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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Savings Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PST here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.


START NOTHING:  8:36 am to 3:44 pm Mon., 0:32 am to 3:12 am Thurs., and 6:12 am to 11:57 am Sat.


I’ll be giving a talk on relationships and love Thursday, March 8, 7:30 – 9:30 pm. Place: New Westminster, B.C. at Anvil Place, 777 Columbia St. 4th Floor. I think it’s free for Astrology Guild members, $15 everyone else. For more information, please call Rebecca at 604-710-8197.

ALL SIGNS:  Mercury turns retrograde March 22 — three weeks of delays, mistakes, false starts and indecision will begin for everyone, lasting to April 15. For now, wrap up projects rather than start any. (BTW, even if a project was planned/conceived weeks ago, to begin acting on those plans now is “a new project.” E.g. say that weeks ago you drew plans, measurements, etc., for new back stairs, but now want to saw the first board — nope! Sawing that board starts a new project.)  Aries natives will be most affected by this Mercury retrograde. Old flames might return for Sage, Leo, Libra — old friends for Gemini, Aquarius — and a former “lust object” or investment opportunity for Virgo. A former money source for Pisces, and perhaps a former career/employment role for Scorpio.

NONE OF US should start a new love affair (or start dating, etc.) before 6 am PST March 13. (That’s about 9 am Eastern, 2 pm in Britain, 10 pm to midnight in Asia.) This advice actually applies March 6 to 13, but I forgot to mention it last week.


    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of weariness, relative solitude and lowered charisma. Use it to ponder, rest, and to clear up neglected chores (and answer messages). Usually, this week would be a good planning phase, but three weeks of mistakes and false starts begin next week. So if you are planning, aim for a start AFTER April 14. (I’ll bet those plans change afterward, anyway.) Do catch up on taxes, anything related to gov’t or institutions. Be ambitious Sun., but soft-pedal your drives Mon. You’ll feel optimistic, cheerful and friendly Tues./Wed. — a lucky investment opportunity (or a chance to reduce your debts) occurs Tuesday. Sink deeply into the rest and quietude that hovers around you Thurs. to noon Sat. You’ll be surprised at how few problems you really have, and how easily you can eliminate a few of them. (But do get your rest and protect your health.) Your energy climbs Saturday pm., but be diplomatic with power people (and police, judges!) — you can gather clues bearing on your career future to mid-May, Sat. midday.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week begins on a loving, understanding note — you understand the whole world, at least for now. Sunday’s great, could bring love as well as travel tickets, success in school, law, publishing and cultural venues. Monday’s similar but a bit of a dud. Both days, though, advise strongly against starting a new love or a first date. Your ambitions cry out for attention Mon. eve (PDT) through Tues. — with splendid chances for success midday Tuesday. Just don’t chase love. Hopes, happiness, popularity, entertainment and flirting fill Thurs. to midday Sat. Now the right love might come, especially Friday. Careful Sat. pm — ethics, idealism cannot defeat practical barriers (or gossipy people’s disapproval). Avoid civil servants. All week, complete projects rather than launch anything new — three weeks of delays, mistakes and false starts soon. (Technically, March 22 – April 15, but the delays can begin even now.)

    GEMINI: May 21-June 20

The emphasis remains on ambition, career, prestige relations and community standing, tests, and facing judges or other authorities. You probably have, the last few weeks, and will in this week to come, pass any tests with flying colours. Life’s darker yet more fruitful side steals over you, like twilight, Sun./Mon. Sunday’s good for investments, debt reduction, physical intimacy, research and investigation, and medical procedures. Monday’s a bit of a dud, though good for Asia, Middle East. Don’t start dating nor a new love affair before Tues. pm (PDT). Monday eve through Wed. brings a mellow, wise, loving mood — and a chance, Tues., to expand your workload, or seek a pay raise. Everything to do with your career is under lucky auspices — so charge ahead! But don’t start nor propose new projects, as delays, indecision, false starts and other mistakes prevail next week into mid-April. Thursday to midday Sat. brings a wee climax to this whole month in career, status and business zones, and an urge to start something — do NOT start. Just show your skills, please VIPs, etc. You might receive a small pay raise, praise from above, and/or a rise in position. Avoid argument around midday Sat. (PDT) and make no promises or commitments. (They’d be the cause of money loss.)

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Seldom have you been so broad-minded. From 2011 to 2025, your intellectual side grows steadily stronger, more inspired. (For you, spirit and intelligence are inseparably linked.) This shows up most obviously every March. It also “tunes you up” for wedded love, if you’re single. 2018 is a superb year to fall in love (specifically, into romance and/or love of children). Combine that with the spiritual and mental peace and joy you feel now, and someone’s got to win! (However, do NOT start a new love, or go on a first date, before 6 am Tues. (PDT). Sunday/Mon. feature relationships, opportunities, distant places, fame, negotiations and agreements — or disagreements. Sunday’s great — charge ahead in these areas. Monday’s a bit of a dud, unless you live in Asia, Australia, India, Middle East, etc. Monday night through Wed. calls quietly to you of intimate, financial and research “gems.” Chase these daytime Tues. (midday best, PDT) — luck favours you. Intellectual, cultural, love, legal, international pursuits gain, flow fortunately, Thurs./Fri. — especially Friday pm. Yes, it’s good, safe, to fall in or declare love now. Be cautious Sat. midday, all pm, as bosses, parents and authorities are on a bit of a warpath (or, perhaps. spouse, other relationships turn a little fractious).

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on mystery, large finances, investments and debt reduction, the pull of lust, subconscious promptings, medical procedures, research and investigation — especially Thurs./Fri., when these matters are prominent — and lucky! Look deeply, reject surface indications. A lifestyle change might be in the offing, especially if you change homes (a good idea in 2018, before Nov. 8). The present week is also the last of a long run of romantic days. Soon, a less romantic, more gently loving note will enter. (And, if lust has bitten deeply, next week onward will bring you back to your senses — and to a better ethical outlook.) Tackle chores and protect your daily health Sun./Mon. Sunday’s best —- Monday’s a bit of a dud. Relationships slated midweek (Mon. night through Wed. PDT). DON’T start a love affair, nor date, Sun., Mon., or before dawn Tues. After this, though there might be an eventual flaw or glitch, you’re free to make friends (gain allies), make love, relocate, negotiate, seek fame, grab opportunities — or make enemies, if you want. Possible great investment and/or home purchase Tues. before 1 pm (PDT). Careful midday Saturday — argument, mistake possible. All week, finish rather than start any long-lasting projects.

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on relationships, opportunities, new environments, fresh horizons, relocation themes, negotiation, litigation, co-operation and challenge, allies and enemies — and love. If you’re single, love might “partner you” with a shy, psychic, dreamy, illogical person. This person can teach you many things, including how to succeed without logic. In business also, and elsewhere, you might have to deal with such types. Romance is very likely Sunday/Mon. — Sunday’s better; Monday’s a bit of a dud. But DO NOT start an affair, go for a first date, or fall in love before Wed. (More  correctly, before dawn Tues. — later in the day in Europe, Asia.) Tackle chores and protect your daily health (eat, dress sensibly) Mon. night through Wednesday. Contact one important to your success midday Tues. — includes “love success”.  Those relationships mentioned in the first sentence above (and all else, opportunities, new environments, etc.) come to full prominence Thurs. to noon Saturday. Expect exciting meetings. Dare to propose, suggest, and/or to join another’s adventure. You might meet your future mate. Careful noon (PDT) onward Sat. — bad investments, wrong lust, romantic rejections possible. Don’t get into trouble by diving into the darker side of life. All week, wrap up projects rather than starting new ones.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

One more week of drudgery, hard work and weariness, Libra. The work/health theme will end well Thurs./Fri., when employment, chores, etc., come to a fortunate climax. This end of the week will also try to nudge you into starting a new job or project, or trying a new drug regimen for an illness. Listen, Libra, wrap up projects rather than start them, as next week will launch 24 days of mistakes, false starts, delays and indecision. For weeks, you’ve been teased by visions of romance and marriage. Soon (March 20 onward) this marriage urge will actually intensify for a month. Still, this isn’t the best time to fall in love, marry, or pursue a romance — nor is 2018 generally. However, you will be drawn to a huge, exciting relationship — one that might not prove to be lucky. November 2018 to December 2019 will be wiser, easier in emotional zones. Early week (Sun./Mon.) nudges you to rest, sink into family and home and nature. Sunday’s great; Monday’s not much of a day. Romance, adventure, sports/games, risk, beauty, pleasure and creative surges fill Mon. night through Wed. Tuesday’s best. Do NOT start any relationship before Tues. dawn (PDT) — it would turn out terribly. Late week is described above. Caution midday Sat. (and into pre-dawn next Sun., March 18) when an argument or “split” is in the air. Be diplomatic and you’ll be fine.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Romance continues to sing its song, beauty surrounds you, and your creative and risk-taking urges steer you into a winning path. Late week, Thursday to midday Sat. brings these happy concerns to a small climax, and might start a new level of engagement — even a new love. But DON’T start a love affair or go on a first date early week, before dawn Tues. (PDT). (In the unlikely event you started a new romance between March 6 and 13, but are also interested in someone you met before the 6th, or do meet after March 13, stick with the latter.) Sunday/Mon. bring errands, communications, casual contacts, travel and paperwork. Sunday’s far better. Slouch toward home Mon. night through Wed. Embrace your family, repair the house, garden, nurture the kids. In business, look after foundations, territory. But don’t sink deeply into these areas, as subtle headwinds blow against you here. Grab a chance, Tues. daytime, to advance a love interest, or plunge into a creative hobby. Thursday to midday Sat., as mentioned, is a peak romantic, pleasure-filled interval. You could fall in love! (You could also win a gamble, Tues. and Friday.) Careful Sat. pm (PDT) — argument, accident, work screw-ups possible.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on your home, family, real estate, relaxation, gardening, nature, vacation, repairs, nutrition, and soul. Look around you — some relationships, some circumstances or projects have grown stale and moribund. Think about pruning away some of the deadwood, and  starting, nurturing new projects, friends. However, don’t start new projects yet, as they will fall into a pit of delays, mistakes and indecision, next week to mid-April. I hardly need to mention this, but don’t start any new love, or go on a first date, Sun. to dawn Tuesday (PDT). Sunday/Mon. steer you toward money, earning and shopping. Sunday’s excellent; Monday’s a dud. Chase communications, travel, mail, do easy, swift chores Mon. night through Wed. Tuesday might bring some welcome news about property values, taxes, gov’t aid, charity or therapy. (Ditto Fri.) Thursday to midday Sat. steers you toward home, family — all the things listed in the first sentence above. You can make lucky progress here: start a school fund for the kids, garden, landscape, enhance security (cctv?) — but don’t begin renovations or decoration projects that will last past the present week. Above all, rest — a romantic, adventurous phase will start March 20 — and Sat. pm will contain an early hint, but not a good one. So don’t commit, nor lose your temper this day!

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of travelling around, talking, doing errands, sending messages, filling paperwork. (Next week, you’ll begin a restful month-long phase.) Wrap up projects now rather than start new ones — a period of delays, mistakes and false starts begins soon, lasting to mid-April. One more don’t: don’t fall in love or start dating before midday Tues. (Would bring sweet tragedy.) Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Sun./Mon. Sunday’s better, as Mon. your “get ahead car” slides off the tracks. Chase money, buy/sell, seek a raise or butter up clients Mon. night through Wed. Tuesday opens a door to friendship, group membership, flirtation — Fri. does also — step in! Those errands, visits, communications, paperwork and easy chores rise to peak prominence Thurs. to noon Sat. (PDT). Thursday and Fri. are splendid, so charge ahead. But take care Sat. — an argument, or domestic problems could occur, noon to midnight.  Saturday also begins almost nine weeks of determination, new energy, and, to some degree, a need to be gentle. Your sexual magnetism will increase, drawing new people and relationship potentials (all not quite good before mid-April).

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general emphasis remains on earnings, possessions, spending, rote learning, memory and sensual attractions. These reach a new, fortunate intensity, and a “repeat start” late week, Thurs. to midday Saturday. Your career success or prestige relationships benefit your wallet all week, especially Tues. and Fri. So charge ahead on ambition, money, and business fronts. However, don’t start brand new projects before mid-April. A period of delays and mistakes starts soon. (BTW, even if a project was planned/conceived weeks ago, to begin acting on those plans now is “a new project.”) Because sensual lures float by you, I’ll add another warning: don’t start a new love affair, nor even a first date, before Tues. noon (PDT). Rest, relax, think, be charitable, seek spiritual experiences, interface with gov’t, agents, therapists, and institutions Sun./Mon. Sunday’s far better, as Mon., after early excitement, turns into a limp noodle. Your energy and charm return Mon. night through Wed. You can make a fortunate impact/  impression on higher-ups during this interval, esp. midday Tues. (PDT). Ask for a pay raise. Thursday to noon Sat. focuses on money, earnings, shopping, memory and casual sex. Again (esp. Fri.) you can turn ambition to cash — e.g., ask for a pay raise, or invest in your clients’ happiness. (You might raise your fees a little.) Be careful Sat. noon to midnight, as arguments, driving mishaps and “gossip” or health “laziness” could occur.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re still at the top of your game, Pisces. Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing remain at a yearly high — and a luckier high than most years. This influence covers the whole week, but reaches peak strength late week, Thurs. onward. Get out, be seen, make contacts, impress others, ask favours, be a leader. But don’t start new projects before April 15, as mistakes, delays, false starts and indecision will prevail until then. (Also, though this advice is hardly needed, don’t fall in love nor start dating, before Tues. daytime this week.) Early week, Sun./Mon. shower you with optimism, popularity, flirtations, friendly romance, entertainment. Sunday’s best; Mon.’s a bit of a dud. Use midweek, Mon. night through Wed., for rest, contemplation, planning (short term only) doing neglected chores, and interfacing with counsellors, gov’t, institutions, company administrations, and spiritual or charitable organizations. Most goes well here. Thursday/Fri. have already been described — get out, get important things done! Many people will help. Friday offers great luck in publishing, far travel, legal matters, higher learning, cultural events, intellectual pursuits, and international affairs — so, earlier in the week, does Tues. Be cautious Saturday, noon to pre-dawn Sun. (March 18) — arguments, likely about money or possessiveness, dissolve into disappointment.

The End.

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  1. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    I had disputed a minor traffic violation ticket and already got a hearing within the ‘Start Nothing’ period. I am considering to adjourn it to anticipate that the evidence I requested from the police will be delayed. Will this adjournment be considered as a reprise or a new project?
    Thank you in advance,

  2. sarahyishan

    hi Tim, here you tell us during a period, start nothing, so what kind of those things? Meeting, go out with friends, a dinner with the colleguees? And at the beginning, you write: start nothing between 6h12 am and 11h57 am. but in your forecast, you told us that whole Saturday afternoon is not good, so it’s also not good for start new things?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Shan,

      The “start Nothing” periods simply mean “do not start new projects or relationships” because they will probably not turn out or succeed beyond a few weeks. Projects in any area are affected. These “S.N.” times might coincide with other, negative influences, or with other, positive influences.



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