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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 9:47 am to 8:41 pm Sun., 5:18 pm to 11:47 pm Tues., and 0:14 am to 6:46 am Fri.


I wrote in the nineties that there would be a war involving a billion people, but I also wrote earlier (eighties) that there would not be another world war (as in I and II) for at least 250 years. Now we have the billion-people war, it flares throughout Africa, and from the Middle East to Malaysia, cuts a broad swath across the belly of Russia, and tangles with China’s western outposts. This, of course, is Islamic “terrorism.” (In many cases, terrorism is more correctly a revolt or revolution. The 1776 American fighters could be described as terrorists, from Britain’s view.) ISIS, Al Quada, etc., are skirmishing against the hierarchies of many nations.

Though we sometimes hate and condemn it, we must remember that Islam is basically a second phase of Christianity, or an outgrowth of Christianity. Muslims are more our brothers (“us” being Europeans and Americans, south, north and central) than, say, East Indians or the Chinese. (Of course we are all brothers/sisters.) Perhaps the present conflicts are sibling rivalry. But this is not a World War in the sense of an all-out conflagration. If Islamic terrorism and all its acts were seen from space, with the present exception of Syria and Iraq, they would be tiny, intermittent sparks on the landscape.

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A reader asked about the “Start Nothing” item above. Astrologers would call the “SN” times above “Moon void of course.” This means that the Moon, while travelling through a sign, comes to a point where it has no more aspects to make to the Sun or the planets. Usually this occurs near the end of a sign – this period of time, during which the Moon travels through the remainder of the sign until it enters the next sign, is called “void of course” (or, in my nomenclature above, “Start Nothing”). This period is considered “empty” for most purposes, although I believe the “SN” periods are good for three things: routine actions or continuing with actions/projects already begun, rest, and spiritual activities. (Even in continuing with projects already begun, the SN period is not very supportive. You can coast for a while, but there’s no engine. For instance, say two people meet under a great “first date” moon-planet aspect, say Moon trine Venus, the planet of love. But if the Moon goes void [i.e., an SN period starts] an hour later, the date will be affectionate and really succeed for the first hour, and even stay fairly buoyant for the second, perhaps even third hour, but the lovers’ enthusiasm will tend to fade as the hours pass.)

If you do start projects or relationships during the “Start Nothing” periods, they will tend to peter out as time goes on – sometimes immediately, sometimes months later (which is much worse, because you lose/waste all that time). I once bought two sheep for my little family’s hobby farm when the Moon was void (i.e., during an SN period). About a month later, coyotes took them both. If you go to the hardware store and buy “click flooring” during an SN period, it won’t suit the room, or they won’t have it in stock, etc. If you first approach a new potential client during an SN, this client will probably never buy anything from you.

Most astrologers note an exception to the SN or void results. Here’s how: Say the Moon is in Aries, and the last planet it can aspect is 25 degrees in another sign. There are 30 degrees in each sign, so the Moon will be void, or SN, for another 5 degrees, or approximately 10 hours, until it will enter the next sign, Taurus. However, you might have a planet in your birth chart at 29 degrees that the Moon can aspect – then, to some degree, you can start things right up to 29 degrees, and only have a void or SN period of about 2 hours after that. This is a fairly widely accepted notion among astrologers. However, I have seldom noticed that it works, and I think, if it does help, it seems to help rather little. It’s safest to stick with the SN periods as they stand for everyone, than to gamble on a “later touch” to one of your birth planets.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The busyness continues, errands, communications, travel, paperwork, siblings and casual friends – you can start a workable new project in these areas Sunday before 9:45 am (PDT). (If started after this, the project would be like a balloon with no air.)  Be curious, read, write, ask questions. This week is much easier than the last one. Sunday’s for errands, etc. This night through Tues. steers you homeward – embrace your family, redecorate, garden, enhance your security, rest. Monday’s splendid and fruitful. You might receive/meet affection. Tues. morning’s tough, but the afternoon (PDT – midnight in Britain, Wed. morn in China) offers real progress – be swift, be precise. Romance tugs your sleeve Wed. through Fri. dawn. So do creative and risk-taking urges, beauty, immediate pleasure, sports and charming kids. Wed.’s okay, stable; Thurs. holds an exciting meeting (romance springing from social situations) but a possible late night argument. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. – cautiously, read directions, Fri. dawn to Sat. dawn. After this, Sat. goes very well – and a big chore!


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

This is a better week than the last one. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, protect your possessions. Your memory is functioning at a top level, making this a good time for rote learning. You might be attracted to someone new, but chances are this is a sensual attraction only, and is not “soulful” enough for a long run (e.g., marriage). A money project started before 9:45 am (PDT) Sunday, should work, reward you ultimately. Late night Sun. through Tues. brings calls, emails, errands, paperwork, trips and casual friends – all these leave you smiling Mon., disturbed Tues. a.m., and “effective” Tues. afternoon. Be home, embrace family members, garden, rest, contemplate Wed. to Fri. dawn. Wednesday’s stable, mildly boring. Don’t argue or perform feats of daring Thurs. morning or night – but “10 to 6” goes well (and might benefit your career or neighbourhood standing). Romance calls Fri./Sat. – so do pleasure, beauty, sports, kids, games – but it’s all a wee bit frustrating until after dawn Sat. – then love, sex, even marriage possibilities, all blossom!


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your energy, clout, charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing are at a yearly high, Gemini – stride forth and conquer. Start significant projects, get out, approach VIPs, bosses and parents to ask for favours or an “opening” (a chance to succeed). Show that lover who rejected you how happy you are. Plan or start a far travel, intellectual, cultural or similar projects Sunday before 9:45 am (PDT). Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients and/or ask for a pay raise Mon. – then be cautious Tues. morning, then charge ahead again Tues. afternoon (when a wish about more work, or more co-workers, might come true). Errands, casual friends, siblings, paperwork, short trips, communications – these fill Wed./Thurs. Wed.’s okay, stable, steady. Thurs. afternoon’s great, could bring success in love, travel, or intellectual pursuits. But don’t argue nor tackle a chore too aggressively (bad driving?) Thurs. morning nor night. Steer toward home and family Fri./Sat. – problems until Sat. dawn; splendid luck mid-morn to mid-afternoon, when you might discover a bargain house, or make a great real estate investment. (Here, an “investment” could be renovations, new furniture, landscaping, etc. – but buying a bit of land, even in Timbuctoo, looks good.)


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Continue to lie low, stay away from the bustling crowd, compete for nothing, contemplate, meditate, regain your strength physically, emotionally and spiritually. This week is much easier, more benevolent than the last one. Sink into deep rest Sunday: perform only routine actions, e.g., grocery shopping. Your energy and charisma jump up Mon./Tues. – though only knee-high because you’re in a rest period. Both days offer success (except Tues. morning) so charge ahead, start ventures, see and be seen. Personal matters and travel or learning recommended Mon., career efforts Tues. (Apropos of all this, a Scorpio you know might be hot to trot, filled with physical and temperamental urges, now to early August. This can bring you a wild ride if you embrace him/her. A great ride, if you don’t get hurt.) Chase money Wed./Thurs. – buy/sell, seek a pay raise, cultivate clients, etc. Wed.’s good for this, though slow, and Thurs.’s good also, especially in career environments, from 10 am to 6 pm (PDT) – caution before and after these hours. Errands, communications, friends, travel, paperwork and details fill Fri./Sat. – but only Sat. offers easy success, mid-morn to mid-afternoon.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

This week is better than last, Leo. You are in a “happiness zone” – your popularity is rising, wishes are coming true, entertainment, flirtations and social delights amuse you, and you can make optimistic plans. (Make one Sunday before 9:45 am PDT, especially involving a lover, spouse, partnership, relocation or a public appearance. A trip or “formal ritual” might be involved.) Your energy flags and charisma sinks Mon./Tues., so rest up, recuperate, contemplate and plan. Fulfill any charitable, gov’t or head-office obligations. Your energy, charisma and clout soar Wed. to dawn Fri. Wednesday seems to keep you level-headed and cautious because you’re aware of the “rules” – still, you will make your mark – perhaps on someone’s heart. Thursday’s excellent from 10 am to 6 pm (PDT) – again, partnership, public appearances, possible travel or legal success looms. Careful this early morning and night, though. Chase money Fri./Sat. – this won’t be easy, and someone might try to con you or you spy a terrible investment, think it’s good, all Fri. to dawn Sat. From mid-morn Sat to mid-afternoon, success is within reach – ask for a raise, or hold a garage sale. Somehow, money favours you.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main accent lies on ambition, career, prestige relations and worldly status. Charge after goals assertively this week and next. (Both are luckier than last week.) But don’t count on co-operation, and be careful with any speculative investments or risky actions. (In general, until May 2017, you fare better alone, gently independent.) You can start a new career/business project now, especially Sunday morning before 9:45 am (PDT). Sunday night through Tues. brings happiness, optimism, popularity, wish fulfillment, entertainment, and flirtations. Be cautious the first half of Tues. – otherwise, fortunate outcomes abound! A financial discussion benefits you Tues. pm. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s stable, brings peace and affection on the home front. The “middle hours” of Thurs. open doors to secrets, valuable data, but be cautious before 10 am and after 6 pm. – don’t invest. Your energy, charisma, and effectiveness soar Fri. dawn through Sat., but obstacles confront you until breakfast time (PDT) Sat. The rest of the day finds you cheerful, friendly, and lucky in love and real estate, with kids and all domestic matters.


 Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week is much easier than last. The general emphasis lies on international affairs, far travel, foreign-born people, teachers, gentle love, cultural venues and social rituals, intellectual pursuits, higher education, religion, media and fame – any/all of these await your action. You could start a project in these areas Sunday before 9:45 am (PDT). This night through Tues. brings your ambitions to the fore. Higher-ups (whether at work or in your ‘hood) will be watching your performance: you’ll pass the “test,” even impress them. Take care Tues. a.m. This afternoon you could make a temporary partnership involving money, or simply grab an income opportunity – good. Social delights, popularity, wish fulfillment, optimism and flirtations fill Wed. to Fri. dawn. Love might grow now, or any time this month. But be cautious with love, romance Thurs. before 10 am and after 6 pm (PDT) – in between, romance and friendships thrive. Retreat Fri. dawn through Sat. Rest, contemplate and plan future actions. Be charitable, spiritual – little good occurs Fri. to breakfast Sat. (eat sensibly). But after this, you can find “Saturday solutions” to home needs – e.g., you’ll find the right flooring to repair your porch.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is an easier week, Scorpio. The general accent lies on secrets, mysteries, research and investigation, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. These are accompanied by a sexual yearning, power goals, and/or financial urges. Your subconscious, your intuition, burst to the surface. You can safely invest or chase someone attractive now and next week – BUT a certain planetary set-up says to avoid investing in a gamble, or spending on romance. (A feeling of pleasure should be a warning.) Reducing debt could be a lot safer than investing. Sunday before 9:45 am (PDT) helps you start anything in these zones (investment, sex, research, etc.). A mellow, understanding mood flows through you Sun. night through Tues. Far travel, international affairs, higher education and legal matters go well Monday, and Tues. pm – not Tues. am. Use these two days of wisdom to examine sexual or financial goals. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs., when prestige relations, community status and dealings with authorities come to the fore. Wednesday helps you translate work into a steady income stream. Thurs.’s best late morning to suppertime. Don’t squander money nor display temper Thurs. night. Happiness, broad, bright horizons, popularity and social delights visit Fri./Sat. Saturday’s better, especially after breakfast time.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Relationships fill the days ahead – in a better way than last week. Relocation possibilities, new, fresh horizons, opportunities, agreements and contracts form the plus side. Arguments, challenges, opposition and enmities are the downside. All you have to do to succeed? – be genial, co-operative, a cheerful friend; jump on someone else’s bandwagon. Sunday until 9:45 am (PDT) gives you a good opportunity to do this (display your support for another). Late night through Tues. brings mysteries, sexual yearnings, power plays and financial actions. Be watchful, research, contemplate an action so big it would change your lifestyle. Charge ahead, success awaits – except Tues. am. A mellow, expansive and understanding mood flows into you Wed./Thurs. Far travel, higher education, law, cultural rituals, intellectual and media pursuits, and love – all are favoured, except before mid-morn and after suppertime Thurs. Be ambitious Fri. dawn through Sat. – but don’t start any new career or business projects Fri. or before breakfast Sat. (Not before June 18, next week, if the project involves real estate, domestic, family, or food/shelter factors.) You can make an impact, impress a VIP, Sat. daytime!


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week is a lot easier than the last one, even if you do have to keep slugging away at a pile of work. Eat, dress and sleep sensibly, as your daily health is a bit touchy. If you want to get a jump on Sunday’s chores (they are crucial ones) start them before 9:45 am (PDT). Relationships colour Mon./Tues. – a cheerful, happy colour Mon. and Tues. pm, but a grey sad one Tues. am. Mysterious depths, subconscious promptings, intuition, sexual urges and financial desires, investment, debt reduction, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, consequence and commitment – these visit you Wed./Thurs. Be very wary of making an investment or any irrevocable commitment before June 18 (next week) as you seem to encounter deception by a talking or writing person. Wednesday favours you; but be steady, cautious Thurs. before 10 am and after suppertime – stay out of dark alleys, dangerous places. A mellow, wise mood comes over you Fri./Sat. Intellectual, legal, travel, international, cultural, media concerns – and love – occupy your thoughts (which are balanced and profound these two days). However, to succeed, wait until 7 am (PDT) Sat. onward to act.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’ll ride a winning streak this week and next, Aquarius. Romance, gambles, speculations, teaching kids, beauty, art, recreation, immediate pleasure, these lay in your path like summer flowers. BUT: you can lose, long-run, if you pursue the following before June 18: earnings, money, buy/sell, possessions, popularity, government relations, warehousing, assembly lines or institutions. Basically, chase love, adventure, pleasure – not practical results. Sunday’s powerfully romantic – but it comes to nothing if you meet after mid-morn (PDT). Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon./Tues. You’ll succeed both days, but exercise caution Tues. morning into the lunch hour. Relationships fill your horizon Wed./Thurs. You’re in a splendid romantic month, yet these two days, which focus on marriage and other associations, are a bit underwhelming. Wed.’s fine, stable, but unexciting. Before 10 am and after supper time Thurs., conflict interferes with co-operation and agreement, so act between these times. Life’s mysteries, commitment, investments, sexual intimacy, actions that can change your life – these surround you Fri./Sat. To succeed, be wary Fri. into Sat. breakfast, then act – you can enhance your “worth.”


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

This week is a lot easier than the last one, Pisces. The main accent lies on your domestic scene: home, kids/parents, garden, Mother Nature, food/shelter, stomach and soul. Yield to the urge to nap, rest, whenever it occurs. June is your “hibernation” month – a necessary preparation for a fun-filled, adventurous, creative and romantic phase that begins in 16 days. Putter around the house, make repairs, redecorate, buy furniture, etc. (These go best, all week, if you started them last Saturday night – June 4 – or do before 9:45 am [PDT] Sunday.) Romantic notions, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure await you Mon./Tues. (In some ways this is not meant to be a climactic romantic event, but a preview or clue about late June and July.) Other than Tues. morning, this is a sweet, rewarding interval. Tackle chores and protect your daily health (eat, dress sensibly) Wed./Thurs. All goes well except before 10 am and after suppertime Thurs. Errands, communications, casual acquaintances, paperwork, details and short trips fill Fri./Sat. – you’ll succeed splendidly after breakfast Sat. to mid-afternoon. Otherwise, obstacles irk you. (E.g., you get to the mail box but let the key at home.) This week and next, abstain from wishful thinking, especially socially. (Wishful thinking causes fuzzy practical decisions – just until June 17.)

The End.

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