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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight).

START NOTHING: Before 2:24 am Sun., 12:38 pm Mon. to 3:07 am Tues., 7:20 am Wed. to 4:44 am Thurs., and 5:49 pm Fri. to 8:51 am Sat.


When Uranus enters Gemini, the U.S. often goes to war. So America might be at war (real war, not ISIS stuff) between 2025 and 2032 — most likely 2027/28, but possibly ’26. In 2026 people will remember me.

My macro view, as I’ve stated it since the 1980’s, is that we’re in an era, 1984 to about 2230, of relative peace, stagnation of government [politicians and mandarins asleep, unresponsive] blurring of sexual roles, huge techno-advance, widespread semi-poverty, mass deaths (but not from war – e.g., Chernobyl, Rwanda [not a war but a massacre] AIDS, Ebola) and police rule. This last includes both police states such as Canada and America are evolving into, and international “police actions” such as Iraq, Afghanistan and ISIS. Any war in the 2020’s will likely be much smaller than WW I or II. It won’t be part of the “Arab Spring,” as that ends in 2018. If war occurs in 2027 it will tend to be ground-based, tanks and stuff, versus, say, the air campaigns of Bosnia or ISIS – and big chunks of territory, land, will change hands.

(BTW, examples of government stagnation abound since 1984: Bush’s cruel delays after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, Obama’s delays re the Middle East, the recent examples of the Secret Service sleeping on the job, the criminal delays in the American VA that have caused veteran’s deaths. Even the fall of the Soviet Union was caused or facilitated by the passivity of government forces. Nor are giant corporations immune: look at Toyota’s and GM’s delays in announcing recalls, leading to a fair number of deaths in GM’s case.)

Many commentators seem surprised by Obama’s sudden swiftness in attacking ISIS, as he has been portrayed as an inveterate “ditherer.” Obama is a Leo, with a Gemini Moon. Leos are often slow to act, but once they take a stand, they are very stubborn. If a Leo decides on war, it’s war. (Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus are similar: slow to start, almost impossible to stop.) Last July Jupiter, the planet of cheerful confidence and great good fortune, entered Leo, imbuing Obama with the will and optimism to act. (It stays there until August 2015 – that’s why I predicted some weeks ago that his approval rating would rise into next year.)

Emotionally Obama’s a Gemini (his Moon’s there) – so he’s indecisive. He sees at least two sides to every situation. But Gemini is also a sign of violence. It contains Rigel, the great war star. D-Day and the Six-Day War, both spectacularly successful campaigns against overwhelming odds, were begun while the Sun contacted this star. (D-Day, the very day of contact, June 6; the Six-Day War, June 5, 1967, three days before the Sun would align exactly with Rigel.)

(Due to the earth’s precession (the wobble of its axis), Rigel has “moved” from 15 degrees Gemini (where the Sun was on D-Day, in the 1940’s) to 16 degrees Gemini in the 1960’s, and is now in 17 degrees (so the Sun hits it about June 7 or 8). Military campaigns started on these dates are almost certain to succeed. Just imagine if certain national leaders understood/believed this.

BTW, when did ISIS start?)


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Promise nothing, and accept no promises. Start nothing new and major before October 25. Relationships, contracts, negotiations, fresh and far horizons, opportunities – these face you, and bless you, this week and the next two. The negative side of relating – litigation, enmity, challenge, opposition, war, etc. – will hardly occur now, as lucky Jupiter glows romantically, sweet Venus sits in your partnership house, and your own Mars marches through one of your love signs. BUT if you offend someone’s sense of justice, watch out. Be fair, be gentle and unselfish, and you’ll make out very well. Love can deepen now, and those in love might begin viewing a prospective future together. But remember, nothing new: if you do want to wed, bite your tongue until Oct. 25 onward – late November into December will be a good period for proposing and doing. Remember, too, that until next August you remain in a powerfully fortunate romantic/love trend. (If you’re married, your kids give and get the love.) An old flame or ex-partner might appear now. Lie low Sunday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday to Wed. noon. (Tuesday’s lucky for love, games.) Chase money Wed. afternoon to Friday. Errands, calls, emails, “quick stuff” Fri. eve and Saturday.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
The weeks ahead are filled with work (and perhaps a health issue). Focus on the past, and on projects/tasks already started. Start nothing new and important before October 25. This is generally a smooth, productive and easy week. If you’re a student, writer, lawyer or anyone who works with words, take care – you can have a hard time organizing and staying “on topic.” The shorter the “work,” the better. Still, watch for little glitches, delays, indecision, confused thinking, etc., even in the smallest things. A task or employment from the past might return – just in time, for some. Twice this week, around Tuesday and Saturday, you might face a choice: to do an honest, hands-on job, or to sluff it off to someone else, to delegate. Do it yourself – delegating, now to November 2015, will somehow trap you in a losing situation. Optimism, popularity, social joys and entertainment fill Sunday/Monday. Retreat (but not overly so) Tuesday/Wednesday, to rest, contemplate, reconnect with your spiritual self. A “path” (linked to the past) does not fit your destiny. Your energy rises somewhat Thursday/Friday: take charge, do what needs doing (Thurs. better, especially for travel, law, intellectual stuff). Saturday, money caution.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Start nothing important before October 25, Gemini. The general accent is on romance, adventure, pleasure, reminiscent beauties (“gee, she looks exactly like my grade 10 sweetheart”) creativity, speculation, charming children and games/sports. A former or neglected job might interfere with all this pleasure – if so, just plunge in and complete it. An old flame might also appear (more likely next week and the following). If you’re single, and this person sings to your soul, pursue it – IF he/she appears after Wednesday (after the 11th is even better). Trouble is, if you meet before Thursday, this person’s path and your own seem destined to diverge again, irrevocably. In some ways, you might call this present interval “The Week of Broken Hearts.” (Which, oddly, makes you feel better, more confident, at the end.) Be ambitious, live up to your billing or your position Sunday/Monday. All’s well, unless you argue or mishandle machinery pre-dawn Monday (PDT). Hopes, happiness, a surge in popularity, entertainment, life’s freshness and flirtations arrive Tuesday/Wednesday. You might have to choose – later, Saturday, also – between light, social, flirty feelings, and deep, heavy attraction. Latter’s better, but be patient. Someone who wants you Wednesday might try to whisk you away on a trip, or on an intellectual discussion. Retreat, rest, avoid the hustling mob Thursday/Friday. All’s okay. Your energy and charisma soar Saturday – use it for work, career this daytime, for personal things late this night.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Start nothing new and major before October 25, Cancer. The general accent lies on home, kids, garden, Mother Nature, foundations, nutrition, business sales territory, all premises. You might seize a past opportunity in one of these zones (e.g., the North American distribution territory they wouldn’t give you last year now becomes available, you find that favorite, lost recipe in the dictionary, a long lost daughter returns, etc.). (All these are more likely next week and the one after.) But take care with ongoing projects (in any sphere). For instance, you started renovations some months ago, but the drywallers could still accidentally cover up your electrical outlets. And strictly avoid new projects. Through Wednesday, you and your spouse might disagree about the right path in domestic affairs. All week, especially around Tuesday and Saturday, you face a choice between home (including all those things listed above) and career, prominence and the outside world. Choose home: career has a sticky, entrapping vibe around it. Sunday/Monday bring mellow thoughts, gentle love, far travel dreams. All’s well. Midweek emphasizes career, ambitions – step cautiously here. (DON’T laugh out of turn.) Your hopes rise, life turns fresh and sweet, and a wee flirtation (or a deep, unexpressed love thought) tickles you Thursday/Friday. Retreat, rest, enjoy sweet solitude Saturday.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
A lot of this month is “lightweight,” Leo – not overly important, and mistakes tend to fall unnoticed by the wayside. But it’s a very busy few weeks – mail, short trips, errands, visits, communications, paperwork, details. Unfortunately, these are the very things that are most mistake-prone, delayed and waylaid now, for everybody. Be alert, check addresses and figures twice, thrice. Make a “to do” list not an hour before, but a day before you go errand-ing (‘cuz you’ll revise or add to it, saving yourself multiple trips). And DO NOT start a new project – nor value new contacts – they will prove “worthless.” Putting in a new telephone system, buying a computer or new software, or vehicle – these are disasters-in-waiting. All this to October 25. All this week, especially around Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday, you might have to choose between a casual association or a profound (even legal) one, or between a short trip and a long, foreign one – pick the casual, the short. (This applies to some degree until Nov. 2015.) Life’s mysterious, sexy, Sunday/Monday. All’s well, but don’t invest. Tuesday/Wednesday raise your view to international scenes, law, higher learning, philosophy – these are a sticky trap until Nov. 2015, so step carefully, with self-awareness. (“Why am I doing this and what are the real consequences? What am I ignoring?”) Be ambitious Thursday/Friday: show your skills. All’s well. Saturday, you feel like a party – well, find one!

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Start nothing important before October 25, Virgo. This week might put you in contact with an old acquaintance. (Not a lot will come of it.) All week, especially Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday, you might have to choose between “quick money” (e.g., weekly paycheck, or sale of an item) and long-range money (investments, large debt, etc.) – pick the quick, short-term. (The long-term, investments, are impaired by “bad karma” to Nov. 2015.) The accent is definitely on money, and on purchases, sales, possessions. Collect and pay what’s overdue, but don’t chase new income sources now. Sunday/Monday bring you face-to-face with crucial people – co-operate, jump on their bandwagon (it’s a successful one). Tuesday/Wednesday feature secrets, research, sexual urges, heightened intuition – but Tuesday holds unexpected events, perhaps stress or “nerves,” and Wednesday offers you a money or intimacy/sexual path that somehow goes against destiny – against your love destiny. A mellow, wise mood floats into you Thursday/Friday. All’s well, but don’t buy travel tickets. Read, learn, attend cultural events. Be ambitious Saturday (but again, no new projects) – give a relationship, spouse, etc., some room – relax. Be gentle on the home front all month.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Your energy, charisma and clout remain at a yearly high. Remember, start nothing major, nothing important, before October 25. This week, especially around Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday, someone might oppose you and/or your goal. If so, realize that you, essentially, are in the right, so hold your ground in the most diplomatic way. Time (and karma) will support you. On the other hand, that one who opposes you might really want to be with you – arguing (or whatever) is really their way of showing attraction. If you open your arms, he/she might readily hug you back. At core, the seed of this disagreement lies in the home, or in both parties’ need for security. Tackle chores Sunday/Monday – all’s good, productive, except pre-dawn (PDT) Monday. Relationships – and that opposition mentioned above – are highlighted Tuesday/Wednesday. If you can conjure “agreement” out of this, you’re pretty talented! Dealings with the public, partnerships, relocation, negotiation or litigation might play a role. Life’s depths rise to the surface Thursday/Friday. DON’T invest, nor sign anything. These are two easy days, great for research or curing old ills. Saturday’s sweet, mellow, but confused.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Continue to lie low, Scorpio. Seek rest, a sweet quiet spot, contemplate, reconnect with the spiritual side, be charitable, interface with agents, civil servants, head office and institutions. Start nothing important – instead, use this week and the next two to clear up unfinished business and neglected chores. Pay attention to those you’ve “slid by” in life’s hectic current – the infirm, shut-ins, lonely seniors. You’re doing well, these years. Life is beginning to bloom again, and will for a decade ahead. Not even you can foresee the pleasures and happiness that lie ahead: probably the greatest in your life. But for now, rest and think, especially about the past, and about what you’ve done, or haven’t done, to enhance your security. Make no plans – situations will shift. Pleasure, romantic notions and the joy of creativity/speculation are slated Sunday/Monday. Forget chores – tackle them Tuesday/Wednesday instead. These two days are volatile, so work cautiously, avoid electrical, tool or driving mishaps. Relationships, fresh people and horizons visit you Thursday/Friday – co-operation will yield rewards. Your detective instincts arise Saturday – but you’re proceeding in an invisible fog. Wait until late night (PDT) or Sunday.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Start nothing new, projects nor relationships, before October 25. This might not be easy, as your head is full of plans/possibilities and optimism about the future, and your heart is full of fellow-feeling, the urge to go out and have fun with everyone. Well, embrace friends you already know and be optimistic but don’t act on the future. A former social, political or other group might reappear, pull you into its benevolent circle. A former flirty friend could appear, too, and this might turn into a love affair that, maybe, has a deeper, longer significance than you think – even the possibility of marriage lurks within this “fun attraction.” Your own mood is assertively romantic and creative – but light friendly romance is far better than deep infatuation (now to Nov. 2015). Be domestic, focus on your home, security, retirement, property, nutrition Sunday/Monday. Romance Tuesday/Wednesday – so you might need to choose between infatuation and friendly romance. Pick the latter (even if it does seem to conflict with your money situation, or your desire to possess someone). Practice safety around electricity, machinery and cars Tuesday. Tackle chores and health concerns Thursday/Friday – all’s smooth. Thursday’s better. Saturday brings relationships, people who are equal to you but different (they like details, you like broad swaths) – but all’s foggy, uncertain until late night.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
It’s a tough one, Cap – you’re at a yearly peak in ambition and prestige relationships, yet I’m advising you not to start anything before October 25. Still, there is a lot you can do: protect ongoing career/work projects from shortages, delays, mistakes and misinformation. (For example, say you need a crew of 20 to show up tomorrow morning. Then arrange for 23 or 25 to arrive, for this is the kind of time when a few might not show. If too many arrive, just pay the extras half a day or whatever’s decent, and send them home.) Bosses will note that all ran smoothly on your watch, compared to fiascos in other departments. You might also reprise the past: pay a courtesy call on an old boss, accept a “retro role,” please a former customer, seek out former clients, semi-revive a successful campaign, etc. All week, especially Tues./Wed. and Sat., you might have to choose between career and home, ambition and security. Choose career, ambition. Sunday/Monday are chatty, quick, filled with details, messages and short trips. All’s well, but don’t do anything to cause gossip the first 4 hours of Monday (PDT). Think of your family, property, security and retirement prospects Tuesday/Wednesday. (Careful driving, and with electricity at home, Tuesday . Make no inappropriate remarks.) Romantic notions, creative and speculative urges sweeten Thursday/Friday. Saturday, tackle chores. Eat sensibly.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Remember, start nothing new before October 25. Ideas you had long ago (ideas of understanding, not of practical projects) might return this week and the next two. Don’t let these spur you to write a new essay, article, etc. (it would turn into a mess) – instead, jot the idea down as a note, and pin it to your November calendar. This former idea or urge might be to travel, or about a legal, educational, cultural, international or publishing/media action/project – still an idealistic rather than pragmatic one. Go ahead with this if you like. A former lover might return to pursue you again. Be gracious. Embrace him/her if you morally, legally can. Love can create many good things this month. (Ultimately, you will fare better with someone who comes to you one-on-one than someone you meet in a group.) During the present week, you might face a choice – several times – between the daily, superficial, and the profound, especially in relationships, and in what you communicate. Pick the profound. Chase money Sunday/Monday. All’s well. Midweek tempts you toward those superficial contacts/involvements. Say no. Everything’s mixed up, so be content to wait. Home, family, garden, nutrition deserve your attention Thursday/Friday. Romance, pleasure, beauty or a creative or gambling urge thrill Saturday – but wait until late night, or Sunday to act.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Remember, start nothing important before October 25, especially in relationships, agreements, contracts, investments, debt, and sexual intimacy. Make no commitments, sign nothing. EXCEPT – if something has returned from the past (a former investment opportunity, an intimate partner, etc.) it might be worth taking up again. Take a look first: why did it fall apart or not come together in the first place? If the answer is “harmless” or merely circumstantial (e.g., my brother lost some money and couldn’t invest with me at the time, but now I can handle it myself) then it might be worthwhile to proceed. However, it might be easier next week than this one, which contains sudden or abrupt choices between casual sex or profound intimacy, or between daily shopping and true investments, especially Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday. (Chose intimacy, investments.) Otherwise, protect ongoing situations/ventures from delays, mistakes and shortages. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Sunday/Monday. Make those money and intimate choices Tuesday/Wednesday. Watch stress Tues. – it can cause an accident. A friend might advise you against an investment or intimate liaison Wed. Errands, communications and short trips fill Thursday/Friday – all’s well, wee boredom Fri. eve. Home, kids, property, Mother Nature Saturday.

The End