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I’m putting this column on the blog a little early, as I’m off to Montreal for a few days.

A month ago I bragged about correctly calling for drought and a Mediterranean climate for British Columbia last summer. This year, April and early May were dry and hot – a record. So I repeated last year’s prediction – another dry spell. As soon as I put that on the blog, it began raining, and hasn’t stopped yet (June 15)! Then last week (June 12 or 13) I wrote to be wary of the stock markets. So far (June 16) nothing big has happened. Two wrong in a row? Probably!

Okay, unequal pay for women doing the same job as a man. Here’s how I see it: In the 1900 – 1960 era (and probably earlier, I’m no historian) large and small companies tended to be paternalistic. The owners or manufacturers treated their workers as a sort of “family,” which they had an obligation to care for. At the same time, the majority of families had one earner, the man, who typically would be supporting a wife and, say, three to four kids. On his one salary, the male worker was feeding and housing five to six people. Into this setting came the woman worker. She was typically single, young, and working to support herself until she married. In those days, I imagine, it was considered not only permissible, but virtually an obligation, a necessity, to pay the man who’s working to feed and house 6 people, more than the single woman whose expenses were much less, as she only had to support one-sixth of the male’s burden.

In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, the hippie movement and free love coincided with the breakdown of the family. Suddenly a portion of “single” women workers were supporting a family. (Though typically a smaller family than existed in the 1950’s.) At the same time, men were waiting longer and longer to marry and start a family. So there began to be a work force bulge, not only in single women, but in 1) their responsibilities, and 2) in single men without responsibilities. I think I was typical of a sizable chunk of men at the time: I didn’t marry until I was 37, and had children from then into my early 40’s. So for 20 years I was in the same position as a typical woman was in, say, 1930 or 1955, yet I received, and would continue to receive (if I were working) a higher hourly wage than a woman,

I’ve heard figures touted – the one that sticks is that women earn 79 % as much as men doing the same job. In our age, with men and women rather equal in financial and social zones, and with rather equal responsibilities, this wage disparity is, of course, unfair. But change happens slowly. One of the biggest impediments to equal pay for women was created by large companies such as Safeway Foods and Walmart, which discovered, in the 70’s and 80’s, that they could save billions of dollars by forcing new hires to work part time rather than full-time – by doing so, they could circumvent the law and quit paying benefits, which were only granted to full-time workers. (The savings were – and still are, because these companies have not changed their practices – the savings were phenomenal: up to 25 % of the cost of employees – savings that produced the billionaires we’re haunted by today.) This huge crippling of the wage earner affected men and women equally (I assume) but the societal and economic trauma and disaffection it caused blurred the issue of equal pay, and set it back, oh, probably 40 years.

Now, equal pay is in the spotlight again. Bernie Sanders, the U.S. presidential candidate, wants a $ 15 minimum wage, which would also help solve the problem. Hillary has gotten on board, late and loud-mouthed, and approaches it as a solution to male cruelty. Like some women and many feminists, she seems to see the unequal pay issue as one more fist of male dominance, that it has always been, and is, a glaring example of male exploitation, dominance and abuse of women. This is obviously not true historically, and is not justified. To require every man to house and feed four to ten other humans, including women, and then to pay them the same amount as a woman who worked yet supported no one but herself, would be the enslavement of men, and vastly more unfair than the present wage gap. The wage gap arose from compassion and fairness; now that the reason for the gap is gone, so should the gap disappear. But to call the gap a male sin, or misogyny, is vastly unfair. (*)

I realize I have generalized in all this. For example, I know there were women supporting a family in the 1950’s – my mother did so for about 17 years. But single-parent and/or woman-wage-earner-supporter families were very rare at the time, probably less than 1 per cent. So rare that having only one parent was a cause for humiliation and alienation. Our family, and our mother, was probably one in two or three hundred. Today, you can find whole towns (I’m thinking of downtown Langley City in B.C.) filled with single mothers and their rag-strewn apartments. The looped and windowed poor, as King Lear knew. (How great was Shakespeare, eh?) In a sense, both Hillary and Donald need to become Lear, to perceive the paucity of their riches.

(*)The fact that women have, for a century, lived years longer than men was probably not a systemic biological phenomenon, but a reflection of the weight on men’s shoulders. I suspect that equal wages, and equal life spans, will approximately coincide.


Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The general accent lies on your domestic scene – family, house, garden, nutrition, security, Mother Nature, parks, vacation (spa or rest type). Get your rest. Stomach, soul, and hibernation are nature’s way of revival. The present “rest spell” (lasting to late July) is more important than most years, because 1) you’re also working harder, and 2) the year starting in September will bring you opportunities that, to succeed, will need to be jumped on eagerly and energetically. (If you’re single, that year will present marriage opportunities – which also need an energetic response. Lassitude is the enemy of romance.) Lie low Sunday; be thoughtful, charitable, and make plans. Your energy and charisma revive Mon./Tues. Get out, make contact, start projects (especially domestic ones, renos, repairs, garden, etc.). A tinge of magic boosts your imagination. Agreement, co-operation will be elusive Mon. night. Excitement and optimism Tues! Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients and the boss Wed./Thurs. An inner hesitation has nagged you since mid-April: that ends now. Good. But don’t charge ahead too quickly with “mysterious” things such as investments, sex and love – Thurs. will show you why. Fri./Sat are for errands, paperwork, travel and messaging. Be careful in all these, Fri. pm through Sat. morn. The rest of Sat. is friendly, informative and bouncy!


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

You’ll be busy but not stressed over the few weeks ahead. Your chores will be light, without big stakes attached. Errands, paperwork, messaging, short trips, that sort of thing. Now through July, you will be face-to-face with 1) assertive/aggressive people; 2) sensual temptations; 3) marriage and/or business partnership prospects, both of which would eventually prove restrictive and burdensome. These have been looming all June, but the “other person” has been indecisive, unsure, non-acting. Now, she/she/they are sure and decisive. There is good here (e.g., a management partnership) and bad (e.g., a punch in the nose). Which, is largely up to you and your people skills. Smile, be likable! Happiness fills Sunday. Get out, mingle. Best in the am. Retreat, rest, and contemplate (especially ponder the future of your relationships, the less grounded ones) Mon./Tues. Your luck’s a bit mixed, but good overall. Make plans, be spiritual, show someone loyal affection. Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. Get out, mingle, impress others, lead the way. Success accompanies you. You might have a deep recognition, realization, about love and marriage (Thurs?). Chase money Fri./Sat., but carefully. Barriers exist. Saturday 9 am to 8 pm best (PDT).


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

A money month lies ahead. Chase or cultivate new clients, angle for a pay raise, sell unwanted items – and go shopping (after June 29) for special items. Your sensual antennae will be alive and alert, but might lure you into a “low passion” bond. (If single, you might have made one of these bonds in 2013/14 – a big one – how did that turn out?) A good few weeks for your memory, and for rote learning (e.g., study an airplane manual). Be ambitious Sunday, but not overly so. (Don’t force or “push” matters ambitiously before mid-May next year.) You might find a home or make money on a home. Happiness visits Mon./Tues. – your popularity rises, social delights and flirtations arrive, you’re optimistic, and a wish might come true (Tues. pm, PDT). Still, deep romance seems blocked. Retreat Wed./Thurs. – rest, contemplate, plan, be charitable and spiritual. Wednesday’s better – Thurs. could bring some health complaint or employment disappointment, late daytime – and a money vs assets dilemma. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Fri./Sat. Start something significant Saturday, not Fri. (Friday brings boring relationships and potential career mistakes.)


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Your energy, magnetism, clout and effectiveness remain high – and might climb even higher – for several weeks. Start important projects, seek attention, tackle jobs you found intimidating before. If you’ve wanted to approach a VIP or that good-looking person, now’s the time (to July 21 – but don’t leave it to the last week.) Career and status matters which have been put on the back burner since mid-April, now come forward for handling, and proceed without further delay. Tackle these Mon./Tues., when your ambition is high. There are a couple of obstacles to overcome, but you can do it. The biggest obstacle could be solved by diplomacy, co-operation with a “power person.” Earlier, Sunday brings wisdom, compassion, intellectual pursuits and far travel. Your personal charm climbs also, now to mid-July – it might spark a magical attraction in these few days: Sunday-Tues. Happiness, flirtation, laughter, popularity, social delights, optimism and wish fulfillment flow in Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s great, and so is Thurs. to 7 am (PDT). After this, you might have to make a love choice: it’s all or nothing, no matter how gentle or subtle the “demand” seems. If you walk away, you won’t come back. Chase money Fri./Sat. Best times: Fri. morning, and Sat. daytime, after mid-morning.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Avoid competitive situations. The more you retreat now, the more the world will love you later. Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Every year, you have to undergo a “rejuvenation” in June/July. Seek therapy, new beauty techniques, research, contact government agencies for help, deal with charitable and spiritual organizations. However, don’t dive too deeply into research (nor into financial nor sexual temptations) especially Sunday, when the ease of everything might disguise possible pitfalls. Wisdom comes just in time Mon./Tues. – gently, your thoughts widen and your view elevates: you can see the whole world and how (and why) it works. Monday’s a bit tough, but Tues. daytime (PDT) opens the door to love, and to solving issues with a spouse, other partner. Display your skills Wed./Thurs. – higher-ups are watching. You can make good strides forward, might even impress a boss for a later promotion, especially Wed. and early Thurs. (Don’t argue nor get drawn into someone else’s power play Thurs.) Optimism, social happiness, entertainment, a simple joy in life fill Fri./Sat. Friday am, Sat. pm best.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A wish is almost certain to come true over the few weeks ahead, Virgo. It might involve a home, real estate, or your family. (It might also involve school, your social life, or a light romance.) In any case, your heart lightens now to late July. Optimism, popularity, future visions, entertainment, flirtation and wit fill your days. Sunday’s for serious relationships; you might fall in love, or sense it prowling around your heart. Remember, if you’re single, actually marrying, co-habiting is not advised before May 2017. Delve deep, research and investigate Mon./Tues. Sexual desire, large finances, lifestyle changes, serious medical decisions fill these two days. If investing, do it daytime Tues. (PDT) – technology, or the field you work in, are good bets. Life’s mellow side unfurls for you Wed./Thurs. – plunge into travel, intellectual pursuits, media, learning, social rituals and cultural events. You’ll understand something new. Like Cancer, you might have to make a love decision, or two friends might “announce” they’re an item. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. Start projects Sat. late morning to evening for best success. Work alone – co-operation’s a bit skimpy.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Although your personal luck, popularity and energy have been low for the last 10 months (and will remain so until September) this “quiet period” favours all “management” zones: committee meetings, delegating tasks, dealing with civil servants, agents, therapists and advisors. In the weeks ahead, your ambitions rise, and you’ll deal more with higher-ups, even authorities. This, combined with your “management luck” can put you in a pretty good position. Sunday’s for work. Your efforts lead you one step closer to promotion. However, don’t overwork now to next May – work smart, not hard. Relationships loom Mon./Tues. Monday’s alternating boring and mildly frustrating, but Tues. daytime could bring the one you want. Single Librans face a bit of a dilemma 2011-2018: romance brings splendid marriage prospects; yet a domestic, child-related or digestion problem keeps rolling a huge rock into your love path. (Money would cure the domestic problem, but few will have enough. The best approach is to solve or “incorporate” the domestic problem. E.g., say you’re a single-parent looking for love: then look at children’s playgrounds, or advertise for other single parents on Fish or other sites.) Life’s deeper side emerges Wed./Thurs. – attraction becomes intimacy, business agreements need funding; or you invest, commit to a lifestyle change, surgery, whatever. All’s smooth, except Thurs. pm, when a monetary or sexual situation needs a decision (or it goes its own way). A mellow, wise mood fills you Fri./Sat. This can bring love – Sat. pm.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead emphasize far travel, international affairs, religion and philosophy, culture, social rituals, fame, media, publishing, intellectual pursuits, legal matters – and love. If single, Scorpio, you’re in a year of increased popularity until September. This can help you find romance – it will tend to pop up in group settings. (Stick with light, flirty, fun romance – the deep, heavy stuff will usher you into a trap/pitfall/loss, if you dive in before mid-2017. A hint of the latter – infatuation – will visit you Sunday.) Both new friends and new lovers can somehow, later, boost your money fortunes. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon./Tues. Eat and dress sensibly. Monday’s stable, Tuesday’s inventive – practice safety with electricity, water. Relationships face you Wed./Thurs. – good ones all Wed., and the first 7 hours of Tues. (PDT). Daytime Tues., you might show your rougher side. Love needs examination, perhaps a final choice. Sexual yearning, large finances, secrets, research and detective work, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence feel Fri./Sat. Be careful, don’t commit until mid-morn Saturday onward.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week and the next few emphasize mysteries and secrets, sexual desires and financial actions, lifestyle changes, medical diagnoses, and…karma. Delve deep, reject surface appearances. You can open the door to valuable data, even to a treasure chest – most of this after Wednesday. Earlier, spend Sunday at home or in the ‘hood. Good friends arrive. You might feel a wee tinge of romantic temptation. Romance is the main theme Mon./Tues. – so are art, beauty, creativity, good luck, sports, and risk-taking. Tuesday’s better, could bring a conversation that can “go further.” Monday’s mixed. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Best Wed., and to Thurs. dawn. The rest of Thurs. can bring romance or argument, investment or mere spending. A sexual temptation possible (i.e., involving someone already attached.) Relationships fill Fri./Sat. – luckily Fri. morning and daytime Sat. (Fri. afternoon to Sat. mid-morn not so easy: deception and dejection.) All week, a friendly romance seems more likely than anything “heavy.”


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Relationships fill the weeks ahead. Be diplomatic, eager to join. For the next two weeks, at least, others will greet you with affection and graciousness. A male might aid you, and/or become a lively friend. If single, you could meet a life-mate. If married, your partnership, travel and legal matters go well. Opportunities abound, especially in love, learning, insurance, scientific and public areas. Sunday’s for errands, casual friends, messaging and short trips. All’s well – you could become enamoured with someone – the eyes have it. Be home or nearby Mon./Tues. At work, focus on sales territory, premises, leases, etc. You might have to expend additional effort to get things done Mon., but Tues. dawn (PDT) onward encourages you to tackle house, garden and similar issues – a few dollars, well-spent, can bring something special into the home. Romance, creativity, speculation, sports/games and charming kids – at least one of these grabs your attention Wed. (lucky) and Thurs., when you might either befriend a feisty person, or stare love in the face. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. Your luck’s mixed Fri., so go slow. You’ll get a lot done Sat.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Work just magically seems to keep growing this week and the next few. You might as well just sigh and plunge in. Though you’re generally favoured for management this whole decade, this month ahead steers you (rightly so) toward hands-on chores. Protect your daily health by eating and dressing sensibly. Sunday’s fine, easy – money’s your focus, so buy/sell, etc. Shop for computers or electronics later this afternoon. Errands, friends, communications, short trips and paperwork fill Mon. (a few obstacles) and Tues. (success, before suppertime PDT). Steer your thoughts toward home Wed./Thurs. Wed.’s smooth and easy, the kids behave, you can tackle big projects in the garden, repairing the house, etc. Thursday is much the same, but this daytime can spark an ambition or status-related argument, and something deeper, more subtle: involves money/assets or sex. Think and see deeply: there is a choice between alienation and intimacy. It might involve family members rather than yourself. (This would be one of the worst days to leave a child with someone untrustworthy.) Romance, happiness, beauty and expanding feelings visit you Fri. (not so easy) and Sat. (good all pm). Don’t let money considerations interfere with the heart.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Use the weeks ahead to exercise your passion, Pisces. That passion can be romance, art, creativity, risk (gambling – or better risks such as the stock market) – anything that, when you bend your attention to it, you lose track of time. (This one of the best ways to judge a love, or to know whether one’s imminent: does the time spent with him/her almost race by unnoticed? If so, this is one of the most reliable indicators of compatibility.) Your energy and charisma are tops Sunday, and a truly magical/spiritual meeting can occur. Chase money Mon./Tues. Your luck is mixed Mon. through dawn Tues., then good. You might snag a management position, or funds from the government. Errands, messaging, short trips and visits, paperwork and details fill Wed./Thurs. All goes well, but Thurs. brings a significant relationship that will be an opportunity if you embrace it, even true love – or, if you’re not in the love market, a money doorway. Here, too, you can’t fight or challenge, you have to “get on board” with someone quiet, diplomatic, secretive and strong. Head toward home Fri./Sat. Rest, nap, steep yourself in Mother nature, garden, embrace the kids, etc. Friday’s a little dull, but you’ll get your way (especially money-wise) Sat. Buy something for the home.

The End.

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    Diego solare here.
    Hi Tim: I have three questions re this June 26- Jul 2 2016 column: You write “Now through July, you will be face-to-face with 1) assertive/aggressive people; 2) sensual temptations; 3) marriage and/or business partnership prospects, both of which would eventually prove restrictive and burdensome. These have been looking all June, but the “other person” has been indecisive, unsure, non-acting. Now, she/she/they are sure and decisive.”
    Question 1 Wold this applies to me?
    Question 2 The last two sentences do they refer to a present, past work where a full time is offered or a relationship where the person was not interested and now she/he is?
    Question 3 If one has just had a reading, does any of the columns apply to that individual since most of it would seem contradictory?

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