WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 18 – 24, 2014

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 START NOTHING: 0:02 am to 2:58 am Mon., 3:12 pm Tues. to 5:18 am Wed., and 11:26 pm Thurs. to 9:01 am Fri.


I’ve noticed over the years that some PISCES people seem unconcerned with inheritances. In two separate instances recently, one a friend, one a client, one male, one female, upon the death of their spouses, found themselves without a will. Both, with hardly a blink of an eye, simply gave up the inheritance to their dead spouse’s children. Both Pisceans had been in a long-term marriage – the shortest was 17 years. The man, G.K., spent an hour during dinner listening to my urgings that he simply let the law abide. (Where I live, if there is no will, the estate automatically goes to the surviving spouse.) He would not. He thought it was both generous and decent that his three step-children were going to let him stay in  the matrimonial home for six whole months before turfing him out. Each of these kids had their own lives and their own abodes. Even if they didn’t, G.K.’s deceased wife had owned another house – which they were also inheriting. I had known G.K. for twenty years when his wife passed. I knew two things: one, G.K. had paid the mortgage on their matrimonial home; two, G.K. had hardly two cents. He owned a 15-year old van, a very good set of golf clubs, and his clothes. No savings, very little pension. His wife had worked only part time, and he essentially supported her.

The female Pisces? Much the same story. Except in her case, she was more concerned that her favorite step-daughter would lose “her half” to the “bad” step-daughter….

I promised to look this week at “a woman surrounds a man” (a quote from Jeremiah) – or the general future of the Judeo-Christian religion. But I don’t want to bore you, so let’s keep it short:

A pregnant woman surrounds an unborn man, and a full-term female belly is round as a sphere. If Christ was/is the fundamental center of Phase Two (0 to 2200 AD) and the cross His archetypal symbol – representing the sword, the penis, penetration, pain and exploration (the 4 arms of the cross radiate to infinity in four directions) – then the next natural, archetypal symbol might be the sphere, representing pregnancy, containment, growth, birth, seed – and radiating to infinity not in 4 directions, but in an infinity of directions – just as a light bulb sends light to every surface. Phase Three then might end patriarchy, at least in religion, and establish the feminine as the basis of perception and thought. This coincides with the fact that the next mega-era (2232 onward) begins with Neptune (perception, spirit, psyche) in Cancer (mother, birth, woman). This will be a psychic Phase, just as Phase Two was a literate phase.

I also think a spiritual event of huge magnitude – probably exceeding Christ’s healing miracles – will occur during the 2232-2480 era – to be followed by an  unusually long mega-era (4500 years? 5,000? – I have to find my original charts someday) during which this new direction will be played out. The huge spiritual event could be anything. Our biggest clue is that the chart of the new Phase (beginning 2232) shows Neptune on the horizon, like a huge angel – or a winged woman – perhaps as large as our planet?




Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

A busy but not important month begins Tuesday, month of  errands, visits, communications, paperwork, and casual acquaintances. Be curious, ask questions, seek variety. This is an easy week. Be ambitious Sunday. You’re good at expressing yourself this day, so even if the office’s closed, write a superior a note, a proposal. Friends gather ‘round Monday/Tuesday – wishes come true, life breathes joy, entertainment and light romance are recommended! Mars goes direct Monday, ending almost three months of indecision and, perhaps, of low energy, low determination. Unfortunately, an argument or “fight” that had subsided now builds again. Your best approach will NOT be to battle gleefully, but to drag out the diplomacy, try to see another’s side. The biggest power you will ever possess in this life, Aries, will come from understanding others and respecting their needs and desires. Retreat briefly Wednesday/Thursday: rest, re-gather energy – you can deal successfully with gov’t, head office, hospitals. Your energy, charisma return Friday/Saturday – take important action, but do not start major projects.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Your energy and charisma remain high, Taurus, but a subtle down-shift from 4th to 3rd occurs Tuesday, as you enter a month of earnings, buying and selling, possessions, rote learning, and sensual attractions. (If you’re married, let these sensual beauties be flowers in the garden, or a vacation in nature; if single, enjoy, but realize a love affair started now probably won’t make a passionate marriage.)  Until late June, ignore suspicions – surface appearances are “true.” This week is mild and easy. Sunday’s gentle, wise – love might elude, but you don’t mind. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday – except for Tuesday morning (PDT) you face a lucky series of events. Show off your talents, befriend the boss, even talk about a pay raise. Attend a prestige gathering. Happiness, optimism, popularity, entertainment, light romance enter Wednesday/Thursday – again, fortune aids, so plunge ahead! But retreat Friday/Saturday: lie low, rest, contemplate, plan: deeper (moral, legal, relationship) things go well, but little things trip on small steps.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Take care of any last duties or tasks Sunday to Tuesday, Gemini – tax returns, gov’t applications, apologies, health actions. These won’t go so well Sunday, but they do Monday/Tuesday, especially in legal, travel, and communications zones. (Someone might show they love you – or are attracted.) Two things happen early this week: one, Monday, Mars goes direct, ending three months of “weakened” testosterone/romance, and two, Tuesday, the Sun enters Gemini, boosting your presence, magnetism, energy and clout for a month. The combination of these can trigger a good romance, or revive a flagging affair. (Remember my advice to late July: don’t “use” someone sweet just to fill an empty space in your heart/life.) Creative projects will also revive. Be ambitious Wednesday/Thursday: you can climb now, bosses will listen, your skills show well. Make sure money accompanies any increase in prestige. Optimism, popularity, entertainment, wish fulfillment and light romance flow in Friday/Saturday – DON’T invest, but DO have fun!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

A relationship can go either way Sunday, Cancer – be cheerful and hope for the best. (Avoid political, philosophical arguments). A late (and minor) wish could come true – Monday/Tuesday also, when contacts slide into intimacy, or business associations meet deep pockets, funding is available, etc. (Otherwise, Mon./Tues. are for research or health diagnoses.) (Don’t schedule a “negotiation/co-operation” meeting Tuesday morning.) Tuesday night begins a month of relative quiet and lowered energy for you. Begin to seek privacy, quietude, to contemplate your direction for this year and the next few. Wednesday/Thursday bring wisdom, a mellow mood, gentle love, and possibly distant travel, or communication with another country. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – something big might be brewing. This week ends three months of career delays, or of flagging spirits, ambition-wise.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

A serious month ends (Tuesday) and a fun month begins. Work hard Sunday to clear up any neglected chores – your efforts will be noted by higher-ups (or will simply succeed). Exciting new horizons, fresh opportunities and relationships arrive Monday/Tuesday. Don’t seek agreement Tuesday morning: otherwise, all’s good. Delayed messages/answers, legal and educational and publishing/media affairs, all begin to march forward early this week. Love’s answer will come soon, though it might be more “flippant” or casual than you’d wish. Life’s depths rise to the surface Wednesday/Thursday – two good days to invest, grow more intimate with someone, switch lifestyles, get to the bottom of a nagging health problem, or to play detective. (Best before Thursday mid-afternoon.) A gentle, loving, wise mood steals over you Friday/Saturday; however, be careful with legal, far travel, cultural, media, educational and intellectual pursuits. Here, a subtle mistake, trap, might exist: it’s characterized by a sky-high “blue sky” lure. The weeks ahead will bring wishes true – and popularity!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Sunday’s for romance, creativity, beauty, pleasure – but it also gives you one last, splendid chance to pursue gentle love, wisdom, far travel, cultural venues, higher education, insurance, publishing and intellectual pursuits – all are likely to succeed. (BTW, “gentle love” is that point at which romance starts to acquire marriage vibes.) Two changes occur early this week: one, three months of delays in earnings, buying, end – you can push forward now (right into late July). (But maintain a grip on over-spending.) Two, you leave a dreamy, “in the head” period and enter four weeks of ambition, career goals and prestige relations. You’ll be tested, but you’ll pass. Monday/Tuesday accent work and health concerns – you’ll make great progress (except perhaps Tuesday morn). Wednesday/Thursday bring relationships, new opportunities, fresh horizons – engage and pursue. Careful Friday/Saturday: many temptations exist, lust, greed, curiosity. The depths of life lure you, but contain a subtle, hard-to-see trap. (This advice applies to November 2015.)


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of depths, secrets, research, lust and health ills ends Tuesday. In its place come four weeks of gentle love, compassion, understanding, far travel, higher education, media, and cultural rituals. Another change occurs: three months of delay in relationships (truly, in your decisiveness about relationships) ends. If male, you might feel newly energized sexually; if female, you can feel men are finally aware of you. Both sexes should realize that you’re going to be more impatient and determined than usual to late July – make sure what you chase is worthwhile; it might not be. (If in doubt, chase career success – here, your luck is indisputable to July.) This is an easy, pleasant week. Sunday’s for rest, home, family, real estate. Romance surges Monday/Tuesday – singles could meet a new love! Tackle chores Wednesday/Thursday – you’ll accomplish them easily, but avoid intellectual chores Thurs. eve/night. Protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. Friday/Saturday emphasize relationships. Libra, now to November 2015, you can succeed in sex, friendship, light and heavy romance, but not in “partnership.” Keep this in mind.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A time of open, honest relationships ends Tuesday, when a month begins that emphasizes the private, even secret, side: intimacy, commitment, funding, debt and investment, deep health concerns. Actions here have long-range consequences, so ponder before you act. Your intuition will be high. Generally, if you feel a calm nudge to do something, do it; if you waver between choices, do nothing. (Wavering means your intuition has fled.) Delays dissolve in dealing with head office, civil servants or institutions such as hospitals. Sunday’s great for a ride, exploring the neighborhood, talking, reading, errands. Be around home Monday/Tuesday – success indicated in family matters, property, gardening, agriculture, except perhaps Tuesday morn. Romance draws you Wednesday/Thursday – but if you wait until Thursday eve/night to “press the flesh” you could be disappointed. Careful Friday/Saturday – tackle chores, but only routine ones, and do what you have to, not more. Don’t volunteer for anything. An easy, smooth week!


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Charge  ahead with practical chores Sunday, Sage – especially those that involve money (spending, selling). Your path will be smooth, successful – a lot like this easy, peaceful week. (Well, I’m ignoring the midnight hour Friday, pre-dawn Saturday.) Friends, errands, calls and  visits, paperwork and variety fill Monday/Tuesday – charge ahead, except Tues. morning. Your romantic, creative and friendship interests finally start marching ahead, after three months of delay or indecision. (An invitation might finally come; more importantly, a romantic wish can finally be fulfilled, into July. However, firmly reject an extra-marital temptation.) Tuesday night starts a month of relationships, fresh horizons and new opportunities. Be restful, contemplative Wednesday/Thursday. Your family, property, security, retirement and similar interests need attention. A lucky investment, Thursday before 1 pm (PDT). Romance might swell/swoon your heart Friday/Saturday. Be careful, Sage – deep, “heavy” romance is a trap until November 2015; light, friendly romance will be a blessing.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your energy and  charisma stay high Sunday – act. You’ll succeed, especially in creative, romantic, child-rearing and speculative or sports venues. Monday/Tuesday help you find bargains, sell items, find clients or angle for a pay raise. Two things happen these two days: 1) a month of work and health concerns begins; 2) your career, which has been “left hanging” since early March, now (to late July) finally proceeds to an “answer.” (I say it this way because the “next step” might be a change of careers, an end of one. Be diplomatic with bosses. If you work in food or shelter areas, clothing, real estate, etc., you’ll be very busy for two months ahead, but take care, a subtle trap might here.) Run errands, communicate, perform paperwork, and be curious Wednesday/Thursday – you’ll succeed, except perhaps Thursday night. (E.g., the store closes before you get there.) Home, family, property, security, retirement, business foundations fill Friday/Saturday – be cautious, don’t invest more time, energy or funds into this zone than is necessary. (Applies to November 2015 – do not buy real estate in the interim.)


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Be still and contemplative Sunday, Aquarius. Think about where you’ve been and where you want to go. Align your direction for the future. Decide who and what should stay in your life, and who/what should be abandoned. You’ll make the right decisions this day. Your energy and charisma surges upward Monday/Tuesday – impress people, ask favours, lead others – you’ll be noticed, will get your way. Usually this is a good time to start important projects, but your plans are too young to be acted upon yet, or too old (and withering as we speak). In addition, a period of delay looms in early June, so only start projects that you can complete in a week or two. Two things happen now: 1) a month of romance, winning, pleasure and beauty begins, and 2) a three-month delay dissolves in legal, travel, educational and cultural projects – and  in paperwork, communications and casual acquaintances. Though these projects are ready to move forward (especially Friday/Saturday) I’d go slow. Realize that now to November 2015, the short, daily portion of these (short trips, daily news, verbal agreements, casual learning – e.g. night school) contain a subtle trap or disappointment; the “long end” (legal contracts, lawsuits, international travel, higher, degree-oriented education, etc.) will offer you a smooth, easy path. Chase money, shop, Wednesday/Thursday. Don’t let errands and conversations waste time Friday/Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES   February 19-March 20

A restless period ends, and a “down home” month begins. Travel, communicate Sunday; contact friends – you’ll be pleased by your popularity, and you might gain a truthful view of your future. Relax, rest and retreat into sweet solitude Monday/Tuesday. Contemplate, plan and look ahead. Money delays (since March) dissolve now – to late July, financial answers and  actions flow swiftly. Be careful with these: subtle flaws could exist (especially Friday/Saturday). Intimate, sexual, lifestyle and health matters also begin to break out of a 3-month delay. Again, be  careful to late July. You’re in a very fortunate romantic phase (also to July!) but if you press for intimacy, think first: if you want a casual, temporary good time, you’ll “lose” (or find an imprisoning pregnancy). If you’re seeking a deep bonding, nothing casual, you might or might not win, but you won’t lose. Your energy and charisma rise Wednesday/Thursday: charge after home-related goals (property, family, security, retirement, etc.). But don’t expect agreement Thursday eve/night. Friday/Saturday bring “daily money” matters: income, shopping, etc. An easy, smooth week!

The End.


Disclaimer: Tim is not a lawyer, medical doctor nor financial advisor. Though astrology addresses all these fields, you are advised to discuss Tim’s advice with the appropriate expert before acting.