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I am formatting this blog myself, as my 72+-year-old techie retired {Note: but ‘she’/me sometimes takes pity on Tim & does it anyway} She used to read every paragraph for typos and other nonsense. I’m not doing this — first written, remains: no edits. So please forgive any typos, weird sentences, etc. (And quit complaining — it’s free, ain’t it?)


ALL SIGNS: If you have a stock to buy, a contract to sign, or any activity you want to profit from, act December 2, or at latest Dec. 3. At this time, the sun will be in 10 degrees Sagittarius, a degree of wealth. When Jupiter (planet of good luck) was in this degree a few years ago, I filled my portfolio with many stocks. Made about 30% over the year following. Of course, your karma has to be “on board.” E.g., this year I timed a real estate purchase to complete and give me possession this Friday (Dec. 2/22). However, an insurance problem has delayed the process so badly that no lawyer could complete by that date. Poo!


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Settle in for a mellow month, Aries. (Actually, “settle in” might be the wrong phrase, as the weeks ahead can bring far travel, conferences, classes, legal, cultural and media involvements, etc.) You will generally feel wise and loving. Some Aries might even wed now, although my advice would be to wait until the first half of 2023.

Management still loves you (3 more weeks) so make your bid to join their ranks. Answers to your missives and queries have been “lacking” since late October — don’t expect solid answers until January. They will be good answers. (You’ll be ready to charge ahead w/o answers by late December, but I’d wait, just until, say, Jan. 12.) (To answer your long-range question: love will thrive.)

Be ambitious, dress “up” Sunday. Progress possible. This early afternoon (PST) to late afternoon Tuesday, brings social delights, popularity, invigorating new ideas/prospects, perhaps a flirt or two. Luck is mixed here, but mostly favourable — deep, sober, long-range wishes will tend to advance toward fulfillment. (E.g., “I wish I were the boss,” not “I hope I can kiss Mary Lou tonight.”) A Gemini (and/or your words) can help, be instrumental.

Retreat, lie low, rest, ponder and plan pre-suppertime Tuesday to late Thursday night. Be cautious late Wednesday night, pre-dawn Thursday.The rest of Thursday flows well, could even end with a lucky breakthrough, but is also deceptive or indecisive. Your energy and charisma soar upward late Thursday night through Sat. — a beautiful, successful interval — charge ahead!


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Life’s depths float to the surface now to late December, Taurus. Finances, investments, debt reduction, sexual desires, pregnancy, commitments and life-changing decisions/actions, medical decisions, research — all these are enhanced now to Dec. 20 by your heightened intuition — listen to it before acting. (It never speaks out loud, but nudges you softly, very softly, this way or that.) One or two wishes for the future (from May 2021 to last May) might, if not granted, return now — and could be granted before late Dec. Be optimistic, hopeful! Keep handling “extra money” astutely — force yourself to save a bit every week.

You start Sunday in a mellow mood, but by this afternoon ambition steps into your heart — until just before suppertime Tuesday (PST). You can take some solid steps forward/upward. Don’t let your domestic ties/duties disrupt your work efforts Monday. Happiness visits you Tuesday eve to Thursday night, as your popularity and optimism rise. But avoid arguments, late  Wednesday through pre-dawn Thurs. And realize a “false prospect” might appear Thursday, disguised as, festooned with, romance and life-mate vibes. Retreat to quietude late  Friday night through Sat. Though you’re tired, this is an excellent, fortunate interval for gleaning gov’t favours, seeking advice, angling into a management position, confidential discussions.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships will abound in the weeks ahead, Gemini. Some with you, some against, but you have the courage, even anger/aggression to “attack back.” (You might hum and haw about being so assertive all month, even into early January. But after this, to March, you will say what you want, do what you want, and chase at least one of your favourite goals. By late December, also (to May ’23) at least two of your major wishes will be fulfilled. (E.g., marry and buy a new home, or buy a ticket to see Europe, etc.) Your future looks ultra-bright! Higher-ups still favour you, to Dec. 20. Act on this.

Sunday’s mysterious, might hold either a money commitment, or a “daytime cuddle.” But this afternoon (PST) turns toward wisdom, intellect, profound ideas and love (i.e., outstrips sex) — until late Tuesday afternoon. A good interval, with two cautions: Avoid the disruptions of gossip, argument, “missing pieces” Monday; and show what you want, but avoid nay-sayers Tues.

Give your ambitions some leeway (to create their best path) Tuesday eve to Friday night. Be cautious Thursday, when obstacles, deception or indecision might throw you off your path. But a “late action” (a note to or conversation with a boss/VIP, etc.) might elevate you, or seriously beneficially impact your ambitious “journey.” (Timing: 5:30 pm to 6:44 pm Tues. PST — add 3 hours for EST, 8 for England, 15 for China, etc.) Late night Thursday through Saturday brings one simple thing: happiness! Accept and extend invitations, flirt, wish, chase optimistic dreams. Love might occur!


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’ve begun a month of work, minor health concerns, and, perhaps, boredom, Cancer. Ah, well. It comes to each of us, one month a year. You might have your eye on a management position, but delays and uncertainties have dampened your hopes. Two things: 1) your career prospects soar to new, fortunate heights Dec. 20 to mid-May 2023; and 2) those management delays should end in mid-January, freeing you for forward motion.

Sunday promotes peace in relationships. This afternoon/eve, to midday Tuesday, brings secrets, hidden treasures, financial, sexual and medical choices, and possible lifestyle changes. All’s good, except two cautions: avoid disruptions, electricity, unpredictable behaviour, Monday; and 2) sidestep an argument Tuesday. A wise, mellow and loving mood steals over you Tuesday eve to late night Thursday. Good time to deal with law, culture, beliefs, higher learning and publishing situations. However, put the brakes on late Wednesday night to pre-dawn Thurs. And on Thursday, be aware that deception or indecision might be colouring your outlook.

All that said, you could still emerge triumphant late this day. (See “Timing” in Gemini forecast.) Thursday night through Saturday imbues you with ambition and a need to feel prestigious. Charge ahead here, Cancer — good luck accompanies you! (And even if you see no immediate results, these can come, as reward, late Dec. to next May.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance! Half of all the planets, and the Sun, are in your romantic, creative, beauty and pleasure sector, Leo. I’d charge ahead, but not toward a wedding goal, as this would cause delay and possible frustration until January. Legal, educational, publishing and far travel goals the same : delays will end about mid-Jan. Investments, lust, research and medical matters remain quite fortunate until Dec. 20 — chase these Tuesday suppertime (PST) to Thursday night. . If any illness appears, see a doctor, as it might expand unexpectedly.

Tackle chores Sunday, but abandon them mid-afternoon to late afternoon Tuesday, when exciting relationship prospects — and other opportunities — arise. Shower, fresh clothes — and to meet the world! (I think some of you will be on a porch when dynamic people arrive.) Both Mon./Tues. can be disruptive, but also benevolent. Midweek has been described above (“Investments, lust…”) — be cautious Thursday (deception or muddled thinking) but also embrace the good fortune which quickly follows. Late Thursday night through Saturday emphasizes media, far travel, education, law, and gentle love — superbly, beautifully and luckily! But remember, you might have to be patient with a delay to January.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main accent lies on home, domesticity, children/parents, food and shelter, stomach, soul and “mini-hibernation,” Virgo. Get your rest. Shore up your security. Relationships hold exciting potentials, perhaps relating to your home or to co-habitation. Your work load has been rather heavy for 2 years. In March (’23) this ends, work lightens up. March also starts 2 years during which singles could meet and mate a “romantic ideal.”

Sunday’s romantic, creative, risk-and-reward-ish. But this eve through Tuesday eve brings you lots of chores. You’ll succeed, but be wary of computers/electricity Mon., and heavy machinery Tues. Relationships, relocation themes, fresh opportunities face you Tuesday eve to Thursday night. Not an easy interval, so proceed with caution, esp. Thursday — tho’ this pm might spring a happy surprise! (Someone from months ago?) High finance, investment, debt, lust/intimacy, research, medical and lifestyle decisions fill Thursday night to Sat. — a powerful luck accompanies you, so dive into at least one of these. (Strict honesty required.)


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your world is filled with busy things to do — easy, swift but numerous chores, errands, calls, visits, etc. Someone who loves you remains reluctant to reveal it, or, if revealed, to commit. This person, or another, if you’re single, will very likely throw off the cloak of indecision mid-January, setting you up for 2-plus months of intense love, perhaps leading to co-habitation by May/June. If you’re already attached, the same timing (delays to mid-Jan., then a rush of success) applies to business opportunities, contests, relocation possibilities, perhaps even a long-building fight. You’ll succeed if you don’t jump too early! A 2-year “drag” on romance (and creative energy) will disappear in March/23, giving yet another “green light” for mating, joining, relocating, etc. until mid-May.

Sunday’s practical, home-tied, domestic (restful?). But this afternoon to Tuesday afternoon is romantic, brings beauty, pleasure. Your luck is mixed during this interval, so be nimble. (Disruption late afternoon Mon.; argument, too impulsive Tues. noon, PST.) Tackle chores Tuesday eve to suppertime Thursday. All flows well until Thursday, when obstacles and deception/fuzzy thinking get in your way. You might end Thursday with a big job placed on your shoulders. (It’s rewarding, and will only last a few weeks.) Friday/Saturday feature opportunities, relocation themes, competition/opposition (diplomacy turns this away), and possibly huge love.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead should prove fortunate for your bank account, Scorpio. Half of all planets, and the Sun, are in your money sectors. Buy/sell, send bills and pay them, etc. A casual sexual interlude might occur. This could soon expand to become a lively, cheerful relationship — tho’ it doesn’t shout “marriage.”

Sunday starts lively, with short trips, calls, errands — but this afternoon (to late Tuesday afternoon) steers you toward home, family, soul, food, rest and contemplation. Soak up Nature — she’s the great healer. Don’t chase lust, an impossible investment, or demand to know a “secret” Tues. Romance opens its arms and says, “hey, venture in here,” Tuesday suppertime to Thursday night. Ditto creative, speculative and beauty/pleasure openings. But caution Thursday, when deception of mistaken thinking can make you say something that turns romance “off.” Still, you end Thursday with luck, smiling. Friday/Saturday are for work, and are super-lucky. Good time to buy machinery, hire someone, or seek new employment. Happy surprises await!


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is your time, Sage! You’re at an annual peak in energy, focus, timing, confidence, charisma and effectiveness. Charge ahead (esp. Dec. 2/3, when lucrative results are “baked in”). (See the Preamble, “ALL SIGNS” above.) Start something, launch a significant project, gather allies. Your home/family are a blessing now (to Dec. 20) — a lucky period to buy/sell real estate. Relationships, esp. romantic or creative ones, will explode with luck and expansion from late December to next May —with this wrinkle: until mid-January, a love bond will be intense, but that could be intensely good, or intensely bad/argumentative. A disagreement could turn to war, even with strangers, so diplomacy’s important! You might be very attracted to a love from the past — okay.

Sunday’s for $, shopping, selling, possessions. This afternoon to Tuesday afternoon brings errands, paperwork, communications, travel. Your luck is mixed here: Monday’s good for a relationship (esp. with a Gemini) but take care with this (and your words) Tues. Life nudges you toward rest, family, stomach and soul Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. All good until Wednesday night, Thursday — when obstacles lead to suspicion or misguided conclusions (or simple indecisiveness). A property deal might close. Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure visit you late Thursday night through Sat. — Dive in, you’ll be a winner!


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You remain in “recuperation mode,” Cap. Lie low, rest, sift through recent events and “enemies” — forgive yourself and them. Seek advice, charity, spirituality. Deal with gov’t, large companies, institutions. Finish neglected chores, so you’ll be free to soar, to act, late Dec. onward. Employment, tools, still frustrating with delays or mistakes. Follow all safety regs. Communications keep your spirits up.

Your energy and charisma experience a slight rise Sunday, but this soon switches to interest in $ and possessions, this afternoon to late afternoon Tues. Here, luck is mixed — best approach, avoid romantic or creative notions: just do the job. Careful with sharp tools, electricity. Errands, calls, trips, paperwork enter late afternoon Tuesday (PST) to late suppertime Thurs. This interval starts well, but declines to obstacles and worry by Thurs. — if you can get past these, a little bonus or “assurance” comes. Late this night through Saturday steers you toward home, family, property, security — an excellent interval, which can either lead to a good property purchases, or better, by late December to next May, a major lucky streak in real estate or home matters. (Luckiest in 12 years.)


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wishes can come true, Aquarius! The weeks ahead offer social joys, popularity, optimism, entertainment and flirtations. A Sagittarius or Gemini (or Aries) might play a key role. Life has been rather “unforgiving” the last 2 years (tho’ you’ve learned a lot about yourself and your limits) — this ends in March’23, when a whole new life with huge new boundaries  begins for you. (A very ambitious 20 years ahead if you’re young enough.)

Sleep in Sunday: dream, ponder, plan. Your energy and pizzazz climb Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon — communications go very well,  esp. with a lover or prospect, but step lightly Tuesday around noon (PST — 8 pm in Britain, etc.) when an argument might arise. Chase $, buy/sell, Tuesday eve to late Thursday night. All good — until Thursday, when obstacles and unclear facts (deception?) make progress difficult. Still, you could grab a bonus, pay raise or sale late this day. Deep this night (Thurs.) through Saturday, errands, visit, communications and paperwork fill the hours, and also progress with superb speed and grace. Love communications totally recommended!


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Slightly over 3 weeks remain in a special open doorway to status, prestige, career, business, ambition success, Pisces. Enter — it’s yours to win! But just as there’s great luck in outside ambitions, so is there friction on the home front. Sidestep arguments, ask family members for patience, and be humble, easy-going at home. (Brag at work!) For two years, your dreams, hopes and wishes have been “suppressed” by a “too realistic” outlook. This will end in March, 23, letting your hopes grow again for many years. (They will be serious, sober hopes the first 2 years, such as “Can I buy a house?”)

Sunday starts playfully, maybe includes a visit. But this afternoon to late afternoon Tuesday shunts you into “semi-hibernation” — naps, rest, pondering and planning, regathering mental and emotional equilibrium. Seek advice. Dive into your soul, psyche — it will refresh you. Both afternoons, avoid disruption, sudden actions, arguments. Your energy and charisma soar back late afternoon Tuesday to Thursday night. All’s fine until Thursday (late night Wed., PST) when obstacles arise suddenly in communications, lover’s talks, with kids, and bosses at work (all pre-dawn). Then, this afternoon inspiration might hit, pointing you to a success path — take it. Pursue $, possessions and casual sex deep Thursday night through Saturday. A very favourable interval — ask for a pay raise, or start a new branch of your company, or ask grandpa for a million, whatever.



A reader has complained that I am too negative and biased in my AFTERAMBLE articles, her latest complaint centering on my innuendos regarding ex-speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. In essence, I’m a muckraker or character assassin. She might be right. Here’s what happens: I see/hear/read something that smells bad, like old fish, and I assume the worst. Look at the few details released in this instance: that Pelosi and his “attacker” were in their underwear, that when police arrived, Pelosi retreated into the house (rather than seeking their protection) and that only later, after police entered, did Pelosi and David struggle over a hammer (David won and cracked Paul over the head before police reacted.) There was no entry/burglar alarm, indicating Pelosi had welcomed DePape into his home. Now, take the struggle over the hammer out of this picture, and what do you have?

(Remember, Paul Pelosi is no innocent babe — just months ago he was arrested for DUI, and ramming another car off the road.)

In any case, I apologize to any reader who was offended by my innuendoes, though I can’t promise I will never sink this low again.


I grew up in a time (and neighbourhood) in which Chinese were called Chinks, Blacks were Boogeymen (or the “N” word), Italians were WOPS, etc. Virtually every ethnic or racial group had a derogatory name. So I spoke like that during high school — until for some reason at 19 I left my social group and travelled south. I had been the class clown, but travelling alone and facing unknown situations emphasized the passive, watchful side of my personality.

For some reason, at 19 I began to emphasize with all of humanity. This sympathy lasted from 19 through my sixties: sense was stronger than (prejudicial) instinct. That still holds now that l’m 74, but I grow more impulsive and my first instinct is not always immediately corralled by reason or objectivity. In retrospect, I can always see the big picture, but with age comes a love of what’s close, and a reluctance to venture beyond familiar ground — even in the realms of beliefs, ideas and ideals — a reluctance to soar to previous heights of understanding, which can interfere with the ability to see things from a worldwide P.O.V.. Gotta watch that one.


Now the braying Dems have put Elon Musk in the crosshairs because he has tried to establish a free speech platform. To the Washington overlords, all free speech is hate speech. (Because they fear everyone hates them?)


Remember J, J, J… The first letter of the first name of Trump’s enemies, both open and hidden… I’ve written about this before. Even those supposedly on Trump’s side, if their first initial is J, they screw him. JOHN Bolton ruined Trump’s approaching peace agreement with N. K.’s Kim Jong-un (by publicly stating that the U.S. would not honour such a treaty even after it was signed). And Trump’s own special counsel, John Durham, supposedly ripping the covers off the coup attempt(s) by Hillary, the FBI (“FIB”) and DOJ … ended up doing NOTHING. Durham was basically dismissed by a coven of Democratic lawyers, jurors and judge, all prejudiced against Trump… Openly so!

Now the criminals — Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, the FBI and DOJ will try to bring Trump down with their own Special Prosecutor, JACK Smith.


The United States has been on a downhill slide since Ronald Reagan. The Clintons with their massive corruption in so many directions, the hapless low IQ George Bush, the sneaky, intelligent and self serving Obama,…. All these furthered an American slide into decline economically, militarily, politically — and morally. That slide was interrupted by the election of Donald Trump. What people were only semi-aware of was that that huge long slide since Reagan was really the outward manifestation of a vast and complex corruption in the government, where basically everybody was filling their pockets courtesy of the American citizenry.

These swamp dwellers, mostly Dems, could not countenance Trump’s entry because it shone a halogen light on their corruption and threatened to dethrone it. Trump never got that far, partly due to at least 10 phoney pieces of slime thrown at him by the corrupt mud-dwellers in Washington: 2 baseless impeachments (actually, not baseless, but based on Dem lies and FBI criminal activity, including unauthorized wire-tapping of Trump’s office, bedroom, and the White House), the Mueller fart (for that’s all it was, a big fart) and all the rest of the phoney lawsuits and slanders spewed by “pundits” on the Dem-owned media. (Remember how they used to say, month after month after month, Trump was verifiably insane and should be ”taken out” for that reason?)

Both Democrats and some (jealous) Republicans have struggled mightily to unseat the only effective president to occur since the 1980s. I have told you for years that Trump was a scapegoat. I said it (i.e., wrote in this blog) before he was even elected. He still is a scapegoat. Now Attorney General Garland, possibly one of the five most corrupt officials in America, has appointed a special counsel to bite at Trumps heels. Garland as much as admitted that he appointed this special counsel because Trump had announced that he would run again for president. Immediately… that is one day after Trump’s announcement, Garland appointed a special counsel. That counsel’s first name is Jack. (As I’ve told you many times, the J almost always signals bad karma and an enemy for Trump.) I think Trump has one chance: that the Republican-dominated Congress impeaches Garland and Biden and the whole crew. That would be a life-saver for Trump, but also for the citizenry in general.

BTW, I think Trump will be acquitted of all charges from all (swampy) directions.