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“NO DOUBT THE UNIVERSE IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD”      ~ Desiderata Please Note: If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, the Translate buttons and World Clock will appear at the bottom of this site.  (请注意:  如果您在手机上看到这一点,翻译按钮和世界时钟将出现在这个网站的底部。) All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone. START NOTHING:  6:54 am to 9:35 am Tues., 4:04 pm to 6:30 pm Thurs., and after 10:56 pm Sat. PREAMBLE:  My “front page” has become so crowded that I’m putting most of my 2 cents worth, predictions and wonderings below the Sun sign forecasts, in the AFTERAMBLE. **** ****


 ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A thread of attraction runs through this week and next, lightening the drudgery. Otherwise, stay hard at work, Aries. A new work project might begin. Any effort you give to a research, financial or “reconstruct” program should pay off. This is a good time to buy tools/machinery, computers (somewhat) to deal with service people, and to seek employment (better before Sept. 10). Bosses are snarly but willing to give you a chance. Show what you can do, especially Thurs. night (7 pm PDT) through Sat., when higher-ups are watching, appraising. Earlier, take a restful approach Sun. to 10 am Tues. Plan your month ahead. Examine your soul — and yourself, see how you arrived at this point, and where you want to go from here. Be charitable, loyal, deal with civil servants and administration staff. But avoid pursuing career goals Sun., and legal agreements Mon. Your determination, a little soft the last two months, will quietly return. Tuesday mid-morning (PDT) brings an energy boost and a sprinkling of charisma, lasting to Thurs. suppertime. Use this interval to start projects, to take the lead. Your best approach: ambition, chasing career goals. (Most other objectives — e.g., purchases, seeking a mate, mowing the lawn — will meet obstacles.) Buy items, chase money and put your arm around someone Thurs. night through Sat. Buy tools/machines, EXCEPT Sat. morning. A pretty good time to negotiate a pay raise. Higher-ups will approve of your progress, by Sat. if not sooner. You might also indulge a sensual attraction, though this is not “high priority.” You’ll be pleased by your progress!

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your work place remains affectionate, Taurus. Much discussion (or paperwork) takes place around/about real estate, your home, sales territory, food, other basic subjects. But the main influence surrounds you with tantalizing breezes of romance, adventure, creative projects, risk-taking, sports, games, beauty, pleasure and self-expression. (The kind of influence where you look up from your rugby game, sweating, and think, “what a beautiful sky.”) (The greatest self-expression, btw, is “I love you.”) Someone might be attracted to you now to Sept. 9, but on a lust path, rather than a romantic one. This might turn into a dud. Go for innocent hearts, and be that way yourself, for the best long-term results. Remember, if single, you are in one of the best “finding a mate” years of your life (lasts until November). Take prospects, and your actions, seriously, especially in this beautifully romantic month ahead. Happiness visits you Sun. to mid-morn Tues. (PDT). Your popularity rises, social and flirtatious joys lift your heart, and you know just what the public likes — good for artists, advertiser types, movie moguls, etc. But — probably no one you meet, if you’re single, will work as a life-mate. (Destiny’s against it Sunday; and “future agreement” seems slim Mon., though disagreement might not show for weeks, months.) Still, a beautiful two days! Retreat mid-morn Tues. (PDT) to suppertime Thurs. Contemplate, plan (especially for love actions). Be charitable, spiritual, interface with head office or gov’t. Avoid huge tasks, heavy weights, and legal action or distant travel. (Avoid legal entanglements, esp. lawsuits, through Sept. 10.) Your energy and charisma bounce back strongly Thurs. night through Sat. Be the leader, start significant projects, see and be seen — you’re headed for success! Friday’s probably best, but really only one obstacle confronts you, Sat. morning, a minor glitch (e.g., you miss the bus, or can’t contact someone). A good week!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The main accent lies on your home, real estate and family until late September, Gemini. Hug the kids, mow the lawn, repair the stairs, decorate, and, above all, relax. This is one of nature’s hibernation periods for your sign. You’ll come busting out, ready for action in October — and you’ll be more successful, the more you rest now — and the sturdier a foundation you lay now. (It always puzzled me, this word “foundation.” But, for example, if you want to chase love this autumn, lay the foundation now by purchasing/preparing the wardrobe you’ll want, toning up physically, getting a haircut, and, most of all, getting your “beauty sleep.”) You’ll be sexually tempted until Sept. 10 — make sure you don’t hurt an ongoing relationship by straying. You might feel “madly in love” with this “side attraction,” but if you chase it/her/him you’ll meet a final “bust” the first half of Sept. Be ambitious Sun. to mid-morn PDT Tues. Schmooze with higher-ups, work hard. If your reputation has grown, wear it comfortably. Two cautions: 1) don’t chase romance/sex Sunday and 2) work mostly alone Mon. — don’t send a letter, text, call about work: the co-operation you seek won’t be available. Tuesday morning to suppertime Thurs. promotes hopes, optimism, friendships, and light romance. (That last might find sweet reception late Wed. night into the wee hours of Thurs.) You’ll face problems (mostly financial, sexual) but they won’t dent your buoyant mood. Retreat Thurs. night through Sat. Plan, deal with gov’t, admin types, perform neglected chores, phone old friends. Though you’re tired, your luck’s high.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead fill with errands, easy chores, paperwork and communications, wanderlust and casual contacts. Be curious — you’ll learn interesting things, especially about money, how to earn it, and possible gov’t aid, waiting to be plucked. Your home remains affectionate and “good looking” until Sept. 9 — but spousal (and other) relations can be fiery during the same period. (The combination might be “sweet and sour.”) You can steer that “fire” into a meaningful project that you both tackle — and presto, fighting disappears. (It’s minor friction anyway, unless you were born July 20-22.) Sunday to mid-morn Tues. brings a wise, richly understanding mood; you see the world, and how it works, and you approve. Intellectual, international and love subjects arise. However, it’s not a great interval for love — at any hint of opposition, friction or disagreement (deep and hidden Sunday, obvious and more surface Monday) stage a quiet, amenable retreat. Better chances will come. Be ambitious mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. — but proceed cautiously, and don’t attempt to draw others into your goals/projects, as co-operation is very limited — and could even spark a fight Thurs. afternoon PDT.  Social delights, wishes coming true, light romance, flirtations, popularity, optimism and general joy visit you Thurs. night through Sat. You might be dancing for joy by Sat! Love is very possible all three days. A splendid agreement awaits you (if you seek it) Saturday night. If you’re single, remember that 2018 is a great year for romance; if married, for raising/teaching children.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Hi, Leo. Spend the weeks ahead chasing money, buying bargains, and “learning what’s already known.”  (As opposed to discovering. Eg., everything in a book is already known.) If single, you might be charmed by someone you like, but don’t love. This can provide physical satisfaction, but you must be open and honest from the start, or you could break someone’s heart. Remember, look at the big picture: autumn 2017 to early Nov. 2018 benefits you in security, home, family, realty and “hibernation” zones; while Nov. 2018 to Dec. 2019 will benefit you greatly — hugely! — in romance. So tying your future to a mere sensual affair before Nov./18 will likely disappoint you within a year or so. Patience! (There are exceptions to this, if your rising or Moon sign indicates. But I can’t address that in this Sun-sign forecast.) Sunday to 9:30 am PDT Tues. lures you with sex, intimacy, power, financial goals, and intriguing revelations. Any/all of these flow well on the surface, but deeper problems exist: health, love versus work (or versus family disapproval). Be wary of committing too much, too deeply — in finances, too. A gentle, loving, far-seeing and understanding mood flows into you mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Your health or work duties could interfere with hopes to travel afar, publish/broadcast, pursue legal remedies, or tackle any intellectual or cultural situation. Remain mellow, but avoid chasing those travel, etc. goals. Be ambitious Thurs. night through Sat. — now luck rides with you, so impress higher-ups, meet the judge, contact VIPs, start significant career projects, a new business, etc. Success awaits! (BTW, now to 2025, singles among you, if you do marry, will tend to do so for status, will “marry up.”)

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re at an annual peak in energy, charisma, clout, timing and effectiveness, Virgo. And slowly, out of the chaos and indecision of the last few weeks, you’re starting to see what goals you should tackle, and how to accomplish them. These goals might connect somehow to government, an agent or counsellor, an institution or “place of respite” (anything from a spa to a refugee camp). You’re on top, so be the leader now, start significant projects. Money, income and purchases, are favoured until Sept. 9 — and “sexy romance” heats up until the 10th. Relationships fill Sun. to mid-morn Tues. These won’t all be easy, nor lead to a co-operative conclusion, but a general sense of sell-being and cheerfulness will keep you content — perhaps only with the adventure of meeting new people. Destiny is against new love Sun./Mon. Be diplomatic, be “a good partner” even if you disagree with his/her actions. Life’s depths float to the surface from 9:30 am PDT Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Your intuition, your subconscious, will emerge — and will draw you toward boudoir adventures, financial goals/commitments, and/or medical procedures. Proceed cautiously, as opposition, poor luck and obstacles litter your path. Some good luck might occur very late Wed. night into Thursday’s wee hours, involving sensual love, or a gov’t-earnings link — but it’s slim. A compassionate, understanding, far-seeing state of mind steals over you Thurs. night through Sat. Charge ahead, pursue what you want, particularly in far travel, intellectual, publishing/media, cultural/ethnic, philosophical and love zones. If single, you could fall in love.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Lie low, rest and relax, daydream and pull together the threads of your thoughts to weave a plan for the future. The few weeks ahead are not the time to compete or try to gain the world’s attention. Instead, prepare for autumn’s opportunities. Avoid action in general, unless it is connected to: neglected chores, charity or spiritual deeds, interfacing with gov’t, head office, or institutions, management decisions and/or closed-door meetings, counselling or agent representation(s). You’re still attractive, despite weariness, until Sept. 9. Same period, your home life “re-tastes” the friction (or hammering and sawing) of mid-March to mid-May. (No big deal, though if a “partnership” has been hanging by a thread, you might now get out the scissors.) Tackle chores Sun. to 9:30 am PDT Tues. Most things go well, if you stick to routine. Avoid any attempts to schmooze your way past a domestic obstacle (Sunday) and over-talking, legal proposals/commitments, putting social affairs before earnings/money, or international goals (Monday). Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, challenges and potential enmity face you mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Now things don’t go so well. Be alert, aware of barriers and “the other person’s side,” especially in domestic and money issues. Thursday night through Sat. brings mystery, reveals secrets and raises your subconscious to the surface. (Makes your intuition, hunches strong, reliable.) Your deeper urges, usually “tamped down” by your social self, now emerge: lust, desire for power, money, investments, debt reduction, research, medical factors, will be fruitful and blessed during this end of the week. Now domestic problems can be solved, management issues untangle, even partnerships (marriage, too) receive a nice co-operative boost.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You will enjoy the weeks ahead, Scorpio. You’re already more cheerful and “lucky” than in most years. Now optimism, a shot of popularity, social delights and possible flirtations raise that cheer to joy — for four weeks. Your private life, main relationship(s) and spiritual side remain sweet and rewarding until Sept. 9, then you’ll say (to late Sept.) “Hey, why’s everyone attracted to me?” Until Sept. 10, your work will involve more talking, travel. (These did not succeed the last two weeks, but will now, esp. Saturday pm. Much earlier, Sun. to 9:30 am Tues. (PDT) points you toward love, creative urges, speculative/risky ideas, gambles, beauty and “immediate pleasure.” All the minor things go well, but fate seems to rule out a future partnership Sun. (e.g., if you fall in love this day, you won’t marry this person). Monday contains an essential disagreement — if it’s been hidden before, it becomes obvious now. Involves money, and career/business, or prestige. Be diplomatic, and avoid big new starts. Just enjoy the beauty, the feelings. Tackle chores mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Be cautious, as many glitches and barriers can rise up to meet you (particularly if machines, tools, communications or “directions” involved). Eat, dress sensibly.  Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, relocation ideas (which will grow for 7 years to come) possible fame, dealings with the public, negotiations, contracts, litigation — some of these will face you Thurs. night through Sat. (I mention so many things because this is a lucky interval — i.e., tackle something, seize something!) Now you MIGHT meet an entrancing, sensual and valid life mate prospect! Be diplomatic, but eager to join, to co-operate. You’ll be happy with your possibilities.

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’re in an ambitious period until late September, Sage. Expend effort, show what you can do,  be forward — contact VIPs, bosses, parents, propose projects/actions to them. This week and next, your hopes remain high, social gatherings please, welcome you and you might feel a glow about a potential lover.  Same two weeks, money flows swiftly to you, but if you spend carelessly you can end with less than you now have. Sunday to 9:30 am PDT Tues. throws a quiet blanket over your energy: relax, hug the kids, think about your domestic situation, how to improve it. Don’t risk money Sun., as it will ”deflate” later. Also, skirt legal, travel or media interests, as your hidden or very personal life will “fight them.” Otherwise, all goes well! Romance, beauty and pleasure lure you mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. — enjoy this sweet mood, without acting on it. Failure and obstacles everywhere if you pursue love, romance, esp. when money’s involved. Tackle chores Thurs. night through Sat. Avoid seeking co-operation or a “partner.” Otherwise, this interval blesses you in buying tools, machinery, computer, car — in seeking employment or gathering new employees — in health cures (OTC stuff) and in setting up new schedules/rules for the children or pets. Your career could take a step upward now or soon, due to these few days’ efforts/production.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Continue pondering life, society, and a possible big trip or possible love, marriage, Cap. The few weeks ahead are a perfect time to have a long, gentle talk about love — and/or about exotic climes. Bosses and VIPs favour you until Sept. 9, so act confidently in this zone, show your skills, propose projects. (Even better, discuss projects, trends, with your bosses. Your wisdom — which you consider just practical thinking —will impress them.) The two weeks ahead imbue you with extra energy, determination and assertiveness — so be assertive, but not so much that you assert yourself out the door. (For you have an unconscious urge to end certain situs, relations now.) Errands, easy chores, trips and communications fill Sun. to 9:30 am Tues. (PDT). Minor things go well, but steer carefully when you’re mixing ambition with your dreams/wishes Sun. — won’t work. And when you’re mixing those dreams/wishes with financial or sexual (lust) goals Mon. — also won’t work. So stick to easy chores, gab a little, yield to curiosity, explore, travel, be friendly, and enjoy. Turn toward home mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Is it possible, with your growing confidence and clout, that you might be a little too dominating with kids/spouse? Look for clues mid-week. (One clue: if you lose your temper Thurs. afternoon, you’re being too aggressive.) Otherwise, minor things go well. Repair, decorate, etc — and hug the family. Amour floats in Thurs. night through Sat. You could fall in love, if single — and with someone who “fits” your and your group’s idea of socially acceptable. You could end up married — there are far worse destinies! Beauty, nature’s poetry, pleasure, creative and gambling urges, sports/games, all blessed with luck. Your children (if existent) will surprise and please you with their growing talents, achievements.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general accent lies on regeneration and the hidden forces that bring life, death and rebirth. Pregnancy, lust, investigation (“hidden” forces) commitment, investments and other major financial actions, medical procedures, and life-changing pledges (e.g., taking on a mortgage) — any and all of these can affect you during the four weeks ahead. For the immediate two weeks ahead, legal, travel, and intellectual matters will go well — love, too — but you need to avoid 1) dark alleys and belligerent people; 2) revealing your secrets. Chase money Sun. to 9:30 am Tues. (PDT). Small things, routine purchases, collecting routine debts/payments, etc., will go well. But shy away from major commitments or thrusts, particularly in career, management, govt, and “secret” zones Sun., and relationships Mon. (Though, Mon., you might form a temporary partnership to chase a business or career goal, successfully.) Errands, paperwork, communications, trips/visits, casual contacts fill midweek (mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs.). Be relaxed, don’t push anything or anybody. Most things have a hidden difficulty. The best way to resolve indecision is to be curious, explore. Steer toward home Thurs. night through Sat. This lovely period offers family warmth, happy gardening, repairs, construction, decorating, even investing in real estate or finding a new rental, moving — all blessed.  Notice anything different on the home front? If so, it’s a clue to the next 7 domestic years.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The four weeks ahead emphasize relationships, relocation, public dealings, possible fame, fresh horizons and new opportunities — as well as possible opposition, even enmity. So be co-operative and diplomatic. Realize others hold the aces now. For two weeks, your finances and intimacies are favoured. In business, yes, do commit. In love, nudge it toward sex. Same two weeks, you’ll grow more and more hopeful about money and earnings. (But this will be followed by 2 months of hard, behind-the-scenes work. Then the money will start to flow.) Your energy and charisma soar Sun. to 9:30 am PDT Tues. Start something — but don’t try to mix work with big ideas, nor invest/seek intimacy — esp. on friends’ advice. Chase money, purchase bargains, butter up clients mid-morn Tues. to suppertime Thurs. But take no risks — schmooze with clients but don’t ask them for any commitments; buy only routine items; and don’t demand a pay raise. Discretion, diplomacy your best stance. Errands, gabfests, travel, paperwork, easy chores, restlessness and curiosity fill Thurs. night through Sat. This is a nice, smooth interval. Explore, ask questions, pay attention to news stories, etc. You might meet a good new friend, or a friend could become something more! (But one far-future restriction: any bond you create these last 3 days — in fact, this week — won’t end in marriage.) The End.


Those 300 Catholic priests indicted in Pennsylvania for thousands of incidences of pedophilia — when I heard this, I grumbled to myself that I’d predicted a Catholic decline and eventual collapse due to its sins back about 1984, but no one remembers, and no one remarked it at the time. I also predicted, about the same time, that universities would decline, and become places of moral corruption, collusion, crime, power plays, and questionable research. (By the way, these predictions last almost 250 years, to 2232 AD, so the present decline we see in these institutions is only beginning, 34 years in.) Religion and universities, higher learning, the realm of ideas, are denizens of the same astrology house, the 9th. So law and lawyers, as well as international travel/dealings, will show the same tawdry decline. People with Jupiter in the ninth house at birth lead a fortunate life in legal, intellectual, educational, media/publishing, international, import/export, insurance, cultural and similar zones — all the areas that will be rife with decay until 2232. Sorry, I know it’s a bit of a double message. But if the decay is 2 centuries long, and you’re only in it for, say, 40 years, your luck should prevail. ***   *** They talk about Twitter “shadow banning” Republican politicians and thinkers from its social media platform. Google does this also. If you look up “Trump,” for example, Google feeds you every anti-Trump news and opinion site, but excludes the entire panoply of Trump allies and opinion flaks, and also excludes the largest of these, a network far larger than CNN or MSNBC — Fox News — because it is pro-Trump. I finally learned, after months of such Google mendacity, that if I typed in “Trump News Fox” Google would then provide it. What a sleazy bunch — Facebook, Twitter, Google. Why would you trust any of these, when each one has deceived you, made a profit from your and others’ content (not theirs) and tries to hide essential information from you?  And then, to add injury to insult, they sell your most personal data to political parties, police, mega corporations — even to foreign governments, including China. I fear these megaliths are slowly but massively attempting to subjugate the masses by controlling their knowledge, feeding them only the “right” opinions, and steering their thought processes through these anti-democratic (in fact, autocratic) methods. Add that to the fact that they are ripping you off by selling your personal data to people who could prove a danger to you, to your democracy, and to your reputation. It’s as if a thief not only broke into your house and stole your underwear, now he’s driving down Main Street flying it on his antenna. Poof! /30/

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  1. marie

    Howdy Tim,
    I appreciate very much your answer to Smitty because I had a similar question. I Can’t believe the accuracy of my horoscopes that you come up with. There used to be (still are, but fewer) people (they call themselves ” the Board”) interferring in my life like a pack of self righteous behavioral therapy specialists operating so covertly that none of your horoscopes seemed to fit. All that is changing now that I almost have my life back after 25 years of torment.
    Anyway, my question was: I have sun and ascendant in Virgo and 5 planets including moon (today is my Birthday)in Libra. Both of these were extremely accurate right down to the exact time of 9:30. Would Libra be as accurate as Virgo sign on repeat horoscopes.
    Kind regards,

  2. smitty111

    I read somewhere that we should be reading for our rising sign, not our sun sign. I thought I’d ask you about this? My sun sign is Taurus but rising sign is Aquarius. Should I be reading the Aquarius section instead of Taurus?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, smitty111,

      Many astrologers use the rising sign as an excuse for not making firm or accurate diagnoses, predictions, etc. Because the ascendant (rising sign/degree) depends so exactly on your time of birth, they can always say (and I’ve said it myself!) “because I didn’t have your rising sign, I couldn’t see this or that.” But in the general run of things, the Sun is often stronger than the ascendant/rising. Also, columns like mine are based on sun signs, because many/most people do not know their rising sign.
      However, these both rule different “things,” so you can read your sun sign for your energy, goals, accomplishments, love, (destiny often) and events, etc. Read your rising sign for your circumstances, “environment,” and events. Read your Moon sign for emotions, home, security.

      All the best,


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