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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PT (Pacific Time Zone, 8 hours before Greenwich. If you look at the “World Clock” in the right margin, Pacific Time is 2 hours before Chicago, 8 hours before London, 10 hours before Istanbul, 13.5 hours before New Delhi, 15 hours before Jakarta, and 16 hours before Hong Kong. For example, if you are in the same time zone as Hong Kong, you must add 16 hours to any time given in the column. If I write “before 10 pm Monday,” this would change, in Hong Kong, to “before 2 pm Tuesday.”) (You can also go to any time zone converter site on the internet, to find the difference between your time and the “Pacific” zone used by this blog.)


START NOTHING: 7:16 pm Sun. to 8:31 am Mon., 7:30 am to 11:23 am Wed., and 9:14 am to 2:03 pm Fri.


PREAMBLE: There’s something dark in the Vancouver Police Department. We might hear about it in January. Vancouver itself has ballooned in many ways; it’s swollen with population, chic, real estate prices…. This balloon might sag, deflate a little, around January also….

Putin remains seemingly invulnerable to NATO and the west, but after mid-November 2015, he will stumble…The cold shoulder he received during the G-20 summit hurt him more than might be apparent. A Libra, he very much wants to be accepted as an equal by his international peers. His Pisces Moon makes him ultra-sensitive to rejection….

If you picture the earth as a round ball, and see nations as onion skin or parchment paper laid on its surface, then in our century religion is a wind or wave that peels these parchments until they flake and bubble in the wind, lift and lose their grip… I wrote in the 1980’s that a new political system would come, to replace both democracy and communism, and for years after I thought China was developing this new kind of system. But now I wonder if the Islamic girdle that runs round our planet’s waist from Africa through southeast Asia, might create that new system, or at least contribute to it….

David Cameron, British Prime Minister, said Nov. 17 at the G-20 summit that “warning lights are flashing in the world economy.” Europe’s scraping along a recessionary floor, fighting deflation. Japan just sank into recession again. Emerging markets are more like drowning markets. Brazil is in recession. China’s growth is the slowest in years. Canada’s Venture Exchange (junior mining, oil and gas, etc.) is down almost 30 % since I warned about stocks in early July. The TSX is still down from July. Yet the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq are hitting new highs, and the American economy is growing at 3 % a year. So, the picture’s mixed, as I said back in September or October. I still advise caution. (The U.S.’s healthy growth rate is in large part a recovery from everything lost during the last decade.)




Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19

A month of mellow joys, gentle love, broad vision and understanding begins. You are in a splendid year for major romance: so this “gentle love” month can move passion to commitment, romance to wedding bells. If you’re seeking romance, try international travel, libraries, places of learning, travel hubs, law offices, foreign film showings, cultural venues, and book stores. These weeks favour any connection to these places and zones – for example, you are favoured to win a lawsuit (until Nov. 2015) to travel afar or attend university. Hop on these areas quickly, for early December brings a wee slowdown, to April 2015. It might also bring a former opportunity back – a marriage you should have made, a voyage you should have taken. Sunday accents all these things, as well as beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative pursuits – charge forth, you’re lucky today! Be ambitious Monday to Wed. morning. Many things go well, but make sure you know the real truth/facts – some fuzzy thinking hovers. Happiness enters Wed. noon to Friday – popularity, entertainment, flirtation, optimism, wish fulfilment and social joys greet you. Don’t invest Friday morning. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Friday afternoon through Saturday.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20

The weeks ahead accent mysteries and secrets, research and detective work. Your subconscious bursts to the surface, heightening your intuition and your sexual yearnings. In some ways, this is a powerful desire for security, for carving out a place for yourself. Intimacy, which leads to pregnancy, in turn leads to parenthood – so a strong “place” for you, as father or mother. This yearning often also emerges as financial desires – investment, home ownership, etc. This month if superb for investment, and this year (mid-2014 to mid-2015) is the most fortunate year in 13 for you to sell/buy/change homes. Don’t waste these weeks, Taurus! One thing: buy a home for living, not for investment; that way, it will later become a better investment. Both these roads – sex/intimacy and “home ownership” lead to the same place: commitment and its consequences. This year, the consequence should please you. Committing before Dec. 10 is best – in fact, this Sunday (Nov. 23) is excellent to make your bid, sign on the line – act before 7 pm (PST). A gentle, mellow, wise mood floats over you Monday to Wed. morning. All’s well, but avoid stress around dawn Tues., and avoid lawsuits at midnight Tuesday (PST). Be ambitious Wed. noon to Fri. noon. (Wed. afternoon another good time for real estate, other investments: but avoid wishful thinking.) Friday afternoon, Saturday hold some mild irritations, but you’ll hardly notice, as optimism, popularity, wish fulfilment and social joys lift your mood.


Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20

Relationships, new horizons and opportunities, contract negotiations, co-operative efforts, love, marriage – and the negative side of these, litigation, separation, opposition and challenge – face you over the few weeks ahead. Whether the good or the bad occur, is largely up to you – smile, offer help, work to fulfill another’s desires, goals. All November heightens your sexual desires and your urge to invest: take care with both, especially this Monday to Wednesday morning: easy rewards in the beginning can mask a broader puzzle or quagmire. It’s like plucking a beautiful water lily, then realizing you’ve stepped into a boot-sucking swamp. So look twice if an intimate or financial partnership is proposed. (You can fortunately enter these areas, sex, finances, investments, Dec. 10 onwards – be patient!) Sunday’s relationships are superb, lucky and honest – join up, approach/speak to someone, visit, propose a mutual effort. If single, you might meet a future mate. (This will happen a lot over the months ahead, so there’s no pressure.) Wisdom, gentle love, far-away places call you Wed. afternoon to midday Friday. Beautiful opportunities – to travel, publish, learn, attend cultural events – occur Wed./Thurs. Careful Friday, when practical matters “fight” idealism. Be ambitious Fri. eve through Saturday. All week, to Dec. 10, others treat you affectionately.


Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead hold work and health issues. Plod along – this is not a good year (to mid-November 2015) to push your career goals, so just do your job. Eat and dress sensibly. Take care of the needs of your children and pets. Work might actually be a relief, a pleasant sanctuary from hostilities – e.g., a long argument with your mate or others, or war with a competitor, until Dec. 10. (Don’t enter such hostile situations: they’re unwinnable – they’ll also be gone by Dec. 4, so practice diplomacy, evasion until then. A business/career partnership, if offered to you, is NOT a good idea during the next two weeks.) These themes arise strongly Monday to Wed. morning – despite my warnings, all will be smooth, rather easy. Earlier, Sunday offers a beautiful work opportunity, with a direct link to more income – grab or create it! Secrets, investigation, sexual and financial lures surround you Wed. noon to Friday pm. Check your ideas twice, make sure they stand up to reality – if so, charge ahead – luck accompanies you – but stop, give it a rest, Friday. This eve and Saturday mellow you with wisdom, a broad view, and gentle loving feelings.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

You’ll love the weeks ahead, Leo. Everything you love will be spread before you, almost like a banquet: romance, creative and gambling ventures, beauty, pleasure, sports, adventure, charming kids. Be sure to express yourself and your feelings. This is not the time for discretion, retreat or humility: blow your own horn, especially with the opposite sex. (Yes, same sex if you’re gay.) Sunday stands out – you could step through a door which will bring love, and/or spark it in another. Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon also holds the promise of exciting meetings, great partnerships, opportunities – approach others, but remember two things: 1) leave sexual intimacy/desires alone, at least for now (it would interfere with a budding relationship, maybe cause confusion, misunderstanding between you); and 2) stop before Friday. Listen Leo, romance, a passionate love affair is a great thing, and yours to grab – but do NOT wed (nor propose) before mid-November 2015. Tackle chores Monday to Wed. noon. Late week, Friday afternoon, Saturday, prompts emerging sexual and financial desires – a desire to change your life: careful with these. Research instead of acting.


Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize your domestic situation – in a lucky way this Sunday. Food, nutrition, shelter, real estate, family cohesion, gardening, Mother Nature, basics, foundations, sales territory in business – these will occupy your thoughts, and hopefully spur action, as good luck and easy accomplishment ride with you in these “down home” areas. As noted, Sunday’s great: charge ahead in the areas listed above. Monday to Wed. noon emphasize romance, risks, creativity and raising children. You remain sexually and romantically “fired up” this week and next, but a new sluggishness comes over you: some days you’ll prefer to nap rather than chase. That’s good, actually. Tackle chores Wed. noon to Friday afternoon (Wed./Thurs. best). Home matters go well Wed., but don’t misinterpret a spouse’s – or a stranger’s – intentions. Friday night, Saturday bring important relationships – be diplomatic, co-operative – but don’t go where you don’t want to be led.


Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead will be very busy, but not too important. So relax in your busyness, do errands, calls, visits, trips, paperwork, emails, etc. without worrying – give yourself a month off from stress. The month ahead will bring you many friendly contacts, and some of these either occur in a group, or will lead you to a group of like-minded people. Join, Libra – your popularity reaches a nice decade peak, and any clubs, groups or social circles you join now (before early August 2015, but especially in December/14 and July/August/15) will tend to benefit you for years to come. Heed this advice Sunday – join up, join in! Monday to Wed. noon emphasize domestic matters, family, real estate, Mother Nature, security, retirement plans. You’ve had to deal with some domestic friction since late October. This continues to Dec. 4. The same influence might have brought the end of a relationship, especially if an Aries is/was involved. Just remain diplomatic. Wednesday afternoon to Friday noon brings romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure (especially Wed.) – you’ll win! Tackle chores Friday eve, Saturday. An easy, intriguing week!


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Chase money now to late December, Scorpio. You’ll be lucky in this until Dec. 10, and productive to Dec. 21. You can start this whole phase with a great leap forward Sunday. Act before 7 pm PST (before 3 am Monday in Europe, before 11 am Monday in Beijing). “Chasing money” includes asking for a raise, attracting/cultivating new clients, selling unwanted articles, clipping coupons, even shopping. All month, an unexpected luck will aid your efforts, especially on career and professional fronts. Monday to Wed. noon brings errands, paperwork, trips, communication and casual acquaintances – it’s a smooth, easy interval, with some caution involving machinery, hands-on work, and unwise eating. Retreat (at least in your thoughts) to home and family Wed. noon to Fri. afternoon. All’s well, but don’t chase romance Wed. nor Fri. morning. A bright money idea or sudden fortune can occur Wed. DO chase romance Friday eve, Saturday. (Friday night – PST – best.) Remember, bosses and VIPs like you for 8 more months – step forward, volunteer, schmooze, present proposals. But avoid drowning in chores – delegate.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Boom – your energy and charisma, clout and effectiveness shoot to an annual high until late December. And you begin with all rockets firing Sunday – start important projects, see and be seen, call in favours, ask for more, lead others, accent YOUR goals. (Read Scorpio’s message above for timing details.) You’re lucky this day! Chase money Monday to Wed. noon, but avoid gambles, creative risk, speculation (applies for 12 more months). Tuesday holds a wee bump, computer glitch perhaps. Friends, short trips, errands, communications, paperwork and details occupy you Wed. noon to midday Friday. A moment of affection could lead to romantic notions – if you keep it light, friendly, all’s good. Watch some fuzzy thinking Wed., perhaps a choice between travelling and staying home. Travelling’s better. (In fact, now through early August, far travel, international voyages, are filled with good luck and learning that will improve your whole life. Good for university, too.) Turn toward home, family Friday eve, Saturday – there’s nothing spectacular here, but you could see the “spiritual necessity” of family love Fri. night. You’ve been basking in a little more money than usual since October. This trend continues to Dec. 4 – don’t spend this money, or you can end up poorer than you started.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Lie low. Retreat and rest, contemplate and plan, for the few weeks ahead. Deal with government agencies, institutions, head offices, shut-ins and invalids, warehouses and assembly lines, factories. Be charitable, spiritual. Meditate, do yoga, seek your centre again. All these themes will proceed smoothly and productively, and might lead you naturally to detective or research work, and to fortunate commitments, such as a great investment, a significant, healthy lifestyle change, sexual intimacy, pregnancy…beneficial consequences accompany all these – especially this Sunday, when weariness and good luck combine. Dig into newspapers, internet, for financial opportunities, or chase that sexy someone. Your energy and charisma rise mildly Monday to Wed. noon. Start important projects. If you feel like leaving home (even if for a day or two) do so. In any case, don’t concentrate on domestic matters and don’t retire, now to November 2015. Chase money, earn and spend, Wed. noon to Fri. afternoon. All is productive, smooth – but don’t waste time in talk, errands Wednesday, and buy nothing important Friday. This eve through Saturday is the best time for errands, visits, short trips and paperwork.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wishes can come true over the next four weeks, Aquarius. In fact, a small or large one might be fulfilled this Sunday (Nov. 23). These weeks are specially fortunate, as they can introduce you to one or more groups of compatible people. Within these groups (hiking club, political party, meditation group, etc.) could stand your future mate, or a great business, friendship, relocation or similar opportunity. There is almost nothing opposing or tripping up your goals and progress during the entire month ahead, so charge forth! (Only one caution: you might become a little pompous, ready to tell others “the truth.” Tone this down. On a similar note, after Dec. 3 you might become more assertive, determined to speak your mind, to drive aggressively – unfortunately, this can get you into an accident, or you might blab all the wrong things. An eyedropper of humility will make your luck blossom.) Chase romance, love, or a special dream Sunday. Call people. But retreat, rest, enjoy solitude, contemplate and plan, Monday to noon Wed. This afternoon to Friday, your energy and charisma soar – impress people, make contacts, start projects. But stay away from money, earnings, spending Wednesday (and Fri. morning) – they’ll steer you away from good luck, perhaps because concepts, thoughts, are confused. Instead, chase money Friday afternoon through Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead accent ambition, prestige, status relationships, community reputation – and hard work. You’ll be tested by higher-ups, and you’ll pass with “honours.” This is a benevolent month, so your progress should be smooth. It’s a great time to climb the ladder of success – take your first step Sunday. Make it a big step, for this day holds unusual luck. (Even if you don’t notice any progress, a door you step through this day will lead to green fields sooner or later.) Monday to noon Wednesday brings optimism, popularity, wish fulfillment, flirtation and light romance, entertainment and social delights. But steer away from secret or clandestine links. Wednesday pm to Friday afternoon finds you tired, your charisma low – retreat, nap, think and plan. All’s well – but intellectual projects will disappoint, and seeking recognition will reduce your luck. Be content, luxuriate in one of the few rest periods you’ll get in the next four weeks. Your energy and pizzazz shoots upward Friday afternoon through Saturday – start important projects or tasks – Friday night best.

The End.