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4:35 am to 4:57 am Sunday, 9:44 am to 5:12 pm Tuesday, and 10:22 pm Thursday to 5:59 am Friday


Again, in some of the weekly messages below, you’ll read a reference to the 12 or 13 months ahead. For more on these months ahead, read the Oct. 1 column.

You will attract those who believe you.

The result of a lie is alienation.

Violence is its own justification, and its own reward.

Emotion is the highest logic.

The Canadian Feds want to legalize marijuana. Ontario is proposing selling it for $280 an ounce, or $10 a gram. New Brunswick, according to one report, contemplates selling it for $20 a gram — or about $480 an ounce. Not sure this will work. Here in B.C., where I live, ounces are going for $100 on the “black market” and grams are as low as $5 in the stores. Good luck, Ontario, on charging 2 to 3 times the “natural price.”  What the feds are really doing is not legalizing marijuana, but regulating it. Regulation is usually a synonym for taxation.

Capricorn Kim Jong Un (North Korean leader) has an Aquarius “signature “ – his Moon is square Uranus. This makes him stubborn and unpredictable, and confers a sort of uncomfortable desire to relate to the masses. His Pisces Moon would usually make him empathic and caring toward his subjects. The square to Uranus, though, turns this into a struggle for control.
Pluto has spent the last year or so hitting his Capricorn Sun. Pluto rules nuclear weapons so he is obsessed with obtaining them. Pluto also rules death and destruction, so Kim is playing a dangerous game.

If “we” wait 2 or 3 years Kim’s obsession will quietly ebb (though it won’t dissolve until at least 2025). Being a Capricorn he will not push things to the limit, so is unlikely to start a nuclear war. His backing down in the face of Trump’s threats was pure Capricornian pragmatism. However, he constantly fights the Uranus urge to dive pell mell into weird actions. I think the world ‘s safe.


       ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A month of mystery and secrets starts now. Your intuition will deepen, your subconscious will burst to the surface. Ignore surface appearances; dig deep for success — and treasures. All relationships heat up, until Dec. 9. Your financial luck will grow for 13 months, starting now. Make investments, reduce debt, attach yourself to someone else’s power or money or band wagon. Research will open doors to profit. You will also be attracted to sexual intimacy — an extra-marital temptation could turn to reality faster than you think, so be moral and honest. By this time next year, you might look around and say, “My life has changed!”.  Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. (PDT) brings wisdom, a mellow mood, love — and luck in far travel, higher earnings, publishing and cultural venues. You might hear or see a secret: the information, the rumour, is true. Your career and worldly standing are highlighted Tues. supper time through Thursday. You might meet a competitor, or some obstacle, Tues. night and Thurs. night — otherwise, this interval favours advancement — especially Thurs. morn, when a “seed opportunity” might appear. If you see it, grab it. Happiness, optimism, popularity and social delights arrive Fri./Sat. — wait until Saturday to flirt or chase anyone. A sexy person met Friday will disappoint, after many exquisite agonies of frustrated love.


taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The month ahead brings relationships of every stripe. Two weeks ago, you began a 13-month lucky trend for partnerships, relocation, business opportunities, fresh new horizons, and beneficial contacts. Realize others will have both the power and the good luck, so all your fortune will come from joining with them. So march forth into the weeks ahead with diplomacy, humour, and  co-operation, even eagerness — except this week. Sunday through Friday is a bad time to form a new love: it would  not lead to a peaceful partnership. Sunday dawn to Tues. suppertime (PDT) brings the “side effects” of relationships: mutual money/budgets, investments/financial actions, secrets, investigation, sexual intimacy and health issues. A meeting or communication could raise your hopes (correctly!) about a love or business partnership. Your wise, broad-viewed side emerges Tues. eve to Fri. dawn. Watch some irritation Tues. night and Thurs. night. Otherwise, charge ahead — results should be good in educational, intellectual, media, travel, international and legal zones. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. You’ll get things done, but don’t alienate anyone Friday. The gov’t aids before noon Fri.


       GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Ugh — the month ahead brings chores and health concerns. A month of drudgery. But the halls of work are where your big luck lies in the year ahead — promotion, a raise in pay, are very likely if you work hard. It’s also an excellent period to seek employment. Romantic or creative threads wind through this week and next and relieve your slavery. But DO NOT start a new affair nor fall in love this week (Sun. to Fri. — Sat.’s okay, even good for love). It would shipwreck on the rocks of intimacy. Relationships confront you Sun. dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime. All’s well — your career, your work, get a friendly boost. (If you see an open career door, walk in.)
A new friend could appear. Tues. night to Fri. dawn is sexy, mysterious, valuable. All three nights hold a wee problem, but the daytimes flow well. You could land a good job. Investments might go well. Love, understanding, international affairs, legal concerns, publishing, cultural venues and intellectual pursuits fill Fri./Sat. Avoid romance Friday. Welcome it Saturday. Friday morning might bring a solution to a money or machinery question.


       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ah, sweet romance! A month and year of romantic fortune face you now. The seven weeks ahead bring some domestic friction. (Eg., young Cancer falls in love, parents yell.) Be gentle, diplomatic with family members, especially kids. Sunday dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime brings work, minor health concerns, and interactions with machinery or service personnel. Generally, all goes well. Despite your chores, you might manage to get a love message out, or to “lock eyes” with someone. Relationships fill Tues. night to Fri. dawn. Be diplomatic, but also jump eagerly into a group, partnership, association, dealings with the public, or other opportunity. Keep your temper Tues. night. Thursday night disrupts mildly, but the morning is packed with good luck for lovers, creators, inventors, artists and “gamers.” Mysteries, sexual desires, financial opportunities, medical concerns and lifestyle choices fill Fri./Sat. (Saturday’s best.) DO NOT buy real estate nor start a brand new love this week, before Sat. Saturday holds rewards for the brave.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast        LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The month ahead focuses on home, children/parents, garden, nutrition, security, real estate, all the foundations of life. These matters will be super-lucky for you over the next 12-plus months. For the seven weeks ahead, you will be more restless than usual, more talkative and travel-prone — a great 7 weeks to write an essay, story, or to speak, visit one you love. Legal problems might yield to your intellect and will power. However, all these could hit a major obstacle if you start them this week — and to some degree the first 19 days of November. So no need to rush in. Romance and creative urges fill Sun. dawn (PDT) to Tues. suppertime. After much struggle, someone might say, “Sex? Sure, why not?” (More likely after Sun.) You might learn a secret about your family or house, or spy an investment opportunity (in real estate or food or shelter industries, probably) — best early Tuesday. Tackle chores and guard your health Tues. night (argumentative) to dawn Friday. Mostly, you achieve, much gets done. But watch a few minor snags late nights Wed. and Thurs. Relationships confront you Fri./Sat. — difficult ones Fri.; easy, friendly ones Sat. A friendly love affair might start Saturday. Be inwardly sceptical of any opportunity or promise anyone brings to you this Fri./Sat., and, in general, until Nov. 8, 2018. Anyone new you meet now to then, you should never marry.


       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Small things are growing in your life, Virgo. The month ahead will fill with errands, little chores, paperwork, calls and texts, trips and visits. You’ll meet more people, in a casual way. (E.g., the new clerk at the food store.) Life will be busy, but easy. This lovely state will last until early Nov. 2018 — almost 13 months. Now to early Dec., much money will flow to you. But, as befits your restless, somewhat scattered mood, you will also have a subconscious urge to fling that money around, until you’re poorer than you started! Bank it, be a tightwad. Only the envious will criticize. (Unless you really are a tightwad.) Sunday dawn to suppertime (PDT) Tues. nudges you closer to your home and family. Tackle repairs, hug the kids, garden, walk in Nature, etc. This mild, easy interval will help you nap and rest, too. A talk or text could open love’s doors — or land you a business opportunity. Romance, creative surges, the desire to take a risk, sports, games, beauty and pleasure invade your life Tues. night (argument or lost $) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs. late nights are disruptive, but the days sing with joy. If you start a new chore Thurs. morn, it could grow, and grow, and grow! Tackle chores and protect your health Fri. and Sat. Saturday’s easy and rewarding: you’ll collect money or savings from your efforts. But Fri. holds dollar difficulties. DO NOT start a new way of earnings anytime this week, before Saturday.


       LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The month and year ahead bring you money — and bills, of course. But what comes in should far exceed what goes out. You might be able to buy something you’ve long dreamed of, a property, or a Cadillac, or a new suit or dress, whatever. You could focus your desires on sex with a friendly, easy person, but focusing on earning money will bring more solid rewards. This week, and around Nov. 19, you could confront the basic problem underlying domestic restrictions or difficulties. By studying the problem now (especially this Fri.) you grow a step closer to solving it. Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. (PDT) brings errands, wanderlust, paperwork, travel or communications. Be curious, ask questions, scan the media. You could learn something about money and work that will help you in future. Casual friends are good friends, Tuesday morning. Turn toward home and family Tues. night (be gentle with kids, spouse) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs., late nights are glitchy, disruptive, but both daytimes run smoothly. Thursday morning could open a door (or an idea) to more money — step in. Friday and Sat. promote romance, creative surges and speculative (gambling) urges. You’re lucky enough to win the poker game, but not the slots or lottery. (Saturday, that is — Friday’s rather un-beneficial.)


       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

At last, your solitude and lack of clout are over, Scorpio. The month ahead imbues you with extra energy, effectiveness and charm. Start something important. Ask favours, make proposals, lead the way, inspire others. Make new contacts. Your “happy new self” will last not only for a few weeks, but until November 2018 — over 12 months. If you find yourself without a goal, form one: a money-making goal will blossom for two years, along a good-luck path. Money’s top of the agenda Sun. dawn to suppertime (PDT) Tuesday. Make it, pay it. Buy computers, software, video early Tues. morning. You might also send a romantic note (or glance) that receives an affectionate response. (Despite this, realize that anyone new you meet this week, before Sat. the 28th, will NOT make a good partner. Someone will be “moved to cruelty”.)  Errands, paperwork, casual contacts, trips and communications fill Tues. night (argument fender-bender possible) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs. night hold some glitch, but the days are splendid. Be curious, explore. Home calls, Fri./Sat. Be restful but a little wary (of the boss) Friday. Saturday’s all good — a big family chore, garden party, nature hike, etc., will be filled with affection and smiles.


       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Lie low. Retreat and rest. Think. Plan. Sometimes you enjoy quietude, getting away from the hustling mob. Well, enjoy this now — and to some degree for the next 12 months. This will be an excellent time to do all those things you’ve cherished but haven’t been able to approach — writing the great novel, meditating, growing your spiritual flower, organizing your tax records, etc.  Your luck with administrations, civil servants and institutions, with agents, counsellors, psychics, et al, will be high — not only now, but through early Nov. 2018. Your hopes about (a?) romance will be intense now to Dec. 8, but you could also run into obstacles in this zone until Nov. 19.  (The obstacle will tend to involve your private/secret life, or some external restriction.) All week, to Friday night, do NOT start a friendly romance or a social flirtation: it would end badly. Your energy and clout rise mildly Sun. dawn to suppertime Tues. (PDT). Get out, start things, ask favours, impress others, lead others. But slide down a notch Tues. night (no romance!) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs. nights are mildly disruptive, but both daytimes favour your efforts, especially in money, buying/selling, etc. That “quiet project” I mentioned? You might see it Thurs. morning. Errands, paperwork, travel and communications fill Friday (difficulty) and Saturday (ease, affection, success).


       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A cherished wish could come true over the next four weeks, Cap.  And if that doesn’t bring it, the 12 months following almost certainly will. Or, these months will bring you something else, a new, bright future in which that old wish becomes outdated. Your social circle, and your goals for the future, have been under pressure since 2009. By 2024 (at the latest) this “pressure” will bring you bright new goals, and a bigger, more comfortable social circle. Much of that splendid “forward progress” will happen this year — today, to Nov. 8, 2018. During both the month and year ahead, your optimism, social joy and popularity — and general luck — will climb to a 13-year high! Now to early Dec., bosses, parents and VIPs will be impatient, temperamental, so step lightly, diplomatically. Retreat from the crowd Sun. dawn to suppertime (PDT) Tuesday. Rest, nap, study, think and plan. Relations with gov’t, head office, institutions and advisors go well.  You could learn valuable legal data.  Your energy and charm soar skyward Tues. night (argumentative, maybe you revolt) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs. nights can be mildly disruptive, but you’ll make great progress both daytimes. Someone you meet Thurs. morning could be the “foundation stone” of a new set of future friends for you. Chase money, buy/sell, protect your possessions, do memory tasks Fri./Sat. Friday’s a bit difficult for career but also holds a career/prestige opportunity. Saturday’s just lovely — buy a luxury item, hold a garage sale, etc.


       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis lies on your career, prestige relations, neighbourhood reputation and worldly status — both during the month ahead and, in good luck terms, for an entire year ahead. Work hard, show up, tackle big chores, make proposals to higher-ups, and show your skills. However, in all this, avoid international, educational, cultural/religious and/or legal projects/ entanglements, until Dec. 9.  (These areas will grow intense for seven weeks, and can “light up” your consciousness/awareness, but will be like sandpaper to other projects, career and business ventures.) Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. (PDT) will bring happiness, social delights, popularity, optimism, entertainment, and possibly a flirtation. (DO NOT enter a new love or new affair this week, before Saturday. It would “find” your weakness and “torture” you.) You might learn a money secret — a valuable one. Retreat, lie low, think and plan Tues. night (argumentative, especially in philosophical areas) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs. late nights confront you with mild problems — but both daytimes flow well. You might meet someone, or have an idea about something Thurs. morning — this portends a career success. Your energy and charm soar Fri./Sat. Friday’s difficult, and you might bridle at some injustice — remain quiet. Saturday’s beautiful — get out, chase love, show off your fine mind!


       PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

An understanding, compassionate mood floats over you for the month ahead. You’ll be favoured in far travel, legal concerns, cultural and philosophical zones, intellectual pursuits — and love. These same areas will remain lucky for the year ahead — to Nov. 2018. And in 2019, they might shoot your career skyward. For seven weeks — to early Dec. — you will be tempted by a sexy someone, and/or a lucrative investment opportunity. If you have pain, see an MD — surgery might be indicated. Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. (PDT) steers you toward work and career, status and prestige relations. You’ll succeed, so march ahead. Tuesday offers a loving interlude. (But this is not a good week to start a brand new affair, through Friday. Saturday okay though.)  Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights, flirtations, optimism and entertainment fill Tues. night (argumentative, intimacy rejected) to dawn Friday. Both Wed. and Thurs. late nights are unfulfilling, a bit disruptive, but otherwise these days are superb for deepening friendships, public appearances, etc. Thursday morning a missive from far away (even a travel or school ad) points to your “direction” over the next 12 months.


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST~ OCTOBER 22 – 28, 2017

  1. hail to the bop

    Hi Tim…You mentioned that the south node will be in Aquarius for the next year, which doesn’t bode well for KJU and others who have Aquarius as their birth sign. How about those of us who are born with the south node in Aquarius? How are we affected when the current nodes (north and south, simulateously, I assume) match up with those in our natal charts? Thanks!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, hail to the bop,

      Actually, my referring to Kim Jong-un as an Aquarian was a mistake, which I corrected. (Tho’ I suspect he’s Aquarius rising — unprovable, as no-one knows his birth time.) He’s a Capricorn, with a Pisces Moon. But his moons is square Uranus, an Aquarian “signature.” But to your question: when the north and south nodes return to the place/sign they occupied when you were born, you start a new, fresh karmic cycle. In the beginning, this emphasizes the area they are in. (For example, if you were born with south node in your fifth house/sign and north in your eleventh, it means you will benefit more from light, friendly romance than deep infatuation. Such a “choice” will return more strongly every 18 years, when this nodal set-up repeats — so at 18,36, 54, 72, etc.)



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