WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 22 – 28, 2016

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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 8:37 am to 10:34 pm Mon., 6:11 pm Wed. to 7:27 am Thurs., and 1:19 pm to 2:06 pm Sat.

PREAMBLE: (Sorry, a long one.)

ALL SIGNS: Mercury goes direct early Sunday, so recent delays should end, and you are freed to charge ahead with your favourite new projects. However, if you want to succeed in these new ventures, especially if they are practical, financial or career-related ventures, wait until midday (PDT) Thurs. (May 26) to plunge in. (That’s about early suppertime in Britain, evening Turkey, Fri. morning in Asia.)

Here in southwestern B.C. we switched from a mild winter, in late March, immediately to summer. For some weeks the temperature has been like August – mid-to-high twenties (70’s/80’s F.) with clear blue skies. (I’m writing this in early May.) The bad news: drought conditions will likely return and stay. I forecast this about eighteen months ago, writing here that BC’s climate would start to resemble California’s – dry, warmer summers, an almost Mediterranean climate. Building bigger water utilities would probably be wise.

A lady wrote me from Rock Creek, B.C. to tell me I was a putz and a wimp because I wouldn’t predict the next U.S. President. Actually, about a year ago – more? – I wrote here, in this column, that Hillary Clinton should not run, with the implication (or statement, memory fails) that she would lose. More recently – last autumn, I think, I opined that Hillary would succeed from that point to September/16, because her popularity would rise (and that Sanders’ luck would tend to fail him, same period). I also wrote that she enters a low luck period in late September, and that it was possible to win in November, IF her “up to September” popularity carried her through November, even though the popularity truck runs out of gas 50 days earlier. A little later, I wrote that Hillary should not run because she would be happier, healthier, if she spent time on a porch with her grandchild(ren?) rather than running.

However, I have still not compared her chart to Donald’s in a predictive way. And I’m not going to, as I said long ago, until there are only two candidates. Otherwise, it’s too much work. (And it’s a lot more fun not being an astrologer. That way I can get caught up in the adventure of the political shenanigans, and I can criticize and have opinions and all that – you know, like everyone else. You’d be surprised at how many emails I receive telling me to shut up and stick to pure astrology.) That’s why after recent political discussions, I always add: “This is not a prediction.”

There is also one major problem impeding prediction in the present U.S. race. To use the most reliable method I know – solar and lunar returns — I need an exact, true birth time for each candidate. In the present case doubt enters, because no one knows whether Hillary was born at 8:02 am, or pm. (This lack of certainty – which is a kind of secrecy – is typical of Scorpio’s bad side. Hillary is not only a Scorpio Sun; if she was born at 8:02 am, she’s also Scorpio rising.) (If 8:02 pm, she’s 0 degrees 13’ Cancer rising, or only 52 seconds of time “past” being a Gemini. I suspect she was born a little earlier, say 8:01 pm, and is a Gemini rising. It’s not unusual for a delivery room clock to be even minutes, far less seconds, “out.” A Gemini ascendant would explain what Leo Sun/Libra Moon Bill saw in her, and her ability to talk, to rattle off a whole list of policy statements say, during a debate.) (On the other hand, if she was born in the morning, and is a double Scorpio, that doesn’t preclude the gift of the gab. Scorpio can be a very glib talker – if you want a great example, watch an old movie, “Elmer Gantry,” starring Scorpio Bert Lancaster.)

But let’s wait until we know who’s running.

Morally, I see Donald and Hillary as reflections of each other: both are crooked and prejudiced. Hillary’s an influence pedlar; he’s admitted dancing in the same room. She’s a right-wing Democrat and Trump’s a left-wing Republican. Both have switched sides. She used to be a Republican; Donald used to be a Democrat. He’s a loose cannon; she’s secretive to a fault. (This is the ultimate mirror-image. Try standing in front of a mirror and shout at it. It doesn’t shout back: so the mirror image of a loose cannon IS silence.)  He was very slow to disavow the KKK and other racists; she panders to Blacks, whom she treated cruelly for decades – but with such a smooth knife they think she’s their ally. Apropos of this:

Many of her (Black) supporters might be surprised to learn that a youthful Hillary campaigned for openly racist Barry Goldwater’s presidential bid. She was just a teenager at the time (17 years) but that’s old enough to draw only two options: either she didn’t know who/what Blacks and Hispanics were (the unbelievable option) – or she agreed with racist policies.

To put Hill’s possible “ignorance” in context:

1962/3: Democrat Kennedy’s desegregation drive, with massive national coverage. Hillary debates to support Republicans.

1963: Kennedy assassinated. Hillary debates to support Republicans.

1964: Hillary runs into the arms of the Republican racist candidate, Barry Goldwater, whom she campaigns for.

Late 1960’s: The civil rights movement reaches its peak. Sympathizers murdered by police, white and black civil rights marchers beaten by police. Martin Luther King leads the “Million Man” march, and is arrested and is assassinated. Hillary, now in her 20’s, reacts by interning for Republican Ford and campaigning for Rockefeller at the 1968 Republican convention. In every instance, she fled from the Blacks and clung to the ultra-white skirts of the Republicans.

1990’s, Hillary calls Blacks “super predators” and goes on the stump, campaigning for husband Bill’s anti-Black, anti-welfare, “throw ‘em in jail forever” legislation. Many Blacks were imprisoned for years  for minor drug possession. Meanwhile hubby Bill is smoking joints and diddling young women. Nero fiddled, Bill diddled. These are the Democratic defenders of human rights??

Yet now, running as a Democrat, Hillary often refers to her days fighting for civil rights – “I was there” – as proof she is Black at heart. Which is it, Hillary? What is the colour of that heart?

Trump reminds me a bit of Loki in Norse myth.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Recent delays and confusions end now. You can charge ahead with projects. BUT practical, business, career, legal and similar launches should be delayed until midday May 26 onward. If started earlier, they will continually face headwinds, or be mired in sluggish developments. The weeks ahead will keep you busy with errands, communications, paperwork and/or travel. None of this is supremely important, so you can “relax by being busy.” Sunday to late night Monday is mellow, wise, encourages you to chase an intellectual, far travel, legal, media, or love goal, especially after 3:30 pm Sun. (PDT). Earlier Sunday, chase these things where they support your career or status. Be ambitious Tues. to Thurs. dawn. This is a splendid time to boost your profile, or make points with higher-ups. Be careful Wed., as “wrong friends” or computers or other machines can impede you. Happiness visits Thurs. dawn to mid-afternoon Sat. Social joys, future plans, optimism, popularity, entertainment, and flirtations fill the days – especially Thurs., when a love affair could start. Retreat, rest and contemplate Sat. eve onward.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Delays and the danger of false starts ends now (6:20 am Sun., PDT) so you can march ahead with new projects, and welcome new relationships. However, avoid starting practical, financial or career projects until after dawn (PDT) Thurs. Sunday holds mysteries and obstacles until mid-afternoon, especially in money, medical matters, and sex. But things turn toward success this eve and night, particularly in career, status and business. Tuesday late night to Thurs. dawn imbues you with a mellow mood, wisdom, gentle love, and a broad outlook. Far travel, cultural venues, education, law, media – all are blessed. Careful Wed. pm, when driving, computers, personalities might be erratic. Be ambitious Thurs. dawn to Sat. afternoon – higher-ups will be impressed, and your money/earnings outlook turns lucky, to June 17. You’re pleasantly surprised by your popularity Sat. night – accept it, let work go, be with happy friends.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Recent delays, indecision and confusion end now. You can charge ahead with projects. BUT delay practical, business, career, legal and similar launches until midday May 26 onward. If you start earlier, you might face headwinds, or sluggish developments, even failure. Sun./Mon. bring relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, relocation themes and public dealings – these meet obstacles until about 3 pm Sunday (PDT) – then success. Mysteries, secrets, sexual yearnings, power urges and financial opportunities arise Tues. to dawn Thurs. – luck accompanies you Tues., very early Wed., but re-read the second sentence above. Thurs. dawn to Sat. afternoon blesses you with a mellow mood, far sight, and gentle love, especially Thurs. Saturday eve nudges your ambition, but gives it little to do. All week, your charisma and energy rise. From Tues. onward, your “looks” improve also. A minor, or at least not major, love affair might begin soon.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Be quiet within. Contemplate the situation(s) around you, and examine various options or approaches to them. Meditate, connect with your soul. Get plenty of rest, nap often. Deal with governmental, administrative, committee, management and similar duties. Be charitable. All this, until late June. Recent delays and indecisions end now, but don’t make any practical commitments or launches before late morning Thurs. Tackle chores Sunday (more easily successful after 2:30 pm PDT through 8:30 am Mon.). (Careful with plumbing, other liquids.) Relationships face you Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s better, as it contains romantic, communication and work harmonies. Wed.’s disruptive, unpredictable – don’t fight with someone in your career sphere (or with a cop, judge). Your “secret attractions” or “money secrets” might come under fire. Mostly, though, just a nervous day. Life’s mysteries, medical matters, investments and debt, sexual yearnings, and detective work, all bless you Thursday (AFTER 8 am PDT) are workable Fri., and hit obstacles Sat.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Recent delays, indecisions and snafus end now; you can charge forward with your favourite projects. However, wait until well after dawn (PDT) Thursday, May 26, to start or commit to anything significant. If you start before this, the venture is likely to fail. Overall, you’re just beginning a month of celebration, light, friendly love, optimism, entertainment, popularity and social joys. Happiness lurks around a lot of corners! Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, risky, pleasure oriented and beauty-filled. That said, your luck in these is only really high Sunday eve to Mon. breakfast time. Visit, call, woo accordingly. Tackle chores Tues./Wed. Proceed with some caution Wed., as disruption affects love, driving, legal and travel matters (and computers) – Tues., however, is fine, ends splendidly, especially if you’re shopping – the daytime hours could spark a very lively romance. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships, relocation themes, fresh horizons, opportunities fill Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. Be diplomatic, co-operative: you can meet enmity and opposition as easily as friendship and aid. Love, light romance, either is a joy Thurs. Luck’s mingled Fri./Sat. Sat. eve spells “s-e-x,” but gives little – wait and observe. Your chance will come Monday (May 30).


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A recent trend of false starts, delays and indecision ends now, freeing you to charge after your favourite projects. Still, DON’T start any practical, business, financial, real estate, or love venture before 8 am PDT Thurs., May 26. (Those started would live perhaps years, and drain you of energy and/or money every year.) The general accent lies on ambition, career, worldly status and prestige relations until late June. Sunday/Monday steer you homeward – embrace the kids, putter around the house, garden, soak up nature’s balm. Don’t strain the plumbing – or your marriage – Sunday morning. You can feel filial love this day, and as night approaches you can discover secrets, valuable clues – investigate! Romantic feelings, creative and risk-taking urges, pleasure and beauty, and “winner’s luck” visit you Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s better. Careful driving, with tools and electricity Wed. daytime. Tackle chores and protect your health Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Thursday’s splendid, luck aids progress. But Fri./Sat. are just so-so. Sat. night, exciting meetings with opposite sex (but not the right person, ultimately).


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Recent delays, indecision and mistakes end now. However, avoid taking irrevocable action, committing, or launching new projects before mid-morn Thurs. (PDT) especially if a government agency, institution, sibling, assembly line, warehouse, spiritual contact, advisor, or agent is involved. The general accent, now to late June, lies on far travel, wisdom, cultural venues, higher education, legal affairs, intellectual pursuits, and gentle love. Someone might chase you, and you might end up married. This isn’t the best year for this – October onward to late 2017 is better – so don’t strain a light romance with expectations: just let it occur. Sunday/Monday are for errands, siblings, casual friends, trips, visits, calls, emails, paperwork and details. Best time to act: afternoon Sunday to breakfast Mon. Steer toward home or putter around the neighbourhood Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s sparky, romantic, and you feel snugly secure. Wed.’s a bit disruptive: careful driving, around electricity (and with a volatile spouse) this afternoon/eve. Love, sweet love, visits you Thurs. dawn to Sat. afternoon – Thursday’s splendid, you could fall in love, or hook someone with your charms. Luck’s mixed, though, Fri./Sat. Take care of your health Sat. pm.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You can charge ahead now, as recent delays, indecision and false opportunities end. But you’d be wise to wait a little longer, to midday Thurs., to launch any new ventures or start anything practical, business-oriented, or anything involving money, earnings, possessions. In general, the weeks ahead feature secrets, investigations, medical diagnosis, large finances, lifestyle changes, commitments and consequence – and lust. (Commit to nothing before May 26.) Chase money Sun./Mon. – best time for action: Sun. afternoon to breakfast time Mon. (PDT). Buy only routine items Mon. Dive into errands, communications, short trips, casual friends, paperwork and details Tues./Wed. (Tues. better.) You might spy a monetary or investment opportunity Tues. (DON’T bite!) – or, more usefully, you might discern the “gap” or disjunction between two money sources: keep this in mind, if you see it, later in May and June. Relax and steer yourself homeward Thurs. to afternoon Sat. Domestic concerns meet excellent luck Thurs. (breakfast onward, not earlier) – includes familial love, decorations, gardening, real estate. That luck peters out, down to mere normal, Fri./Sat. Saturday eve, night are romantic but not harmonious.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Those “retro” delays, mistakes and indecisions (especially the ones affecting your career and status ambitions) end now (Sunday morning). So you can now march forward, particularly in Tues. career and ambitions, but also in zones highlighted during the four weeks ahead – relationships, marriage, dealings with the public, negotiations, contracts, litigation, fresh horizons and new opportunities. Some Sages will meet their “other half” this month ahead, although most of you would be wise to wait until October onward, when your love life gets a lucky, year-long boost. One thing: DON’T launch anything new in most practical areas before mid-morn Thurs., May 26. (The exception is career – charge ahead here if you want.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun./Mon. Sunday morning’s confused, deceptive, so act this afternoon to breakfast time Mon. You’ll find that others bow to your desires, needs, and leadership. Chase money Tues./Wed. A sudden romantic spark might ignite Tues. Some disruption, perhaps a quarrel, Wed. daytime. Errands, wanderlust, short trips, communications, paperwork and details fill Thurs. (great luck, affectionate encounters) Fri. (okay, blah) and Saturday (watch your temper around noon PDT). Be home Sat. night.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A period of delays, indecision and false starts ends Sunday morning. However, practical, business, career, legal and similar launches should be delayed until midday May 26 onward (no matter what I might say below). If started earlier, they will continually face headwinds, or be mired in sluggish developments. This particularly applies to legal, far travel, media, intellectual, governmental, institutional, spiritual or administrative concerns (although all these can be fortunately handled Sun. midafternoon to breakfast time Mon.). Rest, lie low and avoid competitive situations Sun./Mon. Your energy and charisma surge upward late Mon. night (PDT) to dawn Thurs. You’re in charge, so lead others – you know the way. Success is within reach Tues. night to dawn Wed., but daytime Wed. is disruptive – be diplomatic with spouse, careful driving. Chase money, buy/sell, Thurs. dawn to Sat. afternoon. Thursday’s very fortunate; Fri./Sat. not so much (both bad and good luck are mild). A friend says no to your dreams Sat. Thursday, you might pursue a sexy person – and he/she’s receptive.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You can charge ahead now, as recent delays, indecision and false opportunities end by dawn Sunday. However, you’d be wise to wait until midday Thurs. to launch any new ventures or start anything practical, business-oriented, or anything involving money, earnings and possessions. (Especially avoid sexual, medical and financial moves B4 Thurs.) The weeks ahead boost your luck tremendously, especially in games, gambling, sports, romance, risk-taking and creative ventures. You might fall in love. A Gemini or Leo could be involved. Your social side rises Sun./Mon., as does your optimism, popularity and good luck. Be future oriented, make hopeful plans. Best Sunday eve to breakfast Monday. But retreat from competitive situations Tues./Wed. – rest, contemplate, plan future actions, and deal with civil servants, the poor, invalids and spiritual matters. Tuesday’s fine, sparks romance, can lead to a sexual bonding, to valuable research, or to an investment – beware the last, as that investment could become a millstone. Guard your secrets Wed. Your energy and charisma soar Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon. Take the lead, get out, see and be seen, impress others. Thursday, especially, your heightened magnetism can create a love affair. Luck is rather mixed Fri./Sat. Keep your money Sat. night.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Delays, indecision and misunderstandings fade now, freeing you to charge ahead, especially in relationships, relocation and opportunities. However, if you really want to succeed, wait until after 7 am (PDT) Thursday, to begin. Projects, queries and relationships started before Thurs. will tend to meet obstacles larger than they (or you) can overcome. The general accent through late June lies on home, family, real estate, security, retirement, gardening, etc. Take naps, yield to that sluggish feeling. Sunday/Monday make you ambitious, or draw the attention of higher-ups, parents and authorities. You won’t get co-operation, so act on your own. Best time for success: Sunday pm to breakfast time Mon. Happiness arrives Tues./Wed., as your popularity rises (mildly) and social joys, optimism, entertainment, perhaps a flirtation visit you. Tuesday’s best, could even bring your mate, or a lucky partner in business, at work. Disruption, possible fender-benders or computer glitches mat Wed. – but you’ll take it all in your happy stride! Retreat, rest, contemplate, plan, be charitable and spiritual Thurs. morning to Sat. afternoon. Thursday’s filled with good luck, enabling you to make headway with civil servants, institutions, manufacturers, your employer’s head office, etc. Your luck’s mixed Fri./Sat. – restful avoidance is best stance. Your energy and charisma rise Sat. eve/night – why not get out a bit?


The End.

7 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 22 – 28, 2016

  1. Jgant

    Hi, I’ve been visiting your site for years! I am a young black person and on the social media that I look at, I don’t know of any young black people that support Hilary. Maybe it’s older blacks. We are all aware of what she has done. There are even multiple memes where we have recognized and actually make fun of her pandering.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Jgant,

      Thanks for your comment. It makes me feel relieved! Yes, I was talking about older Blacks, those in the hierarchy such as the Black Caucus (forgive me if I have the name wrong). I was happy to see more and more Blacks in Bernie’s gatherings.


  2. AlterEgoPicard

    Hello Tim,

    I am a tail-end Leo, single male, near Philadelphia, PA, and have a large kidney stone. I have to wait until mid-June for a shockwave procedure. But am thinking of contacting a different Dr. on Mon. 5/23 to see if he/she can help me find a different surgical appointment sooner. Also, I learned last week of a natural remedy that my cousin’s husband successfully used many years ago. I started this as of today 5/22. Should I let the original decision take its course and wait until 6/13, from an astrological viewpoint?

    I passed up an appointment for 5/16 because it was too soon for me to prepare mentally and otherwise for the procedure and due to work pressures, like the need to clean out my office.

    Also my office is closing and I have to provide my own desk and work from home starting after Memorial Day 5/29 in the US. So, based on finding your forecast over the past 2 weeks, it strikes me as a good time for the company to close this particular site, and for me to begin my official work-from-home stint.

    Thank you.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, AlterEgoPickard,

      Sorry, I’m late answering you, and your date, May 22, has already passed. If you have a question like this to ask, it is usually better to set up a short reading. To answer one Q: wait until June 13. The natural remedy won’t work if you took it before 5:31 pm eastern time, may 22.



  3. Jakeup

    Hi! tim, thanks for the reply. I was asking because a big legal fight is exactly what I want to avoid. I understand it can be a long process, I just wanted to have the least amount of speed bumps as possible.

  4. Jakeup

    Hi! Tim.
    I am asking about this week’s forecast, may 22-28th. I am a capricorn born in vancouver Jan 19th 1980 8:06 am. My grand mother passed away may 6th 2016 5:13pm at vgh
    She is my mom as she raised me. My question is about legal stuff. I am the executor of her will. I have had her cremated and notified oap/cpp and have a death certificate. The banks are saying i may have to go to probate for her estate should I wait until after the 26th to contact a lawyer, or has my path already been muddled by starting the process. (BTW. .
    My mom had been in and out of hospital since December 2015. Had several operations. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks from a 20 year loyal reader.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Jakeup,

      I’d contact a lawyer after 9 am, May 26. However, realize the bank might be right, so don’t get into a big legal fight. Just find the fastest, most simple way to proceed (the lawyer should tell you how).



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