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START NOTHING: 8:04 pm Sun. to 4:41 am Mon., 9:57 pm Tues. to 4:09 am Wed., and 1:37 pm Thurs. to 5:15 am Fri.




ALL SIGNS:  Work to complete projects this week rather than start new ones. Mercury turns retrograde (in apparent motion relative to Earth’s orbit) next week, at 2:55 AM Dec. 19.  (Even during the present week, the planet is already “slowing.”)  From Dec. 19 to Jan. 8, 2017 we will all be affected by delayed results, missed appointments, mistakes, indecision and second -guessing. The antidote? Be alert, double-check addresses, figures, dates, etc.  And be open to reprising a project or relationship from the past.  I’ll discuss this for each sign this week or next.


Obama began his first term, i.e., became president, during a Mercury retrograde period.  I wrote at the time that his administration would have trouble getting anything done due to this…and that has largely come true. The dithering over Syria (and the entire Arab Spring) the mistakes in implementing ObamaCare, these were classic Mercury retro effects.

Inauguration Day for Trump (January 20/17) holds no Mercury retrograde, so his presidency is not likely to suffer such “running in circles.”  It will feature direct speech and direct action(s). The Moon is in Scorpio, an indication of hard, gruelling work for Trump and his administration. The aspects are all good, so his work should succeed. The Sun on this inaugural day is in Aquarius, Trump’s sign of international affairs, legalities, far travel, learning — and of love. It is a lucky sign for the Donald — but it is also his “opposition” sign (he’s Leo rising) so expect some hurt feelings and bruised egos around the world. If Trump really is serious and sincere about what he’s doing, he faces a Herculean task, for his main thrust is (promise was) to dismantle the elite and give power back to the people. The task is large because the skein of elitism does not haunt only Washington or the U.S.A. — it holds hands with all the elites around the world, in every nation. Trump must tangle with these, also.  If he succeeds, if the billionaire gives economic freedom to the great masses, he will go down as one of history’s greats, with Augustus in Rome, Lincoln and other humanitarians. Chances of success? How do I know? Maybe 45 per cent?

(BTW, when I talk about Trump, you can strip away my optimism to get to the core forecast.)


I mentioned a couple of months ago that my 2016 “Year Ahead” prediction of flat to declining stock markets for 2016 was terribly wrong. I was perceiving the economy to be flat, and concluding that the markets would mirror the economy. What really happened was, the economy was so flat that the U.S. Central bank did not raise interest rates as they had been expected to do. (The bank did raise them one quarter point, versus expected raises 4 or more times that amount.) Relief that these rises did not occur, propelled stock markets upward — even to a new Dow record high.

However, take care next week (Dec. 18) into early January, when stocks might hiccup downward.


A few weeks ago I called Kellyanne Conway (Trump’s campaign manager) a Capricorn. She was born on the day the Sun left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. So she might be an Aquarian. (Can’t find a birth time for her.)  But I favour Capricorn, as she owns and operates a major information (polling, etc.) company, and is obviously ambitious. The last degree of Cap possesses “the highest…art…to sway…others.” (Carelli)  But the first degree of Aquarius can be lazy, a daydreamer. Of all the pundits and surrogates during that divisive election campaign, Mrs. Conway was in a class by herself: I have seen her several times on hostile television stations (all were hostile toward Trump except FOX and perhaps PBS) — almost with ease, she twisted the most aggressive, biased interviewer around her little finger.  She made her points so charmingly and clearly that many of these hostile interviewers simply stopped attacking, and most of them seemed to sincerely like her at the end of the interview. This ability to charm is very Aquarian… so I suspect her Sun is half in Cap, half in the beginning of Aquarius.



Aries.svg    ARIES:  March 21 – April 19
An atmosphere of understanding and intellectual curiosity, of travel and learning, and of legal, cultural, and international affairs continues to surround you. This is also a loving influence, and you might find this love Friday/Saturday.  (You will also find friendship Monday/Tuesday.) Continue to dive into group affairs – this will raise your hopes about life, add small affectionate moments to your life, and could, If you’re single, be the milieu in which you find romance. Chase money or make important purchases Sunday. However do not buy anything which involves explosions, fire, or sharp instruments – for instance, all gasoline engines run on explosions, so this would be a terrible time to buy a car or lawnmower. Don’t combine money and friends. A beautiful inspiration or a beautiful person might enter this night. It’s a great night for a dinner party. Errands, communications, short distance travel, paperwork and details fill Monday/Tuesday.  Monday is both sweet and mildly confused. Tuesday contains both good luck and obstacles – and might bring someone into your life who will be a great friend — even a mate, for some. Turn your attention to your domestic sphere Wednesday/Thursday. Your family (or simply your hidey-hole) will be a source of comfort Wednesday but you’ll have many problems to solve Thursday. Keep your hands off electrical circuits. Romance, creativity, a risk taking mood, beauty and pleasure fill Friday/Saturday – dive in, all lights are green!


taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS: April 20 – May 20
The focus remains on mysteries, secrets, financial opportunities, sexual desires, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence.  Dig deep, look beneath the surface.  Don’t start any new projects now, unless you can finish them in one week. Steer your efforts toward completion. Bosses remain impatient and snarky, but they also have recently become gracious and affectionate – you might get portions of each. By next week, they will lose their temper and become very supportive of you.  Unfortunately, this occurs just as a major slowdown phase begins, so by next week you’ll just have to bask in the glory without really doing anything. Your energy and pizzazz are high Sunday — you face a problem related to your work or boss, but an inspiration, a friend, or a career ally saves the day.  Chase money and make purchases Monday/Tuesday. Your luck is mixed, so act only during the good times: before 2 PM ( PST) Monday, 8 PM Monday to 10  AM Tuesday, and all Tuesday PM.  (Don’t buy anything that will be delivered after December 18.  Errands, short trips, communications, paperwork and casual friends fill Wednesday/Thursday. Dive into these Wednesday, as Thursday contains headwinds. Head for home (at least in your thoughts) Friday/Saturday – these two splendid days favour almost anything you want to do with the family or to your residence or garden. You will feel happy, secure!


Gemini.svg    GEMINI:  May 21 – June 20
If single, Gemini, you might be dealing with your future mate. Little wedding bells might be tinkling in your thoughts. If married, this is a time for compromise – but it should be a fairly willing compromise, as you feel mellow, wise and affectionate. This is the last week in which you must beware of lawsuits – stay out.  For all Geminis, this is a superb week for meeting like-minded friends, for intellectual and cultural affairs, International travel, even relocation. But the main trend of your life right now is romantic, creative, and speculative. That means you’re ready to take a big chance, and if you do the results should please you. This week and the next few should draw you into closer intimacy with someone. Opt for solitude Sunday: rest, contemplate and dream. Don’t attempt to repair anything mechanical and stay away from sharp tools. You and another might declare your love, or even more likely your eternal friendship. Your energy and charisma soar Monday/Tuesday. This is good for love (in any direction) until mid afternoon Monday and until mid morning Tuesday. Tuesday PM could bring a wedding proposal, far travel, infatuation, a good friend, a major agreement, or merely a nice streak of popularity. Chase money and make purchases Wednesday/Thursday – Wednesday is great, Thursday’s not, so act accordingly.  Errands, communications, casual friends and short trips fill Friday/Saturday. Both days are easy, friendly and mildly lucky, so just march ahead!  Complete rather than start projects this week.


Cancer.svg    CANCER:  June 21 – July 22
Only 10 more days of work and health concerns, Cancer, so dive in and slog away at those chores. Eat, dress and sleep sensibly. Someone is already talking to you about a mutual project – this is well-meant, but be wary, for this person will either change his/her mind or meet circumstances that change it for him/her. In the same vein, use this week to complete projects rather than start them, as a three week period of slowdowns and mistakes begins next week. Your interior forces, your sex drive, your intuition – all have intensified since early November. This week until early January a more affectionate, gentle note enters  – the kind that can change lust to love. Your popularity rises mildly Sunday. This helps you with love, but the same time creates an argumentative atmosphere this evening. You might take an action this day that will have a splendid effect on your work and career (the prestige side of work).  Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan, be charitable and spiritual Monday/Tuesday. Your luck is mixed both days, but the good luck easily outweighs the bad.  As long as you proceed calmly and thoughtfully you will rack up a success or two. Your energy and charisma soar upward Wednesday/Thursday – act Wednesday, be a leader, make important contacts – but slow down Thursday, use your extra energy to solve problems, especially in work, health, domestic, sexual and financial areas. Chase money or make important purchases Friday/Saturday. Both days are excellent, but there is a small possibility that you might pick up a lemon, so keep purchases practical, and don’t throw down a big wad on anything.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO: July 23 – August 22
Relationships have been in intense and perhaps on the argumentative side since early November. They continue that way for another week, but now a gentle, harmonious and affectionate note enters. Since you are immersed in a month of romance, this new relationship note could turn romance into something deeper, perhaps a life commitment. If you are already married, this sweet and sour influence can begin to heal situations of strife, and could also bring workable partnerships or associations. Strive to complete projects now rather then begin them, as a period of delay and mistakes starts next week. Be ambitious Sunday.  Oddly, a person who scraps with you all day might be, in the end, your greatest cooperator – or you might fight with one person and laugh with another. You might also, after 8:30 PM (PST) or in the first 14 hours of Monday, meet true love. The rest of Monday, although you feel popular, say “no” to sexual intimacy or financial gain.  (If you chase these, you’ll set yourself up to be deceived.)  Although midday might be a little sluggish, Tuesday is made for friends, social delights, love – you’ll be happy!  Although this whole week is made for love, Wednesday/ Thursday are not.  Use these two days as a pit stop, a rest and recuperation time. Examine, In your thoughts, whom you have met, whom you’re attracted to, whom you love or maybe don’t love. This examination will be important by Friday/Saturday, when your charisma and magnetism will be so strong that, to a reasonable degree, you can pick and choose among suitors. Or, you can chase almost anyone you want and make a favourable impression.


Virgo.svg    VIRGO: August 23 – September 22
Your domestic sphere is still emphasized, Virgo. This is a good time to look at your security, your retirement plans, the repair of your residence, and your family’s needs.  (However, do not start any repair, decorating, or landscaping projects unless you can finish them almost immediately. Next week brings a phase of delays and mistakes.)  It’s also an excellent week to examine your relationships and projects, and to prune out what is old and stale; to nurture what you wish to grow in future. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Sunday.  Your intellectual, philosophical side awakens. However, avoid work and sharp tools. You might “see the light” in relation to home and investment, buying property, etc.  Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday – other than a few hours of deception around supper time Monday, this whole interval proceeds in an easy, lucky way. You could make an investment, especially in machinery or industrial products, that will pay off handsomely in future. Your popularity surges upward Wednesday/Thursday, as social delights, entertainment, friendly flirtations, and unbeatable optimism pave your way to happiness. Wednesday is great; Thursday might challenge that optimism with various problems or challenges from others – but your mood remains happy. Retreat Friday/Saturday – rest, contemplate, plan, look at where you’ve been and where you want to go. Both days flow smoothly and affectionately; this is a good time to heal any family wounds.


Libra.svg    LIBRA:  September 23 – October 22
Same as last week, Libra – errands, communications, short travel, paperwork, casual friends, and details. Unlike last week, this one is filled with favourable aspects, especially for affectionate and friendly interactions. Your romantic sense has been quite intense since early November.  This intensity will end next week, but the “raw power” is simply giving way to sweetness and gentle affection. Follow through on approaches, dates, agreements and meetings, as you could be involved in something quite significant. Some singles are dealing with their future life mate.  Sunday is odd: on the one hand, romance – and especially sex – is off the table and you can be rebuffed if you seek it. On the other hand, you might unexpectedly be zinged by one of cupids arrows.  A change of partners might occur. Monday/Tuesday brings a wise, mellow mood, intellectual pursuits, Travel, Legal affairs, media, cultural venues, and love. Your luck is mixed here, but it definitely favours love the first half of Monday, early Tuesday morning, and all Tuesday PM.  During these times, a proposal should be answered with “yes” — especially Tuesday night (PST). Be ambitious Wednesday/Thursday — act creatively or take a wee risk Wed. — but be cautious, solve problems Thurs.  Happiness arrives Friday/Saturday. Expect social joys, popularity, entertainment, flirtations or light romance and optimism about your future. This two days are filled with green lights – charge ahead, especially with love/friendships.  All week, strive to compete projects, deals, rather than start any.


Scorpio.svg    SCORPIO:  October 23 – November 21
Continue to make money wherever you can, Scorpio. Hold a garage sale, ask for a pay raise or extra hours, cultivate new clients, etc. This is also a good time for purchases, especially Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday/ Saturday.  Although it will only indirectly affect these, realize a period of slowdown and mistakes begins next week.  So don’t start any project that you cannot finish almost immediately.  (For instance, don’t buy a car now for delivery after December 18; It would probably be a lemon.)  Relationships Sunday are like Mary Contrary: very difficult (at home, with family) and very good (in money venues and at work). The weird thing is, these — work, $ and home — might mingle. Bottom line:  aggression loses, friendliness wins.  Secrets, mysteries, research and investigation, medical exigencies, lifestyle changes — and most importantly, sexual drives and financial actions – and commitment and consequence — fill Monday/Tuesday. Affection and a cooperator (perhaps a family member) help you succeed through mid afternoon Monday, but this evening brings deception, and romance is a dud. Tuesday is good almost all day – just don’t pay the highest price, don’t buy stocks at their peak. A wise, gentle mood steals over you Wednesday/Thursday.  Intellectual pursuits, higher education, far travel, media, statistics, legal and international affairs proceed very well Wednesday, but it holds numerous barriers Thursday. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – all lights are green, so pick your goal and chase it!



Sagittarius.svg    SAGITTARIUS:  November 22 – December 21
Your energy, magnetism, clout and effectiveness sit atop a yearly peak, Sage.  Within reason, you can get almost anything you want – so choose (your path) carefully. You feel friendly and alive and are dealing with many, many people on a casual basis. The odd thing about this is that one or two people whom you consider casual contacts might be seriously interested in you in a romantic or marital way.  (Sagittarians are always complaining to me about their lack of romantic prospects, yet they are are always turning potential suitors into “just friends.”)  Do not start any major or significant projects this week, as a period of delay and mistakes begins next week. Plunge into your chores Sunday, but avoid sharp instruments and engines. You might lose your temper, but you will astound others by how quickly you transform into friendliness. Relationships confront you Monday/Tuesday –love and/or cooperation is easy to find the first 14 hours of Monday (PST) and most of Tuesday.  Although you are the magnetic one right now, It would benefit you to be very approachable or even to make an approach Tuesday. Mysteries and secrets fill Wednesday/Thursday – so do sexual yearnings, financial action urges, and consequences. Wednesday’s great; Thursday’s difficult.  A wise, mellow mode steals over you Friday/Saturday — this interval is made for love, far travel, legal success, publishing and media, cultural and social rituals, and profound decisions.



Capricorn.svg    CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19
Just ten more days of weariness and solitude, Capricorn. (Pretty easy days, though, with no major problems or decisions facing you.)  You have been making and spending money at a heightened pace since early November.  Now your income luck increases even more, and you might be tempted to buy a luxury item. Go ahead with this, especially Friday/Saturday when you might buy something that increases in value over time, such as art, jewels, etc.  However, do not buy anything that will be delivered after this week: it might not be delivered, ever, or could be a lemon. This week, complete projects rather than start anything — and make no promises now to January 3.  Sunday is romantic but tempers are thin. Still, you could find an unexpected source of money. Buy nothing. Settle down and get your chores done Monday/Tuesday. Eat and dressed sensibly. Other than a deceptive message or misunderstood directions Monday eve/supper time, you will make good progress. You might complete a significant job. Buy machinery, tools or appliances, but compare prices as you lean towards the high-end. Relationships bless you Wednesday and frustrate you Thursday – be diplomatic. Secrets, mysteries, research and investigation, sexual yearnings and financial actions, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequences sale Friday/Saturday – in a lucky, benevolent way. Charge in, make that commitment!



Aquarius.svg    AQUARIUS:  January 20 – February 18
A wish can still come true, Aquarius! The next 10 days continue your celebratory mood – you’ll feel popular and optimistic. You have been determined and sexually magnetic since early November; now to early January some of that determination will soften and that magnetism will be replaced by affection and a whole lot of good hair days. This week is filled with social delights and romantic opportunities. Stay close to home Sunday  –relaxing, even napping, is better than a temper tantrum (which tempts you around 8 PM PST).  A special message later this night could melt your heart a wee bit. Romance gallops in Monday/Tuesday – so do creative, speculative, and pleasure urges. A slice of deception might be offered you Monday eve/night, but otherwise these two days bring good luck and sweet results. You could even fall madly in love. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Wednesday/Thursday.  Wednesday’s good – you get a lot done especially if you listen to your intuition. Thursday, though, brings problems, solve them carefully, not impulsively. Caution with electricity and computers.  Relationships, opportunities, fresh air, and new horizons fill Friday/Saturday in a lucky, expansive way. Again, you could walk straight into love. Be diplomatic and grab every opportunity, especially those that require an agreement or an association. Finish rather than start projects all week, as a period of delays and mistakes starts very soon.



Pisces.svg     PISCES:  February 19 – March 20
The accent continues on your career, worldly standing, neighbourhood reputation, and your dealings with authorities, bosses and parents. In general, this should be a good week for all these matters. However, do not start any major projects now. Finish instead, as next week begins a cycle of mistakes and delays. Your inner life has been rather intense the last month or so; you have probably been brewing various moneymaking ideas. The time to implement those ideas will be late March and April, so jot them down to remind yourself when the time comes. Sunday contains errands, communications, short trips and casual acquaintances. Your minor luck is bad, your major luck is good, but the less money you put at risk the better you will fare. Strictly avoid any fights or arguments. Home is where you belong Monday/Tuesday – this interval is benevolent, so call for a family gathering, hug the kids, and make future plans for their education and/or your own retirement.  (But DON’T start repair or other projects —wait for June to start anything major in this sector.)  Romantic notions fill your thoughts Wednesday/Thursday.  Wednesday’s fine, could even bring romance and/or beauty, pleasure, charming kids, and winning gambles — but Thursday faces problems in all these areas, and might highlight some flaw in your ability to romance someone. Tackle chores Friday/Saturday. Both days are excellent for accomplishment – dive in and get the job done. Saturday is good for buying machinery or equipment as long as you can carry it home or drive it off the lot.  If they say they’ll deliver Monday, they’ll bring you a lemon.


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — DECEMBER 11 – 17, 2016

  1. dyui

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve got a conundrum for you. I’m a gay male Piscean, adopted. Born 5:26 a.m and sort of going out with a Japanese Pisces who is much younger born on March 3rd. We’re not speaking to each other right now and I want to know if we are going to be together again.

    It’s happened before in the 3 years we’ve known each other. We split up then gravitate together again.
    He was brutalized as a child from infancy to 16 by his father, when he finally left home. He is doing well, but is tortured by demons. We relate and mix well and have had a lot of fun. He is trying to find a girlfriend but can’t seem to connect to anyone. I’m the backup I guess. But after sex…off he goes.
    Should I reach out to him or let him drift off?


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, dyui,

      I would need to see each of your birth charts to answer your first question. My answer to your last it Is only a guess: I would let him drift off. Chances are he’ll return.



  2. joy

    Hi Tim,
    I have a question regarding the upcoming Mercury Retrograde; I’ve been partnered for a little over 5 years with my boyfriend. We have created a nice homey and comfy life. I am a Leo, he is a Scorpio. I have Taurus Rising and a Gemini Moon, He has Pisces rising and an Aries moon. When I analyzed our chart to the best of my ability, I only found a couple of challenging aspects. Things seem to be going swimmingly well.
    We met June 7, 2011. There were no retrogrades as far as I know.
    My question is; If he pops the marriage question under Mercury Retrograde over the Christmas Holiday, are we doomed????
    Thanks Joy

  3. Jakeup

    Hi regarding, dec4-10th reading. I am a cap
    I am executor to a will. I have started the process of paying bills putting stuff in storage
    Etc.. I will have to file for probate in jan/Feb 2017. But it is done through the mail. As I have started the process, will it be an issue as it mentions not to start a mail project until may 2017 thanks!!

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