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It is possible that Biden is refusing to give up the helm of the Democratic Party because he wants a second term to deepen and harden his pushing of the US into his dictatorship? His efforts toward totalitarianism in this first term, while alarming, have also been little bites here and there, hidden bites, because he wants a second term, in which he will be far more adamant, dictatorial and “mad.”


I first knew Barack Obama was dirty when he tried to put both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden in prison for the crime of revealing secrets that should never have been secrets.


Now the U.S. State Department (Antony Blinken, Biden’s henchman) has issued a directive to all state employees, to NOT speak, write or use the words son, daughter, mother, father, husband or wife. This is obviously to further Joe Biden’s pedophilic push to rob everyone of their sexual (and now familial) identity, in preparation for — what? 


Seen on the Internet:  “Someone should tell the Biden administration that 1984 was not an instruction manual.”


Ah, well, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. (Desiderata)




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Retreat from the hustling fray, Aries. The next few weeks serve you well, if you stick with quietude, rest and contemplation. Liaise with gov’t and head office. Study your own management talents — they represent a doorway to possible promotion now to 2026. It’s a good time to apply for courses in management, etc. Despite your low energy, friends and lovers are drawn to you, and you to him/her/them. A romance is quite possible, esp. if you attend social gatherings. In your planning, concoct a scheme to earn more $, or to gain that possession you’ve wanted. Sunday’s for work. Monday to twilight Wednesday brings relationships — iffy Monday, great Tuesday, “cementing” Wed. Life’s secrets, the door to the subconscious, financial situations, medical and lifestyle decisions, come Wed, night through Fri. — successful Thurs., not Fri. Saturday is for sweet woolgathering, not for practical actions.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Wishes can come true, Taurus! The few weeks ahead increase your popularity and optimism, bring flirtations and other social delights, and basically keep you in a buoyant mood. Additionally, you are quite lucky now (to late May) in sexual, intimate, financial and lifestyle zones. A “friendly romance” could lead to a deeper, serious bond — even pregnancy. Bosses remain impatient, critical until mid-March. (A boss might be having an affair, or have a romantic eye on you — be receptive but careful.) Sunday’s for love, creativity, charming youngsters, esp. early morning (PST). Tackle chores and eat/dress sensibly Monday to Wed. twilight. Relationships and opportunities (or opposition) Wednesday night through Friday — Thursdays good, Friday’s difficult. Saturday? Secrets, sex and “pots of gold” entice, but are filled with ashes, or dirt — wait for a better time.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Be ambitious for the few weeks ahead, Gemini. Bosses, VIPs, are watching your performance. You’re a natural manager now to June, but you’ll morph into Indiana Jones, or Irina Jones, June this year to June ’25, when a spirit of adventure and luck grab you (and bring one of the more fortunate years of your life). But for now, work hard. For two years, do NOT quit a job unless you have a better one to go to, and do NOT be fired for cause. Either way, you would be negatively impacted for quite some time in employment areas. Just bend your shoulders and get the job done. Your path to higher wages/position will be through a “behind the scenes” door, which might involve investment, commitment, research, even a lifestyle change — but strictly avoid collusion (which might well be offered). Sunday is for home, family. sweet, romantic notions fill your thoughts Monday to twilight Wednesday. These hit roadblocks (and a solution) Monday, succeed best Tues. Tackle chores and protect your health Wednesday eve through Friday. Thursday’s successful, Friday not so much. Saturday’s for exploration, relationships — and “unworkable” opportunities. (Don’t commit!)


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A fine mental mood flows over you for a few weeks, Cancer. Love might lead to partnership. Your thoughts will be slow, but sure and organized. This is a good time to travel afar, or to undertake legal, educational, media, international, religious or philosophical projects. If you wed before June 2025, the marriage will probably last a very long time. (Similarly, but not so strongly, September ’25 through January ’26.) Socially, wishes come true until late May 2024. A deep well of desires continues to grow until mid March. This might spark a deeply sexual bond; if you are already attached, be a saint. Friends, contacts, paperwork, errands Sunday. Don’t forget your wallet. Be home, with family or in nature, Monday to twilight Wednesday (PST). Tuesday’s best for action. All’s well. Romance swells your feelings Wed. night through Friday. Thursday’s great (for creativity, sports and kids also) but Friday’s difficult. Tackle chores Sat.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Life is a mystery, Leo. Your intuition is high and accurate. You might receive prompting from your subconscious or your dreams. You face themes of medical and lifestyle exigencies, large finances, lust for sex and/or power, and a need to dig deep to research, for the gold lies semi-hidden. Thus the few weeks ahead. Simultaneously, a mutual attraction is sparking between you and another. (Perhaps this is a repeat.) This could lead to serious consequences, even marriage and a mingling of finances. Now through 2043 your relationships, from casual contact to destined mate, will include just that — a thread of destiny. The best partnerships will include security, and a source of “nurturing.” Be willing to let poor relationships dissolve. Sunday’s for money, shopping. (Avoid water-related purchases, e.g., houses with leaks, cars, pools, plumbing, etc.) Errands, calls, paperwork fill Monday to twilight Wed. — Tuesday’s best, for action and “love notes/gestures.” Head for home, family, security and rest, Wednesday night through Friday. Thursday’s great; Friday’s difficult. Saturday’s for gentle love, law, intellect, travel, learning.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships determine the course, Virgo. Be diplomatic but eager to join over the few weeks ahead. Opportunities, perhaps at a distance, and public appearances will add to this. However, some (or one major) tasks remain to be completed now to mid-March — a co-worker romance might be involved. You are still “fated to win” in lawsuits, higher education, far travel, publishing/media and “gentle love” for 3 more months. (I used to be 12 months…time passes.) At last, a partner, spouse, or other speaks, says what he/she thinks. Now (to March 9) you can negotiate. Your charisma and energy are high Sunday: approach someone. Chase $, buy stuff, Mon./Tues. Casual intimacy Tues.? Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips fill Wednesday night through Friday. Thursday’s good, Friday not so much. Home, kids, security, food, mother nature, rest and contemplation Saturday.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Slow but steady, Libra, as the weeks ahead emphasize work, health, co-workers, machinery and tools. You’ll succeed, but slowly, esp. if you’re trying to build or repair something on the home front (or moving into a new office). Some relief from drudgery comes from a lively romantic streak that winds in and out through your days until mid-March. You have lots of luck in the sexual zone also, but somehow romance and intimacy might “disconnect” from each other. You might have two “prospects,” one from romance land, one for sex. Sunday, rest, contemplate4 and plan. Your energy and clout surge Monday to Wed. If starting anything, do it early Tuesday morning (before 10:20 am PST). Buy, sell, chase $ and “easy conquests” Wednesday night through Friday. Thursday good, Friday tough. Saturday’s for errands, communications, paperwork trips. 


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You will ride a wave of good luck in general for the next few weeks, Scorpio. Your romantic, creative, inventive, and adventuresome side emerges. Plus, you will be at a 12-year fortunate peak in relationships (until late May) — which can cause love, but also can offer opportunities. Only one caution: be diplomatic, as others have quick tempers now. Your home/family continues to drape its robe of duty over your shoulders. Be gentle with kids. Sunday’s for wishing, social delights, flirting. But retreat Monday to suppertime Wed. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. If you need to contact gov’t or management people, Tuesday before 10 am PST is best. Your energy and pizzazz bounce back Wednesday twilight through Friday. Usually, this is a great time to state your case, launch projects, get your way. Thursday aids this, while Friday fights you a bit. Chase $, buy/sell, even try a little casual intimacy, but make no long-range commitments. 


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent continues on your domestic situation for the next few weeks, Sage. It’s time to improve your security, plan the kids’ futures, renovate and repair, buy furniture, whatever — and time for a rest, maybe a restful vacation, or a nature hike. A busy secondary thread of errands, communications, travel and paperwork continues to mid-March. This might be “tied” to a romantic situation (or could spark a “backyard” attraction.) Your work situation continues fortunate. Sunday’s for ambition and prestige. Wishes come true, popularity and social joys visit you briefly Monday to Wednesday eve. Best time: Tuesday morning (PST). Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Wednesday twilight through Friday. Liaise with gov’t or head office. Perform an act of kindness, it’s good fort your karma. Your energy and pizzazz turn upward Saturday — start something, but not a major thing, as future obstacles (to the idea you have this day) counsel going slow. 


capricorn icon   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The general emphasis remains on errands, trips, paperwork and communications, Cap. These will be slow, deliberate, and bring you to a true connection, one that reflects your own desires, character. But a strong sub-influence keeps stirring your monetary, sexual and possessive side until mid-March — of the three, the sexual is most favoured. (And remember, you’re in a fortunate romantic year before June.) (Still, be cautious before mid-week, as as romance goes one way, money another.) Sunday’s mellow, wise: big ideas thrive; so does gentle love. Be ambitious Monday to suppertime Wed. Hopes and popularity rise from twilight Wednesday through Friday. Optimism, friendly flirts, entertainment buoy your heart. Thursday far outshines Friday. Retreat Saturday — rest, contemplate, plan, seek spiritual progress.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on money, Aquarius, on buying/selling, income, possessions, memory (and memories) diplomacy and casual lust. A Gemini or Virgo might play a prominent role. Your home remains fortunate, and you remain in a lucky real estate buy or sell mode before June. On a lesser note, you remain attractive to those with love on their mind, until mid-March. You can feel romantic, too. Sunday’s lustful, secretive — research rewards. Wisdom, a mellow mood steal over you Monday to Wednesday suppertime (PST). Don’t be overbearing at home early week. Romance most favoured Tuesday morn. Be ambitious from twilight Wednesday through Fri. Friday’s difficult, but Thursday’s great — tackle prestige situations, speak to bosses, look for ways to combine money and career action. Saturday, greet friends, flirt, be happy, embrace your popularity, form bright wishes. Avoid deep commitment.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This is your time, Pisces! Your energy, alertness, enthusiasm, charisma and clout are at a yearly high. (Despite your new “sober” outlook/approach.) Launch new projects, gather allies, state your case, follow your instincts. You’re on a winning streak — except, perhaps, in romance, which remains secret, squelched, restricted or in some way,  strong but out of your control, until mid-March. Lots of communications, travel this winter/spring. More than one life-wish will come true before 2026. Sunday brings relationship joy (early) or a challenge/argument late). Monday to Wednesday eve brings secrets, commitments and consequences, lust, power plays, major finances (e.g., investment, debt) — proceed with hope but caution. Avoid gossip. A wise, mellow, gently loving mood comes over you Wednesday twilight through Friday. Law, learning, media, far travel, insurance, science — these “pull” you gently now. Thursday’s successful; Friday morning holds obstacles — the pm is great. 





White, traditionally the colour of spiritual heights, angels and their wings, and all things pure and freed of earthly besmudgements, is in fact the “colour” that rejects all colours. Black on the other hand, is black because it absorbs all colours (I.e., wavelengths in the physically visible spectrum). This hints that white doesn’t absorb; it is, and maintains its ‘isness.” To discover the whole spectrum, we have to dive into the black. Does this mean to know God, we have to visit Satan?


A reverent businessman is worth ten thousand errant priests. 


These schools that allow boys to compete against girls in sports, simply by saying they feel feminine, and then go in and smash the heads and break the arms of young women, denying them by their injuries a future in sports, and denying them by their loss to a male, sports scholarships to college. These schools and their administrators are, quite simply, and please forgive my French, assholes of the first degree. Are they bullies? Are they ignoramuses? Are they little devils determined to erode the fabric of American society? What are they, besides assholes?


Satan is in the Vatican, not in one place but as a shifting veneer..


Do you remember how over the last few years I have kept saying that Sagittarians are Trump’s deepest enemies? On March 25, Alvin Bragg gets to throw a lot of accusations against Trump in court — in what many observers say is the weakest of all the persecutions against him. Bragg is Sagittarius rising.


More on Trump’s March 25 trial date with prosecutor Alvin Bragg, wherein he is accused of paying hush money to stripper Stormy (appropriate name) in the service of his presidential campaign. Bragg is a late Libra Sun, Sagittarius rising, Moon in Virgo. Libra gives a sense of justice, Sage gives a love of and comfort with the law, and that Virgo Moon makes him very comfortable with details — a winning combination for a lifetime of legal gymnastics.

On March 25, the Sun is in Aries, Bragg’s sign of enemies and public appearances, but the Moon is in Libra, Bragg’s “energy and clout” sign. The sky aspects are totally non-committal: 4 quincunxes, an opposition, and another quincunx. The quincunx indicates a mild friction caused by (or integral to) a lack of definition between two or more parties, viewpoints, understandings, educations, whatever. This aspect, in a textbook sense, means searching for the minor influences/facts/actions that define a situation. So Bragg’s court seems to focus almost entirely on definitions, on a disjunct between two or more interpretations of the law and of the “evidence.” Ultimately, no conclusion is achieved, unless fraudulent activity by the court creates a conclusion. (Not impossible; many northeast judges are corrupt.) In addition, though it raises only the flimsiest support, of these 5 quincunxes, 3 are “beneath” Libra (Bragg’s sign, so enhancing his position) and only 2 are “above” Libra (hence detracting.) This gives a slight favour to Bragg. In a sense, you could say he wins 3 of the 5 arguments over definitions. But if we  assume that, ultimately, the Sun (in Aries this day) outshines the Moon (in Libra this day) Trump should win. As a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Leo rising, both the Moon and Sun of March 25 favour him. (They also favour Bragg’s Sun and rising, but not his Moon. Perhaps Bragg’s Virgo love of detail won’t keep up with the defence lawyers’ focus on the law.)

So either acquittal or a “wound,” to find its cure on appeal. If I had to bet, if the trial goes to the 26 th (and not some other date) I’d bet on Trump, maybe a scolding. (*) If it ends earlier, Trump wins.

(*) Depending on the judge and his/her level of corruption. A deep Biden judge (e.g., Chutkan) would feel no hypocrisy nor doubt in fining Trump ten million $ for jaywalking.


America is just sad. Its military and intel agencies are in collusion with the Democratic Party to eliminate Republicans and Trump. Its president is being blackmailed by China and other states he has accepted bribes from. Meanwhile, both China and Russia are outpacing the U.S. in weaponry. 

The U.S. military can’t even meet enlistment quotas because they demand that every second recruit be gay, trans, black, purple, or otherwise non-standard. At the same time, the American genius has been excluded from weaponry or similar developments. Instead, we send our best minds into wokism, and our scientists into discovering ways to remove children from the womb, to surgically alter sex organs and teach children to open their mouths to adult male penises. 

What has America done since the Moon landing? When the government is corrupt, the nation stagnates. I was in a class in Stanford U last year, studying fiction. One author studied had written a short story that began with a picture of Asian couples marrying in a park in San Francisco. Every one was formally dressed, flowers everywhere, a totally “straight,” even regimented social /cultural structure. The long remainder of the story showed the heroine-narrator going through all sorts of american-style relationships, but could not find the ultimate or the perfect — and finally not even a workable love or relationship. I opined that the story was an elegy for the American spirit or heart; that the structure of the Asian families (proxies for all China, etc.) worked and guided people into productive lives, into successful families, etc. 

The other students in the class, and the “prof,” all Americans, simply didn’t get it even after I pointed it out. Blank stares. Ultimately, they all decided that it was not this author’s best work, in fact, it was a weak story that hardly reached the bottom rung of what the class would study. It could be dismissed as one of her poorest efforts. That was their conclusion, spoken in blindness.

The U.S. intelligentsia can’t even see the trap it’s in. Scary.