WEEKLY FORECAST — MAY 8 – 14, 2016

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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 9:15 pm Sun. to 10:24 am Mon., 0:34 am to 2:32 pm Wed., and 10:02 am to 10:52 pm Fri.



ALL SIGNS: Though Mercury remains retrograde (to May 22) the week ahead is a splendid, friendly, loving, profitable and easy one for every one of us. Still, start nothing new. Many lovers will be re-united this week.

(Sorry, this is the entire preamble, as I’m busy with my garden.)




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Start no new projects nor relationships before May 22. Buy nothing big and significant. (In particular, delay machinery purchases.) Instead, stick with ongoing projects and people, or reprise past ones. (A former sensual – though half-hearted – affair might spark again.) Perform errands, communications, travel and paperwork tasks Sunday – best after 10 am (PDT). Your roots call Mon. mid-morn to Wed. mid-afternoon. Pay your family extra attention, soak up Mom Nature, garden, peruse your security, savings, retirement plans, education programs for the kids, etc. Rest, too – a long nap aids your progress. This interval flows smoothly and affectionately, except perhaps Tues. afternoon, when a streak of alienation could slide between you and another. But you could also greet good news this day – your garden’s splendid, or your home’s value went up, etc. (You might be tempted by a “lucky buy” – e.g., a ride-em mower for a thousand less – I wouldn’t bite.) Romantic notions enter Wed. pm to late Fri. night. That sensual attraction I mentioned above seems almost “destined” now – or, a pay raise or career plum might arrive. DON’T start a creative project now, nor “rework” an old one. Tackle chores Saturday.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Remember, Taurus, don’t start significant projects or relationships before May 22. Don’t buy anything significant, either (including clothes – they’d sit untouched in your closet for the next decade). Instead, reprise past projects/relationships, or use your alertness and “spidey sense” to keep ongoing situations running smoothly. (E.g., order extra supplies so you don’t run short next week, or re-confirm meetings times, etc.) Chase money Sunday – pay neglected bills and collect what’s due you. If you need work, contact former employers this day. However, act AFTER 10 am (PDT) not before. You might engage with an old flame this month – if so, he/she might appear Monday mid-morn to Wed. afternoon (lucky, good future auspices, except noon to 4 pm PDT Tues.). He/she might also appear very late Fri. night, or Saturday, when your creative and romantic juices are running high – however, luck is nowhere, sex won’t happen, and deception or illusion could “set you up” for future frustration. (In case I forget to mention it next week, Sunday, May 15, will be the opposite – splendid for love, relating, romance.) Timing is everything. Earlier, Wed. mid-afternoon to late Friday pm brings domestic concerns: family, garden, security, food and shelter issues. This is a good, strong interval. If you have your own family, love is deep, secure. If you’re single, love might arise in a destined way.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, start nothing new, especially in governmental, background, health or institutional zones. In fact, you might have to redo or clean up some neglected or mis-formed government-related chore – e.g., restate your income taxes, or redo an application you forgot to sign. Work to protect ongoing projects, agreements and relationships rather than attempt to form new ones. An old flame doesn’t exactly appear, but you might, if single, be interacting with a former spouse, or a former friend/social group that “contains” this person. (This influence began mid-April, lasts to May 27.) Hard to advise here – this relationship, if renewed, could lead to frustration (due to the male’s – yours or his – lack of sexual confidence; or to the female’s criticism of the male, which brings the same result). But it could also involve someone who is a very viable mate for you. Wait until June – then you’ll know where the future of this link lies. Your energy and charismas remain buoyant Sunday, but act after 10 am PDT if you want success. Money, shopping, sensual (but light) attractions fill mid-morn Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. DON’T  buy anything important, nor seek new money – instead, collect old debts, and pay ‘em. Someone who “secretly” admires you might prove to be a big ally in home, domestic, or real estate zones. Errands, paperwork, communications, media and short trips fill Wed. afternoon to late Fri. night. These run smoothly. Again, someone hidden, or in the background (or in government or an institution) seems to do you a huge favour, perhaps in the financial or critical health zone – you might not see it. Be home, in the ‘hood Saturday. Get plumbing fixed; don’t over-run the bath tub. Mostly fine!


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

A month of fun and flirtations, Cancer! Protect ongoing projects and relationships, and/or reprise those from the past. But don’t start new, important projects or relations before May 22. If you’re unemployed, contact former bosses, and/or assume a former career role/talent. A former flame might appear. If so, he/she is a chatty, restless type, but one interested in “settling down.” This person will probably be met through a mutual friend or in a group – a friendly romance. (Friendly romances often make the best marriages.) Lie low, rest and contemplate (don’t plan) Sunday. All’s well, but don’t get into a confrontation over a job. Your energy and charisma soar mid-morn Monday to mid-afternoon Wed. (PDT). Get out, mingle, impress people – especially members of the opposite sex. Romance and socializing are favoured, lucky. Pay neglected bills and collect money Wed. afternoon to late Fri. night. But buy only routine items, groceries, etc. Again, this is a lucky interval – for, again, love and friendship. “Destiny” is working behind the scenes. Errands, paperwork, details, travelling and communications fill Saturday – proceed slowly, realize you’re a bit fuzzy mentally, might make a mistake in addresses, etc.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Take a break, Leo. Although you’re in an ambitious period this week and next, new projects begun now will tend to fail, so you’re on “watch duty” rather than “active duty.” Means watch and protect ongoing ventures, but use a light touch. Be willing to stand back and rest up a bit while work activities just roll on by themselves. (But be ready to jump in with the solution if that activity meets an obstacle or other problem. Higher-ups will be watching this.) A former career role might call you. Praise, that was lost in the rush, could now appear. Sunday’s happy, buoyant, friendly (at least by noon onward). Retreat from the hustle and bustle mid-morn (PDT) Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Rest, contemplate, renew your charitable and spiritual feelings, but don’t form future plans (they’d change). A job might be distasteful Tues. afternoon, but this day might also spring generous rewards, especially in career and income zones. Smile at every VIP. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed. afternoon to almost midnight Fri. Get out and about, mingle, impress others. You’re the leader now, but don’t lead others into new ventures. Again, your career-work-money luck is high, almost “destined.” (Or, “destiny is catching up,” as this reward might well come from the past – a past feat you performed?) Deal with money Saturday: shop only for routine items, pay old bills, and try to collect old debts. Beware con artists.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing new before May 22, Virgo – especially in legal, publishing/media, far travel, educational, love, and social ritual zones. (E.g., not a good time to schedule/plan a wedding.) These interests form the major focus of this week and next – and your luck is unusually high in these zones, also. However, instead of launching new adventures, reprise past projects and relationships, or protect ongoing interests from mistakes, misunderstandings, wrong information, delays, supply shortages, etc. An old flame might appear – the present week is chock-full of fortune in love – five of seven days contain a lucky love aspect. A destiny aspect hovers, also, Thurs./Fri. If you’re single, it’s almost as if fate brings an old flame close. Renewing a love affair now might land you in church (mosque, synagogue, city hall) later. Be ambitious Sunday, without starting anything. Or, just enjoy it when the waiter calls you “Sir” or “Ma’am.” Optimism, popularity, social delights, flirtation, friendly romance and entertainment fill a happy Mon. to Wed. afternoon. Love and understanding blossom, but so does a certain suspicion. Retreat Wed. afternoon to late Fri. night – rest, contemplate, be spiritual, charitable – contact the government or other institution to clear up something. Luck remains high; destiny mighty bring you word from another country, a major, life-affecting insight/understanding, school admission, or love. Your energy and pizzazz soars Saturday – but there’s little to act on, so save your energy for the following Sunday (May 15) when you’ll make a powerful, beneficial impression.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A beautiful, and perhaps profitable week, Libra. Until May 22, stay alert, protect ongoing projects from mistakes, shortages, false starts and delays. Don’t start new ventures or relationships. If projects or relationships arise from the past, you can safely reprise them. A very sexual (as opposed to romantic or marital) former flame might reappear any time this week – it’s almost as if fate wants you to confront this again. (Maybe you didn’t make a solid, firm choice, first time around.) If you’re single, and so is the other, this can be a rewarding re-bonding. Besides physical gratification, the “reward” might be that this attraction somehow solves a domestic problem you have, or grants you a “shelter.” (Or helps you land a government plum.) Sunday’s thoughtful, compassionate, ends with love’s tenderness. Be ambitious Mon. mid-morn (PDT) to Wed. mid-afternoon. This isn’t the right time to launch a project nor hire new help, but bosses will be noting your actions anyway – so be duteous, show off your skills, above all make sure the machine (your part of it) runs smoothly. Your luck is smooth, good – you might have to fend off your family’s pleas Tues. afternoon. Hopes, optimism, joy, popularity, entertainment and friendly flirting arise Wed. afternoon to almost midnight Fri. Life almost “parades” sexy people past you, like a banquet. Be moral, choosy. If an old flame, and all’s copasetic, then dive in. Retreat, rest, contemplate, and avoid new commitments Saturday.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, start no new projects nor relationships, and buy nothing major, before May 22. Meanwhile, protect ongoing projects from delays, supply shortages, mistakes and misunderstandings. Double-check appointments. If an opportunity arises from the past, grab it (during this very lucky week) – but if it’s a brand new opportunity, consider it false. You might revisit, even relocate to, a nation or neighbourhood you’ve been in before. Many single Scorpios (and some married ones) will run into an “ex” or someone who seriously excited you in the past. It’s almost as if the cosmos wants you to “walk through it again,” to see what a good thing you left, or, what you wisely ended. It’s likely the former, as sweet love – even destined love – aspects are scattered through this week like shiny stones at the seashore. If you’re married, embrace your spouse – or beware. Sunday’s filled with sexual desires, but favours only work. Sweet, gentle, compassionate love arrives Mon. mid-morn (PDT) to Wed. mid-afternoon. So do: far travel, religion, philosophy, higher education, social and cultural venues, legal matters and international affairs. It’s a great interval to solve any former problems in these zones, though you might face a wee moral dilemma Tues. afternoon. On the other hand, a major wish could come true! (Involves money or possessions – and affection/agreement.) Be ambitious Wed. afternoon to late night Friday – but start nothing big, new. Instead, show your skills, and maintain present goals, performances. Those who face you are not enemies – in fact, they easily morph into allies, even mates, even lovers. Up to you. Saturday brings happiness, social joys, entertainment (movies worst) optimism, and flirtation. (Reject one who flirts this day, accept Sunday, May 15’s flirt.)


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remember, Sage, start nothing new, form no new bonds, make no new commitments, and buy nothing major before May 22. (Clothes are major, vegetables are not.) A former job might return – grab it if you need it.You felt so romantic, so brave and sexy in April, but that’s all slowing down now. A lover might be growing inward, or you or he might lack sexual confidence. Be patient; this will pass by either late May, or the last day of June. (Depends on your bond: if open, friendly, late May; if primarily sexual, late June.) Sunday brings relationships – good for a quiet talk or some gentle fun with a loved one, AFTER 10 am PDT. Be curious, delve into mysteries Monday mid-morn to mid-afternoon Wed. You could discover a financial plum, grab a pay raise, or find out someone (e.g., your ex? a present employer?) has a lot more assets than they admitted. You might receive a medical diagnosis. But remember, nothing NEW, including investments and financial programs. A wised, mellow, gently loving mood floats through you Wed. afternoon to late night Friday. This interval is packed with good luck – in work and career areas. A long-overdue reward, promotion, praise, pay raise, whatever, might come now. Love can blossom with a co-worker, but for how long? (And how awkward will it be after it ends?) For some unique Sages, true, destined love might arise now (if, for instance, you have an earth or water rising or Moon sign). Otherwise, far travel, legal affairs, intellectual pursuits and media interests blossom these few days. Be ambitious Saturday. If at work, show your skills. If at home, attend a neighbourhood gathering. But don’t expect big results.\


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start nothing significant before May 22. That includes purchases, commitments, projects and relationships. Sign nothing. Use the time, instead, to protect ongoing projects (from delays, supply or personnel shortages, etc.) or to reprise projects/relationships from the past. If you are presently in a romance, this week will thrill you with love’s luck – Monday right through Friday. If you’re unattached, one of the better romances of your life could re-ignite now, as a past love “wanders in.” Much of what happens to us in life is our own doing (much as we might deny it). Just so with a possible old flame – if you truly want him/her and it, this old flame will flare into new, solid (perhaps even destined) life. But if you quibble with this gift, if you’re sceptical or half-hearted, you’ll likely lose it. Sunday’s for chores. Just plod along and do them. Relationships confront you Monday 11 am (PDT) to mid-afternoon Wed. Luck abounds; old wounds can be healed, affections restored. One who faces you Tues. afternoon is dressed not in enemy’s armor, but in wedding clothes. Life’s mysteries surface Wed. afternoon to late night Friday. So do sexual desires, power urges, and financial impulses. Be careful, now is not the right time to commit yourself irrevocably. On the other hand, good luck literally pours these days – and you could meet your destined love (again!) – and intimacy is not denied. Saturday is for intellectual pursuits, travel, media, gentle love, compassion – but maintain a wee scepticism toward everything you see/hear.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Take a break, Aquarius. You can’t accomplish much before May 22, you’d be wise not to start anything new and important, and the general influence is one of rest and recovery, home, kids and parents, garden, retirement, security, etc. (Especially avoid new starts in renovations, landscaping, etc.) You’ll gain much more, overall, from staying at home and parenting than from running out into the world to compete in career or other prestige zones. Even if chained to your workplace, use the two weeks ahead to maintain order, keep projects on track, etc. That said, the present week is splendid – soothing, lucky – like a nap under the shade tree. Sunday’s romantic, good for seeking beauty, pleasure – or playing with the kids. Tackle chores and protect your health Monday mid-morn to mid-afternoon Wed. You’ll get lots done – plan your approach, gather all necessary tools, and read instructions three times before you start. (A wee rest break all Tues. afternoon isn’t a bad idea.) Some good money fortune seems to hover around your home, family – perhaps an inheritance, perhaps your property value’s up, whatever. (If a realty purchase “returns” from the past, grab it – this applies Mon., Tues. to noon (PDT) and Thurs./Fri.) Relationships excite Wed. afternoon to late night Fri. Be diplomatic (small, nit-picking arguments possible) but also be eager to pluck the luck – it mostly occurs in the home, family, but also involves government or background areas. Saturday’s for sex and “big money” – and if you chase either, you could finish frustrated. Be cool, let the world filter in. Look beneath the surface.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Start nothing new, Pisces, neither projects nor relationships nor significant purchases. For example, if you buy a new car this week or next, it will probably prove to be a lemon. (I’m a bit conflicted in writing this, as your luck in cars, land travel, communications, errands, paperwork, and sibling relations is sky-high this present week. This good luck is best, or most “workable,” if you pursue past projects/people, or stick closely to ongoing ventures begun earlier in the year or in other years. It’s at its lowest level if you chase brand new initiatives.) An old flame doesn’t really seem like a big possibility (as it is for some other signs) – but the weeks ahead encourage and support partnership or marriage with a former associate or lover. So look (now to September, actually) for any opening to form a bond. Others will be your best source of luck and prosperity. Be restful, putter around home or the neighbourhood, make small repairs, hug the kids. Monday mid-morn (10:30 am PDT) to mid-afternoon Wed. brings passion, beauty, instant pleasure, charming kids, romance, and risk-taking urges. (Avoid re-working anything creative – wait until late June.) A “marriage opportunity” might occur, perhaps with an old but casual friend. Tackle chores Wed. afternoon to late night Friday. Protect your health; eat and dress sensibly. Almost everything goes well, though there might be several mailing, computer, bus schedule or other minor snafus. These are hugely outweighed by the good luck in friendship, mating, communications and short travel. (The bad luck brings delay or disagreement; the good luck lies in affections and attraction. So an email might get lost, but it contains a sweet message.) Saturday brings relationships. Even if you ask someone for a date, and are flat-out refused, you’ll feel better, more solid and human than if you’d never asked. (Sunday May 15’s better for all relationships, if you want to wait.)


The End.

(Sorry, no Afteramble.)