“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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(The AFTERAMBLE follows the Pisces’ weekly forecast.)
***   ***

THANKS to a fine lady in Duluth, MN!
***   ***

A year or so ago I opined here that B. C. Premier Hulk Horgan would delay the oil pipelines trying to spear through his province with legal fights — for years — but that eventually he would lose, and the pipeline would be built. Horgan just lost a pipeline-stopping suit in B.C. Supreme Court. That makes 16 court losses and 0 wins so far for Horgan and his “associates.” Meanwhile, polls reveal that the majority of British Columbians want the pipeline(s).
***   ***

Capricorns are in the “hot spot” for awhile (to May 2020). Remember Michael Avenatti? He’s an Aquarian who, when this same influence was in his sign, made 300-plus major network appearances with his bold brew of self-promotion, Trump-hatred, and aggression. At one point, the Democrats even considered him as potential presidential material. Now he faces up to 440 years in prison for the crimes he was committing at the same time. If you’re a Cap, don’t follow his example. Be upright, honest, open, moral (despite temptations) and you’ll be fine a year from now!

Here’s a Capricorn yielding to temptation: last week, interviewing to promote his new book, Howard Stern claimed to be a decades-long intimate friend of Trump. In the interview, he stated that Trump asked him not only to campaign with him, but to open/organize the Republican national convention. He said Trump needs therapy due to a “traumatic” childhood, that his campaign was a publicity stunt, he never wanted to be President, and won’t run in 2020. You could see Howard wanted to be admired, wanted everyone to be so impressed they would run out and buy his book. So Stern fell for the lunar south node’s temptation — and blindly thought no one could see his rather naked untruthfulness. He will pay for his mendacity, probably in 2020/21, perhaps via reduced popularity, the one thing he was reaching for.
***   ***

I keep imagining the intelligence agencies, or Congress, surrounded by the National Guard.
***   ***

Told you six months ago that Iran would become more warlike in April 2019. That appears to be the month they tried to blow up/sink three oil tankers, and whatever else caused the U.S. to send an armada toward them in May.
***   ***


  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Easy, quick chores continue. Calls, visits, travel, mail, texts, paperwork, etc. Be sure to keep your files up to date. (Things can get scattered into forgotten, neglected corners now.) This arena, of trips, errands, calls, etc., will grow affectionate from week’s end (Saturday) onward through June. But until Saturday, these — errands, mail, paperwork, etc. — aid you in the pursuit of money (or help you find a luxury item/bargain). You remain a little testy on the home front, all June. Be gentle with kids.

These errands, calls, et al are doubly emphasized Sunday morning to Tuesday morning. Sunday could bless you with some subtle but deep monetary fortune or “destiny.” You could chase a sensual goal this day, and succeed, but where will a bond formed solely on sex go in future? Probably not to loving marriage. Some foggy thinking Mon. daytime, but good opportunities, too, in travel, law, education, cultural stuff.

Settle into home Tues. morn to Thurs. noon. The three weeks ahead will bring several discussions of domesticity, home projects, real estate, kids, garden, etc. All’s good, productive, until suppertime PDT, when obstacles start to appear. Be cautious with commitment.

Romance has a light, witty, conversational, flirty side Thursday noon to Saturday mid-afternoon. Thursday, a disruption interferes, or a meeting suddenly changes your mind about someone. Friday’s splendid —charge ahead in pursuit of love, beauty, pleasure, creativity and “games.” Saturday eve/night is for chores/health — with a door to a lucrative, enjoyable job.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue to pursue money, Taurus. Butter up clients or rich uncles, ask the boss for a raise, sell items — and shop for bargains. A sensual affair might occur — especially from week’s end to June’s end — it will entail a fair amount of discussion (and in fact might only reach that level). In any case, someone’s interested. But “people will talk” has seldom been more true. All June, guard against indiscreet speech, writing. You’ll grow a bit restless, Tuesday to June 26.

All this money stuff is doubly emphasized Sun. pre-dawn to Tues. morning (post-dawn) (PDT). Be mildly cautious Mon. midday, when deception or foggy perceptions can bend your right path. But earlier, Sunday, singles among you could meet your destined mate. Great day for committing to travel, friendship, practical partnership, or any intellectual or cultural involvement (for every Taurus).

Errands, easy chores, paperwork, contacts, communications, short trips are emphasized Tues. morn to Thurs. noon. A wish could be granted Wed.! Charge ahead until suppertime Wed. — then, this night to Thurs. morn, seek co-operation, give out compliments. You’ll need your best sales smile! If you push or raise opposition, it will be strong opposition. Two of your favourite lovebirds might “announce” their happiness— or their problems.

Steer toward home and the ‘hood Thurs. afternoon to mid-afternoon Sat. This is a splendid interval, so dive into domestic projects, plan finances and the kids’ futures. You might act unpredictably Thurs. eve/night, but others will see it, not you. Saturday night touches you with a wand of romance, or a great creative idea, one that might last for 6 years.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy, charm, clout, effectiveness and sense of timing remain high, Gemini. Start ventures, be the leader, ask favours, see and be seen. You’re in charge! By Saturday (June 8) your charms will grow even more, to early July. If single, prospects are out there, and this is your time to shine, to pursue, to attract. Remember, 2019’s greatest luck lies in forming relationships — and for singles, a life-mate waits for you to approach. All month, more money comes in, but much can go out, too. Start conserving! From Tuesday to June 26, your mind and speech will revolve around money, income, purchases.

Your energy surges Sunday to Tues. morning — charge ahead! (And remember, your best goal is relationship and its variations: relocation, fame, public dealings, negotiations, etc.) Opportunities are there. Sunday could open a huge money, investment, lifestyle or intimate door — it demands commitment.

Chase $, pay bills, seek bargains (and/or pursue that possible Sunday sensual attraction) from mid-morn Tues. to noon Thurs. (PDT). Remember, don’t be impulsive with money. (Esp. Wed., if you live in Europe or the east coast of N.A.). Slow down to think Wed. suppertime, night: you will either be rebuffed in money or intimacy, or will face an opportunity in these, an opportunity that will demand long-term commitment, and consequence.

Errands, communications, travel, paperwork and friendly contacts fill Thurs. afternoon to mid-afternoon Sat. Thursday might be disruptive, unpredictable, esp. in love — but Friday’s splendid, over-filled with opportunities (for love, mating, negotiations, contracts, relocation, etc.). Saturday night blesses your home/family — enjoy it. You’re happy!

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Continue to lie low, Cancer. Pamper your health, rest, meditate or do physically easy chores. If you need help/charity, you’ll get it now. (You might have to seek it!) Your spiritual side blossoms. Examine your life, past and present, and form ideas, plans about your future. Avoid competition, work on the management or administrative side if you can.

This whole arena of “quiet withdrawal” will grow affectionate, sweet and fortunate (lucky interactions with civil servant, advisors, agents) from June 8 into early July. Despite your mild weariness, you’re brave, determined and assertive about your ambitions all June. Your sexuality rises to the surface, too. Be gentle, too! Tuesday to June 26 will make you a bit restless, more talkative.

Sunday to Tues. morning emphasizes the “quiet withdrawal” theme — all’s well, but avoid legal, international matters Monday. Sunday could bring a major wish true, yet it is so deep and subtle you might miss it. (No matter, hidden forces carry it forward anyway.) Love, social circle, creative “opportunity seeking” could be involved.

Your energy and charisma rise nicely mid-morn Tues. to noon Thurs. (No, they don’t soar, because you’re in a “quiet” month). The entire interval moves well, but Wed. supper/night holds either acceptance or rejection, esp. in partnerships, love.

Pursue $ Thurs. noon to Sat. afternoon. Pay bills, collect money, ask for a pay raise, buy bargains, etc. Thursday, a social date might be cancelled, but Friday’s excellent, holds lucky doorways in work, employment, machine purchases/sales and health cures. The phone rings Sat. pm, and a message/talk could make you optimistic!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’ll love June, Leo! Friends, popularity, flirtations, optimism, wish fulfillment, all conspire to lift your heart! Joy will exist; you’ll whistle while you work. Saturday (June 8) will begin 4 weeks of pleasure from friendship, might spark a friendly love affair. Remember, your great luck in 2019 lies in romance, creativity, taking a chance. (Before June 8, higher-ups favour you, will grant requests, proposals.) My earlier advice to avoid situations of violence (biker clubs, dark alleys, etc.) holds all June, and grows a bit more important Tuesday to June 26 — danger that you’ll drive too aggressively, or open your mouth at the wrong time! Avoid lawsuits. Still, happiness prevails!

That joy, popularity, swelling heart, are “doubled” Sunday to Tues. morning! Charge ahead, chase love, friends, groups, cherished goals. But don’t try to push things to sex Monday— lust spoils this mood. Earlier, Sunday opens a door to success in work, career, health — your social “position” will be deeply admired by someone.

Retreat briefly Tues. morning to Thurs. noon — catch a second wind, relax, examine events — are they going in the direction you like, or can you steer yourself a bit more accurately toward your goals? Formulate plans of action, but wait until Friday to implement them. Be charitable, spiritual, liaison with civil servants, admin. workers. All’s well, sex, intimacy, investment, financial cures are available to Wed. suppertime. This supper, though, is followed by a dilemma of choice: to work or withdraw? (I’d withdraw.)

Your energy and charisma soar Thurs. pm to mid-afternoon Sat. Thursday might bring a surprise at work/in career. Friday’s splendid — love could meet its match, and its match is you. Saturday night opens a door to money and career success — listen, see, then pounce.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main focus lies on your career, reputation, worldly standing, prestige relations, and facing authorities, until June 21. You’ll do fine! In fact, from Saturday — June 8 — to early July, higher-ups will favour you. It’s a good time to ask for a raise and/or more responsibility. Before June 8, friends are affectionate. All June, your social life can be intense. A “lust partner” exists in one of your social groups. Indulging this probably wouldn’t hurt you. Watch STD’s of course. From Tuesday onward, you’ll display your (rarely seen?) gift of gab in sexual, social, and public arenas.

Sunday to Tues. morning doubly emphasizes the career vibes. (Everything in the first sentence above.) All is well, but work alone — a partner might mean well, but gets in the way. Sunday might hold something special: a destined love could appear, or a deep, almost unconscious wish could come true.

Be friendly to everyone — this Sunday, and Tuesday morning to Thursday noon, when your social life wakes up, your popularity rises, and optimism fills you. This happy interval runs beautifully until Wed. eve/night (PDT) when love, a creative or speculative project, even pleasure meet a choice. Do you choose caution, delay, or dive in? (Either choice is “right.”)

Retreat for a rest Thurs. noon to mid-afternoon Sat. This withdrawal might nix a travel or intellectual situation Thursday (it will return). Friday urges you to attend to “home matters” – a huge luck lies here this pm, and all 2019.

Your energy and charisma return smartly Sat. afternoon/night — start something, esp. in intellectual, far travel, legal, cultural zones (esp. if these are connected to your work). Brilliant ideas or a new, bright understanding. For 6 years, you will be more mentally alert.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is your month of understanding. Love flows, but in many directions: toward humanity, toward heroes, family, and lovers. In all this there is a gentleness. Emphasis also lies on far travel, intellectual pursuits, law, culture, beliefs, life philosophy, international affairs, publishing, media and advertising, statistics, fame and social rituals (weddings, bat mitzvahs, etc.).

Plunge into any of these, for this is where destiny’s “aid” flows. These areas will meet good fortune from June 8 to July 3. Higher-ups and authorities remain impatient, temperamental, all June. Tuesday starts 3 weeks of discussions with these types. All week, sexual temptation, research, finances/investments/debt and medical or lifestyle actions, all work out quite well.

Sunday to Tues. morning doubly emphasize love, far travel, intellectual pursuits, etc. (as listed above). All’s good, with one exception: take care Mon. midday (PDT) when a mild illness (bad lunch?) or work irritation could bump you off course a wee bit. Sunday’s significant, might swing open a door that’s been unfastened for some weeks. It opens onto a green, benevolent path in finances, intimacy, secrets/research, commitment and “life changes,” ESPECIALLY where these affect your domicile. For example, it’s a powerful day to invest, or to order a major fix for your house, or to become pregnant. Good results!

Your status, worldly standing, career and prestige relations arise Tues. morn to noon Thurs. You can make good strides forward, but as Wed. eve/night approaches, you might have to make tough choices between home and ambitions. (Few on N.A.’s west coast will notice the impatience of bosses, but if you live on the east coast or Europe, Africa and the Mid-east, you’ll probably see it Wed.)

Then, without warning, happiness arrives Thurs. noon to mid-afternoon Sat. — wishes come true, flirtation and social delights, optimism, entertainment and popularity visit you. Thursday pm’s disruptive, but Friday carries you on the wings of luck. Make a friend! Retreat Sat. eve/night: rest, ponder and plan (esp. plan a life change). A lover might retreat with you.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

June’s main “current” flows into mysterious depths — the kind you like. Boudoir intimacy, investigation, medical decisions, lifestyle actions, investment and debt — these welcome you, and could lead to a partnership or agreements.

Especially this Sunday to Tues. morning, when a rather momentous, yet “restrained” or quiet development could occur. Might involve a message or a visit, short trip, and the public or a partner, potential partner, relocation option, or general opportunity. Love can definitely be involved. (It might seem to be lust, and is, but has much more: staying power, compatibility, marital potential.) Do something, esp. Sunday. (Monday says skirt romantic approaches.) All June, stay out of lawsuits. Don’t defy convention. Saturday (June 8) boosts your good luck in these ”mysterious zones” until early July.

Your early week has already been described above. Tuesday morning to noon Thursday brings the wisdom to handle all these deep things: you see the big picture. Love is favoured, in a gentle, understanding way. Some Scorpios will discuss marriage, a wedding. Good interval to tackle intellectual, travel, media and cultural matters. Romance is in the air, but so are competing urges: do you go profound, or keep everything casual?

Your career, worldly standing and prestige relations come into focus Thurs. pm to mid-afternoon Sat. Thursday might be disruptive — relationships are new, different, so it’s hard to know who to approach or rely on. But Friday is “blue sky” — charge forth, esp. in seeking money, a pay raise, making a big sale, etc. Social joys enter Sat. afternoon — your luck is high with relationships, and “domestic opportunities.” You’ll be happy — get out, mingle, date!

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

June’s main focus lies on relationships, open, honest ones. And on opportunities, relocation, fame, public dealings, negotiations and agreements — as well as disagreement, challenge, enmity and litigation. Obviously, make love not war.

All this is doubly emphasized this Sunday to Tues. morning. A new relationship could start. Beware fuzzy thinking or bringing your family or domestic situation into confrontations or meetings midday Mon. (PDT). Sunday brings something to a “climax of ease.” It involves either money or work/employment, or both.

Big money, investments, debt, lust, all are intense in June, even more so after Tuesday, when an “open relationship” sidles into deeper waters of intimacy, commitment. (Works on a business level, too.) A romance surprises with its intensity, yet you contemplate breaking it off. Grow deeper or split — nothing halfway.

Tuesday morning to noon Thursday brings the depths just mentioned. Investigate, dig deep. There’s treasure here, perhaps on the home front. But Wed eve/night makes you choose between the deep and the surface; or between mere casual sensuality and heart-seizing lust; or between earning and investing, small money or big. I’d go for the second of each pair: lust, investing, big money.

A sweet, mellow mood settles over you Thurs. noon to mid-afternoon Sat., as you contemplate the world, far travel, books, themes and philosophies, beliefs and love. Thursday’s a little unpredictable, like a squirming puppy, but Friday’s purely splendid — charge ahead, approach someone, express ideas, desires. You could end up married! (Or fly to other nations, or lock up a great agreement, or be admitted to a prestige school, etc.)

Saturday eve/night nudges you toward home, family, rest. A conversation is lively. BTW, your work for the next 6 years will involve travel, messaging, electronics or technology and/or humanitarian efforts.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Someone wants to help you now; accept it graciously. The general June accent lies on employment, chores, daily health, service people and machinery, tools, repairs. Maybe not exciting, but necessary. This area will become mildly but uniformly fortunate from June 8 to July 3. (BTW, some “advice” for you in the PREAMBLE today.)

All June faces you with intensity in relationships — anything from hot lust to argument to actual blows. From Tuesday to June 26, this intensity is joined by 1) possible verbal outbursts and 2) your conviction that you’re right. Dangerous ground, so exercise your usual caution/discretion. This week holds the cooling embers of sweet affection — enjoy while you can. (It will return!)

Sunday to Tues. morning doubly emphasizes June’s machinery, work and health themes. Don’t buy a car, computer or video equipment/games, or plumbing supplies — but you can purchase tools, lawnmowers, excavators, etc. (Though as mentioned above, these will be more fortunate after June 8.) Sunday brings a romance or a wish about romance, to a lucky peak. If you start an affair this day (before 8:30 pm PDT) you will always love this person. Work opportunity late Mon.

Tuesday morning to noon Thurs. brings those intense relationships — make love, not war. Co-operation falls like a cloak of fortune on you — competition sends you to a distasteful place (taste of ashes).

Life’s depths, its mysteries, rise to the surface noon Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Thursday’s disruptive, could cause unexpected reactions, and needs care with electricity, computers, and committee-type meetings. Friday holds great fortune — invest, visit a debt counsellor, woo someone intimately, research, visit a doctor, or make lifestyle decisions. Commit, and consequences will reward. Saturday eve/night promotes wide vision (esp. about money, economics, assets, lust) and romantic, creative ideas, success.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Love in some form will visit you in June (or has already arrived, late May). This can be romance if you’re single, love of kids if you’re a parent, love of beauty, shining ideas, of humanity.  Love grows even sweeter June 8 onward to early July.  So far, romance has been mostly words, but that ends Tuesday. Work is hard, hectic all June, esp. Tues. onward.

Sunday to Tues. morning “proves” that romance or love streak — it’s almost undeniable. A new love or creative or sports or vacation project might start. Be careful with money midday Mon. (PDT). A door to success in domestic and ambitious areas has slowly creaked open since mid-May; now, Sunday, it yawns wide open — if you see it, step through. Good results.

Tackle chores and health concerns Tues. morning to noon Thurs. Success is in reach, but Wed. eve/night presents a dilemma: do you dive into hands-on work, or delegate to others? (Hands-on is better, now to next May.) Good interval to buy tools/machines (esp. boats) and/or to fix/install plumbing, esp. Wed. daytime.

Relationships and all they entail expand to fill your horizon Thurs. noon to mid-afternoon Sat. Thursday is disruptive, might tempt you to end a bond. But Friday is made for co-operation, love, agreements, opportunities, relocation. A wish could come true. Dive deep, dig deep, commit, seek a medical cure, invest, embrace confidential discussions or physical, emotional intimacy Sat. after 3 pm (PDT). You’ll succeed, splendidly!

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on domesticity, nature, garden, kids, security. Take frequent naps — June is your “hibernation” period. June 8 (this Saturday) will bring affection and beauty into the home. (So wait until then to buy furniture, dishes, and to decorate/paint.) All June, your pleasure, passion, beauty, romance and risk-taking side is intense, impulsive. You might spend on luxury. These tendencies will expand from Tuesday onward — but expect more talk than action.

Sunday to Tues. morning doubly emphasizes the domestic trend. A new (home-related) project might begin. Sunday opens the door to hopeful talks, a social group, or a love that has a light, friendly side, but also a deep side.

Romance, passion, beauty, pleasure and creative urges fill Tues. morn to noon Thurs. All’s good, but you might have to choose between light or deep love, or between friendly flirtation and infatuation, esp. Wed. eve/night.

Tackle chores Thurs. noon to mid-afternoon (PDT) Saturday. Protect your health, too, esp. Thurs. pm, when nerves or haste could cause an “accident.” Friday’s a splendid time to buy machinery/tools and/or impress higher-ups. Don’t ask for more duties, but for more prestigious responsibilities. Saturday eve/night brings fortunate, friendly, sparkling relationships — get out, have fun with fun people!



The worry over a biased press: unprecedented? Hardly. Any old hippie can remember the underground newspapers such as the Berkeley Barb or the Georgia Straight, started because the established media was so biased. And that bias was un-admitted, just as it is today.

A few months ago I was reading a copy of our local daily, from the 1930’s. The writing/reportage throughout was — without a hint of shame — flagrantly biased and prejudiced, anti-immigrant, blatantly racist. Chinese and Native Americans were considered lower than household dogs. We have actually improved on this in our enlightened time: we are much more subtle in our racism and dark anger, calling it (political) “correctness.”

By the way, Trump, who calls the media the “enemy of the people,” has not charged one journalist. He likes word fights. Liberal, tolerant Obama (Loki of Norse myth re-incarnated)  charged/prosecuted 8 or 10 journalists (memory’s faint).
***   ***

Everyone keeps saying about the twisting snake of U.S. politics, the wrestling match between Congress and the Executive branch: “Well, it will be resolved in the law courts.” But that assumes judges are impartial. They are not, esp. politically. When I forecast back in the 1990’s that universities would be places of moral decay, crime and bad behaviour, I included lawyers and judges. I think we’ll see this in the coming year (well, now through 2021).

Many judges are partisan. Many are corrupt, including, I suspect, one or more FISA judges. (One of whom was an “influence target” of crooked FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.) Even Supreme Court judge Roberts, one of the top nine judges in the U.S., lied to the media 6 months ago, such a blatant lie that it was laughable. The lie? That judges were not political!
***   ***

Nancy Pelosi, Aries with a Scorpio Moon, should probably abandon her attempts to emotionally frame/castigate Trump (“He’s unhinged, his family and staff should hold an intervention,” she stuttered). Trump’s a Gemini; this sign usually defeats Scorpio (Nancy’s emotional sign). William Barr, AG, is also a Gemini, and Nancy’s breathless claim that he lied to Congress also crumpled in the face of truth. Poor Nancy. She will gain a firmer foothold by exercising caution than by her present attempts at theatrics. But why listen to me? In 2017 I said Obama and Trump would like each other and become friends. Not!
***   ***

As I wrote here from 2009 onward, the hierarchies in many nations (and smaller constituencies) would change deeply (deepest in 250 years) from ’09 to 2025. Since 2017 I’ve been telling you the peak or fulcrum point of this change will occur from 2018 to 2020. Guess we’re there now! In the past 250 years, has any army (read intelligence community and Hillary’s army) tried to secretly depose a sitting U.S. president? Has any president ever told his Attorney General that he or she can declassify any and all secret FBI, DNI and CIA (and 13 other spook agencies) documents/records?
***   ***

Why does the media hate Trump so vehemently? I think it came from Trump’s successful use of them during his election campaign. They unwittingly helped him get elected. Now (i.e., November 2016 onward) they’re angry at being used, and are spitting at the man who beat/used them. Media people generally consider themselves highly intelligent and almost never wrong. (Coo…!) So when someone bests them, they get awfully prickly.
***   ***

Say you’re a law-abiding citizen, just walking down the street to buy a jug of milk. A rogue cop steps up behind you, for no other reason than malevolence, puts a gun to your head, and threatens to fire it. Bad situation, especially since you’ve done nothing but walk down the sidewalk.

Now, pretend you’re a martial arts expert, so you quickly drop down and with a deft movement disarm the bad cop and throw the gun away. In doing so, did you commit a crime, and should you be arrested, charged and jailed for obstruction of justice? Yes, say the democrats and their henchmen, Brennan, Comey, and all the other dirty cops. (Hard to tell who is whose henchmen.) At least Robert Mueller had the decency to leave the question in the air, unanswered (which in itself was an act of vengeance) rather than claim outright that Trump was guilty of protecting himself when both Mueller and Trump knew he, Trump, was innocent. In fact, Mueller himself created many of the “obstruction incidents” by refusing to let anyone know Trump was innocent of the charge for maybe 18 months.


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  1. sanhei46

    I’m not quite sure why you have such an affinity
    with Trump.


    He is a failure of the upmost kind.

    If he was ruling your country I wonder what you
    would say about him.


  2. pbrouwer

    Tim, it’s only since February of 2018, that a majority of British Columbians support the pipeline. Maybe a majority want it, but stewardship of the environment is also a consideration for the gov’t. Horgan won gov’t leadership on a platform opposed to the pipeline. He’s doing what he promised to do in the last election. Your comments (“So here is an elected leader of the people doing everything in his power to deny the wishes of his electorate. Ah, well. Business as usual”) are about as truthful as your hero Trump is… i.e., you’ve omitted facts to support your own arguments.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, pbrouwer,

      You’re right! (To some degree.) I had the impression that Horgan was anti-pipeline to win the support of the Green Party, which he needed to be/remain Premier. I could be wrong. The thing is, when his citizens want something (which the rest of the world wants also) why does he fight hard against it? But you’re right, lazy writing! Gee, you’re saying Trump lies? Are they worse than Harper’s lies? Obama’s lies? Or Bush’s? Or Clinton’s? Or the Brit politicians who did everything in their power for years to deny their citizens wishes by systematically trying to kill Brexit? Indeed, if anything distinguishes Trump from other politicians, it’s that he has tried to fulfill his campaign promises — one of the main reasons the democrats hate him.



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