seek favours, meet new people, especially important people. This is an important earning/spending period also: buy quality. Charm the boss into a more lucrative arrangement. Until mid-October, a wish can come true about partnership (or, for some, relocation, fame, contract negotiations). You feel befriended, popular – and loved? This trend is emphasized Sunday (some disappointment after supper – PDT) and Monday. Midweek brings a breather – pull back, rest, contemplate, plan future actions. Handle a domestic problem. You could reach a definitive revelation about a relationship, pro or con: act on it. Your energy and charisma soar Thursday night through Saturday – start significant projects, make an imprint on the world!


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Be patient, Scorpio. Be content, for the next few weeks, to recuperate, rest, contemplate and plan. Handle administrative duties, interact with government, large corporations or institutions. Join in charitable and spiritual pursuits. If poor or disabled, apply for assistance now (Wednesday best – October 8 and 9 pretty good, too.) Either ambition – or demands, increased scrutiny, from authorities – occurs Sunday to Tuesday morning. (Authorities: anyone from a boss or parent to police/judges.) Your hopes rise (and a wee wish might come true) Tuesday noon to Thursday eve. You feel happy; the world, all told, is a good place! Friends welcome you. But take care with gossip (in its many forms) or secrets Tuesday. Be safety conscious with tools, electricity Wednesday to Friday. That quietude, solitude and reduced energy (and dealings with government, etc.) comes over you strongly Thursday night to Saturday.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wishes can come true over the few weeks ahead. Your popularity rises, and a round of entertainment, group activities and flirtations is slated. A part of you will remain quiet, alone, pondering – you’ll mull over your marriage (or prospects) and questions about relocation, career and/or business opportunities. But this private side will be contained by all the sunny, bright relationships surrounding you! Sunday/Monday feature profound thoughts, far travel, cultural venues, higher education and gentle love. Make no commitments before 9 pm (PDT) Sunday. Be ambitious midweek (Tues.-Thurs.) – all’s well here, but watch a money-pleasure conflict Tuesday. Don’t listen to friends – steer your own course financially. A sudden romantic attraction might occur – try to sift ambition out of your feelings. Thursday night through Saturday brings optimism, wishes, flirtations and happiness!


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead emphasize ambition, career, prestige relations, community reputation and status. Something deep and mysterious obstructs your progress Sunday: if you look in the mirror, you’ll see what (who) it is. This isn’t bad, Cap – it means your own (subconscious) sense of your future is preventing you from committing to some action, change, intimate situation or investment. Monday’s mysterious also, but without the obstruction: wait until this day (or after 9 pm PDT Sunday) to make decisions and commitments. Wisdom, gentle love, legal matters, far travel, higher learning and cultural venues fill Tuesday noon to Thursday eve. It’s a lovely time, but continue your ambitious direction. Careful around Thursday, when home-mates could rebel against your determination to keep climbing. But that’s all there is Thursday night to Saturday – climbing: be ambitious, present proposals, start projects (this last, AFTER 3 pm PDT Friday).


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The weeks ahead feature love, wisdom, understanding, social rituals and cultural venues, higher learning, far travel, legal matters, insurance and statistics. You’ll feel calm, at peace with the world and its ways. Someone might pursue you; you might or might not feel “chemistry,” but you do admire his/her mind. (How can someone be so balanced and unperturbed? you wonder. But inside, this person could be a bundle of stress. Dig down and soothe it/him/her.) Another streak lures you toward ambition, or demands that you deal with authorities. Don’t be intimidated by this: authorities (and bosses) though not impressed, will treat you fairly and solidly. Sunday/Monday emphasize relationships. Sunday brings refusals until late at night; then onward, links intensify. Tuesday to Thursday bring intimacy, lust, lifestyle changes, commitments, research, large financial consequences – most good! Friday/Saturday feature that admirer: be welcoming!


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Tackle chores Sunday/Monday – only routine ones Sunday. The weeks ahead (especially this Friday/Saturday) feature secrets, mysteries (and detective work, research, diagnosis) large finances, sexual urges, subconscious promptings, heightened intuition, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. These work together. For example, making a large investment or taking on a mortgage, having initial sex with someone – these are commitments, and lead to consequential changes in your lifestyle. All is good here, AFTER October 1. Something’s going on with a legal matter, or a higher-learning or publishing venture, or far travel. Not sure what it is, but it goes on all October, then “begins again” late month. In all these areas (legal, travel, etc.) you could change your mind soon, so step lightly or wait. That includes wedding plans. Relationships fill Tuesday to Thursday: all’s good, but you might disagree about money or jealousy.



The End