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My new email is:  suningem@gmail.com (stands for sun in Gemini, my sun sign).


All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. The world clock in the right margin gives you some clues. You can also Google “time zone converter.”

If English is not your first language, you should be able to translate this blog into your own language by using Google’s translation app. Hopefully I will soon have this translation feature back on this blog.

START NOTHING: 1:23 pm to 9:12 pm Mon., 9:35 pm Wed. to 2:47 am Thurs., and 5:42 am to 11:20 am Sat.

I am really behind on answering my emails, due to Easter and a lecture I had to prepare, etc. I promise I’ll answer them all by April 25 or 26!

I was bragging about my recent predictions last week, then wondered where I’d written them, and finally found the main source — in the “Year Ahead 2017.”

Just to add, did I mention that Trump would have legal difficulties May 2017 to Nov. 2018?  Also, I advised waiting until mid-May to decide whether to buy REITs, bonds, utilities and other interest earning instruments. I think I was half wrong. U.S. REITs (etc.) have fallen since, making them better buys, but Canadian REITs have, if anything, climbed in price slightly. That’s because in Canada interest rates aren’t rising — even in the U.S., although they purposely raised the Fed rate, interest rates first rose (their intended result) then fell (despite the Fed). (As interest rates rise, of course, REITs and bonds, et al, fall in price.) So, again, mid to late May seems more likely to give us a clear picture. It’s odd — even though the U.S. economy is healthy and growing, deflation is still flexing its muscles. (Psychologically, deflation has partly come from Islam and the growing knowledge of Sharia law, which supports zero interest rates on loans. This effect is similar to the drawl of southern whites — which comes from African slaves.)

Mars entered Gemini (my sign, and the sign of the wrists and hands) April 21. On April 23, fiddling with a fire, I picked up a stick at the wrong end and burned my right hand. That afternoon, fiddling with the lawnmower, my left hand touched the manifold and burned. People born with Mars in their 4th (“home zone”) should always buy fire insurance.

In health, Aries is said to rule the head, and Aries should watch out for head blows, etc. Mars rules Aries. I have Mars rising (though I’m Libra ascendant). I have had (if we count neck-spinal) 14 operations on my head area, been hit between the eyes in a rock fight, and had two head-knocks from falling out of trees. (Surgeries: two neck, 3 adenoids, 2 tonsils, 3 jaws and palate, one tongue, one left temple, and 2 eye operations. Yet I’m still pretty handsome!


Aries.svg     ARIES:  March 21 – April 19
Another pretty benevolent, easy week, Aries. Wednesday onward lets you launch new projects and try new directions — especially in earnings, purchasing and selling, which are the main themes of this week and the next two. (Avoid new launches before Wed.)  All May, you’ll attract attention, but you’re in the mood for a sexual tumble, not necessarily for a heart tumble. If you’re attached, it’s a great time for physical closeness, but if you’re single, you might seduce someone “beneath your league” just to satisfy yourself. Don’t. Ask for a pay raise, or cultivate clients. Sunday/Monday bring home, kid/parent activities — good Sun., rough patches Mon. Romance lures you Mon. night (after 9 pm PDT) through Wednesday. A wee bit of man-woman friction Tues. yields to sweet, friendly affection Wed. If you’re unattached, jump in. Creative, gambling, pleasure-and-beauty-oriented pursuits call, too — jump in, you’re a winner. Tackle chores and protect your health Thurs. to midday Sat. Thursday won’t be easy, could even spark arguments, fender-benders, or have you careening down the wrong path — but it’s a good day for trimming waste, pruning trees, editing text, etc. Friday offers much progress, but both Fri. and Sat. pre-dawns frustrate, deny results. Saturday pm could bring an exciting meeting!

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20 – May 20
It’s your time, Taurus! Wednesday ends the “waiting game,” putting you in your best month for advancement, project launching and for making great impressions on others. Show eagerness — it’s potent. You still have to deal with the government or an institution (hospital, university, etc.) or with your company’s head office this week and next — but from these sources a river of money could flow in, all May. (Be self-disciplined — curtail spending, increase savings or debt reduction.) Sunday’s for errands, travel, communications — all’s well. Call your “group” for brunch or whatever. Monday’s the same — errands, etc. — but now disruptions, unpredictable factors make accomplishment difficult. Drive carefully. Head for home Mon. night (9 pm PDT) through Wed. This is an easy, lovely interval: happy family, great gardening, real estate optimism, etc. (You will be blessed in/with real estate from May 10 to Nov. 2018.) Get a long, lazy rest. Romance, adventure, creative surges and risk-taking urges — these visit Thurs./Fri. — difficultly Thurs., when arguments can arise over money or possessiveness, mostly good progress Fri., but with a final “no” (by Sat. pre-dawn). Saturday daytime brings chores — you’ll do them with ease.

Gemini.svg    GEMINI:  May 21 – June 20
Your money luck is good Sun., bad Mon. These weeks find you tired, quiet — it’s time to recharge your emotional and physical batteries. Recent delays and mistakes end Wed., so you can proceed with new projects/relationships, especially (to May 20) with gov’t., civil servants, institutions, charities, head office, research or agent-related projects, therapy, and spiritual actions. Get lots of rest, contemplate and plan. Avoid competing for attention. (Despite this advice, friends will welcome you for the next two weeks, and your sexual magnetism simmers like soup all May. You won’t be bored!) You might meet —though this is better after May 20 — a splendid lover in a crowd or among your friends. Calls, emails, errands, paperwork and details fill Mon. night (9 pm PDT) through Wed. Good luck rides with you, so make a huge list and get it done. (Don’t try to cozy up to the opposite sex Tues. daytime.) Head for home, family Thurs. to noon Sat. Avoid being overbearing Thurs. — you could spark an argument or hidden ill-will.  Friday’s good until 3 pm, for sex, investments, research — anything started after this time “won’t fly.” Saturday pm offers beauty, pleasure, love and romance — say yes if it comes, especially from a former flame. (But for major, life-long love possibilities, June’s better than now.)

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21 – July 22
The general accent lies on wish fulfillment, friends, popularity, entertainment, optimism and flirtation. It’s your month of celebration, whether it brings you a quiet smile or a raucous party. Recent hold-backs and indecision end Wed., so step out, make new contacts, and launch optimistic plans, especially social ones. Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun. (splendid) and Mon. (a few barriers, disruptions, so stay loose). Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate new clients, etc. Mon. night (after 9 pm PDT) through Wed. Tone-wise, be ambitious (not flirty) Tues., friendly Wed. This interval might also bring a sensual attraction. It’s also a good time to sign up for any courses which demand memory, rote learning. Errands, short trips, communications, casual friends and easy, quick chores fill Thurs. to Sat. noon. Thursday’s like a mosquito bite: itchy and frustrating, especially as night approaches. Don’t welcome a fight — you’d lose this time. Drive carefully. Friday’s much better, especially for showing love and solving problems — until mid-afternoon. After this, just rest — nothing started now will thrive. Saturday pm? — home, family, garden, the reno store, all lucky, all succeed.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23 – Aug. 22
Recent delays and mistakes end Wed., Leo — giving you over two weeks of ambitious success. You can climb the career/business ladder now. Be attentive to higher-ups, eagerly show your skills (Leos are usually good management material) and take a few risks — e.g., phone/write that VIP — you might get an answer! If a lawsuit has been pending, you might hear good news in May or early June. All month, you could be involved with a friend who could be a lover (or not) — you two might travel afar, attend school together, or join hands in an intellectual project. Lie low, rest, contemplate and make plans Sun./Mon. (But keep those plans a bit amorphous, as conditions/circumstances aren’t quite solid yet.) Sunday’s mellow; Monday needs caution. Your energy and charisma come roaring back Mon. night (after 9, PDT) through Wed. Your luck’s great, so charge ahead, especially in career zones Tues.. Wednesday could bring a friendly truce, or a new love. Chase money Thurs. to Sat. noon. — rather, protect your money Thurs. (don’t listen to friends; DON’T invest) — then chase dollars Fri. to mid-afternoon, then stop. (After 3 pm PDT Fri. nothing you start will bear fruit.) You can feel a sensual attraction, but sooner or later it will end in coldness. Saturday pm brings casual friends, flirty friends!

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Arg. 23 – Sept. 22
By Wed., some weeks of indecision and delay end: at last, you can push forward, especially in sexual, financial, career (invest in your career?) and intellectual, travel, legal, love and cultural affairs. All these are highlighted in May. You could even meet a life-mate, if you’re single. (No guarantee — this influence’s potency is 6 out of 10 — October will raise that to 9 out of 10 — for a year.) Your energy and charisma remain high, climb even higher. This is your time, Virgo — make your mark!  Start something!  (Best days to launch anything:  May 3  [realty, home only]   7, 9, 10, 11 (late) 13, 15, 17, 18.) Sunday and Mon. bring communications, short trips, paperwork, casual friends, details, easy tasks — Sunday’s great, Monday’s disruptive, “useless.” Retreat Mon. night (after 9 PDT) through Wed. — your energy and charisma are low, but your luck is smooth, good, so pursue charitable, spiritual or administrative tasks/settings. Many secrets/revelations are “available” Wed. pm. Your energy and pizzazz flow upward Thurs. to noon Sat. — but don’t argue with a higher-up or “mysterious person” Thurs. — bad results. Bosses are impatient all May, and this Thurs. too — but with the proper humour, this day, you can show him/her just how capable you are. You succeed Fri. to mid-afternoon — in love, especially. Chase money, buy/sell Saturday pm.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  Sept. 23 – Oct. 22
Recent delays end Wed., Libra, so you can march forward with confidence. However, you might want to proceed with slow care and intuition, as you travel through mysteries and hidden zones until May 20. There are treasures in this area: good investments, opportunities to reduce debt, medical answers, and sexual intimacy. In everything, especially intimacy, be moral and honest. (E.g., forget that married person or verboten affair.) Strictly avoid lawsuits before June 4. The same period might bring you a life mate or serious lover. Some Librans will relocate overseas. Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — Sunday’s better, holds a lucky link between work and prestige. Monday needs care; few will co-operate. Happiness arrives Mon. night (after 9 pm PDT) through Wed., as your popularity and optimism rise, wishes come true (in a deep, behind-scenes way, perhaps) and a flirt or entertainment quickens your heart. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Thurs. to noon Sat. Thursday’s difficult — don’t argue with anyone, and avoid chemical cleaners, plumbing repairs, and overwork. Friday’s better until mid-afternoon — could offer a good investment, intimacy, and/or a domestic/home solution. Your energy and charisma return Sat. pm — get out, be seen, make lucrative contacts. You might meet love.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
The main focus lies on relationships for the next three weeks, Scorpio. Recent delays and misgivings in this and other areas ends Wed., so you are free to contact, schmooze, attack, sue, contract with or love anyone you want — and to proceed with relocation, public dealings, fame, and fresh opportunities. These themes fill May. In addition, your sexual side is ready for action. A co-worker might flirt, attract, but you’d do better in another setting. Sunday’s mellow, wise, points you gently toward intellectual, far travel, international, cultural or love pursuits. Accept what/who comes. Monday’s exactly the same, but unsuccessful — take care if travelling, driving. Be ambitious Mon. night (9 pm PDT) through Wed. Co-operation might be lacking Tues., but others will pitch in Wed. (Wooing someone? Wed. better than Tues.) Your popularity soars Thurs. to noon Sat. — social delights, wishes coming true, flirtations and entertainment, optimism, all add up to joy! But avoid an argument (and don’t chase sex or romance) Thurs. to pre-dawn Fri., nor after 3 pm (PDT) Friday. Saturday pm, retreat, rest, find sweet solitude.

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Recent delays and indecisions end Wed., Sage, especially in romantic, creative and speculative pursuits. The general accent, until May 20, lies on work and daily health. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get lots done. However, all that work will be streaked with, or relieved by, strong romantic urges and intensified relationships. This can lead to marriage — or to major fights (or both!). Soon, perhaps June, a major wish might come true. Secrets, mysteries, sexual longings, medical diagnosis, lifestyle choices and major financial actions are highlighted Sunday (good results) and Mon. (bad results or dead-ends). A mellow, wise mood steals over you late Mon. night through Wed. — you’ll float ahead in travel, international, intellectual, publishing, cultural and similar zones. If you’re chasing love, do it early Tues. morning, or Wed. Be ambitious — and more importantly, dutiful — Thurs. to noon Saturday, bosses, parents and judges can be short-tempered, unreasonable Thurs. — behave! Friday’s much better — to 3 pm (PDT) only. Saturday pm brings joy, attraction, and might lead to a Sunday (May 7) “love-in.”

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Recent delays end Wed., Cap, so you can push forward on that day, and onward.  The general emphasis lies on love, romance, charming children, sports/games, adventure, immediate pleasures, beauty, and (the rewards of) risk-taking. You tend to be a winner in all sorts of situations until May 20. You’re in the midst of a splendid career year (strongest until early October) — this month, that manifests as a tremendous load of work, and/or a tremendous drive to finish it. Your spouse and kids, your home will somehow support you in this work, probably merely by being loving and supportive. If you’re single, well, it’s time to chase love! Relationships fill Sun./Mon. — exciting, romantic, fanciful Sunday; disruptive, rejecting Mon. Life’s more mysterious side — sex, finances, medical diagnoses or surgery, secrets — emerge Mon. night (9 pm PDT) through Wed. Best times to act: late Mon. night, and Wednesday. Your intuition bursts to the surface, so you’ll make the right moves, right decisions, at the right times. Forget logic, follow the tiny nudge inside. A mellow, wise mood flows over you Thurs. to noon Sat. — and you’ll need it to ignore provocations or to settle arguments Thurs. Friday goes well, but avoid new starts after 3 pm (PDT). Saturday pm rewards ambition.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
The delays and misinformation and mistakes of the past weeks ends Wed. morning. After this, you can fly forward in any area except legal, intellectual, or travel zones — here, you’d be wise to wait until early June. (And until August to launch any new earnings projects.) This week and the next two, the accent lies on home, family, real estate, retirement plans, security, nature, gardening — and rest. Sunday/Monday bring secrets, large finances, sexual urges, research — these succeed Sun., but hit barriers and disruptions Mon. Relationships enter Mon. night (9 pm PDT) through Wed. Despite the quiet, recuperating tone of your health and heart, this short interval could bring exciting meetings, attraction, even love, and opportunities in many areas, including relocation and working partnerships — but Tuesday’s a bit dicey, contains quiet man-woman friction. The deeper side of love, life and relations enters Thurs. to noon Sat. Expect problems and frustrations in investments, debt, sex, health and investigations this entire period, except Fri. dawn to 3 pm (PDT) when success can come, particularly with government help. (E.g., a gov’t website has the info, or a gov’t program can rescue your project, etc.) Saturday pm will be lovely, happy, frisky — and thoughtful.

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb. 19 – March 20
April’s delays and confusions end Wed., Pisces. Charge forward this day onward, especially in the easy things this May offers: errands, mail, calls, short trips and paperwork. However, all month, be gentle at home. DO NOT begin living in a new place or with a new person before June 4. Your money picture looks great — you’ll have enough for a luxury item. Sunday/Monday trigger romantic feeling (or passion for a creative project/act) or beauty, pleasure, and a winning streak. Well, that winning steak operates Sun., but runs into a wee storm Mon. Plunge into chores Tues./Wed. — you’ll get a tremendous amount done, and can angle for a pay raise, or better your links with the boss, etc. Relationships fill Thurs. to noon Saturday. Maybe you’e getting tired of the way people have been treating you, and this can spark an argument or “put you in your place” outburst Thurs. Listen, Pisces: you have the choice: love or war.  (In this case, love is a discreet withdrawal.) Relationship problems can be ironed out Friday, dawn to 3 pm (PDT) — but not later. (Before 3, you might make a new friend.)

The End.

5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — APRIL 30 – MAY 6, 2017

  1. ninefive

    I think the reason I come here so often is because I’m also a Sun Gemini, Ascendant Libra.

    One thing though, I had to move the last week of April and just settled in yesterday. Given Mercury in retrograde, will this new apartment have a ton of issues with it, or will we have continued problems with the landlord? I tried waiting it out, but didn’t have a lot of choice. I knew the time period was retrograde, so I made sure things went as smoothly as they kid (even so, my old place was broken into and things were stolen last week)
    I’m just worried we will have continued issues with the place/landlord.

  2. flicker74

    Hi Tim – I’m a Pisces and I have a question about “DO NOT begin living in a new place before June 4”. I’m in the middle of buying a new house for which the agreement to buy will be complete by May 8 but we won’t begin living there until July. We still have a chance to back out of the deal. Does “living in a new place” include the actual purchase as well? Thanks for your insights!


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      The purchase will have, a guess, about a 20 % influence; moving in is 80 %. Mars is your money planet, so buying a place with Mars there is not unusual.



  3. sashimi

    Hi Tim,

    Always appreciate your readings 🙂

    I realize everyone has their own perspective and perception of things regarding the economy; like, “if you’re unemployed, the economy is bad”… I know… but thinking about all of the recent news in the US about retail stores closing (which is in the thousands for 2017), I assume this means millions of people are going to be unemployed this year.

    Yes, my perspective is that the economy is actually pretty bad – worse than what is being reported (this is why I believe Trump won). The large company I work for just laid off about 1/3 of it’s employees – that’s after they already laid off a bunch of a year prior.

    Pluto has been traveling through my 10th house over the past several years (at its worst, it’s been career hell, but some of the best times too!). It’s currently way past my Capricorn Midheaven (Pisces Sun / Aries rising), and I’m very grateful I’m still employed… just not sure how I’m going to make it through the next 10 degrees with this completely insane stress level. I think I remember you wrote somewhere that Aries shouldn’t quit their job for the next few years… I wouldn’t quit – gotta work if I want food and to stay in my current home.

    Hope you’re feeling closer to 100%
    – sashimi

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Sashimi,

      Try reading the “Pluto Forecast” in the PLATFORMS section — career advice there under “Aries.”



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