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Received from a reader:

You are the ONLY major astrologer who got the American election RIGHT. Someone, somehow, somewhere should give you a prize! Thank you for you gifted work.  David Sheer.
(There were other congrats, but none with permission to print. The one quoted above wrote: “Please print this!” So there you have it.)

First, an apology: I wrote a long, speculative preamble last week (before the election) on Hillary’s possible sexual proclivities and the possible sexual skein in the entire White House and DNC. Within an hour a comment from a reader made me take it down. (It WAS rather scummy.)I went to the Afteramble and deleted it — not suspecting that it was in the Preamble also. I only discovered this Nov. 11, so I now have totally deleted it. Now that Hillary’s a “private citizen,” I am going to stop knocking her.

(One last analysis of the election, et al, is in the AFTERWARD, placed there so I don’t offend anyone. In other words, don’t read it if you already hate me.)


Received a few congrats on my Trump prediction — which I didn’t actually predict. Rather, I predicted Hillary would lose/should not run, at least 5 times between 2014 and today.


The 1983 Pluto chart shows that the United States will be the world’s police force until at least the 23rd century. That should calm some of the fears that a Trump presidency will be super isolationist and withdraw from NATO– I don’t think this last is in the stars.


Trump will be much more liberal, flexible and open to advice while in office, than anyone suspects.


Trump will consider Canada a good, basic ally, won’t be too firm about NAFTA in negotiations. I don’t think Trump will be harmful to Canada, although he and Trudeau will be cool at best: they are not compatible, and I’ll bet Trudeau loses his temper once or twice.


A few readers emailed to say they blamed me for HC’s failure and they’ll never read me again. (Of course, I don’t have the power, and certainly not the readership, to affect an election.)


May she go down in history for her fears that young children will see Trump on television. Oh yes, oh dear, that our children might watch a presidential candidate, an adult, not being PC! (In other words not being a slave to Michelle’s “proper style of living.” Sorry, Michelle, the legions of poor and middle class don’t agree with you — your PC (“personal control”) now takes a back seat for 4 years.)


By their names only, I think the Trump family and the Obama family will become friends, might even form the core of a new social circle. Michelle and Ivanka will admire and copy each other, and know it, and be friends.
******      ******


Trump was accused of various sexual transgressions during the campaign, then I was accused of taking his side, then everyone started throwing things. The general accusation (consensus?) — at least in the comments and emails I received — was that men sexually abuse women. No one accused women of the reverse. (Except me, for which I earned hate email from some women. I have to admit, though, a lot of women readers had a great sense of humour about it all, especially when I brought up Tom Jones.)


According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control in the U.S.) in 2010, 1.1 % of males reported being raped in the prior 12 months. The same year, 1.1 % of females reported rape or sexual assault — the same quantity as men. In 2011, the incidence of rape of women was 1.6 % and that of men 1.7 % — more men raped than women. (Source: Time Magazine.) As men are far more reluctant than women to admit they’ve been raped, these figures are probably  “light” on the male side. (This study only covered two years;, and could be an anomaly. I’d like to see ratios over, say, 40 years.)

Again according to the CDC, 12.3 % of raped women were raped before the age of 11. But 27.8 % of raped men — more than twice the female rate — were raped before the age of 11. (It would be interesting to know the individual ages of first trauma. This would give depth to the study, create a diorama, a new landscape to explore. Assuming there is a rough equality in the numbers of males and females being raped, as the earlier-quoted C.D.C. study avers, then  these additional stats indicate (don’t prove, for several reasons) that a greater number of men are more deeply traumatized by rape than women.
That is, if we accept the notion that the earlier in life a person is traumatized, the more dire effects that trauma will have through the lifetime. (For example, if you rape a five-year-old boy you will bend or pervert his growth far more than if you rape a 17-year-old boy. The 17 year old will recognize the rape as an outside or circumstantial event, no matter how humiliating and rage-provoking. But the five year old will live “within” the rape for the rest of his life, he will not (never?) be able to break the thin flexible, permeating envelope of trauma that surrounds him, because he was too young to separate what happened from what he is. Later, he might become what was done to him — and become the one who did it.)
Now consider: when reading the above, did you assume the rape(s) of the 5 and 17 year olds were done by a man? (I didn’t give the rapist a gender.) If so, you were copying — living within — an old misconception. In reality, many rapists are women. Women rape boys, men, girls and other women, just as men do. (See statistics below.) I suspect that in many cases where men rape children, their wives are complicit or active co-operators.
In my own life, my mother and grandmother either agreed to or proactively set up “meetings” for several years between my step-grandfather and me, so he could molest me. (I wonder if such evil people people realize that they are deforming an entire personality, forever? And I wonder if God cares?) They did this to my brother and two sisters also. Our mother sent her youngest child, my little sister, to stay with her grandparents for an entire Christmas Holiday, ten days — at 12 years old. She was sexually abused in every possible way. My mother knew exactly what would happen, 1) because it had happened to her; and 2) because I told her at the time, and told her not to send her. (She sent her anyway.) The more delicate and elitist among you might say, “Well, why didn’t you stop her? Why didn’t you go to the police?” Even asking this question shows you’re lucky enough to remain unblemished. The answer to it would take a chapter, if not a book.
To this day my brother is a recluse, as is my youngest sister — as I am, to some degree. (Maybe a deeper degree, although I socialize.) My middle sister, a Sagittarius, simply isn’t made to be a recluse. She had a nervous breakdown (or two) instead. Both sisters fight with depression, always.

Our mother brought me, my brother and two sisters across an entire continent (Columbia, South Carolina to Vancouver, British Columbia — two Columbias) to deliver us to this man–the same man who I later discovered had raped my mother when she was a teenager. Are these good women? Was my mother almost involuntarily, blindly bringing her children to the man who had imprinted his sexuality upon her? Or was she fully aware of what she was doing? I don’t know. Probably both. For me, it remains one of life’s greatest mysteries, but has a lot to do with karma and destiny — too much to go into here.

I think I was first molested at about 8 or 9 years old. (There is no calendar memory in trauma.) I have an IQ of 154 or 164, I can’t remember which. (High school records.) Yet I stumble through life not knowing. I didn’t even remember I was raped/molested until the memories returned in young adulthood. Every woman I’ve been with (three marriages, 3 to 7 kids, depending on how you count, maybe 20 love affairs) has complained of two things: one, that I’m always off in my thoughts, ignoring them; and two, that I have no boundaries, that I don’t know what’s appropriate to say or do. I attribute that last criticism partly to having been raped, but partly to having had no real parenting. (Our dad was absent; our mother worked all week and ignored us all weekend. We were dirt poor: I slept in a coal bin [I swept it out, of course!]. Yet she tried. It’s odd yet so common, so natural: she was one part hard worker and provider, one part sacrificial lamb, and one part evil.

As a boy and teen, I constantly picked fights, partly playfully, partly due to the humiliation of poverty. But I always attacked the biggest boy in the class — only last week did I realize why I singled out the giants to fight: the molester-rapist, my step-grandfather, was over 6 feet tall. It took over 50 years for this tiny light to dawn. This slowness of self-awareness — I’m 68 — is probably typical of the raped.

However, I’m not complaining — many people have had it far worse. Every child in Syria has suffered far more trauma than I. But rape is a secretive, insidious kind of trauma, a silent snake. And what happened to me might be an essential ingredient of being intuitive/psychic. If so, or if my wounding was to prepare me to help others, then I thank God. If not, I withdraw all thanks until I see another beneficial reason/outcome.)

(Also, the anger or ranting or “manic” writing some have accused me of in the last few weeks might have had a source in personal history, inflamed by the heated election campaign. I will admit Hillary’s pretty face, high cheekbones and short height remind me of my long-ago grandmother. Yet I began by liking Hillary years ago — and if you look at past Preambles from 2014 and 15, you’ll see that I didn’t criticize Hillary at all; I merely doubted she could win, and said she’d be happier, more “life-successful” if she’d sit on the porch with her grandchild rather than campaigning. I don’t think I started criticizing Hillary until I saw her stab Bernie in the back in the debates. At this point, I knew what she was.)


You could argue that there are many more women victims than male. So in that study (above) that showed what percentage of girls/boys were raped before age 11, the low percentage  of women (12 %) could represent a million girls, and the high percentage of males raped (27 %) might represent only 100,000 boys. But evidently this isn’t true. Besides the CDC study mentioned above, which indicates that an equal amount of males and females are raped each year, another study (can’t remember the source!) estimated that 48 % of males vs. 52 % of females are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. You could, if you wanted to hold to the technical definition of assault, put the portion of males assaulted at well over 50 %. When a man or woman hits or kicks or grabs a man’s testicles, is that sexual assault? It certainly would be called so were a vagina being grabbed, hit or kicked — even touched without permission. It’s only anecdotal, but I have been hit, kicked or grabbed in that spot many times — and I suspect many men have, often during fights between males. Some years ago I had a girlfriend who loved to hit me there when we were in an elevator, or facing each other in the hallway. In one view, every single U.S. Marine — active and vets — has been sexually assaulted, and has committed sexual assault. (That is, if they still train them the way I was, in the 60’s.) As part of hand-to-hand combat training, all U.S.M.C. recruits have to lay on mats in pairs, and wrestle to grab each others’ testicles. Excuse this as you want, it WAS sexual assault. If the other services had the same training, then over 18 million males, all revered for their military courage, have been sexually assaulted. The defenders of America have all wrestled on a mat and had their balls squeezed.
According to a study by Richard Nelson and Patrick Cundiff, “a 15 year old male is more likely to be sexually assaulted than a 40-year old woman.”
Many males are raped by women. According to a Slate article, 89 % of boys raped in Juvenile Detention/prison were raped by female guards.
Over 40 % of lesbians report being raped by a woman.
The FBI refused, until 2012, to admit that men could be raped by women, and refused to enter such incidents in their reporting. In the new view, I think, coercion sits equally with physical force or intimidation. For example, if a woman says to a man, “Do me, or I’ll tell the press what you did last month and ruin your career” — this is rape. Women also batter men. In Canada the incidence of women physically beating their husbands has been marked enough that the Ontario Provincial Police will arrest any woman immediately if a man complains that she’s hit him. (An OPP officer told me this in 2009.)
Until such “facts” as listed above are known and studied, I don’t think any woman has the right to be “holier than thou” toward men. (This is the whole Democratic stance; “We’re holier than thou.” And it’s why they lost the election. Of course their crimes and attempts to subvert the democratic process played a role. Do you remember, about a year ago, I wrote about the dilemma facing America: do you subvert the democratic process to prevent the populace electing a potential Hitler? Evidently, the DNC didn’t hesitate to find their answer.)
***   ***

I mentioned this before: the Arab Spring will end soon. The war will be won by spring 2018. However, then, for seven years, it will be like holding a big pot in your arms, with a loose lid, and an angry wildcat inside — until 2024/5. The middle 2020’s  are a very interesting time. A renaissance in arts, culture, philosophy and science; mankind will bloom into new technology. But leaders will tumble, so it will not be a good time to buy the big, established firms (unless there are good takeover rumours).

2018-2025, banks will be transformed, suddenly and markedly. “Fintech,” currency shifts, perhaps even the disappearance of the usual fiat currencies — these affect them. Perhaps they’ll start to adopt the system I suggested about 30 years ago. (Money would be replaced by colour on a data bank — and data banks can be small as your thumbnail.) Traditional banks disappear except for “boutique” banks with coffee and armchairs. Electronic banks take over. But in coloured hallways, whereas I can only see in greys at present.



There are some periods in which Romance does not seem to find her soaring Path; but rather, she stumbles through a valley of sharp, bare rocks. Then, in other periods, Romance hangs in the air like the garden’s moist scents. These are like a broad background tinting of a photograph. But it is amazing, in my anecdotal experience, how the cases of woe and of joy seem to pile up in the apt environment. The year ahead is, romance-wise, like a garden, sweet and fruitfull.
Aries.svg ARIES: March 21 – April 19
Sunday’s romantic, Aries, but you might be trying to light a wet wick. Still, this day is a nice introduction to the four weeks ahead, which are going to be filled with a mellow happiness, wisdom and a broadening viewpoint, intellectual, Travel, legal, and educational pursuits, and gentle Love. This year (to autumn 2017) if you’re single, your chances of meeting a compatible life-mate are very high, so your chances of a November December affair turning into a major, Meaningful love are also quite high. If you’re married, And unhappy, the same year ahead can bring separation–if you separate now to late December, the legal side should flow a little more smoothly. If you’re happily married, the month ahead should be filled with adventurous moments, far travel, and mutual joys–perhaps even a restating of your vows. Tackle chores Monday to Wednesday noon (PST). They won’t be easy, as deception, misunderstood labels or an uncooperative person interfere Monday, and circumstances create barriers Tuesday morning. So pick only small, routine  chores that you can accomplish with familiar ease. Relationships confront you Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. To be truthful, there are some pretty intimidating aspects Thursday afternoon to evening and predawn Friday. If you are in a relationship there are some things that must be worked out these three days. Part of the problem seems to concern your outside life, Career and ambitions, and his or her domestic life, Home and situation. For example it is tough to carry on romance if you’re in a court room fighting the judge; or if the one you’re chasing is a single parent with 27 children under the age of 11. That said, you can still find love Wednesday into Thursday morning and again this evening. In fact, despite all the problems loves seems to be riding a destiny horse right now. Love could be trying to dismantle one relationship so that an already deeply growing one (which you might not even recognize) can replace it. Saturday is filled with secrets and sexual drives — enjoy, but realize someone who seems seductive might be dangerous.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS: April 20 – May 20
What have been open, honest relationships and opportunities over the past month now veer deeper into areas of commitment and trust. For example, a love attraction might now become sexually intimate; or a business agreement might now receive funding. (“Now” means the four weeks ahead.) Until December 8, higher ups, authorities, parents and bosses are quick-tempered and inpatient. Realize this, be diplomatic and long-suffering. Until December 7, intellectual pursuits, travel and legal affairs Will be blessed by affection and/or mild good luck. Taurus lovers will experience a sweet meeting  of minds. Sunday emphasizes your home and security– It’s better before 9 AM (PST) but the rest of the day is quite good for hard physical effort. Romantic notions fill your head Monday through late morning Wednesday, as do creative thoughts, risk-taking urges, beauty, pleasure, and charming kids. These notions may lead you wrongly (especially because you might be focused on the wrong person) until late evening–but late night brings a sweet reward, and the right person. Tuesday holds jumbled luck, but in general is smooth and stable. Wednesday afternoon to Friday midnight features work, Service personnel, and your health. Again your luck is very mixed, so being nimble. Something fairly major is happening– you might be leaving one partner for a new prospect. Some things end, and somethings grow. Relationships arise Saturday–expect an exciting meeting!


Gemini.svg GEMINI: May 21 – June 20
At last, you’re month of work and drudgery ends Monday.  (Although Sunday it Is a fun day, Filled with travel and meetings.) The four weeks ahead emphasize partnerships, Relationships, Marriage, fresh air, New opportunities, new horizons, and a potential relocation. If you see an opportunity, grab it. The only exception here is your career: until next mid-May, you would be wise to triple-examine any opportunity in this area before accepting it. The Since September 2016 twenty sixteen to October 2017 is one of your luckiest romantic periods in over a decade, Love relationships you form now to late December could turn into Long term, Viable marriage. Strictly avoid lawsuits until December 19. Your chances of becoming sexually intimate with someone remain fairly high until December 7–after this, sexual intimacy seems to be at the forefront of your consciousness, but in a mildly puzzling way, until January 4 next year. Or, this might produce an old flame, or some “waiting time” between you and I loved one. Choose day to late morning Wednesday steered you towards home. Embrace your family, increase your security, and do essential repairs. Careful Monday day time when deception hovers everywhere, And Tuesday midmorning, when you might feel down in the dumps. (Good cure, if you can afford it: sleep in.) Those romantic nudges are more than just notions Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. If you’re single, Romance is definitely in the air. However, good and bad aspects combine. So act Wednesday noon to Thursday mid-morning –a unique social situation might help you with Love–perhaps a friend will become a lover –and 7:20 PM (PST) Thursday to 3:30 AM Friday. Somehow, alienation and passion and a partnership theme all flights in one wrestling ring. You might break off with one partner I’m begin with someone new. Saturday is for chores and daily health concerns–an excellent Time to accomplish almost anything, Work wise.


Cancer.svg CANCER: June 21 – July 22
The four weeks ahead Feature work, Service personnel, machinery/Tools, nutrition and diet, and your daily health. Be willing to help others–this will get your further than trying to be the one in charge. A lot of communication, Planning I’m general busyness Will fill this work area for the next two weeks. Others treat you affectionately and graciously until December 7 –and earlier November romance might now become a form of partnership. Be careful, not impulsive, in investments, Debt, and sex until December 18. Chase money Sunday – buy sell. Best before 9 AM (PST). Errands, short trips, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details Phil Monday to late morning Wednesday. Your luck is quite jumbled here (as it is all week) so being nimble. Tuesday day time tempts you to chase a wiil’o’wisp, hey fantasy, perhaps about the the opposite sex. This night goes well, Brings affection. Tuesday morning might flatten your enthusiasm but the rest of the day proceeds quite easily– Stick to routine . Your domestic scene demands attention Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. Wednesday is great, especially for doing something a little secret, Or to enhance your family security. There is a little good luck thursday/Friday also, but in major forces seem to be pressing on both your home and you’re relationships. Perhaps one has to give so the other can survive. Romance, love, and everything pleasurable Saturday!
Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO: July 23 – August 22
Ah, lucky you–Romance fills the weeks ahead. If you’re married, or even if you aren’t, these weeks will also bless you in creative, Speculative, artistic, Child raising, and pleasure pursuits. A sense of affection and graciousness spills over into your workplace until December 7. More importantly, do You have the gift of gab in romantic situations until December 2. And most importantly relationships in general intensify now to December 18. This intensity can cause arguments, Fights, competition, Even litigation–but it also can inflame love and attraction to a white heat. You might start a romance that quickly becomes serious enough that you both begin speaking of marriage or a wedding. Your charisma and energy shine Sunday, So get lots done. If you meet someone before 9 AM (PST) you might be looking at a potential marriage partner. Monday through Wednesday noon brings earnings, money, shopping, and sexual attractions. Your luck is very mixed here, so remain alert and nimble. Monday proceeds well, But in the wrong direction (which you might realize a month or two down the road). After 7 PM (PST) you’ll find the right direction again (perhaps an intimate one). Wednesday noon to Friday midnight brings errands, paperwork, Communications, casual friends– And curiosity. Again good luck mixes with bad, So remain alert and nimble. There seems to be some upheaval or changing of the guard (or changing the methods) that involves both your communications or creative skills and your workplace. This might also be a breakthrough time. You might romance a coworker. Head for home Saturday, Hug your family–all is well!


Virgo.svg VIRGO: August 23 – September 22
The four weeks I had emphasize your domestic environment, Virgo. Home, family, a diet I nutrition, gardening, mother nature, security, retirement plans, your children’s education plans, Repairs and renovations–all these call you now to late December. However, if you’re going to start a renovation or landscaping project, make sure you can finish it by December 18, As a slowdown begins December 19. Until December 7, Beauty or romance tickles your fancy. Until December 17, work remains intense. You might also undergo surgery. Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday. Your energy surges upward Monday through Wednesday noon. Your clout and effectiveness and charisma also rise. You’re the leader, But make sure you choose the best course in the right direction, especially Monday daytime, when you are prone to chase hey fantasy. A productive conversation might occur Tuesday involving your home and a money situation. Chase money, Earnings, a pay raise, and/or or new clients Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. Again, your luck is jumbled, So proceed carefully. Wednesday PM is pretty good as is Tuesday after 7:20 PM (PST). You might feel a sexual attraction to someone, but this relationship would be filled with upheaval. For some reason, your money interests are fighting your love/ romantic interests. I would advise letting the money interests win. Errands, communications and travel fill Saturday–all’s well until Saturday evening, and you’re happy!
Libra.svg LIBRA: September 23 – October 22
Before weeks ahead are not an important time, Libra. But they present you with an opportunity to spread your light– Your words, your presence perhaps–over a whole network of associates, Relatives, and friends. Your days will be filled with errands, communications, visits and paperwork. You could attract a friendly romance. You will also be lucky in love–or at least you will Feel courageous, determined and very definitely attracted, at least until December 18. This time could bring you a romance that has wedding Vibes. Your family will be supportive until December 7, when yet another Nice romantic influence will join in. In December (I’m telling you now in case I forget) hey domestic situation might arise which nudges you to make changes or repairs. Do not start any domestic project which cannot be completed by December 18–after this it will go into the mishmash machine. Hey wish might come true on this happy, lighthearted Sunday. You might meet true Romance before 9 AM (PST) this day. Retreat to rest, contemplate and plan Monday to Wednesday noon. Deal with government agencies (NOT Monday) charitable organizations and your own spiritual needs. Your luck is up-and-down, So roll with the punches and grab the opportunities. Your charisma, clout, effectiveness and energy soar Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. You’ll be the leader so get out and impress people, Start new projects, and most importantly use your energy and charm to overcome hey domestic problem. Unfortunately, Communication solves little so you might have to defer to other methods. There is some hint of a change of partners– Or of Homes. Charge forth to buy, Sell, cultivate clients Saturday–every thing’s Lucky until this evening. (Avoid a lovers quarrel late night.)


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO: October 23 –November 21
They four weeks ahead favor your money interests, possessions, rote Learning tasks, and sexual attractions. There will be many money conversations until December 2. Communications and travel Will reward you– Mostly with affection, but also with opportunities–until December 7. Your Home Life has been intense for a while, And this continues to December 18. Be gentle with your spouse and kids. This is an excellent little influence to repair or renovate your home, But do not start anything that you can’t finish by mid December–at that point, everything gets delayed and screwed up. Be ambitious Sunday. Before 9 AM (PST) you will hit on just the right task. Happiness taps your shoulder Monday through Wednesday noon– expect popularity, social delights, light flirtations, entertainment, and a delicious taste of optimism toward the future. Your actual practical luck is not high this few days–or indeed all this week before Saturday–but this will hardly bother you. Your best time for action occurs from late evening to midnight Monday. Retreat, rest and recuperate, meditate, and plan your future Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. You might have to deal with civil servants, charity cases or spiritual people, or with some problem that involves Communication and you’re Hidden private side. (For example, someone’s gossip might reveal one of your secrets. However, it is likely to be more serious than this. You could be assaulted for past sins, or you could meet a casual friend who could turn out to be a good lover. Whatever happens, it seems quite significant, A turning point.) Proceed thoughtfully, and push no one. Your energy returns Saturday in splendid ways. Others admire you and you make swift intuitive headway in love and beauty–and risk-taking.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21
After a long month of weariness and low charisma, you now start four weeks in which you are at the top of your game. Be a leader, start significant projects, make new contacts. But only start projects which you can finish before December 18, as a confusing slowdown will arrive at that time. You’ll remain as talkative as ever until December 2. You might have been talking recently and/or will in the near future with someone who does not disguise the fact that he or she is seeking a mate. Your money fortunes continue to be mildly lucky until December 7. You have been very active despite your weariness over the last 10 days or so, but now that activity level will become almost frenetic. All month, and all months to next October, greatly favor your social life. Now to next autumn, join new groups, dive into flirtations, make plans for the future based on your optimism, and expect one or two major life wishes to come true! This trend will be featured this week, Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. You will be happy and flirty these few days–but realize that’s some consequential events loom that affect your income and popularity. The two do not seem to mix, so proceed with some caution. Earlier, Sunday is mellow and wise, and could bring romance. Be ambitious Monday through noon Wednesday–bosses and other higher-ups are watching your performance. Realize there are potholes on this road –DON’T aim for home, retirement, or real estate Monday, and don’t push your money demands Tuesday. Saturday begins a weekend of rest and recuperation–a pleasant day spent at home will gratify you, while chasing romance will make you stumble.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN:: December 22 –January 19
Retreat during the month ahead, Cap. Lie low, watch and learn. Rest, take power naps, contemplate your future and make plans, fulfill neglected chores, visit shut-ins, deal with institutions, Head office and the government. Your energy will be low and your charisma dim, but you will retain an air of grace and a subtle attractiveness until December 7. Until December 2, you can uncover valuable information in a  confidential discussion by digging deep. Money Will gush your way until December 18, but bank it; don’t spend. Sunday is mysterious; it attracts you to sex and tempting financial deals. You’ll succeed, if you act before 9 AM (PST). A gentle, mellow breeze of understanding floats through you all Monday to Wednesday noon. Acting on this in the usual way, That is, traveling or attending cultural venues might be too strenuous in your present tired mood. Best to curl up with a good book or research materials. (You might pick up the wrong research Monday, tho’.) Be ambitious– within reason– Monday noon to Friday midnight. Your luck is very mixed here, so be nimble and astute. Something major is definitely brewing: it could even be a prestigious promotion for you. Big calm, diplomatic, loyal–this will help higher-ups to lean toward your side. Saturday, At least until evening, it Is splendid and superb! You’ll feel social, optimistic and just plain happy.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS: January 20 – February 18
The four weeks ahead Will bring joy, social delights, flirtations and romance, wish fulfillment, entertainment, popularity, and buckets of optimism. This fits in nicely with the over all tenor of the October 16 to October 17 year, which promotes wisdom, travel, Learning, and love. As noted, hey wish might come true before December 2. This wish might be about Romance, sexual intimacy, or a financial situation (investment/debt). Romance might be the least likely of these three, because, until December 7, do You tend to keep your affections Hidden, To blossom only in private or confidential situations. On the other hand, you are filled with personal intensity, Energy and determination, and sexual magnetism until December 18. If somehow you can combine all those disparate influences, You’ll have a winner! Sunday is for relationships–excellent before 9 AM (PST) but more suitable for “getting things done” after this. Sexual yearnings, significant financial situations, Lifestyle changes, detective work and important health matters–these arise Monday through Wednesday noon. Good and bad luck mingle so closely here that you might be wise to simply remain on the sidelines. Love, intellectual expansion, higher learning, cultural venues, far travel, law, and social rituals are slated Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. Again, good and bad luck duke it out, so step cautiously. If you’ve committed a crime, it could be exposed now; if you just have a wee secret, It might also be exposed. A Capricorn could be A real obstacle. Fate, destiny have something to do with your inner life right now. Be ambitious Saturday, mingle with the elites, propose a project to your boss or a VIP–do it all before evening (PST) to succeed.
Pisces.svg PISCES: February 19 – March 20
If you are going to climb the corporate ladder this year, Pisces, the month ahead is the time to do it. You will be filled with ambitious energy, easily accomplish your tasks, and have enough leftover to promote a scheme or project. Higher-ups are interested in holding conversations with you until December 2. Until the seventh, a streak of affection and light romance keeps you happy. Continue to beware belligerent people and dangerous situations until December 18. You might trigger a new source of income from the government or “head office.” Tackle chores Sunday. Monday to Wednesday noon brings bright relationships and opportunities–however most of these might conflict with your ambitions or the powers that be, Especially Monday. Be diplomatic, I don’t expect too much. There will be a couple of happy little surprises (e.g., late Monday night). Think twice before you commit to anything. This advice applies very strongly to the following days also: Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. This interval brings sexual desires, Financial urges, detective work and research, Health matters, lifestyle changes and commitments and consequences. As noted, be wary of commitment. A wish might come true these few days, but the parade of events light also wipe out a major wish. You might have to choose between sex and money on the one hand, and your social desires on the other. Don’t fret that this may be a difficult Time for investments, finances, or intimacy for these will meet tremendously good luck between now and next autumn, especially during odd numbered months (Jan., March, etc.). Saturday soothes you with wisdom and understanding, and a mellow, loving mood.
The End.
As the election grew nearer, I received a wave — actually, a six-month-long wave — of shock, anger and disgust from some HC supporters due to my overzealous criticism of her and the DNC. The more I defended Trump from some pretty disingenuous criticism, the more “disgusting” I evidently became. The general consensus of the female critics was that I hated women. (I have to insert that many women sent me emails of praise, too.) Many were incensed that I predicted Hillary would lose, and some even blamed her loss on me. So about two months ago, wanting to please everyone, I wrote here that Hillary could win, if she was born at 8:10 pm, but would lose if her birth was 8:10 AM. I do this with clients, too — when clients refuse to believe my advice/reading, and insist that their view is right and mine wrong, I eventually begin agreeing with them. It’s their loss, not mine.

Actually, I suspect all her birth data is wrong. The two times above would make her a Cancer (8:10 pm) or Scorpio (8:10 am) rising. But she looks like an Aquarian rising, and she keeps forming “partnerships” with Leos, Aquarius’ partnership sign. Bill C, Obama, Huma Abedine are Leo.  In Leo, Hillary has Mars, Pluto and Saturn — meaning her relationships with Leos (and perhaps w/partnerships) are fraught with anger, resentment, power struggles, rejection and practical exchanges. These planets are in her career house if she was born at 8:10 am. Someone wrote me to opine that her Mars and Pluto conjunct at 14 degrees Leo pointed to “someone who works for the collective good.” That’s odd. Mars means aggression and Pluto rules life, death and killing. Conjunct, they often raise danger signals of potential criminal actions. I suspect murderers and spouse-beaters often have this aspect in their birth charts. However, they are in the 14th degree of Leo in Hillary’s chart, which does speak of idealism and goodness of heart. Saturn in the same sign/career sector points to the possibility of a permanent fall from grace due to “bad actions.” It’s well documented that the DNC used many dirty tricks, perhaps even illegal tactics (fomenting violence, etc.). Did Hillary know?

The real problem for Hillary was that Donald Trump grew through his campaign, from initial arrogance, to apology (his “I regret” speech) to going through the sexual abuse allegations (in which he progressed from anger to acceptance that he couldn’t fight it) and from there to reading the prompters and acting quite presidential. He matured through the campaign. He also showed flashes and hints of compassion. Like Shakespeare’s Prince Hal, he has abandoned debauchery and grown up to be a — we hope! — good, wise king. (I’ll bet he wears a crown sometime during his stay at the WH, even if in jest.)
(The real knock on Trump is his nationalist, racist ties. These are indefensible — and I might look at them later, if I don’t give up on politics — which I might.)
Hillary did not grow. She started high then went low. She ran a negative ad campaign, while Trump, despite Michelle Obama’s accusations, ran a relatively positive one. The Hilly we saw at the beginning of the campaign was the same Hillary we saw at the end. She took weeks off the campaign. She refused to hold a press conference for — was it 100 days? She simply didn’t grow or change, which gave the electorate time to study her.
Many politicians try to give the electorate what it wants — some with enthusiasm, some to survive. But many of them forget: what the public wants most is the truth. (Though during elections charisma often outshines truth — witness Donald Trump.)
It’s ironic, I guess: Hillary attacked what she was sure was Trump’s weakest side: his character. Yet Trump’s campaign, organizationally, was said to be a mess. He had almost no ground game. He won for one simple reason: his character/charisma. Hillary attacked his strength — probably a major West Point type mistake.

Saw anti-trump protests in seven cities tonight, Nov. 9. Reminds us of what has been apparent for a while: that the entirety of violence in this political year came and still comes from the Democrat side. It’s a reflection, astrologically, of Hillary’s Mars-Pluto conjunction mentioned above.
My advice to Donald: get outside the Trump Tower, meet these protesters, listen to them, and ask them to choose 3 leaders to come to his office and air their complaints, and try to work something out with them.
The anti-Trump protesters then and now seem to be largely millennials. This group should be watched, for it  has potent grievances and, if it wants, increasing power. Two other large power groups exist: the disenfranchised middle-class, to whom Trump has promised a solution and a bright new horizon, and the elite, who suppose their success and safety lie in the middle class’s support, but who are thinking superficially in this. These elites see the millennial power group as a distant threat–something to be observed, Perhaps to be studied for clues to improve how they are led. They are an exotic threat, but not a critical one. But thinking so would be a mistake. The millennial power group could trigger a major three-way fight. It is an enemy of both the middle-class and the elites because it does not share their reverence for practical considerations. Maybe more later.
If Trump does “drain the swamp,” they’ll find Obama’s feet in the mud.
Some cheer: Obama and Trump met for the first time Nov. 10. They will like each other. Obama’s Leo-Gemini; Trump’s Gemini-Sagittarius (Leo rising, I think). So, Obama’s feet might not be found (in the mud).
More cheer: Trump will be more compassionate and liberal than anyone suspects — much more than many Republicans will like.
Even more: I have heard (not first-hand) that Trump has decided not to prosecute Hillary for her crimes. (Then heard he was. ??)
Even more: I suspect Trump will become one of the best-loved Presidents, on a scale with Reagan. (Though beneath appearances, he is very similar to JFK. Now, is that hero worship?? Maybe!)
The Democrats now fill the airwaves with reasons why they lost — almost none of them focusing on themselves. They have blamed everyone from the FBI to the media — the media, which spent the last six months sucking the DNC teat and trying to destroy Trump! Then the Democratic Senate Minority leader, Harry Reid, writes a furious, almost hysterical public statement that basically called Trump the new Satan.
Give Hillary one thing: unlike every other Democrat, she lost graciously, and made no excuses.      This is another Scorpio trait — Hill’s a Scorpio — when they fight, it’s no holds barred, including “dirty tricks” — but they are gracious losers and magnanimous winners. A Scorpio almost never kicks you when you’re down — in fact, many Scorpios, after beating you at whatever, will then extend a hand and help you up.) She has guts, intelligence, is loyal. Throughout the campaign, I was amazed at how extensive and intricate her organization and her Matrix of loyal cooperators was. (Scorpios are excellent managers.)
The real reason the Dems lost was fate, karma. Hill won the popular vote, but through a series of unexpected events, Trump won the electoral college election. I doubt Trump and his staff totally engineered this — it just happened, luck went their way. But good luck for them was bad karma for the Democrats — karmic payback for Donna Brazil, for Debby Wasserman, all the people in the DNC who abandoned their morals and souls at Hillary’s gate. When you abandon your morals, you give karma no choice.

In a larger context, I think Trump would have won no matter who he was. (When I wrote here in 2014 that Hill would lose, neither party had even begun their primaries.) The “fates”  wanted a Republican win — now we have to figure out why.

In the end, Trump’s victory shows the triumph of the organic over mere intelligence.

I know many women will be in sorrow that a woman president still has not arrived. One will, of course. (How about Ivanka Trump versus Michelle Obama for President?) The 2020 president elect might be a woman (Moon in Leo election day) but is likely to be assassinated. The 2024 P-elect is probably a male. 2028 — again, male. 2032, a female president-elect.

9 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — NOVEMBER 20 – 26, 2016

  1. penelope

    Tim, I’m just about to experience Saturn conjunct my ascendant, so bear with me here. Childhood pain was a big problem in my life. Feeling cheated of a loving father and family. I think I was going through a Saturn return at the time. I did an exercise that I learned from Leo Buscaglia on tv. Rescuing that child in you. Going back reliving it and rescuing yourself. It helped immensely. I don’t think it would work now, I seem to have forgiven them all. ?
    Here’s a quote I love and believe.
    “Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.”
    ― Leo Buscaglia

    I lost my only sibling in June of this year, my brother. He was 67. I raised him and thought I had protected him from “a dirty old man” next door called “Jack” but not long before he died, he confessed to me that he succumbed. For a quarter. There was, in the end nothing we couldn’t talk about. I’m glad for that.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Penny,

      Saturn on the Asc. is not always a bad thing. Depending on your chart, it could indicate more money (in Sage, ruling Cap). Usually a very maturing time, often through trials. But Saturn in bad aspect to, say, your birth Uranus or Pluto, can be much stronger and more destructive.



      1. penelope

        Hi Tim,

        Thanks for your reply. I know you’re busy. ?
        Destruction! I hope it means breaking a glass or two!
        However Uranus scares me…its sudden, unexpected.
        Moon opp. Uranus in Gemini. Yikes…emotional, I guess.

        Be well, Penny.

  2. cszotts

    Dear Mr. Stephens,
    I just wanted to thank you for a couple of things. First, for your insight (NOT incite, although that is what unfortunately happens when people don’t thoughtfully read what you write.) not just for the recent election but also for all of the other thoughts that you share about people and world events. I find that too many people today are superficial readers because that’s easier. I find that more often than not you are right on target; and when you’re not, I just attribute that to “the stars being misaligned” or you being far ahead of your time! ( Feel free to print this elsewhere with only my name if you would like.)

    Second, I want to sincerely thank you for telling us about your childhood. That took a great deal of courage. I, too, suffered abuse from a parent, however, mine was emotional trauma rather than physical. I, too, heard from 2 husbands and other lovers and friends along the way that I was “closed off”. I think that was from what I call the “hiding within” that was necessary to survive a childhood with a monster that the rest of the world considered a saint. I think that it is important to validate other people’s experiences and so I wanted you to know that I really heard what you said and what you didn’t say.

    Be well,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, cszotts/Christine,

      Thank you for the encouragement! (Praise is always welcome.) Regarding childhood: I suspect that often emotional abuse is worse than physical. Even in my case, it was the (emotional/psychic/social) betrayal/destruction of trust, of the mother-child bond, that affected me far more, and more deeply, than the sexual assaults.



  3. Nols

    Thank you for sharing your story , it made me very sad for you and your family. I’m really lost for words so I just want to send you some healing vibes, I don’t think you need it because you obviously have lots built up , but sending it anyway, Noels.

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