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  ARIES: March 21-April 19

Still on the work treadmill, Aries. But at least the work is easy, Sun. to pre-dawn Tues. Errands, visits, calls, paperwork fill the time. Be realistic Sun. — but curious Mon., when someone sweet will “receive you” if you knock nicely enough. Better as the night grows deep. Turn toward home, family, security, garden and Nature, kids and parents Tues. to dawn Thurs. (7 am PDT). After a slow start, this midweek interval “gains legs” Tues. pm and Wed. am, when property investments (e.g., land, furniture, creating babies) are favoured, but dealing with bosses is not.

Delays in your career/business (since last April) end now (technically, Thurs.) freeing you to move ahead on ambitious fronts. Your work load will increase, and become more mobile, will include travel and much discussion, Sept. 5 to 21. Thursday dawn to dawn Sat. (7 am PDT) brings sweet relief — nature’s poetic beauty, romance, love of your children, all combine to put a smile on your heart. Worst time: Thurs. morning. Best times: pre-dawn Fri., and Sat. morning. You might meet a great new friend at work.

Deception — or more likely, confused thoughts, expectations based on unrecognized fantasies — face you Fri. Saturday’s great, but romance this day can be refused, or too volatile — but some will chase it! Only one major message for the week: work hard, and eat/dress sensibly.

taurus weekly forecastTaurus:  April 20 – May 20

Ah, sweet romance! It’s amazing what nature does to us when we fall in love, and how we don’t  even try to escape. You might fall in during the weeks ahead (more likely if you’re single). By Thursday, you start to hone in on someone, or you receive an intriguing message which opens the door to dallying in the weeks following. By next Sunday (the 9th) you begin plucking affectionate (or at least gracious) responses from others. By November, you might marry. This is the trend you face for three weeks: joy, beauty, love, and self-expression.

Pursue money sources Sun. to 5 am PDT Tues. Monday’s best for seeking money, paying/collecting, buying, schmoozing with clients, even a bit of spousal or co-worker affection. Shop Sun., but accept nothing bruised or too ripe.

Meetings, talks, errands, paperwork and mail, these fill Tues. dawn to Thurs. dawn — an easy interval with some interesting revelations, particularly involving love and partnerships. Though Wed. morning might shower you with luck (fortunate meetings, 10 green lights in a row, etc.) still, receive rather than push, all 3 mornings (Tues.-Thurs.).

Turn toward home Thurs. dawn to Sat. dawn, at least in your heart. Despite the accent on home — a good one, so charge ahead with domestic projects — you also face very interesting meetings or messages, with love as the object. But romance really blossoms Sat. — if you meet someone before 2 pm PDT, the future will be volatile. If after 2 pm, the future looks smooth and sweet!

Gemini:  May 21 – June 20

The main accent lies on home, family, property values and upgrades, security, sales territory, relaxation/recuperation, sleep, soul, stomach and nutrition. What could be more healthy than diving into these? By Thurs., this home orientation will deepen for two weeks.

A touch of romance is still tickling your heart, but next week will improve relations on work fronts, while those romantic notions will fade. So if you want any thrills, better chase them now. That will be pretty easy Sun. to pre-dawn Tues., when your energy and charisma will hit a monthly high. You can lead, show off, attract attention, even convince someone to go on a date — Monday. (Sunday’s a bit mixed-up, better for tackling home/career concerns.) Good time to start projects, esp. at home.

Chase money, buy/sell, butter up clients, expand your business territory, ask for a pay raise, etc., Tues. morn to Thursday dawn (all PDT). However, this is not the best time to invest. You might have to choose between different money projects or solutions. Others, especially money types, might not co-operate.

A lighter feeling enters Thurs. morning to Sat. dawn — easier chores, talk, travel, paperwork, errands fill these two days. Home affairs progress beautifully. Career offers you a choice: charge ahead or caution? (I can’t judge.) Saturday is for the quintessential “day off” — relax, walk in nature, hug the kids, sip lemonade on the back porch, do some “Home Depot” stuff, etc. You might hear of, but more likely contemplate, the end of a romance/love attraction. That’s okay, a final note of certainty enters.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Errands, contacts, paperwork, travel and easy chores continue to absorb much of your time — in fact, begin to absorb even more after Wed. — for two weeks. (Next week a romantic note enters, which might spark a friendly love affair. — but more on this later.) Relationships remain intense, spark-filled (for good or bad). Your home remains affectionate.

Lie low, gain your second breath Sun. to pre-dawn Tues. (PDT). Rest, think, plan. Do something for your karma. (E.g., give to the poor.) Avoid philosophical, cultural or far-travel themes Sun. A sweet night at home Mon. Your energy and pizzazz shoot skyward Tues. morn to Thurs. dawn. Get out, lead, make contacts, call in favours. You’re effective! Use this brief surge in magnetism to attract, co-operate with spouse, other singles, business partners, etc. — don’t oppose, or you’ll awaken powerful resistance.

Chase money, buy/sell late week (Thurs. morn to Sat. morn) — excellent for computer or software (APP) purchases Thurs. noon (PDT) to midnight. Friday might help or confuse you — keep your ideas, your morals, on the good side, and you’ll do fine. Communications surprise, please Thurs. and Fri. Back to errands, casual friends, travel and paperwork Sat. A “false love” might end this day; or a new, volatile one might begin. Either way, treat it lightly — nothing terribly deep here.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Continue to focus on and chase money, Leo. Your work load is heavy (more correctly, fast, intense) but your efforts, and this money influence, might bring you a promotion or pay raise, or will increase your security. By next week, this work intensity will fade, and a new, sweet luck note will enter your home for awhile (to early Oct.). You’re talkative in self-promotion now, but Wed. onward will turn your friendliness and gift of the gab into the service of money. You’ll start schmoozing for profit.

Your optimism and popularity surge upward Sun. to pre-dawn Tues. Expect social delights, flirtation, entertainment. A wish might come true. But go light with the opposite sex Sun. Press for love, speak loving things, Mon. pm. Retreat, lie low and rest Tues. morn to Thurs. morn. Be charitable, spiritual. Think over your progress so far this year, and plan ahead to efficiently achieve goals. (2018’s best goal: attaining a home, real estate deals, etc. By December, your 2019 goal will ascend. What goal? Love, creative success, speculative risk.)

Your work duties control your choices, options midweek. Best interval: Tues. noon to 11 am (PDT) Wed., when investment, research, and family, property matters are blessed. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. morn to Sat. morn. Thursday morning isn’t great (disruptions) but this pm onward (into Thurs.) shoots you straight toward success, esp. in earnings, friendly ambition-oriented contacts, money-work agreements. Get out, start, lead, charge forth! You might attract a flirt from a co-worker. Saturday’s for money — shop, earn, all’s well. But don’t buy jewellery or similar love items. What seems like a romantic opening might be a closed door.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You continue to ride a wave of success, as your energy, clout, charisma and effectiveness climbs to a yearly high. From Wed. onward for two weeks, you’ll find it easy to express yourself, particularly about career matters. Next week, a mild streak of money luck ends, but simultaneously a sweet, friendly streak starts.

The present week remains romantically intense, but that will fade — probably due to a Saturday conflict or decision — so that next week starts two months of hard work or health concerns. Ironically, during these two months, someone is sexually interested in you. Welcome this, if it’s not extra-marital or otherwise “wrong.”

Be ambitious Sun. to pre-dawn Tues. Sunday’s good, but realize no one agrees with you — work alone. Monday’s great, all day — charge forth! Happiness, celebration, social delights, flirtations, entertainment, rising popularity an optimism — these greet you Tues. morn (after a sluggish start) to Thurs. morn (7 am PDT). You might stand on the edge of a choice Wed./Thurs.: Do I opt for deep romance or a light, friendly bond? (In the end, over the 7 years ahead, deep romance will win.)

Retreat, rest, think and plan Thurs. morn to Sat. morn. Lie very low Thurs. morn, as disruptions send their bolts of lightning. But Thurs. pm into Sat. morning, despite your temporary tiredness, brings much relationship and travel luck. (Something at a distance is opportune.) You might meet a potential life mate, or a “teacher” who will become a valued friend (or lover). Your energy and charisma surge to a yearly high Sat. into next week — to midday, romance calls but lures you to ship-wrecking rocks. After, deep afternoon into Sun. (Sept. 9) you could meet someone significant and — “just right!”

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remain quiet, watchful, contemplative. Rest often, eat and dress sensibly. Take your major questions to a counsellor, psychic, whomever. Interact with the gov’t, tax department, institutions, and corporate head offices. Perform neglected chores, visit shut-ins, be charitable, meditate and seek spirit. (All these will grow more active, this Wed. to Sept. 21.) In a sense, you are building your karmic reserves — so be a saint!

Your home life continues to be feisty, rough — but this will end next week. So will your physical radiance, your charm — high now, but fading temporarily next week onward. You’ll like Sun./Mon. (into Tues. pre-dawn) — an understanding, compassionate, far-seeing and loving mood steals over you, and draws you to international, cultural, intellectual zones. A great time — Monday — to sit down with a Gemini friend/love, or to buy travel tickets, attend a foreign film, a lecture, etc. Sunday’s a bit tougher — better for working than dallying.

Be ambitious Tues. morn to Thurs. morn (7 am PDT). You might face a home vs. work or rest vs. work dilemma. Best progress: Tues. noon (PDT) to mid-morn Wed. (Good for dovetailing work and compensation.) You grow optimistic, cheerful, social and flirtatious Thurs. dawn to Sat. dawn. Your popularity rises mildly. A wish might come true. A very sexy situation might tempt you — and come to fruition — Thurs. pm, Fri. very early. But don’t forget you’re in a work and health oriented month, or Fri. midday could contain a “mistake.” (Like catching a plane to Shangri-La.) Retreat Saturday — rest, let a romantic notion die a natural death. Pamper yourself.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Happiness is your main emphasis, Scorpio — you’ll be so until late September. Your popularity rises; flirtations swarm over singles; social delights and entertainment combine with optimism. This week, you remain easily talkative (especially at work) but your affections stay rather private. Next week, both change: you’ll lose the talkativeness, but your affectionate side will blossom outward — if you’re single, someone is almost sure to approach, or at least admire you.

Your social life grows even more expansive after Wed. — into late Sept. Lust, secrets, sex, pregnancy, large finances, lifestyle changes and possible medical procedures visit you Tues. morn to dawn Thurs. Don’t invest in machinery/tools, nor make unasked-for changes in work procedures, through this entire interval. That said, Tues. midday to 11 am (PDT) Wed. opens fortunate doors to love, far travel, intellectual pursuits and media projects.

Be ambitious Thurs./Friday. Thursday midday is a bit disruptive in relationships, but this pm to pre-dawn Fri. holds superb friendship doors open for you — step through! Friday itself says: do you want huge, consuming romance, or friendly, lighter stuff? Someone, though they say nothing, might want your answer, is watching with bright, amused glances. But don’t forget your main mission Thurs./Fri. — ambition, career, prestige relations. Work hard! Celebrate Sat., when all that popularity, social delight and wish fulfillment I promised is suddenly available!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to work in the background, Sage, but serve your own ambitions at the same time. These are “available” to you through early November: management positions, administrative work, nursing/empathy trades, agent work, and anything connected to institutions. (After early Nov., all bets are off, as you will quickly start to spread your wings with new optimism, cheer and great luck! So don’t sign contracts that will keep you in the background for a lengthy time.

Hope and friendship lighten your mood this week, while money continues to pour in (and if you’re not very careful, out). Both trends end next week, so take advantage now. Sunday brings relationships, exciting meetings, relocation themes, fresh horizons and new opportunities. Careful Sun., when opposition or deception could stagger your progress. Monday’s superb for seeking others, chasing opportunity — and gives you an affectionate, loving, friendly night.

Tuesday dawn to Thurs. dawn steers you into deeper waters — successful ones if you are honest, ethical. Investment is favoured, but not greatly — proceed with caution, half-steps. You can grab victory in gov’t, health, admin., similar areas, if you grab Tues. midday (PDT) to 11 am Wed. A mellow, profound mood steals over you Thurs./Fri. — act Thurs. noon (PDT) to 5 am Fri. for best results. (Travel tix, love messages, intellectual or media pursuits, cultural involvements most favoured.)

You can run into deception or indecision Fri., perhaps about your security vs. career options. Be ambitious Sat. — don’t waste time mulling over what might be/have been in romance or social ties. Instead, work away, contact VIPs, plan and organize your future moves.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You stay in a broad-minded, understanding and mellow mood this week and the next few, Cap. Love can be a huge subject if you’re single. You might decide to wed, or to start looking for someone. If married, this is a time of quiet, loving “catch up” — discuss your union, your mutual future. Either way, you’re in the last two months of a “wishes come true” year — and this September, the wishes that come true will likely be connected to: love, a wedding or other social ritual, far travel, a legal matter, education or intellectual pursuits, publishing/media, or cultural/international factors.

Tackle chores Sun. to pre-dawn Tues. Eat, dress sensibly. Sunday’s a bit difficult, as stress/energy gives way to possible confusion, fuzzy thinking late at night.  Success slated Monday — go get some of it! Tuesday morn to Thurs. dawn brings relationships, confrontations, opportunities, new horizons, exciting meetings. You might sense that others see you as an obstacle, a stick-in-the-mud. If so, lighten up, crack a joke, be more receptive. Again, a wish might come true Tues. pm to 11 am Wed. (PDT) — a relationship might only be part of the picture.

Dive deeper, dig deep, ignore surface indications Thurs./Fri. Your subconscious rises to the surface, your intuition peaks. Thursday morning is disruptive, but this pm to Fri. dawn offers an open door to insights, romance, deep friendship (likely in a money “partnership”). Decide between casual friendship and deep love’s commitment.

That broad-minded, gentle, loving, wise mood returns Sat. — in spades. Again, love, a wedding or other social ritual, far travel, a legal matter, education or intellectual pursuits, publishing/media, or cultural/international factors are the best things to aim for this day. (A minor career matter might climax.)

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Dig deep, Aquarius. Reject surface appearances. Especially from Thurs. onward to late Sept., you can discover treasure chests, filled with investment/financial opportunities, lifestyle changes, revelations, physical intimacy, and cures. (Though they might be “kill or cure” cures.) September is all or nothing time, commit or split. Many of these themes will fill Sat., Sept. 8.

Your career, reputation and worldly status are favoured now into November (and grow luckier next week to October) so keep working, and remain co-operative. This week, legal and educational fronts remain fortunate. Sunday to Tues. pre-dawn accents romance, creativity, nature’s poetic beauty, and risk-taking that wins. Sunday isn’t all peaches, but Monday everything flows the right way — seek love in the evening/night.

Dive into chores and protect your “daily” health Tues. dawn to Thurs. dawn. This interval goes well, so you will accomplish lots, but you might be stymied by your own secrets, civil servants, or other restrictions, all 3 days. Best interval: Tues. noon to 11 am PDT Wed. You could set up a future promotion! (Think hard, find the pathway.)

Relationships fill Thurs./Fri. So do fresh horizons, opportunities, negotiations, contracts— and possible enmity, opposition, even litigation. Be diplomatic but eager to join. Thursday’s a bit disruptive, but this pm and early Fri. might steer you toward a beneficial property investment, a wildly sexy friendship, or a good domestic project/relationship. (Or to valuable secrets.) Saturday’s mysterious, alluring, but says No to a socially-acceptable love affair/attraction.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships continue to hold centre stage, Pisces. As this is a huge love year (until November). Singles among you might meet a future mate, especially after Wednesday. (Sept. 8/9, 12/13, and 17/18 stand out.) Your social life remains very active — realize one or two of those social connections can also open money doors for you. (Act quickly, this trend ends Sept. 10.) Your workplace remains friendly all week, but this changes to a possible workplace romance (or travel adventure) after Wed.

Earlier, Sun. to Tues. pre-dawn brings a sluggish mood — nature’s way of nudging you into domesticity, rest, a brief hibernation. Hug the kids, garden, hike in nature, revise nutrition, etc. Sunday’s difficult, so do routine chores, nothing fancy. Monday’s packed with success, so march forth, upgrade security, ask for more sales territory, landscape, start renos or repairs, etc. Relaxing beauty/comfort Mon. night (PDT).

Passion, courage to take a risk, creative surges, beauty and pleasure, charming kids — all call you powerfully Tues. dawn to Thurs. dawn. Friends might “pair off.” Best time: Tues. midday to the wee hours Wed. when themes of love, ambition and “growing up” (if it applies!) mingle to form a creative, gambling, sports or love advancement.

Tackle chores (and protect your daily health) Thurs./Friday. Thursday morning’s disruptive, but you’ll succeed midday (PDT) through Fri. You might make a new friend, or grab a love date. Perfect time (late Tues. night into Fri. am.) to solve relationship problems, start afresh. Saturday brings relationships to a peak, and might put a recent bond on a new plateau. But a lust-filled link is likely to dissolve now, perhaps because it doesn’t fit your future, or your money goals.

The End.


There will be many more Afterambles in a month or two. Right now I’m wrestling with a big project, so will only do small preamble-afteramble things.
*** ***

Taurus always seems so healthy and calm — we seldom see how sensitive and sometimes anxiety-prone this sign is. Many Taureans underwent great stress in the late 90’s and early this century. Now a second stress period has begun, May 2018 to 2025. That first period entailed stress caused by parents, bosses or authorities, career, etc. The present period will contain echoes of that late 1990’s-early 2000’s period, but without the weight of those above. Instead, Taurus’ new stress will be more organic, come more from Taurus’ own deep drive to succeed, now to 2025. In other words, Taurus people won’t feel/see the boss leaning over them; instead, they will be looking up — ambitiously.
*** ***

BTW, Leo, for the next 7 years, you might lean toward romance, even ultimate marriage, with a co-worker, boss, status enhancing person — and/or toward ambitious work/business partnerships.