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The planet Mercury “turns retrograde” this Monday, until November 10. We should all avoid starting new projects during this interval. Instead, protect ongoing ventures from snafus – missed appointments, supply shortages, missing personnel, mental mistakes, etc. Double-check figures, monies, addresses, appointments. For many of us, a link to the past will bring an opportunity to reprise a project or relationship – this will usually be a good one, but in every case, examine what it was like in the past. For example, if a former lover reappears (possible for ARIES, TAURUS, CANCER, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN and PISCES) ask yourself: why did we break up in the first place? If it fell apart due to a circumstance beyond your control, and that circumstance has dissolved, then an old flame might be your new (renewed) love!


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Relationships veer into deeper waters now through late November. Business agreements are funded now – or dissolve. Attraction becomes intimacy – or ends. These “or”s reflect the Mercury retrograde that begins Monday pre-dawn. (Afternoon for Europe, nearing midnight for China and surrounds.) This retro throws a monkey wrench into various things, creating delays, or mistakes, or second-guessing, especially in financial, sexual, and health arenas. It gives an excellent boost to research, though. You’ll learn a secret in the weeks ahead – perhaps a whole skein of them. Your work scene, and chores, intensify now to early December. Work hard, but protect your health, especially against rashes, cuts and sudden temperature changes. You’re favored in legal matters/lawsuits now – but only to early November. DON’T start anything new, projects nor relationships, before November 10.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Start nothing new before November 10, Taurus – especially in relationships, relocation, therapy, in locating an agent, fame, public dealings, contracts, negotiations, or opportunities. Neither give nor rely on promises – they are likely to be broken, not through ill-will, but by indecision. Paradoxically (or perhaps not) your romantic courage and magnetism soar during this interval – and all the way to early December. Sex is extra good, too, for the next two weeks. If the one you’re pining for is an ongoing love, or a former flame, then go ahead. (But read the preamble above regarding old flames.) But don’t start a brand-new romance before November 10. It would likely become enmeshed in the constant dithering and indecision of the one you chase. In business and practical areas, in creative zones, stick with the ongoing or reprise the past. You’re energetic, impressive Sunday. Money, Monday-Wednesday. Talk, travel Thursday/Friday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

DON’T start anything new before November 10, Gemini, especially in work zones, home repairs/purchases, diet and health, machinery or tools. (But these are the very areas you must concentrate on for several weeks – so double-check work scheds, supplies, equipment, etc.) Buy nothing important – lemons abound. (Regarding real estate/home, you are in a friction-prone atmosphere until December 7 – so don’t move into a new home before then. This warning is especially applicable to young – or heck, old – lovers intending to co-habit.) Instead, stick with ongoing projects and relationships until early November, or reprise those from the past. A new friendship you make will probably end, but former ones will pop up – though only for a “revisit.” A former realty opportunity could return – if, upon examination, it is still a valid proposition, go ahead. Others still like/love you, and even strangers are friendly, for two more weeks. Lie low, rest Sunday. Your energy and charisma soar Monday to Wednesday. Chase money Thursday (poor) and Friday (bosses/VIPs) like you).


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Start nothing new before November 10, Cancer. Mistakes, delays and second-guessing will force new ventures and relationships into unprofitable circles, perhaps unending circles. This applies most powerfully in romance, raising or teaching children, creative projects, speculation and pleasure pursuits – the very things that flow into your life for the next four weeks. The past succeeds, the present is threatened, and the new is a trap. For example, a brand new love affair, begun this Monday onward, has nowhere to go (which will be evident in a month or two). But an old flame could capture your heart in the sweetest (and a very talkative) way. (And this ex is more than physically willing.) If you’re married or attached, protect  your love. Your work place remains pleasant, affectionate. Friends, social delights Sunday. Retreat, contemplate, rest Monday to Wednesday. Your energy and charisma (not effectiveness) soar Thursday/Friday. Buy little Saturday.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

A somewhat inconsequential month ends Tuesday, and a very consequential one begins. Well, it’s more accurate to say a possibly potential one begins, for it will be difficult to begin any major project, relationship, or “situation” which will not later collapse under the weight of delays and misunderstandings. DON’T start anything brand new now to November 10, especially in home, real estate, family, security, gardening/agriculture, or foundational matters (even in business). It would be plagued by delays, second thoughts, indecision, missed connections, late supplies, etc. Instead, protect ongoing projects, or reprise opportunities from the past. For example, a house you always wanted to buy, but were prevented from purchasing, could now return to the market – good, go ahead. Until early December, $ will flow  swiftly to you, and swiftly away. Prevent this – bank any extra funds. Be ambitious Sunday. Your optimism, friends increase Monday to Wednesday. Retreat, rest, think Thursday/Friday. You shine, Saturday!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing new – projects nor relationships – before November 10. (They would wilt under an influence of delay, mistakes and indecision.) Instead, protect ongoing ventures, and/or reprise situations from the past. Your home life, family, property and security interests remain mildly lucky, affectionate until early November. Mars will be in your sign until December – this makes you more determined, brave, and sexually magnetic. You might act on impulse, especially in lust-oriented and financial or investment situations. Take care – remember nothing new before November 10. If you’re married, turn your libido toward your spouse. You will contemplate, even make a bid for, a new lifestyle (again, wait until Nov. 10 onward). Sunday’s mellow, intellectual. All’s well. Be ambitious Monday to Wednesday (best Tuesday). Popularity and optimism visit you Thursday/Friday – a wish could come true!


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The month ahead features money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, sensual attractions and rote learning. Accept surface appearances – don’t “dig deep,” it would actually be counter-productive, and your lack of trust might alienate a key ally. Don’t start any new project nor relationship before November 10, especially in those money and sensual zones. Instead, support and protect ongoing links and ventures, or reprise past ones. It’s too much to say an old flame might return in the weeks ahead, but a former mild, sensual attraction might. You speak easily, feel comfortable with strangers, travel well, into early November. (But if travelling, check tickets, wallet, etc., twice, thrice.) For the eight weeks ahead, you might feel that a relationship or partnership holds you back, limits you – this will certainly be true if you make a new one in this time. Sunday’s mysterious. Gentle love, intellectual prowess Monday to Wednesday. Be ambitious Thursday/Friday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’ve been tired, weary for awhile. But Monday to Wednesday brings a change, perhaps even a minor health or financial crisis (or a sexy attraction) – whatever it is, it “wakes you up,” leading to a month of higher energy, charisma, and clout. But use this energy, until November 10, to deal with the past, or to  further ongoing projects and links. DO NOT start anything new before November 10 – it will almost certainly fail. An old flame – more correctly, a former lustful link – might  return. That’s okay, if your original relationship was not “impossible” the first time around. Be discreet Sunday: others hold the aces. Sex, secrets, large finances, research, health diagnosis, lifestyle changes arise Monday to Wednesday (Tuesday’s best). (But remember, start nothing and buy nothing major.) A sweet, gentle mood flows over you Thursday/Friday – Friday’s much better. Show wisdom, love. Be ambitious  Saturday.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Quietly retreat from the crowd Tuesday night into late November. You need to recuperate, to rest, to reconnect with your soul. Be charitable, tend to long-neglected tasks, especially those involving government, administration or institutions. But start NOTHING, projects nor new relationships, before November 10. Instead, protect ongoing projects from delays, supply shortages, and misunderstandings. Higher-ups  are temperamental (right into December) so be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Tackle chores or health necessities Sunday. Marriage or other crucial relationships confront you Monday (careful, anger over a deception – or because you misunderstand – is possible) Tuesday (excellent, seek congress) and Wednesday (little result). Relationships veer into intimacy, funding in business, or revelation/confession – or secretiveness – Thursday/Friday. Gentle love, wisdom Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The pressures of the last few weeks subside. The month ahead features social delights, light romance, popularity, wishful thinking (and a wish or two fulfilled, especially wishes from long ago) group activities, politics, and entertainment. However, don’t start anything new, projects nor relationships, before November 10. A former social group or someone you were always fond and friendly with, might reappear. Avoid legal hassles now to early December. Signing a property purchase/sale contract is fine – after November 10. Romance, beauty and pleasure Sunday. Tackle chores Monday to Wednesday (Tuesday’s best). Relationships fill Thursday/Friday – Thursday daytime isn’t easy, but this night and Friday could bring an exciting meeting, filled with beneficence, cheer and magical attraction – good, if you already know this person; difficult (in future) if this is a brand new acquaintance. Intimacy, financial demands, Saturday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The month ahead features ambition, prestige relationships, career, reputation and political office. Titles become important. Be diplomatic, eager with higher-ups. That said, DO NOT start new ventures or relationships before November 10, especially in ambitious arenas. A former boss, duty or job role might return – if you want it, embrace it. Otherwise, keep your present projects and relationships (ambitious and love links) free from indecision, misunderstandings, delays and supply shortages. The seven weeks ahead intensify sexual attractions/liaisons, large financial dealings (investments, debts, etc.) and health concerns. A minor operation might be necessary. This week and next, your friends (and lovers) treat you with affection and grace – return all calls. A “long lost” sibling might reappear. Sunday’s for home, rest. Romance swells Monday (tempers flare due to a misunderstanding?) Tuesday (love’s lucky, or deliciously frustrating) and Wednesday (little result). Chores, Thursday/Friday. (Better Friday.) Relationships Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

A month of mystery ends (Tuesday night) and a month of wisdom, understanding, learning, law, far travel, social rituals and cultural venues begins. DON’T start any new projects or relationships, especially in these zones, before November 10. (For example, a lawsuit begun now would go in expensive, unproductive circles.) Instead, continue with ongoing projects, or reprise past opportunities. (Don’t take up an unfinished writing task, though.) Sunday’s for errands, emails, casual friends. The home front (and security, nutrition concerns) deserve your attention Monday to Wednesday. (Problems Monday, success Tuesday, few results Wednesday.) Romance, creative passion, beauty and pleasure  — almost unattainable Thursday daytime, lucky and splendid Friday! Chores, Sat. For seven weeks ahead, relationships of all kinds – love, business, money – heat up. Be wise, my friend.


The End