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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING:   9:37 pm to 9:57 pm Mon., 0:56 am to 1:54 am Thurs., and 8:07 am to 9:45 am Sat.


I’m not a financial advisor nor expert. But I think Dominion Energy, symbol DM on the NYSE, is a good buy. I bought it about a month ago, and again last week. Yields over 9%, selling at less than book value, and makes a pretty good profit. Similar are: SMLP and TCP, both NYSE, and both yielding high dividends. But these last two show danger signs: high debt and/or dividends which are bigger than their profits (and therefore unsustainable). I own all 3, but DM is the best by far. (These are all Limited Partnerships, which is  partly why their dividends are so high. They’re also high because all these stocks fell by half or more several months ago, due to a taxation fear that later proved baseless.)
***   ***

Notice the “Start Nothing” times above — a total of 3 hours over 7 days. This indicates that this week will be a very full one, with much action. By comparison, last week the Start Nothing periods totalled about 57 hours, or an average of 8 hours per day, versus an average of less than 30 minutes per day this week.
***   ***

Librans often seem to move within a lake of calm. But within themselves, though, they can be wracked with worry or anxiety.


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of delays, people from the past, indecision and unreliable information. It’s also your last full week of romance, beauty, pleasures and risk-taking. (These last for 11 days, to Aug. 22.)  An old flame might appear — odds are he/she is more beneficial than otherwise. If single, you’re starting to meet very viable mates — sweet tempered, good looking, and receptive. But 1) no one brand new [this week] will “stick” with you long-term, and 2) your love-seeking will be much luckier, or meet even more harmonious prospects, December 2018 into 2019. (Before then, a deep leaning toward sex might keep a relationship over-balanced in that direction, rather than toward true love/companionship.)

You’ve been unusually social the last few months; but now to Sept. 10 your attention narrows and focuses on ambition, career, your standing in the community or social group. During this month ahead, higher-ups will be critical and impatient: but if you fulfill their expectations, you’ll climb another rung in the ladder. Sunday/Mon. dump chores in your lap — plunge in, you’ll get a tremendous amount done. However, be wary Sun. pm, when water systems (or fuzzy thinking, or a burdensome person) could present problems.

Relationships (and opportunities, negotiations, possible relocation) face you Tues./Wed. — both pre-dawns hold obstacles, delays and incompatibilities, but both daytimes allow some reasonable success, agreement. Still, a relationship encountered these two days faces future headwinds — neither make nor accept promises Tues. through Fri. (All week, your relations with advisors, civil servants or admin workers, are blessed.)

Life’s secrets rise to the surface Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s a bit difficult, but Fri. responds nicely to your efforts — financial, investigative, medical, sexual/intimate efforts. Wisdom, understanding, gentle love, intellectual, cultural, travel and media concerns go well Sat. — communicate, show love. All’s well!

     taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is your last week of delays, indecision, lemons and false starts. Don’t start anything new. (Exception: a financial or sexual/intimate action Sat. night after 9:30 pm PDT, esp. if it involves home, family, security, retirement or real estate, could yield great results.) All week, a relationship hope keeps you dreaming — and it might come true, Sun./Mon. or Fri./Sat. through Aug. 22.

Your home continues to “offer” various concerns: rent paid? stairs repaired? garden weeded? kids heading in right direction? Tackle what’s been neglected. The four weeks ahead bring mild, sweet good luck in the work zone, pleasant co-workers, etc. And relief — three months of impatience and temperament from higher-ups, parents, teachers, judges, etc. — ends, this Sunday.  (Though it will return, this impatience, from mid-Sept. to mid-Nov. Anticipate this and prepare to “work around” or avoid future friction.) The general accent lies on domesticity all week, but amorous incidents will have your heart soaring beyond your home’s walls. Romantic notions, feelings fill Sun./Mon. Chase pleasure, beauty, love, creative and sports activities.

Tackle chores Tues./Wed. — carefully before dawn (PDT) both days. Even during the daytime, do what you should, but don’t expect major results. Relationships fill Thurs./Fri. — with almost unnoticeable obstacles Thurs., and good results Fri. (esp. around dawn). Remember, make no promises, no commitments, and don’t even look at someone new (it would end) but do embrace ongoing loves, business associates, and opportunities that come from your past. Mysteries, investigation, financial and sexual attractions, medical and lifestyle developments — these fill Sat., and could lead to success… or at the least, inspiration and gentle happiness. Love is around, is coming.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, start nothing new before Aug. 19th. This week is chock-full of activity, and in many little inspirational ways, supports your work and career goals. Be willing to dream, and to understand and sympathize with others. Although romance is almost a dirty word with many Geminis, due to the stubborn love obstacles/adverse circumstances you’ve met since 2008  (and will until 2025) [themes of sex, loyalty, health, children and “who lives where” interfere] — despite this, the four weeks ahead attract you to a special person with special charms. If single, you could fall just a wee bit in love! If married, you’ll be delighted by your children’s talents and loving toward your spouse.

Good time for a vacation. You’ve been excited, probably hopeful, for several months about a publishing/media, far travel, intellectual or cultural (or love) situation/prospect. Now that excitement dies down — but only until mid-September, when it will surge again, right into mid-November. So give projects here a rest — it’s essential to “digest” them before a re-launch Sept. to Nov. Focus on your home, family, security, sales territory, Mother Nature, and proper nutrition Sun./Mon. Relax, regather your strength.

Romance, charming kids, beauty and adventure call you Tues./Wed. — but as your big relationship year won’t start until late this November, don’t expect true love to appear right now. Still, enjoy Tues./Wed. — pleasure is uppermost! Tackle work cautiously Thurs. (read instructions) and with aplomb Fri., when success is almost certain. Friday’s efforts enhance your career. Eat, dress sensibly. Saturday brings relationships — good ones. Be co-operative, diplomatic, realize you’re dealing with people who wear their passion.  A good week.

      CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Avoid new starts, projects, relationships and purchases (routine buys okay). This is your last week of false starts, delays and indecision. A past job role or former employees, co-workers might return.  For 4 weeks ahead, your home/kids/parents will be affectionate, blissful with beauty. A recent streak of impulse and intensity in lust, power and financial zones ebbs now to mid-September (but will start again mid-Sept. to mid-Nov.). In the meantime, now to Sept. 10, two main things can occur:  1) relationships, both friendly and antagonistic, both business/practical and emotional, will grow intense; 2) you can form a career/ambitious partnership, or grab a status opportunity.

Chase errands but not wild geese, Sun./Mon. Double check addresses, times, appointments, etc. Mail, texts, calls, visits, paperwork and easy chores fill both days — both fortunately!  One of Sunday’s messages (sent or received) opens a cultural, intellectual or love door. Monday’s missive might enhance your career prospects. Turn toward home, the ‘hood, nature and nourishment, relaxation and repairs, Tues./Wed. This isn’t an easy interval, so go slow, plod along, and don’t push others to co-operate, especially both pre-dawns and Wed. night.

Romance, creative surges, gambling urges, beauty and pleasure, charming kids, self-expression and indulgence — these fill Thurs. (problematical) and Fri. (early success, late “pull back”). Stick with faithful partners/lovers, avoid brand new people/meetings.  Much romance, much love will “offer itself” over the 3 months ahead, so you don’t need to bite right now. Still, the whole week inspires your heart with gentle, expanding love “readiness,” so do bite if you want, if you’re dealing with an old flame or an ongoing attachment older than 4 weeks. Saturday’s for work — dive in, you’ll accomplish gratifying results.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remember, Leo, for one more week, avoid new starts, projects, relationships and purchases. A friend or love returning from the past, a social group you once belonged to, a former money/earnings source, any/all might return, and could benefit you. This week generally focuses on you, your charisma and energy, your leadership, and contains a subtle but fortunate, significant inspiration about investing, finances, sex, and home or property. (E.g., invest in a home, or have sex at home that will lead to pregnancy.)

Several months of intense love or hate in relationships now cool until mid-September. (At which point they will heat up again, until mid-November.) In the meantime, your chores will demand attention, and you might work a little harder than usual. Protect your daily health, esp. against burns, rashes and head-banging. Sunday/Mon. bring money matters, earnings, possessions and sensual attractions — almost all fortunately, but don’t buy anything big, important. Errands, contacts, travel, communications and paperwork fill Tues./Wed., but both pre-dawns, and Wed. night, frustrate your efforts. Work in the daytime (PDT) and proceed with a bit of caution. Double-check addresses, etc.

Your home, a bountiful place this year, is emphasized again Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s tough early, and holds a few small glitches, but nothing big. Friday’s smooth, productive overall. So attend to neglected repairs, kid’s problems, etc. All’s well. Saturday brings romance, beauty, creative and gambling urges — all’s fine, so plunge in! (But remember, if single: Dec. 2018 through 2019 will be a huge romantic phase — no need to rush into something too soon.)

      VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The last week I have to say this, Virgo: strictly avoid new projects, relationships or significant  purchases before the 19th. Your money/earnings will be lucky now to Sept. 8. Buy a luxury item (next week onward). You’ve worked at a record pace since mid-May. That ends now, as the planet causing that intensity moves into your romantic and creative sign for a month. (Tho’ the work intensity will return this autumn.) You’ll be rather “hot to trot” (and will “expertly” blend romance with lust) particularly next week onward, when your energy and charisma will soar.

Meanwhile, use the present week to patch up “holes” in your management, governmental, or institutional projects/concerns. (For example, do the tax returns you missed, or rework that committee advisory.) All week, although you’ll be tired and quiet, you can communicate persuasively with partners, spouse, associates, the public. You’re inspired! (Oddly, one of the things you’ll communicate about will be the ending of a situation or project.)

Your energy and charisma rise Sun./Mon. — get out, get things done, contact former helpers or allies. Money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory and sensual lures occupy Tues./Wed. — poorly, with obstacles both pre-dawns (PDT) and Wed. night. Act during the daytimes. Buy only routine items. If you start a sensual affair now, you’ll probably regret it within two, three weeks. Errands, easy chores, friendly contacts, paperwork, communications and minor travel slated Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s iffy, holds minor, unremarkable (but still impeding) obstacles. Friday’s much better, especially before 7 am. Contact an old flame or ongoing partner. Steer toward home and family Sat. Putter around the house or cruise the ‘hood — all’s well, and your mate (and others) will feel: “I like this — and you!”

     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Avoid new projects, relationships, and (important) purchases, Libra. Recent delays, false starts  and indecision will last through this week, then end. This “retro” could bring back an old flame, a former group alliance, or an old hope. All are good. Your physical and emotional charms radiate now to early September, so don’t be surprised if someone chases you. You’ve been  romantically assertive since May — now that ebbs (tho’ it will return mid-Sept. through mid-Nov.). Until mid-Sept., you’ll experience friction in the home and with partners, spouse — perhaps an old argument rises again, like a nuclear bomb blossom.

Retreat, rest, contemplate Sun./Mon. Interface with civil servants, agents/counsellors, health or institutional workers, head office, charities or spiritual organizations — all co-operate, want to help you. A good two days. Your energy and charisma soar Tues./Wed. — get out, mingle, show your skills, seek and return favours, be a leader. That said, this is not an easy interval. Avoid pushing for results in money, earnings, domestic concerns, spousal issues, and “sales territory” at work.

Your popularity’s high, so you might receive an invitation. Chase money, buy/sell, recapture possessions, indulge a sensual attraction Thurs./Fri. (Buy only routine items, groceries — and only chase that sensual person if you originally dated him/her before July 2018.)  Thursday and its events emerge from disruptive beginnings. Though everything looks fine (8 am PDT onward) a minor barrier prevents hope, nudges you to not visit friends. Friday’s all good — pay and collect old debts, ask for a pay raise. (You likely won’t get it immediately, but it puts the idea in a higher-up’s mind, and a raise looks likely before November — unless you’ve already obtained one.) Saturday’s for errands, trips, calls, texts, paperwork, etc. — all’s good! (Another good day to ask for a pay raise, or to combine work and money.)

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, start nothing new this week, especially in career, prestige zones. A former career or job role might return (perhaps Saturday Aug. 18) — grab it if you’re unemployed. Exercise your ambition by protecting ongoing projects (from short supplies, labour shortage, missed appointments, etc.) and by displaying your skills — but avoid starting or proposing anything new. You could dig up some valuable facts from the past.

Your inner world glows with soft, affectionate light until Sept. 8 — a good period to deal with civil servants, admin workers, committees, etc. If you need charity or gov’t aid (say, for your factory) it’s available — or at least you’ll get a favourable reception. Several months of domestic friction end — until mid-September, you’ll be more talkative, will message and make contacts assertively, esp. at work — good.

Social delights, rising popularity, optimism and flirtations fill Sun./Mon., all luckily! But retreat into quiet moments Tues./Wed., when weariness overtakes you. Rest, contemplate, contact gov’t, institutional, head office people, be charitable, spiritual. Proceed with caution outside “business hours,” as barriers and refusals lie in wait both pre-dawns (before 7 am PDT) and late Wed. night.

Your energy and pizzazz return strongly Thurs./Fri. Thursday starts with a jolt or surprise, ends with subtle, minor glitches. Friday’s just good, beneficial — charge ahead, be a leader, impress others. Romance and money lucky right around 6 am. On Saturday, chase money, pay and collect debts, buy, show your sensual side to someone attractive. All week, money and risk, and/or possessiveness/sensuality and romance… are starred with luck, ease and inspiration!

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remember, Sage, start nothing new this week, especially in the very areas that attract you: law, travel, learning, cultural and philosophical explorations. (Though impeded, delayed now, they remain mildly fortunate; like little unseen tugs, these interests and explorations — or lack thereof — are steering the ocean liner of your fate toward this distant harbour or that one.) Soon, Saturday, you’ll be freed to act, and life will give you a bolt of energy, too — time to start getting your way! But in the meantime, this week blesses you in private areas (home, hidden past, deep obligations, also management, etc.) — you could win permission or aid from a gov’t or large corporate agency. Continue to contemplate, dream.

Friends are starting to gather — join in, you’re blessed in social matters until Sept. 8. Affectionate, gracious friends, who seem to move within a lake of calm. Now to mid-September, money might gush toward you. It will gush away, too, unless you tamp down on spending. You could end with full pockets! Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Start nothing, but show your skills, talk to bosses, “be around” VIPs. Two good days! Your optimism, popularity, friendly/joyful/flirtatious interactions, all blossom Tues./Wed. If only the barriers didn’t outweigh the luck — events won’t be terrible, but they won’t be great, either. Nothing will dent your happy mood, though, and nothing will hurt you, so enjoy the moment!

Retreat, seek rest and quietude Thurs./Fri. Thursday isn’t easy, but Fri. offers good luck with civil servants, admin workers, institutions, agents and advisors. Saturday, you bounce back with energy and charisma — start something, be a leader, contact others, draw in favours. You’ll win, esp. in gov’t-related, domestic or property matters.

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of being held back, Cap. But until the 18th, don’t start brand-new relationships or projects. Use this time to tidy up your financial or investment accounts. Sell stocks that have dried up. A former sex partner might re-appear — no danger here. Your workplace grows more pleasant, and higher-ups favour you, now to Sept. 8. A three-month streak of more income (and more outgoes) ends now, for a month. (It will return, mid-September to mid-November, so get your savings plans in place, to retain some of that extra money.)

Now to mid-Sept., you will grow more assertive, impatient, and sexually magnetic. You’ll be nudged to end something — if so, do it Aug. 31 onward, not before. A wise, mellow mood flows over you Sun./Mon. Love might be in the air — so might far travel, media, cultural or intellectual pursuits. All’s fine, fortunate, so act confidently. Your ambitions, career and prestige relationships come into focus Tues./Wed. Proceed confidently — all’s well until about 1:30 pm Wed., when that “I wanna end it” feeling steals over you, growing stronger as you approach midnight.

Joy, social delights, a wee boost in popularity (small because you’re in a secretive month), optimism, entertainment and friendly flirtations fill Thurs./Fri. (A friendly flirtation might actually be something much deeper: keep this in mind.) Thursday meets obstacles (mostly minor) but Friday blossoms with possibilities, contacts and happiness. Retreat Sat. — lie low, rest, contemplate, plan (but throw out any plans you made July 25 to now). All week, although you’re in a secretive, deep cycle, friends, communications and wishes bless you!

     AQUARIUS:  Jan 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, negotiations and dealings with the public. These are the very areas most affected by the present slow-down and mistake-strewn atmosphere, Aquarius. So embrace only the returnees from the past (e.g., spousal ex, old flame, former opportunity to move to Africa, etc.) and/or valued ongoing projects and relationships. (Those older than a month.) Start nothing new.

Mars leaves your sign Sunday, ending several months of “boosted pheromones” and of impatience, assertiveness. For the 29 days ahead, beware 2 things: belligerent people and dark alleys, and gabbing about your own secrets. Mysteries, secrets, unexpected urges toward lust and power, financial acuity, medical and lifestyle events — these fill Sun./Mon., quite fortunately!

Your intellectual, cultural, far-travel, and understanding/tolerant side emerges sweetly Tues./Wed. — and to Sept. 8. Love of a minor sort is possible over these 4 weeks,this will teach you, and gratify you. (But realize this November onward brings a really great love/socializing phase — no need to rush anything right now.) However, these 2 days, Tues./Wed., hold mixed luck — mostly sweet, co-operative both daytimes, but bad both nights, pre-dawns. (All PDT.) Bide your time.

Be ambitious, display your skills to higher-ups, try to enhance your reputation, Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s a bit disruptive early, and a bit disjointed late. But Friday spells good luck — your career is at least smiled upon by the powers that be, and if you mention a bid for promotion Friday, it won’t hurt, could very much help, now to November, when a “review” comes. You could end 2019 with a better title! Saturday’s for fun, love, joy, wish fulfillment, popularity — an exciting meeting possible! All week, your career and income hold hands — in fortunate ways.

     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Though this is a work/drudgery week, Pisces, it will also be filled with beautiful inspirations involving your needs/wants/personality; and your wisest, most profound thoughts, far travel or international affairs, and the possibility of love. (A major 2018 affair that might turn to marriage, will boost your status and career in 2019.) Work, machinery, service personnel, daily health and dependents — these form this week’s major note, and are subject to delays, mistakes and false starts. So stick with ongoing projects/people, or embrace those from the past. Start nothing new.

Now to mid-Sept., you will grow hopeful about money, earnings — don’t let this nudge you to overspend. Sunday/Mon. bring relationships, opportunities, negotiation and meetings with the public. All succeeds, all works, so march forth confidently, diplomatically, and eagerly. (Someone else’s boat floats better than yours right now.) Your sexual, intimate, financial and “power-seeking” side emerges Tues./Wed. Although these two days are mixed and promise little, their themes (sexual, financial, etc.) will meet sweet, mild luck now to Sept. 8.

Thursday/Fri. accent mellow thoughts, gentle love, understanding, and far travel, media/publishing, cultural and foreign influences. Thursday’s disruptive around dawn (PDT) and subtly non-co-operative all day. (It’s minor.) But Friday, from zero hour to early afternoon, taps you with a wand of joy and love. Get out, communicate, speak of love in private, of world peace in public. Be ambitious, show your best side to higher-ups Sat. You’ll hit a “success streak” in reputation, prestige relations and career, Sat. right into next Mon. (Aug. 20). You’re about to have a very good month, Pisces, next week onward!

The End.


WHEN the lunar north node leaves Leo in early November, Special prosecutor Mueller’s star will begin to decline. Or more correctly, his karmic protection ends. Yet it’s complex, for he hits a streak of great luck personally. Romance, adventure, a feeling of nature’s poetry will fill his heart, late this Nov. through 2019. Still, his work and his health will ebb. He might end his investigations, perhaps not by choice. His somewhat dirty past might catch up and add to the “dismissal weight” against his special prosecutions.

Dirty past: Among other things, says American Liberty Report, Mueller knowingly put 4 innocent men in prison for decades, as part of a cover-up of FBI crimes when he was Director. The Los Angeles Times also recounts his “surprising flaws” and states that Mueller and his FBI — knowing the plaintiffs’ innocence (and deliberately hiding evidence of it from the court) put 4 men in jail from from 1965 to 2001 — 35 years! During these years, Mueller repeatedly wrote letters to the authorities to persuade them to keep the innocent men in jail! (Three of the four were originally sentenced to the electric chair, so Mueller is also an attempted murderer. When they were finally exonerated, the state was forced to pay them $100 million dollars.)

Mueller also sent Steven Hatfill, a government scientist, to jail for an anthrax crime, and ended paying Hatfill $1.6 million for defamation and wrongful prosecution. (Mueller ignored a witness who approached the FBI and told them who the anthrax mailer actually was.) Mueller’s main prosecutor in the Russia Collusion investigation, Andrew Weissman, also has a history of wrongful prosecution, one worse than Mueller’s. Weissman, too, has sent many innocent men to jail, as evidenced by the many times his convictions have, years later, been overturned by a higher court, but only after his victims rotted in jail. Weismann — if facts are facts — should be in jail himself. Well, November will begin to show us what’s what with the whole scheme. In 2021, Mueller faces a downfall.
***   ***

It’s a bit odd that Jupiter, the planet of travel, publishing, great good luck and expansive projects, ends its retrograde period (and begins to pay off, to assume forward motion) the same month that Mercury, the planet of details and daily travel, of writing and business, turns retrograde. This Mercury retrograde (which ends Saturday this week) should benefit us by giving us time to find the rough edges, glitches and faults with that larger, lucky project. In addition, the Mercury retro “holds up” lucky Jupiter, which builds pressure — and by late August, early September, our luck could suddenly shoot forward, like a cork from champagne. Get ready to grab this horse and ride it!

The “horse” is a project you probably began between October 2017 and March 2018. I listed these projects by Sun sign a month or so ago, so I won’t repeat them extensively here. Basically, finances, sex and research for ARIES — marriage and partnerships and opportunities for TAURUS — work and daily health for GEMINI — romance and creativity for CANCER — home, realty for LEO — communications and travel for VIRGO — earnings, purchases for LIBRA — self, personality and earnings for SCORPIO — gov’t, retreat, spirituality for SAGITTARIUS — friends, socializing for CAPRICORN — career, prestige for AQUARIUS — intellect, far travel for PISCES.


13 thoughts on “ASTROLOGY FORECAST ~ AUGUST 12 – 18, 2018

  1. huxi0820

    Hi Tim,
    I am a grad student, and facing a very hard time to complete my thesis (and then graduate before Orc,2018).I am also worried about whether my intern company would like to continue my contract (which will ended at the end of Sept). I am a Leo. Could I ask that what could be the results?

    Many thanks


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, huxi0820,

      Xi, I would need to know many more details (and erect your birth chart) to answer your question with any depth. In general, 2018 to early Nov. is a time of rest, home, quietude and quitting for Leo — mid-Nov. onward, through most of 2019 is a great time for Leo to create, learn, study — a success time for university, thesis, etc. I would only do research now, and tackle your thesis late Nov. 2018 onward.



  2. dora

    Thank you ! But besides 2019 which years after is there a relocation for Gemini / Sagittarius ? ..

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Dora,

      I can’t make the planets conform to your wishes.The next two great times for Gemini relocation are 2019 and about 12-13 years later. In-between, there will be many minor favourable times, but I would have to erect your birth chart to find them, and for that work I charge a fee. Call me if you want to!



      1. dora

        Thank you Tim so much. I am in the process of getting my birth Dokument, because I simply don’t know the time I was born.. hopefully they wrote it down.. 🙁
        I so much wanna know the ascendant ..
        weird because one other famous astrologer predict 2 movements for Sagittarius in the next years.. I am with a sag..

  3. Phoenix Rising

    Hi Tim, saw you last spring at your home. Tim, my birth day is on Sept 22nd. 28 – 29 degees. As you can see, I am a late placement virgo. When you give your weekly and monthly predictions, should I allow an extra 2 or 3 weeks before the aspects start moving. I believe you gave us virgoes a time frame of late this fall to purchase a home. Should I wait for an extra week or so before pursuing a home? Thank you Sir.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Phoenix,

      You’ve hit on a common puzzle (to which I don’t have a definitive answer). The good period for Virgos to buy a home is Nov. 9/18 to Dec. 2/19. Even tho’ you’re a very late Virgo, the luck begins for you, also, in Nov./18 — but grows much stronger in late 2019…yes, you can extend this somewhat, into early 2020. There are actually 3 phases to this long period, but I can’t lay them out here.

      All the best,


  4. sarahyishan

    Hi Tim, I wrote to you for me and the other boy. And you have told me that it was not possible for us. Those 6 months, we contact with each other as usual, and meet each other in the group (with other colleagues) regularly. 1or 2 times per month (he is so busy so do I).

    Yesterday, 8th August, we have met only both of us. Because he has forgotten calling me as said in message for our tasks. Last time that we met each other only both of 2 was the 11st January.

    As you wrote for Scorpio(his sun): My advice: avoid this, it has “tragic love” written all over it.
    For Cancer(my sun): So might a sensual partner, one you never felt deeply passionate about. This, too, might be okay – UNLESS this person first reappears Monday through Thursday. (If so, run — he/she might break your heart.)
    In addition, for everyone, any new love attraction who appears (or a former love who first reappears) from For Virgo (my rising)Mon. through Thurs. is certain to disappoint.

    So, I do not know your advice is also correspondent for us or not? Not a love relationship, but rather than friends, colleagues, and we contact to each other regularly.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, sarahyishan,

      I was referring to romantic (etc.) love. 2 things: this is not romance (you say) and you did not first meet Aug. 8. So don’t worry about that advice.



  5. dora

    hello Tim, thanks for every comment you leave.
    i have checked my/our past, and “played” a little with numerology.
    also read a lot from others.

    Will there be a relocation for Gemini in 2021 ?
    also Sagittarius, i read, there will be a relocation in 2021, AND 2023 ?
    Can you confirm this ?
    thanks, here from norway 🙂

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, dora,

      Relocation will be lucky for Gemini from Nov. 8, 2018 to Dec. 2, 2019. (But it’s usually advisable to lop off the first and last 2 or 3 weeks.) The same period will be very fortunate for Sagittarius, a “new start.” 2021-2023 are not really relocation-starred years for either sign.



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