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What Israel should invent is an iron dome type structure, but with machines that can hover in the air, say 500 feet up, and mark the first flash of a missile fired toward Israel, and immediately send a missile to the source of that flash. This way they could eliminate Hamas’s rocket attacks.





aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of intense relationships, Aries. But now they turn into more intimate, private, power-linked or financial or sexual pathways. (This more secret trend, mild now, will broaden and deepen next week onward — and is emphasized Sunday to noon Tuesday, PDT, in a generally fortunate way.) Work is pleasant, and so are co-workers. Someone might talk a mile a minute to you. He/she wants either friendship or marriage, not romance. Now to late November, avoid impulsive financial actions — and all crime.

Tuesday noon to suppertime Thursday brings a wise, mellow mood, far travel, higher learning, law, cultural events, and a broad perspective — and love. This isn’t the easiest period, as many small glitches exist, but in the end everything seems to settle out — a minor victory. Be ambitious Thursday eve through Saturday; accept the “pressure to perform.” Stay far away, though, from seeking a partner in career zones, or approaching those “Sun.-Tues.” matters discussed above (intimate, financial, secrets, etc.). Otherwise, success is promised, esp. Friday.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Eight more days of work, Taurus, then you’ll enter a relationship period. That bonding trend has already started in a minor way, last week. It might bring you an argument, or a work/health oriented association. These broaden next week to become an overriding theme until late November. Remember, don’t fight: instead, look for work, gov’t, or management “partnering.” A nice streak of romance brightens your days for the rest of October and even a week of November.

Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT) brings those relationships — and opportunities, even relocation themes. Your luck here is mixed, but leans toward the favourable, esp. Sunday eve/night. Life dives into deeper zones Tuesday afternoon to suppertime Thurs. — finances, research, lust (for sex or power) and medical and lifestyle decisions. Go slowly here, as commitments can lead to unwanted consequences. A wise, tolerant world view comes over you Thursday eve through Sat. This is a lovely interval, esp. Friday, and esp. for love — IF you avoid one zone: partnership. So kiss and woo, but don’t say “I do.”


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

One last week of romance, creative surges, risk-taking, beauty and pleasure — and family joys, love of children and surprise at their talents. Romance isn’t quite as intense, as talk replaces physical forwardness. But that talk might move you closer to love than sex can. Family members remain affectionate, happy (into Nov.). Work will grow intense now to late November. Work hard, but don’t overwork, sweat then grow cold, get sunburn or rashes, burn out, etc. — pace yourself, and you’ll feel optimistic and cheerful about work.

And that’s what Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT) brings: more chores, and daily health needs. There’s a fair amount of good luck here, so soldier on. (Sunday’s best, will reward your efforts later, maybe much later.) Relationships and opportunities fill Tuesday afternoon to suppertime Thursday — go slow, lots of glitches here, but a “mild solution” Thursday. Sex, secrets, finances, medical and lifestyle choices fill Thursday eve through Sat. — good progress here, if you avoid work and health subjects — and romantic demands. Just flow with events.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The accent remains on home, family, security, mother nature, food, property, etc., Cancer — for 8 more days. Lots of talk on the home front, making this a good time to hold family conferences. Communications in general, and travel, even paperwork, hold hands with affectionate motives, maybe friendly flirting. Mars has just entered your romantic sign, Scorpio, until late November — romance will become intense; also, a creative approach to career might boost you in the next 6 weeks.

Speaking of romance, it’s calling Sunday to Tuesday noon (PDT). A happy heart’s surprise might await, esp. Mon. Tackle chores Tuesday pm to suppertime Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Pace yourself, be alert, as obstacles exist. (Others don’t co-operate.) Relationships, opportunities, public dealings and possible relocation confront you — in a lucky way — Thursday eve through Sat. BUT avoid mixing romance and home. Security might overrule sentiment.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

One more week of errands, paperwork, trips and communications, Leo. Be curious — what your learn now might spark profitable action in future months. Friends gather — and talk. Great time for a garden or dinner party. Your money picture shines brightly through Nov. 7. You might buy a luxury item, or love token. Your home and family, your security, are subject to arguments/friction, even legal concerns, until late November. Avoid lawsuits, unless property or family involved.

Domesticity rules Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT) — although these benevolent few days actually bless domestic action, open doors to progress. (So start building that backyard pool or whatever.) Romance tickles your heart Tuesday pm to suppertime Thursday. Creative surges come to, and beauty and pleasure. However, this isn’t an easy interval, so enjoy without pushing. Tackle chores, talk employment, seek daily health cures (e.g., aspirin) Thursday eve through Sat. But proceed cautiously, as machines, fate, family members might quietly interfere.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The emphasis continues on money, income, purchases, casual intimacy and rote learning Virgo — for 8 more days. You are starting to “look good” to others. Two kinds of communications are going on: one, a normal, light, daily, casual bantering about money or sex; two, a rather intense (or intent) communication of secrets, or lust, or financial maneuvering. You might combine both in dealing with a single attractive person, or you might have two “conversations” going on, with two separate people. (Hint: the light, casual “talk” will fade after this week, but the intense stuff, maybe much more silently, lasts to late Nov.)

Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT) brings those communications — and errands, short trips, paperwork. Dive in, good luck awaits you. Be home, with family, Tuesday pm to suppertime Thursday, but be cautious — maybe better to not start any new projects until around noon Thursday. Romance, creative surges and risk-taking urges visit you Thursday eve through Sat. Lots of success possible here, EXCEPT where romance and money (or possessiveness) mix.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re still on top, Libra — your energy, charm, intellect, wit, clout and effectiveness are at an annual high — for 8 more days. You speak well now, so state your case. Emotionally, you’re a little hesitant or “private,” you see hints, restrictions, secrets, possible outcomes, that others don’t. This will continue to Nov. 8. On the good side, this influence brings good luck and opens doors in management, at head office, institutions, gov’t…. Now to late November, money rushes to you, and, if you let it, through you. Use extra funds to pay debt, or bank them. This really applies Sunday to Tuesday noon (PDT) when fairly good luck accompanies you financially. Errands, communications, paperwork and travel fill Tuesday pm to suppertime Thurs. — go slow here, as potholes and glitches exist. Steer toward home, at least in your heart, Thursday eve through Sat. — hug the kids, garden, repair and reno, etc. — but avoid (or deeply study, first) projects that demand a large money outlay.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Continue to lie low, Scorpio, to rest, contemplate, plan, seek advice and deal with management or gov’t. (You can communicate, written or spoken, quite well with these entities this week, esp. Sun./Mon. and Fri.) Be spiritual and charitable. You might have a hard time finding rest, though, as work (and possibly health) demands intensify until late November. You remain unusually hopeful, though, and friends are encouraging. A “golden relationship” will revive in January.

Your energy and charm rise nicely (but not hugely) Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT). Get things done. Money comes Tuesday pm to suppertime Thurs. Buy/sell, issue invoices, learn or memorize something, but be wary, spend little, and consider whether a casual sexual encounter might “tie you up.” Errands, easy chores, trips, communications and paperwork fill Thursday eve through Sat. Most things go well, but links with gov’t or management, and secrets, are “dangerous.”


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your happy optimism continues, Sage, for eight more days. The week ahead is like sailing close to shore, and the rocks, with “tides” pushing and pulling you in a choppy sea. I’d stick to long term goals and enjoy the beauty and freshness of life and love, without pushing either. (Now to late November romance either ebbs and/or becomes mildly burdensome — or a new, exciting, intense and hot attraction flares up. Only trouble is, he/she might already be attached — be aware, avoid losing situations. Avoid dark alleys and belligerent people also, same period.) Communicate — others will respond in friendly ways; you could make new friends, challenging but witty ones. Bosses favour you now to Nov. 7. Take advantage, present optimistic proposals.

Rest, lie low, contemplate and plan Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT). Seek advice, even from a book. Liaise with gov’t or institutions or “head office.” It’s a generally smooth, benevolent period. Your energy and charisma surge to a monthly high Tuesday pm to suppertime Thursday. Not the smoothest of intervals, so be alert, use your high clout to solve problems. It ends well. Chase $, buy/sell, embrace a casual intimate interlude, attend night school, just take a mellow walk, Thursday eve through Saturday. Lots of luck here, if you avoid gov’t, management, institutions, and don’t mix money, possessiveness, casual lust, with friends.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The accent remains on ambitions, career, prestige relations and worldly standing, Capricorn. Higher-ups are willing to talk, and listen. (It’s the last week for both these influences, so take advantage while you can.) Your philosophical (and gently loving) side emerges now to early Nov. Now to late November, your friends will be predominantly male. Your social life will be a bit hectic, might revolve around work or your home/family. You’ll feel optimistic about your domestic situation (until Nov. 24) — might be a good time for repairs, renos, building projects or landscaping. Get a friend to help.

You’re popular and social Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT). It’s an “in-between” influence, leaning mildly toward good fortune. Communications and friendly love favoured. Retreat, lie low, rest, contemplate and plan future actions Tuesday pm to suppertime Thursday. Be cautious, think before contacting anyone, esp. in gov’t. Co-operation, mild success come late morning Thursday (afternoon on the east coast of N.A.) Your energy and charisma surge Thursday eve through Saturday. Two things that might cause a dilemma of choice; Do you embrace friends and socializing, or do you adhere to a private or quiet ambition? Romantic and/or philosophical considerations give you the right answer.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains on life, philosophy, religion, law and social ethics, cultural rituals, far travel and international affairs, fame, statistics, and science… and gentle love (for someone or for all humanity). Enjoy your mellow mood. Conversations arise about these “elevated subjects.” Your intimate life, and/or your finances, get a nice injection of good luck until Nov. 7. Bosses are harsh, impatient until Nov. 24. Deflect them by working hard, smiling — esp. Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT) when your best stance is ambition.

Friends, social delights, popularity, optimism, entertainment and friendly flirting fill midweek (Tuesday pm to suppertime Thurs.). But, since the aspects aren’t great, enjoy this interval rather than push for results. Retreat, lie low, rest, ponder and plan Thursday eve through Saturday. This is a fine interval, EXCEPT where your career, status, ambitions and gov’t, management or institutions are involved — be cautious with these, realize much is not apparent.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

One more week of mysteries, Pisces, of secrets, heightened intuition, and a gallery of lures: sex/lust, power, financial gain; and of critical decisions: medical, lifestyle, how to seed the future. Conversation or written info can illuminate an/all of these — seek, ask.) If you have a major decision or action or life change to make, this week can facilitate it, especially Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night to Saturday. Still, proceed with some caution, as good and bad luck twist together all week. Relationships will glow with affection until Nov. 7. Strictly avoid lawsuits before Nov. 24 — stay out of political or philosophical arguments. A legal paper accompanies an income situation.

Sunday to noon Tuesday (PDT) highlights legal, international, intellectual, travel and love matters, mostly fortunately. Sunday best for seeding long-range results. Be ambitious Tuesday pm to suppertime Thursday. But don’t over-reach, as several small glitches can trip you. Social joys, popularity, entertainment, optimism and friendly flirting fill Thursday eve through Saturday. A beautiful interval, if you can sidestep legal, far travel and intellectual matters, and can avoid a relationship stand-off.





The pundits keep asking the question: how did Israeli and American intelligence fail to see such a massive invasion coming? (One news source claims Egypt says it knew, and warned both countries. Egypt confirmed this, saying it warned Israel “several days” before the Hamas attack.)

I’m  not sure it’s very humane, but the thought occurs to me that perhaps these intelligence agencies did  know about the impending attack, and waited to use it as an excuse to level Gaza. I know it sounds like the conspiracy theory that 911 was actually known about beforehand by the Bush administration, which let it go through to give them an excuse to invade the Middle East. I found that theory repulsive, and the one I just thought of above repulsive also. Just saying it’s a possibility impugns the people it names.

But what a hornets nest Hamas’ invasion has stirred up. When it occurred, the planet of war, Mars, was in the sign Libra, its weakest place. But Mars is soon to turn into Scorpio for a little over six weeks. Scorpio is a sign of death and Mars is the planet  of the army and war, so the next 6 weeks will be filled with destruction.

Scorpio is also opposite Israel’s birth sign of Taurus. The opposite sign rules mergers and weddings and partnerships and spouses and the public generally. But it equally rules arguments and disagreements, fights and wars and enmity. Hamas, and The Gaza Strip in general, obviously belong in the second group. To have Mars in your enemies’ sign during a war — it will be no picnic for Israel. Nor for Hamas, who will be secretive, silent, murderous. No cowards here.


I just realized what to call the New York fraud trial brought against Trump by Letitia James: Napoleonic. The judge has publicly said that he considers his own conclusions superior to those of juries’, and bragged that he has often over-written or unilaterally changed jury verdicts. In this case he has declared Trump guilty, fined him a quarter of $1 billion, and frozen his properties and companies in New York, over 200 in number.

This is a Napoleonic trial:  guilty until proven innocent. Trump has to  stand in front of this judge and convince him to change his guilty verdict — a virtually impossible task. Not only has this Trump-hating judge pre-judged the entire trial, using false evidence from his prosecutor, he is also a dyed-blue democrat, and Trump is a Republican, a republican most Democrats hate with an irrational intensity. The judge’s prosecutor is also a Royal blue democrat who was elected on a platform to damage Trump. Then there’s the court clerk , a lawyer who assists the judge… She is a deep blue Democrat who can be seen standing beside Chuck Schumer, The Democrat Senate leader, at some party or other. When Trump called her Schumer’s girlfriend, the democratic judge put a gag order on him.


Judge Tanya Chutkan, presiding over a separate law fare attack on Trump by Biden — Trump’s “election” trial — has said at least twice that Trump (without naming him, but unmistakably pointing him out) should be in jail — years before this trial. She has refused to recuse herself, denying that she harbours any bias at all. This judge is a liar. As I said before, refusing to admit her bias signals corruption. Chutkan was born July 5, 1962. She’s a Cancer, so her legal planet is Neptune. When she was born, Neptune lay in 10 degrees Scorpio. Carelli (who died last century) describes this degree:

“Malice ranging from witty joke to coarse treacherousness…cunning. A mathematical mind. In lower beings, a scheming brain, a soul that can exploit to the utmost the sympathy it awakens in others. The greatest faculty of dissembling and surprising,  a marked political talent. In contemptible beings, double-dealing. In all cases the character will be close, silent, sphinx-like, fond of secrecy.”

Remember, this doesn’t describe Chutkan generally, only her legal side. (She’s the Jan. 6 judge who hands out jail terms exceeding the prosecutions’ requests. Perhaps she cackles when she sleeps.