WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 15 – 21, 2016

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START NOTHING: 2:20 am to 10:33 am Mon., 8:23 am to 11:30 pm Wed., and 4:40 am to 11:48 am Sat.

PREAMBLE: (Sorry, a long one! The WEEKLY FORECAST follows, way down below.)

JUPITER turned direct last week, signalling the end of a four-month delay that has hampered our luck. Now  — well, next week, after the Mercury retro ends Mat 22 — and for the best luck after 6 am PDT May 26 — we can charge forward with last autumn and winter’s projects – until September, when a different luck cycle starts. That four-month delay was in career for SAGITTARIUS, in home affairs for GEMINI, in legal, travel, educational affairs for CAPRICORN, and in mail, calls, systems for CANCER. The delay was in work for ARIES, in governmental or admin dealings for LIBRA; in romance for TAURUS and in social or group affairs for SCORPIO. Delays occurred, these past four months, in relationships, relocation and general opportunities for PICES; in personal growth and real estate for VIRGO, and, finally, in making money and spending for LEO, and in investments and intimate sex for AQUARIUS.

(These “luck delays” are different than those caused by Mercury retro – presently in force until May 22. Mercury retro causes the bus to be late, or you misdial a phone number. Jupiter retro signals larger things, such as waiting months for a college application to be approved, or waiting for your home to sell, or for a promotion at work.)

BERNIE’S BIRD: The single (yellow? and blue? green?) songbird that landed on Bernie’s podium during one of his earlier speeches was an omen. It said, “You are the messenger. The (first) one.” If we believe that the bird came from a good source rather than a bad one, then this omen should induce immense hope and faith in the future. If we think the source is likely bad, tainted or even evil – but true – this declaration might cast us into despair. If I think the entire incident was mere coincidence then I have no belief, and my life is merely logical. (Why does such a world seem black and white and a million greys, but colorless?) If, a fourth possibility, the message is simply neutral, simply true, then all that looms in the future of U.S. politics (socialism) will either frighten or soothe us.

The message, of course, is in every Sanders’ speech: tax the uber-wealthy; free medical care; free tuition; and a host of smaller concerns to be tackled in a rather urgent way, all under the banner of justice and equality. (Additional concerns addressed by Sanders, though not a complete list, the only source being my spotty memory: minimum wage, shutting down trade agreements, ending election laws that favour the rich…)


SWEDEN’S BANKS are turning away 25 % of all mortgage applications. Sweden has one of the highest standards of living in the world, yet it is worried about a financial collapse.


BILL GROSS, the world-renowned bond expert, says the only stimulus left is to drop money from helicopters. (In this, he’s actually ten or twenty years behind Robert Prechter, another financial guru who argued that stimulus, including dropping tons of money from the sky, would not increase inflation. So far, Prechter’s right.)

I don’t think it’s that severe, but there really is a strange thing going on with money – with the whole structure surrounding fiat currencies. Banks in various countries are offering negative interest rates. Every mechanical effort to kick-start the dead heart of inflation, fails. As I forecast before, September will bring the true depth, turning point, of this deflation/inflation struggle. If Canadian banks fall down this autumn, I’d buy them. (I’m not a financial advisor.)

Macro-economic events are primarily an expression of a population’s character, and when that mass “personality” is tired, it wants a rest:  recessions are short rests, depressions lengthy ones.

For the middle class, the last recession started about 40 years ago, and hasn’t ended. So more than a mere “rest,” is involved.

Guilt over the Nam war and the revelation of a crooked President Nixon caused a long-term disbelief in success – but this is not a problem of mood, except in the broadest historic sense. Most of what occurred to defeat the middle class originated outside the class’s mood or personality – these outside events and forces have caused much of the prolonged death of the middle class.

The problem actually is two-fold: 1) we have entered the *Leisure Society; and 2) one of the natural outcomes of capitalism seems to be the elimination of the middle class, or the division of society into two classes, the small upper and the large under class. (I see it as not two things, but like an hourglass with toffee instead of sand. Someone has each end, and is slowly pulling the toffee apart, so there is a large lower class, and a small but powerful upper class, with a long stretched part between This “thin middle” class would be treated fairly enough at its upper reaches, doctors, lawyers and such. But at its bottom, large swathes are enslaved in a work-for and shop-at Wal-Mart existence. It is an existence like walking in the mist, with no lodge in sight.

Into this vale of fog step two brave souls: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Both have similar platforms. Both are party outsiders. But one might turn capitalism on itself. In a frenzy of wanting to save it, perhaps he ignites old fires. His sins are legion, and his prospects horrifying at worst: a fascist bigot, angered that he lost a deal with another country, decides in a rage to nuke them. But he is also heroic. He has caused America to enter the greatest period of self-examination since the Viet-Nam war. His thoughts will dominate some spectrums of the political scene for decades, even if he never becomes President. He has given expression to a vast congregation of the downtrodden and the exhausted. This is not a bad thing. If you watch carefully, he is capable of quick, strong compassion; he also forgives quickly. He represents a real adventure for the American public. The question is, will the result be good or bad? (Whichever result, the ride will be exciting, scary.)

Bernie, on the other hand, ah, Bernie. Well, see my comments above. His ideas are not new, as Trump’s are – but they are radical for America.

(*Leisure Society – when I was a boy in the 50’s, LIFE magazine and Popular Mechanics – buoyed by the optimism of the 50’s – constantly attempted to envision the future. Some of their predictions, such as flying cars, are possible and do exist, but remain wildly impractical. But one prediction was based in sound thinking about productivity, computers and the growth in technology (i.e., labour-saving devices) – this was the popular prophecy heralding the advent of the “Leisure Society.” It was envisioned as a paradise, where much of mankind was freed from menial tasks, in order to play, enjoy life, innovate, create, etc. They didn’t foresee that the great advances in productivity, et al, would be seized and controlled by a few thousand wealthy entrepreneurs, who would then siphon off almost all the money and values produced by this increased productivity. For this reason, the deliberate impoverishing of the middle and lower classes, “leisure” transformed into a life on welfare and food stamps, and the “leisure class” became dispirited, broke, drug-addicted, ghettoized, criminalized, and resented by those who did work. Even those who initially did work have been slowly forced into the ranks of “the leisurely” through various economic storms: stagflation, and the crashes of 2000 and 2007/8. Ultimately, “leisure” would be replaced by a sort of slavery wherein people, skilled or not, were forced to take low-paying, menial jobs in order to support themselves. First you give people leisure, then you stop feeding them. The entire process leads to a system of “advantage” in which 1 or 2 per cent of the population remains obsessed with work, money and power; this divides society into two segments: the very rich, and the “leisurely.”)

Both Trump and Sanders are attacking this phenomena head-on, which makes their campaigns interesting and stark. Hillary hardly seems aware that such a class split has occurred. She is old music. If she becomes President, the problem simply continues, grows more grave, and its solution – upheaval – is both delayed and made more intense when it does occur. Hillary is a “safe” stop-gap. In the Tarot, she’s the two of swords. If she’s elected, we can all breathe easier for 4 years, she safely preserves the present – but this safety is dangerous for the future, because the problem, the cleaving of America, will simply grow.

(None of this is a prediction. Later for that.)




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

This is your last week of delay, false starts and indecision, Aries. Continue to avoid new starts until May 22. Protect ongoing ventures, and/or reprise past ones. The general accent remains on money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory, and sensual attractions. Tackle chores Sunday to mid-morn Mon. (PDT). Everything flows well – you’ll succeed even in tasks you felt uncertain about. Your efforts bring money, especially if someone “good looking” works beside you. (Check “Start Nothing” times for Monday.) Relationships loom large Mon. morning to late Wed. night. Be eager to join, co-operative and diplomatic. Realise others hold the winning cards. You might have to “digest” or solve a big hurdle Tues. night, probably in a domestic, status, or security zone. It’s like a beautiful hardwood floor, with a foot-high bump in it. (I say “digest” because this “hurdle” will seldom be solved in one stroke – rather, a decade of effort might be needed. It involves the other person’s need for security, and your own struggles with a changing career environment. Best solution: love.) Contracts, negotiations, litigation, relocation, and fresh horizons form part of the picture. Plunge into life’s mysteries Thurs. to noon Saturday – research, investigate, listen to your hunches. You could discover a valuable financial or investment secret or technique; or you might feel drawn to someone who is already attached. In both cases, don’t take a bite: wait, think, be ready to act. A month of money passes Friday; a more human month begins, as Sat. pm shows – a sudden rush of understanding – or of love – could sail into your life!


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Your energy and charisma remain high, Taurus. But remember, use that energy in the service of ongoing projects/relationships, or those returning from the past. Don’t launch new ventures before May 22. Romance waves its magic wand (and Nature sprinkles a heavier, poetic beauty over the world) Sunday to mid-morn Mon. (PDT). Sunday’s better, unless you live in Asia – see “Start Nothing” above. A Virgo (or a nervous but solid person) might be involved. Great interval for kids, embracing the family, a family adventure, etc. (Don’t decorate, renovate, buy paint, nor change the landscaping this week.) Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon. morning through Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. The only bumps in the road come Tues. night, when you’d rather dally with love or daydreams than do the job; and Wed. dawn, when electrical or computer glitches might occur. Relationships confront you Thurs. to noon Sat. – generally, all is sweet, affectionate, friendly – a great time to mend fences, renew pleasing acquaintances, etc. Enjoy the sensation of fresh horizons, and keep your eye open for opportunities in business and love – but wait until the weekend’s “revelations” before you act.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

This is your last week of weariness, solitude, and unexpected delays. Don’t start any major ventures, purchases or relationships before May 22. Do reprise old projects, or continue carefully with ongoing ones. Sunday through mid-morning Monday is for domestic concerns, family, home, shelter, security, nutrition – all the basics. Unless you’re up at 3 am (PDT) Sunday, this is a successful interval, filled with both accomplishment and affection. Life’s pleasures call you Monday morn through Wed. Romance, beauty, charming kids, risk-taking and adventure meet with luck, except Tues. night, when a long-standing problem might arise. (The problem might be sexual, health-oriented, or concern your employment or assets/wealth.) If you get past this, a sudden, surprising union might occur. Tackle chores Thurs. to noon Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll succeed, you’ll accomplish – and could earn a higher-up’s praise Thurs. Saturday pm brings relationships – and surprises. A potential mate might wear a “friendship” disguise. Friday begins a month of personal power, clout, effectiveness, good timing, charisma and general good luck. You’ll be the leader. (But wait until May 26 onward to exercise that leadership – and to invest or seek deep intimacy.)


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

This is your last week of revelry, celebration, and social whirling, so dive in and have fun while you can. Remember, don’t start any major project nor relationship before May 22 – spend your time with ongoing projects, or those that have returned from the past. (That includes old flames – and old social/club involvements.) Get a week’s worth of errands done Sunday (and some routine ones Monday morning) – call, write, visit, do paperwork (and check it twice) and learn, be curious, ask questions. Make a list before leaving the house. Your domestic scene, always supremely important to you, blossoms Monday mid-morn (PDT) through Wed. All is smooth, easy, mildly productive, except: You might encounter an argument or refusal from your spouse Tues. night. It’s incumbent on you, not him/her, to compromise, to make peace. If you’re single, this same night might (just might) start as a wrestling match and end with true love. Passion, romance, creative urges (ignore these) charming kids, risks, beauty, “immediate” pleasure are not only favoured – in some cases they might climax now. (BTW, immediate pleasure would be a day at the beach; “future pleasure” would be planning a trip to the beach. At present, “immediate” rules.) Saturday pm bring chores – tackle the swift (or engine-related) ones. Friday begins a month of quietude, rest and recuperation.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

One last week of hard work, Leo, then (Friday) you’ll enter a month of cheer, optimism and popularity. Remember, start nothing new before May 22. Until then, protect ongoing projects from delays and mistakes, and/or reprise ventures from the past. Ditto for relationships. You’ll impress the boss or another VIP during this easy, fortunate week. (And soon, their requests and direction will emerge from the mist of cluelessness.) Chase money Sunday – collect old debts, pay neglected bills, butter up your clients (careful here, for you’ll be close to starting a new program or making a promise – things better left until May 22 – really May 26 – onward). Buy only routine items. (Cars, computers, etc., will have glitches, be lemons.) Errands, communications, short trips, casual acquaintances and paperwork fill Monday mid-morn (PDT) through Wed. Take care Tues. night, when driving, machinery, even casual conversations, could veer into “unprofitable” areas. Be home, or in the ‘hood Thurs. to noon Sat. – hug the kids, garden, visit Mother Nature, upgrade security, welcome a prodigal child – but DON’T invest. You’ll understand, almost as in a daydream, how your family has come to be “this.” How the kids were influenced, how your parents shaped you, too. This is all subsurface stuff. Saturday pm? Romance! Or at least a flirt. A month of happiness has just begun.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is your last week of delays and snafus – still, don’t start anything before May 22. Spend your time protecting ongoing ventures and/or reprising past ones. If you’re single and an old flame appears, welcome him/her – especially Sunday, when your magnetism and energy soar. (This day is great – after 4 am PDT – for leading, seeing and being seen, persuading someone to accept you or be on your side, and to impress significant persons. But don’t start new projects nor relationships, no matter how promising. Chase money mid-morn Monday through Wednesday. Pay old bills, and collect what’s due you. Shop routinely – nothing major. Intimacy might be offered. Be cautious Tues. night, when a risk, a gamble, a creative act or a romantic foray won’t work. Before you merge with that sensual person, ask yourself whether it will “endanger” a more attractive, more love-oriented though perhaps less assured “possibility.” Errands, casual friends, media/news, communications, paperwork and short trips fill Thursday to noon Sat. It’s a pleasant, easy time. Make a list if “To Do’s” and march through it. Saturday noon starts a weekend of rest and recuperation, kids and nature. Do rest, deeply, because a month of hard work, career pressures, status and prestige concerns has just started (Friday). Rest for now, then jump into the ambitious fray next Thursday (May 26) onward.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general accent remains on large finances, sexual yearning, research and investigation, secrets, underground forces, fate and “depths.” Start nothing new, relationships nor projects, before May 22. Instead, continue with ongoing projects or reprise past/old ones. One thing will go well, even if “new” – research and investigation. Lie low, rest, contemplate and finish any government-related or administrative duties Sunday to mid-morn Monday (PDT). All goes well – you could discover a valuable secret or “key.” Your energy, pizzazz and clout increase Mon. mid-morn through Wed. You’re very attractive now – this can open a door to a verboten affair – e.g., with a married man/woman. This would have major domestic reverberations, as Tues. night might show. (This night, a perennial problem – lasting all this decade – might show itself enough so you can work on it, partially solve it. Involves family, security, real estate, similar matters.) Chase money – but without starting a venture – Thurs. to Sat. noon. Soothe clients, pay and collect money owed. Your employment might yield a money plum Thurs. pm. (If it’s a promise of a plum, ignore it.) Saturday pm brings errands, visits and calls – the “real start” to a month of media, abstract thought, far travel, gentle love and understanding that, technically, began Friday morning. To succeed, wait until May 26 onward to plunge ahead.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, no new ventures, relationships nor big purchases before May 22, Scorpio. (Actually, if you want to sidestep some defeating aspects, wait until May 26 onward to launch new projects and loves – and investments.) The general accent lies on relationships, public or “aboveboard” dealings, litigation, negotiation, contracts and agreements, partnerships, opportunities, conditions at a distance (relocation) and similar matters. In all these, march forth to reprise the past (e.g., call an old lover) but launch nothing new. Sunday’s for joy, popularity, optimism, entertainment, social delights and flirtations (which might contain more promise than you intend or expect). Monday morning’s the same – until 10:30 am (PDT). After this time, through Wed., you grow weary, should seek rest and sweet solitude. Examine your life thus far for clues to your future direction (but don’t make plans – they’ll be useless soon). Be charitable, spiritual; handle management tasks. The only glitch appears Tues. night, when you might find it hard to communicate what you feel. Your energy and charisma soar Thurs. to noon Sat. – and luck accompanies you. Romance (Thurs.) will virtually fall into your lap – but is this a lifetime romance, or even a beneficial one? Perhaps not: think deeply. Saturday pm – money and sensual attractions. (Money/work better.) Friday begins a month of mysteries, research, large finances, medical events and sexual yearning.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your work place continues to be pleasant and affectionate, even if snafus and setbacks occur. This is your last week of work and health concerns, and also your last week of indecision, delays and false starts. So delay new starts in projects, purchases and relationships until May 22 onward (May 26 if you want to also avoid a bad practical/financial outlook). For now, uphold ongoing ventures, and/or reprise the past. (E.g., if you need a job, canvas former employers.) Sunday through mid-morn Monday (PDT) fortunately emphasizes ambition, career, and prestige relations. Your recent pleasant demeanor on the job might earn you some points now with the boss. A temporary promotion isn’t impossible. (A permanent one either has arrived since last August, or will in the months ahead. A January to May career delay was just part of the process, as other factors needed to catch up.) Popularity, social delights, flirtations and light romance, entertainment, optimism and “nice luck” come Mon. mid-morn through Wed. – a great time, but don’t sacrifice yourself on a money stake Tues. night. Retreat, rest and contemplate Thurs. to noon. Sat. – all is smooth, all is well. Complete neglected chores, be charitable, spiritual. Your energy and charisma soar Sat. pm – be assertive about love. If it causes a rebuff, so be it. The weeks ahead bring relationships, exciting prospects.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start no new ventures nor relationships before May 22. Stick with ongoing projects, or reprise the past. The general accent remains on creativity (careful, confusion reigns) romance, beauty, pleasure, risk-taking, and charming kids. An old flame, if he/she hasn’t shown yet, might this week. (BTW, if you’re unattached, and have a choice between an old flame and a present one, the former is more wedding-oriented.) Sunday’s mellow, loving, wise – you could decide you’re in love. Wedding talk could occur, but keep it light (simply because Mercury’s retro). Thus day is also great for far travel, international affairs, philosophy, intellectual pursuits and publishing/media. Be ambitious (without starting anything new) Mon. mid-morn through Wed. Show your skills, “be there” every time the boss needs support or help. Drive carefully around dawn Wed. (PDT). Social joys, optimism, popularity, flirtations and entertainment fill Thurs. to noon Sat. All lights are green, so charge ahead, mingle, issue and accept invitations. You almost need to choose between light love and heavy romance – yet just as you do, the choice is removed, or diminished. Retreat Sat. pm – rest, meditate, recuperate. Friday begins four weeks of increased work – but if you want to succeed more, start later (May 26 onward).


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The main accent continues to lie on your home, family, roots, security, nutrition, stomach and soul. There have been some twists and turns in this sector over the last few weeks, indecisions and false starts, unexpected little glitches. But an air of affection and hope has buoyed you, too. Continue to avoid new starts before May 22 (May 26, if you really want to succeed, or if large money is involved). Handle neglected chores around the home. Sunday into mid-morn Monday (PDT) is mysterious, holds secrets and urges, especially sexual urges and financial nudges. Maintain your “no starts” attitude, but do leap to take advantage of the past, if you can. (If not, spend this time researching, investigating – it will help you later.) Gentle love, wisdom, intellectual pursuits, higher learning, far travel, cultural and social venues – these come Mon. morn through Wed. All lights are green, except in a background area of management at work, or with authorities Tues. night. Be ambitious (without starting any new ventures) Thurs. to noon Sat. Show your stuff, try to mingle with higher-ups. You might be offered a “monied position” – think twice (then accept, if nothing wrong). Saturday pm brings hopes, happiness, a holiday atmosphere. Friday began a month of romance, pleasure, creativity, speculation, beauty and charming kids. You might feel a surge of love toward someone Sat. afternoon.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on errands, short trips, curiosity, media/news, visits, communications and paperwork – busy stuff, but not important stuff. Don’t start anything new, especially in these busy zones, before May 22. (E.g., a new email campaign would yield almost nothing.) For real success, wait until May 26 onward to begin projects or relationships. Double-check figures and addresses. Prepare a list – actually, keep a running list – long before you go out to fulfill it. Sunday and Mon. morn bring relationships – dive in, as luck and affection await the brave. From 10:30 am (PDT) Monday through Wed., mysteries begin to open their flower of knowledge – investigate, research, realize you could uncover some true gems of profit, knowledge or desire. (But don’t invest, nor chase lust, unless what you’re dealing with has returned from the pre-May past.) Your wishes could be defeated Tues. night if you push – even gently. Thursday to noon Sat. brings happiness, optimism, social delights, popularity, and generally buoyant luck. Get out, mingle. A significant flirtation could occur. Friday begins a month of domesticity, rest, hibernation, family, garden, security and retirement issues. But before that trend “settles in,” you have to do or face something on the outside world, career, ambition front Sat. pm and the day following. Be assertive but not argumentative, about more money for yourself.

The End.

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  1. penelope

    Tim, Your paragraph on Jupiter going direct was insightful. I passed it on to many of my loved ones, who seem to get a lift from the message.
    Your preamble gave me much ‘food for thought’. Yes we have been disenchanted for 40 years with the Neptune in libra generation!
    Born 1947 the year of the fire boar I have struggled with my artistic career in the last year or more…now I’m full of ideas…but still procrastinating. But young at heart and still hopeful. Love ya’

  2. amyaw

    Hi Tim,
    I am Taurus sun 6 degrees and Libra rising 27 degree – I recently learned the latter. Should I read Taurus and Scorpion instead of Taurus and Libra for my forecast?

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, amyaw — I’d read Taurus for your drives, energy and love, and read Libra for your circumstances. Not Scorpio.



  3. marie

    Sorry I forgot to edit, ‘was’ should read ‘with’. You know how hard it would be for a Virgo to let that pass.

  4. marie

    Hi Tim,
    I was interested in your take on Sanders and Trump running in the US election. I agree entirely was your perspective however Sanders is a Socialist while Trump is an American Patriot. Hillary on the other hand IS the 1 to 2 percent of the ruling elite. She is the problem not the solution. There is a You Tube video out by Abby Martin that outlines how the Clinton’s increased their annual income from $500,000 to over $28million by selling American favour globally through their money laundering Clinton Foundation mostly while she was Secretary of State. The video is called Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents.

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