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Where can you get an 8% per year “dividend” that is absolutely safe? The banks give under 7%. Bell Media, the “widow’s stock,” yields only 7 %, and its price has fallen about 20 % in the last half year. So where is this dividend gold mine? In the Canada Revenue Agency (the taxman). The CRA is presently charging 9 % interest on unpaid taxes. That’s bad. But they pay interest on overpaid taxes at 8 %. So just deposit, say, $ 100,000 in your CRA account, and collect $ 8,000 per year. (Taxable, unfortunately.) Refuse automatic deposit/withdrawal at your bank, so the CRA, if they want to “pay you out” early, has to send a cheque in the mail. Just don’t cash the cheque. “Sorry, never received it.” Or, hold the cheque until it’s stale dated (6 months) then ask CRA to res-issue it. Meanwhile, it’s earning interest. If I’m in jail next week, it’s because Trudeau didn’t like this item.


In the 1980’s I forecast that Vancouver would “burn” sometime in 2023, 2024 or 2025. I have often contemplated withdrawing this prediction, as it seems unrealistic, to say the least.

I was going to withdraw this augury in 2022, but then Mission, a Vancouver bedroom community, was pressed by a forest fire. So I stayed silent. Then, I pondered withdrawing it again in 2023, but that summer forest fires reached Lynn Valley, a part of North Vancouver, and much closer to the city (perhaps 5 or 6 km away). Now, this winter of 2023/24, I again thought of withdrawing it, but the news is reporting that all the mountains around Vancouver are dry, with the dirt not even covered with light snow. The media’s worry is drought, and less water for the city (which usually drinks the melted snow). But this also sets up conditions for fires. So, I’m not withdrawing that prediction.

I suspect my intuition might be true, but in a much lighter and more “spread” manner than I thought — two forest fires near the city’s borders. In a more general way, forest fires in B.C. (and Canada) were the worst in history in 2023. (In fact, this winter, about 100 forest fires are still burning.)

So maybe my prediction should have said: “fire is around in 2023-24-25.”


I told you Bitcoin would rise. It’s at $ 63,000 as I write this.


Told you the economy would be okay (when everyone was fretting about a recession) — fourth quarter GDP growth 3 + % in the U.S., 1 %  in Canada.


Told you inflation would “abate.” Latest stats show an ongoing decline in inflation (not in prices…)





aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Remain restful, Aries. Inspiration lies within. Contemplate and plan, liaise with such background players as civil servants and admin, and be karmically aware and generous/forgiving. Three more weeks of this. You are starting to generate new wishes and hopes and plans/goals. These might seem temporary, but in truth these new wishes are the very beginning of a 20 year trend in which such factors as finances, death or transformation from one life situation to another, research, sex, and medical matters will evolve very strongly to colour your whole life — in an ultimately fortunate way. So now forward, embrace the mysterious and half-hidden — treasures lie deep. Sunday’s for wisdom, philosophy, gentle love — but it’s filled with obstacles, mis-readings. Early afternoon Monday to Wednesday suppertime (PST) brings ambition and career challenges — you’ll sail through these with ease! Friends, popularity, flirting, optimism and social delights fill Wed. eve to Friday eve. Frustrations exist, so don’t proceed recklessly (tho’ Friday morning’s sweet). Friday night, Saturday are for rest and quietude.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Wishes can come true, Taurus! At the very least, you’ll enjoy a heightened popularity, friends and social delights, flirting, optimism and entertainment over the next few weeks. Joined to this, your sexual self is stirring, and is very lucky. So are your investment and other financial goals. Commitment leads to favourable consequences before mid-March — but not so much Sunday, early Monday, when lust, power desires, financial actions, and medical and lifestyle decisions arise powerfully, but need some caution. Intellectual, legal, travel and media mix well with your tolerant, broad views Monday afternoon to pre-suppertime Wed. Gentle love wins. You might even give your heart to someone. Be ambitious Wednesday night to suppertime Friday — press ahead, you’re fortunate in career, prestige relations. Happiness, popularity, social joys fill Friday night, Saturday — Sat. night best, as this daytime is fraught with accident potential, stress (yet still, you stay happy!).


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Be ambitious, Gemini. The three weeks ahead, emphasize your career and social position, your worldly status, and prestige relations. Work hard, and take into account that much of your career or ambition progress now to 2025, can depend on your research or your ability to commit, especially to commit money or equity. Some Geminis will, during these 2 years ahead, become intimately entangled with a boss or VIP. Now, through May, take care of any health conditions. This is your chance to solve what might be a long-standing condition. Sunday to Monday noon features relationships — proceed cautiously, be diplomatic, smile. Finances, secrets, research, medical ands lifestyle questions arise midday Monday to suppertime Wed. (PST). All signals are “GO,” so dive in. (Remember the ambition link, as above.) A mellow, tolerant, understanding and gently loving mood comes over you Wednesday eve to suppertime Friday. There’s love here, and attraction (until mid-March) but this interval could strain or blow a relationship apart over “unrevealed secrets.” Saturday’s for ambition, better late afternoon onward.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Tendrils of lust, power-hunger, major finances, medical and lifestyle commitments remain until mid-month, Cancer. These are highlighted Wednesday eve to early suppertime Friday, but be cautious — obstacles lie in “temperament.”  But the broad trend has switched to more intellectual, educational, legal, travel, media and philosophical realms. A connection formed in these areas could prefigure marriage or co-habitation. You could fall in love before April. Your social, flirtatious, optimistic side continues to blossom — make, cement friendships before late May. New groups you join between May 2023 and late May 2024 can benefit you for years to come. Tackle chores Sunday and Monday to “late noon” (PST) — eat, dress sensibly. Monday pm to early suppertime Wednesday brings exciting meetings, opportunities —say yes, join, welcome others — good results! Saturday needs care — drive carefully, and keep opinions quiet.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The main accent continues on mysteries, intimacy/lust, power motives, commitment and consequences, medical and lifestyle issues, and changes, Leo— biggest, most obvious change might be to your job or duties. (These are emphasized — with a cautionary note — Friday night and Saturday. Be aware of disruptive possibilities. Winding through all this (to mid-March) is a powerful relationship “event” or tug. The combo of the two might bring a sexually or financially based bond, one that can continue for at least 2 years, and probably has a connection to your work or health situation. (Remember, your career or status prospects are very lucky before late May.) Romance tickles your fancy Sun./Mon. (There might be a suspicion or illusion.) Tackle chores and maintain good health habits Monday pm to early suppertime Wed. — dive into work, good results indicated. Wednesday eve to suppertime Friday brings relationships, excitement, opportunities, but a lot of jumbled disruptions also. Caution over impulse!


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Some chores are left dangling from December/January, Virgo — take care of them before mid-March. (Might involve a co-worker affair/attraction.) But the general current brings relationships, opportunities, public appearances and relocation themes. These swell late week, Friday night into March 10; however, advance cautiously to Saturday afternoon (PST) then plunge in later Saturday well into Sunday. Somehow, these opportunities/relationships are connected to romance or a creative project or a sports/games situation. Through 2025, romance and partnerships are connected like a cosmic horse and carriage. Meanwhile, Sunday and the first half of Monday (PST) focus on your home, family, security, food — all okay, but not a good time to seek agreement with spouse, other partner. Monday pm to early suppertime Wednesday blesses you with a romantic, creative, sports or pleasure “winning streak.” Tackle chores Wednesday eve to suppertime Friday — go slow, think things through. Gov’t might contact you — avoid if you can.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main emphasis lies on chores, dependent’s needs, and your daily health, Libra. It’s “drudgery time” for the next 3 weeks. Ah, well, just bend your shoulders and get it done. An important chore might lie in your home or in the domestic arena. A strong but minor streak of romance, lingering from Dec./Jan., prevails until mid-March, bringing welcome relief from your work. If you’re unattached, unclaimed, a co-worker romance might begin (but it probably won’t have a long life). Errands, calls, paperwork fill Sunday to midday Mon. Think before you speak, write. Your domestic situation calls Monday pm to early suppertime Wed. (PST) — answer the “call” — fortunate results. (Great time for example, to buy furniture or program the kids’ futures.) Romance, creative urges and games draw you Wednesday eve to Friday suppertime. Go slowly, as disruptive influences are at play. Same Saturday, tho’ work has replaced romance.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Ah, sweet romance! Your creative, loving, talented, sports/games inclinations, and the pursuit of pleasure and beauty — all these bless you for 3 more weeks, Scorpio. Take advantage, don’t “wait” — if you are unattached, your relationship/partner prospects are super-lucky through late May — only 12 more weeks, so get going! A secondary focus on home and family/security (now to mid-March) might hold back or undercut your romantic or other adventures — or it could create a “back yard affair.” Chase money, but be slow to buy, Sunday to midday Mon. Errands, communications, paperwork and travel call you Monday pm to late afternoon Wed. This is a very smooth, fortunate interval, so act w/o hesitation. Your home, family, security, stomach, soul and Mom Nature figure prominently Wednesday eve to suppertime Friday — aspects are a bit “iffy,” so proceed with mild caution. This month’s main event, romance (or creative surges, etc.) blossoms Friday eve through the weekend — wait until late Saturday or the following Sunday to approach, start, woo.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent continues on home, family, nature, rest and contemplation, Sage. But some errands, contacts, trips and paperwork keep you restless, unable to just “sink into” rest. Over the 2 years ahead, you and property and money will be inextricably linked — and weighty. Make conservative choices in this arena. Your work is expanding, especially on the communications and paperwork side. By April, this expansion will grow almost hectic, and yet filled with friendliness. Sunday to  midday Monday brings energy, charisma and effectiveness — but situations don’t always co-operate. Chase Money, buy/sell, engage in casual sex, memorize something, Monday pm to early suppertime Wed. — dive in, your luck is good! Wednesday eve to suppertime Friday brings errands, calls, trips — be careful, as accident potential (including saying the wrong words) is high, right into Saturday. Friday night, Saturday, bring you “home,” to rest, family and nature.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

Life is filled with communications, paperwork, errands and trips, Cap — for three more weeks. A “side influence” steers you toward $, casual sex, and rote learning, until mid-month. (Might be worth starting a couple of small initiatives — remember, this area is fortunate, even bountiful now, for you.) You might be running domestic errands, or talking about home/family-related plans. Lie low, rest and plan, deal with gov’t and head office, but gently avoid meditation or contacting your spiritual self, Sunday to midday Monday. (Illusion hovers.) Your energy, clout and charisma rise strongly Monday p.m. to early suppertime Wednesday. A great little interval, to launch projects, seek agreement, or simply welcome friends and impress people. That dollar, casual sex, and rote learning influence comes running in Wednesday eve two separate Friday — but it encounters disruptions, even to Saturday. Best time: Friday morning (PST). Friday night and Saturday bring in this month’s main focus on errands, communications and paperwork. (Save your best for Sat. eve and Sunday, March 10.)


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

The main accent remains on earnings, buying and selling, possessions, rote learning and casual intimacy, Aquarius. None of these will occur effortlessly or as an easy win — they involve work, esp. if gov’t or a big company is involved. A “sub-influence” still imbues you with romantic “desirability” — others are attracted, but only this week for sweet affection, and only to March 22 for assertive “chasing.” Some of you might be wrapped up (fortunately?) in legal matters, esp. around the home. Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights visit you Sunday to noon Mon. Monday pm to late afternoon Wednesday brings solitude and rest, but also very accommodating circumstances. Press your case with gov’t, head office or health (or any) institutions: you’ll get something! Your energy, charisma and clout soar upward Wednesday eve to suppertime Friday. There are successes here, esp. in building something, but also disruptions, so keep a cautious eye out. Friday night and the weekend bring this month’s main theme: $, memory and sex. Wait until Sat. eve and Sunday to pursue it.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re on top, Pisces! Your energy, clout, charisma and ingenuity are at a yearly peak. Friends are communicative, and you might hear secrets from the past (or gossip). You’ll feel more conservative, sober and practical this year and in ’25 — but this very “seriousness” can make a major life wish come true. Until March 22, avoid belligerent people and dangerous places. If you’re an athlete, you shine. Be ambitious Sunday to noon Monday: higher-ups are watching. Social delights, popularity, wishes coming true, optimism, flirting and entertainment lighten your heart Monday pm to Wed. suppertime. All signals are green, so dive in! Make and accept invitations. Retreat, find quietude, rest, ponder and plan Wednesday eve to Friday suppertime. Disruptions and “nerves” affect this interval, even to Saturday, so proceed with caution. Friday night and Saturday feature YOU — you get your way, can start new projects, gather allies — you’ll ride a winning streak, but it’s best Sat. eve through the weekend, not earlier.




Way, way back, when Covid first started I mentioned here in this column that there was a government lab in Winnipeg, Canada, that was also working on the bat virus and was coordinating with communist China.

Now, a mere three years later, the government is charging the scientists (mostly ethnic Chinese, though Canadian citizens) in this Winnipeg lab with some form of espionage for sharing their information with the China communist party.

Gee, truth/justice takes a long time — and often a regime change.


Norman Mailer, an Aquarian, a prominent writer from the 1940’s to 1980’s, once opined (I’m paraphrasing) that the U.S. would remain vital and relevant (my words) forever, because it was constantly undergoing revolution. His essay, “White Negro,” reflects on today, DEI, wokism, etc. Here’s a quote:

“…these have been the years of conformity and depression…we suffer from a collective failure of nerve. The only courage, with rare exceptions, that we have been witness to, has been the isolated courage of isolated people.”


Biden’s great great grandfather, a drunk who stabbed another man repeatedly,  almost murdering him, was pardoned by Abe Lincoln. Funny how things, positions, stay in the family.


Why get upset about all the Chinese nationals sneaking across the U.S. southern border? Their leader is in the White House.


Several months ago the woke mob (and Biden’s corrupt DOJ) began to persecute Elon musk, because he stood up for free speech after he bought Twitter. Biden and his demons were upset that they could not control Twitter any more, so they started throwing phoney lawsuits at Musk, a la Trump.

Now Elon’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? His standing up for free speech on Twitter.

A man who bought 10 shares of Tesla, which have risen from $ 200 to $ 2,000 (with splits) is trying to sue to prevent Musk from receiving a bonus from Tesla for his accomplishments (including raising the stock price by 1,000 %).


In North America, maybe worldwide, we have a beautiful ideal of children born from love. This is probably, perhaps, partly, a fantasy — or over-optimism. Probably half of all babies are born from lust, and the other, half from couples united in love. Even in this loving half only a certain portion will copulate in a moment/minute of “happy love.” Many copulating couples, on that fateful night, will be in love, but in the throes of unhappy love, or of struggles in compatibility or in understanding. The child born of lust will probably be aggressive, thoughtless, instinctual. The child born of unhappy or puzzled love, will lead a puzzled/ing life. Only happy, unselfish couples will have children, wise or slow, strong or weak, who are nevertheless balanced and loving, and destined for a happy life. Of course there are exceptions, maybe large ones, but I think the trend prevails. Remember — is it Deuteronomy? — that “the sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons, and on their sons”(implying forever).

If I am at all in the ballpark, with the speculation above about half of our babies, being born from love, and half from lust, then abortion has actually provided a benefit to humanity. (Providing you believe loving, kind people are better for humanity’s progress than selfish, harsh people. I don’t, particularly — much of our world’s PHYSICAL progress has come from rude, pushy, narcissistic, aggressive people — the kind born of lust. Even the most evil of men, Adolf Hitler, was in many regards, the spark that led to huge advances in radio, radar, astronomy, nuclear energy, medicine, weapons of war, and air travel, and space exploration.)

Here’s how: If we assume that half of all babies are born from lust, the overwhelming portion of abortions should emerge from lustful couplings, from a moment’s temptation to thinking, I don’t want to live with THAT GUY, to actual rape. Let’s assume that all babies born from love are birthed, but that abortions reduce the number of babies born from lust regretted, to half. This means that we have moved, since the 1950’s, from a condition in which half of all people emerged from lust and its aggressive attributes, and half from love, to a state in which three-quarters of all babies are born from love, and one-quarter from lust. That portends — is already effecting, evidenced by wokism, DEI, etc. — a huge change in humanity itself.

If the amount (cache) of loving people swells to 3/4ths, the prevailing consciousness will tend toward love (as a broad, very general concept) more and more. (As 3/4 breeds, and 1/4 breeds, soon the 3/4ths will expand and the 1/4n lose ground. This could be a good or a bad thing. I fear an emasculated society, an over-sophisticated, pampered, cowardly society might emerge. And cowardice breeds mobs, and mobs act unjustly.) Now, although I do believe this is the way humanity is developing, carrying these amounts and portions as I’ve presented them can lead to a logical conclusion that, I suspect, is demonstrably wrong. Here’s why: if the lust parents opt for abortion in half of pregnancies, they will soon provide only 1/2 of 1/4, or 1/8th of babies born. Next cycle, 1/2 of 1/8, or 1 in every 16 babies born, until lust-born babies disappear in short time. It’s been almost 3/4 of a century since the 1950’s — and statistics will probably show abortions are as numerous as ever. This could be a sort of peak hump, for such generational changes take time; still, it’s been 60, 70 years since abortions began, and I suspect there has been no marked decline, esp. since Roe v. Wade was first adjudged. It might be that the decline rate in lust-born births is much slower than the “halving” I was using. The rate of abortions might also fluctuate with conditions: war, anxious populace, economic blows, judicial threats and actions, population growth… Another factor is that some portion of the love-born, as adults, will bend toward lust. Lust is, literally, a force of nature, and will call to love- born adults also. This will slow the “love children’s” conquest of those lust-born. I still think the process occurs, and that abortion has caused this change, a seminal change for humanity. It would probably take 600, a thousand, maybe more years to approach critical mass. Perhaps we never will totally eliminate lust; but perhaps we will. (*) It depends largely on personality, on character accumulated over time by the broad current of the populace.

(*) We can’t use the infinity argument here — that one can endlessly divide an entity — because there are a limited number of human beings.

If you tend toward love, and forgiveness, mercy, compassion sympathy, empathy, and also feel financially fine/secure (because loving families are probably wealthier overall — which doesn’t necessarily mean what its seems to) if you tend this way, then (like most Millennials and Gen alphabets) you support climate change theories, and don’t care if your actions hurt the economy or the military, you are “woke” and sensitive to micro-aggressions and subconscious racism. You empathize with the illegal immigrants, you believe in inclusion (except where Jews are concerned) and diversity (sometimes with whites excluded). You’re going up on the economy and the American dream. More than half of Gen Z’ers, by survey, expect to rent all their lives, abandoning the American dream of home ownership. Every generation makes a statement. For Gen Z’ers, the statement/trend is “actively” being unemployed, ghosting job interviews and/or not showing up for the first day.

I’m running away from my point, which is that much of the wokism and border laxity, etc.,  comes from, is a natural reflection of, this fairly dramatic turn in humanity. (As you probably know, I think we are all “angels in incubation,” working our way slowly to pure angel hood.)

Lust is not evil, not even a sin, except a religious and societal one. I doubt that any true spiritual energy would disdain it, for one simple reason: we were meant to feel lust. It was given to us. Every animal, even every flower, lusts for its mate, for how else would anything reproduce? (Yes, there are asexual, or self-sexual organisms, but a coupling of two very different animals or flora, to reproduce the world, is much more in tune with our world, which seems to operate on a see-saw of opposing forces, good/evil, slander/truth, tin/yang, etc.)

In all this, I’m assuming that the spiritual “world” created our earthly world. (I believe our earth IS the catholic “purgatory.”)


One of America’s top forensic psychiatrists, Lyle Rossiter, M.D., described Barack Obama’s mental state as “Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder.” Like I said, Loki.