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I’ll bet a lot of Americans wish there were 100 more Kyle Rittenhouses.
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My guide, Nima, says the traditional East Indian idea of reincarnation isn’t quite correct. She says it is more like my trance vision of a few years ago: the “Aquarium,” in which souls pass down what we would see as a long hallway, with “terrariums” on either side, each one showing a corporeal life, some lucky, some unlucky, some cruel and depraved, some disadvantaged or hurt, some with riches, some with unlucky love or loneliness, some with happy, satisfying love.

There are perhaps thousands, even millions of these. (Nima just answered, and said “millions.”) They are not punishment nor reward for past actions on Earth — rather, each soul must experience every one of these million lives (for in no other way can we attain angel hood, or eventually Godhead). The real “free will” that the Catholics speak of, really only exists here, in the “aquarium,” for every soul can choose whatever life they want to be born into. 

Once a life is chosen, and a birth into the physical occurs, the life is actually destined. (This is why astrology works, if you think about it.) The only “law” is: you MUST eventually pick EVERY one of these million lives, and can have any lucky life you want, but sooner or later you have to live the “bad” ones also. This is also why we must respect and revere every person on earth (or at least their soul, their “being”) — murderers and rapists as well as saints and good-hearted people. (We don’t have to respect their actions, tho.)

I wish I would remember this every time I bash Biden and Garland and Kamala and all the other thieves.

Two puzzles: 1) when whole masses are “punished” — say, in World War 2 — how does this occur, and why? And 2) humanity as a whole is growing more gentle, merciful, understanding and accepting every decade — how does this happen if every soul’s out there choosing from a huge variety of “lives?”
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Still sick! I love being old (I really do!) but not the sick part. PLEASE DON’T send me reading inquiries for a week or two. I have no energy. I can work about an hour a day w/o becoming exhausted — I use those hours to write this blog. I haven’t been able to answer many emails that came in over the last week or so. (And I apologize to those of you who have emailed me recently. I haven’t even answered well wishers.) Please contact me a week or two from now. Thanks, everyone.

(It’s probably pneumonia, but in Canada doctors are very slow: three weeks and waiting for a diagnosis.)
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A month of intellectual and humanitarian awareness starts now, Aries. It is a pretty good month for love, all else being equal. International travel, legal and cultural affairs, academic and scientific interests are also highlighted. You might catch the tail end of a secret early this week; if so, look at its broader implications. You will be engaged in somewhat secret work until mid December.

Higher-ups continue to favour you right into next year (to March 6), so give a lot of your energy to your job or career or social status. A partnership, perhaps even your spouse, plays a key role. At the very least, if you keep beating the drum, you will get a pay raise.

Sunday is travel oriented, but this night to about dawn Wednesday accents your home and family. This is a good interval, especially Tuesday. However it might end with a separation or a quiet feeling of alienation. Romance blossoms Wednesday to Friday: Wednesday is fortunate in love and creative areas, but gets sluggish late day. The interval might end with love, or a good opportunity. Tackle chores Saturday.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Taurus, the month ahead accents major finances, lust and sexual temptations, secrets and research, and life changes. Go a bit slowly, as your actions/ commitments might run into subtle webs of denial. Do work hard in your career or social ambitions zone, as you can build/start something very, very fortunate and difficult but stable, lasting. (This trend lasts to Dec. 28.)

Avoid lawsuits until next February. However, if you’re in one, your chances look fairly good. (Delays and indecision in law, but also in love and distant travel and academic situations occur mid-December into 2022, but reward nevertheless now to early March. Some of you might attend your own wedding!) Relationships can be enervating or aggressive until mid-December. Avoid belligerent people —diplomacy counts!

Sunday is for money, or some casual, sensual lying around. This night to Wednesday morning brings errands, travel, communications and paperwork. A good interval, you will get lots done. Head for home and family, at least in your heart and thoughts, Wednesday through Friday. Thursday can be a bit rough, and needs patience. Wednesday and Friday though, favour harmony, comfortable love. Dig deep for treasure. A romantic, beauty-filled Saturday.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The month ahead focuses on relationships, relocation possibilities, public dealings and opportunities in general. Be a little contemplative about these areas rather than impulsively plunging in. For example, there might be a deep flaw in someone who attracts you now. (And since autumn 2000.) Abusers often come in the most charming “disguise.” Also, be diplomatic. You could encounter enemies or opposition, but if so, they will tend to wilt on their own vine if you do NOT engage.

Until March 6, 2022, your research, asset, investment, and sexual sides tend to yield sweet rewards. Possibility of illness connected to your G.I. tract, kidneys, liver or blood quality. The past months of work and sickness is generally over, but something lingers until mid December. Until then, your socializing might be a little muted.

Your energy is good Sunday. This night to Wednesday morning features money, income, purchasing, rote learning and casual sexual attractions. A pretty good, beneficial interval. Errands, paperwork, travel and communications take the spotlight Wednesday to Friday. Wednesday and Friday are best, as Thursday might provoke arguments, even fights. Friday is for home and family — all’s well.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A month of employment, chores, machinery, health and support of dependants starts now, Cancer. Don’t spread your arms too wide to take on bigger than normal tasks — they might not, in the long run, prove rewarding. Relationships are blessed with the wand of sweetness and harmony, now to early March, ‘22. For some single Cancers, this could bring true love.

Now to mid December is intensely, physically romantic, esp. if you’re chasing someone above you on the economic or status scale. On sexual, financial and life-changing fronts, a difficult but strongly fortunate path faces you, until Dec. 28.

Sunday’s quiet — get some deep rest. Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun. night to Wed. morning. It’s lucky, so charge ahead — but don’t alienate a lover or spouse Tues. night or very early Wed. morning. Pursue $ Wed. to Fri. Collect and pay bills, buy and sell, etc. Thursday’s difficult, so act before and after. Saturday’s for a pleasant short trip, errands, coffee with friends on the patio, paperwork, emails, etc. Be curious — ask questions.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The month ahead accents romance, beauty, pleasure, sports and games, teaching children and creative efforts. You love this kind of thing, Leo, so you should be in seventh heaven. However, retain some skepticism, especially if dealing with someone new or someone you have met since autumn 2020 — the promise of it might not be kept, despite your enthusiasm.

On the other hand, you can make a solid and huge, lucky step forward with a true partner. It will go slowly, and demand work, responsibility, even new personal restrictions — but it will be worth it, very much worth it. But hurry, you only have until Dec. 28. Same period, you might face a major employment opportunity. Work and workmates are pleasant and fortunate for you all the way into next February.

Now to mid-December, avoid friction on your home front. Be gentle with children. If you’re losing your temper, go out and take a hammer to a tree stump or similar. Same period is good for heavy physical work on the home — digging a garden, renovating, putting in a pool, etc. Your workplace and workmates will be pleasant and beneficial until March 6 next year.

Sunday is filled with hope, but before you can actually pursue something, you enter a period of rest and quiet, with low charisma this night to Wednesday morning. Your energy and charisma soar Wed. To Fri. (Both fortunate days for action, but Thurs. has problems, obstacles.) Tackle chores Sat. — eat, dress sensibly this weekend.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of domestic interests begins now, Virgo. Give kids more time, repair the stairs, dig that swimming pool, garden, commune with nature, etc. You might be tempted to change, buy or sell a home/real estate, but an essential — and probably “invisible” — flaw exists here until 2022. Until March 6, 2022, your creative, romantic and “risky” efforts will be blessed with harmony and good fortune. Some singles will start a major love. (I don’t say “affair,” because this could turn to a solid marriage during the first 5 months of 2022. Those 5 months might also spell separation in an established marriage.)

You’ve recently been busy with paperwork, communications and travel. This has ended in a broad sense, but some parts continue to mid-December, especially where travel, paperwork, etc. apply directly to a) a major financial action, or b) research or c) lust.

Sunday’s for prestige actions. This night to Wed. morning tickles your heart, brings optimism, social joys, perhaps a flirtation. Wednesday to Friday nudges you into rest, quietude, and dealing with gov’t or head offices. Act Wed. or Fri. — avoid Thurs., as obstacles proliferate. Your energy and charisma rise mildly Sat.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of “busy work” starts now, Libra. Errands, paperwork, calls and communications, short trips, that sort of thing. Be curious, ask questions. Your domestic sphere (home, family, property, security, etc.) is very nicely favoured through next February. A major romance is still “available” to Dec. 28. It won’t be an easy one, might entail a change of home, even of “worlds,” but it can also become the one for decades ahead.

Mars remains in Scorpio until mid-December, increasing your money flow both inward and outward. Try to curtail spending so you can enjoy some of that increased inflow. If you’re unattached, this Mars position might spark a casual sexual affair that could morph into marriage.

Sunday’s mellow, wise, gently loving. This night to Wed. morning highlights your ambitions, career, status, and prestige relations. One significant wish can come true Wed. to Fri. Be optimistic, social — your popularity will surprise! But beware Thursday, when bad luck reigns. Withdraw, rest Sat.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The month ahead features dollars, income and earnings, purchases and sales, Scorpio. Don’t take a big leap in this area… Better to remain a little cautious and maintain your position. Casual sex might “visit you” — be aware of STD’s. You will be working hard until mid December, so don’t exhaust yourself, and be very careful around tools and machines.

This month ahead will also demand some health action, but not necessarily anything drastic. It could simply mean you buy more vitamins (and a warm sweater for winter). Friends, casual contacts, errands and paperwork, and any necessary travel will go quite well until early next year (March 6). You could be dealing with a potential mate, in business or love.

You have five weeks to establish a new place to stand, or to sew up a real estate deal, ensure your children’s future, etc. If you have not bought or sold a property yet this year, focus strongly on this area, because it will have one of the best outcomes you can reach in the 13 years ahead. This also applies to rentals for those w/o a down payment.

Sunday’s for secrets and investigating — and sex. A more gentle understanding arrives this night to Wed. morning. Law, culture, beliefs, science, statistics, international elements — and gentle love — might be involved. Your ambitions, career, worldly status and prestige relations bend fortunately your way Wed. and Fri. — but NOT so much Thurs. Time actions accordingly. Saturday’s for social delights, optimistic plans, flirtations — and just joy in general!

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is your time, Sage! The month ahead will imbue you with added energy, heightened charisma, and effectiveness. Launch something significant — allies will come. (Best thing you can start now is relocation, a public situation, grabbing an opportunity, or finding/embracing a partner in love or business.

Now to December 28, a communication, application or travel can yield significant results. None of this will be easy, but it can shape not only your future, but your income situation and your character itself, in a beneficial and quite permanent way. Until early next year (March 6) your income and money situation looks very good… Not fantastic, but mildly and supportively fortunate.

In love, you might be attracted to a verboten lover (e.g., already married?). Or you might find a present romance is restricting you. If so, don’t throw a good thing out the window — these restrictions will only last to mid-December, when a huge romantic “rush” embraces your heart.

Sunday’s for partnership, co-operation. This night to Wed. morning stirs deep waters: lust, major financial action, lifestyle or medical decisions. Dig deep — “treasure” lies buried. A wider view, a philosophy, religion, academic matter, international affair, publishing, legal and cultural involvements fill Wed. to Fri. Plunge into these Wed. and Fri. — Thursday’s “bad.” Saturday starts a domestic (and satisfying) weekend — be with family.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20

Lie low during the weeks ahead, Cap. Ponder, plan future actions, contact advisors, liase with gov’t or institutions or head office(s). Be aware of karma — be charitable, accepting, forgiving. (The real benefit of forgiving is it elevates/increases your understanding of that person or people.) You radiate a subtle grace now to early March next year. You will feel more loving and are very likely to attract love.

Mars remains in your area of hope and socializing until mid-December. This can nudge you to wishful thinking about real estate or family, security or a “nice retreat.” Be thoughtful here, not impulsive. You can build a quite permanent and lucrative income situation before Dec. 28 — it will take perseverance and hope.

Sunday’s for chores. Relationships fill this night to Wed. morning —so do opportunities, relocation themes. Charge ahead, you can achieve anything BUT a “wishful dream.” Deeper waters, subterranean forces arrive Wed. to Friday. Financial, sexual, power and similar urges tempt you — go ahead Wed. and Fri., but don’t commit to anything Thurs. (bad outcomes). Saturday is for thoughts, contemplation, gentle love.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan 21-Feb. 18

Wishes can come true in the weeks ahead, Aquarius! (However, oddly, it would be a mistake to indulge in wishful thinking — get out there, act, and make those wishes come true. I say “those” because there are probably 2 wishes which will be granted.)

The secret or private side of your world has “sweetened” lately, and will stay so (and remain fortunate, enlightening) until early March, 2022). This phase might also “make” you more and more pleased with your property, family, and mother nature in general. A good time to heal any emotional wounds, as well as any gastro-intestinal, kidney, liver or blood disorder. Someone you love (whether admitted or not) can “diagnose” you, or your difficulties, with gentle advice, again now to March.

Mars continues to batter your self-esteem and relations with authorities until mid-December. This is NOT the time to write angry letters, etc., to people “in charge.” (You would lose this fight.) Lastly, the five weeks to Dec. 28 continue the excellent opportunity (here since mid-last month) to establish your life on a new, mildly adventurous, powerfully hopeful basis. A management position, or gov’t aid/program might be key.

Sunday’s for romance, creativity (both very lucky around dawn, 8 am, PST). Tackle chores this night to Wed. morning — all’s well, drive ahead. Relationships (and general opportunities) reward, bless you Wed. and Fri., but not Thurs., which is studded with problems, even hostility. Saturday starts a “deep” weekend of research, secrets, lust, major financial commitments, medical and lifestyle choices. A “difficult character” wants to start a life with you.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The four weeks ahead highlight your ambitions, career, social and worldly standing, and relations with higher-ups. Until next March, your dreams might come true, especially if they involve finances, sexual intimacy, research, or a lifestyle change. Casual contacts, even people on the street, will treat you as a friend. Strictly avoid lawsuits, and generally try to stay out of opinion based arguments until mid-December. You might spend on travel or academic programs.

A Scorpio might pursue you, with unusual assertiveness. Make sure this person is gentle before you completely come out. Until late Dec., a management position might be available to you. You could have to work hard or struggle to make this position, but the results and rewards will gratify and last a very long time.

Sunday is domestic. This night to Wednesday morning brings passion, romantic or creative or sports oriented. All is well, so jump in. Tackle chores, buy machinery Wednesday and Friday, but not Thursday which contains bad tools, bad machines, perhaps electrical disruptions. Protect your health and workplace safety Thurs. Saturday starts a weekend of relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities and possible public dealings/appearances.



 A book I read almost 2 decades ago just caught my eye on my bookshelf. It’s called “The Luck Factor,” by Richard Wiseman, a Scottish professor engaged in psychological research. It opened my eyes to many things, for example why some people are accident-prone. Or how your expectations affect your luck, up or down. Maybe you can find it on Amazon…? Definitely worth reading!
***.  ***

The justice system in the US is unconscionably biased against defendants. (Canada is much the same.)

1. You are not allowed to lie to the police, but they are allowed to lie as much as they want to you, even to deceive you into a false confession.

2. The prosecution is allowed to change the charge even only hours before the end of the trail. So if the defence successfully defends against the original charges, the prosecutors are allowed to change what they are charging, even at the end of the trial, and the defence is not allowed to rebut the new charges with evidence or witnesses.

3. In addressing the jury, the prosecution gives its closing arguments, then the defence gives its closing arguments. Then the prosecution is allowed a second chance to convince the jury in a second closing argument. But the defence is denied the same right — in every criminal trial. The principle of innocent until proven guilty is obviously a lie, when the defence is given one opportunity to defend, and the prosecution is given not only two opportunities, but the final one.

Any grammatical stylist will tell you that the end of a sentence, or the last sentence in a paragraph or other work, will always carry more weight, will “speak louder” than the first or middle text. This is a prejudicial leaning toward guilt on the part of the law and the court procedures.

4. Police forces like the FBI are allowed to break down your front door at 6 in the morning, slam you against the wall, handcuff you (while your neighbours watch) and scoop up every single thing in your house, car and person, like a giant vacuum cleaner, and then refuse to let any evidence they’ve seized see the light of day — ever. In other words the FBI is allowed to hide evidence that could prove the accused is innocent. (They did this to Trump in the second kangaroo impeachment “trial.” Without consequence for THEIR criminal act — hiding evidence.)

5. News organizations are allowed to convict the accused without a trial and without any evidence, stir up mobs, and cause # 6, below:

6. Mobs are allowed to intimidate the jurors, and (as in the Rittenhouse trial) to stand outside the courtroom and chant so loudly they can be heard throughout the trial, to intimidate the jurors and give them a “message” (e.g., if you don’t convict — or otherwise please us, we will start riots and find you and hurt you). (In the U.S., mobs are allowed to destroy property, beat people, and burn down court houses, without consequence or arrests.)

7. Though not technically allowed, police forces and prosecutors often lie to the jurors without consequences  (as in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial).

8. Prosecutors, though not allowed to under the law, often hide exculpatory (innocence-proving) evidence, and when caught, get criticized (“tut-tut”) by the judge, who nevertheless lets the trial continue.

9. Massive influencers, such as President  Biden, are allowed to give a (false) verdict or assassinate a defendant’s character, even before a trial begins — for example, Biden, with no evidence whatsoever, and erroneously, called Kyle Rittenhouse a ”White Supremacist,” thereby prejudicing the jury throughout the trial. Biden, not Rittenhouse, should be thrown in jail.

10. Wealthy or influential crime-doers are often not charged, especially if they are part of the ruling political party. (For example, Merrick Garland, the crooked judge whom “Godfather” Biden put in command of the Justice Department, has not faced, and probably never will face, charges for his repeated and obvious/provable lying to Congress.

[Nor for promoting CRT in schools because his son-in-law sold CRT materials and “teaching seminars” — to the tune of $ multi-millions. In fact, telling his FBI to investigate and ultimately jail parents who opposed Marxist CRT — as “domestic terrorists” — so his son could profit even more. What a slime, feeding on the rot in Washington. And what a coward, hiding behind Biden’s skirts.] At the same time, a member of the other party, Steve Bannon, is convicted of not speaking to Congress, with up to a year in jail.)
***.  ***

Okay, I  know I promised no more politics, but I got a lot of feedback on this. A much higher percent want me to continue with my opinions, so …

One more example of criminal behaviour by the FBI, the government-sanctioned thugs who are trying to destroy America: They raided three houses connected to Project Veritas, a legitimate news organization critical of Biden and his comfy swamp, on trumped-up charges and lies. Only a day or two later, some of the data contained in the materials they stole from Veritas, oddly enough showed up in the New York Times. Gee, I wonder how that happened? 

So they illegally broke into a journalist’s home, stole everything but the refrigerator , and immediately leaked some nuggets of information they stole to the leftist rag, NYT. What a bunch of dirty asses. Maybe I should say dirty mouths, since they obviously suck Joe Biden’s ass. (Ever notice Biden walks with that odd little light-footed prance, like someone who has just had satisfying anal political sex?) (Okay, maybe this is a little beyond the pale, but how else do you fight extremely powerful criminals like Biden and Garland? Let’s not forget Christopher Wray, the supposed head of the FBI, and his rank cowardice. Anybody with any guts would have stood up to Garland and said no, I’m NOT going to let/instruct the FBI to commit criminal acts. But we shouldn’t have expected anything else from this coward. Oh, it is to weep.)
***.  ***

Biden is a grifter, a con man who will come out of the presidency with more profit than any other. The communist Chinese give Joe and his son some percentage of a billion plus $ — American dollars – a fact hidden from the electorate before and during the election by Biden’s harem, the media and FB, Twits and Google. Then Biden inculcates Marxist teachings in schools. When parents protest, Biden sics the government-sanctioned thugs (FBI) on them. And Biden gives free rein to (condones/permits) the violence and murders by two communist organizations, Antifa and BLM.

His first day in office, Biden attacked, insulted and harmed America’s moist faithful ally, Canada, by halting the Keystone Pipeline. (Which Canada had spent billions on — at America’s encouragement — money simply lost, destroyed.) This was his first move to increase gasoline prices, as Canadian oil sells at a 25 to 30% discount to “world oil.” 

Since that first day in office, he has bragged about ignoring/violating the U.S. Constitution, and he has in many acts made good on that boast, limiting or destroying free speech (in only one example, sending the FBI after parents who dared protest the pornography and marxist CRT being taught to their young children, labelling them criminal “domestic terrorists) — publicly condemning innocent defendants such as Rittenhouse — oh, there are too many to list or remember. 

Biden favours — is attempting to institute — a centralized government. His latest outrageous act is to put forth a controller of the treasury who is an avowed communist, who (by her own writings, which she has tried to delete from the public record) wants to banish all banks, and move every citizen’s bank account(s) to the Federal bank. Communist dictatorship, anyone?

As Breitbart News accurately pointed out, by doing so the government would have control not only of your money, could take any “tax” they wanted out of your account at any time, they ALSO will control all lending, from mortgages to commercial loans. If Biden accomplishes this, watch how only socialist-leaning, government suck-up companies will be able to borrow, and hence grow or survive. Any “right wing,” (read conservative, capitalist) corporation will be refused loans on idealogical grounds, and eventually destroyed by financial starvation.

(PayPal is already doing this: they have refused to remit payments to a company that manufactures the American flag. They simply stole the payments — was it about $ 30,000? — from this company’s customers, thereby driving them out of business. This illegal theft is “ignored” by the Biden administration.)

Is this why Disney, Coca-Cola, MLB and other corporations have decided to go “woke” and promote transgenderism? (You know the alphabet: Q for queer, T for trannies, P for pedophiles.) So Biden and his Treasury kommandants won’t destroy them by choking off their money/credit access? Did Biden’s henchmen give them a wink and a quiet warning of what was to happen to conservative — or simply democratic — companies? I warned you last year: Biden is a haunted house (i.e., a morally empty White House) trying to gut America for his Chinese masters.
***.  ***

I think Biden should simply say to X-Ping, “If China invades Taiwan, I think Beijing might disappear.” And leave it at that. And say it in a nice way. No belligerence and no explanation. (Beijing is the political and cultural heart of the nation.) Let Xi think about it for awhile. (Of course he never would, as Xi is his puppet master, he paid Biden and his family a significant portion of a billion + dollars to do his bidding. Should’a known: Biden, bidding. Words have meaning.)
***.  ***

My motto, sometimes: incompetence in everything, aggression in all. (Except, I hope, in astrology and other mantic arts, Tarot, etc.)