WEEKLY FORECAST – MAY 25 – 31, 2014

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All times/dates are PDT (Pacific Daylight). To reference your own time, see “WORLD CLOCK” on the right of this page, or go to www.worldtimezones.com.

 START NOTHING: 8:58 am to 2:28 pm Sun., 2:10 am to 9:48 pm Tues., 2:59 am Thurs. to 7:13 am Fri., and after 11:32 pm Sat.


EVERY SIGN: Mercury retrogrades June 7 to July 1, so no matter what I say in your forecasts below, don’t start new projects now unless they are ones you can complete quickly, within a week to 10 days. After June 6, look for opportunities from the past.


Looking ahead, to 2232 onward:

Since written languages have begun to fade from existence, development will tend to occur in verbal and mystical or psychic  realms. I feel sure mankind will one day not need to speak orally, just as Jeremiah hinted in the Bible.

The spiritual condition of mankind (approx. 2232 to 6,000 AD) will be one of gestation: we will, in essence, be in the womb, preparing for a new birth that would come, I think, after about 6,000 AD. (This timing is very crude: I need to return to my maps  and calculations, but that takes more time than I have – the charts, which were calculated on a main frame computer, are buried in my garage somewhere – after 20 years of moves, marriage, 6 kids, divorce, etc. So the “6000 AD” is a memory-guided approximation.) The birth that occurs after this gestation, I might try to describe later, if I can find those charts.

But what of the New God? Will God Him/Her/Itself change?

At present, Nature is God’s manifestation; in this, His elegance is phenomenal. Nature is both His manifestation and His instrument of karma. (I wish I could stop capitalizing “His.”) Nature is inclined to perfect itself. Nature also balances, except in the final view. In the final view, nature itself is judged by God, and shucked off like old clothes. But He could hardly find a better squire than Nature, perfect in loyalty, tireless in execution, progressively acting, deep in beauty, ultimately fruitful, and free of philosophy. Nature has enrobed God since the beginning of Nature. We estimate this time by seeking the “Big Bang.” Nature will dance in close embrace with God to within a breadth of infinity; then Nature will disappear, after that to merely make visits, time to time. We cannot calculate infinity; but we are not interested in mere infinity, but in that land at its edge, grey, unseen, a mere thin strip, which promises to be either a melancholy defeat in a spiritless waste, or a new manifestation of God, perhaps a new “infinity.”

(It is illogical to think, if God exists, that God would ever cease to exist. His powers are greater than all else, even infinity. But if He is all powerful, which seems evident, can He then, in one swift thought, decide to cease existence – even his own? It seems certain He can. To contemplate God as a Being in which/whom boredom or suicidal impulses must exist, is very logical, because all things must exist in God (at God’s pleasure). However, all this presumes a human-like God; the real God might not be a creature or  even a “type” of presence; He might be the perfect sum of our souls.)

So, assuming that God survives Himself, but that at the end Nature – trees and blue skies, space, universe and quantum puzzles, all disappear. This Existence – without Nature – I call it “Isness” – how great if we could “see” it. It might be an intense intellectual process, as far above words, images, as the galaxies are from the farmer’s, the soldier’s, the lawyer’s gaze….

In Christ’s time, God chose to rent the fabric of Nature several times, in order to exhort belief: e.g., Christ’s healing, the thousand fishes and loaves, and other miracles. We now see fewer and fewer “miracles” simply because we have grown closer and closer to God, and need few further spurs to belief, since we will already believe. I think this trend will continue and grow stronger for thousands of years, until we literally live with God in our psyches. (Jeremiah predicts this: “No man will need to teach another, because I will already be in their hearts and minds.”) I think, though, that one huge miracle will occur, probably around 2232 AD, perhaps not as a spur to belief – perhaps as a reward, a celebratory display – this is the angel I’ve mentioned before, who will be larger than the Earth, and fill the horizon….


Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

You’re busy – in a light, friendly, humorous way. Talk, ask, be curious, seek variety. What you discover now can aid you in relationships, relocation and business negotiations in future. Your charm and ability to talk remain high to midweek. After this, you grow a bit more silent, as your thoughts (and luck) turn to money, purchases and income. (Actually, money occupies you Sunday pm to Tuesday night – do all shopping before mid-afternoon Monday.) Errands, trips, communications and casual friends fill Wednesday/Thursday. Deception or fuzzy thinking marks Wednesday, so be realistic. Deal with the outside world, not your inner self, and not governments nor institutions. Home, kids, real estate, security and nature’s beauty surround you Friday/Saturday – very fortunately Friday, so plunge in! (E.g., buy real estate – this area is a big, rare opportunity for you to mid-July – act before then!)


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Lie low Sunday morning, Taurus. This afternoon through Tuesday, your energy surges, and your magnetism lights up. You could make a great contact or form a good partnership. The only “if” here is that you might run into skepticism – yours or another’s. It’s a great time to accomplish things – but don’t start a brand new project unless you can finish it in a week – or unless it’s re-instituting a former project or circumstance. E.g., a plane ticket taking you to an old neighborhood or old love, or starting a task you should have tackled months ago, qualifies as a “good project.” Chase money, and seek significant purchases, late Tuesday night to Thursday – a new money project could begin. But watch for deception or fuzzy thinking. Friends, travel, errands, paperwork and variety come Friday/Saturday – avoid impulsive Saturday actions (before 2 pm PDT). Your charm and grace increase now to late June. Your determination about work and sex intensify, too, now to late July.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Start nothing big and new, Gemini – unless it’s something you can complete in the next two weeks. (To be safe: one week.) Your romantic, creative and sexual drives, dampened since early March, recently revived, and will remain strong to late July. This is a significant trend, which might cause a long-held wish to come true, might propel you into a new social group. (This “wish” might return you to a former circumstance/position.) In any case, your charisma and energy soar to an annual high in the weeks ahead. Sunday’s happy, optimistic, friendly – but retreat later this afternoon, through Tuesday. Deal with civil servants, tax departments, hospitals and institutions. Contemplate and plan. Be spiritual, charitable. Invest in warehousing or assembly lines, if you want. Your energy and pizzazz soar Tuesday night to Thursday: be ambitious, contact a VIP. Money, shopping, selling, seeking new clients or a pay raise – these go splendidly Friday, and Saturday AFTER 2 pm (PDT).


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Lie low, rest, enjoy sweet solitude now to late June. Deal with government, head office, institutions, shut-ins, and neglected chores/duties. Contemplate and plan future actions. Meditate, seek your spiritual side. (Plans are the least of all these, as they will change.) Protect your reputation Sunday (i.e., do nothing outrageous). Your hopes, popularity and love of life rises mildly Sunday eve to Tuesday. A relationship wish might come true. Retreat Tuesday night to Thursday – re-read the first four sentences of this message. Be realistic: you could be fooled about a legal affair, far travel, or a cultural event (or love). Your energy and charisma rise (again, mildly) Friday/Saturday. Start new projects, make contacts, or push your affairs – except Saturday before 2 pm, when obstacles lurk. Re new projects: start only those you can complete within a week, max two. Now to late July, you will feel more hopeful than usual, especially about home, property, and a “flirty possibility” – despite your lower energy.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead (and especially this Tuesday night to Thursday) boost your confidence, optimism, happiness, popularity and social delights. Make and accept invitations, especially to parties and entertainment events. If you’re a public figure, your profile rises. Though these are bright and shining, they’re less than what 2015 holds – your luck-boat is on the horizon, about to come to your port. However, don’t begin large or involved new ventures – a slow-down (and backtracking) loom by early June. Sunday’s thoughtful, mild. But this eve to Tuesday accent your ambitions, status, career, relations with higher-ups –work hard, for luck accompanies your efforts, and, whether obvious or not, what you accomplish is one more brick in a “castle of security” you’re building this decade and next. Bosses, VIPs and parents (and judges, authorities) favour you this Wednesday to late June. Midweek, celebrate! Retreat, rest and contemplate Friday/Saturday. Use Friday to plan “beyond July” and to handle government or management tasks.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Be ambitious during the weeks ahead (especially this Wednesday/Thursday). However, don’t start an ambitious project now – a slow-down (and missteps) loom. You might assume a former career role or “pick up” a half-abandoned, incomplete project in June. Sunday holds some secrets and secret attractions. (Little comes of these.) This afternoon to Tuesday, a mellow, wise mood flows over you. Far travel, ideas, learning, intellectual and cultural pursuits are touched with luck. (A mild, sweet luck aids these zones until late June – and helps love blossom.) Midweek holds job pressures – and potential success in financial zones. However, watch for deceptive people or conditions – don’t seek co-operation or a partner. Your hopes, popularity and joie de vivre rise Friday/Saturday. Even though Saturday morning holds some frustrations (and accident potential, real and financial) it will hardly dent your happy mood.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead feature intellectual pursuits, love that is as much mental as sensual (or, rather, the mental is sensual) – and international travel, higher education, philosophy/religion, publishing, fame, science and statistics. These are highlighted midweek, when a new project could start in these zones. However, early June will bring a slow-down, indecision and changes in direction, so be careful: launch small things, perhaps. Earlier, Sunday features relationships, perhaps an exciting meeting, but one without “follow-through.” This afternoon to Tuesday night features research, hidden gems, investments/debt, secrets, health diagnoses, sex/intimacy, commitment and its consequences. (Sunday night to Monday mid-afternoon best.) Wednesday/Thursday feature travel, love, wisdom – but Wednesday holds some confusing “facts” or appeals, especially in the work/health arena. Deception possible. Be ambitious Friday (splendid progress) and Saturday (glitches to mid-afternoon, then good).


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead feature sexual yearnings, intimacy, commitment – and consequences. (They can be good consequences, even splendid!) Major financial actions, investments, debt, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses, research/detective work – these also figure prominently. Your subconscious moves close to the surface, so your intuition will be high. Trust your hunches. Tuesday night through Thursday emphasize these zones, might even nudge you to begin a new venture (e.g., an investment). If this venture or project can be completed soon, good. But realize a time of “second thoughts,” a slow-down period, will begin in early June. Realize, too, that your intuition might be “turned off” Wednesday: be realistic. Earlier, Sunday morning is for work, coddling your health. Sunday afternoon to Tuesday night, relationships dominate – act Monday, be diplomatic, eager. Friday/Saturday bring a mellow, wise mood, gentle love, understanding – a beautiful Friday for romance. Take care Saturday morning – disruption possible. Buy travel tickets Sat. eve, night.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The weeks ahead feature relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons (perhaps literally – you’ll be in a curious, travel mood – if so, buy tickets for August onward). In a sense, life is offering you a new environment, new circumstances, but it is up to you to recognize these, and to act on them. Fighting, competition, will only obscure the new, so make love not war, even in the smallest sense. This is also a possible time of fame, for artists/writers among you: charge ahead eagerly, and assume nothing. Early Sunday brings creative or romantic nudges: you’ll do better, long-range, if you ignore them. Tackle chores, health concerns Sunday afternoon through Tuesday: progress outweighs obstacles 3 to 1. (The obstacles appear late Monday night.) Midweek brings or highlights those opportunities and new horizons – you might have to break free of insecurity fears or home to chase them. Life’s depths rise up Friday/Saturday. Invest, show love, propose a deal, research, commit, dream, all Friday, and Saturday eve/night.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead bring work and health issues – might as well plunge in and get it done. Eat, dress and rest sensibly. A thread of romance, creativity or beauty/pleasure will relieve the drudgery, through late June. Rest, eat, putter around the yard/’hood Sunday morning. The afternoon through Tuesday brings nature’s beauty, the poetry of life, romantic notions, creative and speculative nudges. A friend might carry word (quiet word) of someone you desire, or of a personal wish you hold. That work/health trend “hits maximum” Tuesday night to Thursday. Only one factor can interfere with accomplishment: idle chatter, wild goose chases, scattered thinking. One caution: this type of trend often gives birth to a new project: but June contains a slow-down of indecision, back-tracking and missing elements: so don’t start any brand new projects you can’t wrap up before June 7. Friday/Saturday bring meetings, relationships, opportunities –great ones Friday, and Saturday eve/night. But agree to nothing, buy nothing Saturday before 2 pm (PDT).


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The weeks ahead feature nature’s beauty, romance, love of children (they seem briefly more talented) pleasure, sports/games, speculation/gambling, and creativity. Charge ahead, believe in your hunches, for you’re riding a winning streak. This week, Sunday morning is restless, active. The afternoon (through Tuesday) brings a “down home” influence – sleep, rest, garden, embrace family, eat nutritiously. Tackle a landscape or garden, repair or similar project – one you can finish soon, as June will leave big projects high and dry like a stranded ship. Your home life will sweet, affectionate to late June. Midweek highlights the themes of the whole month ahead – romance, pleasure, creativity, etc. (See first sentence above.) Take care that money, possessiveness (or simply fuzzy thinking) doesn’t interfere, or “spook” you. Friday/Saturday bring chores, perhaps health concerns. You’ll succeed easily with these Friday, and Saturday eve/night. Caution (especially with tools, electricity) Saturday morning, noontime.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead emphasize your home, family, real estate, security, foundations, gardening, nutrition, soul, stomach, and retirement plans. Decide this week (midweek best) what and who to keep in your life, and who/what has grown stale and should be “let go.” (Do this soon, as by June you won’t be able to decide.) Midweek (Tuesday night through Thursday) is also a good time to start new projects in these areas (home, garden, etc.) – but keep it small, short, as June will bring a slow-down that can leave your projects stranded, unable to progress. Until late June, rest, nap, give yourself  a “hibernation break.” Money, shopping draw you Sunday early, but buy only routine items. Mid-afternoon to Tuesday night brings errands, casual acquaintances, communications, paperwork, details, short trips and visits – all are generally favoured, and bring “sweet moments” now to late June. Friday/Saturday promote romance, beauty, pleasure, speculation, creativity, self-expression, charming kids – but stick to your own neighbourhood. Friday’s splendid in these,  but take care Saturday before 2 pm (PDT) – disruptions, alienation possible. Saturday night’s “big.”

The End.

 Disclaimer: Tim is not a lawyer, medical doctor nor financial advisor. Though astrology addresses all these fields, you are advised to discuss Tim’s advice with the appropriate expert before acting.