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START NOTHING: 3:23 AM to 8:31 PM Monday; 6:05 AM Wednesday to 2:16 AM Thursday; and 5:06 PM Friday to 4:41 AM Saturday.



At a reader’s request, I have tried to find the first instance in which I opined that Hillary would not win the election. One of the earliest I did find was from February 9, 2014 – but even in that one I refer to an earlier prediction. Darn if I can find it, though.  (In 2013, the Archive is missing several columns.)   Anyway, I’ve gathered what quotes I could in the AFTERAMBLE.  (After this, I won’t mention H.C. again, I promise)




For a normal person to speak to an abused person, and try to cheer them up or tell them to “buck up and live life’s joys” is like shouting down to someone trapped 100 feet below in a well, and describing to them how beautiful and sunny the fields are, and the trees and the lake just over there…

…. is a great place, unless you want to deal with the government. Everything is located in the arrogant east, so if you live in British Columbia, you are allowed to call the taxman, the internet fraud centre, etc., until 2 PM (i.e., 5 PM in Ontario). So in BC, our day runs from 9 AM to 2 pm. In the arrogant east, they can call the government until 5 pm, but the west is second class. It gets even worse, as some civil servants will not answer the phone after noon — which makes it 9 am Pacific Time. The politicos, who stuff our tax dollars in their pockets, can’t even spare enough to pay for a few more phone lines? No wonder people calls Ottawa “Snotawa.” But is Washington any better? They create a tax return no ordinary man or woman can decipher, then the IRS refuses to help you fill out your tax form. In my experience, American IRS civil servants are rude, and impatient. So call Washington, “Poshington?”



In the September 8, 2013 column (and earlier, in the 1980/90’s) I wrote that the United States, from 2008 – 2024, would be forced to renegotiate its place on the world stage, compelled to find a new self-definition and a new self-direction. I said this would bring divorce and alienation to the USA. Well, I suppose Donald Trump manifests a new self-definition and direction. The alienation is already occurring versus the Middle East, Russia and China, all pushing back at the US – and what about Duarte of the Philippines telling Obama, in an expletive-soaked rant, to *$&_*^%#@ himself. (But I’m not enough of an amateur historian to know whether this alienation is unusual — I still remember “Yankee Go Home” from the 1950/60’s.)





Aries.svg     ARIES:  March 21-April 19
That calm, wise, mellow mood continues to float through your days. Love goes well; so do far travel, intellectual pursuits, higher education, legal matters, publishing and the media, cultural venues and social rituals, insurance, fame, and international affairs. Sunday/Monday is superb for relationships, friends, light romance, entertainment, wish fulfillment, and making plans for or envisioning the future.  (The last is because your optimism is at a temporary peak, and optimism begets luck [just as despondency and bitterness beget failure] making this the best time for wishing and hoping — what they used to call “creative visualization.”)  Retreat Monday night (8:30 pm PST) through Wednesday — lie low, rest, contemplate and plan.  Although Wednesday morning can be difficult, the rest of this interval flows smoothly.  But don’t make plans about the practical side of love – for instance, don’t plan on buying a house so he/she will love you. Your energy and charisma return powerfully Thursday/Friday – get out and do things, meet people and start projects.  (Don’t start anything you can’t finish in a week or so, as Mercury turns retrograde December 19.)  Friday is best – you can find and or impress love or make a new friend.  Either chase money or spend it Saturday – all is well, A lovely day!  (But don’t seek a partner’s approval before noon.)



taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS: April 20 – May 20
You are still immersed in a time of mystery, Taurus. Secrets and hidden layers surround you — be sure to dig deep, as financial, medical and sexual/intimate luck remains high, and hidden valuables await you. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday – higher-ups favour you and you will make a good impression. One of these higher-ups might point you to a hidden treasure Sunday. Happiness floats in late Monday night through Wednesday.  Expect a mild dose of popularity, light flirtation, optimism and social joys. The only difficult interval occurs predawn (PST) Wednesday, perhaps because you face an ethical dilemma. But retreat, lie low, rest, contemplate, make plans and deal with the government Thursday/Friday. This interval contains a smooth, productive path for you, especially in background or administrative activities, but Friday after dawn it is much better then Thursday (when someone won’t cooperate).  Despite your wariness, you can turn in a valiant effort in career Friday. On Saturday, your energy and charisma surge upward – again mildly, because you are living, right now, on an intuitive level that is slightly below the surface. A good day, with lots of easy accomplishment!



Gemini.svg GEMINI:  May 21 –June 20
You remain in a significant relationship month, Gemini.  As you are also immersed in a year of romance, these present few weeks might introduce you to your future mate.  Sunday/Monday bring great luck (almost all on Sunday) in love, intellectual communications, higher learning, far travel, legal affairs, media and broadcasting, and cultural and international affairs. Someone you meet Sunday before 9 PM (PST) might be a future mate if you’re single, or a good friend or lucky and honest business associate. In any case, open your arms and tell this person “the world could be our oyster.”  Stop  daydreaming and be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday— but not too ambitious, for here dangers lie until mid May/17.  (Until then, do not change careers or employers.)  You will make progress, especially Tuesday.  Wednesday predawn is difficult – Just trudge through it, if you’re not asleep. A kind of gladness comes to you Thursday/Friday: social joys, popularity, optimism, wish fulfillment, sexy flirting, entertainment and simple joie de vivre. You might have a bit of trouble making yourself understood or finding the right time/place to meet Thursday to predawn Friday, but daytime Friday is filled with successful influences. Again you might meet your future mate or a lucky business associate. Retreat from the bustling crowd Saturday.  All is well, and you will be quietly happy, but you are overdue for rest and a bit of quietude.



Cancer.svg     CANCER: June 21 – July 22
The drudgery continues, Cancer. You might as well just plod through your chores and get them done.  Eat and dress sensibly.  Take your vitamins and get your regular rest.  Sunday/Monday bring you mysteries:  if you can solve them, profit or other valuable experiences await. This is quite likely Sunday, especially night time, when your domestic arena might produce a profitable idea or suggestion. Stick to routine Monday.  A wise, gentle, mellow mood floats through you Monday night through Wednesday. This interval promotes far travel, legal affairs, intellectual pursuits, cultural rituals – and gentle love. Your luck is good here (except predawn Wednesday) but even so, take what comes rather than deeply pursuing anything, for this area contains subtle traps until mid May/17.  Be ambitious Thursday/Friday.  Friday, dawn onward, is best. You will meet happy bosses, investment opportunities and a reassuring view of your future career path. Friends, social joys, flirtations, optimism, and entertainment fill a beautiful Saturday!



Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO: July 23 – August 22
Romance surrounds you, Leo.  If you are single, you might not meet the great love of your life this month, but you could start a very satisfying, friendly love affair – one that, although it will probably not last more than a year or so, you will always fondly remember.  Sunday/Monday confront you with relationships, all of them good.  Marriage, partnership, relocation themes, litigation, agreements and contracts, challenges and cooperation – all these go well Sunday. (Monday’s a bit more routine.)  Secrets and mysteries, investigation and research, financial opportunities and sexual desires, lifestyle changes, medical emergencies, and commitment and consequence fill Monday night through Wednesday. Your luck is good here (except Wednesday predawn PST) but be careful: 1) not to be drawn to deeply into these areas, and:  2) do not be tempted to cut any corners or act unethically.  A wise, mellow mood float through Thursday/Friday. Thursday and Friday predawn contain a couple of hidden snags, but Friday daytime shines a green light in almost every direction: for romance, work, marriage and other relationships, far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal affairs, and cultural rituals. (Friday’s also a good time to buy insurance. ) Be ambitious Saturday – higher ups appreciate your efforts and by late day they will sing your praises, either to you or to someone else.



Virgo.svg     VIRGO: August 23 – September 22
The accent remains on your domestic situation, Virgo . In the broadest view, this includes your home, family, security, property, diet and nutrition, retirement plans and support for your children’s education.  Be restful, for this is a “hibernation” month.  In general, luck is with you in these areas, and your whole family feels optimistic – all year.  Dive into chores Sunday/Monday – but save the routine ones for Monday. You could make a superb repair or addition to your domicile Sunday. You could even find a great new house if you’re looking.  December 19 starts a period of mistakes and delays, so only start a project (including repairs) that you can finish well before that date. Relationships fill Monday night through Wednesday.  All goes well between you and others except predawn (PST) Wednesday — but remember, you will not meet a viable mate before next May 10th, so do not take any presently forming relationships seriously. Diving into them will lead, sooner or later, to regret. Mysteries and secrets, investigation and research, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, a swelling intuition, a change in position – and most importantly sexually yearnings and financial opportunities to invest or reduce debt —these arrive Thursday/Friday.  Thursday’s a bit problematical as minor misunderstandings create obstacles. But Friday marches forward with splendid ease. Grab any opportunity.  A wise, mellow mood steals over you Saturday, bringing love, travel, learning, foreign-born people, social rituals, and the feeling that all is right with the world.



Libra.svg     LIBRA: September 23 –October 22
Parents, short trips and visits, communications, small busy tasks, and casual acquaintances fill this month. It’s a busy time but not an important time, so you can relax in the midst of doing everything. Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, speculative, and pleasure and beauty oriented.  All these should come to you in a bountiful way Sunday.  Your cheerfulness impresses someone immensely Sunday night, and a new romance might be born.  But if you prolong a meeting or lovers’ rendezvous past midnight into very early Monday morning, you might begin to see marriage possibilities in this romance – so, perhaps, will the other person. Whoever you are dealing with Sunday, if they are attractive enough to interest you, hang on for the week or two ahead, and you might be pleasantly surprised.  Tackle chores Monday night through Wednesday  –but don’t completely immerse yourself in any hands-on work before mid-May/17.  (If you did you’d look back later and feel you had wasted a lot of time.) Relax Wednesday predawn, for the work obstacles then are too big to challenge.  Relationships fill Thursday/Friday. Thursday’s a bit problematical and could bring new people into your life who will not work out eventually. Friday, if you’re single, could bring a good mate prospect; if you’re married, expect cooperation — but give it first!  Saturday is for sex, serious money, secrets and investigations.



Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21
Chase money this month, Scorpio. Buy/sell, cultivate new clients, ask for a pay raise or more work, hold a garage sale, etc. In general, your luck is good here. You continue to struggle with conflict on the home front (or, you are working hard on a home repair, decorations, etc.). Wednesday onward adds a sweet, affectionate note that can, if you let it, dissolve any friction. Sunday/Monday emphasize your home and family situation. Sunday is best – an unexpected bit of luck could help your money situation, perhaps through selling your home, a garage sale, or even purchasing a real bargain in furniture, etc. Romance sidles into your life Monday night through Wednesday – so do beauty, pleasure, charming kids, risk-taking urges and creative leaps.  Enjoy these, but don’t throw all your eggs into this basket, as it has a hole in the bottom until mid May/17.  Caution Wednesday predawn (PST) as money and other practical considerations kibosh romance. Charge into chores Thursday/Friday. Thursday contains a snag or two, but Friday is filled with green lights, money opportunities and successful accomplishment.  Saturday brings an exciting meeting, and a relationship could get steamy very quickly this night. This day is also great for jumping on opportunities and forming new practical relationships.



Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21
You’re riding a wave of high energy levels, charisma and effectiveness.  Start important projects, make significant contacts, be assertive and state your case.  You are the leader now.  However, a time of mistakes and delays begins December 19 – make sure anything you start now will finish before then, or be on a solid footing (to ride out the three-week confusion phase). Sunday/Monday brings errands, short trips, paperwork in details, communications and casual acquaintances.  All these go very well Sunday.  You could meet someone Sunday who might turn into a beneficial long-term friend. Monday is quiet on the results side. Your domestic sphere is accented Monday night through Wednesday. Events unfold smoothly except during the first six hours (PST) of Wednesday. Keep a light touch in this domestic, family, property, security and retirement area, for it contains some subtle pitfalls until mid May/17. Romance blossoms Thursday/Friday – so do creative, speculative, athletic, and pleasure pursuits. These might hit a couple snags Thursday PM into predawn Friday, but the rest of Friday could make your heart sing. The first person and the last person you meet this day possess relationship potential for you. Tackle your chores Saturday – you’ll get a lot done quite easily. Someone is very cooperative this night, but they may not be around long – or their cooperation might not last far into this month.



Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19
Continue to take a relaxed, quiet attitude toward events. This is your month for deep rest, a time to contemplate, meditate, find your emotional and/or spiritual center, and from the place of calmness that this should give you, you can make clear eyed, effective plans for the future. Be charitable, deal with civil servants, institutions and “head office.”  Attend committee meetings and confidential discussions, but while everyone is proposing plans and projects remember that December 19 to January 4 will tend to chew up plans like a paper shredder. Be the wise one – your timing will win. Chase money or make important purchases Sunday — the same Monday, but stick to routine, unimportant matters this day.  A suggestion, contact, or action you take Sunday could have a splendid effect on your future career.  Errands, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details arise Monday night through Wednesday.  All goes well here, except Wednesday predawn, when your own limitations block you. Do NOT dive deeply into this area. For example, don’t start a mail project or a systems analysis or replace your telephone system before mid-May/17. (You would regret it later when you found out that your phone system was a lemon, etc.)  Focus on your domestic sphere Thursday/Friday. Thursday contains a couple of snags (because you have hopes for the future that do not coincide with your domestic situation) but Friday is great for accomplishment, affection, and rest.  Although you are in a weary state, Saturday begins a very romantic weekend – at least, enjoy your day dreams!



Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS: January 20 –February 18
You are still involved in a whirl of popularity, socializing, optimism about your future, flirtations, entertainment and fun. Fun is actually important right now, as it stretches or exercises your mind and heart. As with Gemini and Libra, you are in a significant romantic and/or creative year (to autumn 2017).  If single, you could meet someone while socializing who could become a strong love prospect. Your charisma and energy soar upward Sunday/Monday — and a special “friend” might appear Sunday. Get out, make contacts, impress people and start significant projects Sunday – but make sure any new projects can be completed before mid December, as an atmosphere of indecision, delay and mistakes enters at that time. Chase money or make purchases Monday night through Wednesday. This is a productive, easy interval, but remember two things: 1) this is an area in which you should stay very light until mid May next year; and 2) Wednesday predawn advises against any irrevocable purchase.  Errands, short trips, communications, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details fill Thursday/Friday. Thursday is okay, but contains a couple of snags.  Good luck rides with you Friday, from dawn (PST) onward. A morning opportunity could make a little wish come true.  Saturday starts a home-based weekend.  Be domestic, hug the kids, garden, repair – all that. (DO NOT start an extensive landscaping or renovation project.)



Pisces.svg     PISCES: February 19 – March 20
The accent remains on your career, prestige relationships, neighbourhood standing, your ambitions and interfacing with authorities. Use Sunday/Monday to prepare for career action during the remainder of the week. Rest, contemplate your worldly position, and plan. You might have a brilliant inspiration or you might write a brilliant proposal Sunday PM (PST). Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday night through Wednesday. Now is the time to enact those plans, even if it is only to take one small step. One caution: do not take that step between 1 AM and 6 AM Wednesday morning (PST).  Your inner world continues to be restless; you continue to chafe at something deep down and inside. This dissatisfaction will last until December 18 – but this Wednesday begins to apply the healing ointment of affection and sweet thoughts to this rash on your inner soul, soothing you. Chase money and/or make significant purchases Thursday/Friday.  Thursday has a couple of knots to work out, but luck rides with you Friday. You can impress clients, sell wanted items, or talk the boss into a small pay raise. Saturday brings communications, casual friends, visits and curiosity — let that last item have free rein, for your might discover something valuable or pleasing. For example, this night your questions might lead you to an attractive (and compatible) stranger.



Here are some quotes from past columns:
“Some months ago I opined that Hillary should not run for president…. if a Sagittarian runs against Hillary in the presidential election, Hillary might lose.” (February 9/14)  (PS — the Donald has a Sagittarian Moon.)

“I’ve written a few times that Hillary’s popularity will continue to grow until September/16, then decline – and that she will probably lose in November.” (Year Ahead – 2016)

“A lady wrote me from Rock Creek, BC, to tell me I was a putz and a wimp because I wouldn’t predict the next US President. About a year ago – more? – I wrote in this column that Hillary Clinton should not run, with the implication or statement (memory fails) that she would lose.      I wrote earlier that she enters a low luck period in late September, and that it was possible to win in November, IF her “up to September” popularity carried her through November, even though the popularity truck runs out of gas 50 days earlier….  (Again) Hillary should not run because she will be happier, healthier, if she spent time on a porch with her grandchild rather than running.” (May 22/16)

“Astrology says that Hillary has an edge over Donald.*  My emotions… say Donald wins. So there.” (* That is, if she was born at a certain time, but Hillary — or someone — kept her birth time secret.) (Aug. 14/16)

“Hillary’s ‘winning ways’ begin to fade after September 9.  From that day on, Donald meets good luck. Both trends are weak at birth, and gain momentum as the months pass. Hillary’s downslope won’t really show until late September, October.” (Note: Hillary fell in public Sept. 9, and shied away from public view for several weeks during Sept./Oct.) (Aug. 28/16)

“Long ago I wrote here that she should sit on the back porch with grandkids rather than run for President.”  (Sept. 25/16)