WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 5 – 11, 2019

     ~ Desiderata

“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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START NOTHING: 8:10 am to 8:40 pm Sun., 4:50 pm Tues. to 2:06 am Wed., and 7:06 pm Thurs. to 6:14 am Fri.


OKAY, got that off my chest. (And wiped the self-pity off my forehead.) The real reason I have thought of ending this column was that I wanted to give more time to my short stories. Also, I can’t seem to stop railing on about politics, esp, U.S. politics. But a solution might arise: someone is going to try to split this blog into three separate (tho’ linked) sites: astrology, politics (and social comment, etc.) and fiction, so you can visit what you’re interested in. But the real problem is time — I don’t have enough of it.

Okay, one last parting shot: some argue that DT did obstruct justice, according to the strict letter of the law. But there is no strictly-adhered-to law in the United States: it simply doesn’t exist. In case Judge Nap and others haven’t noticed, America is a collection of mafias, each competing with the other. Prosecutors lie and discriminate, send their political enemies to jail, and judges hand down sentences with no uniformity/regularity at all. They let Hollywood stars go, while their police kill blacks who are selling cigarettes as a way of begging a few more survival dollars.

When you live in a mafia, when the law is simply a cudgel to beat “those we don’t like,” then you have the right, the inalienable human right, to disobey legal bullying.

Agh, enough!
***   ***

Remember when I was talking about universities and how low could they go, or what “bad thing” could attach itself to them next? Well, now two universities in California have been shut down due to measles outbreaks there. Think about it: the anti-vaccine lobby is strong in universities. Just think about that for a minute.
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The money theme continues, Aries. Focus on the solid things of life, things you can feel in your hand: possessions, sensual clinches, facts and figures, money and earnings. Re: sensual clinches — DO NOT chase someone this week before Saturday. It’s a tough call: a new love would 1) be loving, romantic, approved by all, and 2) simply will not work long-term, perhaps due to sexual developments. Live in the sweet immediate surface of life.

Until mid-May, you remain restless and charming. You could chat someone up and find yourself in a friendly romance. Former travels, or recent ideas about school, travel, media and cultural venues might return over the 3 months ahead — deep in these might lie a lucky “treasure” for you, so keep the faith.

Most of Sunday has little effect or permanent result, although an “adventure” or sudden event might occur, esp. if you’re travelling. Could be violent, could be lucky. Hard to tell. This night through Tuesday brings travel, talk, visits, new contacts, paperwork and easy chores. Be quick, light. Avoid romance.

Steer toward home, at least in your heart, Wed./Thurs. Again, not a good time to pursue love. (And don’t chase a business or other partnership, all week to Thursday. Not a good week (before Sat.) to negotiate, offer, or seek agreement. That said, Wed. flows beautifully, so does Thurs. morning. Background, gov’t, and security matters flow well. You might need to make a tough or crucial decision Thurs., pre-dawn Fri., about home versus career, or spouse versus — ?

Friday dawn (PDT) sparks romance, creative and gambling urges, beauty and pleasure. Though you do face a couple of brick walls Fri., Saturday’s good, esp. late at night.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your energy and charisma remain high, Taurus. It’s your month to launch ventures, gain followers and allies, make new contacts. You’re the leader now! (When launching, remember that your major good luck this year lies in finances, investments/debt, research, “treasure hunting,” sexual intimacy, lifestyle decisions and medical procedures.)

This week, for the first six days, something brews in the area of secrecy, gov’t contacts, management, institutions, that conflicts with your sense of right and wrong. Stick with “right,” even though it might seem to cost you in the short run. (Next week onward will offer much better roads, choices.) Money continues to flow your way to mid-May, but watch spending!)

Your energy’s high Sunday, but not much gets accomplished. Just enjoy attention and give it to loved ones, friends. Great day, say, for a ball game. Athletes/assertive types spar with others of the same ilk. Walk around an argument, rather than engage. Earnings, purchases, clients, money fill Sun. night through Tues. Don’t take liberties with the truth. Sensuality rewards/ satisfies, but not until Tues. pm (PDT). (“Just friends” earlier in the day.) You might be “shown cold reality” by a person or event.

Errands, visits, calls, paperwork and easy chores fill Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s fine, smooth, affectionate — and a dream/wish might come true. Thursday’s more difficult. Sex might be okay early, but your “hidden desires,” though perhaps fulfilled, will run against your morals. Maybe trouble in spouse-land.

Settle into home, kids, spouse Fri./Sat. Friday contains a few misdirections or unexpected disruptions (maybe pleasant ones) but it ends with peace and “goodness in the soul.” Saturday might open the door to sensual intimacy, but better choices are: investments, finances, research.

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Continue to lie low, rest, ponder and plan, Gemini. Don’t bother chasing love or sex this week — at least not before Saturday. Your sexual magnetism remains high until mid-May, but the social interactions that lead to love are blasted the first 6 days of the present week. (The danger isn’t so much that you’ll be rejected, as that you’ll be “half accepted.”) Walk, talk cautiously.

You remain hopeful and optimistic, although you ran into a “stopper,” a barrier to your (financial or sexual) hopes last week. This week presents another two “stoppers”, this time more in the arena of love and creativity than in finances. Others remain open, attracted to you all 2019 (one example, Sunday’s sudden “spark”) but this faces a few hurdles in early May.

Rest, contemplate, recharge your batteries Sunday. This night through Tues., your energy rebounds — but use it cautiously. DON’T invest , at least not before Tues. daytime. Someone excites you Tues. pm! Chase money, seek bargains, try to boost your earnings Wed./Thurs. This goes well Wed., even into Thurs. morning, esp. if your career or employment is involved.

Again, be careful with money/investments/debt — and sex and secrets — esp. Thurs. It’s odd for some singles: you face the best mate prospect in many years, yet something about the sex or marriage part gives you pause — and should. Listen to your calmest, bravest self. Not a good Thursday to start a fight or challenge.

Errands, messaging, light, swift chores, paperwork, travel, casual friends — these fill Fri./Sat. Though various niggling obstacles dot Fri., Saturday, especially this night (PDT) leads, after a wee bit of stress, into a grand opportunity to join forces, marry, start a business partnership, etc.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Wishes can come true in May, Cancer, but not likely this week (before Sat.) if your wishes relate to love, romance, career, status and prestige, co-operation, opportunities, and partnership (and relocation, and fame). Instead, these lovely things can trip you up. Last ten days of protecting yourself, guarding against physical harm — this trend ends May 15. If you are making big wishes, focus them on work and health — your two “luckiest” zones in 2019.

Sunday daytime is social and happy, but nothing really permanent comes. Protect yourself (this afternoon, PDT) against physical violence. Join no armies! You’ll grow tired easily Sun. night — through Tuesday. Rest, contemplate, make plans, be charitable and spiritual. Avoid seeking romance, partnership, etc. You might face a brief choice, Tues., between your duty and your job.

Your energy and charisma bounce back beautifully Wed./Thurs. This is a good time to start things, take significant action, and stand up for yourself. Work flows splendidly. But avoid love, and don’t seek co-operation, as others have their own ideas, directions. Be diplomatic but strong.

Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients or nudge the boss for a raise Fri./Sat. But not before      1 pm PDT Sat. Friday irks you with a snag or two, but Saturday sails splendidly, esp. for shopping, money chores. (Not for romance, really, unless your prime motive is security.)

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Be ambitious all week, Leo — but realize you’ll face at least two choices between work or “loving friendship” (or other joys such as learning, travel and intellectual pursuits). It’s not work particularly that you should cultivate or improve now, but the prestige, the contacts and status of your position. Talk to the boss. But yes, do give work/career priority over social fun or love — for now.

Sunday finds you ambitious, but without a firm handle on anything; as a result, little is accomplished (unless you begin in the wee hours). A major spark could ignite love, but its future is doubtful. DON’T fall in love or start dating before Saturday (week’s end). Social joys, optimism about the future (and about your career) surge upward Sun. night through Tues. Flirtation (careful!), entertainment and all-round joy visit you. You might be deceived about sex or an investment. Work fights fun. All ends happily (or with self-indulgent anger) Tues. pm.

Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Wed./Thurs. Your energy and charisma fade. It’s a great time for true love — at least to Thurs. morning. But, again, work (and/or health, or the family) “fights”  love, mostly Thursday. A good time to feel sensations, not to commit due to them. Be charitable, merciful, say hello to God.

Your energy bounces back Fri./Sat. — charge ahead, start significant projects, call in favours, impress the boss(es). Realize, Friday, that the ground rules have changed; your career’s future success will depend on relationships and your people skills. Work hard Sat. — it will reward you later. This night is made for love!

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your intellectual, broad-vision side blossoms, Virgo. Pursue intellectual, travel, religious/cultural, media/publishing, and love goals. Higher-ups remain temperamental, impatient until mid-May. Sexual intimacy, financial developments/action, and lifestyle or medical decisions appeal to you, but they ran into some obstacles last week, and will again this week (esp. Tues. and Thurs.) because your deeper trend, or subsurface river of desire, runs counter to these.

This deeper “force” lies in your creativity, romantic leanings, love of children, and/or your pursuit of beauty and pleasure. (We sometimes think of these things as frivolous, but they are an essential “driver” of life. E.g., if we felt no romance, we’d probably not marry, have kids, etc.) I’m not advising you to plunge into creativity, speculation, romance, et al, but to recognize that these factors might cause more lust-power-financial-lifestyle drives to fizzle and pop, rather than lead to strong results.

Sunday daytime might hold a romantic or travel or conversational opportunity early, but mostly yields little. A sweet, thoughtful, mellow day, tho with a potential event that makes you ponder the question: do I pursue home, or career? (Home is the answer.)

Those impatient higher-ups might make an appearance Sun. night through Tues. so proceed cautiously but with a sense of humour. A “partner” might not co-operate. DO NOT start a new love affair this week. Give the boss (or a VIP) an eager “yes” Tues. pm.

Hopes, wishes, optimism, popularity, social delights and general joy visit you Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s lovely. Thursday’s mixed. It offers you good luck and bad. Still, romance, light or deep, hovers around you.

Withdraw Fri./Sat. — find a quiet place, ponder, pray and plan. Friday’s a bit tough, but Sat. opens the door to real estate luck (2019’s best realty year in the last 12) and gratifying displays of affection at home.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Life’s filled with secrets this May. Secret treasures, secret desires, secret contacts… yet your greatest luck in 2019 involves communicating, telling, revealing. For best results, dig deep, investigate these secrets, then “broadcast” them (anything from radio/TV/internet, to quiet one-on-one talks.

You might make some good investments this month, but probably not this week, as the financial trend is 1) too early, and 2) conflicts with your domestic situation or need for security. One investment trend starts Monday, and one next week, May 15. Until the 15th, continue to avoid lawsuits. Same period, you might be dealing with themes of marriage and weddings — and/or far travel, higher learning, and cultural venues. You’ll likely notice that your creative and romantic “moments” are subtly tied to the secrets or investigations mentioned above.

This sensing of depths continues Sunday, but little comes of it. You might engage in a significant conversation or meeting. Sunday night through Tuesday lights your intellect, sends you searching (perhaps only in your thoughts) for ideas, answers, and promotes far travel. Careful Mon. into dawn Tues. — eat, dress sensibly. DO NOT fall in love this week (before Saturday) nor start dating. You might very much want to, Tues. pm, Wed. morning, but problems, rather than happiness, await you here.

Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. — you’ll progress beautifully Wed. and early Thurs., especially in work. But your success has a glitch, too — your home, family might “fight” your outside ambitions, all Thurs. Joy, social delights, rising popularity, optimism and entertainment visit you Fri./Sat. Friday needs a bit of caution, especially if you seek intimacy. Saturday lifts you on the wings of travel, friendship!

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships remain your top priority, Scorpio. Some of this is lust/intimacy, some is simply workplace pleasantry, but a major new note also enters (has entered, and will affect you until 2026). This new note will end some relationships, swiftly and irrevocably, but will also spark new ones — with unusual, challenging and amusingly mischievous people. However, this is NOT a good week to fall in love nor to start dating. It’s also a time to be careful with your communications, which can cause awkwardness at work. Instead, look for opportunities in money zones.

Sunday daytime has a strong relationship tone, yet little substantial comes of any meeting or agreement, unless you start/reach it before 8 am PDT. Despite this, a sudden monetary or sensual urge/spark can draw you and someone swiftly together — or apart.

This night through Tuesday fills you with deep urges, for lust, power, finances, lifestyles — your hand will be on the fulcrum of change, should you decide to act. However, be cautious: deception or frustration exists in romance, work relations and practical zones to Tues. morning. Tuesday daytime holds solid opportunities, esp. in money large and small.

A sweet, gentle, loving mood steals over you Wed./Thurs. You feel tolerant, you understand how/why the world works. Wednesday’s great, for intellectual, legal, travel and publishing projects — and for love, by the time you enter Thursday. (A brilliant money idea/stroke, too.) Still, be careful mid-morning onward: relationships are intense, but as likely to create a separation/disagreement as a bond. Be ambitious Friday (wee glitches) and Saturday (potentially big money strides).

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Work, work, work. Ah, well, you might as well plunge in and get it done. Eat and dress sensibly to keep your health firm. Work has taken on a new tone, to last until 2026: it will involve much more paperwork, communicating, travel and camaraderie than in the past; will be more interesting and unpredictable, and require more technology.

Relationships remain enticing and potentially intense. Some Sages are just now meeting/dealing with a future mate. However, be very cautious with romance this week — there’s great stuff, but also “shut down” vibes. (Both occur in one instance Thurs. morning.)

Sunday holds chores, but not much of value gets done, unless you start before 8 am (PDT). You could face someone exciting (and he/she thinks you’re the same) — but it could be angrily or affectionately. This night through Tuesday increases the relationship trend — be co-operative, diplomatic yet eager. (For a hint, read Gemini’s message.) Monday into Tues. dawn (PDT) needs care: confused disagreements, cool rejection possible. Tues. afternoon could spark sudden attraction.

Life’s deeper side emerges Wed./Thurs. Your subconscious rises to the surface, enhancing your intuition. Lifestyle choices, lust, finances, investment/debt, and medical decisions prevail. Dig deep, investigate. Wednesday’s great, everyone/thing co-operates (Thurs. morning too) — family, real estate, and self-expression are blessed. But most of Thurs. holds problems, dilemmas of choice — go slow, esp. in $ areas.

A mellow, far-sighted mood steals over you Fri./Sat. You’ll need some of that mellow wisdom Fri., when work, health or machinery disruptions occur. But Saturday’s splendid — not for man-woman stuff, but for all the things you love: far travel, other cultures, social rites, learning, philosophy, etc.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Sweet romance plays in your thoughts, but DON’T fall in love nor start dating this week. Results would disappoint you. Also, not a good week to redecorate, renovate or buy a property. Work remains intense, but only to May 15.

Sunday’s romantic, but little transpires of any permanence, unless you’re wooing before 8 am PDT (4 pm Europe, 11 pm China). A surprise “expansion” of work might occur. Sunday night through Tues. brings that very thing: work — and health and machinery themes. Careful Mon. to dawn Tues. — a “beauty” or pleasure idea involving your home/family coincides with difficult communications and possible (self?) deception. The rest of Tues. is fine, for work and money.

Relationships face you Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s splendid — a loved one agrees, and opportunities arise involving work, gov’t, agents/advisors, and your home. These “blessings” continue to Thurs. morn, but just at the height of luck they (esp. your home affairs) quietly conflict with your hopes and dreams, or with your social circle. For instance (an extreme example): you set up a children’s garden party, then all your biker friends from a past life show up. Some serious partnership developments might occur Thurs. — could be great, could be not! Be diplomatic, co-operative both days.

Mysteries enter Fri./Sat. Finances, investment/debt, sexual urges, power plays, medical or lifestyle decisions arise — so does your intuition, so follow its soft nudges. Friday’s difficult; Saturday’s fine, good, fortunate!

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The main focus now to May 20 lies in your domestic sphere, Aquarius. Recent romantic intensity lasts until May 15. However, the present week up to and including Friday isn’t the best one for romance (esp. new romance), as beauty and affection struggle with fate. It’s complicated. Monday starts a month in which you’ll find love at home, and your creative, decorating or similar ideas involving the home will be good ones. But again, it’s better after this Friday.

Sunday’s very domestic, but without a lot of permanent effect. Best approach: relax, rest, ponder life. A wish about romance, creativity, sports/games, or pleasure could come true. But remember, a brand new love, if sparked now, will contain many complications.

Sunday night to Tuesday brings even more of this bliss-stuff: romance, beauty, creativity, etc. But the future of any love started Mon. to Tues. morning will probably disappoint. Tuesday pm promotes romance, thrill and adventure.

Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat and drink sensibly. Wednesday’s fine, your earnings/money luck is good to excellent, up to Thurs. morning. A wish could come true, perhaps via a special message. But it’s complicated — a boss, parent might disapprove. Careful what you say/write, esp. around civil servants. The rest of Thurs. needs caution, esp. in work, around machinery, etc.

Relationships fill Fri./Sat. Friday’s disruptive, holds barriers, but Saturday’s great — for practical co-operation, partnerships to suppertime, then for socializing, flirting, chasing love, this night.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

It seems like a contradiction, Pisces, but it’s true: during the weeks ahead, you’ll be busier than usual, yet more relaxed than usual. (Because the chores are, though numerous, easy — and they don’t involve big consequences.) More and more, until 2026, you will be talking/writing/ reading about background areas, maybe spiritual zones.

Your home remains a bit fractious, friction-prone, until the middle of next week (May 15) — you might be spending more than usual on your property or children. Be cautious all week (to Friday) about this and other spending, esp. on machines, beauty.

Sunday finds you restless, talk-and-travel prone, but little of permanence occurs. You face a career-vs-domestic choice. Sunday night through Tuesday deepens domestic concerns. Relax, ponder. Don’t mix friends and money Mon. to Tues. dawn. Reality bites. Domestic and career scenes both flow well Tues. daytime (PDT).

Passion, romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and risk-taking urges draw you Wed./Thurs. Wednesday into Thurs. morning is splendid — what you want suddenly seems in reach, and others “lean your way.” But it’s not a good time to start dating or to seek new love. From mid-morn on, Tues. teases you with pleasure and social joys, prospects.

To work, Fri./Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. Friday’s a bit disruptive, but Saturday succeeds — perhaps immensely. Someone “above” (e.g., your boss) approves of your efforts — and will reward, if you’re cheerful and assertive.



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