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Well, now that Trump’s elected, I can return to being a democrat. (Actually, I’m a-political.)

Trump’s a Gemini. So are Pence, Guiliani, Gingrich.  But Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn and Kelly Anne Conway are (it seems) Capricorns. These “collections” are very unusual.  For example, the “probability” of 4 Gemini people being in the four top spots of the new presidency, are — what? a few billion-to-one? Ditto the Capricorns . (I’m ignoring Bannon, a Sagittarian, and Reince Priebus, a Pisces.)

Here’s the “even odder” thing:  the lunar south node, an indicator of bad karma, is in Pisces from November 2015 to May 2017. Pisces is Gemini’s career and prestige sign. Gemini, in 2016 (to May 2017) is supposed to be avoiding career or ambition, prestige or political effort. I’ve generally advised this sign to avoid changing careers or employers, to accept the status quo, etc., because chasing ambition or prestige during this period will often end in failure — or mud in the face. Yet these four Geminis went for the brass ring — and grabbed it. Duh?
Actually, the south node does not exclusively mean “bad karma” (and dead-ends, sinkholes, frustrated temptations and unwise choices) — it really means “old karma.”  (As opposed to the North node, which means good karma, or “new” karma, the kind you’re manufacturing as you live in the present.)  Usually, focusing on or trying to stand upon or chase the area where the south node is, ends in failure because the cosmos wants us to advance, not go backward — and that’s what the south node represents:  the old, the dusty, the “gone.”  But sometimes we have committed some saintly acts in our past, and these can be rewarded by “old karma” — by, in a sense, rewards dropping out of the blue, into our lap.  Additionally, both nodes, north and south, but the south more powerfully, indicate “destiny.”  (E.g., if your south node is on my Sun, we might be destined to meet, even to form a relationship.)
So:  1) look at Trump’s campaign of gaffes, sexism, racist overtones, etc. — Trump’s reputation, in some ways, hit rock bottom. If left to themselves, he and his triangle of other Geminis would have lost.  2) who saved them? Capricorn Kelly Anne Conway, and maybe Capricorns Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions — Capricorn, during the election, had the North (good karma) node in their ninth sign of ethics, fame, and intelligence, and, by the election, all had lucky Jupiter in their career and “winning elections” sign.  Capricorn is Gemini’s strategy and power sign — and they sure came through for Trump. 3 ) WHY?
WHY:  That’s the big question, one I’ll try to look at in future. Here’s the thing: the four Gemini roosters were elected on a somewhat “tawdry” platform (the south, bad node in their career sign) but obviously one that was meant to win. That means their administration is fated, to be and to face some major thing, or to create some major new thing. It bears watching.
Remember that south lunar node, now in Pisces (until May/17) is generally a trap and a time/effort waster for all signs, wherever Pisces lies in their birth charts. For Gemini, that’s the career sector; for Taurus that’s the social area; etc.  Hillary’s Moon (emotional indicator; the moon also rules the populace) is in Pisces.  She picked a Pisces man, Tim Kaine, for her running mate. Two strikes.  As Donald paid for his south node influence with a battered reputation (his career house), Hillary paid with emotional (her moon) “desertion.”  She found it hard to express any emotion but anger and challenge during the campaign  — hallmarks of the south node (with either the moon or Sun).  With Trump, the south node was “in a difficult place”; but for Hillary, it was a much more direct hit, on her Moon — almost impossible to overcome, because her very emotions were steeped in, imprisoned in, that “bad karma.”  (But we have to remember, often the south node’s type of “imprisonment”  is the self-imprisonment of temptation, like the monkey trap. The trapper puts a candy in a jar, which the monkey grabs. But his fist around the candy is too big to exit the jar, to fit through the mouth. So he jumps up and down, but refuses to let go of the very thing that is trapping him. Hillary held the key to success, but turned it the wrong way.)
The revulsion which the south node causes was manifested for both Hill and Don, by their historically high “unfavourable” ratings. The destruction which the south node causes would be my biggest worry, in this way:  this administration for four years will carry out the “destiny” of the Pisces South Node:  we’ll see lots of unintended consequences and “flyers” that can’t soar.


Aries.svg    ARIES:  March 21-April 19
You will like this weeks ahead, Aries. A wise, mellow outlook on the world deepens your compassion and opens you to new levels of love.  For singles, the weeks ahead could easily bring a viable life mate.  (Hate that word “viable” – seems to sound “just sufficient,” but I really mean a good life mate.)  Your social abilities stay high and your whole life remains affectionate. Someone might be phoning or talking to you quite a bit this week. No matter what they say, their real purpose is romantic.  Sunday to Monday noon is consequential and mysterious, and pulls up your deepest sexual and power desires. (The latter usually manifests as financial urges.) Your luck is fine, so march ahead. Monday noon (PST) to midnight Wednesday offers you a banquet of opportunities and deceptions. Be careful with legal matters, secret love temptations and your reputation. One  met now will not be a good future partner. For success, tackle things from early afternoon Tuesday to predawn Wednesday. Your career and general ambitions are highlighted Thursday to noon Saturday. Thursday is superb – charge after love, create, take a bit of a gamble, and show your talents to the big guys.  Friday is disruptive, but this evening through Saturday’s wee hours brings a chance for success, especially in your career or involving your community reputation.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS: April 20 –may 20
The weeks ahead continue to emphasize secrets, mysteries, sexual urges, research, detective work, hidden forces, medical matters and possible surgery, lifestyle changes, large financial options, and commitment and consequence, especially Monday afternoon to Wednesday midnight.  All these have a mildly favourable green light these few weeks, especially as events in your work sphere will cooperate with these matters.  However, be careful Tuesday forenoon and Wednesday daylight hours, when disruption and misguided efforts prevail.  Earlier, Sunday to noon Monday is for relationships.  You’ll get along with everyone, and casual partnerships work well the first half of Sunday (PST).  A mellow, wise mood flows through you Thursday to Saturday noon. Thursday, especially, favours far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal matters, publishing and media, religious, philosophical and cultural involvements – and love. Friday embraces the same themes, but in a mildly argumentative way Friday morning and in a disruptive way Friday supper time.  After this, all goes well – especially for you. You might receive or send an affectionate email or call – either way, results will please you!  Bosses and VIPs remain temperamental.  Be patient, for next Wednesday (Dec. 7) onward these higher-ups will start to favour you.

Gemini.svg    GEMINI: May 21 – June 20
The emphasis remains on relationships until late December. Since this year (September 2016 –October 2017) holds a valuable romantic treasure for you – best in 13 years for many Geminis –these two influences can combine to help you find a splendid, loving life mate. Still, not everything is easy — this week, a major relationship influence arises Monday noon to Wednesday midnight, and the picture isn’t exactly pretty.  Monday’s okay, but Tuesday forenoon can either disrupt a relationship, or bring you one with a very stubborn, slightly wonky person.  And Wednesday to 5 PM (PST) tries its best to fool and confuse you.  A mere hour or two later however, you could meet a workable mate — he/she will be very like yourself.  Life’s mysteries and depths rise to your attention Thursday through Saturday noon.  Dig deep, seek hidden answers and valuables. Your desires for sexual and financial success can lead you into odd places (and some dead ends) Friday, but all Thursday, and Friday night into Saturday predawn offer success. You might fall madly in love, or cause someone else to, Thursday.  Saturday PM is for love and wide-ranging thoughts – all’s well!

 Cancer.svg   CANCER: June 21 – July 22
Work, drudgery, and nagging health concerns visit everyone at least once a year – the few weeks ahead are your time, so you might as well dig in and get it done.  Realize that a slowdown and environment of mistakes comes December 19 to January 8.  Plan your work and projects so they complete before the 19th. Your sex drive is still powerful until mid month and this week continues a minor thread that brings compatible relationships – some single Cancers might get involved, perhaps with a coworker.  Romance, creative and risk-taking urges fill Sunday to Monday noon — these have a pretty good chance Sunday morning (PST).  The work and health trend reaches a peak of sorts Monday noon to Wednesday midnight, as bad aspects mix with good, you’d be wise just to keep your head down and get your work done.  A new project might be introduced to you, but dive in enthusiastically only if it can be solidly established or completed before mid December.  If you want to purchase tools or machinery, do it between 5:30 PM and 8 PM (PST) Wednesday.  Be careful with machinery, electricity, water and driving Tuesday morning and Wednesday day time. Relationships greet you Thursday through Saturday noon.  Thursday is splendid and lucky, but not particularly for relationships – although it does favour sexual intimacy, especially with a new love.  Friday tends to take relationships apart until early evening.  After this and into early Saturday morning you can make an affectionate, worthwhile contact.  Saturday noon starts a weekend worthy of a detective.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO: July 23 – August 22
Ah, sweet romance!  Single or married, Leo, this week and the next few will Immerse you in pleasure. The pleasure can be romantic, creative, speculative, from games or sports, or from the deep beauty that nature breathes. This Monday noon to Wednesday midnight doubly emphasizes these lovely things. However, the aspects are very mixed. Be cautious during a disruptive first half of Tuesday and a deceptive daytime Wednesday. You might end one love and begin another – but be cautious what you begin.  You might pursue sexual intimacy, but find out your train is on the wrong tracks.  Still, you will be steeped in ecstasy.  Earlier, Sunday and the first half of Monday, your home life is emphasized. Be active Sunday morning to noon, but after this seek to rest wherever you can. Thursday through Saturday noon brings chores and a wee bit of daily health concerns. Thursday is great – you can accomplish much.  All day, especially this supper time, you can fall into conversation with an intense individual who could have a beneficial effect on your life.  This could be a love affair, but you might also be talking to someone in regard to a legal affair or an international Journey – in all cases, results look good. Friday needs caution until suppertime – after this, green lights shine.  Midday Saturday starts a weekend of important and beneficial relationships.  Be willing to shake on a deal.

Virgo.svg    VIRGO: August 23 – September 22
Sunday and the first half of Monday bring errands, details, paperwork, short distance travel, communications and casual acquaintances.  All is well – pay attention to the “start nothing” period. The three weeks ahead continue to emphasize your domestic situation:  family, security, retirement, children and their future, gardening, landscaping, renos and repairs, etc.  DON’T start any projects which you cannot finish before mid December. These areas are especially significant Monday noon to Wednesday midnight. Monday’s fine, but Tuesday morning and Wednesday day time will frustrate you with obstacles and “wrong directions.”  Work around these times. Romantic notions pour in Thursday through Saturday noon – so do beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges, and charming kids. Thursday is superb, especially for purchasing machinery or equipment (and for showing off your daring-do) but again Friday, a wide berth at least till suppertime.  After this, affection exists.  Saturday mid day starts a weekend of successful chores – your efforts will be strong and lucky (especially Sunday).

Libra.svg    LIBRA: September 23 – October 22
The accent remains on errands, paperwork and details, short trips, communications and casual acquaintances, especially Monday noon to Wednesday midnight, when a new project might begin in these zones. If you do start something, be careful for two reasons: one, a slow down looms in mid December which could throw these projects into disarray; and two, your luck Is pretty jumbled. Success can come Monday, Tuesday afternoon to predawn Wednesday, and Wednesday evening.  Act during these times, and be cautious otherwise.  (Accident potential or love in disarray Tuesday morning, and false information or false goals Wednesday daytime.) Earlier, chase money and purchase items Sunday to Monday noon – all looks fine, but watch the “start nothing” time.  Head for home Thursday through Saturday noon – hug the kids, make repairs or decorate, handle the garden, take the kids on neighbourhood trips, etc. Thursday is great: you will get a lot done,  And you might, if single, meet one of the loves of your life by supper time, not late night (PST).  Friday morning is argumentative; Friday suppertime is nervous and stressful in relationships. But late this night, affection returns.

Scorpio.svg    SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21
This is your money month, Scorpio – until December 20. Chase new clients, ask the boss for a raise, seek new employment, have a garage sale, etc. This can also be a good time for significant purchases, with two qualifications: one, Mercury retrograde begins around mid December, and the closer you get to that point, the more likelihood that you are negotiating for a lemon. Two, the three days that doubly emphasize this earning and spending trend are not exactly “purely lucky” — that is, Monday noon to Wednesday midnight.  A deceptive atmosphere – or romantic stars in your eyes – combined with a readiness to reject – make this interval a bit dangerous money-wise. To succeed, act Tuesday PM To Wednesday predawn. Earlier, your charisma and energy remain high and handsome Sunday to Monday noon.  Errands, casual acquaintances, short trips and communications fill Thursday to Saturday noon. Thursday is great – if you’re willing to communicate, you can solve a domestic problem.  In this, look for light or inspiration from your far distant past or from government agencies. Day time is disruptive and accident prone, but this night turns friendly and affectionate. Saturday noon begins a weekend of domestic delights. Downplay domestic friction.

Sagittarius.svg    SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21
You’re at the top of your game, Sagittarius. Your charisma, energy and effectiveness remain high – and in fact grow higher this week.  Rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to noon Monday. Regather your energies, be charitable and spiritual. Your surging vitality returns Monday noon to Wednesday midnight. Be a leader, start significant projects, get out and make new contacts or impress those you need to – but realize there are also obstacles in your way.  Delusion and disruption mar Tuesday morning, and an influence of deception or daydreaming casts it’s flimsy net over the whole interval.  Romance and your bank account are at odds Tuesday.  Still, you can make great progress in pushing personal agendas, especially Monday, Tuesday afternoon through predawn Wednesday, and around 8 (PST) Wednesday night.  You can overcome a fairly major domestic difficulty or worry Wednesday, but don’t jump so deeply into solving it that you can’t get out.  Chase  money, a sexual attraction or a possession Thursday through Saturday noon.  Realize that none of these will “appreciate” in value, none is an investment, not even the sexual attraction. That said, Thursday daytime is superb for flirting with someone, or gathering a big crowd for a special function. A big wish might come true about love and/or children. Friday morning might be argumentative, but might also bring you an unexpected stroke of luck. This afternoon however, Is disruptive: drive carefully.  Saturday afternoon leads to a weekend of hectic yet enjoyable activity – errands, mail, small purchases, etc.
Capricorn.svg    CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19
Continue to lie low, Cap — rest, contemplate and plan, deal with government and institutional workers as well as your own head office. Delegate tasks rather than doing them yourself.  Be charitable, and dive into your own spiritual center.  Money continues to favour you – but if you don’t control your spending, you could end up with less. Late December will start a new personal year for you, with new beginnings, new plans, and new energy. The more you rest and plan now, the more successful you will be from December 21 onward. A wish might come true Sunday/Monday, but it will be a fairly minor one – enough to bring a smile to your lips. Still, two sociable, enjoyable and optimistic days – your heart will lift!  Monday noon to Wednesday midnight intensifies the withdrawal trend of this month as outlined in the first three sentences above. Overall this is a restful few days, but don’t imagine they will be easy.  A money-home-ambition conflict irritates you Tuesday morning, perhaps because in your dreams just before awakening every thing seemed so easy and clear.  Be wary of saying the wrong thing or giving a wrong impression Wednesday. Your energy and charisma bounce back Thursday through Saturday midday. Thursday is great – get out, make new contacts, impress people, and start significant projects.  (Make sure you can complete these projects for mid December– if not, it might be smart to wait until after January 7th.) You could receive a pay raise at work, or equivalent praise.  Friday is disruptive in the afternoon, but you can make strong headway in your career ambitions this morning (PST of course).  Midday Saturday begins a weekend of earnings and spending – all under good, reliable and lucky auspices.  A garage sale?

Aquarius.svg    AQUARIUS:  January 20 – February 18
You are immersed in a very social few weeks, Aquarius, and these weeks occur in the midst of a longer-term trend that favours higher education, intellectual pursuits, far travel, international affairs, cultural and religious venues, and love.  A long-held wish could come true in any of these zones now to late December, and especially Monday noon to Wednesday midnight this week.  (But before you celebrate, realize two obstacles can prevent wish fulfillment, especially if you chase what these obstacles are:  Tuesday morning, it seems to be an attractive but stubborn person, or someone’s gossip about you, or governmental interference in your spending abilities. Wednesday daytime “obstacle” is money or lack thereof – or simply your desire for more money, which can interfere with both friendship and romantic love. Despite this, you’ll be happy, upbeat, optimistic, and popular — these days, and these weeks!  (Earlier, Sunday/Monday morning, be ambitious – and dutiful towards higher-ups.)  Late week, Thursday through Saturday noon, retreat from the bustling crowd.  Nap, contemplate, read quietly, watch the course of events and make plans.  Despite your weariness, your sexual magnetism remains intense until mid December. This could cause a love affair to begin Thursday – or to resume successfully.  It’s also a great day for buying travel tickets – but don’t plan on travelling December 19 to January 3rd, unless you will be revisiting a former haunt.  Friday might bring a barrier to your success in intellectual, legal or travel areas – but it’s a temporary barrier, and you might see the solution to it late this night. Drive carefully and avoid electricity Friday afternoon.  Your energy and charisma return quickly Saturday afternoon, to start a weekend of major success!
Pisces.svg     PISCES: February 19 – March 20
The general focus remains on your career and worldly ambitions, Pisces, especially Monday noon to Wednesday midnight.  Monday is fine; Tuesday flows against you in the morning but aids you this afternoon right to predawn Wednesday.  Do all you can to elevate your profile and/or start ambitious projects and/or start a “workplace partnership.”  A confidential discussion could be involved. One caution: don’t start any project that cannot be finished – or put on a solid foundation – by mid December. Earlier, a wise, mellow and compassionate mood flows through you Sunday/Monday. All is well here, but check the “start nothing” times.  A wish could come true Thursday through midday Saturday, as social delights, entertainment, friendly flirtations, popularity and optimism lift your heart. Thursday’s spectacular: besides the social gifts just mentioned, this day also offers a secret (lovers’) rendezvous, a gift from the government, an inheritance or an excellent Investment opportunity.  Friday is a different story – although your mood remains buoyant, events might disappoint, at least until suppertime.  (After this, affection grows.)  Midday Saturday begins a weekend of happy solitude and luxurious rest.  Something or someone hidden could be like valuable treasure to you, or reveal a very good investment – perhaps this Saturday, but more likely the following Sunday (December 4).

The End.




I suspect it’s already been said – in some ways the recent US presidential election came down to a divide between the politically correct and the organic personalities. The politically correct want to live in, and weave around them a fine-spun structure of “proper behaviour”. They want others to live in the same structure, because this gives them predictability and reliability. Their peak, the top of the pyramid of their aspirations, would be the ancient, super sophisticated dynasties of China, in which every gesture had its place and manners were a structure so strong that no one person could violate these behavioural expectations without being repelled into the muddy masses of unwashed peasantry.

Such structures are necessary to some degree in very populous nations; they are a form of subscript law, or of not-quite-written-law which both restricts people and shows them the path forward – that is, how they may and may not behave. Such a subscript law saves tremendous amounts of effort because there are no formal legal charges, no judge and jury – the subscript law works instantly in almost every case, and its judgements are often conveyed by no more than an arched eyebrow, a lifted finger or a look of coldness or acceptance. However, to claim this saves energy might be false.  Yes, formal legal proceedings and days in court are saved, but the whole PC structure is held up by constant attention and fealty by every person all day — surely a massive drag on psychic and emotional energies, as the Soviet communist states showed.  (Communism wasn’t the worst PC, it was just enforced so grimly that neither society nor the economy could grow — witness Cuba, Russia.)
The fine-spun structure of proper behaviour (or “PC”) is also used to hide a developing power structure, as well as, often, crimes such as greed and graft. Unfortunately, the PC web and the loyalties it demands begin, as time goes on, to create a large open but secretive space for bad actors, especially political bad actors, to follow corrupt practices.  PC is one of the most effective covers for dominance, abuse, sexual manipulation, greed, selfishness, and the pursuit of power, partly because it demands unquestioning loyalty to “authority” — and PC’ers are often blind to the corruption it hides, until they float into that darkness themselves, as Donna Brazil and Debbie Wasserman and all the other DNC’ers did.
The committed PC-ers try to exclude anyone who does not display PC, from the goodies of life. Trump was definitely not PC, nor was his abrupt, arrogant, race-baiting early campaign. One of my favourite readers, a retired New York media reporter, told me he met Trump many times over the years, and said “he really is blue collar” despite his wealth.
Famed Japanese film director Kurosawa had a favourite actor, wish I could remember his name, Mifune? He was archetypal Aries — fierce, an excellent swordsman (a samurai but not “in the ranks” — an independent “samurai bum” — impulsive, unpredictable, crude and animalistic (with a great sense of humour).  Trump was America’s Mifune, a crazy swordsman let loose to attack the citadel of the PC, mainly represented by the 30-year fine-spun structure at the White House — Dems and Republicans alike. This was the structure Michelle Obama so sweetly and false-heartedly represented, the structure in which Barrack was so caught that he began shaking and stuttering when Trump became the nominee.  (“Caught” — PC is finely spun, subtly sticky, and there might be a spider at its center.)  Trump became the representative and hope of the masses who had been excluded from the “proper behaviour” club, the people whose “present” was lousy enough that they didn’t mind risking it.



2 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — NOVEMBER 27 – DECEMBER 3, 2016

  1. helen

    Dear Tim:
    I notice you are referring to Mr. Trump election as a rebelión of the “masses ” of some sort. I can’t help but thinking that Mr. Trump ascension to our highest office is an artifact of an archaic system (the electoral college- one of those only in the USA things). Back in 2012 Mr. Trump decried it very publicly as the enemy of democracy when he though mistakenly that Mr. Obama has lost the popular vote; today of course the system is “genius “. This is very reminiscent of the circumstances that gave us George W. Bush, while he “won” Florida by 550 votes, 250000 ballots in predominately black and Latino communities were thrown out. This time around about 2 million votes (and counting) are really not part of the decision-making process. Let’s hope that the fated-Trump administration is not ill-fated. On the positive side, serious proposals are being put forward to abolish the electoral college. I dream of a time when presidencial contenders are forced to listen, and appeal to citizens all across the country and not just those inhabiting the lucky 10 , and that the results are a reflection of the true majority every time regardless of which way the pendulum swings.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Helen,

      Yes, the abolition of the electoral colleges seems to be gaining adherents. But as Trump said, if the election had been based on popular vote he would have spent time campaigning in California, NewYork, Chicago, etc, where the population enters are, and might have beat H.C. that way, also. We’ll never know.



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