“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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I think Bill Barr might become Trump’s Kissinger. (All three are Gemini.)
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A year or two ago I said here that corruption in the FBI goes deeper. It makes me subtly uneasy when all these opinion and news heads keep saying, “It’s only at the top. The rank and file FBI are pure as snow, virtuous as soap.” (My words, actually.) I think we’ll see the rot going further down the line.
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I remember my Dad. Dads are important for boys. I think a boy’s most important, or second-most important love is with his father. Bruce Springsteen has a song about this.
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent continues on errands, paperwork, friendly contacts, messaging and travel. All relatively easy stuff, all quick. Remain tolerant (count to 10) on the home front — a good project might arise here, renovations, whatever. Money (buying/selling and income) is good, fortunate.

Lie low Sun. to noon Tues. Ponder, nap, contemplate your situation(s). Deal with the gov’t, head office, charities, institutions. This is a fortunate, successful interval, despite your temporarily low energy and dampened charisma. Both those return Tues. noon to Thurs. night — you’ll jump with energy, and others will be attentive when you speak. Again, be tolerant, esp. at home.

Some deception Tues./Wed., whether self-induced or from others. Not the time for dreams, fantasy, laziness nor film/video. Despite some problems, keep your eye on 2019’s main goal (and great luck source): far travel, higher learning, love, intellect, profound thoughts/beliefs, and legal, social and cultural “rules.” Show higher-ups what you can do.

Thursday night through Saturday opens doors to money actions, luck, and opportunity. Buy/sell Fri. and Sat. — good results. You can find bargains, but more importantly, perhaps, you can discover “generous” sources of money. (A boss might aid you in the latter discovery.) Relations with higher-ups flow very well — approach one. With Venus fiddling around everywhere these 3 days, you might embrace a sensual affair, but probably not with someone who qualifies as “life partner.”

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The main accent remains on money, earnings abilities, shopping for bargains, purely physical attractions, possessions — and nature’s beauty. Errands, calls, messaging, paperwork, trips —these swirl around you, until July 1. You’re still at “peak attractiveness,” others stare, smile. It’s likely someone’s thinking of you, has been for some time. (This person might have a work or duty connection to you, more than a romantic one.)

Lots of talk about money, purchases this week. You’re going to be friendlier, make many more friends, for the 6 years ahead.

A wish or two could come true Sun./Mon. You float through life with a happy smile, as optimism, popularity, social delights, entertainment and possible flirtation make your heart dance. A “rapid” contact around noon Sun. — a sweet, unsubstantial contact around noon Tues.

Retreat Tues. noon to Thurs. night: rest, ponder and plan, be charitable, seek spirit, and deal with head office or the gov’t. But do all these with “ordinary caution.” Deception or self-deception Wed. — rumours, fears are not true. (A money wish makes you vulnerable.) Your energy and pizzazz rebound late Thurs. night through Sat. Start something significant — all signals are GO!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy, charm, effectiveness and sense of timing are superb — and climbing! This week and the next two, start important projects, ask the world to notice you, submit applications, attend interviews, call in favours, re-make your appearance, tackle projects/jobs that intimidated you previously. Civil servants, head-office, agents and advisors continue to aid you until early June. (E.g., good time to apply for a license.)

No one calls you shy now — you talk up a storm. You can also easily accomplish some domestic repairs, gardening, etc. (Though bosses, VIPs might not want you focusing on such things.) Remember, your major luck in 2019 comes from relationships, opportunities through others, perhaps relocation. Use present charisma to flatter, amuse others — and form bonds.

Sunday to noon Tues. features benevolent career, status, prestige relations, ambitions and “behaviour” vibes. Tests and achievements. You can make money or spark a pay raise Sunday. (Or find a shopping bargain.)

Your hopes grow as a splendid “joie de vivre” flows over you Tues. noon to Thurs. night. Social delights, flirtation, popularity, a bright future, entertainment, all conspire to bring a smile to your lips. But realize:

  1. a higher-up wants your total loyalty (sees it as security) and;
  2. deception, wrong “facts,” or self-deception are powerful forces early week, climaxing Wed. and;
  3. NOT a good time to invest, nor to start a new love/sex affair.

Retreat Thurs. night through Sat. Nary a problem during this interval, so dive into dealings/queries involving head office, civil servants, institutions, agents, advisors, warehouses, charities, spiritual groups. Get lots of rest, ponder and plan. Contact a loving Taurus.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Be diplomatic, quiet, remain in the background; be charitable, spiritual, compassionate and sympathetic. Recharge your emotional, mental and physical batteries. Friends, social groups remain embracing, affectionate until June 8, despite your lowered charisma. Lots of communications with head office, institutions, civil servants, advisors this week.

Again despite your lowered energy, your sexual magnetism, determination and assertiveness are strong right now, to July 1. This combo, low charisma and high assertion, could cause problems (e.g. you could react aggressively to someone’s faint rejection). It can also indicate success (e.g., you’re assertive about career, and find an ally or receptiveness in “quiet places” such as gov’t halls, warehouses, institutions). Praise life/God in your heart, if you want others to later praise you.

You feel mellow, understanding Sun. to noon Tues. — far travel, higher education, media, science, culture, beliefs — and love — are favoured. Any problems are small and few (mostly involving work or health).

Display ambition Tues. noon to Thurs. night. You’re being observed by higher-ups. Others might compete, or not co-operate, so just plod ahead with steady steps. “Racing” won’t impress the powers that be. Remain alert, esp. Wed., for deception (self or otherwise). Others might argue — don’t be drawn in. A “phantom opportunity” late Thurs.

Your heart lifts late Thurs. night through Sat. — friends, popularity (mild, ‘cuz you’re in a “weary period”) hope, love of life, entertainment, a possible flirtation. Any or all are like a fresh breeze to wipe cobwebs off your soul! Be happy!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The next three weeks are like an elevator, lifting you to a wider view; to new, fresh breezes laden with delicious hopes. You’ll feel popular, optimistic, friendly and flirty. Life’s wide open! A great time to join a new group — or form one. A major wish could come true, perhaps about love, or a child or creative venture. Bosses continue to favour you, until June 8. Until June’s end, avoid law suits, dark alleys, biker clubs, belligerent people/civil servants and unfair fights.

Sunday to noon Tuesday lifts your subconscious desires to the surface. Lust for sex or power, investment urges, these lead you to decisions, which you should let your intuition make. (I.e., if you feel doubtful about something, even if logic says it works, withdraw. Oppositely, if you feel a subtle, calm nudge to commit, invest, touch, then do so.) Dig deep, research, make lifestyle and medical decisions. Something is changing! (Probably career/home.)

A calm, thoughtful, far-seeing vibe steals over you Tues. noon to late Thurs. night. It’s a pleasant, fortunate interval, if work or health factors don’t interfere. One warning: avoid deception, wishful thinking Wed. Flirtation won’t get you to intimacy.

Be ambitious Thurs. night through Sat. You can surprise and please bosses with your abilities. If you have to attend court, face a judge, you’ll do well. Charge ahead, you almost must succeed!

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The focus, until late June, lies on your career, your worldly status, prestige relations, interfacing with VIPs, and ambitions. You’ll be tested but you should pass easily. Expect a lot of discussion on career fronts, until June 4. (It’s also your best time to make points, impress bosses, display your skills.) Your innate wisdom and tolerance light your thoughts/feelings until June 8,

Now to June’s end, a boss might apologize (or forgive you) for recent hostilities. Same period, you might be socially assertive, and could “fall in lust” with someone met in a group. You’re hopeful about investments and assets, esp. domestic or real estate investments — remember, your major luck in 2019 lies in this zone (property, home, etc.).

Relationships — and bonding decisions — fill Sun. to Tues. noon. Luck is mixed, but leans toward good. Someone you meet around noon Sunday (PDT — evening in Europe, pre-dawn in Asia) could become significant in your life. Contemplate relocation, and opportunities.

Life’s sexy, mysterious depths arise Tues. noon to Thurs. night. You’ll face financial, lifestyle and medical — and relationship — decisions. Certainty is hard to find Wed. (and all early week) esp. in relationships, opportunities. You don’t understand someone; they don’t understand you. Deception lurks. Sexual forays not advised. Sign nothing (exception: a real estate contract).

A sweet, loving, mellow mood comes over you late Thurs. night through Sat. This interval is entirely fortunate, so plunge into far travel, educational, legal, cultural, religious/philosophical, media projects, and anything associated with profound ideas. You are starting to develop brand new ideas/life philosophies, will develop these to 2026. These might be connected to work, or might BE your work. Good.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Though I don’t recommend looking for a mate this May or June, love can be gentle and wide, deep and idealistic. Someone is talkative, innocently seductive and, at least to June 4, physically pleasing. If single, look in book or philosophy clubs, religious or historic societies, insurance and law offices, transportation hubs, libraries, colleges and universities. Only agree to what elevates you, now to July 1. The general trend this week to late June favours far travel, higher education, cultural explorations and social rituals.

Tackle chores Sunday to noon Tuesday. You can accomplish much the first two days. Possible inspired career idea Sun. — partnership, or faraway place, involved. Relationships (in many forms: partners, public, competition, enemies, co-operators, negotiations, agreements, litigation…) face you Tues. noon to Thurs. night. This isn’t easy, obstacles abound: disagreement, deception (esp. at work) and domestic/financial problems undercut relations. Work to solve, but be patient.

Late Thursday night through Sat., all these relationship things: love, opportunities, opposition, veer into a shady place where the soil is so dark and fertile that life changes take root and grow in it. Financial, sexual involvement, medical decisions, research and discovery, these are, in essence, changers of life. This entire zone is beautifully fortunate right now: pick a goal and work toward it. It’s rare, but good inheritance news might arrive.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week and the next two bring some of your favourite things: mystery, poetic solitude, healing and other miracles, financial actions, intimate bonding, birth, perhaps death, and everything hidden. It’s rare, but you might inherit — maybe a nest egg, maybe a job or business.

You’re still in an affectionate relationship, anything from marriage to an oddly repeating, accidental, casual meeting with another office worker, in the cafeteria line or between committee rooms — or a friendly neighbour — anyone. If you want this link to grow or last, act soon to express yourself. (Sunday/Monday and Friday/Saturday [even late Thursday, in western N.A., when the old is broken] are good dates.) By June you should be able to steer a real love into deeper waters of commitment and merging, of creating a new future. Now to June’s end, avoid lawsuits. (Lawyers get big new jobs.) Your work might take on travel, education/media or “advertising” elements.

Sunday to noon Tuesday tweaks your pleasure/beauty centre: e.g., a landscape you see every day on the way to work suddenly becomes beautiful, filled with ungraspable meaning. Romance, creative and risk-taking urges, and joy in the growing talents of children – these hover around you like blossoms on a tree, promising future fruits. No terrible luck, so march ahead.

If there is terrible luck this week, it arrives Tues. noon to Thurs. night, and likely involves work, machines or your health. DON’T buy machinery in this interval, and avoid seafood, escargot, unusual food. Deception might occur (actually, all early week, through Wed.) and affect a love relationship, esp. one in its early stages.

Relationships blow a trumpet of triumph, and of joy, late Thurs. night through Sat. Everything goes well between lovers, existing or potential. If you’re on the edge, Scorpio, try diving in.

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of opportunities began last week: a month of relocation themes, public renown, negotiations and agreements, splits and litigation, and of important relationships. Expect much discussion about these themes this week. Be diplomatic, co-operative, and eager to join, to move out of yourself. Work mates remain pleasant for 2 more weeks.

Until the end of June, your sensual, sexual side is fired up. Someone might be surprised by your passion/assertiveness in intimate, financial and lifestyle areas, all of which you might impetuously plunge into, and just might grab victory in! (Okay, so it’s bad grammar!) Be aware, though: don’t push yourself on someone where it’s not wanted. Art could be a good speculative investment.

Turn toward home Sun. to noon Tues. Hug the kids, garden, embrace Mother Nature, increased security, search for business premises, etc. Almost everything goes well. (But if committing yourself to a domestic situation in a big way, e.g. buying a home, first ask yourself: can I be free here?)

Romance curls your pleasure antennae Tues. noon to late Thurs. night. You’ll feel poetic, enchanted, lured — but reality might have something to say, too. Wednesday shows that you and a desired partner might have to swim through an ocean of illusion/deception and puzzling messages/meanings, to truly touch each other and form a real bond. Or, that lies or some such prevent an honest  bond. Also, there seems to be a problem with money or jealousy/ possessiveness. Still, union is possible. Love has its own strength, and will win over any obstacle, when/if it wants to (or is destined).

Tackle chores late Thurs. night through Sat. This is a great interval, you can accomplish loads, cure your health, and/or buy machinery and tools — and make $, perhaps by charging more or asking for a pay raise. Soon, a relationship decision.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Employment duties, minor health complaints, getting work done, handling tools, machinery, service personnel — these fill the weeks ahead. A streak of romantic feeling provides some relief from drudgery, at least to June 8. This week, work intertwines with discussions and short trips.

Until June’s end, relationships will be intense, hair-trigger — an enemy involving real estate, or an end to a bond or contract, are possible. Don’t fight — seek agreement about “basic things” or simply be patient. In July, others will have more power than you, so don’t create any “future enemies” now.

Errands, contacts and communications, visits and paperwork fill Sun. to noon Tues. No real problems here, so march forth. Your words might solve a relationship Sun. Don’t discuss your private life or gov’t links Monday.

Turn toward home, children, garden, nutrition, rest and “soaking up nature/sunshine” Tues. noon to late Thurs. night. You have a choice: either this interval is restful, or it runs into many obstacles (chief among them, you!). Deception possible, esp. Wed. Read instructions carefully, obey safety rules around water.

Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and gambling urges, all come in a refreshing, soul-nourishing wave Thurs. night through Sat. Good luck rides with you — express yourself, reveal feelings. You might be interacting with a potential long-term mate. Hopes rise in a quiet, deep way.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Ah, sweet romance! Or at least, you can float through life’s beauty, be more inventive/creative, and take winning risks, for the few weeks ahead. This week might be most important, as it contains discussions, trips that support or express love (or other talents). Your home continues to be a source of comfort, contemplation and affection. Aquarians with children will reach a special happiness. Until June’s end, guard against over-exertion. Work will be intense.

Pursue the $ Sun. to noon Tues. Buy/sell, schmooze with clients, etc. Your work efforts can trigger a little money door Sunday. Avoid wishful thinking, and don’t mix money and friends. All’s good!

Communications, trips, paperwork, friendly contacts, information gathering, news and easy chores fill Tues. noon to Thurs. night. But all is not easy — deception or false reports lurk Wed., esp. about money and/or love, and gov’t or regulations (or gossip, or hidden problems) try to slow you down. Be cautious, think before sending a message.

Home, family, real estate, security, garden, repairs, all get a fortunate shot in the arm Thurs. night through Sat. Charge ahead, shape your domestic situation to your liking. Now the gov’t is on your side. (Splendid time to apply for renovations grants, care/aide support, etc.)

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Attend to your home and family above all else, Pisces — until late June. Until June 4, domestic concerns can come between you and your spouse — co-operation’s easier after that. Still, discussions are pleasant, affectionate until June 8 — and short trips, conversations yield minor good fortune.

Until June’s end, your romantic and sensual sides keep sparking glances across a room, touching hands, suggestive expressions… and love could grow intense. You might also want to spend on luxury items, art, beautiful clothes, etc. Okay, but check with another first; your fashion sense might be awry — or does he/she really want that gold bracelet (and the “position” or “duty” that comes with it).

Your energy and charm reach nice heights Sun. to noon Tues. Be a leader, start significant projects, ask favours, see and be seen, contact someone you want to impress. Sunday afternoon (11 am to 1 pm PDT) is made for love. Be ambitious Mon. — higher-ups will be impressed.

Money and how to get it, and what to spend it on, concern you Tues. noon to late Thurs. night. This interval is not easy, contains pitfalls, esp. if you let friends advise you on money, you cling to wishful thinking, or try to deal with partners, co-operators. Best stance: caution and patience. A relationship might be: a) deceptive, b) ending or c) establishing itself more deeply (co-habitation might be in the air). Follow the trend as you see it. All that said, higher-ups remain impressed, which is useful to Europeans Thurs., but not much to anyone else.

Errands, communications/messaging, paperwork, travel and other easy chores flow into your life Thurs. night through Sat. Everything’s good, problems hardly exist, so charge forth — be curious, ask questions, read, make new contacts — one or two might evolve into good friendships.