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*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific DAYLIGHT Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING:  Before 0:38 am Sun., 8:49 pm Mon. to 3:20 am Tues., 3:46 pm Wed. To 5:47 am Thurs., and 4:10 am to 8:57 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: The Mercury retro delays (and my advice to avoid starting anything new) are over. Charge ahead with anything! (See AFTERAMBLE for politics, etc.)


TRUMP will defeat the FBI/DOJ and NY AG’s lawsuits, as he has proof he declassified, and the DOJ has no evidence to the contrary. — see the AFTERAMBLE for a full  look.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Relationships are still the main theme, Aries — and delays are over, so you can chase any association, opportunity, public prominence, or relocation prospect. (One, or someone, appears very alluring to you, and responds sweetly.) Be co-operative, diplomatic, and eager to join. Others have the power, the advantage now, but the good news is, they’re attracted to you, and your optimism. They might even want to seal a deal, through a legal contract, a wedding, whatever. You remain optimistic about your ambitions, career — a new regime, a new “chance” begins later this month.

And Sunday through Monday gives you a chance at career growth — Monday better, esp. if you communicate with peers/coworkers. Hopes, wishes, popularity, social gatherings, flirtations occur predawn Tuesday to predawn Thurs. (PDT). A lovely interval. If you’re unattached, this is one of many (50? 80?) times in the next 8 months when you could meet true love. Caution around daybreak, early morning Wednesday, when disruption’s possible.

Retreat, lie low Thursday to mid-morn Sat. Ponder, plan, take up neglected chores, deal with gov’t or admin types. Ask advice (esp. from a boss or higher-up) Thursday. (It might/will boost his/her approval of you.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The drudgery continues, Taurus. Tackle work energetically, and get it done. You can proceed without delay, indecision or doubt — on new projects also. [If picking a new project or employer, hold these 2 things above all else: 1) income level, and 2) a place with pleasant co-workers… and 3) something that reflects your inner urges/strengths.] You’re still favoured by — and for — management, but they’re “waiting,” so you might not see any progress for 2 more months. That’s okay, remain optimistic.

Sunday/Monday promote high ideals, far travel, legal matters, cultural and social rites, media, and gentle love. Mondays better. Your ambitions, worldly standing, career and prestige relations are in focus Tuesday/Wednesday — a lucky interval, so charge ahead, display your skills. Your popularity rises Thursday to Saturday morning (9 am PDT) and your heart rises, too, buoyed by optimism, social joys and entertainment. Thursday’s best. Retreat Saturday daytime: rest, contemplate, plan, seek advice (or a health cure).

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Romance is anywhere from intriguing to huge in the weeks ahead, Gemini. The good news: delayed, indecision are over. You can now chase new relationships and opportunities, projects and purchases. Your sexual magnetism stays high, and love attractions are sweet, even beautiful — though you might need to wait until next week onward to make your approach or spill your feelings. If married, substitute “creative sessions” or “risk/gamble” or “happy projects with children” for the word “romance.” (If you’re married, this time will bring you closer together, light bedroom fires.)

A long-standing “hold up” in investments, intimacy, medical cures or a lifestyle change dissolves now, freeing you to march ahead — which is good, because Sunday/Monday feature this very area (investments, etc.). Sunday’s a bit wonky, but Monday’s great, productive, profitable. Tuesday/Wednesday favour love, far travel, beliefs, higher education, law and media. A wee disruption in these Wednesday morning (to 10 am PDT). Otherwise, great luck!

Be ambitious, pursue career, status goals Thursday to mid-morning Saturday. Dress well. Thursday’s good — you might learn a secret about health, work, and/or money. Good day to apply for a job. Avoid an argument Friday eve/night. Saturday mid-morn onward, boosts your popularity, veers toward making a wish come true, promotes flirtations and similar stuff. You could fall in love.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You can charge ahead with new things, Cancer — delays, indecision fade away. The general monthly focus remains on home, family, garden, nutrition, and security. Family, esp. kids, will be affectionate, loving. But your good luck remains in “outside” ambitions — career, social standing, etc. For October, let home prevail — career goodies are lining up for you, but they won’t come through until December onward. Meanwhile, build/restore what every ambitious person needs — support at home.

Continue to avoid violent people and “hidden” enemies until next March — although, paradoxically, one of these could be your link (or booster) to a career or business opportunity. You have one last trip to make or mail to write about something that first came up last July/August.

Sunday/Monday present you with relationships, opportunities, relocation themes and public dealings. Monday’s better. Listen, Cancer, if you’re single and have been wrestling with a powerful bond/attraction — perhaps for years, even decades — you have until March ’23 to seal the deal — or it (this person) might slide out of your life. If it’s the “real deal,” then your love will “cement” itself for the next 20 years, in sexual zones and financial ones. If not, it will be the final split.

Such matters — investments, secrecy, lifestyle changes, medical exigencies, intimate lust — arise Tues./Wed. A splendid interval — but don’t mix friends and $ Wednesday morning (PDT). Gentle love, far travel, philosophy, law, higher education and media — these fill Thurs. to mid-morn Sat. Excellent Thursday night — reach out to someone! But avoid arguments Friday night. Saturday gives you an opportunity to make a significant career bid.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Errands, swift, easy chores, paperwork, trips and communications fill this week and the next few, Leo. You can charge ahead with these and other affairs now — recent delays, indecision, are fading quickly. These are “daily business” stuff — more profound, meaningful and lasting ideas and communications hover around you in a huge, fortunate way, but won’t “engage” you properly until late Nov. onward.

Meanwhile, this more profound area constantly “feeds” your optimism for the 6 months ahead. During this time (esp. Oct., Dec., Feb.) someone you flirt light-heartedly with could end up with a wedding ring. Beware — you could be captured by love!

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Eat, dress sensibly, cure minor health bothers. Monday best, esp. if buying tools/machines. Exciting meetings could occur Tues./Wed., when relationships, opportunities, public appearances and relocation themes arise. It’s a great interval, so grab opportunities, make a bid, join another. You could meet your match, and it might spark a life-match. Sex, lust, financial action, research, medical and lifestyle decisions — these fill Thursday to mid-morn Sat. (9 am PDT). Thursday succeeds; Friday brings argument. Saturday, as it matures, offers a great insight, or love — for the weekend.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Recent delays, indecision will fade now — you can charge into anything new Monday onward, Virgo. (Sunday’s not great, but IS after 6 pm PDT.) The main accent lies on money, income, buying/selling, paying bills — and on memory work, and casual sex (I.e., affection maybe, but not enduring love). Higher-ups continue to be temperamental, impatient, until March. But they are also happy and optimistic. And you can gain (promotion? Or equity?) by investing in their “vision.” Your money luck looks pretty darn good all October. Investments will pay off late November into next May. Don’t jump too early (now is early).

Romance, a creative or “playing” urge, beauty and pleasure visit you Sunday/Monday. Monday’s best, though Sunday night (6 pm PDT onward) is great, too — esp. if you’re wooing a co-worker. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll accomplish a lot during this smooth, fortunate interval. But avoid computers, electricity, machines (and legal, travel matters) Wednesday morning.

Relationships fill Thursday to mid-morn Sat. Great stuff possible Thursday, esp. late, but avoid arguments Friday night. (Both times would be the next morning in Europe, daytime Asia.) Saturday offers lust-oriented intimacy, or a revelation/secret, or a financial opportunity.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your time, Libra. Your energy, attractiveness, timing and effectiveness are at a yearly peak.  You can charge ahead on many fronts; recent delays and indecision now fade away. But there is an exception — 1) romance, slow for the last two years, is circling inconclusively, altho’ this will “clear” by late October, and the entire “drag” on romance lifts (for 3 decades!) And 2) partnership prospects (in love and practical areas) are also stalled in a fortunate but nevertheless indecisive holding pattern — which will clear, and start rolling toward a lucky conclusion late November onward (almost into next summer).

My advice is: be pleasant, loving, now to March, but aim the majority of your energy toward self-improvement, cosmetic treatments, intellectual pursuits, far travel, law, publishing, international affairs and cultural venues. You don’t have to be romantic — you’ll attract someone who is. Communications deal with secrets, policy, or gov’t things,

Sunday/Monday are for home, family, security. Take naps. Monday best. Romance blossoms Tues./Wed. — love or a creative, sports/games, speculative or child-oriented project will go very well — except Wednesday morning. Tackle chores Thursday to 9 am (PDT) Sat. Deep wisdom Thursday. Side-step an argument Friday around suppertime.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Lie low, Scorpio. Rest, replenish emotional, physical and mental reserves. Study others, and trends. Seek advice. Deal with gov’t or admin types. Perform spiritual and charitable acts. Think about your physical appearance, too. Good time for the gym (or whatever) as May 2023 to June 2024 will bring a huge opportunity — for love, you will want to look good; for business, etc., you will want the energy to grab and run with an opportunity.

The quietude that October “enforces” will be an affectionate one this year: friends sympathize, and gov’t and head office “give you a break.” A Pisces might be exceptionally reassuring, loving. Your thoughts remain hopeful — good. You’re rather fired up about a financial opportunity, or an intimate one. This will last for 6 months, so no need to rush it. Avoid violence. Recent delays, indecision fade now, so you’re free to advance on many fronts (except home and work — domestic issues tread water only until late Oct., but work delays last to next March.

Errands, talks, paperwork fill Sun./Mon. Monday’s best. Home, family command your attention Tues./Wed. — a splendid interval for everything except relationships, electricity and computers, Wednesday morning (PDT). Thursday to Saturday dawn fill your heart with romantic and creative notions — successfully Thursday night, not Friday night (beware argument). Chores, later Sat.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Dreams can come true, Sage! And if every month were like October, your life would be a paradise — popularity, happy friends, entertainment, flirtations, blue-sky optimism…Recent delays and indecision fade now, so you can charge ahead on all fronts, except communications, short trips, and romance, creative and pleasure projects.

Communications, etc. are delayed until about Oct. 23, and romance, et al, tread water until next March. Still, whatever you “have” before March is pleasing enough! Two discussions this week about your work, career, social standing. Relationships: intense, for love or war. (I could put this sentence in every forecast until late March.) Be diplomatic, esp. in traffic and emails. A huge attraction could build, but it will be “hot” rather than romantic.

Chase $ Sun./Mon. Monday and late Sunday night, are best. Errands, calls, trips and paperwork fill Tues./Wed. — a fortunate interval, might contain a love contact. Caution Wednesday morning, when disruption’s in the air. Steer toward home, family, mother nature and security Thursday to Saturday morning. Good results Thursday night, esp. in money, wage, career/employment areas. Avoid an argument, temper tantrum, Friday eve. Saturday daytime — romance, creativity, a gambling mood, and beauty. Love life, Sage!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general accent remains on ambitions, career, prestige relations and worldly standing, Cap. In a way, you’re thinking that it would be nice to quit a job, go home and veg. But you might also be thinking of a job related to your home. Your money thoughts involve romance, and children, and their success. (These, property, kids, home, will bloom with unexpected good fortune November to next May. Plan ahead.)

All this aside, October is excellent for your ambitions. Bosses are amenable, others look up to you (depending on where you stand) and you are working doubly hard. One legal, travel, media or similar item needs attention this week.

Your energy and charisma expand Sun./Mon. — chase what you want. (Recent delays and indecision are fading fast.) Sunday night, Monday best. Pursue the mighty $ Tues,/Wed. — buy/sell, collect, pay bills, etc. A chance for casual intimacy might occur. A very fortunate 2 days, but work around a disruptive segment Wednesday morning/noon — don’t buy computers, electronics. Swift, easy chores Thursday to Saturday morning. Do paperwork, travel, call/write. A good week! Wisdom, destiny, esp. in law, love, morals, Thursday night. Avoid Friday night’s friction.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

For you, Aquarius, love and mind (intellect) often merge seamlessly. That’s the case this month. Someone with a strong intellect is sweet towards you; and you seem to be fired up about someone, perhaps someone at a bit of a distance. If these two are one person, count yourself lucky. Nor is this short-term. You’re likely to be fired-up about someone until March, at least. (This person might disappoint you November into mid-January: don’t be critical.) What was secret in August/September is revealed now. Might involve sex.

You can charge ahead on many fronts now: September’s delays/snafus are over. Still, you yourself might feel a little hesitant about making huge decisions now. The trauma or restrictive period of the last several years (mourning? separation?) will end in about 5 months.

Lie low, rest and contemplate Sun./Mon. Examine events thus far, and make plans for the future. Sunday night (after 5 pm PDT, 8 pm EDT, 1 am England) is excellent for finding your path, and for deciding where to live. Your energy and pizzazz soar Tues./Wed. Take advantage, start significant projects, woo someone, whatever. But be cautious Wednesday morning, when stress rises. Chase $ Thursday to Saturday morning. Buy/sell, collect — ask for a pay raise Thursday pm. Avoid a “romantic fight” Friday eve/night.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Life subterranean currents flow near to the surface in October, Pisces. Your subconscious will rise, enhancing your intuition. Best goals: investment, debt reduction, research, medical or lifestyle choices, and sex/lust (be honest about your intentions). These areas are fortunate until at least Oct. 22.

Be gentle on the home front, as you can be a ball of fire domestically, want to repair, build, landscape, buy furniture, etc. — and you could unintentionally bully children in your fine fury. Money matters are very lucky — but the main stream of that luck won’t run until late next month. Patience! — use this “waiting time” to improve your money/income prospects, skills, deservings.

Sunday/Monday are for communications, paperwork and errands. Sunday night and Monday best for action. Retreat, lie low, rest and watch Tues./Wed. A great time (excluding Wednesday morning) to solve tax issues, liaise with gov’t or admin types, attend policy meetings — and to plan. Your energy and charm blossom Thursday to Saturday morning. A good time to pursue your favourite goals, and to gain allies. Thursday night could bring a wish true in love, social and partnership areas (and grabbing an opportunity, or relocating). Friday night needs care — don’t argue about money or intimacy. Chase $, buy/sell, Saturday.



You’re so cold and intellectual about it, he said.

But what other way is there to deal with morality?  Even in this, it’s possible to stray, as logic and fantasy are not always enemies, and logical delusions are common. We can cloak our biases in any cloth we want. One of the most self convincing cloaks Is logical intelligence.


Well I told you a year or three ago that America would fall into a Civil War, but without armies.


We are not only in a in a Pluto era , 1983 to 2229, We are in one that is uniquely Scorpionic or plutonic. Scorpio tends toward extremes, and rules sex/conception, secrets, revelation, volcanoes and finances/assets. We are seeing the sexual extreme in one of its faces in the introduction and promotion of pornography in grade schools by CRT teachers. (And one of the scorpio markers here, is that this pornography — graphic pictures, for example, of a man violating a boy — was introduced silently and secretly, w/o telling parents, years ago — and has only been discovered this year and last, after children were raped (Loudon County). Another example: the growth of the LBJQ alphabet soup. Financially, the stock market dropped 25% in a day or two in 1986. Around 9/11,The Dow dropped in half. Ford Motors, today a $ 13 stock, fell to 89 cents in 2000 — why oh why didn’t I buy?? In 2008/9 the Dow fell by half again. That’s why, looking thru the stock market POV, although the loooming recession looks mild and most commentators think it will be mild, my one worry is that scorpionic or plutonic tendency toward the extremes. Will the Dow fall in half again?

Additionally, Pluto changes signs in March. It enters Aquarius the same month that Saturn leaves this sign. (Saturn goes into Pisces, where it will tame inflation, 2023-2025.)

Saturn has been the main villain in the fall of high tech stocks (because in Pisces the last 2 years, he squared — “hurt” — Uranus, the planet of high tech.) Now the whole stock market is falling. But on March 7/23, Saturn moves into Pisces, where he will start strangling inflation. It might be a slow process, but by the time he exits Pisces 2 1/2 years later, inflation will be beaten.

But back to Pluto: Pluto rules birth and death, medical research, deep space, criminal organizations and hidden crimes, lust and sexual drives, depth psychology, ultra computers, ultra high tech, political (and really all) corruption, earthquakes and upheavals. I’m sure I’ve left something out. (Quantum physics seems Neptunian rather than Scorpionic.)

Now merge this with the sign Aquarius: rebels and rebellion, stubbornness and idealistic motives, fanaticism, also capable of going to extremes.

During the last decade and a half, Pluto was in Capricorn, a sign that recognizes reality, seeks power, and is not above acting secretly or even criminally  to gain power. (Richard Nixon was a Capricorn.) I am tempted to say that Capricorn’s sober restrictive nature held Pluto away from its extremities, but the Pluto in Capricorn period did not prove this out. When did Pluto enter Capricorn? January 2008. When did the crash and financial “freeze” begin? December ’07 to June ’09. So Pluto’s move into Capricorn coincided with the “Great Recession” — biggest one since the 1930’s. 

When we put Pluto together with Aquarius 2023 to about 2040, we are likely to get huge advances In technology, AI and IT as well as communications, fusion or other nuclear advances, deep space exploration and leaps forward in depth psychology… But it’s somewhat like Sigmund Freud. (If you don’t subscribe to his philosophy, he makes little sense.) Strong possibility of new waves of rebels. This can set up a new nation in the Middle East, probably as repressive as Iran. But in other societies the rebellions will involve a minority, perhaps a secret minority, but one with extreme zealotry and a philosophy that their ends permit murder.


1983-2229 AD is a pre-spiritual era. 2229 onward will bring the greatest spiritual conceiving in history so far, perhaps 10 x the flowering of Christianity. But this won’t be a bunch of people wearing dark robes and chanting. It will entail a psychic uplifting of the human entity; we will all grow more psychic, sensitive and empathic. Eventually, we will vote by thought, not by marking ballots.


Why doesn’t Trump hire Alan Dershowitz as his lawyer? Although he’s a liberal, a registered Democrat, Dershowitz has been Trump’s most fierce and most intelligent defender the last few years. On first glance, many of the lawsuits Trump is facing seem to involve extraconstitutional (i.e., constitutionally illegal) actions by prosecutors or plaintiffs, an area in which Dershowitz excels. In addition, most if not all of those investigations and prosecutions were and still are politically motivated — and therefore biased and tainted to the point of self-defeat.

A prime example is Letitia James, the Attorney General for New York who has just charged Trump and all his children with fraud and other accusations. This Attorney General was elected to her position; she ran on a platform of, in her own words, “destroying Trump.” Again and again in her campaign speeches she vowed to destroy Trump, and to prosecute him. This is soviet, U.S.S.R. “justice” in which you choose the human target, then find a crime to convict him of.

This flagrantly, boastfully corrupt AG’s entire body of work should be thrown out… But not until Trump’s team has had a chance to sift through it, perhaps partly in pursuit of documents and other evidence supporting a damages lawsuit against this attorney general. (Although I suspect I will be disappointed: Trump has always seemed more concerned with getting the job done, than with vengeance – he just doesn’t appear to have a desire for revenge.)

My convictions about Trump’s benefit to the American nation, and the basic goodness of his heart and motives, has seldom wavered. But one of my biggest pits of doubt arose in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid by the FBI. My one doubt about Trump’s position was a worry that he cannot prove he declassified those documents. 

However, I do remember watching the news on Fox one day in the autumn of Trump’s presidency. Some Fox anchor was interviewing David Radcliffe, Trump’s DNI (Director of National Intelligence) — the ultimate classifier-declassifier in the whole nation, after the President. Radcliffe would need to approve Trump’s order to declassify anything, IF approval was needed. According to the PRA law, it isn’t.  (More on PRA in a minute.). If you think of all the myriad intelligence agencies in the U.S. as a pyramid, Radcliffe sat at the very top.

In that interview, which happened long before the end of Trump’s term, Radcliffe said (if memory serves) that the president had directed him to declassify all documents connected to the Russia hoax — or to declassify everything. (I cannot remember clearly.) During that interview, I had the impression that Radcliffe was saying that the bureaucracy was fighting him on that front. So that part of Trump’s de-classification claim is totally provable.

The risk rests in the remainder — the possibly non-intel classifications — if they exist. However, I have also seen a clip on Fox News with that Kash Patel fellow (Trump’s Pentagon link) stating that Trump had either directed him to declassify everything (my memory fails here) or telling him he HAD de-classified everything. 

Either way, it is, even if the only proof they have, still proof, whereas the DOJ/FBI has absolutely no proof that the documents had not been declassified. The mere fact they carry the secret sticker does not qualify them as evidence. When an agency is as tainted with provable political bias as the FBI, its word, or any evidence it presents to the court, should be viewed with high skepticism. Is the agency telling the truth? Has the evidence been altered? Has the agency created evidence? Has it hidden evidence that would prove Trump‘s innocence?

The FBI has been caught committing each of these crimes (for such they are) starting with its role in the Russia hoax and its early attempts to overthrow the president — and consequently, endangering the whole nation.

So Trump’s evidence is “light,” eye witnesses and news videos, but it stands tall against the FBI’S (I prefer FIB) evidence, which consists, at this point, of nothing other than their tendency to lie and mislead courts.

But the FBI and their Wizard of Oz bosses (Garland, Biden — Soros?) were probably only interested in Trump’s violation of some records preservation act as a pretext for the raid, a hook. Once they hang him on this hook, they can literally go through his underwear, looking for clues to a crime never committed. There are three valuable targets that the FBI hoped to snare in that raid: One, they wanted to recapture and destroy any documents that would show their illegal  involvement in the entire Russia hoax and later in the attempts to overthrow the administration. Two, they were hoping to find any incriminating evidence linking Trump or his close associates to the January 6 riot. Three, they hoped to find anything that could incriminate Trump in anyway whatsoever… A prize they could bring back to their dark masters.


Chillingly similar: The left media has celebrated the Mar-a-Lago raid and the NY AG’s cuckoo lawsuit with the same murderous, joyous glee with which they fawned over two illegitimate impeachment attempts, and before that the whole Russian hoax. As these resentful (‘cuz he won the election) slanders and attacks on Trump crumpled in the face of the actual facts, so will the illegitimate Mar-a-Lago FIB raid and the partisan and blatantly Soviet style prosecution by the pretender in the New York Attorney General’s office. The media now gushes with exactly the same glee, exactly the same exaggeration of Trump’s supposed guilt and the thrill of contemplating that he might go to jail, that they gushed in 2016 and 17 and 18 and 19 and 20 and 21 and 22 — and every time they end up with goo on their distorted faces.


The miracle is existence. God might be behind it, the originator of, the miracle., but we are far more familiar with the miracle than with God, because we see and live this miracle every day. (Unless we consider the miracle of our existence to be God.)


Re Mar-A-Lago:

First, the Presidential Records Act does not give the Archives any powers to control documents. Second, a law written by the Obama administration gave presidents the sole authority over all documents of their term, private and classified. (*) This law established that there is no procedure to declassify, and that a president can declassify at will, and in no particular manner — he literally could, as Trump said, just think them into declassification. Third, this act specifically stated that  dealing poorly with such documents, by a president, cannot be a crime. Therefore, the FBI had no justification for their raid, and could/should be sued for it. (**)

(*) Obama stored his documents in an abandoned furniture warehouse. In fact, Trump’s storage of his docs was more secure than Clinton’s, both Bush’s, and Obama’s.

(**) I’m relying on televised information by legal commentators. Haven’t read the law, so I could be fudging things slightly, not sure.

Even were the Presidential Records Act not to exonerate Donald Trump, he would be innocent seen another way, from a logical POV. The only real charge brought against him in the whole Mar-a-Lago fiasco is that he improperly possessed/and/or stored classified documents. One of Trump’s defence postures is that he declassified the documents merely by moving them out of the White House. This is somewhat supported by the actions of his predecessors — Obama, for instance, stored his records from the White House in an abandoned furniture warehouse — and, by executive order, made it “legit.” Clinton and both Bushes also stored their records in precarious places. My memory isn’t good but I think one of them was in a public storage locker, and another was in friend’s basement or something totally insecure. In any case, he doesn’t seem to have done anything differently in storing records than the four presidents before him, except to secure them better.

Trump also claims that  he could have declassified everything before he left the White House merely by stating it to be so — heck, even by merely thinking it to be so. There’s actually quite solid evidence that he did attempt to declassify every document touching on the Russia hoax and all attempts pre and post hoax to discredit him or falsely link him to the Russian government. His DNI, Radcliffe, on a Fox News program told the network that Trump had asked him to declassify everything. This interview took place during Trump‘s presidency. Now he might have said that he was only instructed to declassify everything associated with the Russian hoax—  I can’t remember.

Ironically, these Russia related documents are what the FBI were probably looking for in their  raid. They are very vulnerable in the entire 2015-2020 “rolling coup” attempt , and would love to possess, that is destroy, any proof of their guilt in this affair, which was always illegal but rose at times to treason, to an attempt to undermine and ultimately topple the government.  But the implication for Trump’s defence is huge. If he told the Director of national intelligence to declassify everything, an order which DNI Radcliffe confirmed receiving, on public television. This interview occurred BEFORE Trump exited the White House, which indicates that literally everything that was classified would be declassified, because the DNI is in charge of all intelligence, hence all information of every classification. It doesn’t leave much for Trump to have taken that was not declassified.

This solid evidence, though, might not extend  to situations outside the Russia hoax and its associated villains. Here again television comes to the rescue: Kash Patel,  Trump‘s right hand man at a certain point during the administration, said, on some Fox News program in an interview shortly after the Mar-a-lago raid, that Trump had… again my memory is not certain… either directed him to Declassify everything relating to his presidency, or merely told him that he HAD declassified everything.

The DOJ really cannot overcome this evidence. Although in both cases it relies upon the report of a participant, and might have no documentation to back it up, it is still vastly more than the FBI has to counter. Their sole weapon is either a stamp or a sticker or a cover sheet that declares the contents to be Classified. The problem is, the stamp could’ve been put on a week after the document was taken from  Mar-a- Largo or a few top-secret labels could have been taken from the FBI stash and put on certain documents. In other words, the (now criminal) FBI has the physical and technical capabilities to alter evidence. They have also been known in the past to withhold evidence, and to lie to the court and produce false documents — both in their pursuit of Trump. So we have no real proof that any evidence or story the FBI might put forth represents the actual truth — while we do have evidence that the FBI has lied and doctored evidence. (E.g., the FISA court fiasco.) On the other hand, Trump’s evidence, although only on videotape, and in one case perhaps marred by a loyal soldier’s eagerness to defend his commander — despite this, Trump‘s evidence is real and unaltered, truthful in at least half of it (the DNI Radcliffe part) and is virtually unassailable because it was done long before the January 6 riot, before Trump’s presidency ended, and if I’m not mistaken, perhaps even before Trump lost the November election.

Now, it bothers me that Trump’s team has not brought these two “proofs” up yet, and I worry that they have forgotten — but how could they? How could David Radcliff, or Fox News? (I can understand Fox, as they’ve become anti-Trump the last year or so. Then, I suspect Trump might be playing this for eventual advantage. He’s drawing out the time line, drawing out the DOJ/FIB, letting the public see what they’ve done, then, later (before the mid-terms, or before November 2024?) winning his case with fanfare. Giving the DOJ/FIB enough rope to hang themselves. Already, I think he has a case for malicious procedure, in some way hitting FIB for its crime of home invasion.