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Between emotion and logic, emotion is the higher order….violence is its own justification, and its own reward….males are much more psychic than we think; watching the men around me, I see them react subtly to every moment, every glance and tone of voice….if there is no “connection between minds,” why then, if you stare at someone across a crowded room, within a second or two they will look directly at you?…It amazes me that biblical authors, blind scientists and other chauvinists continue to deny the existence or healthfulness or innocence or inherent goodness of psychic phenomena, when since humanity began psychic phenomena have been prevalent in our daily lives: the simplest proof is the one above (staring across a crowded room); almost as simple is the connection between lovers….

Here’s an idea: Home Depot, Ikea and all those megastores unfailingly frustrate many customers who waste major time looking for an item, or even for the right aisle. So, put a little (3” x 4”?) touch-screen display on the push handle of the shopping cart. The screen lists either types of aisles, or individual items, alphabetically. The customer-searcher scrolls to and presses the item wanted, and a text tells him what shelf in what aisle, and/or a GPS-style map shows the way. There would be cost savings in partial elimination of  paid human “guides.” There would also be a positive benefit: the units would become popular with customers, and word of it would attract more of them. The display might also know if the item is in stock, and could tell the merchants which items are most sought (different than most bought). And, perhaps, which items puzzle customers the most (in the sense of trying to find the correct item among, say, twenty very similar items, such as types of screws)….

Destiny is unselfish. If destiny was selfish, it would ultimately separate the carrier of one destiny (whether human or not) from all others, and eventually would separate all of us from each other. This could only result in stasis and death, for all life – even destiny – is interaction.

If destiny is unselfish, it must be ultimately so, and proceed over time to whatever extremes exist within the bounds (or boundlessness) of unselfishness. If destiny is ultimately unselfish, then in its ultimate form it must be shared by all, and perhaps be homogenous. As destiny matures, it abandons such emotions and attitudes as respect, disapproval, chiding, anger, admiration, etc. It’s not that respect, etc., are forbidden there (at destiny’s end – let’s call it heaven, for every optimist knows/senses that destiny’s ultimate destination is heaven). No one in heaven says, “Thou shall not show respect.” It’s that such attitudes exist in unequal power or hierarchical situations: so they can’t exist in Heaven’s ultimate freedom and Oneness (the Oneness all our destinies inch toward) just as a deer cannot exist at the ocean’s bottom, nor a fish on land. In part, no respect is shown because pecking orders swam by in the river of stars long ago (in our view; in actuality, time probably does not exist outside the corporeal realm).

If destiny is unselfish, then it must embrace us all; therefore we share the same destiny. Destiny, being unselfish, cannot be evil or malignant; therefore it is likely good (there remains the option of neutrality).  Good, like destiny, must seek its development, its end, or its extreme or ultimate state, and what can be more good than heaven? So our destiny is to achieve heaven. And since we all share the same destiny, then we all will share in destiny’s ultimate state; we will all go to heaven – when, is the question. I think the answer is: when we truly want to. I have been told this; next week I’ll show you who told me.

(Destiny, at core, is desire.)

Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Relationships remain top-of-the-agenda. This could involve a sweet, mannered Libra, or a boisterous Leo. Whoever attracts you, realize you don’t have a lot of time to “conquer” – by midmonth, Mars leaves your romantic zone, and Mercury begins casting a slow-down over everything. (The actual, technical slow-down, the retrograde, begins Oct. 21, lasts to November 10.) On the plus side, Venus, planet  of love, enters your wedding sector this Monday to early November. This will nudge you toward gentle love, and notions of wedding, marital bliss will arise. If you do marry this month (or any time before next July) you will have a lucky, prosperous, well-fed, cheerful home life. If you’re already married, this week continues fun with kids, and adds a sweet acceptance/understanding with your mate. A voyage might be in the offing. Intimacy/finances Sun./Mon. Wisdom, intellect midweek. Ambition, Thurs/Fri. Friends, wishes Sat.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Tackle chores and protect your health. Soon (October 22) new horizon, opportunities and relationships will enter. (Actually, old “returned” horizons will arrive Oct. 22 to November 10,, then brand new ones will enter.) You will want to be free of duties and chores by then, or you’ll be unable to grab the good stuff. But even earlier, a slow-down and “backwardation” influence enters that will make it difficult to finish major tasks. So charge ahead now, complete as much as you can. Home is still friction-prone, though, so charge ahead gently. Someone sexy is about to enter; if you’re already attached, intimacy will grow with your partner. (Or you might go looking for it elsewhere.) Intimacy, and large finances, investments, debt, are favoured until November 4.) You’ll get a taste of those upcoming relationships and opportunities Sunday/Monday – all luckily, except Mon. p.m. Intimacy, investment, secrets midweek. Wisdom, gentle love Thursday/Friday. Respect, Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Love, romance, sweet words and sweeter glows in your heart and loins – these continue. So do the beauty and poetry of life, the pursuit of pleasure, fine creative spells, risk-taking, sports/games, and charming children. You’re riding a winning streak, Gemini! If the game you’re in has no joy, no winning, switch games. Tackle chores Sunday/Monday, and protect your health – eat, dress sensibly. Careful with tools, driving, temper Monday pm. Relationships, peers, challenges and opportunities confront you midweek. Marriage vows, or partnerships in business possible. Intimacy, sexual urges consume you Thursday/Friday, at least part of the time; the rest of these two days, you’re researching, visiting the doctor, or enacting major financial plans. Sweet, gentle love, wisdom, far travel, intellectual or cultural pursuits lure you Saturday pm – all’s well. Complete all chores, as neglected ones will return to haunt you, October 22 onward.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The emphasis remains on home, food, shelter, kids, parents, garden, stomach, soul, nature, foundations, security and  retirement. This area has gone through some changes or upheavals the last few years (perhaps due to your partner’s actions – e.g., he/she might have initiated a relocation). An “upheaval echo” might have occurred last week: now’s the time to buttress or secure all these things: home, family affection, garden, etc. Words (or glances) of love are in the air. Late month, and early November, an old flame might enter. Monday begins a few weeks of affectionate co-worker relations, a pleasant workplace. Sunday/Monday whisper of romance, beauty, pleasure – good time to redecorate. Don’t “burn money” Monday pm. Tackle chores, eat and dress sensibly midweek. Thursday/Friday brings relationships, opportunities and challenges – luck is mixed, mostly good. Secrets, temptations Saturday afternoon.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

This is a rushed, hectic, busy time, Leo, but not an important one. Your magnetism remains strong until mid-month. And on Monday sweet Venus moves into your romance sector, until early November. If married, this is a great time to buy luxuries, furniture, etc. – but ONLY until the 20th. If you’re unattached, seek love – it’s available, more so than you might think. A friend or sibling (or short trip) might be involved in “opening the door.” Be near home, focus on kids, parents, garden, nutrition, security, foundations, sales territory, Sunday/Monday. Midweek brings a romantic (and creative, and speculative) atmosphere, especially Tuesday night, when you might meet a viable mate. Tackle chores and protect your health Thursday to Saturday morning. You’ll get things done! Relationships, exciting meeting, opportunities – some afar – arise Saturday pm. (Careful with the opportunities – a later glitch can block them.)


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients, engage (if single) in a sensual attraction. You learn and remember easily now. Details accumulate. This trend continues to the 22nd, but if you’re buying anything important, or planning a promotional display/meeting, say to attract clients, do it well BEFORE the 20th, as a slow-down and changed minds flow in by then.  Talk, travel, visits, errands and paperwork fill Sunday/Monday. Pull back Monday pm – a temper tantrum, an unlucky sexual attraction, a bad investment or a fender-bender – something irksome – can occur. Midweek emphasizes your home, family, real estate, garden, nutrition, nature – this whole zone grows affectionate, mildly lucky now to early November. Romantic notions waft through your mind Thursday/Friday – luck’s fair, mixed. Plunge into chores Saturday pm.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness continue high, Libra – set your sights high, you can achieve almost anything you want! Approach VIPs, parents and bosses, present your proposals and skills. Bend a love relationship your way – Libra, you could reach a marriage agreement before mid-month; this would fulfil a wish, a dream. All it takes is optimism and courage to chase what’s almost waiting for you. If you’re married, decide: is that charming, entertaining friend a threat, or a true friend? (Likely the latter.) In almost any area, take matters in hand, start, command the course of events. (But only start what you can finish or “tie up” easily before the 21st, when a slowdown begins.) Chase money Sunday/Monday, buy/sell, seek new clients, etc. – and/or pursue a sensual attraction. But stop by mid-morning (PDT) Monday. Midweek brings friends, visits, calls, errands, paperwork – and perhaps love, Tuesday night. Head for home Thursday/Friday. Romance, Saturday pm.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Continue to rest, retreat and contemplate the world. You face an unusually productive, fortunate three years ahead (3 months of the first year have passed) – you are going to climb upward, especially in money terms, career, reputation and position. This means two things: 1) your rest periods become more important (now to October 22 is one of them; others will occur every February and October). And 2) this three-year success climb needs a reconnoitering period at the beginning, a time to settle things, like a golfer shuffles feet before a drive. You’ll experience this “shuffling” late this month through November 10. So don’t plan big things to start over the four or five weeks ahead – they’ll fail if you commence them then. For now, contemplate only – bask in the knowledge that good things are coming. Do handle/clear up any government, institutional or “head office” obligations. Your energy’s good Sunday/Monday. Chase $ midweek. Errands, paperwork Thursday/Friday – sit down with a good newspaper.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A  wish could come true, Sage. Your optimism, camaraderie, luck, popularity and flirty side remain high – and visible. (Especially Tuesday/Wednesday, when your charisma and energy are high, attract admiration.) Sunday/Monday are for rest, retreat, contemplation, planning, and contacts with large organizations or government agencies, or with health workers. (Careful Monday pm – police or a lover might be un-amused.) From Monday to early November, an invisible film of  charm and grace radiate from you, attracting others – and giving your wishes a boost. A love-romance-wedding influence has flowed over you since late August, and will until next Tuesday (the 15th). That’s not a long time, so if you’re in a tender relationship, it might be time to take the plunge before everyone changes their mind. Chase money Thursday/Friday. Casual friends, errands Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Be ambitious this week and next, Cap. But DON’T start a project that will take more than two weeks to complete, as three weeks of slow-down and false starts begins October 21. Those weeks of delay can easily dampen everyone’s enthusiasm for your project, threatening key support. DO ask the boss for more responsibilities (to start after November 10), show your skills, ask for parents’ support, or bid for a union or political office if the election/appointment occurs now, or after Nov. 10. Sunday/Monday bring hope, happiness, and perhaps a flirtation. (Careful Monday night – chasing lust could spell the end of a link.) Retreat, rest and contemplate midweek. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness surge back Thursday to Saturday morning – start something (but re-read timing advice above) – be bold, ask favours, seek meetings with significant people (bosses, VIPs, potential lovers). Shop Saturday pm – buy nothing used.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re in an intellectual phase this month. While you can (for October 21 onward will erect obstacles) travel, apply for school, handle legal matters, attend cultural events. Fall in love – or, if you’re already there, talk about two lives in one. A Libra, Aries, Gemini or Leo might be involved. A Sagittarian will soon catch your eye. Be philosophical, understanding, broad-minded. From Monday into early November, your social life grows, sweetens. If you’re alone or lonely, join a class or two, or a whole university – friends, even a lover, await you there. But act before Oct. 21. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday – but avoid opposition, and violent-tempered people, Monday pm. Happiness comes midweek. So do friends, popularity, entertainment, and a possible light romance! Retreat, rest Thursday/Friday: plan, meditate, be charitable, fulfill government obligations. Saturday afternoon (into next Monday) your energy soars!


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Sex, secrets, temptations and dreams mingle in a sweet stew. Well, that’s the racy version. If you’re well-behaved, the two weeks ahead offer financial breakthroughs, good investments, lifestyle  changes, successful health diagnoses, research, detective work, revelations – and heightened dreams, hunches and intuition. Your standing with bosses, parents and other authorities increases beneficially now through early November – and it could be a result of your doing these things: research, analyzing financial scenarios, or diagnosing a problem, AND speaking up about them. Don’t forget to communicate – even a short email. Sunday/Monday bring wisdom, gentle love and understanding – except Monday night, when violence or argument could spoil the mood. Be ambitious midweek – success is within reach. Hopes, wishes, popularity and entertainment fill Thursday/Friday (unless your fulfilled wish is for intimacy). Retreat Saturday.


The  End