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Mars left Libra July 26, after an eight-month run. Have you noticed that Putin, a Libran, has been rather quiet on the “war front” in Ukraine the last two months? I think the crisis is essentially over, and this latest truce should hold.

(I wouldn’t bother with the remaining preamble unless you like astrological mullings over the economy and markets.)

In early July (July 6 column?) I advised selling stocks, or “at least think about selling.” For six weeks after, most world markets declined. However, in North America markets not only rebounded after an initial decline, they hit (slender) new highs. As I write this, they’ve started another decline.
Here’s the trouble, one I mentioned along with that forecast: Jupiter, planet of great good luck, is in Leo, this summer to August 2015. Leo loves to gamble, to take a risk – it’s part and parcel of a romantic nature. Leo will often bet against the odds. My worry about the market is that the economic news looks poor – mixed at best. (This has been borne out by recent events, including an historic new slowdown in China.) Eventually, logic says, slowing economies, company profit declines and shrinking exports should make stock markets decline. However, stock markets often react “perversely” or “out of synch” with the economy. In addition, we have that Leo “gambling mood” hanging around until late next summer. So I still don’t feel totally comfortable about my “sell” advice.
For example, on August 12, U.S. retail sales declined (along with other disappointing U.S. news) and China announced its home sales had dropped 20 per cent; China’s “new credit” was at its lowest since the 2009 crisis. But the Dow rose 90 points this day because buyers thought the bad economic news would make the U.S. Fed delay an interest rate rise.
By the way, when I predicted the Chinese slowdown in 2012, I wrote that it would last until December 2014. That means we’re nearing the end of the China slowdown, rather than facing a permanent situation. (It might still take another 9 years – 2023 – for this nation to repeat the economic glory-pace of the past, but the general picture will lighten and brighten even by 2015 onward.) What China does face, for another ten years, is domestic pressure, transformation and/or unrest. Land, home, family, population, food, minerals: these are looming problems there.
Similar problems, though of lesser degree, will face Canada. Both Canada and the U.S. will encounter (2009-2025) increased opposition from or engagement in, international problems and transformations (Ukraine, Iraq, ISIS, etc.).
But I’m too tired to go over all the economic and inflation/deflation predictions again: they’re in my past columns. In general, I think there will be a patchwork picture of recessions and slowdowns, July-December 2014, mid-June to early August 2015, and again September 2015 to September 2016 – this last period is the most serious. We should not start a business nor a major expansion during these periods. (Nor any project so large the health of the company depends on its success.)
These 3 mini-recessions are likely to be mild, somewhat like the 1995/96 slowdown. (It was called a “soft landing” by pundits.) (For astrologers: I think “mild” because Jupiter was “above” Saturn. When Jupiter was below Saturn in the 2006/07 square, the recession was much stronger. This idea, that a planet above another is in command of the situation, is one I conceived a decade or two ago. “Above” means above the horizon, horizon being a line drawn by any planet to the opposite side of the circle. From this planet’s p.o.v., everything “below” this line is subservient to its influence.)
There are two wild cards: 1) from 1982 to 2014, the Dow went parabolic, soaring to over 20 times its height, from 700 to 17,000. Such steep rises always create volatility. For example, in 2006/7 the Dow fell by half, then doubled into the early 2010s. And 2) the spectre of inflation or deflation, as discussed in a previous column – as I said, we’ll see the first hints Dec. 2014 and Jan./15. Either could knock the markets off their perch – especially deflation. Watch for clues this winter.
(BTW, in terms of gold and of inflation, the Dow has actually declined for about 20 years.)
Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19

Relationships form the core of your life this week and the next few. This period won’t be totally easy, as your own drives for happiness and love run up against a barrier that somehow involves authority. This “authority” could be as subtle as your own sense of propriety (don’t want to be embarrassed) or as blatant as a parent, boss, cop or judge frowning on your activities. These activities are likely to be: love or the search for it, relocation, dealing with the public, fame, contract negotiation, or fresh new horizons/opportunities. Bosses tend to see you as interesting but disruptive now. If you decide to tailor your actions so they serve these authorities, it helps. This conflict builds to a climax Saturday (Oct. 4) then subsides for awhile. That’s the negative. The positive is, you seem to break away from this conflict to another freedom – or, put another way, your love life is greatly enhanced now, and it might be a case of “love cures all.” (It’s almost as if an old flame enters Saturday through the rest of October, and whisks you away to love’s joys.) Simply put, Aries, bonds you try to form before Saturday are likely to fail; bonds formed after this, if they have a connection to the past, might be lovely successes. This applies to business and friendships also. Sunday to Tuesday emphasize far travel, law, scholarship and gentle love. Monday best, lucky! Those authorities might speak their piece Wed./Thurs. Be ambitious. Happiness, popularity, flirtation fill Friday/Sat. – and might cause a problem.
taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
The weeks ahead emphasize work and health issues. This zone is generally blessed now, but you can suffer some interference from more human-heart areas, or from the law. Be ethical and legal, and don’t violate your principles just for work’s sake. Your partner, lover or spouse might advise you to slow down a little, to relax – he/she’s right. Protect your health, eat and dress sensibly. DO NOT start any new projects before October 25. Also, don’t buy anything important or machine-related, e.g., car, computer, excavator – if you do, you’ll likely be the proud possessor of a lemon. A former task or employer might return this week or the next three. If unemployed, grab this; if employed, leaved it alone. Life’s mysteries rise to the surface Sunday afternoon to Tuesday. Monday’s best – a great day to re-arrange finances, pay down debt, invest, research, or seek intimacy. Higher learning, far travel, international dealings, law, culture, publishing and gentle love greet you Wed./Thurs. – handle problems rather than “get in deeper.” Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – Friday’s best, higher-ups like you!

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Start nothing major before October 25, Gemini. Until then, reprise the past. Until Oct. 10, deal with ongoing or neglected (past) chores, and take care of old (perhaps now recurring) health concerns. The whole month ahead is creative, romantic, pleasure-oriented – at the same time (especially this Sunday to Tuesday) someone could treat you aggressively or assertively, yet you actually like this, it somehow makes you think of a happy, wish-fulfilled future. In a way, you’re right – this person might oppose you because they’re attracted. Still, this is not a good time to start any significant project, including a romance or creative work. It would tend to go in circles of indecision, delay and second-guessing. An old flame could enter, especially after Oct. 10. This, I would pursue. In general, you’re riding a winning streak. (During the present week, if you press a romantic partner too intently for sex, you could split the relationship.) Sunday to Tuesday accent relationships, opportunities – be diplomatic, co-operative. Midweek lures you with sexual or financial possibilities, though not much success occurs. Research instead. Friday/Saturday brings a mellow mood, understanding, an international view, far travel, culture and gentle love – success both days.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
The weeks ahead emphasize home, parents/kids, property, security, nutrition, retirement (preparation for) and all the basics. You like this arena, but note two things: around Oct. 4 (Saturday) you might face opposition to your plans, perhaps from a spouse; and around Oct. 7 you could find that some authority disagrees with you. (E.g., school principle frowns on your way of raising little Billy, or the electric company sends an unexpected bill, or the boss says you can’t babysit your kids at work, etc.) Don’t start anything new, projects nor relationships, before October 25. Instead, use this time to protect ongoing projects, or to reprise the past. An old flame might return briefly the first ten days of October, or a “newly minted” attraction might bow out. From the 10th onward, the home front could get a little confusing, with schedules colliding. Be alert and make lists before you shop, etc. A former neighborhood or real estate opportunity might draw you. Nostalgia reigns. Tackle chores and protect your health Sunday pm to Tuesday. Relationships bring challenges, others oppose you, Wednesday. Thursday’s more co-operative. Life’s mysteries surface Friday/Sat., raising openings for investment, debt reduction, intimacy and research. Friday’s good, Saturday’s jumbled.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Don’t start any new ventures, major tasks, nor relationships before October 25, Leo. Avoid buying major items, especially tools, cars, or travel tickets. Protect ongoing projects from delay, confusion and mistakes. Reprise the past. You might visit an old neighbourhood, or greet a “long lost” kid or parent, before the 10th. This is not a particularly good time to travel for business or with a practical goal. Pleasure travel is fine: be sure to watch your luggage, and double-check reservations. A romance that started recently “catches fire” during the weeks ahead. A light friend, perhaps a light lover, might return – this, too, could catch fire. Just don’t violate your principles or transgress social mores. (In general, you’re better off with a fellow citizen than a foreign-born person, in love and other matters, through November 2015.) Though all this sounds a bit grim, effects will be light – this year, you’re buoyant, cheerful and lucky! Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges visit you Sunday afternoon to Tuesday. Monday’s superb! Someone you’re with this eve, early night (PDT) could be a viable lover and mate. Tackle chores midweek. Friday/Saturday bring relationships, attraction or enmity, opportunities. (Remember, start nothing new.) Friday’s better; Saturday’s jumbled.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Start nothing new, projects nor relationships, before October 25. Instead, protect ongoing projects from delays, missed meetings, supply disruptions, mistakes, misunderstood directions, and indecision. (Re that last: if you must make an important decision about an ongoing situation, trust in a decision you made earlier, rather than seeking a “new way.” Or, delay the ultimate decision to Oct. 25 onward.) Don’t buy anything important, same period. Collect money due you; and pay overdue bills. Be very alert with money matters for the weeks ahead. Count your change, check figures on cheques, etc. (You’ll be rather lucky in money to Oct. 23, so any mistakes are likely to be harmless.) A former money source might return, and an item you’ve coveted but couldn’t quite manage to buy, could become available again. Focus on home, property and security Sunday afternoon to Tuesday – this area is intense, maybe argument-prone, through Oct. 25. (DON’T start living with anyone before then.)You might hanker to invest in property: good, but wait until December. Midweek’s romantic, creative, speculative, adventurous – but problems arise Wednesday, and Thursday’s a bit of a dud. Tackle chores Friday (you can get a big pile done!) and Saturday (some caution needed, though a late day breakthrough could please you).

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Your energy, charisma and optimism rise to a yearly high over the weeks ahead, Libra. Usually I would urge you to start significant projects during this time, but Mercury retrograde indicates indecision, false starts, delays and mistakes. (For example, though it was an ongoing project, my kids put gyproc on my new kitchen wall during Mercury retro, but forgot the vapour barrier – had to rip the wall off and replace it later.) If you start anything new before October 25, the results are likely to be more a loss than a gain. Stick with ongoing projects (protect them from mistakes, misunderstandings, etc) or reprise past ones. You’re very talkative now, especially in a marriage or business partnership situation – you can work out some issues, find peace. Your magnetism soars all month: people note how good you look, and how smooth, gracious you are. You might chase an old flame, re-connect with family, relatives, pick up a former, missed opportunity, or simply charge into a pile of old, neglected tasks (especially those connected with money: e.g., tardy tax returns) – all recommended! Talk, trips, paperwork, friends, errands fill Sunday pm to Tuesday. Midweek brings domestic, property, security issues – problems Wednesday, some early progress Thurs. (The problems might echo into Fri./Sat. also.) Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges fill Friday/Saturday. Friday’s great; Saturday morning’s jumbled, but this pm could life you on the wings of attraction – you could fall in love (though you’ll initially think it’s friendship). Hope it’s someone “former,” not new!

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Retreat, rest, contemplate over the weeks ahead, Scorpio. You’ll seek, and find, sweet solitude. Be spiritual, meditate, institute those nutrition or health improvements. Usually I’d advise using this period to plan future action/ventures, but not now – plans made before October 25 are likely to prove unworkable later (sometimes, regrettably, long after you’ve started the action/project). Don’t start any important projects or relationships before Oct. 25, either. Instead, protect ongoing ventures from October’s looming delays, mistakes, indecision and second-guessing. This is a good time to tackle anything you’ve left undone , especially in governmental or institutional spheres – last year’s tax return, Aunt Mable to whom you’ve owed a visit for 5 years, etc. Money has been flowing your way recently, and will continue to do so through October – the trick is not to spend it just as fast (or even faster). Resist, bank it. This especially applies Sunday pm to Tuesday. (Monday’s great – you could make an extra sum, or find a money-saving method that will benefit you for some time. Midweek is for errands, calls, emails, details, short trips and visits – more problems than successes here, so take a relaxed approach. Home calls, Friday/Saturday. A money-work-home related situation could have wings, just like the Red Bull commercial. A barrier the first half of Saturday: otherwise, success greets you.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Don’t start anything important, venture, task or relationship, before October 25, Sage. Anything started will become an “unfinished symphony” – attractive but forever incomplete. Otherwise, this is a beautiful month ahead, bringing you popularity, flirtations, romance, entertainment, social delights, even wish fulfillment. You’ll feel alive, bright and optimistic. You’ll be a little impetuous and intense, also, especially in personal relationships, romance, and creative or risk-taking areas – careful with these, they might not be headed where you think, or want. In the subtlest way, a dead-end might lurk here. Romance, for instance: it’s as light as a spider’s feet on your skin, then suddenly you’re caught in a web. (Light, friendly romance is okay – even great.) Especially avoid belligerent stances – e.g., this is the worst time to punch a policeman in the nose or laugh at a hell’s angel. (They don’t deserve “caps.”) This especially applies Sunday afternoon to Tuesday, when your energy and confidence soar. Use it (Monday) for legal, travel, cultural or intellectual success. Chase money and shop midweek – carefully. Lemons abound. Friday/Saturday bring errands, visits, casual friends, paperwork, communications – successfully, except Saturday am. All week, climaxing Saturday, a conflict arises between your wishful goals or social aspirations, and your money. Choose the goals, socializing. Who needs money?

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Start nothing important before October 25, Cap. That includes everything, but especially career, business and other ambitions (e.g., politics) – the very things that are highlighted for you during the weeks ahead. This isn’t a dead-end – only for new projects/relationships. (Although ongoing projects will need some care and protection – guard against supply shortages [order more Monday or, if you’re confident, Friday] as well as misunderstanding, delays, schedule disruptions, indecision, mistakes and second-guessing.) You could also benefit from “the past returning” – this can bring old friends back early in October, and/or former bosses, career, status opportunities, etc., from Oct. 10 onward. (You’re very favored in career generally all October – bosses and parents approve, favour you. Until the 26th, avoid belligerent people, tawdry hang-outs, dark alleys, etc. This doubly applies Sunday pm to Tuesday – Monday’s great for a restful getaway, spa, or clearing up government-related duties. Your energy and charisma rise Wed./Thurs., but it’s more important to solve than expand. Chase money Friday/Saturday – pay old bills, collect what’s due you, shop carefully (no big ticket items: you’d unfailingly find and buy a lemon). Success accompanies you, except Saturday am.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Start nothing new and important before October 25, Aquarius. The weeks ahead feature far travel, higher learning, publishing, advertising, international dealings and foreign-born people, law, cultural involvements, and gentle love. All these zones are subtly blessed and protected for you, right into November 2015. Still, you will likely face two problems (even show downs). One occurs this week, climaxing Friday/Saturday; it pits all these areas (far travel, higher learning, et al) against your private life, obligations, government edicts. For instance, you might want to travel to Spain, but lack a passport because you haven’t finished your chores and your Mom won’t tell you where she hid your birth certificate. The second problem arises around Oct. 7, and makes you choose between these zones (far travel, etc.) and their “daily life cousins” – i.e., short trips, local news and errands, casual friends versus profound links. All these “daily cousins” are time-wasters and traps. Sunday pm to Tuesday features hopes, happiness, popularity, flirtation, entertainment – Monday’s best. Retreat, lie low midweek – avoid all competition. Your energy and charisma soar Friday/Saturday – you could soar, too, on the wings of success! (Except Sat. morning.) (And remember, no big new starts.)

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Don’t start any new projects or relationships before October 25, Pisces. Sign nothing, promise nothing. In general, the weeks ahead feature mystery, large finances (investments, debts, etc.) sexual urges and intimacy, research/detective work, health diagnosis and lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. If you have an ongoing project in any of these areas, keep at it, but protect it also, from delays, mistakes, supply shortages, false starts, indecision and second-guessing. (Especially the last two, which you’re prone to.) You’re safe, if you want to, to reprise the past in these zones – e.g., make an investment you wanted to make in the past, but could not; or become intimate with an old flame (or “lust-flame”) – these are more likely about Oct. 10 to 25. Plunge into research – this period of delay actually favors investigation. Bosses and parents are testy all October – be diplomatic, long-suffering, especially Sunday pm to Tuesday. Your hopes and sense of joy, of life’s freshness, rise midweek, but problems outweigh successes. Retreat to dream, contemplate, recuperate, Friday/Saturday – two great days for interfacing with civil servants or charity workers. Don’t form new plans – yet.
The End