WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 12 – 18, 2019

     ~ Desiderata

“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM Daylight in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. Note: these time differences can be affected by different adoptions of Daylight — for example, until Britain switches to Daylight, their zone is only 7 hours past PDT. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING: 5:25 am to 9:22 am Sun., 10:19 am to 11:51 am Tues., 2:37 am to 2:26 pm Thurs., and 2:11 pm to 6:21 pm Sat.


England’s royal baby born 5:26 am BT May 6. Might look at this wee Taurus next week.
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Soon, I might alter this weekly column to run from Friday to Thursday, versus the present  Sunday-to-Saturday format. This way, you can look at your weekend first. Soon — not yet.
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I’m withdrawing all forecasts of the 2020 U.S. elections, re: Booker, “Butts,” and Biden. I said before I wouldn’t predict this one (mainly ‘cuz I’m too involved, which will obscure my sight) — so I’m sticking with that, at least for now.
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My spidey sense says sell the stock market. (Sorry this is a bit late. The nudge to sell came in mid-late April, but I was busy and ignored it — well, I hinted at it earlier, writing that “these heights make me giddy.”  I’ve lost about 4% since then.)
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There is some chance that Jupiter will bring mild deflation, in the sense that it will make materials, copper, gold, silver, more abundant and available, therefore lower in price.


ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Let money be your main focus, Aries. Buy/sell, seek bargains, ask for a raise, seek more work, etc. Your money luck has quietly improved. Ditto your sensual scene: Lady Luck favours you, mildly but sweetly, optimistically. (Someone you chase will cheer you up.) Wednesday starts six weeks of developments on the home front: you will either be busy here, or temperamental.

Plunge into chores mid-morning Sunday to noon Tues. You’ll get a lot done, can find better employment. (Predawn Sun. is romantic, loving.) One caution: Tues. morning’s a bit hasty, accident-prone. Don’t buy machinery this day.

Relationships face you Tues. noon to Thurs. afternoon (PDT). For a few years, obstacles have littered your relationship picture. This continues (the “obstacles” come from your own ambitions, mostly) but you can make progress to about Wed. suppertime. (Best progress: in money, home and gov’t zones.)

Dig deep Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. — a “treasure” awaits you in sex, intimacy, research, big finances (investments/debt) and medical and lifestyle decisions. A money surprise might a put a smile on your face! Good time (Fri.) to ask for a pay raise, or to boost your fees, or invest in your career. The gov’t favours you — so do agents, advisors, “head office.” Saturday night — love, knowing.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your energy and attractiveness remain very high, Taurus — in fact, they’re climbing. (Someone is attracted, and leaves little clues here and there. If you’re single, think hard.) Your charms (or “good hair days”) actually strengthen and deepen now into early June. Wednesday ends a money streak (to you and through you) and begins 6 weeks of wanderlust — and a pile of communications with gov’t bodies, head office, agents, advisors. Don’t speak or write impetuously during this time— think first.

Sleep in Sunday. Late morning Sun. (PDT) to Tues. noon shunts you into welling feelings, romance, creative surges, sports, beauty, pleasure — express yourself! A splendid interval — but don’t invest nor push for intimacy Mon. night, and beware a money trap Tues. morn.

Tackle chores Tues. pm to mid-afternoon Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Much goes well, but it’s not a good time to daydream, nor to deal with lawyers, media, school or international affairs/travel.

Relationships fill Thurs. eve to Sat. suppertime. Thursday can be disrupting or fascinating due to a “new face.” Friday flows beautifully: love exists, and if single you could meet a very viable mate prospect. More “love surprises” Sat., maybe a gush of emotions. This night? Sexy — or financial.

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remain restful, quiet. Ponder and plan. Be spiritual, charitable. Only 8 more days until your energy shoots upward — what you “store” now by resting, will increase your effectiveness later this month. Your dealings with head office, banks, gov’t, agents and advisors have turned positive, will grow more so this week.

Wednesday begins a 6-week streak of money — much will come, and much will go (if you let it, or have a stack of new bills). Ironically, though your sexual magnetism wanes (during these 6 weeks) your interest in sensual embraces increases.

Sunday starts with talk, a short trip, it morphs into domesticity, family, Mother Nature, security concerns, nutrition, repairs, gardening, etc. —until midday Tues. This interval flows well, you can accomplish much, but avoid a domineering attitude (and fires) Tues. mid-morn.

Passion, beauty, pleasure and self-expression fill Tues. noon (PDT) to mid-afternoon Thurs. Unfortunately, sex doesn’t accompany romance, and profit doesn’t accompany investments, so go slow in these. Research hits a temporary wall. So do nothing significant, life-changing, but do enjoy love, the poetry of life.

Tackle chores and protect your health (through good habits) Thursday afternoon to Sat. suppertime. Thursday’s a little disruptive or surprising, but Fri. and Sat. boost you to new accomplishments. Now research goes very well, and finances hold hands with good fortune. Someone in the gov’t, at at “head office,” favours you. Relationships, opportunities Sat. night.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your social circle is expanding — make contacts “permanent” — i.e., write down phone numbers, etc. This is a happy, hopeful week — even when obstacles or problems appear, they won’t dent your good mood. Wednesday starts 6 weeks of determination, courage, perhaps a bit of impatience/temper, and sex appeal. Mostly, this affects your career or social status.

Have a good breakfast Sunday morning. Before noon, into midday Tues., you will be moving swiftly, to mail, visit, handle paperwork, call — all easy but necessary chores. Good luck accompanies you, except Tues. morning, when friction or conflict arises. Someone who challenges you this morning “holds the aces” — has the advantage over you, so don’t rise to the bait.

Steer toward home, hug the kids, greet Mother Nature Tues. noon to mid-afternoon Thurs. Difficulties might arise in marriage, business partnerships, public dealings or relocation themes, esp. Wed. night and pre-dawn Thurs. (PDT).

Passion, romance, self-expression and creativity, beauty and pleasure visit you Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. Thursday night might be a bit disruptive, but might also bring a new, interesting type of person. (Already, your new magnetism shows, in a glance, a flash.) Friday is made for love… you can discuss (or simply see/think) love in many forms, from different angles — all favourable. If you’re on the verge of it anyway, Friday’s excellent for proposing marriage. Saturday — a new love? Or a new wrinkle? Emotions might peak. Saturday night — work.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The general focus remains on your career, social status, prestige relations, ambitions and higher-ups. This zone has grown in luck over the last 2 weeks (even as it gave you problems) so march forth confidently here, at least before mid-week. Wednesday starts 6 weeks during which you might become involved in a legal, publishing, far travel or educational scheme or situation involving hidden allies, gov’t, head office, agents, advisors, or large corporations (e.g., IBM). During these weeks (to July 1) avoid tawdry places and belligerent people.

Sunday morning finds you still full of energy and pizzazz. Chase money this morning to midday Tues. Your luck’s good. But Tues. morning warns against wishful thinking. Don’t mix money and friends, money and ethics, nor money and media/publishing.

Errands fill your hours Tues. noon to mid-afternoon Thurs. This interval isn’t so easy. You want to do paperwork, be on the phone, be off travelling — but “non-cooperation” from machinery or health or work demands can slow you down Wed. night, pre-dawn Thurs.

Steer toward home mid-afternoon Thurs. to suppertime Sat. Hug the kids, fix the stair, dig the garden. Your family is warm, welcoming, and you get work done with aplomb Thurs. pm — though this night can briefly cause a tug-o-war between home and outside interests, esp. ambitious ones.

Friday is packed with gratifying progress, talk. If you’re a young couple and seeking pregnancy, this is the night to — you know. It’s also a great time to study finances, invest, decide — involve spouse if married. Also, you could snag a work plum or knock on an inspiring career door, right into Saturday daytime. Saturday night? Romantic. Dream, express yourself!

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The last week of intellectual, mellow pondering, learning, travel and gentle love, Virgo. (I don’t mean love ends, because any love we experience is never lost, but also because love goes through moods, and the “gentle mental” stage is ending now. Next stage: social or “fun love,” to come in late June/July.) This mental/gentle zone will become even sweeter (though less powerful) from Wed. onward, for a few weeks.

Wednesday also ends 6 weeks of impatience and temper from higher-ups, and starts 6 weeks of assertiveness (and, oddly, secrecy) in social realms. During this time, you’ll be sexually attracted to someone you meet in a group. You might also hold “group sessions” to plan skullduggery, or investments or financial plans or future building of — anything! And, *sigh* orgies are possible.

Sunday starts tired, but you perk up by midday and stay energetic, effective and charming to midday Tues. Start something important, be a leader, ask favours and make contacts — this is your time to shine, but more importantly, to shape (y)our world. Caution Tues. mid-morning (PDT) — bad investment/financial actions, lust denied, “secrets revealed” are untrue.

Pursue and handle money noon Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs. Buy, sell, butter up clients, firm up your fees, etc. However, avoid romance, creative urges and speculation — these will hamper your efforts, esp. Wed. night/pre-dawn Thurs. Not the best time to buy machinery, car, etc.

Errands, easy chores, casual contacts, travel and communications fill Thurs. afternoon to Sat. suppertime. Now good luck returns. (Notice how good and God are just a circle apart?) Thursday night might surprise you a bit, but could bring a new friend, an entertainingly, mildly madcap person. Friday’s blessed for relationships. If single, you could meet a future mate. (Or you could see two friends become entwined, lighting your heart.) By Saturday, love is in the air. This night: home.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sex, secrets, power moves, financial actions, research/investigation, medical and lifestyle decisions — and, overall, changes —fill 9 more days, Libra. (Through May 20.) Be honest and moral, and the best will come. A sensual affair quite possible, esp. after Tues. into early June.

Wednesday starts 3-4 weeks of financial luck, not so much in earnings, but assets. This day also begins a 6 week streak of intensified career/status influences, during which bosses (and judges) will display impatience and temper. Be diplomatic, and long-suffering. On a positive note, these 6 weeks present opportunities to climb the status ladder, some of them involving (temporary or permanent) partnership — but don’t START a love partnership during this time.

You wake with optimism Sunday morning (North & South America) but slowly grow thoughtful, tired and unambitious — to Tues. noon. Relax, ponder where you’ve been, how you got here, and how to get where you want to be, geographically, financially, maritally, etc. This is a splendid interval for interfacing with large corporations, your admin. dept., civil servants, agents and advisors (yes, psychics too — but find a real one, not the charlatans that populate Toronto’s storefronts). Excellent time to research, to find investment opportunities.

Your energy and drive (and charm) return Tues. noon to mid-afternoon Thurs. You’re the leader, you’re decisive, so get things done. (There’s lots of things you could “fix” involving your domestic situation.) Best Tues. pm and Wed. daytime. Careful Wed. night, wee hours Thurs. — barriers are “soft” (i.e., mostly unseen) but strong and deep.

Pursue $ Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. Buy/sell, seek pay raise, inch up your fees or find new clients, search for bargains, etc. — you’ll succeed! Good talk with your boss if you initiate it early (2:30-3 pm PDT). Sensual vibes, too — esp. Thurs. night and/or Sat. morning, when a surprise attraction could occur. (A surprise to you, too, that you’re leaning in a new direction, romance-wise.) Your work efforts succeed very nicely Friday. Saturday night — friends, trips, talks.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

One last week of open, “public” relationships, Scorpio. (Late May and June will bring the hidden or private side of these.) These relations have already grown “interesting,” but now (Wed. to early June) they grow affectionate also. For “relationships” you can substitute “relocation,” “public dealings,” “opportunities,” negotiations, agreements, contracts… as well as “challenges,” “enmities.” Considering the last two, be diplomatic — and, to gain in general all week, be co-operative, a “joiner.” (Boy, is that enough quotation marks?)

Wednesday starts a 6 week streak of mental work. Strictly avoid lawsuits during these weeks.  (Unless you’re a lawyer, in which case your work expands.) Your job success might hinge on far travel, publishing or the media, your educational achievements, or your cultural “wisdom.”

Sunday morning might begin with sober ambition, but it quickly morphs into happiness, optimism, fun and friends. And this lasts to Tues. noon. Jump into life, into groups and flirtations. Two minor cautions: watch spending Mon. night (Tues. morn in Europe, afternoon in China) and avoid machines, arguments and lust Tues. morning.

Seek solitude, rest and contemplation Tues. pm to mid-afternoon (PDT) Thurs. Communications and travel face barriers (or bring mistakes, criticism) Wed. night into pre-dawn Thurs. Relaxation and thinking your best stance. Wednesday starts several weeks of affectionate relationships. (While Thurs. night and Sat. morning show another side: that affection is mixed with surprise, unpredictable emotions and reactions — these, surprise, et al, will affect your relations for 7 years.)

Your energy and charisma return in a nice surge Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. You can win, esp. Friday, in romance, beauty/creativity, and partnership agreements (love or business). Saturday night: money, easy but unloving intimacy.

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of drudgery, Sage. Might as well plunge in and get those chores done. Your workplace has grown livelier in talk terms. Wed. onward (for 3 weeks) your workplace will also grow affectionate. A friendly romance with a co-worker possible. (But wait for late May, June to make any commitment, as “big stuff” might be waiting for you.)

Wednesday also ends 6 weeks of intense relations with any/everybody, and begins another 6-week streak, now of sexual, financial, medical and research intensity. You’ll want to gamble on a major commitment during these weeks — careful, think twice before acting. Could be good! This week, dress and eat sensibly.

Sunday starts with mellow contemplation, but nudges you into ambitions by mid-morn (PDT) to noon Tues. Charge ahead, make proposals to bosses, seek an audience with a VIP, start work projects, ask for more responsibility. Good fortune rides with you. One caution: avoid conflict, argument or a romantic foray Tues. morning.

Your hopes rise Tues. pm to mid-afternoon Thurs. You’ll get a mild but good boost in popularity, optimism. A wish could come true, a flirtation might blossom. However, be cautious with money and possessions — and avoid “second best” or the “easy” route in lust, esp. Wed. night to pre-dawn Thurs.

Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. Examine how you got here, and where you want to go, and begin to form plans. (Partly because June will bring new opportunities.) Beautiful progress/luck Friday, esp. in real estate, family, and security zones, and in food or shelter purchases/expenses (e.g., plumbing, furniture, groceries) and work/pay zones (ask for a raise or write a proposal with one object: more income). You might have to adjust Thurs. night or Sat. morning, as disruption, personality eccentricities mingle with work and financial situations.

Saturday night, your energy and charisma begin to return.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

It’s your last week (and a bit — to May 20) of romance, passion, joy with children, creative urges, gambling/risk-taking, pleasure and adventure. And in many ways, it could be your best week. From Wed. onward to June 8, these affairs, esp. romance, get an additional boost of affection and “lucky ease.”

Wednesday also ends 6 weeks of intense work, and replaces it with 6 weeks of intense relationships. During this time, realize discretion is the better part of valour. Be diplomatic, know others might have a hair-trigger temper. You might end a relationship, business or love, before July 2. Still, this is a great week — you’re riding a winning streak.

Sunday starts deeply, mysteriously (or you’re sunk deep in sleep) but by mid-morning you’re shunted into a mellow, understanding mood, perfect for dealing with religion/philosophy, far travel, higher education, media/publishing, legal, scientific or cultural situations — and love. You seem to have a “magic touch.” Careful Tues. after dawn — avoid belligerent people, machines, driving carelessly.

Your career and social status become prominent Tues. noon to mid-afternoon Thurs. Alone among all the other signs, you might have no problem at all — just work hard, be ambitious, and avoid nay-sayers.

Your heart lights with optimism and you feel more popular Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. Expect social delights, entertainment and flirtations (which can deepen to real romance). Love, beauty, pleasure hold a surprise Thurs. night and Sat. morning/daytime — there’s a different kind of person, or you feel differently about love — it’s lighter, friendlier, but also unpredictable (to 2026).

Friday opens the door to successful communications, a great trip, an expression of love. Say what’s in your heart: good results.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains on home, family, real estate, security, premises, nutrition and Mother Nature. Indulge any sleepy feelings: this is your natural “hibernation” phase — until May 20. These zones — home, etc. — grow more affectionate and fortunate from Wednesday to June 8. A love affair might quietly ebb to make room for another, to arrive soon. Or, you and your beau might decide it’s time to co-habit. Wed. also ends 6 weeks of “love’s talk” (or writing, or visiting) and begins 6 weeks of intense work. Protect your legs, shins and ankles, all 6 weeks.

Sunday starts with relationships — open, cheerful, co-operative — but it soon shunts your interactions into a more private arena, Sun. mid-morn to noon Tues. So attraction might become intimacy; business agreements can lead to actual funding; opportunities demand that you grab them. Chase these semi-hidden things — deep, good luck rides with you. A great little interval to invest or visit a debt counsellor. Secrets abound, so investigate. Be careful Tues. morning (after dawn) — drive carefully, avoid romance and arguments, be safe with machinery.

A mood of loving wisdom steals over you Tues. pm to mid-afternoon Thurs. There’s some nice stuff here, but problems can arise with gov’t, head office, career/reputation, so proceed carefully, esp. Wed. night to pre-dawn Thurs.

Your career and reputation, social standing, ambitions and prestige relations come into focus Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. You might encounter a surprise opposition to your ambitions from your home front Thurs. night, and something similar — but sweet, gratifying — Sat. morning. Great inspiration, Sat., about a home decoration, renovation project.

Friday’s great — you can solve a money problem (or simply find more $) and can also solve a thorny domestic or realty problem, or communicate with a therapist, nurse, gov’t, head office, advisor or agent — fortunately. Saturday night — hopes rise!

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Errands, easy chores, trips, visits, messaging, casual contacts fill this week too (like the last three — but now these become more rushed, and more friendly/fortunate). Be curious, ask questions, scan the media. Wednesday to early June brings affectionate friends, love notes, travel for pleasure.

Wednesday also ends 6 weeks of domestic squabbles and starts a 6-week streak of intense passion, romance, fine creative furies (as Shakespeare said), risk-taking, beauty and dealings with children. You might spend impulsively on love, luxury items or for pleasure. Be a little conservative.

Sunday morning holds chores, or your health/energy is a bit dampened. But this day soon morphs into relationships, a trend that lasts to Tues. noon. Generally, this interval is very fortunate — you can find a mate, find agreement, deal successfully with the public, grab a relocation or other opportunity. Be gracious, co-operative: others are the key to success. You might also meet an “enemy” Tues. morning — avoid conflict; this fight isn’t worth the rather empty prize.

Life’s deeper side emerges Thurs. afternoon to suppertime Sat. Dig deep — treasure exists, waiting to be found. That treasure could be a research finding, an investment or financial situation, sex/intimacy (the real treasure is pregnancy) or a coveted lifestyle. Decide between a casual friendship or a deeper, more profound bond — this might come up Thurs. night or Sat. morning.

Friday’s very good: you find inspiration, can buy a great video device, could hear from or contact a favourite teacher, social group or friend/lover. Dreams of far travel or academic success can come true, if you start this day. Find the perfect “legal angle.” Saturday night — ambitions, social standing.



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  1. 8ofhearts

    Hey Tim,
    Why are Libras not supposed to START a new romance for the next 6 weeks?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, 8ofhearts,

      ‘Cuz Libra’s marriage planet is “square” — or in bad aspect until July 1. It does, tho’, support a purely ambitious marriage (status marriage).

      Cheers, Tim

  2. shelly h

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your weekly readings. Truly valued!!
    You write of major commitment possible for Sag. Would you say financial or “personal”. I’m looking to sell my place and buy somewhere else, and possibly with someone else. Waiting to see what’s in store for me.

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