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START NOTHING:  4:55 pm to 8:13 pm Mon., 7:05 pm Wed. To 5:38 am Thurs., and 6:09 am to 5:36 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS:  Mercury brings a period of delay and confusion, second thoughts and indecision from September 27 to October 18. Since we are almost there, don’t start any important new projects this week nor the next few.
***   ***

I’m guessing Trudeau will squeak by with a federal election win Monday. I haven’t tried to predict this election nor the California one, as the new method of letting people vote days, even weeks in advance, and in the U.S., even after Election Day, makes traditional methods of prediction obsolete…I think. I haven’t looked at the astrology of this. I don’t even know his competitors’ birth dates/charts. I’m basing the Trudeau win on his relaxed persona versus the Conservative’s guy, who looks a bit scared, uncomfortable, “new at the job.” The same thing happened with Larry Elder in California: he looked like a deer caught headlights. Translation: he will lose.

***.  ***

Boredom is a social evil. You don’t find it in nature (except in caged and domestic animals). Probably, boredom comes because we cannot do what we would like to do. In essence,  it’s probably related to or a direct result of repression. What might look like boredom in animals is probably just sunbathing.
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The PLUTO series of articles is at the end of the AFTERAMBLE.  ***  ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The really hard work ends now, Aries, as mid week begins a month of exciting meetings, opportunities and relocation themes, and possible partnership formation. That latter is a stronger possibility than in most years. Hints of intimacy and or financial actions are already occurring. For best results, be chatty rather than deeply thoughtful, and exercise diplomacy. Others have all the power now, so you will benefit by jumping on the bandwagon rather than insisting on building your own.

Lie low and rest Sunday/Monday. You’re tired, and very soon you will want lots of energy for exciting possibilities. Ponder and plan. A former spouse might be on the horizon. Your energy and pizzazz comes roaring back late Monday night through Wednesday. Get out, start projects (but only small ones that can be completed this week, as bigger new ones will face headwinds, even failure). Careful Wednesday, let all your projects be ambitious or career oriented. Other stuff will probably fail.

Chase money, pay bills, buy/sell Thursday to Saturday supper time. Thursday can be frustrating and needs much care with anything practical. Friday is good and Saturday is as well, but “empty of results.” If cultivating new clients or asking for a pay raise, Friday’s best. Saturday night — busy! Lots of friends, good ones.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The romantic atmosphere fades midweek, Taurus, as a month of hard work and health concerns begins Wed. Now a different kind of love seems to be growing: this is the love of equals, of cooperation and partnership. Others will treat you very well to October 7. That hard work — a fair portion of this work has already arrived, some last week some in the last few weeks. Some of the new work will involve management or interfacing with government or other large organizations.

Don’t start any big new projects, especially in the work area, before October 18. (Among other things, paperwork could be lost or mis-filed, mis-interpreted.)

Sunday/Monday bring happiness, wishes-come-true, popularity, social joys, flirtations and sky-high optimism. No harm here — have fun! A money-career stroke of luck possible. Retreat, lie low, get plenty of rest, contemplate and plan your future Tues./Wed. Not an easy interval, so don’t try for too much and don’t oppose anyone. Be quiet and watchful.

Your energy and charisma come roaring back Thursday to suppertime Saturday (PDT). Thursday holds obstacles and disappointments, but Friday is filled with opportunities and Saturday runs smoothly with partners and others. A good work plan or cooperation can be worked out.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

At last, you’re “freed” from a “prison” of recuperation, weak energy, and being tied to home, Gemini, as Wednesday starts a month of romantic, creative and speculative intensity. Beauty, pleasure and adventure will pop up everywhere.

To some degree, without “completion,” you have been involved in one or two romantic “situations” since mid-August. But now the romance road broadens and yet grows in power; soon, a new element will enter romance: hope. And friendliness. Could mean an old friend, old flame enters. Some Gems will wed Oct. to Dec. Your work place grows affectionate, your work creative, into early Oct. 

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Much goes well, so charge ahead. (Oops — but don’t start any huge projects, as confusion lies only a week away. Contrarily, a project might climax now.) Love thrills, tho’ it’s “out of season.” Optimism, flirtations, social joys, popularity and general happiness arrive Tuesday/Wednesday. This is NOT a lucky interval, tho’, so don’t attempt practical things. (Sex, too, seems “remote.”)

Withdraw into rest, contemplation and spiritual activities Thursday to Saturday supper time (PDT). Seek advice, liaise with government and head offices, ponder and plan. Thursday is unsuccessful, but Friday and Saturday support and encourage you. A romantic attraction (best Fri. and before dawn Sat.) that forms now could have a very stable future (sexual and optimistic).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Past weeks of busy, easy chores yield now (Wednesday) to a month of domestic bliss, kids, garden, security, repairs, furniture, rest and recuperation. DON’T start any major projects, esp. in domestic areas, before Oct. 18. If you can’t finish it this week, don’t start it.

Although I use the word domestic “bliss,” now to October’s end could heat up with friction on the home front, perhaps over your ambitions. Romance provides a thrilling relief, to early Oct. A former residence or property you coveted, might return, “for sale.” 

Wisdom and calm fill Sunday/Monday. This is a great interval – chase love, international projects, legal, cultural and academic venues. A friendship or love affair could climax, reach another level. Investments could succeed beautifully. Pregnancy possible for young couples. Be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday, but work alone and don’t become too creative. This is a transition interval, during which little of worth can be built, and dangers do not manifest.

Wishes and hopes arrive Thursday to Saturday supper time, PDT. Optimism, popularity, flirtations and social joys fill this interval. You can be disappointed Thursday, especially in relationships and sexual and financial zones. But Friday and Saturday flow very well — you’ll be happy! Finances or intimacy involving your home go quite well.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This is an easy, active time of year for you, Leo. Wednesday ends four weeks of income concerns, the pursuit of money, and casual sexual attractions. It starts a month of swift, easy chores, contacts, travel, paperwork and communications. Sounds easy — but next week begins a slowdown, confusion and mistakes, especially in the areas just mentioned: errands, travel, etc. So don’t start any project you can’t finish this week.

Great luck in marriage, partnership, relocation and opportunities is “bulging” on the horizon, and will “break through” from mid-Oct. to Dec. Trying to force it earlier would be a mistake. Your home, kids and spouse are sweet, to Oct. 7. Until the end of October, casual comments could become legally significant. The same phase helps you succeed in anything academic or intellectual. 

Lust, power plays, intimacy, large finances, research and medical/lifestyle decisions fill Sun./Mon. Charge in, all’s fortunate! You can send a “lucky message” to spouse, partner, hoped-for lover/partner, or just to pursue an opportunity (perhaps at a distance). A wise, mellow mood steals over you Tues./Wed. But action is not advised: travel, internationalism, law, culture and love — all hit snags.

Be ambitious Thurs. to suppertime Sat. (PDT) — Thurs. disappoints, erects barriers against you. But Fri. and Sat. “help you” find openings, angles, and career opportunities. Charge ahead! A “love communication” can help stabilize the heart’s future.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy and clout remain high until mid week, Virgo. On Wednesday you enter a month of striving after money, rote learning and “comfort sex” — like comfort food. If you’re single, Jan. to May, 2022, will bring exciting, expansive meetings and relationships, with 2 marriageable prospects. So don’t let your heart prematurely attach to someone you know doesn’t light your deepest fires.

(Your money luck has been pretty good since mid-August; but the flow intensifies now to October’s end. Save, don’t spend.) A big job might be approaching, to arrive in 4 to 5 weeks. In money areas, be careful with details, addresses, figures, until October 18.

Relationships fill Sun./Mon. All is good, cooperative, so join up! An exciting meeting could lead to September/October intimacy — or to a good business/job opportunity. (More likely than the intimacy, to tell the truth.) Tuesday/Wed. highlight these very things: sex/intimacy, finances, commitment and consequence, research, medical and lifestyle steps — but in a problematic way. Stick to research, investigation — avoid commitment.

A wise, mellow mode steals over you Thursday morning to suppertime Saturday. International affairs, far travel, legal, cultural, intellectual, and love matters move well Friday/Saturday. But NOT Thurs. — take care this day. Possible fortunate money-career action Fri. and (esp.) Saturday.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week splits in half, Libra. Until Wednesday, you remain in a quiet, low energy phase. On Wed., can you begin a month of increased energy, clout, effectiveness, and charisma – and obvious, unusual assertiveness. You are not going to be shy, especially about your desires and who approach.

In recent weeks I have warned you that anyone new entering your life would not be a good marriage prospect. I now withdraw that caution: you are now in position to meet people who ARE viable life mate prospects, through Oct. (In addition, two major blockages to your romantic success will dissolve in mid-Oct., giving you a free path to success — in love, but also in sports/games and creative and risk taking scenarios. Those blockages involve 1) home, and 2) travel/communications.)

The former might involve an old flame. You express yourself well now. Your money luck remains high — for 3 more weeks. Do not start any major projects before October 18, especially in academic, legal, cultural, and far travel zones.

Tackle chores Sunday/Monday. Eat and dress sensibly. Remember, your energy is still low. Relationships enter Tuesday/Wednesday. This is not a good interval, and if you are not diplomatic you could face a fight, even a split. Midday Wednesday starts your month of power.

Sexual temptations are powerful Thurs. morn to Sat. suppertime (PDT) (to Sun. morning in Europe). Avoid action Thurs. — bad luck hangs around. But Fri./Sat. offer success, in finances, intimacy, lifestyle decisions, and love. A partner co-operates, likes “the future” of your plans.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Playtime is almost over, Scorpio. By Wed. night, you enter four weeks of contemplation, making plans, resting and recuperating and dealing with background matters. (Well, you won’t get a lot of rest, as an important task demands doing, now to October’s end.) Seek advice, and cooperate with charitable/spiritual organizations.

A former confidant might return. A hospital visit might be in the cards. You will have a lot to mull over starting next week – in fact that might be your main activity, as secrets unfurl, and your intuition rises to the surface. Watch, observe and wait. Don’t start any major projects before October 18. 

Love, romance and the beauty of living fill Sun./Mon.! Take advantage — a romance could climax. Through government or some other source your home and real estate prospects seem quite lucky Monday. Tackle chores Tues./Wed., but cautiously. Machines can surprise, breakages occur, parts missing, etc. — follow all safety rules.

Relationships, public dealings, relocation themes, opportunities and opposition fill Thurs. morn to suppertime Sat. Thursday’s difficult, unsuccessful, but Fri./Sat. offer sweet success. Again, a real estate or domestic opportunity, strongest Saturday.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wednesday ends a month of career, practical and prestige pressures, Sage, and starts a month of pleasure, optimism and social delights. Give and accept invitations. Welcome new friends. Usually the weeks ahead would be a good time to envision the future and make plans for getting there. This time though, all your future vision seems to settle on or involve the past — perhaps an old flame, perhaps a past situation/condition of your family, perhaps an old dream, etc.

Your inner world and relations with the government and large corporations are benevolent until October 7… take advantage if you have any outstanding issues. A major romance might evolve from a social setting anytime in the next six weeks (but NOT this Tues./Wed.).

Focus on your home and children (and senior parents) Sun./Mon. All’s well — you can improve their situation. An intriguing message or contact Monday. Romance, creative and speculative projects, sports/games, pleasure and beauty – all these draw you Tuesday/Wednesday, but all are unlucky, filled with obstacles.

Employment concerns, chores and your daily health become important Thursday morning to suppertime Saturday. Try to avoid tackling these concerns Thursday, when a major obstacle exists. They get a nice green light Fri./Sat., though. Your hopes rest on a communication. Saturday night (Sun. Morn in Europe, daytime Asia) brings significant relationships — exciting meetings, exciting outcomes!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week transitions, Cap, from a mild, thoughtful mental mood and intellectual interests, into four weeks of ambition, prestige relations, career and worldly standing. Be prepared to work hard, but strictly avoid launching new practical or ambitious projects before October 18. Instead, throw your efforts behind an ongoing or “returning” project.

Unless you work in a primary industry (logging, mining, fishing, agri, etc.) or are involved in a real estate, leasing, or premise-related task, bosses can be impatient and temperamental, now through Oct. Disarm this with a smile and hard work. Your social life looks just fine into October 7… A tender romance could arise from your social group.

Errands, communications, travel and paperwork fill Sun./Mon. All goes well. A very nice money/career opportunity might arise. (Though you might have to wait to exercise it.) Home, family need your attention Tues./Wed. — realize this area is filled with difficulties right now, so proceed carefully, with empathy.

Sweet romance calls Thurs. morn to suppertime Sat. — though “rejection” is the game Thurs., so just go to the gym. Good luck kicks in Fri./Sat. — love, creative or “gambling” successes await you! Again, another career/income opportunity.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Recent weeks have been filled with sexual and financial urges. In essence, these have reflected a deep need for change. Though this need comes from within, you are often opposed to change. But from Wednesday onward, you no longer have to wrestle with these changes or urges. Wednesday starts four weeks of mental contemplation, higher learning, life philosophy and principles, cultural, legal, far travel venues — and love. An old flame is almost sure to appear before October 18. Before that date, don’t start any new projects, especially in the areas just listed, i.e., higher learning, law, travel, etc.)

Until the end of October, be wary of legal disputes. Bosses, parents “like you” until Oct. 7 — take advantage! You have been fairly frustrated since late June, as you are hopeful and can sense that great luck, a new life, even new horizons, are “just over there,” yet you can’t grasp them. Well, starting mid-October, you will not only grasp but embrace — or be carried along on a wave of — adventure, friends, romance and joy!

Chase money, shop, pay bills Sun./Mon. Good fortune accompanies you. Watch high prices. You might receive an important, uplifting message, or contact someone who makes you hopeful about your future. Errands, travel, communications and paperwork fill Tues./Wed. — problems abound, so go slow, double check addresses, etc.

Turn toward home Thurs. morn to suppertime Sat. (PDT). Thursday has “disappointment” written on it, but Friday/Saturday are superb for  domestic interests. A legal or travel matter might arise. Saturday night starts a powerfully romantic Sun./Mon.!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Wednesday to late October, Pisces, open and obvious relationships tend to steer into more secret or private places, into deeper waters of intimacy, finances, lifestyle choices and medical procedures. This happens every September-October, but this year it is more significant — and more complicated — than usual.

Your sexual drives are very strong until October’s end. Your loving view of someone, your affection will flow until October 7. And, a former lover or sex partner could return now to mid-October. If married or otherwise attached, read the above, but substitute “finance” for “love, sex.” Be careful about investing impetuously. Think first. Don’t start any new, large projects before Oct. 18.

Your energy and charisma burst upward Sun./Mon. Take advantage, start things (but not projects which will last beyond this week). Get out, lead, gather allies, use your clout to push lingering matters to a conclusion. You’re very lucky in gov’t, management, background, secret, sexual and financial zones. (Good two days for surgery.)

Chase money, buy/sell, Tues./Wed., but step lightly and cautiously — poor luck both days. Errands, paperwork, contacts, travel, communications fill Thurs. morn to suppertime Sat. Avoid forcing anything Thurs. — difficulties can surprise. But Fri./Sat. are fortunate and smooth. Again, a sex-finances-research opportunity Sat. Head home early this night — Sunday morning, you’ll be glad you did, as it gives you a good start on  favourite project.



I promised to stay out of politics, but I just have to report this: the L.A. Times, a lily-white national newspaper, called Larry Elder, a BLACK candidate in the election to recall corrupt governor Newsom in California, a “white supremacist.” No kidding. When at a campaign stop, a white liberal woman in a gorilla suit threw an egg at Elder, the LA Times reported that he was “in an altercation” with this woman. The Time’s inference, of course, was that Elder was in a fight, which was a lie. He never even saw the woman. She threw the egg at his back. Why do newspapers lie with such impunity? 

The woman was not arrested and faces no charges, even after she punched one of the campaign workers, an elderly man who had not touched her, in the face. (Watch the video, I’m sure it’s on YouTube.) Why no arrest? Because she’s a Democrat. Two out of every three Californians is a Democrat. So why punish one of your own, especially one, criminal or not, who is expressing your own viewpoint?

Had the egg- throwing wench been a Republican instead of a Democrat, she would’ve been arrested, thrown in jail, and had Nancy Pelosi stomp on her head 100 times with her stiletto heels. (O, I forgot, that’s already happening on Capitol Hill with its basement chock-a-block with prisoners of conscience — political prisoners if you like. You know, like kings and dictators used to do, throw their opponents in jail and basically throw away the key. Nancy is still trying to find a place to hide that key.) Okay, no more!
***.  ***

There’s a strange conflation going on: just as woke-ism and black activism are training us to see interpersonal relations on a more minuscule level, so is science beginning to show us that complex consciousness already resides in a 15 week old fetus. (Researchers have discovered that a 15 week foetus is actually making decisions — e.g., deciding which hand to suck on. The “changing” of hands, from mouth to face to head, etc., begins occurring much earlier, but might be autonomic.) 

In essence, the evolving left urges us to see and reject the finest gradations of systemic racism because Blacks have as much right to live and prosper as Whites. Because Black Lives Matter, and because every human being has a soul and intelligence and awareness that must be recognized and honoured. How then can they say that a bionically challenged (i.e., fetal) human does not have the same right to be honoured as a separate, thinking individual — as a Black wants to be regarded, for example.

Why do we do everything possible to save Black lives, but murder our own babies? (Ironically — ? — the per capita “majority” of babies aborted are Black.)
***.  ***


How the return charts foreshadow the 250 years following.

First, let’s look at the Pluto return of December 6, 1736. This chart “grew into” the Industrial Revolution, generally accepted to be 1750 to 1914.  In1736 Watts was born; he invented the steam engine, which allowed the I.R. to occur. 

Though the return chart occurred in 1736, it “described” the 247 years ahead (until the next Pluto return). 


Notice Pluto is in the 11th house, a house of social groups, optimism and hopes for the future. Pluto rules technology and death (and birth). So this era, from 1736 to 1983, held humans who themselves held a deep hope for technology, factories, etc. — and for sex.

(The Victorian Age, which has generally been regarded as the ultimate age of prudery, might have held more perverts, pedophiles, etc., than most ages. But it shows you that all things have two sides: Pluto heals, but also kills; it can be heavily sexual, or an enemy if sex.)

Pluto rules death, is in the “social” house, and is square (fighting) both the Moon (populations) and Jupiter (international, world-wide) — thus, we had 2 World Wars. Pluto also rules crime, and is in the 11th house of societies — thus, the rise of mafias and criminal gangs, which were a huge problem in America until the 1960/70’s — almost to the end of this 247-year long era. 

Neptune, ruling land in this 1736 return chart, is in the 7th of “other places” — this, with a Sagittarius Sun, led to the exploration and colonization of many foreign lands. Because the lunar south node was in the area of land, this colonization generally produced bad results: slavery, oppression of natives, exploitation of resources, etc. The present woke movement is to some degree a result and climax of this trend.

Moon and Jupiter are together in Aquarius in the second house of money and income. This indicates that many people would make a lot of money between 1736 and 1983. The involvement of Aquarius hints that much of this moneymaking would come from advances in technology. Mercury in the 12th and the Moons’ north node in 10th in Virgo indicates success and safety for bureaucrats. Saturn in Gemini in the sixth house indicates that those who do the hands-on work will remain relatively poor (Saturn).

Venus in Capricorn points to the utility or practical use of sexual attraction. Its’ square to Mars hints that sex during this era will be a dominant, but dynamic rather than harmonious activity. (The rise of rape, or of rape consciousness?) Moon in the second house, women were possessions.

Mars in the fifth — a love of war. (Which certainly was requited! Was there ten years of peace during this whole era?) The Mars is sextile Neptune (land) in the “distance” (7th house of far away) showing that war co-operated with “owning” new lands. 

The closest or most exact aspect in the whole chart is an opposition between Uranus and Neptune, two major, “history trending” planets. Uranus is dry, sere, quirky, highly technical and unpredictable. Neptune is wet, hard to contain, gaseous, indecisive, psychic, empathic and passive. (A good description, overall, of the peoples conquered by the I.R. nations.)

This opposition shows a split between science (Uranus) and spiritualism (Neptune) — a rift that is only now, in the last 20-30 years, beginning to heal, as more and more scientists recognize the imponderable. Both Uranus and Neptune are square the north and south lunar nodes. This hints that the conquering of foreign lands and the colonialism of this era were not karmically moral or spiritually acceptable. They went against Karma, and as we all know, someday karma pays everyone back, and corrects imbalances.

A close trine (harmony, success, good luck) between Mars and the sun indicates good luck in war and murder, and a creative love of machinery.

Next week, I’ll look at the next Pluto return chart — 5 November, 1983 — both for past events and the future, for this present era lasts until 2229 AD. 


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