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START NOTHING: 5:52 am to 5:23 pm Mon., 2:57 am to 4:57 pm Wed., and 2:02 pm to 7:14 pm Fri.

Well, the election’s tomorrow!

Regarding the FBI’s recent re-opening then re-closing of the Hillary criminal investigation: Hillary’s a Scorpio. With Scorpio, it’s always sex, secrets (other people’s) money and power. (Good Scorpios work with these for the benefit of others — e.g., sex therapists, detectives, psychiatrists, surgeons, philanthropists. etc. Bill Gates is Scorpio. But bad Scorpios get entangled in sexual affairs, grab other people’s money, and create mafia-like organizations.) Scorpio is intense: bad Scorpios are very bad and good Scorpios are very good. (And, like most signs, there’s a vast “in-beween,” — none of us are purely saints or purely sinners.) In astrology, Scorpio rules the underground, murder, birth (conception; birthing is Cancer) research, the  crossing of sexual boundaries, physics of all types, oil, underground waters and swamps, super-tech such as cray commuters and advanced medical. (Not sure about artificial intelligence.) Scorpio is often physically courageous and has tremendous stamina. And, as Trump said about Clinton, “She doesn’t quit, and I admire that.”

I wrote here when the email questions began arising a year ago or so, that Hillary’s flaw was secrecy. It is every Scorpio’s flaw and strength. It is what it is; it/she/he won’t change. It’s like asking a ladder to be a tricycle.
Obama is out campaigning for Hillary, now day and night, now with a certain panic and frustration — he’s angry, he’s telling his audience to “shut up and sit down,” he’s attacking the FBI…. Obama’s scared. If HC loses and Trump drains the swamp, where do Obama’s feet anchor him? In the slime, at least, of forty visits in the Oval Office with a convicted felon. Maybe we’ll see what Obamarama was dealing in. It wasn’t innocence!




Aries.svg ARIES: March 21 – April 19
The mysteries continue, Ares, but only until next Sunday, the 20th. You might StumbleUpon one or two excellent chances to invest–in moneymaking instruments Sunday in real estate or similar options Friday day time, and in art or beauty Saturday. Chase money, buy/sell Sunday– Monday’s a dud. Errands, short trips and visits, communications, paperwork and details, I’m casual acquaintances fail Monday eve to Wednesday supper time– Be curious as you are winding your way through valuable information. All you have to do is stop and listen or stop and look. Accept a small rejection Tuesday supper time. (The alternate, being accepted and starting an association, would eventually lead to a worse situation.) Had for home Wednesday night through Friday suppertime. There seem to be many unsettling currents winding their way through your domestic sphere, so this would be a good little interval to hug your spouse and kids, reassure them that all remains the same. Friday Brings success, good repairs, Good plans and programs for yourself, your children and your house. Do not start a major renovation before January 8. Romance calls late Friday night through Saturday. A Friday night date it Is unpredictable: It’s an all or nothing situation. But Saturday gives a long smooth day of quiet success in romance, Pleasure, art and beauty, creativity and risk-taking.
taurus weekly forecast TAURUS: April 20 –may 20
Hi, Taurus. You begin this week with a lot of Energy and personal charisma sunday/Monday. This is usually a good time to start new projects and impress new people, but you’ll need to do this either Sunday or before 6 AM (PDT) monday. Remember also that you are in a month of relationships which other people possess the essential power. So the best use of your early week energy Will be to join others, cooperate, I’m find common ground. Chase money, cultivate new clients, make important purchases and sell unwanted items Monday supper time to Wednesday suppertime. Do not buy anything used or essential late afternoon to suppertime Tuesday. Errands, casual friends, paperwork and details, short trips and visits and communications Will keep you busy Wednesday supper time to Friday suppertime. The difficult planetary aspects outnumber the good ones in this interval, so proceed carefully and deliberately, and check everything before you let it go–for instance, the address on a letter. You might meet a future mate on Thursday, but realize there’s a lot of wishful thinking around you. Head for home Friday night for a domestic weekend. Other than a tiny bit of friction Saturday morning, this is a splendid interval for peace, security, loving your family, gardening and nature, and resting.
Gemini.svg GEMINI: May 21-June 20
This is your last week of work and drudgery, Gemini. Next week will bring new horizons, significant relationships, fresh air and opportunities. But for now, finish your work. You’ll be tired Sunday through Monday suppertime. Rest, think, watch and plan. Be charitable, deal with governmental and spiritual organizations. Act Sunday, as Monday yields very small results. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday supper time–contact people, present proposals, be the leader and impress others. Luck is mingled here, and rewards bold action Monday night and Tuesday morning to mid-afternoon. Otherwise, be cautious: if you’re aiming for someone your own age in relationship, the going might be slow. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, protect your possessions, and turn your back on a sexual temptation Wednesday night to Friday suppertime. The small interval is packed with potholes, so proceed carefully. You can get a lot accomplished, or purchase a good piece of machinery midmorning to midafternoon Friday. Errands, calls, communications, visits and short trips, Curiosity– These fill Friday night and the coming weekend. Until December 7 Life will bless you with good luck in finances and investments, lifestyle changes and sexual interludes. Someone you love or at least have wooed, might now finally I met you to their boudoir.
Cancer.svg CANCER: June 21 – July 22
The accent remains on romance, beauty, pleasure, charming children, creative and risk-taking urges– and surprisingly lucky outcomes. Enjoy it while you can, because next week begins a month of work and health concerns (a productive month). Sexual urges remain intense until December 18, while relationships– And a special relationship–grow sweeter and sweeter. Sunday/Monday Bring wish fulfillment, optimism, flirty romance, social Joys and popularity —  make your mark in this area Sunday, as Monday rings a little hollow. Retreat from the crowd, rest, contemplate and plan, show charity and be spiritual and deal with government and institutional workers from Monday suppertime to Wednesday suppertime. Your luck is mingled here but you will be fine as long as you avoid making commitments or promises, or starting new projects Tuesday morning and midafternoon to suppertime Tuesday. Your energy rushes back Wednesday suppertime to Friday suppertime– So does your charisma, so you might experience someone’s adoring attention. Rather than start big new projects, use your increased energy and clout to solve problems, Especially Thursday Dawn to Friday dawn. Chase money, entertain clients, ask your boss for a pay raise or make important purchases Friday supper time through Saturday (Saturday is best).
Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO: July 23 – August 22
The general emphasis remains on your home, family, security, gardening on nutrition, nature and retirement. This is your last week, For a while, to “prune your garden” — to cut out wasteful situations and relationships, and to plant the seeds– Or more correctly prepare the foundations or the launching pad — of new situations and projects. You might begin to hear or speak romantic words now into early December; at the same time, relationships will grow intense–it’s love or war. (Probably love, considering everything else.) Your workplace grows more affectionate to December 7. Sunday/Monday call you home–embrace your family, and focus on yard work, repairs, neighborhood goings-on, nature and nutrition, and your soul. Do most of this Sunday, As Monday is a bit of a dud. Your optimism rises and so does your popularity Monday suppertime to Wednesday suppertime. Avoid self deception early Tuesday morning, and take an easy, quiet stance late afternoon to suppertime Tuesday. (Earlier this daytime you can hear words of love or find that a friend is interested in you.) Events are jumbled, good and bad, but that will not Dent your buoyant mood. Retreat Wednesday suppertime to Thursday suppertime–rest, contemplate and plan, deal with civil servants and management, be charitable and spiritual. Be cautious, also, Thursday afternoon to Friday Dawn, when disruption, alienation, and deception all combine to try and throw you off your course. Your energy and charisma return in a big way Friday night through the weekend. Green lights abound, So you can safely start projects, make new contacts, impress people, and get your way. The only exception might be very late Friday night or Saturdays wee hours, when you either hit it off splendidly with someone, or you experience an angry rejection–it depends, Believe it or not, on your philosophy and ethics.


Virgo.svg VIRGO: August 23 – September 22
The accent remains on small chores such as errands, communications, emails, short travel, Paperwork and details. This busy but unimportant phase Will end next week, When a month of down-home quietude begins. Even now though, Talk is beginning about that down-home phase — Conversations might include renovations or a short vacation, landscaping or remodeling. Be careful about what you start; It should be something you can finish in three weeks because mid-December brings a period of confusion, mistakes, and seemingly inexplicable delays or postponements. What has been a strong romantic Press from another since late September might now fade due to overwhelming work demands. However, it doesn’t end –it simply grows more gentle, Affectionate and sweet until December seven. Sunday/Monday are gentle, intellectual, mellow and wise.(Of course I mean you are, not the whole world.) Far travel, higher education, media/Broadcasting and gentle love are all favored – but act Sunday or before 6 AM Monday (PDT) if you want results. Be ambitious Monday evening to Wednesday suppertime–not everything will go well (so guard yourself Tuesday pre-dawn and late afternoon). You might hear good news about money or your pay scale Tuesday. Happiness, wish fulfillment, popularity, social joys, flirtations, entertainment, and a general optimism about the future–this light up your heart and your eyes Wednesday suppertime to Friday suppertime. This whole sequence though, is filled with adverse aspects. You’ll hardly notice because you’re so happy but hold off on starting anything significant until Friday midmorning to midafternoon. Retreat, rest, nap, contemplate and plan Friday suppertime through Saturday. Friday isn’t great, but Saturday is–for charitable works, meditation or other spiritual practices, and dealing with civil servants.


Libra.svg LIBRA: September 23 – October 22
To chase money for one more week, Libra. This is also a week that generally favors making large purchases; however the aspects are so jumbled but you need to be a careful buyer. Sunday (investments) Tuesday mid morning to midafternoon (travel tickets or cultural purchases) Friday mid morning to midafternoon (basics, Food, and status symbols) and Saturday midmorning to midnight (transportation, Bicycle, stationery, and telephones) – These are the only Times you should buy anything this week. Casual friendships grow more lively into early December — many messages and trips back and forth. Your home life grows affectionate now to December 7. Now to mid December, your romantic courage rises. This might tempt you to chase an exciting romance–It might also bring a deep attraction to a person whom you might marry in 2017 or 2019. Sunday/Monday features secrets, investigations, sexual desires, large finances, and heightened intuition. All these are benevolent and can lead to valuable rewards Sunday and predawn Monday. After this, Results are elusive. A gentle, wise mood flows into you Monday supper time to Wednesday suppertime (PDT). You could you meet someone exciting late — around midnight PDT. Friends, abstract ideas, travel themes, Intellectual pursuits and love succeed Tuesday morning to midafternoon , But meet resistance Tuesday Dawn and night. The ambitious Wednesday eve to Friday suppertime– You are in a situation where in success comes through struggle especially Thursday to Friday dawn. Beware deception. You will succeed midmorning to midafternoon Friday. Friday night begins a weekend of joy, wish fulfillment, popularity, Romance and optimism. Enjoy!


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21
Your energy, clout, Charisma, and effectiveness remain high for one more week. Continue to lead, to start significant projects, to make new and important contacts, and generally to impress everyone. However don’t start projects which will need a lot of attention from mid December to early January, as that phase Will throw matters into chaos. Communications become more affectionate over the next few weeks, and conversations about money or spending benefit you. Your home, though, it is prone to friction now through December 18 that –be gentle with the children and spouse. It is a good time to make home repairs or purchase Home related machinery. Sunday/Monday confront you with relationships– Good successful ones. Act Sunday, as Monday is a bit of a dud. Secrets, mysteries, research and detective work, deep sexual urges, Financial opportunities, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, Commitment and consequence–these fill Monday suppertime to Wednesday suppertime (PDT). You will meet success Monday night and midmorning to midafternoon Tuesday. Other times, barriers face you. A mellow, wise mood floats into you Wednesday evening to Friday suppertime. Again good luck mingles with bad–pursue higher education, foreign travel, legal matters, Cultural and philosophical affairs Wednesday eve to Thursday dawn and Friday midmorning to mid-afternoon. Other periods hold disagreement, alienation, and deception. Headed for home Friday night–and be early enough to avoid an argument. Saturday is fairly blissful: take the kids on a cruise around the neighborhood or do a minor paint or repair job period
Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21
Your face one last week of solitude and weariness, Sage. Got the deepest rest you can, because next week launches you into a high octane atmosphere–your energy and charisma will surge upward. The more deeply you rest now, the more energy you will have November 21 onward. You are beginning to regain your voice, and my even shatter too much into early December. Friendships and contacts become very lively now to mid December. Your Money lock increases now to December 7–it’s a fine time to buy a reasonable luxury item. Dive into chores sunday/Monday. Focus your efforts on Sunday, as Monday is a bit of a dud. Relationships arrive Monday supper time to Wednesday suppertime (PDT). This both excites you–Monday night, midmorning to midafternoon Tuesday, and late Tuesday night–and disappoints, Tuesday morning and eve. Life’s mysteries confront you Wednesday eve to Friday suppertime. Your intuition will be very strong, but you can still be fooled and make significant mistakes from midday Thursday through midmorning Friday. So make any investments, nudges toward intimacy, or any other consequential act outside these times. Love in some form taps your shoulder Friday night through the weekend–so do far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural venues, Publishing and media, and legal matters. All are blessed–although a conversation or an attraction could get too hot Saturday good morning.
Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19
This is your last week of a celebratory atmosphere, Cap. Enjoy it–join social groups, call friends, seek entertainment, flirt. You’re filled with optimism, You’re lucky and you’re popular. You might make a lot of money now to mid-December, but you could end up even poorer than now if you don’t control spending. Bank it! Your physical charms shine now to December 7. Still, even this week, there are hints of the withdrawal and quietude which will envelop you next weekend to late December. Sunday/Monday bring romance, Creativity, pleasure, beauty, and risk-taking. Act to Sunday or before dawn Monday (PDT) as the rest of Monday yields no results. Dive into work and care for your daily health Monday supper time to Wednesday suppertime. You can get a lot done if you’re not distracted by daydreaming Tuesday morning or laziness Tuesday evening. Relationships confront you Wednesday supper time to Friday eve you might argue over principles or politics Thursday daytime, meet opposition Thursday eve, and tension and deception this night to dawn Friday. There could me a true mate or true love mid morning to midafternoon Friday. Friday night through the weekend bring sexual attractions, Financial decisions and lucky commitments, research and detective work, and perhaps lifestyle changes. Charge ahead Saturday midmorning onward — all lights are green!
Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS: January 20 –February 18
One last week of career pressures, Aquarius.  Do your best, smile at higher ups, and show your talents. This is not an easy week, but it contains a streak of love and ends with opportunities. Now to mid-November, Mars in your sign Will make you very determined, a little abrupt or heedless, and very magnetic to the opposite sex, Especially if you’re a man. The government, institutions and hidden allies Will favor you now to December 7. A Gemini or Virgo–and/or a very significant message–can make a dream come true now to early December. (Gemini is your loves sign; Virgo is your six sign.) Sunday/Monday finds you a bit sluggish. If you can, spend these two days at home, Or at least keep your family in mind. At work, Focus on Territory and foundations. A romantic interlude or possibility perks you up Monday night to Wednesday supper time. You will see beauty, experience pleasure, I’m feeling inspired.  Be cautious–you might have a tendency to chase a fantasy Tuesday morning, And you might discount your dreams Tuesday eve. Many chores face you Wednesday supper time to Friday eve. Divan, get them done–but take care with anything technical Thursday night through Friday morning. Good morning to midafternoon Friday Is a “window of accomplishment” — so accomplish! Friday night through the weekend brings relationships, good, exciting, affectionate relationships — and fresh opportunities–perhaps even dreams of relocation. The only exception occurs Saturday morning when you and another could grow argumentative.
Pisces.svg PISCES: February 19 – March 20
You are still in an open, Learning State of mind for one more week, Pisces. (In late November you enter a month of ambition and practical goals — and even this week you’ll start to hear snippets about upcoming ambitious projects.) Your hopes and wishes about love and intimacy might come true now to December 7. Until December 18, protect yourself from unwanted aggression–avoid biker clubs and dark alleys at midnight. The same interval might bring money from the government. Sunday/Monday brings errands, Communications, paperwork, short trips and casual acquaintances. Act before 6 AM Monday (PDT) as the rest of this day yields little. Relax, head for home, And deal with the basics of life Monday eve to Wednesday supper time. All goes well, but avoid forcing matters around dawn and late afternoon/eve tuesday. Love, romantic passion, art, beauty, pleasure, creative work and speculative risk-taking– These fill Wednesday supper time to Friday eve. You ride a winning streak that can culminate in success Friday afternoon — after you walk through the thorny gauntlet of disagreement, alienation, disruption and relationship illusion Thursday afternoon to Friday Dawn. This evening through the weekend, the cosmos gets the whip out and demands that you tackle a list of chores–do so, as all lights are green for easy, speedy accomplishment.



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  1. evie

    I meant to say that you didn’t have to publish my email, because I know it was a bit critical. It just became harder and harder to wade through all the negative, nasty stuff each week. Don’t publish this either…

    But thanks for listening…


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, evie,

      Have appreciated your comments, haven’t ignored them. In fact, you’re the one who caused me to delete a rather scummy part of the blog. (BTW, all comments placed here are public — for private communication, please email me instead, at: suningem@gmail.com.) I actually agree with you on some of the “negative stuff.”



  2. all 4 1

    Hey Evie!
    Though I don’t agree with everything Tim writes, I appreciate his courage in writing exactly what he thinks and perceives at the time he’s writing it, even if he amends it later, or offers up apologies of sorts. None of us has the handle on absolute truth, and we create personal mythology coming from a hodgepodge of of our own experiences, and what we absorb from media that may be true or false. Even if we think we’re on the moral high ground, there’s the stance of the old Buddhist tale where events take various positive and negative twists and turns so outcomes are unknown. Personally, I look forward to what Tim has to say, and am sometimes disappointed with people who try to suppress his voice. This may be an astrology site, but it’s his website, and adding a personal take in the mix makes it interesting and fun, even if it’s sometimes negative, cooler gossip, or whatever. Sometimes readers are fervently offended and threaten to stomp off the website forever. That’s Ok if they want to. That kind of strikes me as a parallel to what’s going on now with mass protests of the election results in the U.S.–most seem unable to self question that their assumptions about other voters may be wrong, or they just can’t handle that not everyone agrees with them. I appreciate that you have your own feelings about Tim’s free form expression, and how great you are for being born in Canada, but these are mine and I hope he does not start self censoring because other people want him to “see the light” or the “error of his ways”.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, all 4 1,

      You’ve got me pegged! I totally agree with your statement: “seem unable to self-question…their assumptions.” It is this which makes it so hard to make a cogent argument.

      Ah, well,



  3. evie

    I have refrained from commenting until now, but this last sordid rant of yours is disappointing to say the least. I would expect at least a smidgeon of spirituality in a person of your profession. And that means rising above speculation about people’s private lives as you have done here at enormous length. Not to mention wallowing in various conspiracy theories and swallowing large amounts of obvious propaganda that only a gullible person could. And you, a Canadian! I thought it was mostly only Americans who were unable to tell what a lie is and believe the most ridiculous stories that people make up for their own nefarious purposes. Anyway, it just smacks of the worst kind of water cooler gossip and really has no place here, does it?
    Apart from all of that, it is also disappointing that you focus mainly on the negative. You don’t see the good in people or situations, it would seem, or if you do it is minor and the bad outweighs it. And that’s sad.

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