WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 7 – 13, 2017

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ALL SIGNS — ON MAY 10, the lunar nodes change signs. The north node will be in Leo and the south node in Aquarius, until Nov. 6, 2018. This weekly forecast, for that reason, will show your karmic outlook for the next 18 months. In 5 to 10 per cent of cases, the advice and “outcomes” I’ve written for your sign will be the opposite, due to your own accumulated karma. For example, Less should not marry; yet some few Leos might have a mate literally fall into their lap.  In Starbucks, a stumble, coffee flying, and he/she lands in your lap. Cupid smacks you a good one, and he looks up at you and says, “Sorry — will you marry me?” (Or date me, etc.) In such a case your old karma from some good, great past deed, says you deserve some payback, an instant mate, and he/she will be a good, actually a destined one. But say this Starbucks incident happens, you exchange phone numbers, and then you call him or her two or three times, and you just get the message machine. This is delay, and even this small delay is telling you to back out, that this relationship is bad karma, not good. Thus for Leos.

In general, for every Sun sign, the following elements will hint that you’re on the wrong side of the karmic axis: delay, temptation, too good to be true “blue sky” scenarios, and obstacles which, every time you solve them, morph into new, different obstacles. If you notice any of these in the areas I mention for your sign, below, stop, examine what you’re doing (step back a mile and look at yourself) and consider switching your goal/approach to the “opposite one.” For example, if you’re a Virgo, and keep having delays trying to find some hands-on work, step back, think, and do the opposite: apply for management jobs. Or if you’re a Leo frustrated by the unreliability or crookedness of others, step back and rely only on yourself, and launch projects that you alone can do — you’ll this way turn from failure toward success. Whatever you experience undue delay in — turn and do the opposite. (Usually, karmically, delay is your friend, trying to keep you out of a trap.)

These 18 months are particularly significant for Sagittarius and Gemini, and Virgo and Pisces. (Partly because they END 18 months of frustration for Pisces, and 18 months of relationship frustration for Virgo.)

The present week is smooth and successful, with “warning signs” only on Thurs. morning and Fri. afternoon.

Two weeks ago I bragged about my forecast that banks would fall in April — I said they’d fallen 5 to 8%.  Actually, checking them on April 27, they (Canadian banks) were down 10 to 15%.

Last week I wrote that I might have been wrong on REITS, that some Canadian REITS (haven’t looked at the U.S.) had not declined as I had implied. Actually looking at them today (April 27) they HAVE declined, I’d say maybe 5% overall. (I said wait until mid-May to decide whether to buy; that’s this week [May 7] and next. (ACTUALLY, ON CLOSER EXAMINATION, CND. REITS DO SEEM TO BE HIGHER OVERALL THAN THEY WERE IN MARCH/APRIL. — MY NOTE, MAY 2.)


Aries.svg  ARIES:  March 21-April 19
Aries, from May 2017 to November 2018, you karma lies on the axis of love. It advises you, basically (some rare exceptions might occur) to opt for deep romance rather than light, infatuation rather than playing the field, risk-taking rather than safety, immediate pleasure rather than planning future pleasure — and to chase beauty rather than personality (for these 18 months, not forever). You can find that you get much less out of a social group than you anticipate; you might even feel a wee bit alienated in a group, whereas you will feel very comfortable (or much more something!) when alone with one you love/are attracted to. If you’re single, and you meet someone in a group, it’s a warning sign.  If you meet someone while alone, it’s a green light.

Be private rather than public. Be creative, let yourself be grabbed by the fine fury of writing or painting or inventing or discovering. This is an excellent time to raise children or teach at a grade-school level. If you use choose between a person whose first initial is F or W, or someone starting with V or D, choose the F or W.

In 2017, to October, lucky Jupiter lies in your sector of partnerships and marriage. So from May to October, if you dive deep into “helpless romance” you’re likely to marry. October onward to November 2018, your seeking of deep romance might instead open the door to deep sex. (I take no responsibility for the outcome!) Married? Then opt for adventure, pamper your charming kids, elicit their talents (send ‘em to Saturday hockey, dance or art classes, etc.). Rekindle your marital flames. Life will be grand, if you surrender to someone’s charms.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
From May 2017 to November 2018, Taurus, your karmic axis will involve both your home and your career, and the two might not agree with each other. You should be quite careful with career —for the more you chase prestige in this interval, the more doors might close against you. (In astrology there are three major work sectors — employment and chores (often hands-on) restrictions and duties (often putting you in a management role) and career/prestige. Only the last of these is affected. It’s almost a rule of thumb: for these 18 months, DO NOT chase prestige. It might come to you unbidden: that’s okay. But the more you want praise, prestige, to be admired for your work, the more you will suffer “push back” from higher-ups. So, spend these 18 months humbly doing your job, and you’ll be just fine. Things not to do: change career/job roles or employers, push higher-ups, present proposals (unless they’re asked for) launch new career projects, demand a raise or promotion, “pull a fast one” or otherwise yield to temptation.

Sometimes under this influence the career becomes so unbearable. boring or suffocating that you must do something. In this case, quitting is far, far better than changing jobs or careers. In fact, it’s on the “quitting side” of life that you will succeed smoothly and easily. (Quitting side: home, real estate, food, shelter, family, rest and rejuvenation, a sabbatical, etc.) For example, you might quit, then spend your time renovating your home or building a vacation cabin, and find you’ve made three times more money from this than your annual (pre-quitting) salary provided. If you can, if you have the freedom, work at home rater than in an outside office — you’ll get more done, be calmer, and make better choices.

Overall, these 18 months are a splendid opportunity to buy real estate, cure family problems via therapy, plan your children’s future (start education funds) and to soak up the massive benefit of Mother Nature. Go hiking, kayaking.

Gemini.svg      GEMINI:  May 21-June 20
Gemini, the 18 months from May 2017 to November 2018 lay a karmic axis on you in mental, travel, and communication sectors. Remember only one thing, and you’ll be fine: short, rather than long. Stories, newspapers or magazines, news programs, reports, anecdotes (and “anecdotal evidence”) — are all better than novels, tomes, books.  (Whether you’re consuming or creating them.) Chatter better than profound conversations. Verbal agreements rather than legal written contracts. Short trips, usually less than a month, and in your own nation, better than international voyaging. Local buying, and local products, better than imported. STRICTLY AVOID LAWSUITS — AND LAWYERS — until November 2018 has passed.

In love, this is a better influence for friendly romance, than for weddings. Many single Gemini’s will fall in love before mid-October 2017 (or have already, since September 2016). But you can find wedding bells are elusive — good, because delay here is your friend. On the other hand, you can co-habitate or have a great love affair, or both. After October 2017, to November 2018, you’re more likely to experience friendly attractions (someone might approach you, sexually rather than romantically). In 2019, lucky Jupiter enters your marriage sector — some of you will then marry or move in with the love you found in 2017, while some will stumble across new, good life-mate prospects in 2019. You will do better with someone born in your own nation, than foreign-born.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21-July 22
Cancer, your karmic axis from May 2017 to November 2018 lies in your sex and money zones — and “values” such as life principles. To succeed, focus on earnings, employment, buying and selling, cash flow and your own bank account, your own possessions — avoid big or “shared” money, such as stocks and bonds, investments, Limited Partnerships, investing with family or friends, etc. Buy depreciating assets (e.g., a car) rather than appreciating ones (e.g., land, stocks). This sounds like foolishness, until you realize you can lose much more in capital if your investment crashes or declines, than the “loss” over the years on a new car.

Learn facts, memorize, rather than pondering abstract principles or philosophy. Avoid psychiatrists, therapists, and be wary with police, detectives, researchers, accountants and investment advisors. (If you’re, say, bi-polar or schizophrenic, do take your meds and see your therapist as per schedule — but be a little skeptical, see him/her as a fallible person, rather than a faultless, elevated practitioner of medicine. This will help your own self-esteem.)

Similarly, casual, sensual sex (“Martha, the Sun’s shining and I love this song — let’s do it!”) is favoured, even for married couples (with each other, of course). Let physical intimacy be tied to pleasure, optimism, fun moments. Avoid sex motivated by the desire to become pregnant, to know someone’s soul deeply, to learn or live with secrets, or to change your lifestyle or finances. DON’T violate anyone’s marriage vows.

Reject research and spying until November 2018, Cancer — accept surface appearances, for they are “truthful.” Generally avoid anything deep, dark, ultra-private (i.e., can’t be revealed) — collusion, gang membership, violence, murder, political backroom shenanigans, etc. It’s a time to be mellow, soak up nature, lie back and let life love you!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast      LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
Leo, your karmic axis for the 18 months ahead lies between you, personally, and everyone else. You know the saying, “everybody’s crazy but me” — this might literally come true at some points in the May/17 – Nov./18 period. In general, you will be blessed, protected, and have a good moral compass during this interval — but you will tend to deal with people who don’t have their moral compass set straight, who might have a hidden agenda, or are simply going through a bad run of luck or self-pity. If single, you might have some frustrating dates: you want romance, he/she wants only friendship, or you’re attracted to a cheapskate, a hermit, or someone who has sworn off pleasure, etc.

During this period, you would be wise to avoid marriage. If you have a happy love, wait until Dec. 2018, or 2019 generally, to co-habitate. Anyone you meet in this entire 18 months will never make a good life-mate nor business partner, no matter how alluring the prospect is at the time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. If your prime, first motive is for romance, deep sex or casual sex, light romance, friendship — all these are workable, and can be indulged in, although the difficulty in face-to-face relations can erect a barrier to even getting to these other ways of relating.

To succeed in these 18 months, Leo, be yourself, accent your own desires, plans, projects, impulses — and image. Show yourself, act, make decisions — even major life decisions. But don’t relocate, litigate, sign contracts, make promises/commitments, or seek fame/public dealings. (Fame will come on its own, if it’s meant to come — chasing it will make it recede.) If someone does you wrong or sues you, turn the other cheek — if you do, they will hang themselves. But if you engage in a fight, it will be like fighting glue — the more you struggle, the more you’ll get stuck.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
From May 10, 2017 to November 6, 2018, Virgo, your karmic axis will lie across your sectors of withdrawal, retreat, institutions, duties, management  abilities, delegation of tasks, government and civil servants, policy and committee work on the one good side; and on the other, bad side, hands-on work, chores, employment, self-medication, health, vitamins, nutrition and preventive health. All the things you often gravitate toward (self-medication, hands-on work, etc.) will in one way or another not work (or yield scanty rewards) during these 18 months. On the good side, if you engage in those things which you usually skirt (government, hospitals, management roles, etc.) you will not only have a smooth, easy path, you will learn loads about things you usually wouldn’t, and gain a bucket-full of compassion and empathy for others. This will, in addition, help you understand your marriage partner much more — if you’re single, this will “acquaint you” with the kind of personality (vague, misty and mystical, psychic, intuitive, irrational, dreamy and compassionate) you will be most involved with for the decade ahead (or longer). (The 2016/17 advice not to marry nor form a significant relationship has ended.)

In a very general way, but a tangible one, you will benefit/succeed much more in these 18 months if you seek spiritual sources, if you meditate, do yoga, take periods to be alone and contemplative, and if you find, recognize and use your intuition, visit psychics (ask one of them how to access your own intuition) or other counsellors. Agents and therapists will benefit you. Be charitable rather than helpful. (E.g, give someone a shirt rather than stitching that button on their torn shirt.)  Be willing to be hospitalized, to take prescription drugs, for these will cure/help you now, whereas over-the-counter medicines will do little good. Embrace the poor, the miserable, the outcast.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Ah, Libra, you face one of the luckiest choices in a long time, from May 2017 to November 2018. Your karmic axis lies along the lines of love, involving both your light romantic prospects (favoured) and your deep, infatuation prospects (disfavoured). To succeed during these 18 months, embrace friends and your social group, be optimistic, plan future pleasures and adventures, and pursue (you usually pursue by being attractive, receptive in a strong, quiet way) light, friendly romance. If you meet someone in a group, if you like the same kinds of friends, if you laugh and talk easily together and flirt, this is light romance (and it often underpins a happy marriage). If you blush and your heart pounds when you see someone, if you see them as ideal, perfection, if you stutter — or, the opposite, begin speaking of your feelings in a gush of emotion — if you drive around their house every night, tempted to knock on the door — that’s heavy romance. Until Nov. 2018, light romance will open a wide, green path for you to stroll down, filled with happiness and smiles. Heavy romance will be constantly rebuffed, or lead to disappointment, a trap (Oh my god, I married a frog) or a dead-end.

To succeed, at least emotionally and karmically, be social, attend groups, enter new ones (anything from a meditation, sports, professional or political group) and be friendly to everyone you meet. This is not the best period to bury yourself in a creative or speculative project, to gamble or buy risky stocks, to chase art/beauty, or to teach children. It’s a great period to organize others.

Lucky Jupiter in your sign until October gives you a great 5 month run at popularity. You’ll be lucky generally, so use some of this luck to make new friends, to envision and work toward a shining future, to flirt and joke.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Scorpio, your karmic axis, May 2017 to November 2018, lies in the zones of career (favoured) and home (disfavoured). Be ambitious these 18 months — cultivate relations with the boss, VIPs, even your own parents. Launch ambitious projects, whether on your own or for your employer. This is usually a good period for starting a business (providing your individual chart supports entrepreneurship). It’s also favourable for changing employers, even entire careers. (If you’re in management, admin or government, you should succeed in career before October 2017. Otherwise, Oct. 2017 to November 2018 will be your big year.) If you’re engaged in a lawsuit and it comes before the judge in these 18 months, your chances of a “win” are high.

At the same time, don’t let (worries about) your roots or ethnicity hold you back from grabbing the brass ring. Get out almost every day, don’t be confined to your home. This is a poor time to focus exclusively on children, home, real estate, security, nature, rest or rejuvenation. DO NOT buy real estate. Selling will be difficult, also, so if you do, go in with a low asking. Don’t let worries about loss, security, old age, etc. hold you back from giving your outside projects a major push. Wait until 2019 to start any retirement or (kids’) education savings plans. Let your spouse handle the garden.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Sage, the 18 months starting May 10/17 switch your karmic axis from career/home to the zones of intellectual activities, communications and travel. You only need one bit of advice for this interval: be profound, long, consequential — rather than short, off the cuff, casual or superficial. For example, novels, books, full length films, are better than newspapers, “fact-based” reports, short stories, etc. Favour ideas over facts, the big picture over the little or anecdotal one. Extrapolate. See far, and go far — international travel, other cultures and foreign-born people (even in your own nation) benefit you. Publishing, spreading ideas, fame, religion, philosophy, higher education and legal matters will flow smoothly and profitably for you. Don’t depend on verbal promises — get it in writing.

If you’re married, this is a great period to take your spouse (and kids!) to a foreign resort, or a climb through the Alps. If single, you might wed before these 18 months end. Love flows smoothly, without major disruptions (or less than usual). The path to a formal wedding is open and clear — should you choose to take it.

This is a great time to start or continue higher education. You’ll choose just the right courses. Don’t waste time driving around town, chasing errands, doing paperwork and small, detailed work. Think big, act big!  If you’re restless, buy international tickets.

A major life wish could come true by October/17, especially if it’s connected to any of the favoured activities listed above. From October 2017 to November 2018, you could feel mildly held back by lower energy or psychological lassitude — but these favoured areas will still benefit you.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Your karmic axis lies along money and sexual lines May ’17 to November ’18, Cap. To succeed, focus on big or “shared” money, such as stocks and bonds, investments, Limited Partnerships, investing with family or friends, etc. If you focus on weekly earnings, employment, buying and selling, cash flow and your own bank account, your own possessions, you’ll waste time at the very least, and might pass splendid opportunities to increase your assets. (You could even be laid off.)  Avoid depreciating assets (e.g., a car, clothes). Instead, buy appreciating ones (e.g., land, stocks, art, antiques, etc.). It might sound unlikely, but you could make more during this interval from your investments than from 18 months of salary.

Don’t accept surface appearances: dig deep, demand answers, investigate or research. Surgery, if necessary, will be quick and beneficial. Psychiatrists, therapists, doctors, lifestyle coaches, detectives, researchers, accountants and investment advisors, estate and tax lawyers — these will be allies until November 2018, and contacts with them will be rewarding. Insights and revelations softly bombard you throughout these months.

Casual, sensual sex, sex simply for the pleasure of the moment, even with your loving mate, is a bit “shut down” during these 18 months. On the other hand, “deep sex,” sex motivated by the desire to become pregnant, to know someone’s soul deeply, to learn or live with secrets, or to change your lifestyle or finances, will be available, and rewarding. (I’m not suggesting you seduce an 80-year old to get his/her money — but that a love affair with someone will, unbidden, involve money or assets, or a feeling of security. Still, don’t violate any marriage vows — yours or theirs. If your mate is a little distant in the boudoir, introduce something a bit darker, more mysterious. Hint at “unknown” urges, at seductive possibilities. Pretend you’re strangers and meet at a hotel, or pretend the neighbours are nosy and you have to hide from them. (At the worst, you’ll both get a laugh.)

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your karmic axis, Aquarius, lies in you, yourself, your own personality and actions, and whoever stands right in front of you (and their personality, etc.). In general, Aquarius, you’ll succeed — at the very least you’ll feel gratified and get a mild, subtle ego boost — if you go out of yourself, to the other. For instance, if you ask that Cleopatra or Adonis for a date, and she/he turns you down, two things will happen: 1) he/she will turn you down with obvious gratitude that you tried; and 2) you will walk away feeling better, feeling, “gee, I had the courage, I tried; so I’m pretty alright.” Had you not tried, it would be one more day of not trying. So make the connection. And he or she might say “Yes!” (Remember, you are often attracted to people who crave attention, praise.)

Remember a key phrase: be inter-dependent, not independent. Going out to the other also encompasses relocation, even to the other side of the world, as well as dealings with the public, the pursuit of fame, chasing business and other opportunities. Look to the horizon, not to yourself. Be quick to jump on openings, for business or friendship, love or travel.

However, do look at yourself in one way: examine your motives every week or two, and make sure you aren’t falling victim to temptation, tawdry thoughts, resentments or self-pity. Motives are the most important thing these 18 months, for everything else that occurs to you will be a “karmic answer” to your motives. (Good karma if your motives are good.)

During the first 5 months of this phase (to Oct./ 2017) lucky Jupiter travels through your love, wedding, laws and ethics, far travel and intellectual expansion sector. So reaching out to another could end in a wedding or a major love affair, to a winning legal strategy or a major voyage. (2018 is best focused on a very lucky career trend.)

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  February 20-March 20
From May 10, 2017 to November 6, 2018, Pisces, your karmic axis will lie across your zones of work, duties, dependants and service personnel. This is a good 18 months to buy machinery and tools. In general, to succeed, avoid withdrawal, retreat, institutions, duties, management roles, delegating tasks, government and civil servants, policy and committee work. Don’t be overly charitable, nor join a nunnery — and keep yoga, meditation and spiritual pursuits to a temporary minimum.  (It is just as bad to give wrongly than to not give.)

Of course some of you, very rightly, already possess management jobs, are ensconced in government and other bureaucracies, are charitable or spiritual workers, nurses and therapists, etc. In this case, back away a little without ruining your job — and insert a little hands-on work, get your hands dirty and your elbows working. To be charitable, work on the church soup line rather than merely organizing others to do so.

You will be blessed in 2017/18 if you hire people, perform work yourself (rather than delegating) and if you self-medicate (vitamins, minerals) and practice preventive health. You love institutions, but this isn’t the best period to enter a hospital. Also to be generally, though temporarily, avoided: psychics, therapists, agents, counsellors, dark monuments or massive buildings.

Try to be more logical, less dreamy; more analytical, less passive. One big plus: May 10 signals the end of the prior 18 months of frustration, lack of results, withdrawal, and rebuffs by others. You’ve paid your karmic debts during the last year and a half — now you can proceed confidently and “innocently” to your future. (PS: from October 2017 to Nov. 2018, you could either meet true love, or begin a two-year, intense and lucky career/ambition run!)

The End.

12 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 7 – 13, 2017

  1. TaurScorpLeo

    similar question for me as i have Taurus sun and Scorpio asc….so taurus themes in 7th house? how does that relate to the career/home node thing?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, TaurScorpLeo,

      Your opposite sun-ascendant says you need to take partner-relationship-marriage themes with care, and choose the right action in every particular case, as far as the lunar nodes go. Taurus “describes” your desires and actions — Scorpio “describes” your environment.



  2. LeoV

    Dear Tim

    I am a Leo sun, Scorpio ascendant and I remember that last time the North Node transited Leo, I experience many heartaches with soulmate like connections that were always impossible.
    Is this something to expect for Leos in general? Should we prepare ourself for similar experiences during this transit?
    Thank you.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, LeoV

      I have to say “yes,” though the cosmos might give you a pass this time — and as I hinted before, you can chase romance, sex, friendship, etc. — just not a life-mate.



  3. Echo

    Dear Tim,

    Thank you for all your posts – I have been a huge fan of your work. I am a Gemini with Libra ascendant. I want to know more about your opinion on my job/career aspect. I am a recent graduate student and have been looking for a job in banking for over 8 months. Haven’t got much luck and all my leads currently are weak/on hold. I feel very frustrated about this situation and want to give up on my current search (i.e., potentially settle for less interesting job/location), but I also feel banking in US is what I really want for my future. Any advice on how I keep approaching this?

    I really appreciate your help, Tim. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  4. Richard

    Hello Tim
    Recently you said Leos can marry or find a partner this year if their birthday falls later in August. Mine is on the 19th. Does that mean we don’t have to wait until 2019?
    Astrologers have told me to look at my moon sign (Aries) as well as my Sun sign. When looking at your karmic reading, is the Aries reading relevant, tho unlike Leo?

  5. Kara

    Hi Tim,

    I am Libra Sun, Sag Moon and Cancer Rising. Does it mean for me that I should not get pregnant until after November 2018? Or will I become pregnant within the next 18 Months?


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Kara,

      I’d wait. Lots of other great stuff to occupy you in the meantime. (Often people don’t really want to do something until someone — e.g., me — says they can’t.Just saying!)



      1. Kara

        Thank you, Tim. What should I be most concentrating on during the 18 months? When would it best for me to consider having children?

  6. Abir

    Hi Tim,
    I am Gemini, (Sun 12, moon 13 and Venus 26 in Gemini), and ascendant is Sage 2 degrees. What should I read in your horoscope? What apply? Both Gem and Sage predictions seem to always be opposites.
    Thank you,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Abir,

      Read Gemini for your goals, desires, emotions, energy, drives. Read Sage for your circumstances (for example, all hat Gem. stuff in the 7th = you are meant to relocate, marry and have partnerships and dealings with the public.



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