TIMES/DATES are Pacific Daylight Time. 

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(Your sign message lies beneath this long preamble.)

The voice rhythms of charismatic people might resemble heartbeats….

In the “Year Ahead” forecast, I predicted that Canada’s real estate sector would have or give a mild warning shock, a shot across the bow by the cosmos. On October 7, StatsCan, the government agency, reported that building permits fell by over 21 % in August….

I promised, last week, to tell/show you who told me that we’ll go to heaven when we desire to strongly enough. Okay, I’ll tell you, but don’t think I’m crazy. The following could have been a meditated (versus medicated) voyage of imagination, or “the real thing.” It hardly matters. In the 1990’s I meditated and tranced often, sometimes for groups of people. The following comes from that:

I think Heaven exists. I think I was taken there in the early ‘90’s. First, something happened that I am sure was connected, a few months or a year earlier. In meditation, I was travelling through the clouds. I came to a place where a bearded middle-aged man sat at a table in the clouds. He examined me with his gaze, then stamped something on my forehead. I felt accepted, but to what, was a mystery. The similarity to St. Peter didn’t escape me, but no heavenly gates opened. Later in this trance, floating again in the same sort of sky, I saw a glowing book, and asked to know the story, or the names on the pages, but an angel said only, “It’s the book of Life.” Is my name in there? Is my life story? I asked. Am I judged there, and how did I do? Is there knowledge there? The angel answered, but I can’t remember what she said. The main thing I understood was that I was not allowed to plunder it with my curiosity.

Then, during a later meditation, I saw a tall, robed, slim figure, a woman. She stood behind a table much like the bearded man’s table. It stood between two pillars or columns, about 12 feet high and comfortably aside. I went to her, of course. She wrapped me in her arms as if I was wrapped in gentle ropes, almost swathed in them. We rose. I felt completely calm and hoped the “dream” would not end. Then we were “standing” – though our feet touched nothing. I looked around, searching. There seemed to be a large, brown crystal in the center of many moving shapes. (I have no idea why it was brown, the last color I expected.) Slowly all the shapes around us became only points of light. These lights calmly swam by me, around me – I was not their center, they were not curious about me, but they weren’t rejecting me either. I just happened to be in their midst, brought there by the ascending angel. I didn’t think to try to see or measure how far their gathering or existence measured, or how many of them there were. From the ones nearby, there was a simple serenity, if that’s the right word. Then one came close and passed beside yet through me, for the space of about a second. In that second my mind suddenly blossomed to see or experience a billion things at once, a whole world, almost as if a man or creature had shown me every single experience, thought, knowledge, emotion, and view (for there were some large, landscape views, whole valleys) of his entire life – in one vast, serene, rushing second. I was surprised, stunned: I wanted to shout, “Hey, Look!” but I did nothing but exist. Then it was over, the angel had passed. I turned to the being who had brought me, without actually turning, and asked, “Is this heaven?” I was quite sure it was. The angel said nothing. Then I asked, “Can I stay in heaven?”

“No,” she said.

“Why not?”

“You do not desire it enough.”

I regretted the fact, but it was true.

“When you truly desire to be in heaven, you will be.”

I knew, too, that I had to desire it past the point of ever wanting to not be there.

Slowly, the trance ended.

With some regret, I have long ago abandoned such meditations, and abandoned the behavior that would seem to take me there (to heaven). My name, Timothy, means “praise God,” but I seldom praise. I am too arrogant, too selfish, too filled with curiosity, and I am more often angry than loving toward God. I’m a temperamental piece of work.

Also with some regret, I realize that I still don’t desire heaven enough. Earth is still too interesting, and lust and love too beguiling. But I have a quiet, warm belief and faith that we will all get there someday — when we desire it!



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Work to complete, not start. Larger projects might hit a slow down next week, especially in health, financial and intimate areas. Meantime, the accent continues on relationships. Make love, not war. This is a nice, easy week, though it might start with a wee bit of turbulence Sunday to early afternoon Monday – but these two days are also optimistic, fun, flirty – and could make a wish come true. Retreat Monday afternoon to Wednesday eve – plan, contemplate, rest and protect your health and reputation. Deal with government agencies or other administrative bodies.  Your energy and charisma surge Wednesday night through Friday. Use this energy to wrap up projects, seal agreements, finish negotiations, etc. Love might strike, Thursday! Chase money Saturday, but “quit” after 5:30 pm (PDT). Tuesday onward (to early December) your work duties intensify. This week, don’t yield to “fantasy” or illusion (e.g., a fantasy love?).


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

It’s your last week of drudgery, of work and health burdens, Taurus. Concentrate on finishing tasks and/or on establishing health regimens, as the next few weeks will bring delays and mistakes. Be wary of making promises or agreements, for these might be “embarrassing” – or unfulfilled – over the weeks ahead. Just lower your head and plow through chores. Soon, a former opportunity will return. Be ambitious Sunday to Monday midday. (You’ll succeed Sunday pm – but avoid “head office” types Monday.) A wee wish might come true midweek – at the very least, you’ll feel optimistic, popular, flirtatious. Retreat to your lair Wednesday night through Friday – rest, sleep, contemplate, reconnect with your spiritual side, talk to God. Contribute, charitably. Your energy surges Saturday. The eight weeks ahead heat up a romantic attraction.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Step lightly now to December 7, as friction potentials rise at home, and to some degree everywhere. You might, during this period, abandon an old dream/wish, and begin brewing a new one. This might change your romantic goals (e.g., the kind of person you want to chase). This week, strive to complete both work and creative projects and to “firm up” child-related or romantic situations, as a slow down begins next week, and can throw ongoing situations into delay or chaos. Your intellect shines Sunday to midday Monday – there might be a “last minute” attraction or friendship Monday – is it beginning, or over even as it begins? Be ambitious, meet VIPs, bosses and parents, show your talents Monday pm to Wednesday – but DON’T ask for any new responsibilities. (You’ll have second thoughts, and so will they.) A happy mood enters Wednesday night, lasting through Friday. You’ll be popular, optimistic. Love could occur. Retreat, rest Saturday.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

A period of extra income and extra spending ends. Now to early December, you’ll be writing, calling, travelling and lobbying for your career/ambitions. This week, strive to complete projects rather than start new ones. You continue to be focused on home, kids/parents, security, retirement and your foundations in personal life and business. Get plenty of beauty sleep, as next week begins a month of romance, creativity and pleasurable events. Mysteries, detective work, subconscious urgings fill Sunday to midday Monday. A mellow, wise, compassionate mood flows over you Monday eve to Wednesday. Firm up travel plans, educational, religious or cultural programs, and speak of love (especially Monday eve). Ambition and meetings with prestige people propel you Wednesday night through Friday. Saturday brings social joys – but be  careful: commitments, promises (and brand new attractions) are not advised!


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Finish rather than begin projects, Leo. A slow down looms, will begin in earnest next week. Mars leaves your sign this Tuesday, ending a period of romantic and intellectual bravado, of determination, and beginning a phase of “quick money” that will last to early December. For eight weeks, more money will flow to you, but even more can flow from you. Be wise, bank it rather than yielding to an almost subconscious urge to splurge. If you’re in a lawsuit, curtail your lawyer’s free-wheeling billing. Do not buy anything of consequence before November 10 – lemons abound, so do wrong purchase choices. Sunday to midday Monday confronts you with relationships – good Sunday pm, difficult Monday (be diplomatic, but show your passion/desire). Intimacy, sexual yearning, financial decisions, health diagnosis, lifestyle changes – one or more of these pull you toward a decision midweek – charge ahead, all’s favorable! Law, love, intellectual prowess, far travel, cultural venues (e.g., a foreign film fest, a wedding) fill Wednesday night to Friday. Be ambitious but cautious Saturday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Chase money, but don’t start new income or spending projects – instead, wrap up as much as you can this week, as the 21st begins three weeks of mistakes and delays. For example, type up all your invoices and mail them now (Tuesday best) – or compose the mailings now, and send them out November 11 onward, when the slow down ends. Six weeks of worry (or private dreaming) about a sexy person or about a financial situation ends; now to early December you are going to act, assertively and determinedly, to solve those worries, or to enact your (formerly secret) desires. You’ll be helped in this by a temporary but powerful boost in your (sensual) magnetism. (Hints of this late week.) (But remember, things begun October 21 to November 10 can fall into a morass of indecision and delays.) Home is sweet, affectionate; and real estate is mildly lucky for another few weeks. Tackle chores Sunday. Relationships and opportunities arrive Monday eve to Wednesday – all’s good!


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain high, Libra – use them to wrap up projects rather than start new ones. (A period of mistakes and delays begins next week.) Friends and siblings bring some sweet affection your way until early November – give ‘em a call. The past seven weeks boosted your popularity and friendships, but more importantly those weeks opened the door to achieving a relationship wish – for a partner or a romance. If you took advantage, good. The eight weeks ahead turn partnership trends inward – on the good side, this promotes privacy, cozy intimacy; on the bad, it can make a love relationship burdensome, or take away your magnetism within it….a “light love” could even end. This Tuesday to December 7 is NOT a good time to start a brand new love affair. Romance/pleasure Sunday/Monday. Chores, health Monday afternoon (PDT) to Wednesday. Partnerships, opportunities Thursday/Friday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Continue to rest, lie low, protect your health and reputation. But do stir yourself enough to complete neglected or half-finished tasks. Next week your energy will soar, but at the same time a mistake-prone slow down begins. The best way to keep your wits about you in the mildly confusing weeks ahead, is to clear away all large chores this week. Your money picture looks good until early November. Buy a small luxury item this week, but not again before November 10. Make no promises now, not in sexual or health zones, nor in financial. The eight weeks ahead turn co-workers into friends. Be restful, home-oriented Sunday to midday Monday. (Careful with repairs, workmen, tools, around the house Monday.) Romantic notions fill your thoughts Monday pm through Wednesday – the “aspects” are so good that you might net more than a notion! (You entered a “true love” period in 2011 – to last to 2025.) Chores, health Thursday/Friday.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last wish could still come true this week, Sage. Your popularity remains high, social delights arrive, and flirtation or light romance is very possible, especially Sunday (casual friends) and Wednesday night (not advised) through Friday. You might even fall madly in love! Sunday pm is great for siblings, friends, short trips and conversations. Monday morning too – but watch tempers. Your home, kid/parent relations, security concerns, retirement planning, gardening – all go well Monday afternoon to Wednesday. Now to early December, bosses and VIPs will be impatient, temperamental. (They’ll forgive quickly, too.) This unfortunately will coincide with a period of delays and mistakes, missing or late supplies, missed meetings, etc., from next week through November 10. So do all you can this week to shore up “soft spots” – check inventory, double-check schedules, etc. Romance, creativity, pleasure and beauty surge Thursday/Friday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Finish rather than start projects, Cap, especially in social and organizational areas. A period of confusion and delays begins next week. This is your last week of extra striving, of intensified ambition (and/or of having to face the music involving authorities). You’ll be more socially busy than usual over the weeks ahead; yet your private life, solitude, will provide intervals of sweetness and affection. Now to early December, a real estate or family matter might be legally confirmed – you could sign a property offer. The same period, strictly avoid legal hassles. Don’t sue. Chase money or clients, buy/sell, Sunday (good in pm) and Monday (careful – an opportunity, and a fight, are both possible). Monday eve through Wednesday features communications, trips, errands, paperwork and siblings. All’s well. Home, family, real estate, security, nutrition Thursday/Friday. Romance Saturday – careful!


AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A  phase of mistakes and delays will begin next week, so use this week to complete rather than start projects, especially in business, career and ambitions. Your social life has improved a bit lately, will stay sweet and affectionate through early November. If you have your mind on marrying someone, now would be the time to propose. (But don’t do so after this week. An unusual thing will occur this December to next July – could be a lawsuit, but for most this will bring a flurry of trips and/or “wedding talk.” There will be many second thoughts, back-and-forth’s for single Aquarians involved in a love affair. Your luckiest time to marry is mid-2014 to mid-2015.) Meanwhile, spend this week dealing with higher learning, travel, love, law, and cultural or religious interests. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday/Monday. Tuesday begins eight weeks of sexy fervour, and financial impulse. Chase $ Monday eve to Wednesday. Home, caution, Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Next week everything starts turning in circles, so complete projects now rather than start new ones. This applies especially to cultural, legal, travel, love and learning projects. Your career is protected for the weeks ahead, VIPs and bosses like you. You end seven weeks of hard work this Tuesday; and eight weeks of intense relationships begin. For best results, make love, not war. A good money partnership looms (best to start it this week, or after November 10). A sensual affair might also start in these eight weeks. If so, it could develop into one of the hottest, most lustful bonds of your life. But where, after that, does it lead? Many things to ponder, and you will (ponder) over the few weeks ahead. Retreat, lie low Sunday through midday Monday. Your energy and charisma rise Monday eve to Wednesday eve – use this to give ongoing ventures a last big heave. Chase money (carefully) buy/sell, Thursday/Friday. Errands, Saturday – careful.


The End