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9:22 am to 4:46 pm Sunday, 2:08 pm to 11:43 pm Tuesday, and 8:03 pm Thursday to 2:46 am Friday


Again, I sometimes refer to “the 12 months ahead” in the Weekly Forecasts below. For more on these 12 months, read the “Luck Forecast 2017 – 2018″ under PLATFORMS.

In stock markets, I’d be more inclined to sell than buy.

(There is an AFTERAMBLE, after Pisces’ weekly forecast.)



       ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on hidden forces, finding “treasure chests” if you dig deep. You will be eager to form a relationship in love or business/practical matters now to early December. These two influences combine, and could propel you into intimacy, life commitment, and the sharing of assets with someone, or into a funding/business commitment. The results will almost certainly be fortunate. You are favoured in “mutual assets,” sex, finances, investments, research and life changes not only this month, but for 12 months ahead. However, don’t “jump in” quickly — a problem remains between you and another until Nov. 19.  (Likely a problem of status and money, and possibly sex.)

Not much happens Sun. — just get out, meet others, have fun. Retreat this eve through Tuesday. Rest, think, plan. Contact the gov’t for information, or an advisor for advice. Everything goes very well except this last thing: careful Tues. afternoon, when ethics or law might be awry.  An investment looks good Sun. night/Mon. morn. Your energy and charm skip upward Wed./Thurs. Both opposition and opportunity occur Wednesday morn (PDT).  One could even be the other.  Later, a problem of sex, money and/or assets appears. Chase love, understanding, legal or educational success and friendship Thursday. Pursue money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, angle for a pay raise (or equity position at work) and answer sensual lures Fri./Sat. Your intuition is high Friday, and you could trigger some gov’t or similar aid. (Similar: insurance benefits, company perks, etc.)  Aim for success!  A sudden, powerful attraction might begin.


taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Relationships are everything — in the weeks ahead and for a whole year ahead. Make new contacts, negotiate, flatter/praise, love, offer, propose — and above all, join, merge, jump on another’s bandwagon. That is, if you wish to succeed. If you want to fail (and sometimes we do, sometimes even for good reasons) then chase your own ambitions independently, or refuse aid, refuse to combine your efforts with another. This is also (to Nov. 2018) a great time to relocate, or to grab opportunities involving education, far travel, fame or the public, advertising, cultural venues — and/or sex and love.  Study investments all 12 months ahead — you might soon (2019) make some spectacular ones!

Sunday is mostly a dud — protect your reputation by rejecting any temptations, especially “to power.” This eve through Tues., happiness arrives. Your popularity, optimism and social joy ascend to levels that could trigger sweet money luck, opportunities through others, flirtations, even love.  Only one glitch at the end of this: love, yes – but no sex; or money, yes – but not good investments. Be cautious in these respects Tuesday afternoon. Retreat from the bustle and hustle Wed./Thurs.  Lie low, rest, think and plan.  Gov’t, corporate head office and/or institutions will help.  Apply for scholarships, loans, bursaries, grants, permission, etc.  Wednesday morning (PDT) might spark argument, leaving you to mull over, the rest of this day, what deeper thing lies between you and others. Thursday’s much better. Your energy and charisma jump upward Fri./Sat.  Friday could make a dream come true. Some disruption in health or the workplace. If a decision’s needed, choose effort, work, involvement over retreat, ease. Saturday’s great — charge ahead!


        GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Much work and a bit of health concern visit you this week. (And during the weeks — and the whole 12 months — ahead.) Dive into these chores, for they will, soon or eventually, fatten your bank account. Your drudgery will be lightened by a streak of romance, beauty, pleasure or creativity. You’ll be hopeful about one of these now to December. A romance begun in the past year will survive, but must “face” a problem with sex (or assets) — climaxing Nov. 19.  (You had a glimpse of this difficulty last week, probably Fri.)  Sunday’s mellow, enjoyable, but yields few results. Be ambitious this night through Tues. Success accompanies you, until the end (2 pm PDT Tues.) — when a partner or competitor refuses to co-operate, or a money glitch interferes. Still, you can make great headway with VIPs, higher-ups, and with work projects.

Optimism, happiness slated Wed./Thurs. Your popularity, hopeful wishes, social delights, flirtations and romance, all click a notch upward. Don’t neglect work entirely — a necessary task lurks in the shadows.  A new but not so lucky friendship, maybe, Thursday.  Retreat, lie low and rest Fri./Sat. Think, plan, be charitable and spiritual. You can hit exactly the right note in career  communications, or perform beautifully, Friday. This day also brings a disruption in an ongoing love, or a new attraction. You could fall madly in, but is it a fortunate bond?  Choose deep romance over friendly, light amour.


       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Romance, creative surges, risk-taking, adventure, beauty, pleasure, charming kids — these fill the weeks  — and the 12 months ahead!  You’re riding a winning wave, Cancer, and it is only starting to swell. The peak, the crest, might be months away.  At the same time (but only until Dec. 9) your home could be a scene of friction.  Be gentle with spouse, kids. Use that “friction energy” to renovate, repair, garden, landscape instead. You might find a new career in security or domestic arenas (e.g., house building) or you might end one career.  (A hint of this Wed.) DON’T begin living with anyone before Dec. 9.

Sunday’s mostly useless before suppertime (PDT). Sexy or financial lures won’t pan out, so just read, think, be peaceful. This night through Tues. brings a mellow, wise, compassionate mood. Far travel, legal affairs, cultural contacts, intellectual pursuits, life philosophy and love are favoured.  All goes very well until Tuesday afternoon, when a neglected chore or uncooperative co-worker rises up to block you. (E.g., you miss your honeymoon because that worker changes their mind, refuses to substitute for you.)  (The solution’s obvious – work effort and/or charm – or wait until 2018, when either/both will be “removed.”) Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. — Thursday’s better, brings results.  Wednesday seems occupied with struggle. Optimism, wish fulfillment, popularity and social joys, flirtations and entertainment fill Fri./Sat. You could fall in love, or travel/buy tickets to foreign lands. If you apply for school admission before noon Fri., your acceptance is almost guaranteed. If you have to choose between home and career Friday, pick home, family.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The main emphasis lies on home, family and security, Leo. These are prominent to late Nov., and are lucky and benevolent for 12 months ahead.  Despite the home emphasis, you’ll be restless and talkative until Dec. 9.  Don’t talk yourself into a lawsuit!  Sunday yields few results until after supper. This eve through Tues. brings mysteries, secrets, sexual lures, financial/ investment opportunities, lifestyle changes and possible medical concerns.  (If your feet or hands need surgery, the next five weeks is a good time.) Everything goes well here, except at the end. Tuesday, from 11 am to 2 pm (PDT) erects obstacles, especially to speculation, romance and creative work.

Scan the real estate ads Sunday night. A wise, compassionate mood flows through you Wed./Thurs. Travel, legal, cultural or international affairs, intellectual pursuits, religion and social rituals fill both days, and tend to succeed Thurs.  But be cautious: Wed. might cause argument, and Thursday’s victory might promise more than it will deliver. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. You could stumble on a major, lucky investment Friday. Fri. night’s love (or legal) victory might be tainted in subtle ways. Charge ahead with career, prestige relations, and worldly status concerns both days.


       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks (and year) ahead feature easy, busy duties — errands, paperwork, short trips and communications.  Now to Dec. 9, a fistful of money will flow to you. But save it — you’ll have an unconscious “need” to spend and waste it.  A casual friend might become a friendly lover. Be careful with this: see where it is headed before it gets there. Sunday is a bit useless before suppertime (PDT) — do some routine chores, and exercise your curiosity. This eve through Tues., relationships confront you — splendid relationships, good opportunities, relocation themes (NOT good), potential fame or dealings with the public, etc. However, you face a final obstacle here, Tues. midday/afternoon. Could be a loved one protests; or your home duties block you.

Secrets, mysteries, sexual desires, financial goals, research and a deepening of an ongoing relationship — these fill Wed./Thurs. So do life changes, medical diagnoses, and “commitment decisions”.  Wednesday can be adversarial, touchy. There’s both an obvious problem (money? sex? loyalty?) early in the day, and a more hidden one (romantic? communication?) late day. But Thursday’s good, offers solid results. (If a proposed project or agreement Thurs. night keeps running into delays in days ahead, reject/drop it.) Love, wisdom, understanding, international and legal affairs, intellectual and cultural pursuits, all fill Friday/ Saturday. A relationship Fri. could please you immensely, offers great harmony. Grab any opportunity that arises, in money or love or —? Late night could bring a money or intimacy surprise — perhaps a stand-off. Saturday’s fine. Contemplate a relocation.


       LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead feature money, earnings, possessions, rote learning, and sensual attractions. So do the 12 months ahead, in very fortunate ways. Take a chance on a money-making venture. You can raise your income level, buy and sell profitably, collect new clients, etc. Until Dec. 9, you are saturated with physical magnetism.  Someone’s sure to “want you.”  Be careful here, as you will tend to overlook the flaws or downsides. For instance, you could love the sex, but know, deep down, that this person will bore you eventually. Or, a third party could be harmed. So just be romantic, seek beauty and pleasure. This eve through Tuesday brings chores and mild health concerns. (Eat, dress sensibly, brush your teeth, etc.) Good luck rides with you until the very end (10 am to 2 pm PDT Tues.) when a communication, transportation or domestic problem could interfere.

Relationships are crucial Wed./Thurs.  Wednesday offers both an enemy and a friend, an opportunity and an opposition — and all might be one. Choose carefully; be diplomatic. Thursday offers all-round progress, so march ahead. This eve might trigger an attraction or a sudden creative inspiration. Sex, secrets, temptations, investments, debt reduction, medical diagnoses, lifestyle decisions — these fill Fri./Sat.  Friday night brings a sudden attraction, or a sudden stubborn rejection. Still, you can make progress in more humble arenas: work, research, and finances.


       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your energy, effectiveness and charisma shine. Start significant projects/ventures during the weeks ahead. Others will follow your lead. Make new contacts, call in favours, tackle goals that you’ve always found a bit intimidating, or that you’ve spent the last year/months planning. Your present work duties could hold you back, now to early December.  Don’t let that bother you. Handle those duties quickly, then use spare time to launch your favourite projects — or combine the two. Sunday’s a bit empty of results — a good day to relax. This night through Tues. perks you up with a whiff of romance, creative urges or risk-taking impulses. You could win someone’s attention! All goes well except the end: mid-afternoon Tues. (PDT) erects a barrier of money realities.  (E.g., I love you but you’re just a carpenter, and I’m a perfume heiress.)

Tackle chores and protect your daily health Wed./Thurs.  Wednesday’s a bit argumentative or dangerous — follow safety rules with machines, etc. Thursday’s primed for success, so march ahead. Relationships are slated Fri./Sat.  You could fall in love.  So could the other person. There’s something odd — a co-worker or someone who depends on you could act unpredictably, or you could suddenly see someone in a strange new light, or a work opportunity could “announce itself.”  (This “opportunity” could be unreliable, so don’t commit totally, immediately.)  Still, a splendid two days for love, partnering and fresh horizons!  Until Dec. 9, avoid dark alleys and belligerent people.


       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to lie low, relax and contemplate. A bit of navel-gazing wouldn’t be amiss, in the weeks ahead as well as the entire 12 months ahead. Why have you reached this state (impasse)? Where do you want to be? Start groping your way toward a solid plan to get there. Look far ahead, even a decade or two, before you finalize your scheme(s).  What you plan now could become a major, luck-loaded venture in late 2018, all 2019. Despite your relative solitude, you remain optimistic about romance, and could start a flirty, friendly love, now to early December.

Sunday’s active, but not productive. Read, or buy routine groceries, etc. This night through Tues. nudges you toward home and family. You’re going to grow closer to your domestic scene for a year — now’s a great couple of days to hug the kids, revise the garden, repair/renovate, start family counselling, plan a vacation, etc.  Major factor: your money/income.  Romance, creativity, gambling impulses, beauty and pleasure, and children’s talents — these fill Wed./Thursday.  Wednesday’s tough to call — it contains (mid-morning, PDT) a romantic eye-opener, but also, later, a slow, deep wrestling with a money restriction. Thursday’s all good, including surprises. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. You’ll make great progress, but watch computer or electronic items/ chores. A great opportunity to heal, hug, love on home front — and to investigate real estate (Friday).


       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Wishes can come true during the weeks (and year) ahead, Cap. Your popularity and hopefulness will climb to a decade high. Your social circle will change for the better. Issue and accept invitations. You’ll touch the foundation stone of happiness.  A light, friendly love might occur.  If it appears before mid-May, it could eventually transform into a splendid marriage. Now to Dec. 9, bosses, VIPs, authorities and parents are impatient, testy.  Be diplomatic, keep your sense of humour. You’ll succeed “with honours” if you’re in charge of any lease, realty, premises or sales territory project. Flush Capricorns might buy a status domicile.

You want to shop Sunday — but buy only routine items. This eve through Tues. brings errands, paperwork, casual contacts, travel and calls/emails.  All goes well here – even splendidly – until the end. An obstacle enters 10:30 am to 2 pm (PDT) Tues.  Big deal.  Laugh it off, cease your efforts. (Might be a bit of gossip or one of your secrets is revealed. Again, shrug it off.)  Home, family, nature, rest, stomach, soul, security themes fill Wed./Thurs. Be cautious Wednesday — arguments or mistaken, “dislocated” efforts can irritate you. Thursday’s sweet, family’s supportive, and all’s friendly.  But be skeptical of a money “opportunity” Thurs. night. Sweet romance snags your attention Fri./Sat. You could fall in love — perhaps with a neighbour or a “casual contact.” Someone has very stubborn, perhaps eccentric “views” on sex, romance. Your creative, speculative, pleasure side emerges strongly. Yes, touch happiness!


       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remain ambitious, Aquarius. Your career profile sails under lucky stars now to Nov. 2018. The weeks immediately before you emphasize career, prestige relations, worldly standing and community reputation. What you establish or launch in the month ahead could morph into a real success in the 12 months following, whether in your own business or for an employer. Plan to show your boss all your skills. Contact VIPs. One caution: now to Dec. 9/17, strictly avoid legal hassles, lawsuits — and the impulsive talk or ambition that could spark one. One more “layer” – the more your efforts are in tandem, or to aid another, the higher your reward will be. In 2017/18, the selfish will wither, the unselfish grow.

You attract attention and admiration Sun., but results will be slim. Just enjoy it: go for a walk and see if you turn heads. This eve through Tues. brings a money atmosphere. Buy/sell, cultivate clients, angle for a pay raise, think of new inventive money ideas. Shop Mon., but don’t buy anything important Tues. midday (10 to 2 pm PDT) — reject used items. Errands slated for Wed./Thursday.  Be quick, communicate and answer calls/texts, travel, tackle paperwork. Wednesday’s a bit scrambled, but you might receive an important message. Thursday (after dawn) touches your travels and contacts with a wand of harmony and attraction. Steer toward home and family Fri./Sat. You could land a great bargain involving your home or your career. Friday’s excellent for painting that room, landscaping, repairs, etc.  A recent, casual contact might be furling toward love, or a sudden meeting could spark sweet turmoil in you. Keep this to yourself, if married. (Flirt with your mate Friday night.)


       PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

A thinker’s mind and a lecher’s tendencies — this could describe your inner roilings now to early December, Pisces. One side of you will lust after a sexy someone, while another side is filled with mellow understanding and “the big view.”  However, after Dec. 9 the lust dissipates — but the wisdom and mellowness last right into late 2018. One possibility: present lust leads to sex, which leads to a formal, gentle wedding. Much depends on motive:  if you’re already in love, or fall in love first, then press for intimacy, consummation, a lovely life-bond ensues; but if your first, prime motive is sex, then life will set up a little side-trap. (Probably a monetary or “restrictive movements” one.)  So be sweet, honest, and you’ll do well!  The month and year ahead favour far travel, higher education, media/publishing, cultural rituals, law, philosophy/religion, and love. You could meet your true life-mate. (Not necessarily soon — could be as late as next autumn.)

Rest, be lazy Sunday. Your energy and charm soar this eve through Tues. — get out, show off, lead, start significant projects — except in career/business zones: these are counter-indicated, especially Tues. daytime. Chase money Wed./Thurs.  Wednesday (especially around 10 to 11 am PDT) could bring either an argument or an opportunity. Be flexible, light on your feet. Thursday, after dawn, supports buying, selling, client liaison — and physical (rather than heart/mental) intimacy. Errands, travel, communications and paperwork fill Fri./Sat. Be curious — you could learn something fascinating. Friday might bring a special communication, or you might send on — love, travel, a meeting of minds could be the “subject.” A great week!



Many Trump critics constantly attack him personally — literally attack his personality. The kindest of these think he should be in a mental hospital. But what many of the pundits on the CNN/MSNB-type networks don’t seem to realize is that their criticism is of what’s different from themselves, not of what’s inferior (or superior) to them. There is a built-in “Suits” mentality among liberals. They all wear grey suits and speak earnestly of perhaps-not-boring things in such abstract language (learned in Washington and its provincial copies) that nothing but boredom can result. Liberals hate true non-conformity. Since Trump does not talk “grey speak” and acts with more vigour, braggadocio, and impulsiveness than successful Senators (and all of that level) they cry from the rooftops: “He must be mad!”  (If he was a Democratic President, the Republicans would be issuing the same cry.)

I can see the reason for the Liberals’ aim toward homogeneity of thinking. The agenda they advance is one I admire, but its success depends on all members to the propositions be in unanimous agreement about a rather long and complex series of rules, both conscious and semi-conscious, a set that includes such things as manners and mannerisms, voice tones, accents, fashion (in cars, furnishings, clothes, houses) — and overwhelmingly, breeding. Agreement, in this river of life, leads to a constant flow (in behaviour) toward a group-admired set of ideals that, seen from a distance, appear to move in a channel, like a slough. The walls of this slough are “party lines,” but the water in the slough is a PC concoction that carries its members quietly and inevitably to the most subtle, extensive and deep conformity. Many Liberal ideals are splendid, but their (perhaps necessary) method of working toward them induces uniformity of view and behaviour, a uniformity that will dull the sharpest minds. It cost them the last election. About the only thing that is not “restricted” by PC is lying. Trump shocks us because his lies aren’t PC, not because they’re lies.

As this uniformity grows and gathers members, it becomes vast, and surrounds an acolyte like a total environment. It becomes familiar, its residents well-known, and “good behaviour” becomes an easy routine. In a deep way, this liberal environment of beliefs and behaviour becomes a security, a “home.” Opposing ideas, when out of fashion or weak, have always been seen by Democrats as mere quirky threats, random or easily repelled. But when such “outlier” (or totally alien) ideas and cultural behaviours gain power and not only threaten but are victorious over the Liberal politician, these members (pols and pundits, etc.) react with an obsessive, irrational zeal, determination and stamina. They are so “shocked” by the assault at the gates of liberalism that they resort almost unconsciously — but constantly — to character assassination. After awhile, they begin to appear silly.

(Often, people don’t realize that “interviews” on news programs, especially in “soft news,” are semi-rehearsed before airing. The interviewer and interviewee discuss the talk beforehand, agree on questions and answers. It’s like “reality TV,” which is scripted, acted, etc. So the pundits on CNN or MSNBC are not totally spontaneous: the station knows full well what they are going  to say on air— or at the very least, what views they will espouse.)