Astrology forecast: this horoscope is for March 18, 2018.

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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.


START NOTHING:  12:29 pm to 6:07 pm Mon., 10:21 am to 10:30 pm Wed., and 8:52 pm Fri. to 1:53 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Mercury turns retrograde (in the sign Aries) from March 22 to April 15. This will probably be a significant retro, because it occurs in Aries, and in the same sign as the Sun. This hints that all of us will be nudged for the month ahead, into the very same area that the retrograde most strongly affects. During this time, don’t start new projects nor new relationships — nor buy anything important. Lemons abound. (Or, you might buy something perfectly fine, then discover you never have an occasion to wear it. Or that it doesn’t suit you. If you buy a new tv, car, excavator, etc., you will likely have endless problems with it.) This phase causes delays, mistakes, false starts, supply shortages, etc. In general, these will occur for each sign in whatever zone Aries represents for you personally. E.g., for Pisces, the delays affect money. For Scorpio, machinery and work; for Sage, romance and creative projects. For Taurus, delays in government or institutional dealings. In your weekly messages, below, I’ll outline your own sign’s “area of delay.”

Again, I want to warn you about those DNA companies such as ancestry.com or 23andMe. The “agreement” you sign when you purchase their services gives these companies the right to store and sell your DNA results to anyone they want. If they sell your results to an insurance company, that company can customize their coverage to exclude all the diseases your DNA indicates you are vulnerable to. So you’ll end up paying for useless insurance. Or imagine what happens when these DNA companies share your results with national spy agencies…. What if, at some point a government decides to imprison everyone with, say, significant DNA links to China, or Syria, or any country not in favour?


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your energy is high Sun./Mon. — and stays that way for the month ahead. By mid-week your charisma, which has been stronger than usual the last two weeks, kicks up a notch. Someone — or more — will be attracted! Don’t start anything new and significant now to mid-April. It would likely fail, or turn in endless circles. So stick with ongoing projects, and protect them from possible glitches: supply shortages, missed appointments, employee no-shows, misunderstandings, etc. Or, reprise former projects, relationships or communications systems. You might meet a former co-worker or casual friend, and a visit to old haunts could result. Use your high energy Sun. to make changes or to climb the career ladder.

Friends are the theme Mon., but are all your friends good for you? One might be holding the door open to a “sticky situation.” Chase money, buy/sell, Mon. suppertime (PDT) through Wed. Your luck looks great, so charge ahead — while remembering not to start anything brand new. A sweet friend Monday. A lucky financial, travel, educational or legal opportunity Wed. morning.  Thursday/ Friday bring communications, short trips, errands, casual friends and paperwork. See and avoid deception Thurs. Career efforts might succeed Fri., but love won’t. Work alone this day — co-operation’s scarce. Saturday’s for home and quiet, and not much else. Putter around the house or ‘hood, but don’t yell at the kids nor get into a fight with authorities, parents or bosses.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Start nothing new before April 15, Taurus. Until then, expect slowdowns, missed connections, mistakes or misunderstandings, especially in government, institutional, medical, or counselling zones. (E.g., an operation might be cancelled, or the civil servant you must talk to has gone on vacation.) On the other hand, you can now get a neglected health or other problem looked at anew, or get an old tax difficulty solved. A former lover might return, but this person could have been (and likely will be) a burden, which is why you split in the first place. Think it through before leaping.

Now to May 15, stay far away from lawsuits and lawyers. You might face a governmental or institutional test — you’ll pass! Retreat, rest, contemplate Sun. to suppertime (PDT) Monday. Think about partnerships (love or business) and how to avoid their downside(s). (Even the best bonds have flaws.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon. night through Wed. Get out, see and be seen, ask favours, make an impression. (But don’t launch anything, as your energy will decline mildly for the few weeks ahead.) No problems. An opportunity might appear Wed. Grab it quickly, or let it go. Another, even better one, will appear July onward. Chase money, sell items (buy nothing big!) and cultivate clients, money sources Thurs./Fri. Avoid (self?) deception Thurs., and keep your secrets Friday — avoid gossip, interrogations. Errands and short trips slated Sat. — but exercise caution, as anger, friction or dejection can arise. Careful with machines, too.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Avoid new starts, new projects or relationships until April 15, Gemini. That said, the weeks ahead will shower you with bright hopes, popularity, entertainment, flirtation and social delights. A former social group, or friendly lover, might return. So might a former goal/wish. Jump on these, as they seem to contain happiness, like a picnic basket contains fruit. But don’t bother trying to break into a brand new group, as the results, after a few weeks or months, would wilt and disappoint you. Now to mid-May, you will grow impulsive yet determined in investments, finances, lifestyle changes, and sex. Be cautious with finances, and strictly reject any extra-marital temptations these two months. Those hopes and social delights begin Sun./Mon., but not in a strong way.

A couple of interesting, heart-lifting meetings Sunday, and one that might not yield good future results, Monday. Retreat, relax and contemplate Mon. suppertime (PDT) through Wed. Deal with charities, spiritual matters, government agencies or institutions, advisors and therapists. All’s well, success is mild but good. Your energy, pizzazz and optimism soar Thurs./Fri. Impress people, but DON’T start any new projects nor relationships. A “friendly flirt” won’t lead to intimacy Fri. Saturday needs care, especially in money zones, shopping, and casual sexual situations. A morning of anger or accident, an afternoon of blahs. Oh, well. Nighttime improves.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Don’t start anything brand new before April 15, Cancer. That includes relationships, projects, and major purchases. On the other hand, opportunities can return from the past during the same interval. A former boss, career or job role might return. Keep a weather-eye on current projects, “insulate” or protect them from misunderstandings, missed appointments, mistakes, supply shortages, etc. (E.g., double-check appointment times, or order extra supplies asap.) Your career, prestige relations and community reputation are in focus Sun. to Mon. suppertime (PST). All’s well, but Asian readers might face a small episode of alienation Mon.

Popularity, optimism and social delights visit you Mon. night through Wed. — blue skies everywhere, so go out and have fun, flirt, be with good friends. But retreat, rest and contemplate (don’t bother planning) Thurs./Fri. Avoid deception (and best not to meditate) Thurs. Both days, but esp. Friday, be very diplomatic with co-operators, esp. in career zones. (Your career, overall, is blessed the rest of March.) Your energy and charisma bounce back Sat., just in time to handle an emergency or two. Work alone until evening (PDT). Now to May 15, relationships will grow very intense. Make love, not war. You might form a significant career-oriented partnership — but do not form it before April 15, unless you’re re-forming a former link.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Avoid brand new starts, projects, relationships (or major purchases) now to April 15, Leo. Until then, protect ongoing links/projects from delays, misunderstandings, mistakes, shortages, etc. (Much “protection” comes from double-checking and anticipating problems — e.g., assigning more workers than logically needed, to cover for “no shows”.) You’re going to be working very hard now to May 15, especially if you’re in an intellectual or international job (e.g., law, teaching, import/export). (So keep your health up, same time. Avoid heartburn foods, hot sun, knocks to the head, and rashes or sudden temperature changes.) That intellectual, travel, media-savvy, cultural and compassionate side of you blossoms Sun./Mon. — and for the whole month ahead.

A former interest or engagement in these zones might return now. Could be a repeat of a long-ago journey, or a long-lost love. Be ambitious Mon. eve (6 pm PDT) through Wed. — luck buoys you, protects you. Wish fulfillment, social joys, flirtations, popularity and optimism bless you Thurs./Fri. But events are not so blessed — avoid pushing for sex Thurs., and duck ethically challenging jobs, situations Friday. Retreat, lie low Sat. This is such an accident-prone, argumentative day for everyone, that you’d be better off sitting quietly with a book or game in the back yard, far away from the bustling crowds.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Ah, Virgo. Don’t start new projects or relationships, nor make major purchases, before April 15. Until then, mistakes, false starts, indecision and double-thinking, delays, and missed meetings can plague your progress. Be especially careful in financial areas, health, and sexual temptations. A former “sexpot” might sidle into your life. So might, say, a former investment opportunity. Good — but don’t aim for the new in these zones. A brand new investment or lustful foray, would probably veer into the loss column before too long. That said, the weeks ahead are filled with these same matters: finances, sex, research, secrets, health procedures and lifestyle choices. So reprise the past here, or stick with ongoing projects and bonds. Research, new or ongoing, is very favoured for the whole month ahead. Sunday/Mon. emphasize these matters.

A Sunday conversation (or two) could signal that a relationship is ready to turn intimate. Wisdom, mellow outlook and gentle love whisper to you Mon. night (6 pm PDT) through Wed. All is well, luck favours you. If you’re in love, express it. (But don’t make commitments that you might have to break.) Higher-ups lean over your desk Thurs./Fri. Be ambitious but don’t get ahead of yourself. Avoid “co-operator deception” Thurs., and sex, romance, investing and gambling both days. Saturday brings hope and delight, but others quarrel, sulk. Ah, well, be happy! This week starts a 2-month phase of intensified romance, mingled with sexual fervour, or of gambling, mixed with investment items. Dangerous but adventurous!

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Don’t start anything new — projects, major purchases, relationships — before April 15. Until then, protect ongoing projects and situations from mistakes, delays and shortages. E.g., double-check instructions, contact data and meeting times. A month of relationships, relocation themes, opportunities and challenges starts now. But only accept those which are ongoing or from the past — nothing brand new. Others are treating you sweetly, graciously, but a two-month interval also starts now which will either move your main love into a domestic phase, or nudge it toward breaking up. DO NOT move into a new domicile now through May 15. (It would generate friction.)

To some degree, the month ahead is a make-or-break time for relationships, but everyone’s thinking is so fuzzy that I’d advise not making any such decision until April 15 onward. Meanwhile, a former spouse or lover might return. This is probably not worth pursuing, but you judge. All these matters fill Sun./Mon. Sunday might bring a talk or meeting with someone you’d like to have and hold. Monday eve (6 pm PDT) through Wed. features mysteries, intuition, and deep urges. All’s well, so you can enjoy some intimacy, have successful surgery, or make solid financial moves. Thursday/Fri. bring a mellow, understanding mood, gentle love and possible travel, intellectual or cultural involvements. But avoid deception and tainted food Thurs., and arguments over home, children, security both days. Saturday, avoid showdowns, especially with authorities, parents or bosses.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Avoid new starts, projects, purchases or relationships before April 15, Scorpio. This especially applies to work, machinery and care of dependents — your main focus for the month ahead. Here, stick with the ongoing, or reprise past situations. E.g., if you’re a contractor and have had your eye on an excavator, it might now become available. But buying a new, heretofore unseen, uncontemplated excavator now will probably grant you possession of a lemon. A former job role might return. All this to April 15. Sunday/Mon. simply emphasize these themes. You’ll have a pleasant talk with a co-worker or service type Sun.

Relationships thrive Mon. night (6 pm PDT) through Wed. Remember, not new ones — so call the ones you know. Someone you talked to Sun., might return Mon. night. Sex, secrets, large money, commitment, consequence, medical and lifestyle choices fill Thurs./Fri. My advice: plunge into none of these, as Thurs. brings financial deception and love’s “No”, and both days hint at incompatible couples. Saturday’s wise, mellow, which is good, because events are disruptive, need a “bigger view.” For two months (to May 15) you’ll be more assertive, determined in talk, messaging, paperwork, and driving. Add a pinch of caution, too.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Start nothing brand new before April 15, Sag. Until then, false starts, mistakes and misunderstandings, delays and indecision prevail. For you, these glitches tend to occur in romantic, creative, child-oriented, sports and gambling areas — and relationship and career zones, indirectly. An old flame is likely to appear, though the onus will be on you to make contact. Though reprising the past is a good option until mid-April, this is not a good time to re-work anything creative. Sunday/Mon. are romantic, bring beauty and pleasure. Sunday brings 1 or 2 promising, affectionate conversations. Monday morning might bring the wrong person (for love). Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon. suppertime (PDT) through Wed. All goes smoothly, so march forth and get things done.

Relationships fill Thurs./Fri. — but not comfortably. Beware (self?) deception Thurs. pm.  Friday (and to some extent the whole week) suggests that love goes one way, and intimacy another. Be diplomatic, co-operative, and sidestep belligerent or challenging people. Saturday veers toward mystery, large finances, sexual temptations, and lifestyle decisions. Best approach: do nothing. Luck is bad during daylight hours. Avoid fights, temper, inattention while driving, etc. This night, home is a sweet retreat. Now to May 15, money will flow to you swiftly and sometimes unexpectedly. But you will also feel an almost subconscious need to spend it. DON’T overspend or contract big (financial) obligations. Casual sex will be easy to seize these 2 months, but monitor yourself:  are you in love, or just using someone?

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Avoid new starts, projects, relationships and major purchases before April 15, Cap, especially in real estate, food/shelter, security, foundational, sales territorial and earth-related areas. (These zones are emphasized rather benevolently Sun./Mon.— and for the month ahead.) Instead, reprise the past in these zones, or continue with ongoing projects. An atmosphere of delay, mistakes, misunderstandings and false starts hovers over everything until mid-April. A former home, neighbourhood, real estate offering — even a prodigal child — might reappear. If so, if you want it, “engage” this Friday, or between March 25 and 30 (next week) rather than now. (Even better if this “relic from the past” first re-appears next week.)

The entire month ahead emphasizes these — home, kids, realty, etc. — and for two months, until mid-May.  You’ll be intent and determined (and, paradoxically perhaps, impulsive) in these same areas. The same phase makes you strongly, sexually magnetic. Be gentle and kind.  Monday pm (after 6 pm PDT) through Wed. features romance, poetic beauty, pleasure, creative urges and speculation. All’s well here, so march forth confidently. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri.  Watch out for deception (or water leaks) Thursday. Eat, dress sensibly both days. You’ll get things done, but some minor glitches already appear. Relationships, opportunities and challenges fill Sat. Someone might slam a door shut, killing an opportunity. Be diplomatic, uncommitted this day; avoid quarrels.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Start no new projects, relationships or major purchases, especially in communications, office system, logistics, distribution, transport, or similar zones before April 15. E.g., don’t start a new mail-out project, nor replace the office telephone system. The system would be constantly glitching, and the mail-out would garner almost no response. The trouble is, the whole month ahead emphasizes just these zones. Ah, well. To succeed, protect ongoing projects, and/or reprise situations or ventures from the past, esp. in communications, paperwork (e.g., fill out those neglected tax papers) travel and “light” friendships.

A friend might return from the past, or you might travel to see an old ‘hood or a former acquaintance. That acquaintance might turn romantic and/or sexual. But I don’t recommend it wholly, as there seems to be a trap around this, or a “second rate” result. Sunday/Mon. emphasize these — casual friends, travel, paperwork, errands. Two nice meetings Sun. — a romantic whisper hovers around these. Head for home Mon. suppertime (PDT) through Wed. Hug the kids, garden, upgrade nutrition, security, relax and soak up Mother Nature. All’s well, bad luck’s on the retreat. A romantic gush could wash through your heart Thurs./Fri. But watch deception (yours or another’s) Thurs. pm. Realize gossip or a flaw in your background could nix romance all week, esp. Fri. Tackle chores carefully Sat. — sharp tools need extra care, so do driving and personal confrontations. You are going to be very busy for 8 weeks.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Avoid major purchases, and new projects or relationships before April 15, Pisces. Instead, protect ongoing situations/projects from slowdowns, mistakes, supply shortages, and misunderstandings. Anticipate problems, and “pre-solve” them. Or, reprise former, past projects. The month ahead features money, earnings, buying and selling, clients, rote learning, and casual sexual desires — and these are the areas most likely to be affected by slowdowns, mistakes, etc.  A former client or money source might re-appear. So might an item you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t afford or find. Ditto a former, casual sexual partner. In deciding whether to seize on any of these or not, consider what happened in the past. Sunday/Mon. emphasize these themes — you might have a conversation Sun. that shows the way to extra dollars.

Errands, paperwork, visits, travel, calls, texts and emails, casual contacts fill Mon. suppertime (PDT) through Wed. These flow easily, progress is easy, so dive in. (Especially since communications will soon become jumbled, delayed.) Home and family call your heart Thurs./Fri.  Hug the kids and perform minor repairs, touch-ups, etc. Do relax, too. But don’t start any painting Thursday. All week, culminating Fri., realize your money luck can be squelched by well-meaning friends, or by letting your attention wander to “flirting possibilities”.  Saturday stirs your passionate, creative, risk-taking, romantic side. But this day is blasted with bad influences, so commit to no one, chase no one — until nighttime. The 8 weeks ahead will nudge you to assertively pursue friends and social groups — and money. Remember, until mid-April, chase no one new.

The End.

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  1. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    I had disputed a minor traffic violation ticket and already got a hearing within the ‘Start Nothing’ period. I am considering to adjourn it to anticipate that the evidence I requested from the police will be delayed. Will this adjournment be considered as a reprise or a new project?
    Thank you in advance,
    *Sorry Tim, I reposted this one since the last one was mistakenly put in the last week comment.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Kurak,

      I’d go ahead. If the police don’t respond to your formal request, the judge will probably throw it out. In fact, if it’s a minor ticket, the cops probably won’t even show up, which exonerates you.



      1. Tim Stephens Post author

        Hi, dora,

        Saturn in your 8th will make investments slow (but usually more solid, realistic) and might slow down your sex life, but it can also increase and deepen your sex life. Much depends on the rest of your birth chart — is Saturn well-aspected at birth, and is it well aspected between your chart and the transiting Saturn?



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