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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PT (Pacific Time Zone, 8 hours before Greenwich. If you look at the “World Clock” in the right margin, Pacific Time is 2 hours before Chicago, 8 hours before London, 10 hours before Istanbul, 13.5 hours before New Delhi, 15 hours before Jakarta, and 16 hours before Hong Kong. For example, if you are in the same time zone as Hong Kong, you must add 16 hours to any time given in the column. If I write “before 10 pm Monday,” this would change, in Hong Kong, to “before 2 pm Tuesday.”) (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 12:47 pm to 5:14 pm Sun., 6:42 pm to 9:15 pm Wed., and 10:45 pm Thurs. to 2:28 am Fri.



Just after the U.S. mid-term elections, I forecast that a new atmosphere of friendliness would enter U.S. politics. Well, so far I’m wrong, wrong, wrong. Obama and Boehner are back to the old fight, with even more determination. I made that forecast because “voting day” ended with one of the luckiest, cheeriest and friendly aspects: the Moon trine (in harmony with) Jupiter, the planet of good luck, openness and camaraderie. I didn’t count on Jupiter’s other effect: it causes a belief in ideas that can be astoundingly blind to the facts. It encourages a person to believe they are right. Many of the leaders of the Nazi party in Germany were “Jupiter ruled” – were Sagittarians, or had Jupiter rising or conjunct the Sun, etc.
Obama is a Leo, a stubborn sign, and Jupiter is in Leo now to next August. This makes him very sure of his position – he even feels he’s taking a lucky, winning stance. (He has some justification for this. His record, in war and economically, is better than any recent Republican President. (Historically, believe it or not, in Canada and the U.S., the economy has tended to improve under Liberals/Dems, and to deteriorate under Conservatives/Republicans. This seems to happen on a state and provincial level also. Think about it: Clinton, Obama both healed their country’s economies. Bush and Bush Jr. oversaw economic declines.) If the Democrats had run on Obama’s record in the recent mid-terms, I think they would have kept the Senate. By deserting what seemed like Obama’s sinking ship, the democratic hopefuls showed the electorate what they were – rats. So the electorate shrugged and voted for the Republicans, who at least displayed loyalty and conviction.) I think Obama’s doing the absolute wrong thing in refusing to bow obsequiously to Congress and all the other Republicans, but I can’t help thinking, “Attaboy Obama, you get ‘em!”
But Boehner – the Republican leader who constantly and publicly defies Obama, is a Scorpio, also a very stubborn sign. As I wrote just after Obama’s re-election, Obama wins over Boehner in the short term, but Boehner will revolt and change the ground Obama stands on – ironically, Mr. B. now sees Obama as his best chance for advancement and both congressional and public approval: if you’re going to choose an enemy, pick the biggest (not baddest) enemy there is. Jupiter in Leo (Obama’s sign) is in the area of “great career advancement” for Boehner.

So I am temporarily abandoning my “more friendly atmosphere” forecast — for now. The term of that aspect is about 9 months, so it might still happen.
One thing I didn’t consider before: the New York Stock Exchange is a TAURUS organization (born 17 May, 1792). Taurus is often called the sign of money, and of banking. Nothing assaults Taurus directly over the next few years. But until 2018, Uranus in the sign “behind” Taurus – Aries – indicating that terrorists – in essence the whole Arab Spring – are the largest liability to the NYSE, or can provide the biggest jumps in direction. This December 23, 2014, Saturn enters Taurus’ “heavy finance” sign, staying until late 2017, This can cause a dampening of enthusiasm, sober reckoning or feeling of restriction on the exchange. It can also cause the NYSE to become even more international. Perhaps it will create little NYSEs around the world….
Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Foreign born people, international affairs, lawyers, scholars, higher learning, life philosophy, cultural venues/events, and gentle love – these fill the weeks ahead. Thursday onward brings an indirect but significant change: your ambition, and temper tantrums by bosses, both dissolve. Lie low, rest, Sunday daytime – all’s well. Don’t do mentally taxing chores while your thinking’s a bit wonky. From Sunday eve (5 pm PT) to Tuesday eve, your energy and charisma soar. Love, intellectual matters, far travel and cultural involvements favour you – go out from yourself, seek new opportunities, seek romance. A couple of barriers exist – you and another have “different directions” Monday afternoon, or a bit of temperament can arise Tuesday eve – sidestep these. Or better yet, be ambitious during these short periods (start a new project) and pursue love, new horizons, the rest of the time. Chase money Wed./Thurs. – you could hit a jackpot! (This might, instead, bring more love, sensual contact.) Don’t buy used items Thursday. Charge into errands, trips, communications, emails, newspapers and news media Fri./Sat. – seek variety, be curious. All week, new friends, blossoming love, are strong possibilities!

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
This Is an easy, fairly fortunate week, Taurus. Keep your focus on major lifestyle changes, health cures, financial actions (e.g., debts, investments) and “doors to intimacy.” It’s a splendid time to buy real estate, especially as an investment. Research, dig beneath surface appearances, listen to your hunches. By Thursday onward, legal “dangers” dissipate, intellectual choices/work become easier. But Thursday to mid-January, be diplomatic at work – bosses grow impatient, testy. Earlier, Sunday’s optimistic, happy, you feel social, but you still worry – don’t. What will be will be. Retreat this night through Tuesday – contemplate, plan, rest, interface with civil servants, institutions. All’s fine – but avoid legal matters, far travel, and intellectual “displays.” Your energy and magnetism rise late Tuesday night through Thursday – charge ahead, start projects, talk to bosses, invest or reduce debt, solve old or intellectual problems. Huge luck comes to the brave and to innovators. Chase money, earn, seek new clients, sell unwanted items, and go shopping, Fri./Sat. Prices might be high, but you can make excellent computer or electronic purchases, especially Friday afternoon/eve (PST).

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Relationships are paramount, Gemini. You remain in the assertive sexual mode (or is it just your magnetism?) of November, but only until Thursday. If you have not entered a primarily physical bond in the last six weeks, good – it seems to carry a high price tag at present. From Thursday onward, for six weeks, relations will leave a dark, mysterious, sensual zone and enter a light, more witty, open, fresh and intellectual mode. You leap from a lust-scape to a love-scape. You notice the cheerful, innocent, happy and talented side of others – and others treat you with affection. You might talk of co-habitation with someone. Remember, overall, others have the advantage – you’ll gain from co-operation, lose from challenging others. Work a little Sunday, then take the night off to meet friends. Monday/Tues. bring popularity, social joys, light romance, optimism and wish fulfilment. Don’t let friends influence you in financial or intimate areas. Retreat, rest midweek. All’s well – interact with civil servants, agents, charities and spiritual folk. Computer purchases are good. Your energy surges Friday/Sat. Friday emphasizes ambition and your worldly status early, friendships and hopes in the pm. Show someone you’re available! You might fall in love.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Work, work and more work – that’s December for you. Holiday buying, planning meals, decorations – or you might merely be busy at your employment. Take care of your health; eat, dress sensibly. Co-workers are pleasant, even affectionate: you might invite one for dinner. Since late October, you have experienced assertiveness and impatience from your spouse, partners, even strangers. (Ambition, perhaps unwise ambition, has been at the root of this.) This “friction trend” will dissolve Thursday, leaving relationships much lighter, friendlier. Sunday daytime is gentle, contemplative, loving. But this night, through Tuesday, accents ambition, facing authorities, your worldly standing and community reputation. Here, again, ambition and your relationships might clash. If your ambition is solely to make more money, you’ll succeed here – but if it is prestige you want, be careful: traps lurk. In any case, work alone for now. Wednesday/Thursday bring celebration, wish fulfilment, social delights, perhaps light romance – now, when you least expect it, suddenly ambitious wishes come true, or an advantageous door is unexpectedly open for you. Retreat to mull over the week, to plan, Fri./Sat. Be spiritual, kind, charitable – all’s good!

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Ah, sweet romance! December seems almost to wake someone up – to your charms. Your talents are showing, your personality shines, you’re feeling frisky and adventurous, lucky and confident – if single, chase someone: you’re very likely to succeed. If you’re married, children and their progress thrill you. A creative or “risky” action could well succeed, as you’re on a month-long winning streak. Be brave, bold and adventuresome – express yourself. A Gemini or Libra might prove to be a happy ally – might even become more than an ally. By Thursday, six weeks of hard (and somewhat thankless or unrewarded) work end. This day starts almost 6 weeks of assertive, “hot” liaisons or relationships. This heat can turn to anger, or to love. If someone wants to argue more than merge, though, even in business – walk away. Sunday’s mysterious, nudges your lustful side. This night through Tuesday accents far travel, law, higher education, media, life philosophy, cultural venues – and gentle love. Don’t dive too deeply into these: wait and decide. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. – bosses and parents favour you (except Thursday night) so make your play, show your skills, ask for things. Your popularity and optimism soar Fri./Sat. – friends, light romance and flirtation, entertainment, a sense of celebration blesses you. All week, love is lively, aided by the cosmos!

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The accent lies on home, family, real estate, security, retirement, Mother Nature, nutrition, basements, footings, and all the basics. This is a good time to build a launching pad for a project you’ll debut later, or simply to rest up for the year ahead. Nap often, eat sensibly. (Thursday onward – to mid-January – will increase the pace of work, so get all the rest you can – even after Thursday.) Examine your life thus far: abandon or shuck off the stale and unworkable, and nurture what you think will grow in future – includes people as well as projects. (This might be easier after Thursday, when a month of romantic, sexual drives ends, and more light enters.) Sunday’s meetings please you (more if you get out early). This night through Tuesday brings secrets, research, financial “opportunities” and sexual yearnings (examine these, sex and finances, carefully before acting: traps exist). All goes well, but your romantic, creative side might be shouldered aside by circumstances. A gentle, loving, understanding mood flows over you Wed./Thurs. – read, learn, contact foreign people, look at international real estate trends. An important relationship might hit a glitch, misunderstanding Friday am, but the rest of Friday/Saturday holds success. You might finally say, “Okay, I’ll take the plunge.” The whole week is chock-full of real estate and/or home opportunities.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Life’s busy, filled with errands, paperwork, applications, details, short trips, calls, emails, curiosity and variety. You hardly have to think – just do. You’re starting to send cards, notes; casual conversations flow with grace and amiability. The friction or unease you’ve felt since late October at home, with family/spouse, will dissolve Thursday onward. That starts 6 weeks of romantic fervour and courage for singles, six weeks of creativity, love of your mate, and closeness with kids. (But be gentle with kids – you might be a little too enthusiastic, pushy toward them.) These 6 weeks take you to mid-January, just as another, more powerful romantic phase begins. Go ahead, Libra, enjoy romance, but remember two things: 1) don’t marry or co-habit before late November 2015; and 2) a romantic partner met in a group, or even “playing the field” has a more fortunate result than heavy infatuation. (He was a famous, forgotten astrologer in the 1900’s.) Sunday’s jumbled. Eat right this morning. Tackle chores. You can mis-think a relationship this night – but relations go well Mon./Tues., as long as your home duties don’t interfere. Midweek’s very sexy and nudges you toward a financial commitment. Protect yourself in the clinches: don’t commit just to be as “nice guy.” A gentle, understanding, loving mood flows over you Fri./Sat. – a Gemini might flirt. You might fall in love. Travel, learning, culture are yours to enjoy.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Chase money, Scorpio. You’re one-third into a year of fortunate career influences. Use the present few weeks to raise your income through your career – e.g., ask a boss for a promotion and raise, raise your profile at professional venues, conventions, etc., seek new clients in more elevated territories. (E.g., quit selling insurance to the poor – start selling it to the rich.) Purchases are also favoured now – especially of status items. So buy a BMW instead of a Ford Fiesta, or upgrade your stationery, buy an expensive pen, etc. The week ahead is smooth, easy and fortunate – so march forth. Sunday’s romantic, tweaks your beauty-sensors. But this night through Tuesday brings chores. Eat, drink and dress sensibly. All is fine here, you’ll accomplish a lot, but ask one question first: what is worth accomplishing? Toss aside time-wasting chores. Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities, relocation themes and interfacing with the public – these fill midweek. Again, almost all the aspects are good, so go forth, bind yourself to another or to a project. Friday/Saturday bring financial and intimate opportunities, detective work, and, overall, success with a pile of chores. Romance won’t fly Friday am, though. All week, money, employment and career work together in a beneficial way.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness ride a yearly peak now, Sage. Start important projects, approach someone you’ve always wanted to impress or embrace. Be outgoing, adventurous, risk-oriented. Express yourself. This year (July 2014 to August 2015) your legal, educational, far-travel, international, media, publishing, cultural and intellectual pursuits are splendidly supported – use this week and the next two to pursue these bright arenas. A recent swell in your income ends Thursday.(Hope you listened to me and banked it!) Until Thursday, the temptation continues to spend on love and luxury. (I wouldn’t.) Sunday daytime’s sluggish and peaceful – rest up. This night through Tuesday promotes romance, taking a gamble, self-expression, creativity, games/sports, beauty, pleasure, and charming kids. This arena will give you a little less than you anticipate, so step lightly, don’t let it interfere with making a living. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. – all’s smooth, you’ll get a lot done. Friday/Saturday might bring an exciting meeting – some of you might be contemplating marriage. Or, a pending deal comes through. Opportunities, negotiations, reward you. Co-operate, don’t fight. All week, computer programs, purchases are favoured.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22- Jan. 19
Rest, seek sweet solitude. It’s an easy, lovely week. This is your recuperative cycle of the year (to late December). This is a good time to finish up old chores, contemplate and plan future action, deal with government red tape, and to work with others in a management or advisory capacity. You might shoulder a burden for a charitable or spiritual society. Mars, which has been making you more angry and aggressive than usual since late October, will leave your sign Thursday – after this, for six weeks, you’ll receive more money than usual. But you’ll also be tempted to spend it faster than usual. Pay down debts instead, or bank any extra funds. (They will serve you well when mid-February starts four months of splendid investments. Wait for it.) Sunday’s active, friendly, but this night through Tuesday brings you down to earth – or at least, to home, kids, security, gardening, nutrition and such basic themes. Do what’s necessary here, without expanding your activity. (E.g., lime your soil, but don’t re-landscape your whole yard.) Every day this week (except Sunday) holds some good luck, so those who try will fare better than those who delay for safety’s sake. Romantic notions beguile you Wed./Thurs. – you might not attract the attention you’d like, but all’s well. Hobbies, creative works bring peace. Tackle chores Fri./Saturday. Double-check instructions Friday morn.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Wishes can come true, Aquarius, during this easy, lucky week. You’re enjoying a renewed popularity, you feel optimistic. Social delights – including flirtations – entertainment, parties and group affairs – all keep your mood buoyant and happy. This is a splendid time to issue invitations, or to seek entry to a new group, club or circle. A few times in the past 40 days I’ve warned you to avoid dark alleys and belligerent people. Well, that possible physical threat ends Thursday – good. But now you become aggressive or assertive, Thursday to mid-January. (You might get into a big row over politics or ideals.) Try to step lightly, as this approach can impede your progress. Also try to avoid throwing too much time into errands, chatting, wild goose chases and “busy work” – now to mid-January especially, but to a large degree until November, 2015. If unsure, default to the profound – e.g., read a book rather than waste the afternoon with a newspaper. Marry someone rather than being “just friends.” You’ll be calmly glad you did, in a year or three. Sunday’s for cash. Monday/Tuesday, re-read this message regarding errands and time wasters. Midweek, turn your thoughts homeward, be domestic, protect your security and future retirement. Friday/Sat. are for romance – or for married folk, creative and pleasure pursuits, and joys with children – dive in!

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The main accent, this week and the next two, lies on ambitions, prestige relations, your worldly standing and community reputation. You might have to deal with authorities – if so, be clear, concise, well-behaved but not overly humble. In fact, if the authority is one who could hire or benefit you, then blow your own horn, as loud as you can! Show your skills, propose smart projects or money-saving/time-saving methods, etc. You have a natural knack for management and administration, Pisces – now is a good time to seek a position on these elevated rungs. Bosses favour you strongly until Dec. 10 – don’t waste time! Until August, 2015 you will be swamped with work – you might as well channel your efforts into getting ahead, too. Sunday, you shine, others notice you. This night through Tuesday features income, buying/selling: go ahead, Pisces, the aspects are good, but examine your bank account, debts and credit card balances before you go on any spending sprees. Midweek brings errands, messages, calls, trips, casual friends – be curious, seek variety. Friday/Saturday steer you toward home and family. Soak up nature, take deep, luxurious naps. This entire week is easy, productive.

The End.