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START NOTHING:   4:47 pm to 8:59 pm Mon., 7:19 am to 9:56 am Thurs., and 9:39 pm Fri. to 10:32 pm Sat.


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     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Delays have ended, Aries, so march forth, start whatever you like. Others treat you with affection and grace. Bosses are a bit snappish, but if you endure, by late August you’ll be working toward a reward. The first half of this week supports romance and pleasure pursuits, but Wed. night starts a month of work and health concerns. Sunday/Mon. are gentle, successful, especially in intellectual, media, legal, cultural and international zones. Avoid gov’t, institutions, plumbing and deception/fuzzy thinking Sunday.

Be ambitious 9 pm PDT Mon. to Thurs. morn. — you’ll make an impact or impression, and kick off your month of work with a good forward push. All goes smoothly, but don’t expect co-operation pre-dawn Wed. (PDT). Hopes, friends, popularity, entertainment, flirtation — these greet you mid-morn Thurs. through Saturday. You might not succeed in romantic or amorous forays (except Fri. night, when someone looks on you with suave interest) but you could make a good friend. A bonus: you could pluck a money-career plum! (Mostly Sat.) A pretty good week!

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remain restful through Wed., Taurus. You’ll be a bit sluggish until then. Use these first four days to lay your foundation or smooth out the details for any upcoming project. (The delays, indecision and false starts of the last three weeks has ended, so push forward with confidence now in all your ventures.) There’s a slight course/life adjustment Sun./Mon. Sexual intimacy, financial actions, surgery or medical procedures, lifestyle decisions/changes, investigation and commitment — one or more of these arise these two days, with solid success, esp. Monday. (For best results, ignore social pressures, and don’t indulge in wishful thinking.)

A mellow, intellectual mood flows over you Mon. night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. This interval runs very smoothly, as long as you leave personal work and health concerns aside. Dive into legal, educational, cultural, international, love and travel matters. Wednesday night begins 4 weeks of romance, creative surges, beauty, pleasure, and luck with money. Take a chance. Be ambitious, show your skills, speak to higher-ups midday Thurs. through Sat. Thursday’s a bit disruptive, and Friday’s luck is unpredictable (could be good!) but both Fri. and (especially) Sat. encourage you to start a project, propose something to bosses, etc. Stay out of legal fights now to Sept. 10.

     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Recent weeks’ delays, mistakes and false starts end now, Gemini, so go forth and chase or start whatever you want. Your sexual side simmers hot now to Sept. 10, and romance calls with its sweet song until Sept. 9. Life won’t lack intrigue! Errands, paperwork and travel continue to fill the first 4 days this week, then Wed. night you begin a month of rest, home life, quietude, anchoring, garden, nature walks, etc.

Relationships fill Sun./Mon., in a good way. Co-operate, grab opportunities, raise your public profile. Sunday afternoon is good for career, but can confuse relationships, cause doubt. Monday night (9 pm PDT) steers you deeper into relationships, into their more private, intimate, financial, life-changing and fruitful side. Luck walks with you, so plunge in! (However, lust wins, romance should be left alone.) Chase investments, debt restructuring, sex, lifestyle changes, medical actions. Dig deep, reject surface appearances.

A lovely, calm, understanding mood flows over you mid-morn Thurs. through Sat. Now romance works, as do international, intellectual, far travel, publishing, and similar interests. Avoid gov’t, institutional, spiritual connections Thurs. — chase them Sat., when success is indicated. Friday promotes love, not marriage or partnership. (That will come, if you’re single, late November onward.)  Start to take an easy pace for the few weeks ahead.

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Delays have  ended, Cancer, so charge ahead in almost any area going forward. Now to Sept. 9/10, your relationships are lit with a bit of fire; simultaneously, your home life surrounds you with affection. If married, your spousal relations will be sweet’n’sour — or, you and your mate might decide to tackle an ambitious project together. This will tilt everything strongly toward sweet.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — success promised, but avoid legal, travel and intellectual pursuits. Relationships face you Mon. night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. Again, good luck rides with you — be co-operative, eager, seize opportunities. Don’t let your domestic situation hold you back. New, fresh horizons — and people — could call you — go! Wednesday begins 4 weeks of wanderlust, paperwork, communications, casual friends and easy chores.

Midday Thurs. through Sat. steers those earlier relationships, contacts and opportunities into deeper waters of commitment, financial results, sexual joining, medical concerns, surgery, maybe lifestyle change. Be careful with these Thurs., as social connections might interfere or nudge you in the wrong direction (or simply not show up!). (E.g., friends might advise you to take the wrong investment, or criticize your choice of lover.) Home is the best thing Fri. pm. Saturday; and to some degree Thurs./Fri., offers success with friends, partnership, love, team work.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The delays and false starts that stymied you in recent weeks now end, Leo. Go forth in whatever area you want — especially in earnings, possessions and purchases, selling, client liaisons, etc. All these are favoured from Wed. night into late Sept. Now to Sept. 10, your work will be intense, might involve legal, travel or serious communications. Now to Sept. 9, contacts, even people on the street, will treat you receptively, even affectionately. A good time to write/text loved ones who are at a distance, to show love.

Sunday/Mon. are romantic, bring beauty, pleasure, charming kids, and creative, speculative urges. You’ll win! Avoid only two things Sunday: investing, and pushing too hard for intimacy. Tackle chores Mon. night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. You’ll push through tasks like a quick bulldozer!

Relationships gain prominence Thurs. morning through Sat. Tough to find agreement Thurs. pm, though you might  make headway in your career. You and another might join hands to tackle a career objective or business project, but it’s a bit of a hard sell. Friday’s better, ends the day with affectionate peace, a good friend. Saturday holds a vision of future career success, money increase, and prominence — but yields little reward for action that day (Sat.). An easy, successful week!

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The recent delays, mistakes and false starts of the last few weeks have ended, Virgo. So push forward with whatever you want. You’ll remain a little tired through Wed., but this night starts a whole month of surging energy, higher charisma and effectiveness. Spend Sun./Mon. at home, or in the ‘hood. All goes well, except marital or partnership relations Sunday. (It’s a minor thing.) Kids tickle your heart. Romance, creative surges, risk-taking, beauty and pleasure fill Mon. night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. Despite your weariness, good things can occur… you’ll ride a minor but supportive winning streak. You’ll receive reassurance that you’re loved.

Tackle chores mid-morn Thurs. through Sat. Careful Thurs. pm, especially around electricity, computers, whirling tools. Friday’s better — even lucrative this pm. Saturday brings ease and success, if you continue with work already begun. Don’t tackle new chores. Saturday’s ideas or imaginings could point to future joys, successes, in love, intellect, travel and work. A good week, Virgo. Your income is favoured until Sept. 9. Until Sept. 10, your romantic courage will grow, could send you, with surprising speed, into someone’s embrace.

     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The “retro” phase of mistakes, delays and misinformation are over, Libra, so you can push forward without trepidation. You remain popular, hopeful, romantically inspired and buoyant until Wed. night. Then a month of relative solitude, recuperation and rest, spirituality, contemplation, management tasks and dealings with civil servants, health workers and “head office” begins. This will also be a low energy month, so don’t attempt feats of daring-do. Despite your lowered energy, others find you fascinating (or merely charming) until Sept. 9 — you might receive one or two come-ons.

Until Sept.10, your family scene and real estate, food, security and similar issues can grow argumentative; be cool, discrete, diplomatic. You and another might join forces to pursue an ambition (perhaps buying a status property?).  Sunday/Mon. are quick, restless, talkative; designed for errands, paperwork and travel. And all these succeed — but watch what you eat/drink Sun. pm. Those home, property, security concerns take centre stage Mon. night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. Again, success and luck ride with you — start something, or work to clear the home-front decks for an upcoming project. Hug the kids, solve long-standing domestic/residential problems.

Mid-morn Thurs. (10 am PDT) through Sat. emphasizes romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity, and optimistic risk-taking. Usually, this would be a winning interval, but Thurs. pm could be disruptive, and cautions against seeking physical intimacy (and investing). Friday’s better late, when affection does glow. Saturday doesn’t exactly bring results, yet is an easy, successful day, and provides inspiration, shows solutions, in love, sex, finances, home and security. Think!

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The delays, snafus and indecisions of the past three weeks end now, Scorpio, freeing you to march forth on many fronts. (The best overall front, to November — actually, to Dec. 2019 — is money. But in the present, the best field of action to mid-week is career, status and ambition. Best after this, into late September: socializing, chasing dreams, happiness and light romance.)

Sunday/Mon. bring money luck (esp. Mon.) but steer away from chasing romance (or gambling) Sun. afternoon (to about 4:30 pm PDT). Errands, paperwork, short trips, communications and casual contacts fill Mon. night (9 pm) to mid-morn Thurs. Your luck remains high, so plunge into these, get a hundred things done. (Wednesday night starts four weeks of buoyant cheer, happy socializing and blue-sky optimism — you’ll taste joy!)

Settle down, rest, seek home and family, 10 am Thurs. through Sat. This interval holds a couple of obstacles — rebellious non-co-operation Thurs. pm, and lack of (legal or philosophical) agreement Fri. around suppertime. But all’s well that ends well, and that’s the case Fri./Sat. Saturday runs very smoothly, especially in relationships, love, friendship and travel/ communications. But don’t start anything new — it has no legs.

Now to Sept. 10, communications and travel will be swift, hectic, and a lot of work. But also, now to Sept. 9, your private (or inner) life will blossom with affection — though someone might subtly work against you (based on their principles). Same period, civil servants and your “head office” treat you well.

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The three weeks of delays and mistakes has ended, Sage. You can go forth without worry. (Remember, in the big picture, you’re still a bit held back.  Your luck “underperforms” until November, so don’t charge forward too recklessly — wait until late Nov., through almost all of 2019, when your luck will hit a decade peak!)

The first half of this week emphasizes love, profound ideas/knowledge, far travel, and cultural venues. On Wed. night you begin a month of practical issues, ambition, prestige and dealings with your boss, parents, other authorities. (This month should go very well.) Your energy and charisma, clout ad effectiveness rise nicely Sun./Mon. Charge ahead, start projects, ask favours — especially Mon. Chase money, pay bills, ask for a pay raise, purchase stuff, late Mon. night (PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. Again, your luck is good.

Errands, communications, short trips, casual contacts and paperwork fill midday Thurs. through Sat. Disruptive work conditions or machines (e.g., flat tire) oppose your efforts Thursday. Fri. can go poorly (argument) or well (a satisfying communication about your career) — but in either case, it ends well Fri. night (PDT) with affection and optimism! Saturday’s splendid, yet grows nothing. Stick to routine. You will receive fortunate news, or face lucky openings, in work, health and income. Until Sept. 10, money flows swiftly — hang onto it!  Same interval, friends want to be with you!

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The Mercury retro is over, Cap, so you can go forward with almost anything. (Your best pursuit until mid-November? Popularity, socializing, flirting, joining a group, envisioning the future.) A month of mystery, financial and sexual urges ends Wed. night (Thurs. in Europe, Asia) — and a month of gentle love, wisdom, legal, intellectual and far travel issues will begin. Bosses favour you until Sept. 9. Your energy, determination and courage intensify until Sept. 10.

Rest, relax, contemplate and plan Sun./Mon. Monday’s superb for dealing with gov’t, institutions, or head office, and for financial actions. (Banks co-operate.) Don’t send impulsive communications Sun. daytime. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon. night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. Get out, see and be seen, call in favours, start significant projects, be a leader. You’ll succeed! Chase money, buy/sell, memorize (if needed) and learn midday Thurs. through Sat. You might chase someone sexy. But Thurs.’s disruptive and Sat. yields no results. That leaves Friday, when you could accomplish a great deal. Avoid political/legal/philosophical arguments this day. You could hear good career news, or spy an opening, late Fri. night. Stick to routine Sat. — despite this, the day holds tremendous ideas, insights, understandings — you’ll see that all’s right with the world.

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The delays, mistakes and indecision of the past few weeks end now, Aquarius. Your relationships, very prominent in August, now veer deeper, into a month of intimacy, commitment, funding, investment. It’s time (Thursday into late September) to put up or shut up. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. You could discover gold! Until Sept. 10, avoid dark alleys and belligerent people — and be careful with the gov’t, also. The same period, your ideas, legal, media, intellectual and love interests remain affectionate, mildly lucky.

Wishes come true Sun./Mon. Get out, mingle — your popularity rises, optimism buoys you, and flirtations are likely. Don’t chase money nor be fooled by vendors Sunday afternoon (PDT). Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan from 9 pm Mon. (PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. This is a very pleasant interval— contact civil servants, institutions, charities, spiritual organizations (churches are religious, not spiritual). You’ll quietly succeed in everything, except, perhaps, in a legal, media, intellectual or international matter (around pre-dawn Wed.).

Your energy and charisma climb upward midday Thurs. through Sat. Thursday’s a bit disruptive, tries to tie you up with domestic demands. Friday offers great strides in career, reputation, prestige relations — and some love at night. Anything launched Saturday will likely come to nothing, but this day is splendid in areas of sex, intimacy, finances, lifestyle openings, and “private matters” (e.g., your soul, or confidential discussions with bank, gov’t, advisor) — something depending on past efforts might come through.

     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Delays and mix-ups have ended, especially in work and relationships. Someone has their eye on you Sun./Mon., wants you to succeed. Be ambitious, forward, assertive, hard working — you could be promoted! At the very least, you’ll impress someone with power. Now to Sept. 9, intimacy and finances are blessed — an excellent little period to research, investigate. Same period, your hopes about earnings soar, perhaps due to a social connection. If you’re female, amenable, friendly males will “surround” you.

The first half of this week remains stuck in work, chores and health. But Wed. night starts a month of exciting meetings, fresh horizons and viable opportunities — be ready to seize the day, even to relocate. Monday night (9 pm PDT) to mid-morn Thurs. sparks your hopes and optimism, boosts your popularity, and brings flirtations and social joys. Get out, make and accept invitations. You’ll be happy! But retreat midday Thurs. through Sat. For the first time this week, circumstances and events will be mixed, not fully favourable. Disruption is slated Thursday, probably involving an errant or unwise communication or trip.

Friday holds a split path: either you get involved in a dispute, or your fears are markedly diminished by a lucky stroke or insight. A bit later, affection, sexual attraction, and/or a financial success or delicious secret knit up the night with soft, sweet luck. You’re still weary Saturday, and anything you start this day will likely stumble and wither later — but good feelings and good events/news await in relationships, errands, and (major) wishes for the future. Enjoy, receive, without “launching.”

The End.

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