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ALL SIGNS: Around this time (May/June) I’m telling every sign that a certain class or type of action will be terrifically luck from late May/24 to mid June 25. This good luck is from Jupiter in Gemini. But a good portion of that luck might be “denied” or “suffocated” by Saturn in Pisces.

Jupiter will be “stymied” by Saturn July/August/24 and Nov./Dec./24. Obstacles might seem to be gathering like storm clouds March through May, 2025, but remain optimistic, as these 2025 obstacles will not come to fruition, and good luck will win out.


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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent continues, Aries — not only during the week but for the entire 12 months ahead — on paperwork, reports, details, short trips, calls, and emails and messaging, and casual contacts. These are very likely to have fortunate outcomes — and definitely have a link to legal, international, educational, media/publishing, religious or philosophical zones. E.g., paperwork details can help you win a lawsuit. (For more and less lucky times, read “ALL SIGNS” above.) Now through June 16, a social gathering might bring you an affectionate, fun mate. Happiness is on your horizon. You remain unusually determined and assertive for two more weeks: this would be a pretty good time for launching or giving a final push to, a major project or a relationship. Sunday to just past noon Monday urges you to be ambitious — don’t argue Sunday eve. Social joys and happy flirtations arise Monday p.m. to suppertime Wednesday. Monday is the best. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan future actions, Wednesday suppertime to Friday night. Wait until midday Thursday through Friday to act or submit any opinion. Your energy source Friday night through a good, fortunate weekend.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Taurus, this week — and the entire 12 months ahead — fortunately accent income, buying/selling, possessions, casual sex, rote learning, and give a feeling of comfort. Two things: 1) this money accent might be tied to a larger financial project, a more investment-oriented one, or to a sexual bond; 2) your luck in these money zones won’t be constant, so don’t “fight destiny.” (See ALL SIGNS above.) Remain wary of dark places and belligerent people. your money luck is sweet and high until mid June, so charge ahead on that front. Sunday to midday Monday (PDT) brings profound ideas, gentle love and tolerance, and legal, educational, media, and travel interests. Avoid a fight Sunday night. Monday p.m. to suppertime Wednesday accents your career, worldly standing and prestige relations. Monday is far in the way the best of these three days — take action. Your popularity grows Wednesday night to Friday night — entertainment, optimism about the future, flirtation and social joys arrive. Best Thursday midday through Friday. Saturday starts a weekend of rest and quiet. Find a place where you can be alone and dream — all’s well.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy, charisma, effectiveness, and clout continue to rise, Gemini. In addition, Venus blesses you with attractiveness and gracefulness, and Mars keeps sparking social connections. your confidence and good luck, your cheerfulness and optimism, will continue to grow sfor another 12 months. This will be one of the luckiest personal years of your life. If single, you might attract a mate. (However, your luck will fluctuate — read “ALL SIGNS” above. But it will tend to stay strong if you’re ambitious, socially or career-wise.) Sunday and the first half of Monday lure you with sexual, financial, or informational temptations. Careful Sunday night; discretion, silence best stances. A gently loving mood fills you Monday p.m. to suppertime Wednesday. Monday is best, especially for love, far travel, legal, media, and philosophical or educational matters. Be ambitious Wednesday through Friday this little interval may not start easily, but it opens the door to success Thursday p.m. through Friday. Saturday starts a weekend joy and celebration — be with friends!


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 20

Retreat from the fray, Cancer. your energy is low and your charisma cupboard is a little low. Be restful, contemplative, and watchful. Plan your future. Be spiritual and shake hands with karma. Good things will be found in your private life, your home, with benefits from gov’t, head offices or institutions. Investments will go well. all this applies to a few weeks ahead, but also very much to the entire 12 months ahead, which will bring goodness and luck to these zones. (A large portion of this luck might come from work mates, work situations.) Relationships, opportunities, and relocation ideas come Sunday to midday Monday. Avoid an argument Sunday night. Secrets, mysteries, major financial situations/actions, lust for intimacy or power, medical concerns — these enter Monday afternoon to suppertime Wednesday (PDT). Best Monday p.m. and predawn Tuesday. A gentle, tolerant, mellow and wise mood steals over you Wednesday night through Friday. For success, act Thursday noon through Friday. Saturday starts a weekend of ambition and worldly status themes — a fortunate phase for you. you might learn a huge secret this coming weekend.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 21-Aug. 22

Your social expansion continues, Leo. Expect to be a little more popular, more optimistic, more flirty, and group oriented than usual, not only this week, but for the whole 12 months ahead. (During the two weeks ahead, friends treat you very affectionately. Accept all invitations!) You are just entering a year of happiness. (But read “ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above for timing hints.) if single, romance will not be a stranger. you might find that is seemingly friendly but insignificant meeting, conversation, turns into a serious love affair. If you’re married, your family’s social circle will expand. Until June 9, you might befriend a very lively person — to same date, stay out of lawsuits. tackle chores Sunday to midday Monday. Monday better for accomplishments — be cautious with sharp tools Sunday. Exciting relationships pop up Monday p.m. to suppertime Wednesday. Be diplomatic to avoid opposition or argument, Tuesday night through Wednesday. Monday night and Tuesday morning, good luck rides with you. Life’s secrets and underbelly rise to the surface Wednesday night through Friday. Your subconscious will be very active, so act on your hunches, especially in finances, sex, medical issues, and lifestyle changes. Problems before midmorning Thursday (PDT), success after that. Saturday starts a weekend of gentle love, profound ideas, possible far travel, law, learning and social rituals. You’ll be happy.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent continues on your ambition, your relations with higher-ups, your career and worldly standing. this is a powerful and productive zone this month ahead, and a very lucky zone for the 12 months ahead. right now, higher-ups (esp. female ones) favour you. (Read “ALL SIGNS” above for more info on this lucky year ahead.) When needed, you are still speaking clearly and effectively, and can transmit your biggest ideas. Your sexual urges remain “hot” until June 9, so take advantage now or let it go for a while. romance calls Sunday to midday Monday. a person you fawn over on Sunday will never give you sex (or will be angry about it) so keep your eye on those you meet Monday. Tackle chores Monday pm to Wednesday suppertime. Eat, dress sensibly. Success is promised Monday and pre-dawn Tuesday, but gets a bit rough or “wavy” after that. exciting relationships pop up Wednesday night through Friday. Be diplomatic, especially through Thursday morning — later Thursday through Friday brings openings and favourable responses. Saturday starts a weekend of lust, financial maneuvers, research, hidden strength and lifestyle choices. All systems are go, so plunge in!


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead favour far travel, international affairs, profound ideas, social rituals, higher education, law, religion — and love, Libra. This can be a stand-out June — but also an outstandingly lucky 12 months until summer 2025 — in all the zones just listed. (However, read “ALL SIGNS” above in the Preamble, as this luck is not constant, or can be impaired by work or health demands.) You have dealt with face-to-face meetings since May one and will continue so until June 9. this time might bring you the first touch of a viable life mate. Sunday to midday Monday aims you toward home, family, stomach/digestion, real estate and security. Avoid an argument (and an attraction) around 8 – 9 pm Sunday (PDT). Late night’s great. Monday afternoon to Wednesday suppertime brings romance, creativity, speculation, games/sports, talented, children, pleasure and beauty. Great until pre-Dawn Tuesday, then somewhat difficult, especially Wednesday. Tackle chores Wednesday evening through Friday night. Eat and dress sensibly. You’ll succeed the most Thursday p.m. and Friday — obstacles earlier. Saturday starts a weekend of exciting, successful, and significant opportunities and relationship attractions. Yes, a potential mate is around!


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The few weeks ahead lift the cover of your life, to let your subconscious and your intuition emerge to the surface. Lucky big finances, lust for sex or power, medical concerns, lifestyle changes, and investigation or research themes fill your days through June, but stay unusually fortunate for 12 months — to June 2025. (This won’t always be a smooth lucky road, so read “ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above.) Now to June 9, your work remains intense, so watch your health, especially in regards to heat exhaustion, sunburn, indigestion, sharp machinery or fire. Your money luck will be quite high for 12 months. This is one of the best times of your life to invest. (Again, read “All Signs.”) Sunday to midday Monday brings errands and paperwork, communications and friends. Don’t argue (and be very careful with sharp or hot things) Sunday to about 8 pm (PDT). After this, success. Monday afternoon to suppertime Wednesday nudges you toward home and family, security and food. Act early, as obstacles begin to arise Tuesday eve. Romance, creative surges and gambling urges, pleasure, beauty, and talented children fill your heart Wednesday night through Friday — best Thursday night through Friday. Saturday starts a weekend of work — guard your health.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You are already in a romantic mood, Sage. Now affectionate, poised prospective partners pop up everywhere — there will be at least two — not only in the weeks ahead, but for an entire year ahead, to June ’25. This month and year ahead will be filled with opportunities, relocation possibilities, public appearances and meaningful, significant bonding. (Read “ALL SIGNS” above in the Preamble for “timing.”) This year ahead, if you’re single, the right person will probably reflect a lot of your own qualities: cheerful, optimistic, friendly, and in love with learning or travel or both. (Doesn’t mean he/she is a Sage, tho — Gemini and Leo stand out.) Buy/sell, chase casual intimacy, acquire possessions Sunday to midday Monday — but avoid Sunday eve, which can bring argument, a “lover’s spat.” Errands and trips, communications, paperwork and applications — these fill Monday afternoon to suppertime Wednesday. For success, act Monday and Tuesday daytime (PDT). Home and family, mother nature, food and security — these arrive Wednesday night through Friday. This interval has a rocky start, but smoothes out Thursday midday and carries you with success right into late Friday. Late Friday night and Saturday start an ultra romantic weekend! If you’re not into romance, try almost anything else for your luck is high!


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The weeks ahead emphasize chores, dependents and health, Cap. This area will be very lucky now through June 2025. your position might rise, especially if you’re in a management area. Or you might be promoted to management. If you are a homemaker, you might foster a child. (But read “ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above, for go-ahead and stop signs.) Your domestic scene holds some friction until June 9. Reduce this by doing a project at home. Co-workers are very pleasant for the next three weeks. Sunday to midday Monday boosts your energy and charisma — and effectiveness. Romance and dealings with children go well, but don’t be a dictator Sunday night. Pursue money, buy/sell, embrace casual sex, or learn something formally from Monday afternoon to Wednesday suppertime (PDT). Monday and Tuesday morning are great, but obstacles begin to arise Tuesday night and Wednesday. Errands, trips, paperwork and communications fill Wednesday night through Friday. You will hit road blocks until midday Thursday, then you advance smoothly through Friday. Saturday starts a domestic weekend — be productive, not too aggressive, and all will go well.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

Ah, sweet romance! The accent lies, this month, on blossoming attraction, creative and risk-taking urges, talented children, pleasure, beauty, and general good luck. To some degree, these areas will be very fortunate for an entire 12 months ahead. (However, read “ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above regarding good/bad times.) If you’re single, one of the great loves of your life might be just around the corner. In someway or another, Aquarius, your wishes about these areas (romance, etc.) will tend to come true. You will also increase your chances on the artistic and love fronts if you dive into social situations. Until June 9, you have some important messaging or paperwork or travel to complete. A libra might be attracting you, but in June a Gemini type appears, also. Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to midday Monday. avoid an argument, or sending a carelessly disruptive message Sunday p.m. Your energy and charm burst fourth Monday afternoon to Wednesday suppertime (PDT). This is a good time to start projects, gather allies, impress someone sweet, and/or get things done. Best: Monday p.m. to pre-Dawn Tuesday. Okay: Tuesday daytime. Obstacles: Tuesday night, Wednesday. Chase money, buy/sell, embrace casual sex or memorize something Wednesday night through Friday. Best: Thursday night, Friday. The weekend is for short trips, communications, casual friends, and paperwork — all goes well.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your domestic situation rises to the forefront until late June, Pisces — children/parents, garden, mother nature, food, security and real estate. Overall, this zone should be productive and fortunate in the few weeks ahead, but it will be filled with powerful good luck for the entire 12 months ahead. (However, read “ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above.) This will be a great, fortunate 12 months to buy or sell real estate, or to find a much better rental, or on a smaller scale, to renovate, buy furniture, etc. Money is very “fast” until June 9. Capture some of it and put it in the bank rather than spend. Sunday to midday Monday keeps you happy, optimistic, social and popular. Avoid a money argument or incident Sunday night. Retreat, lie low, rest (or finish neglected chores) contemplate and plan your future Monday afternoon to suppertime Wednesday (PDT). Seek spirit, meditate. For action, earlier best — difficulties arise Tuesday night through Wednesday. your energy and charisma surge upward Wednesday night through Friday. Minor obstacles exist until Thursday morning, but from that time on success is indicated. Saturday starts a weekend of buying and selling, money, interest, possessions, and possibly casual intimacy. all goes well so don’t be shy — charge ahead.




Two weeks ago, I promised a reader that I would continue the names to avoid, according to your birthdate, from a column I wrote some years ago. But once again I’m late, so next column.


The clouds are so bright and white they hurt  your eyes. Look, there’s one in the shape of a hippopotamus upside down, walking on the floor of the sky.


It’s better to tell the truth to 10 people, then to give encouraging suppositions to 1 million.


Ibsen wrote, “the strongest man is he who stands alone.” (Or something like that.) But the greatest strength lies in numbers.


Someday, we will communicate with trees.


Impatience is a sign of “soft slavery.” The slave is the impatient one. Many men are enslaved by education, conditioning, cultural pressures seen and unseen… Because they are held in the grip of these, and because so many of the pressures on them are unrecognizable (in a different form) or unseen or vague, because their value system says that they must be enslaved but their heart cries for freedom, a stress is put in place that can only grow as they age. In some people, this creates resignation, often with humour. Some invest all their freedom in the Bank of Retirement. But some vibrate with the injustice of it all, or  with the constant stress of holding two worlds apart (affluent slavery v. impoverished freedom). Impatience is also a sign that the impatient one does not realize they are enslaved.


Canada is a comfortable and easy place to live in, compared to the volatile heights and depths of the U.S.  Materially, culturally and politically, Canada is a soft echo of America.     But Canada is not as honest as the US. We cover our sins. Guilt is accepted quietly. Billionaires do not seek attention. Our politicians are almost bureaucrats, and the bureaucrats spread a soft, discrete safety net for the pols — and themselves.

In America, government workers are part of the liberal party, not in law, but in fact; and they always will be, due to their nature. The self-employed tend to be Republican. And the vast population in between sways from party to party, dancing to economic winds and breezes. Canada is probably the luckiest country in the world. America gives it culture, trade, and assured defence. We (Canadians) aren’t the richest country in the world by a long shot, perhaps because we are so fortunate. But America gives Canada something else: with its dramatic upheavals and terrific injustices, and huge hidden power networks, or despite these, or most accurately because of these, America treads environments and structures of thought that inform Canada’s consciousness. You could call this a cultural influence, but it seems to go a little beyond that, as a kind of force. America has huge flaws, but they come from the same source as its huge talents and exploratory consciousness.  (I talked about this source before. It comes from a constant intermingling of a large variety of racial and ethnic traits, from a constantly refreshed DNA pool, if you want to think of it that way.)

There is much made in the media these last 10 or so years, especially this last four years, about China’s ascendancy, both economically and militarily, and about the weak and feckless American military. I think the U.S. will grow and thrive over the decades, even (2) centuries ahead. So I would not worry.

China, BTW, is a Libran nation. The USA and Canada are Cancer nations.

China seeks beauty. Canada and the US seek possessions.


As a father (with grown kids) one important measure I use to assess Biden versus Trump. To a superficial view, Trump might appear erratic, untrustworthy, crazy and insane, racist, and every other aberration known to man. And Biden, who, although his mental capacities may be declining, appears social and charming and gives an aura of trustworthiness, of a good grandpa.

However, look at the facts: Trump’s children are well adjusted, successful, happily married, and in general, healthy mentally and emotionally. In addition, they all obviously love him. Does that say anything about Trump as a father, and hence as a human?

Biden’s children? One is a drug addict and a basic bad boy who has committed more crimes than your average sleezoid and who has only escaped prison because he’s the president’s son and Biden’s CIA for years turned away every investigation of him. (He is in court now, charged with a felony punishable by up to 20 years.) He is also a serial liar who has repeatedly committed perjury to Congress. The other, Biden’s daughter Ashley, has confessed that he used to come naked into the shower with her when she was a girl and… What do you think he did? This daughter seems to have trouble settling down, moving from town to town and apartment to apartment, and says she is hypersexualized  due to interactions with her father Joe — in one of these abandoned apartments, she left a confession about father Joe’s sexual advances. it is reported that she also has said that when she told her stepmother, Jill (Joe’s adulterous [*] wife) about the showering incident(s) Jill shut her out and became emotionally unavailable. Could that be why Ashley keeps moving and can’t find a home?

A father’s children always reveal who he really is in private and deep down.

[*] adulterous — Jill cheated on her first husband, carrying on an affair with Joe Biden. Perhaps because he had more power and prestige than her husband, she dumped the fortunate guy and married Joe. (Fortunate: to lose a bad wife can bring a better life.)


I don’t know if Trump is guilty or innocent in this hush money case. I just can’t tell from this distance.

BUT, gee, judge Merchan (presiding over the trial) has just proved how corrupt, dishonest, and biased he is. He let the prosecution bring in and display like a showman, a line of sex peddlers (Stormy and Pecker), liars and convicts, to tell the jury lurid (and unproven) tales of Trump’s rotten character.

By contrast, he refused to let Trump’s lawyers bring in an expert witness. Then the defence questioned their only other witness, who testified that the prosecution’s main witness, Michael Cohen, lied in everything he said on the stand. Michael Cohen has been in jail several times, has been convicted of fraud, tax cheating, and perjury — and admitted under cross examination that he had stolen $60,000 from the man he was trying to put in jail — Trump. The sole defence witness, Robert Costello, was formerly the head of one of New York’s judicial districts, a position far above judge Merchan’s. (I am not capitalizing the word judge because this is no real judge. This is a jackass put in place by the Biden corporation/mafia, a jackass whose daughter is earning millions of dollars by promoting the very trial her father Merchan is presiding over. This judge threatened to throw Trump in jail if he communicated this corruption to anyone — part of his infamous gag order on Trump.)

So here is what happened: when the defence’s only witness was on the stand, the prosecution objected to almost every question he was asked and answer he gave, and Merchan (“Merchant — I’m for sale”) sustained every objection, effectively shutting down the defence witness and preventing him from giving evidence. Witness Costello (who knows more about the law than Merchan) rolled his eyes at one of Merchan’s grossest illegal maneuvers (for it is illegal for a judge to side with the prosecution) as he attempted to undercut the witness’s statements. Merchan immediately cleared the courtroom and sent the jury out. Then he screamed at the witness, and said if he ever rolled his eyes again, he would strike his testimony. (Another illegal action.) When Costello stared at him (probably in astonishment) and what he was saying, Merchan blew up and yelled in rage at the witness: “Are you staring at me? Are you trying to stare me down? I will have you thrown out and strike all your testimony if you continue to look at me.” (I might have a few words wrong due to fractured news, but the truth is certain. Corrupt Merchan might have even threatened Costello with contempt and the implied jail sentence.)

In essence, corrupt judge Mr. M was frustrated and enraged that his case was falling apart. I say his case because it’s very obvious that this judge colluded with the district attorney — again an illegal act — to try to gain a false guilty conviction. I wonder how much money (or more likely, position) Biden has promised him? (This might be a false charge, but we do know that the Democratic Party and its minions have paid his daughter’s firm multiple millions of dollars COINCIDING WITH THIS “TRIAL.”)

But judge M has more tricks up his sleeve: he is going to give each member of the jury a sheet of paper that lists every one of the 34 counts Trump has been charged with. Beside each of the counts is a little box for a checkmark. if you check any box, it means you find Trump guilty of that offence. There are no boxes to indicate Trump’s innocence, or that you don’t believe he’s guilty of a certain charge. You can only mark him guilty, or nothing. (I believe this is how it is designed from news reports, although of course I’m not certain.) This is very clever. Almost anyone, after hearing hundreds of accusations and character assassinations from the prosecution’s side about someone (with no contrary indication from the judge, who knows these accusations are false and in fact encourages them) and is then faced with 34 checkmark boxes, is likely to check one or two, just so they won’t hand back an empty paper. One would have to be extremely convinced of Trump’s innocence to refuse to check any box.

Here is judge M’s plan: he has 12 jurors, being asked to mark at least some boxes on the list. That’s 12×34 = 408 boxes given to 12 people, of whom at least 10 are committed Democratic Trump haters. If these 12 people each check off one or two or three boxes, but different ones, it might occur that every box is checked by someone — e.g., Juror # 1 checks box 1 and 5, and Juror # 2 checks box 9, and # 3 checks box 2 and 10, and so on, so that all 34 boxes are checked as guilty, but only if you add all the checks from all the jurors, even though each jurors’ checks might disagree with others.

Mr. M can then say (illegally again — this “judge” should be in jail) — M can say that, pasting/collating all 12 lists together, all 34 counts have been fulfilled. Can this be proper process in law? And is this really M’s intent? I’m not sure.

This is the “judge” who refused to let the defence have access to the majority of documents and evidence that the prosecution held. Again an illegal act.

This is the judge who simpers and fawns over the Jury, but sends them out of the courtroom before 1) he makes an unfair ruling or instruction to hamstring the defence, or 2) he has his tantrums, aimed, of course, at the defence. Again, pardon my opinionated POV, but this judge M is simply a corrupt, paid for apparatchik of the Biden machine. An apparatchik who is failing in his job, hence his explosive temper tantrum directed at the defence’s only witness, who exposed the prosecution’s star witness as a total fraud, cheat, and serial liar.

In American law, a judge is not allowed to side with the prosecution. Merchan has done this throughout the trial — and even before the trial began, when he illegally denied the defence access to the majority of the prosecution’s documents. In picking the jury, M refused to let the defence ask the question: who did you vote for in 2020? He refused this because, with 85 % of the population in New York being Democrats, chances are every member of the jury — or perhaps 10, perhaps 11 — might be a Trump hating Democrat, eager to see him put in jail, innocent or not. Judge M did not want this huge overweight of Trump haters in the jury to be obvious, so he refused to let the lawyers ask about political affiliation. In addition, asking about political affiliation would probably permit the defence to have at least one neutral or Trump favouring person in the jury. Merchan was going for broke, for the big prize here, a jury of 12 Trump haters. Combine this with the 34 count checkmark list, to get some idea of the depth of M’s corruption.

The judge is not supposed to hint to the jury that the defendant is guilty. M has done this, and allowed the prosecution to constantly infer and state before the jury, that Trump is guilty. And to cap it all off, he sustains (almost?) every objection — of which there are many and frequent — that the prosecution makes against the defence witness’  testimony.


I am always in awe of the intricacy, complexity and near infinity of our world. Just look at one tree: you can’t count its leaves. Who invented that? Who created that? Who set in motion a creation that would pulse with the seasons and unfurl like the clouds, slowly, steadily enough to last to time past time? Even one leaf is a complicated miracle. What then of a whole continent? Or the entire earth? Maybe the answer isn’t who did all this, but what started it, and why is it so balanced and in its entirety, perfect?

We know that life is benevolent. No longer do we live in caves.  So we must assume that whatever started this entire existence was benevolent. This had to be, because a malicious starting point could only lead to evil and destruction of the entire experiment. For existence to exist, it must be more benevolent than malevolent. A malevolent universe must consume itself.

But on a happier note, where did this Paradise come from? Where did existence come from? My Guide used to tell me that  “isness” was a major thing.  Now I know what she meant. The greatest miracle of all is that we exist, that anything exists. This is the is-ness.


Here is the real problem with the Democrats and the wokesters: no sense of humour.