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The belief that the ends justify the means ignores one giant problem: the means always become part of the ends.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A month of secrets and investigations starts Sunday night, Aries. It brings sub-surface feelings and knowings to the surface, heightens your intuition, and brings investments and debt management, medical and lifestyle decisions, and powerful temptations — lust for sex, lust for power. You’ll lean into this more deeply and significantly than usual, as your planet, Mars, is in this zone also, to late November. (And Mercury, your work and “talk” planet, is in this “secrets” zone too, until Nov. 10. ) Your life could change! Work and co-workers are pleasant, easy.

Sunday/Monday are friendly. You feel popular, social, and flirty. However, maybe others are not feeling the same way, because you’re seeking for fun doesn’t seem to have many takers. Ah, well, enjoy your happy mood. Retreat to a quiet place Tuesday/Wednesday. Rest, plan, meditate, be charitable. This is an excellent period to contact gov’t, head office, charities and institutions. Your energy surges Thurs./Fri., but plan your actions well, and proceed with alert deliberation. Co-operation is at a minimum, though others might hide their “desertion


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A month of hard work ends, Taurus, as Monday kicks off a month of relationships, opportunities., public dealings and relocation ideas. (You know I mention “relocation” almost once a month — obviously, you don’t move every month, but the idea swirls.) Be diplomatic, as some of these relationships could be aggressive, hostile. This is a great few weeks ahead to jump on an opportunity, or even to form a deep bond. (Though in the biggest things, you might hesitate until January — that’s okay, even “right.”)

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — but know that accomplishment (now) comes through struggle — no easy road here. But you’ll “celebrate” Tues./Wed., as your popularity rises and friends reach out. A beautiful couple of days, when love, new, good friends, optimism and entertainment lift your mood. Issue and accept invitations. Thursday and Friday slow you down, as rest, quiet, contemplation and planning are “necessary.” Usually, this would be a good time to deal with gov’t, advisors and support agencies — but this time, progress is mild, maybe puzzling. Your energy and charm reach skyward Saturday (and the whole weekend). Get out, be seen, contact allies, get things done. You might meet opposition, or co-operation, love or anger — so do approach, offer, suggest, but sidestep any friction. You could fall in love (or make someone else do so).


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Well, that romantic month just kind of slid away, didn’t it, Gemini? But at least you were able to speak to someone attractive. (The problem with love isn’t that you’re unattractive, but that you can’t decide who to attract.) The four weeks ahead bring chores, and more chores. If you need the income, that’s good. In addition, you will feel optimistic about work, maybe about your work future. But Mars will make you work quite hard until late November, and cautions to be careful around chemicals, hot items, even too much sun. Burns, rashes possible. Your home and family remain supportive gently affectionate. Conversations about work — maybe someone brings a new project, task.

A wise, mellow, gently loving mood steals over you Sun./Mon. Legal, intellectual, and far-distant (e.g., international) concerns occupy you. But luck is almost non-existent, so proceed carefully. You could make a good, “steadying” move in career zones Monday p.m. Your career, prestige relations, worldly status are emphasized — and boosted — Tues./Wed. Give your ambitions everything you’ve got — it would be hard to find a luckier interval. Your hopes, friendliness, popularity and happiness rise nicely Thurs./Fri. — but this interval doesn’t favour production or progress, so just enjoy the mood, and be with people. Saturday starts a weekend of rest and recuperation. Lie low, avoid competition, ponder and plan. All’s well!


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A month of domesticity and rumination yields now to four weeks of romance, creativity, speculative risks, beauty, pleasure and charming kids. Though this occurs every Oct./Nov., this time it’s intense, even fiery. (Be gentle, don’t ride roughshod over others’ feelings.) Friends and communications, visits and errands go well, with affection. A call or note could start a romance.

Tackle chores and eat/dress sensibly Sun./Mon. Go slow, follow safety rules, esp. around noon (PDT) both days. Watch food intake, not volume but type. A loving, gentle, tolerant mood steals over you Tues./Wed. You enter intellectual, legal, travel and cultural zones — follow these, plunge in, as your luck is superb! Be ambitious Thursday/Friday, as prestige relations and your worldly status come into focus. Not a lot of progress here, so don’t walk out on a limb; just do what’s expected of you. Saturday starts a weekend of happiness, fresh optimism and popularity. Flirtation’s in the air — you could fall in love, in a nice, light, happy way.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Monday starts a month of domesticity, Leo. Home, family, garden, security, mother nature — these come naturally now. You might have to deal with legal papers concerning property or family. Guard against friction on the home front until late Nov. Your money picture looks bright (to Nov. 7/8). Your career, worldly status remain favourable, but new initiatives are nor advised before 2024.

Relationships, opportunities and relocation themes fill Sun./Mon. Excitement here, but your luck’s “jumpy,” so proceed cautiously. Plunge into lifestyle decisions, medical procedures, research, financial action and sexual attraction Tues./Wed. Act ethically, honestly, and all will be better than merely okay — it could be great. Plunge in, listen to your hunches, then commit. Gentle love, tolerance and wisdom come over you Thurs./Fri. Seek to see, to learn, esp. about international affairs, legal, cultural and intellectual stuff. Careful with employment, health Friday pm. Saturday starts a weekend of prestige, of many opportunities, which cause a tug-o-war between home/family and outside goals.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A money month now turns to a communications month, Virgo. The weeks ahead feature short trips, swift, easy chores, communications and paperwork. Be curious, as what you discover could 1) form a basis for advancement (or a good real estate deal or other investment) in future; or 2) show you the truth about someone who has not been exactly forthcoming or “open.” Lots of paperwork and communications seem to connect to a sexual or financial goal.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Go slow, anticipate problems, follow safety rules. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships and opportunities — some at a distance — fill Tues./Wed. — very fortunately! Plunge in, be flexible and open to suggestion. Singles could find a prospective partner. Sex, secrets, lust, power, financial actions, life changes and medical exigencies fill Thurs./Fri. You might want to plunge in, but I’d be cautious. A drive to sex could undermine a romantic possibility. Don’t gamble with money. Saturday starts a weekend filled with gentle love, awareness, wisdom, and legal, cultural, intellectual and travel themes. This is a significant weekend, Virgo — respond to opportunities!


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead feature money, Libra — buying/selling, seeking a pay raise — and possessions, and rote learning, and casual intimacy. Note that someone you involve “casually” in sex or a financial scheme, could become a long-term partner. Your inner life, and your connections with gov’t, head office, and institutions, flows with sweet, mildly lucky smoothness (through Nov. 7). A money connection might have a legal or gov’t angle. Your financial and sexual situations look good, comfortable, but won’t yield any significant rewards/consequences before 2024.

Sunday/Monday are for romance, creative and pleasure pursuits. The aspects aren’t great, however, so go slow and accept what comes. Tackle chores (and a daily health thing) Tues./Wed. Now your luck is high, so charge ahead, tackle those big or intimidating chores — you’ll succeed! Relationships, opportunities and relocation themes enter Thurs./Fri. Go slow, realize your domestic circumstances remain an obstacle. (Though only to late January, after over a decade of obstruction.) Saturday starts a weekend of temptation, lust, power motives, financial commitments, debt/investment, medical and lifestyle issues — many opportunities, many people bonds/projects end and begin — dive in, as luck is high, and destiny is afoot.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your month of rest and seclusion ends now, Scorpio, as a surge of energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness fills you for the weeks ahead. In addition, Mars is in your sign until Nov. 24, adding heat, intensity, impatience and possible aggression to all that energy. Be gentle, esp. with kids and co-workers. Your social life is blossoming nicely, to early Nov., and sex is “top of mind” for you, so the two might create a liaison. True, lifetime, fortunate partnerships are “hovering,” Scorpio, but won’t break through a thin curtain of hesitation until January onward.

Be home, at least in your heart, Sun.Mon. — rest, rejuvenate, hug the family, shore up security. Avoid big new projects. Be kind Sunday! Romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, creative notions and risk taking — these fill Tuesday/Wednesday in a superb way. Dive in, overcome shyness/hesitation — all’s good! Tackle chores carefully, safely, Thurs./Fri. Eat, drink sensibly. Saturday starts a weekend of exciting meetings, huge relationship developments, opportunities, perhaps a 180-change of direction. Be gentle, flexible but eager, and you’ll be smiling by Monday.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Find a quiet place, Sage. Rest, contemplate, plan future action/projects, seek advice, liaise with gov’t, head officer and institutions. (Lots of communication in these areas.) Meditate, be charitable. Be patient with work/employment — a new view, perhaps a promotion, comes January to May next year. Bosses actually favour you now (to Nov. 7). You might be sharing secrets with someone (a Scorpio?) or working on a project’s management with a Gemini or Virgo.

Errands, trips, paperwork and communications fill Sun./Mon. Just get it done, then relax. Not a good time to push anything/body. Your home and family, security and soul, are all blessed Tues./Wed. Great time to start a project here, repair the porch, buy new chicks for the coop, stock up the freezer, etc. — or to settle any property issues. Romance calls Thursday/Friday, but the aspects aren’t great, so just enjoy the mood, or what comes, without pushing. Same with creative, beauty and pleasure indulgences. Saturday starts a weekend of chores — dive in, as huge results can occur. You might change jobs or find a new one. Think “opportunity.”

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Wishes can come true, Cap! A month of happiness, friendships, popularity, entertainment, optimism and yes, of wishes coming true, begins now. Your hopes rise about real estate, home, children, and work — but also about (and fortunately so) legal matters, education, travel and cultural affairs — and love.

Sunday/Monday are slated for shopping, collecting $, seeking higher pay, rote learning and casual intimacy/sex. But most of the luck here is bad luck, so go slow. Errands, notes, news media, communication, travel, paperwork and casual contacts fill Tues./Wed. — very fortunately. Say what you want to say! Steer toward home and family Thursday/Friday, but don’t expect much. Be quiet, gentle, rest and ponder. Saturday begins a weekend of romance, pleasure, beauty, love, charing kids, creative and risk-taking urges, and sports/games. This can be a very significant weekend, Cap, filled with opening doors and closing doors. If single, and you want someone, speak up. This is the time. There’s nothing better until January onward.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Pressures mount, Aquarius, as you enter an ambitious month. Career, worldly status and “privileged associations” are featured. Higher-ups can be impatient, aggressive, out-of-sorts until late November, so maintain a diplomatic stance. You might be asked to give a talk or presentation. Under the surface, all is well — your private thoughts, investments, debt, lust, are blessed with affection and mild good fortune. (Until Nov. 7.)

Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun./Mon. Use your extra “oomph” to solve problems and reduce obstacles, rather than launching anything brand new. Chase $, buy/sell, memorize something, or hug a casual love Tues./Wed. These two days are blessed with smooth, easy progress. Ask for a pay raise, or sell unwanted items, or start a cash-cow business. Errands, trips, calls and texts, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill Thurs./Fri. Just do what you must, w/o overextending — in communications, you might end up confronting (or ignoring) a “secret” or a personal problem. Saturday starts a weekend best spent at home or in the ‘hood. It’s a fortunate but significant weekend — many changes, a shuffling of loyalties, new unions, home repair/reno/decoration ideas, etc. Make these two days count!


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

A month of mellow contemplation begins now, Pisces. This influence brings international awareness, big ideas, religion/philosophy, higher education, law, far travel, cultural venues, and gentle love. But this year, Mars joins the Sun, so this zone could be intense, sweaty, argumentative — or a source of money. (Could be both: e.g., a travel writer, earning $, gets arrested by foreign police.) Now to Nov. 27, strictly avoid lawsuits. Relationships blossom with affection until Nov. 7.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. Usually this would be a good time to deal with the gov’t, or head office or an institution, but this interval holds far more difficulty than success, so don’t reach out to them unless you must. Your energy and charm return just in time, Tues./Wed., to reach for a plum, gather allies, get things done and launch projects. Your luck and progress might surprise you. Chase money, buy/sell, hug a friendly love, learn something, Thurs./Fri. The accent is on “possession.” However, there’s little luck here, so just plod along. Saturday starts a weekend of errands, communications, friends, trips and paperwork. It won’t be as dramatic for you as for some, but this weekend offers major changes in direction, loyalties, opportunities, in almost every area — if you need to contact someone, try now.





I was thinking about the witches riding broomsticks, and also how weird queens look with their theatrical make-up. Perhaps the witches of fairy tales were actually hermaphrodites, and the broomsticks were their erections, and their breasts made them witches, not wizards.


There is no chaos in nature. Coincidence does not exist except in a wave fashion.

From far away, all humanities’ mistakes look like the mere trail of its progress. like a slug leaves it’s silken, sticky path behind it.

If the ends justify the means, then the means  cannot be separated from the ends, and they will poison them. A long journey to the end can already be affecting the end, giving it a different complexion before it even exists. So the original goal is never reached because gradually along the journey toward it the very definition of it changes on the way.


Israel should immediately agree to Iran’s offer, that Hamas would release all the prisoners if Israel stopped bombing Gazza. If Hamas agrees also, 200 families will see the sun after a nightmare.

But once the hostages are safe, what does Israel do? They agreed to stop bombing Gaza. But in law, a contract or agreement made under duress is null and void. And all is fair in love and war.

Being historically challenged, I do not know what preceded the October 7 attack during the last few decades, and what therein might be justification for Hamas’ attack. But should the slightly biased news be true, that says that Israel has done nothing to Hamas to provoke or enslave/restrict it since a 2006 conflict, then I vote that Israel flatten Gaza, rebuild it as a model city, complete with agricultural grounds, and then withdraw, inviting the Palestinians back in.