WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 14 – 20, 2017

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START NOTHING:   3:22 am to 10:50 am Tues., 5:33 pm to 8:52 pm Thurs., and after 8:39 pm Saturday.

Every so often, readers have asked me to dig up an old column I wrote about omens in the 1980’s. I could never find it. For some reason, someone found this old column, so I think I’ll reproduce it here. (If you’re intrigued, please copy it somewhere, as I might not find it again.)

OMENS: You can see omens in almost anything: the flight of birds, the odd placement of a wild flower, a casual remark that reverberates with more meaning than the speaker intended.
Try seeking omens on your birthday and the two preceding days. The first day shows your future, the second day your inner spirit/psychological make-up, and the third, your birthday, hints at where you are in all senses (and also hints at your future).

Birds are one of the easiest and most potent omens. To “omen hunt,” take a solitary walk through nature or a neighbourhood where birds will be flying overhead, and mull over your question: (e.g., “what will the year ahead bring me?”). At some point, when you feel calm, deep in the question, raise your eyes to look at the sky. If birds are in flight, count them. There might not be any flying birds, but your eye might go immediately to a small flock in a tree, or sparrows on the ground. In any case, count them. Do NOT look for additional birds – only those that occur in the first “eye frame” count. This should all take place in an inner calm – the day can be windy, but you need to feel slow and calm. If you aren’t, just drop it for a few hours. Flying birds are stronger omens than stationary ones, and perched birds are stronger than those on the ground. Bigger birds are stronger omens than smaller ones.

If you see 1 bird, (on your birthday or two days before) your year ahead will be active, you will explore new territory, begin a significant new project, perhaps start a sexual affair.

Two birds indicate calm, peace, and a reliable money source. Love, if it exists, will be easy, sensual and polite.

If you spy 3 birds, travel, short trips, and the purchase (or more-than-usual use) of a car, computer, phone, or paperwork is indicated. The year ahead will be serendipitous, a little lucky, with happy communications. Love will be light, friendly.

If 4, the year ahead will be a basing year, bringing domesticity, security themes, babies, kids, real estate, gardening, etc. This type of year can be dislocating, if it moves you from one base to another (most likely for Libra, Aries and Cancer, if this omen occurs before 2025). Love will be of the family or “cozy” kind….

Again, do your omen seeking only when you’re calm and absorbed in the process, when it’s easy to keep “answer seeking” – keeping only the seeking, only the question – in your mind.

If, when first looking up, you spy 5 birds, romance, a gamble or “lucky” risk, creative projects, pleasure, vacations, and dealings with children will be significant in the year ahead. Love will be of the romantic, unrealistic kind – though that’s not necessarily bad!

Remember, if you see these birds two days before your birthday, they refer to the future, with a bit of wishful thinking (which might come true). If the day before your birthday, these birds indicate your “inner world” – i.e., if you spy 5 birds, your subconscious is brewing a creative, romantic “mind set.” If on your birthday, the 5 birds hint at “where you are” right now – for example, you’re in a romantic situation or someone has his/her eye on you.

6 birds point to domestic bliss, hard work, and health concerns. Love will be sensual but might be tawdry, or face a crucial but not bond-breaking spat.

7 birds speak of face-to-face relationships: competition, opportunity, war, marriage, business partnerships or breakthroughs, fame, notoriety, negotiations, contracts, litigation, challenge, hand-shakes. Your life could go way up, or way down, depending on how you handle challenge.

8 birds indicate deep changes, probably caused by accident, illness, death, inheritance, tax regimes, investments, debt or mortgagors, extramarital attractions, sex and intimacy, pregnancy or childbirth – all the heavy stuff. Life’s mysteries will come close to whisper to you; your subconscious will burst to the surface. Occult studies, dreams and “coincidences” grow prominent.

9 means far travel, university, publishing, religion, learning, perhaps a wedding, perhaps a lawsuit. (If you see seven birds together and two a little apart, a lawsuit or a wedding is most likely. And the families are not 100 % “on board.”)

10 indicates career, prestige, striving ambitiously, dealing with important people, perhaps authorities.

11 hints at a broad social circle, friends, popularity, dealing with public desires, art, entertainment, concerts, etc. Justice might also loom – justice from people, not karmic nor poetic justice.

12 is a number of retreat, contemplation, rest, quiet, spiritual contacts, psychics, charity, government, institutions.

13 means “beginning again on a higher level.” This is the 13th or “shadow house” in astrology, and the card of death and rebirth in the tarot. It might mean the present situation has to end. It can be a wonderful omen, full of green growth.

Again, seeing an omen two days before your birthday shows your “rosiest” future. One day before your birthday shows what is inside you, in your subconscious – and to some degree, what is holding you back, what you are wary of. An omen on your birthday shows your present, hints at where you are going, and to some degree portends or predicts the year ahead in a more realistic way than the “two days before” omen.


Aries.svg     ARIES:  March 21- April 19
Someone is attracted to you, might make it known soon. Keep making money, Aries. Buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, work longer hours, cultivate more clients, hold a garage sale, etc. You’re especially ambitious Sun./Mon. Monday’s great — promises future rewards for present actions. (Remember, you might change careers/jobs anytime this decade and early next — you might get a whiff of this future scent midday Monday [PDT].)  Mid -morning Tues. to late night Thurs. rings the bell of optimism and social joys. Get out, mingle, flirt — you’ll be happy! Tuesday morn’s a bit jumbled, but the rest of the day and Thurs. are mildly successful. Wednesday can be superb, wildly successful — reach out, call, propose, get others excited. Retreat, grab a second wind, examine your direction, contemplate and plan, Thurs. night through Saturday. All’s well, but don’t commit yourself, especially Sat. — rest and think.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
The general accent lies on you, for one last week. Get out, mingle, start ventures, contact and impress others, seek co-operation, be the leader. Money flows very swiftly to you now: make sure there isn’t a spending spree that wipes out all the gains. You have some important dealings with the gov’t, your company’s head office, or some other bureaucracy — in one instance to mid-month; in another situation, to early June. Be open, communicative to these administrative types — they will respond with affection, even favour, even protection. Make sure your taxes are up to date. Legal, intellectual, international and media affairs blossom Sun./Mon. Monday’s best.  Mid-morn (PDT) Tuesday to Thurs. night injects you with energy and ambition: seek the heights, especially Wed! (Before and after are fine, too, but a little less intense.) Talk to a co-worker or boss early afternoon Wed. — you could be pleased! Social delights, optimism, entertainment, flirtations and general happiness tickle you Thurs. night through Sat. You might meet someone very unusual. Caution Sat. daytime, when barriers exist, especially in money, investing, and career.

Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20
Continue to lie low, rest, dream and contemplate and plan. Remain charitable, spiritual. Deal with gov’t agencies and similar places (e.g., hospitals). Saturday afternoon will begin a month of great success for you, and perhaps great love. Meanwhile, live up to your obligations, especially to people who are “challenged.” Life’s secrets, lures and hunches fill you Sun./Mon. Investigate, research or seek a medical diagnosis. What you learn can lead to great investments, debt reduction, a better lifestyle, and/or physical intimacy. (Don’t count on the last, as your charisma is low until May 20.) Invest if you like Mon. pm, but avoid “high tech” firms. A mellow, wise mood steals over you mid-morn (PDT) Tues. to Thurs. night. Many Geminis are just starting to view romantic possibilities: these three days can teach you about love, might even bring it. Publishing legal affairs, far travel and intellectual pursuits go well also. For all these (and love) Wed. is splendid. Be ambitious Thurs. night through Sat. Everything looks good, productive, until Sat. So butter up the boss, speak of future prospects and projects, but don’t try to “seal the deal.” Caution Saturday, as authorities aren’t amused.  (Did you renew your car insurance?)

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21-July 22
The main accent remains on optimism, social pleasures, flirtation and light romance — you’re happy! (Still, you have some serious work to do in your career zone — good work, so don’t neglect it.) Relationships fill Sun./Mon., and one might be deeply exciting (Monday?). Some Cancers might even meet their future life mate now. (Say, 1 in 15 Cancers.) Be co-operative, eager to join, rather than challenging others (for they have the upper hand for now). Mid-morn Tues. to Thurs. night brings secrets, mysteries, financial actions, heightened intuition, investigation and research, and sexual intimacy. My only warning: invest cautiously, for although immediate results look good, they could be merely a slide into long-term loss. Investigation will yield surprising, gratifying insights/knowledge. Wednesday’s best. A mellow, wise mood flows over you Thurs. night through Saturday. Seek intellectual, education goals, international affairs, far travel, legal matters — and love. But seek before Sat., as that day is like a wet blanket.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
You remain concerned with career, your community status, prestige relations, and interfaces with authorities, from parents to bosses to judges. (A strong legal, travel, intellectual, media or love streak or “interest” is operating also, and will resolve itself favourably for you, perhaps by mid-May to early June.) Dive into chores and protect your daily health (sniffles, etc.) with sensible eating and dressing, Sun./Mon. Monday’s better — you’ll finish a big pile of jobs. Relationships call quietly (Tues. mid-morn onward, PDT) thrill you with lucky excitement Wed., and need a bit of work/patience Thursday. Leap in Wed. pm — join up, offer to help another, seek a contract or agreement, relocate, deal with the public, try to settle with a legal foe — all looks successful! Sex, secrets, major money, investigation, commitment and consequence rule Thurs. late night through Sat. (This entire area has been a siren’s trap the last 18 months — but now this trap has dissolved, so you can operate normally, successfully.) You might meet or approach someone sexy yet mysterious, cheerful yet puzzled, Thurs. night or Fri. morn. Back off Saturday — barriers and refusals.

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Life remains mellow, thoughtful. Hints of long trips surround you. Perhaps a friend wants you to accompany him/her. Legal, media, intellectual, cultural and international themes fill this week, as they did the last few. Soldier on in these areas: nothing’s opposing you there. A strong sexual and financial streak continues all May; this might make you re-think your life-style. Sunday/Monday are for love, romance, beauty, creativity, sports/games, risk-taking, and immediate pleasure. Monday pm is best — love possible! Tackle chores and protect your health mid-morn (PDT) Tues. to Thurs. night. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll accomplish a tremendous amount, Tues. pm to Thurs. afternoon — Wed.’s best, but might even increase your workload — ask for a raise, you’ll get it, now or later (before mid-Oct., I suspect). Relationships excite Thurs. night and Fri., but bring rejection or boredom Saturday. Ditto for relocation, contracts, negotiation, litigation, business opportunities, and dealings with the public. Time your actions accordingly. Saturday starts a month of big ambition.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
This is your last week of mystery, research, medical problems, large financial actions, and sexual yearning, Libra. A strong relationship streak winds through the whole month of May — you’re fighting with, loving, or dreaming of someone special. (And if you’re a Gemini Moon or rising, with two or several special connections.) Strictly avoid lawsuits before June 4. Sunday/Monday call you to home, family. Garden, renovate, repair, decorate, hug the kids, vacation, rest and feed your soul. You might get a glimpse, especially Monday early afternoon (PDT) of the “core problem” in your residence or family — a problem that is a stumbling block for singles seeking romance. (This problem can be solved with money, or is caused by lack of it.) Romance — and creativity, beauty, pleasure and “winning” — can’t be denied mid-morn Tues. to Thus. night, though. Best time: Wed., when you could meet a prospective mate/lover. Be cheerful, intelligent and eager. Dive into chores Thurs. night through Sat. — but take care Sat., when disagreements and other obstacles could frustrate, wear on your temper. Saturday starts a month of mellow understanding, travel, intellectual pursuits, and gentle love.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, negotiating, agreeing or litigating, making friends or enemies — this is the last week these are emphasized, Scorpio, so if you want to make headway here or “seal a deal,” do it soon. (Monday pm, Wed., morning and early afternoon Thurs., and Fri. morning — all PDT — are your best times to press forward, seek co-operation — or, more importantly, to offer it.) Errands, calls, visits, paperwork and details fill Sun./Monday. All’s fine — you end in agreement with someone of the opposite sex. Home, family, real estate, security, retirement, kids and their future, nature, nutrition, stomach and soul — these fill Tues. mid-morn to Thurs. night, a long, successful streak – especially Wed., when retreat, a civil servant, or some domestic “cure” brings you good luck and opportunity. Romance, creative and speculative urges, charming kids, beauty and pleasure arrive Thurs. night through Sat. Great — but take care Sat., when love holds a few bruises. Saturday starts a month of sex, secrets, financial deals and deepening relationships.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
This is your last week of chores and daily (or light) health concerns, Sage. Even so, a strong streak of romance and relationship zig-zags through this week and month. Read Libra, Aries, Gemini messages for clues. Saturday will start a whole month of relationship excitement. Chase money Sun./Mon. — despite a couple of bumps, you’ll succeed. Buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. (If buying, do it Mon. pm, especially if it’s machinery/tools.) You might feel a sensual pull to someone. Errands, trips, communications and paperwork fill Tues. mid-morning (PDT) to Thurs. night. Your luck flies high in this interval — a casual acquaintance could become something more (and in future, even more more). Great time to buy a “meaningful” gift — or travel tickets. Head for home Thurs. night through Sat. — all will go fairly well through Fri., could even bring you a surprise flirtation along with home chores and neighbourhood activity. But take care Saturday — rejections and false direction/approaches. Take a rest!

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The general accent lies on romance, creativity, love, children and their talents, beauty, sports/games, gambles (of the heart, too) and pleasure. A romance that begins now could last a little longer than you think. This is your last week of play and love and pleasure, so plunge in now — lots of work starts Saturday! (Actually, there’s already a fair amount of work facing you, especially in the home arena — repairs, renos?) Your home/family remain affectionate, talkative. Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. — take charge, be the leader, make new contacts, launch projects. Monday’s better than Sunday.  Chase money Tues. mid-morn (PDT) to Thurs. night. — buy/sell, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. The whole interval is fine, but Wed. is best, packed with luck in work and career goes — ask for what you want! Errands, trips, calls and communications, details and paperwork, and casual friends fill Thurs. night through Sat. — all’s well, but take care Sat., when argument (from family? about your home?) and dejection distort feelings and perception. Just chill this day.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
You’re still tied to home, whether physically or in heart, for six more days. Saturday begins a month of romance, creativity and pleasure. Actually, a romantic “fire” might have already been lit, as far back as late April. It could be marked by lots of emails, etc., back and forth. But for now, family and home matters loom large. This is an excellent, stable week, one in which to wrap up home affairs, seek cures/therapy, attack the lawn, plan a new diet/nutrition, hug the kids, etc. Be in retreat mode Sun./Mon. — be charitable, spiritual, interface with gov’t., head office or institutions. Contemplate your life thus far, and plan future directions. Your energy and charisma shoot upward mid-morn (PDT) Tues. to Thurs. night. This entire interval is good, productive, but Wed. is heads-above best — a wish could come true, or you could buy a travel ticket, or make love to someone. Start things, launch projects — mostly ones you can finish in a few days. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients and/or the boss, hold a yard sale, etc., Thurs. night (great) and Fri. (good, productive). But exercise caution Saturday, when arguments, fender-benders, and a quiet feeling of loneliness prevail.

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
This is your last week of “fluff,” Pisces — easy but unimportant chores, errands, calls and visits, paperwork, and casual acquaintances. Saturday will begin a month of quietude, home, rest and “soul replenishing.” Your home is already a bit problematic, with some friction — a state that lasts until June 4. Your money luck remains good all month. A wish could come true Sun./Mon. — your optimism soars, your popularity rises, and flirtations, entertainment and social joys visit you. (Monday best for romantic stuff.) Retreat Tue. mid-morn (PDT) to Thurs. night — rest, contemplate, plan, meditate, re-connect with spirit. Be charitable, and handle neglected chores/obligations. Wednesday’s best — despite your weariness, something good could happen. You might make an astute investment,  perhaps in property. (DON’T move into a new place, nor accept a new roommate, before June 5.) Your energy and magnetism return Thurs. night through Sat. Thursday and Fri. are fine, so launch projects, make contacts, lead the way, ask favours, impress people. Just beware projects in career or money-making, especially Saturday, when these are blocked.

The End.

10 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 14 – 20, 2017

  1. Kelinha1976

    Hello Tim,
    Today is my birthday and I saw 22 birds (1 dead), yesterday 4 birds and the day before just 1… a lots of birds don’t you think?! What can it be? I was in the city, and I wasn’t looking for them! 🙂 What do you think? Thanks,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Kelinha,

      It seems to indicate a home, or a new home, and perhaps a choice between being a “worker for humanity” and a domestic person, with you choosing the latter.



  2. Nwood

    Hi Tim, I enjoyed reading your post. I’m a libran with gemini as ascendant Gemini 6°04′. I’m confused because the libra reading last week seem not happening. My Work shifts in a production company suddenly run dry due to less orders of fruits coming in. And my car broke and the house now needs a bit of fixing. I hope to see the sun shining one day. Thanks.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Wood,

      I would have to do your personal chart (I charge a fee for this) to see what the problem is. The house repairs are a due to Pluto in your “home sector” — I’ve advised Librans of this repeatedly for the last few years. (It lasts to 2024.) But the car and the job loss are something else.



  3. Leoness

    Hi Tim,

    Last week you advised Leos not to relocate May ’17 to Nov ’18, this week you’re saying it’s ok to relocate. Not a problem otherwise but I was planing to relocate…HELP 😉

    Kind regards


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Leoness,

      In this case, I either forgot the sun node “bad karma”, or I considered the good planetary aspects that 2 days to outweigh the south node prohibition. (Probably just forgot.) Read my preamble from — two weeks ago? — where I explain how to “time” the south node/karmic effect by using your birth date.



  4. penelope

    2 large birds flew low, in unison towards me, just skimming my head, while I sat on a park bench near my home. I was very startled by this. But I was at peace very calm. My brother died suddenly the day before.

    I felt it was a sign assurance from him…for me. ?

  5. penelope

    Tim, what a wonderful column. I read Aries Gemini and libra as you suggested for Sagittarius rising Virgo Sun and it seemed to be incredibly accurate. I feel it in my bones. More power to ya’.

    Be well ?

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