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When Trump and Biden debated for the 2020 presidential election, the debate took place under very favourable aspects for Joe Biden. The moon was favourable to Joe, so I wrote here that Joe’s debate would make him popular with  women.

Now Biden and Trump have agreed to debate on June 27 and September 10. I think these dates were set by Joe Biden, or at least the June 27 one was. They both “came from” Bidens camp.

On June 27, the moon is in Pisces, a favourable placement for both Joe’s moon and sun, indicating he will appeal to both men and women. For Trump, the moon in Pisces prompts a critical and glaring view of his performance. For Biden this Pisces Moon is like going into a love fest; for Trump it’s like going into a test conducted by his boss.

On the September 10 debate date, the moon is Sagittarius, the sign of Trump’s enemies and of his own temptations or unwise decisions. However, this date does not seem to overly favour Biden.

If Trump is smart, he’ll pick his own dates.





aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your monthly focus shifts Monday, from money and sensuality to restlessness, errands and trips, communications and paperwork, Aries. (Although your good luck in money continues this week, it begins to fade Thursday onward.) if single, you might meet a sweet and attractive person and strike up a casual, conversational friendship, which could later turn more serious. In fact, quite a few single Aries will marry “friends” in the 12 months ahead. You are various assertive now, in a good way — very “Aries!” Sunday is for relationships, partnerships, opportunities — but everything’s a little early, so don’t expect much. Late afternoon Monday through Wednesday brings secrets, privileged information, heightened intuition and hunches, and major financial action or major sexual attraction, and/or medical decisions — act Tuesday or early Wednesday morning (PDT) for success. A wise, mellow, tolerant and gently loving mood comes over you Thursday to Saturday morning. Thursday is great. Friday is mixed between restrictions and optimistic assertiveness. Saturday has some flaws, but ambition will tend to succeed.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You have had a lucky, expansive year, Taurus. there has definitely been at least one big chance to put your life on a different footing, both intimately and financially. that year ends Friday, when a 12 month period of great luck in money and income begins. use the year ahead to push for a pay raise, increased commissions, better, profit, margins, etc. In this remember: it’s better to get a permanent step up than to chase temporary bonuses and overtime. Monday begins a month of doubled energy and luck in pursuing $. (Casual intimacy might also spring up.) If your hopes are serious and sober over the next year or so, they are likely to come true. Tackle chores Sunday. exciting relationships face you early Monday morning through Wednesday (PDT) — it’s a jumbled road here, better Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. Sex, lust, major financial actions, lifestyle changes and medical decisions — these arise Thursday to Saturday morning — again, good luck mixes with obstacles. It’s probably better not to grab at any opportunities. Saturday morning starts a weekend of mellow wisdom and gentle love.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

A year of “quiet strength” passes this week, as a brand new year starts for you, Gemini. Monday begins a month of energy, confidence, and charisma. And Saturday begins a whole year of great personal luck, in some ways the luckiest year you’ve experienced in over a decade. Exploration, travel, international themes, marriage or cohabitation, business partnerships call you. you will feel optimistic and cheerful, and this will actually bring most of the luck. So don’t be gloomy or resentful! Do work hard over the year ahead, but where it becomes a choice between career drudgery and personal expansion, choose the latter. Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative and filled with beauty — however, little goes well, so just enjoy the mood. Tackle chores Monday afternoon through Wednesday. Eat and dress sensibly, protect your health. Exciting relationships and opportunities. Enter Thursday to Saturday morning. Thursday is great, Friday night also. You might meet “destiny” in love situations. Saturday is for mysteries, finances, and intimate temptations.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 20

Monday ends a month of good feelings and optimism and friendship, Cancer, and begins a month of quietude, rest, meditation or contemplation, plans for the future, and connections with civil servants or management types or health workers. Lie low, nap and recover spent energies. By Saturday, the lucky giant Jupiter enters the same place of rest and quietude for a whole year. This can bring you tax refunds, government grants, better health insurance, good investments… The kind of love that leads to marriage might also come to single Cancers. Stay close to home, family Sun./Mon. No great luck here, so just remain supportive, don’t start new projects. Monday afternoon through Wednesday brings romance, creative and speculative urges, pleasure, and beauty. Your luck is a little mixed here, but there’s good stuff Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday begins a few days of work and chores — and health needs — all fortunate. Saturday morning begins a weekend of gentle love, tolerance, and wide vision.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 21-Aug. 22

A year of great career luck is ending this week, Leo. And a year of popularity, social delights, flirtations and fame, optimism and entertainment begins. If you are single, a friendly, light romance might seem like just a dalliance, and then you find yourself deeply in love. You are going to be happy! In emotional relationships over the year ahead, sex might be a little slow or hard to obtain; in practical relationships, money and investments seem to be tied to a manufacturing or workday or health concern. But you are going to love the 12 months ahead. Sunday/Monday is for errands, short trips, paperwork, and communications. Nothing much. Be home or in the ‘hood Monday afternoon through Wednesday. Your luck is mixed here, but generally good — fine for repairs, renovations, gardening, etc. Thursday to Saturday morning brings romance, creative surges and speculative urges, pleasure and beauty. Health, machines and finances need care midday Friday (PDT) — otherwise, some lovely things during this interval, maybe even destiny’s touch in love. Saturday begins a weekend of chores.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month and year of wisdom, international awareness, far travel, significant social rituals (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs) profound ideas, higher learning, law, and philosophy ends this week, Virgo. in its place, a month and year of great good luck begins in ambitions, worldly status, and career. The year ahead might also feature a romance that will turn into marriage — this will be slow, and require displays of loyalty on your part. Until June 9, your sexuality remains potent and motivating. many of you have already met a very marriageable person in the last 12 months. Chase money, buy/sell, embrace casual intimacy, or memorize something important, sunday/Monday – but remain cautious, too. Errands, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Monday afternoon through Wednesday. your luck is mixed here, but leans toward the good, especially Tuesday into Wednesday morning. be home, or in the neighbourhood Thursday to Saturday morning. Thursday is very fortunate, Friday is mixed, but holds, with Saturday, a beneficial link to work and your local status. Saturday starts a weekend of romance, happy kids, and creative urges.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The past 12 months have been fortunate for you, Libra, in finances, investments, physical intimacy, research, and lifestyle changes. This time might also have expanded any medical problems. (Most Librans have vulnerable digestive systems.) By contrast, the 12 months ahead will be filled with profound ideas, far travel or international interests, legal or educational involvements, and love. more Librans than usual will wed before July 2025. until June 9, your marriage planet (Mars) continues to speed through your marriage sign — so you might even meet someone significant this spring. Work remains yuck until February 2026. Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday to Monday afternoon — Sunday daytime is best for accomplishment. Chase money, buy/sell, embrace, casual, intimacy, and/or read and learn Monday afternoon through Wednesday. Good luck luck Minges with disruptions, but the good luck tends to win out, especially Tuesday into Wednesday morning (PDT). Short trips, easy chores,

paperwork and communications fill Thursday to Saturday morning. Thursday is great, lots of success, but Friday is mixed between chores and other restrictions, and exciting personal relationships. Saturday starts a weekend of home and family, and a year of huge luck in intellectual, travel and love zones.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week marks the end of a year of good luck in relationships, relocation, opportunities in general, and public appearances, Scorpio. (“Appearances” sounds grand, but doesn’t have to be so. For example, a sales clerk experiences 20 or 50 public interactions every workday.) Now 12 months of good luck and expansion fill your zone of intimacy/lust, finances/debt/investment, medical issues and lifestyle changes. The good news is, your planet of earned income, possessions, and casual sex (which is a kind of possession) will be in these areas of more secret things (lust, finances, etc.). one warning: if you experience any health crisis, get to the hospital or the doctor ASAP, as this planet can also expand medical problems. Until June 9, you will be working quite hard. But the month and year ahead will tend to bring you profit without work. romance can be until January 2026, but it can also be deep and will be furthered by communications. Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to Monday afternoon. Don’t try anything big. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness return strongly through Wednesday. You’re likely to get a lot accomplished Tuesday into early Wednesday morning (PDT). Chase money, buy/sell, embrace casual, intimacy, and/or learn something Thursday to Saturday morning. A good interval, especially Thursday. Friday stymies you in romance, but boosts you in work and possibly earnings. An idea might dawn about real estate and investment — it’s a good one.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month and year of employment concerns, drudgery, and health matters ends this week, Sage. Monday begins a month of exciting relationships, opportunities, public appearances, and relocation themes. Saturday begins a year, 12 months, of great good luck in these very same things. More single Sagittarians than usual will form a partnership bond before July 2025. meanwhile, your romantic senses blossom until June 9. This week also begins 25 days during which others respond to you with affection and grace. You feel happy and optimistic, popular and social Sunday to mid afternoon Monday. Retreat Monday afternoon through Wednesday — lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. you will tend to succeed Tuesday p.m. and early Wednesday morning (PDT). Your energy and charisma return strongly Thursday to Saturday morning. As with this whole week, obstacles and good luck seem to be mixed together. All Thursday, and Friday eve onward are most fortunate for action. Saturday starts a weekend of spending, shopping, casual, intimacy, and perhaps rote learning.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The past 12 months have strongly favoured romance, creativity, risky actions, sports, games, talented kids, beauty and pleasure, Cap. the 12 months ahead, starting this week, bring energy, cheerfulness, and a large expansion to your work/employment. If health problems arise now to July 2025, don’t procrastinate – get to a doctor, as this year can also quickly expand any health conditions. until June 9, your home might be prone to friction: starting projects here might be the path to peace. Be ambitious Sunday to mid afternoon Monday (PDT). don’t expect a lot, just maintain your position. popularity, social delights, optimism, and flirtations visit you Monday afternoon through Wednesday. There are a couple of obstacles here Monday night and Wednesday midday, but overall, this is a happy phase. Retreat to find a quiet, restful place, Thursday to Saturday morning. meditate, contemplate, and make plans for the future. Thursday is a great time to liaise with government, head office, or institutions. Friday night gives a beneficial touch of Destiny to your work and money plans/actions. Saturday starts a weekend of energy, charisma, and personal presence — but be slow to start any significant projects, as they need more planning and circumstantial support.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

You are still busy with paperwork and errands until June 9, Aquarius. but don’t let this blind you to a huge turn that is happening this week. (you probably will not notice it, but it affects your future.) 12 months of weight gain, family, joy, and great luck in real estate will end this week, and a full year of great good luck, and of wishes coming true, begins — in Romance, gambling, pleasure, beauty, happy, talented children, games/sports, and adventure. In fact, a romance could begin in the next four weeks, and if so, it will probably expand to fill the whole 12 months ahead. Money and earned income will be a bit tight for the next year. Wisdom and a mellow attitude, profound ideas and gentle love fill Sunday into mid afternoon Monday (PDT). Nothing big here. Be ambitious Monday afternoon through Wednesday. Be aware of a couple of obstacles, but also realize that your luck is good and you’re likely to succeed. Happiness visits you Thursday to Saturday morning — friends, flirtations, optimism, and entertainment. Thursday most enjoyable. Saturday begins a weekend of quietude and rest, contemplation and planning.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Money continues to rush to you, Pisces, and perhaps through you, until June 9. Be conservative and save. The past 12 months have inundated you with messages, paperwork, communications, trips and errands. But this week ends that, and starts both a month and an entire year of focus and fortune involving your domestic zone. Now to June of next year, offers you great good luck in selling and buying real estate, and anything touching on children, parents, security, and mother nature. So it would be a tremendous year to sell your house and buy another one, or find a great and much better rental or to buy furniture or build a backyard, pool, etc. this will be very much a “seeding” or “start of growth“ year, so look far down the future road when making decisions and/or starting projects. Remember, your luck will be huge. dive into secrets, research, financial, and sexual possibilities, medical and lifestyle concerns sunday to Monday afternoon — but be cautious about committing yourself. Monday afternoon through Wednesday (PDT) brings wisdom, a mellow mood, profound ideas, and involvement with higher learning, legalities, media or travel — a disquieting start but a favourable ending. Be ambitious Thursday to Saturday morning — you could impress the boss, especially with your knowledge or talents in money and government. Saturday starts a weekend of celebration and pleasure, social joys, and optimism!




In astrology, there is a method of forecasting called returns. You can do a return with the sun or the moon or any planet. In the return, you calculate the minute that the sun or Moon or planet returns to the exact spot it occupied the minute and hour the person was born. The solar return, for instance, gives a picture of the nine months to 12 months ahead, because the sun returns to its birth chart position approximately once a year.

But for most people, unless they have a computer astrology program, the mathematics of these returns are long and onerous.

There are other, easier ways to read your future. One way is connected to your birthday. On this day, go outside and count how many birds you first see. Don’t count one and then wait a second and another one comes in, counted as two. Nope. If you first see only one bird, that’s the one. But if you see a group of five, that’s five. If you see too many to count, E.g. a flock of 20 or 30 crows flying by, I suspect it means that your future is very balanced and you have many micro opportunities in the year ahead.

You can also read the nature of the bird, the way in which it is flying, (e.g. flapping their wings or gliding on the breeze) and its direction. If the bird is flying south, that may have some meaning. If east or west, you may have dealings in that direction in the year ahead. If the bird is stately, for example an eagle, then the year ahead should be fairly smooth and calm. If the bird is a crow, then they will be much striving for either power or recognition or wealth during the year ahead.

The number of birds is a very direct indicator. If you see one bird it means that you are going to be independent during the year ahead.

Two birds – a mellow year, fortunate for money and possessions. Sensual.

Three – a very active year filled with communications and little trips and lots of paperwork.

Four – home, security, the ending of one situation and starting up another. Good time to put down roots.

Five – romance creativity, beauty, pleasure, gambling, a good year to take a gamble on a favourite project or on love. Travel favored.

Six — a year of work, possibly promotion and extra money

Seven — the year ahead holds possible relocation, partnership in business and/or marriage in love, opportunities in general, public appearances, and the need to be diplomatic and flexible

Eight — your life might change in the year ahead. A focus will be on sexual and/or financial commitment.

Nine — far travel, international affairs, social rituals such as a wedding, legal and educational and publishing concerns

10 – ambition, and opportunities to rise in your career and/or worldly standing. Maybe some examination of you and your actions by authorities

11 — a year of friendships and hopes and maybe friendly romance

12 — a year of rest, of spiritual development and involvement with government or head office. Perhaps a stint in a spa, hospital or resort.

13 — a new start, you start your life or a major project in a new, cleaner direction

14 — “Ghost” income

And etc.


A politician should never start a campaign when the sun is in the fourth house (or the fourth sign from his/her birth sign). Just found out that Fani Willis announced her law fair attack on Trump on February 11, when the sun was in Aquarius. Fani is a Scorpio, So this was in her fourth sign, her sign of endings. Even worse, Fani has a Leo type of chart, shown by her first initial, F.  Aquarius is the open enemy of Leo, so Fani is fighting  headwinds, and she will lose. It’s very hard for Scorpios to defeat Geminis. (Trump’s a Gemini.)


Trump’s hush money trial: for three weeks, not one acolyte, pol, or supporter other than a family member and his lawyers — no one showed up in the courtroom in support of Trump for three weeks, while it looked more and more like Trump would be found guilty. Suddenly, Tuesday, when it began to look like Trump would win,10 Trump pols, and other supporters suddenly showed up. They would not be with him when it looked like he might be found guilty but when it looks like he’s going to be declared innocent, suddenly all the mice appear with uniforms and horns blaring loyalty to Trump.


Remember when a month or two ago, I wrote here that we would see a number of river bridges being damaged in the 20 years ahead? Today (May 15) the news comes of a third major bridge disaster in the US this year, as a barge took down a bridge in galveston, Texas.


It’s sometimes faster to discover than to find.


I am not sure of this, but there might be no general hell, and perhaps also no heaven as we usually envision it. perhaps there are billions (or trillions) of hells in existence

if hell is created by our own imagination/attitude/mind. So if we are angry and resentful when we pass, we will suffer some kind of darkness on the other side. I think many times this darkness appears as grey/dark, shapeless, lumpen creatures who push you around while you’re helpless. There is some evidence that if on the other side you are trapped in a negative situation of any kind, if you cry out for help (to God) you will be lifted out of this negative situation.  I suspect some people, if caught in that darkness on the other side, instead of calling out for help, fiercely fight back against these shapeless bullies. But the more they fight back, the stronger the bullies become. It might be, and I hope it is, that this losing fight eventually causes the fighter to surrender. But the surrender must be to God, not to the darkness.


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    I simply don’t get why people who live in another country care soooo much and are obsessed with what happens in America? 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
    It’s mind boggling to me 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Especially when some try sooo hard to change other people’s mind
    If no one could change your mind? Why do you think you can change others??
    It’s just common sense
    Half of this page is about politics and what happens in America 🙄 jeeezzz
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    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hey, Sophie, I think people care about what happens in America because it is the world’s leading country, especially culturally. Basically, I write about what interests me, and the huge complex upheavals and power struggles in America interest me. You know, you don’t have to read my items…

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