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PREAMBLE: (It’s a long one – the Weekly Forecasts are below.)

The Revolt: I told you a long time ago, and again last year, that the U.S. was going through a “revolution” or upheaval/change as significant as the one in 1776. Now the Brexit vote has clarified the opposing parties, which were first “discovered” by Trump: the working class who are fed up with their poverty, and the rich class, now alternately hiding or pretending to change their spots. So far, the rich are winning, while the far-left poor/students battle the far-right poor. Thus the California riot today (June 26) in which 6 people were knifed.

This trend doesn’t peak until 2019/20. 2020 is another election year, and likely to be even more fractious than this 2016 fiasco. But it’s NOT a fiasco. It’s an important turn into the central phase of American society’s transformation. Ironically (well, not really) as the U.S. rushes toward socialism or fascism, the Chinese approach democracy. As the world must mix more and more, and man become more like ants and bees, so must the political systems become more and more alike.

In the 1980’s I wrote here that a new political system would emerge in coming decades. That the seeds began in the breakup of the U.S.S.R. (hate to brag, predicted that break-up) or in some way would be planted from 1983 to 1995. That a “manifesto” would come from 1996 to 2009; and that the new system would be put in place 2009-2025. I think the upheavals, Brexit and the political revolt of the working class against the establishment in Trumpland, are symptoms or signposts steering us into the final (more correctly, peak) stage of this “revolt.” The hierarchy will win, I’ve said before. Now I’m not so sure. However, win or not, the hierarchy will be transformed deeply.


I think the speed of light is only the first step.

Acoustics, sounds, notes, are only one level; beneath or within, lie many more levels, perhaps some more “advanced” than light. Both light and sound are surface phenomena, both are physically perceptible. In sound, the high notes that a dog hears but we cannot, are still on this surface sound level. In light, x-rays and other spectrums are still within the “surface light.” Many things have a surface dimension, and other levels. Our human skin has a dry exterior, a veinous fatty layer, then others. Sound might have sub layers more complex and faster than light. But light also might be the physical surface of something more. In centuries ahead, mankind will use/harness/mine the inner levels of light for an energy better than atomic, and for its new hobby, tinkering with time.


We see destiny as a negative force, but why? We say, “His karma got him in the end, he lost everything.” Or any similar expression that there is a higher force that sooner or later punishes us for our sins. (There really are different rates of karma. For example, Hitler’s karma took years to catch him. My karma is almost instant. I’ll cut someone off in traffic, and within minutes someone will cut me off. Sometimes – usually when I have a strong or urgent goal — it’s really frustrating; but sometimes, oddly, it’s refreshing, as though I had just bathed away my sins, and was freshened.) We should start viewing destiny more kindly and say, “Mine is to be happy.” Hardly ever will destiny disappoint the deepest urges, for these urges are like the lawn around destiny’s house, or the flowers in his/her garden. Sort of dumb brothers to destiny’s plotting ways.

Maybe I was a little fast in counting my last two predictions wrong. The first, that British Columbia’s “California weather” would continue in 2016, was immediately followed by over a month of rain! So I apologized for my error. But a reader from Victoria said, “Not so fast. You were right all along.” He writes that river and water table levels on Vancouver Island, by government records, are at historical lows right now. They remain in a drought that has already lasted some years.

The second prediction – more a warning – advised people, to quote: “I might be wrong, but I’d be very careful with stock markets worldwide June 12-18.” Then the week turned out to be mild and benign, and I apologized to you for my error, Gentle Reader. (They used to do that in 19th century novels: “Dear Reader,” they began.)

But again, a reader emailed to say I wasn’t so wrong. Most people who bought stocks in that week, lost big when Britain voted to leave the E.U. on June 24. This date, British and European banks fell 20 to 25 %. The Dow fell 600 + points. Many stock markets worldwide fell by 7 to 10 %. Two trillion dollars was lost across the globe in one day. (The rout continued Monday with additional losses.)

Remember when a few months ago I opined that banks would see a major decline in September 2016? Well, the same aspect that worried me about September, also occurred June 17, and the banks tanked a week later. If you’re buying now, I would leave banks alone. I think they’ll fall further come September. But I would buy Canadian banks this autumn, as they’re probably the healthiest/strongest in the world.

(I did predict, BTW, that some nation would leave the E.U. – but I think I said it would occur in 2014 or 2015. Right prediction, wrong time.)

The problem, of course, is what this does to the entire E.U., and then the world. I’m only looking at one thing: that this June event is only the start to – not so much an economic decline as a paper decline, and a currency crisis, and finally deflationary forces that force, by the early 2020’s, a huge upheaval and transformation in currencies.


Was just in Montreal. Houses there are about ¼ Vancouver prices. On the other hand, I live only 9 miles/14 km from Vancouver, and my 2 acres with 2 houses is only worth about 1/6th Vancouver prices. (Approximately half of that 9 miles is a ferry ride.) In Egypt, you can buy spacious oceanfront condos for 10,000 pounds (about $ 13,000 U.S., $ 15,000 Canadian). During and shortly after the Bosnian war in the 1990’s, you could buy a waterfront villa in Croatia for about $ 30,000. Now those villas range in the hundreds of thousands. In Bolivia, when I was a young man (well, 30 years old) you could buy land for 1 dollar an acre. But if you left the country for a few weeks, you lost your ownership – that was the law. Real estate, what a concept.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Your domestic scene grows doubly important Sunday to Tues. morning (PDT). Almost everything goes your way in this arena, as your intuition is high, ditto your alertness and skill with numbers, and affection warms you, especially Mon. pm. You might start a new domestic project – renovations, landscaping, new meal plans, etc. Tension late night Mon. Romance tickles you Tues. to Thurs. afternoon. A splendid time if you’re a parent, to teach, show kids, to plan their future, start an education fund, enter them in sports activities, all that. If single, a “sexy” (but gritty) attraction could blossom (Wed.). Thurs. needs care – alienation hovers, and argument, even break-offs, can occur. Tackle chores Thurs. afternoon through Sat. You might struggle at first (partly because you’re day dreaming) but late Friday and all Sat. give you a green light for accomplishment – save your energy until then. A nice “co-ordination” occurs, early week, between your spiritual and domestic sides.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

The emphasis remains on busy but easy work. Don’t stress out, you’ll do fine and get it all accomplished. Others are talkative, gracious and affectionate – even strangers you meet while performing your errands. Your communications skills are high this week – use them to woo someone romantic and sexy. (Sometime before October, if you’re single, you could meet/enter a major love affair.) Travel, write, call, perform paperwork – all the easy stuff. These trends peak Sun./Mon. – fortunately! (The only rough spot might be Mon. late night – stress, nerves.) Start a new mail, media, filing, or similar project. Turn toward home and family Tues. morn to Thurs. afternoon. Thursday’s rough, needs caution (two friends might split apart, or you might discover the key to fame) – but Tues./Wed. are lucky and smooth. You could fall in love. That’s the main topic Thurs. eve through Sat. – love, romance, adventure, creativity, beauty, immediate pleasure and risk-taking. You’ll ride a wee winning streak! However, commit to no one, and to no idea, before 3 pm (PDT) Fri.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Money decisions fill July, Gemini. You might have recently made a promise to aid someone financially. Now the question is: can you afford it? And there are property taxes, a nice boost in income, perhaps some overtime or a new client or two. Single Geminis feel lonely now, and a person who turns on your body but not your mind might lure you. Be honest, realize you’d soon be bored, but go in anyway as long as the one you’re wooing knows your intentions are NOT long-term. (Some of you Gemini singles, not the majority, might confuse love and security, and embrace someone for the latter motive. This could actually begin a workable marriage, but watch the boredom factor.) All these trends are so deep you can swim in them Sun./Mon. Tuesday morning to Thurs. afternoon brings errands, restlessness, messaging, paperwork, travel and casual friends. You might start a casual love affair, too, especially Wed. However, Thursday’s deep fissures might hint at the “destined end” of a sweet dalliance. Head for home Thurs. eve through Sat. – parent/kid relations, security, real estate, retirement savings/preparations, gardening, renovations, etc., all go poorly before 3 pm Fri., and very well after.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Your charisma, energy and effectiveness remain high, and reach a peak Sun./Mon. Get out, start something! You’re the leader, the mover, you can gain allies or gain favours. You communicate well and your appearance, your “style” attracts others. Love and romance can be one of your conquests! Chase money Tues. to Thurs. afternoon, buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. Tues./Wed. go well, could sprinkle romance into your life, also. (If single, you could meet true love – or someone truly frustrating.) Thursday isn’t easy – opposing forces everywhere. Errands, paperwork, messaging, travel, “light duties” fill Thurs. eve through Sat. All things (including work, legalities) need caution before 3 pm PDT Fri. All things succeed after that, into Sat.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

Continue to lie low, rest deeply, and plan future actions. Interact with civil servants, shut-ins, charities, institutions and spiritual organizations. Meditation yields rewards. Help others, while avoiding competitive situations. All this peaks Sun./Mon. (but lasts until July 22). These are two benevolent days, but don’t argue nor drive erratically Mon. night. Your energy rises nicely Tues. morn to Thurs. afternoon. Get out, mingle, shop for “valuable ideas” (e.g., in your financial or spiritual bookstore). Visit old friends, hug your spouse. Tues./Wed. flow sweetly and easily, but Thurs. demands care: alienation, health dilemmas, or love “disruptions” can occur. Chase money, buy/sell, memorize necessary lists – carefully before Fri. afternoon, easily Fri. eve, Sat. (Save any shopping until this latter period.) All July, contain temper at home – don’t move into a new home before August 2.


Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead feature easy work: errands, communications, paperwork, travel, media, dealing with casual acquaintances. Read, explore and be curious. This trend peaks Sun./Mon., making this a good time to start any projects in these zones – e.g., start a mail campaign, or install new office phones. Retreat Tues. to Thurs. afternoon – rest, contemplate, plan, be charitable and spiritual. Contact the government, as it looks like your request might be approved. All this before Thurs., when alienation, difficulty finding the right word, financial or intimate disruptions will fill your path with obstacles. Your energy, magnetism and clout increase Thurs. night through Sat. Though you’re “in charge,” proceed carefully before mid-afternoon Fri. Then to Sat., march forth confidently. An affectionate friend might appear anytime this week. Could evolve into romance.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent lies on your career, worldly status, prestige relations and ambitions for the weeks ahead. This focus sharpens and deepens Sun./Mon. Do all you can, these two days, to promote yourself, to start a practical project, to impress VIPs, etc. One caution: don’t try to “force” others to co-operate in your ambitions – they’d overturn your cart instead. Happiness, delicious anticipation, optimism, entertainment and light romance arrive late Tues. morning to Thurs. afternoon. Tues./Wed. are splendid – watch for a flirtatious glance – but Thurs. needs much care. You might need to choose between your ambitions and your marital prospects and/or your home. Retreat Thurs. afternoon through Sat. – rest, contemplate, and plan your future (which best comes from examining hour past).Deal with civil servants, institutions, head office, charitable and spiritual organizations. You’ll succeed much more easily after Fri. afternoon than before. All July, you will make – and probably spend – more money.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead bring you a wider vision, understanding (especially about what you learned last month) far travel, higher learning, cultural or social involvements, publishing, science, fame or legal matters – and love. The love that occurs now is likely to be very much in your head, your thoughts, yet is a genuine, true love. All these are emphasized Sun./Mon., when you might begin a project in these zones – e.g., start a law suit or a love affair. Be ambitious Tues. morning to Thurs. afternoon. Tues./Wed. offer excellent progress in career, business, neighbourhood status, and dealings with authorities (including judges, police) but Thursday is like a whirlwind, throwing everything awry. Time your actions accordingly. (Tues./Wed. also bring a significant “romantic moment.”) Friends, flirtations, entertainment arrive Thurs. afternoon through Sat. Obstacles fill Thurs. and the first half of Fri. After this, you sail smoothly into romance, popularity. Optimism rules!


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your life might change this month, might turn in a different direction. This could be due to an action: buying a home, undertaking a mortgage, joining with someone intimately, undergoing surgery (cosmetic favoured) or some other commitment which will “change things.” This influence reaches a peak Sun./Mon., and you can start a project in these zones. Research before you commit. One avenue of change which is not favoured: romance, speculation/gambling and creativity. Tues. morning to Thurs. afternoon brings the things you love: intellectual pondering, higher learning, libraries, far travel, cultural venues, media and publishing, legal interpretations, etc. All these are lucky (and contain a soupcon of romance) Tues./Wed. – but Thurs. hinders, disrupts and frustrates. Be ambitious Thurs. afternoon through Sat. – though the disruptions and obstacles continue to Fri. afternoon. (After this, and all Sat., you can make “work-like progress” – not huge, but appreciable!)


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Relationships fill the weeks ahead, especially this Sun./Mon., when you might start a new bond, grab opportunities, contemplate relocation, deal with the public, or investigate a new area/horizon. Best: love. Worst: real estate or trying to re-organize the home/family. Dive into the depths Tues. morning to Thurs. afternoon – research, lift up the rug to see what’s hidden, be curious about investments, debt, intimacy – your curiosity could land a deal, or a new mate. Someone overwhelms your sense of beauty and desire (i.e., looks perfect) Wed. Thursday, though, isn’t easy: prepare to dodge obstacles, accept someone’s “No,” and, once more, give home/family a very light, non-judgemental touch. A mellow, wise mood floats through you Thurs. afternoon through Sat. The frustrating side of travel, legalities, social strictures, education and “formality” irk you right up to mid-afternoon Fri. After this, and Sat., all goes well in these zones.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Tackle chores, Aquarius – the weeks ahead are full of them, especially this Sun./Mon. Bosses are impatient all July, in no mood to forgive lapses or laziness. As you’re working hard, protect your health: eat, dress sensibly. You might start a new job or project now, perhaps Monday. Someone might ask you to perform an action which management will not like. If you see this, just keep your head down. Co-workers are sweet, generous – you might start a co-worker romance (not advised – you’ll see why Thursday). Relationships fill Tues. morning to Thurs. afternoon – beautifully Tues./Wed., not Thurs. which is filled with barriers and subtle, even hidden (but deep) disagreement. Grab an opportunity if you spy it, Tues./Wed. Life’s mysterious side emerges Thurs. afternoon through Sat. Thursday’s tough, unrewarding; so are the first 15 hours of Friday. After this, you meet good conditions and reliable results. So time your actions in: investments, finances, medical procedures, lifestyle changes, and sex. A new investment project might launch – good.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, Pisces. Life is sweet this month. Pleasure will find you somehow, whether through romance, a passion for art, a creative surge or a risk-taking, adventuresome urge. These matters are doubly emphasized Sun./Mon., when you might start a new love or hobby. (The only thing not favoured is money – and government.) Tackle chores, especially ones you’ve neglected, Tues./Wed. – but not Thurs., when these matters run into walls. Eat, dress sensibly. You could be “interrupted” by a romantic interval Wed. If unattached, you might plunge into a co-worker dalliance. I wouldn’t. Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, dealings with the public, negotiations and contracts, and litigation, enmity, challenges and fights fill Thurs. afternoon through Sat. Whether you meet co-operation or challenge, ally or enemy, is largely up to you. Be diplomatic, eager to join others. This small interval splits down the middle – troubles, challenges to mid-afternoon Fri., and co-operation, success after (through Sat.).


The End



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  1. margaret24

    For Sag last week it said life might change or move in a different direction. Would that also include a permanent breakup?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Margaret,

      Not particularly. If you are on the verge of a break-up, it is probably something else in your chart (moon, Rising, etc.). Depends also on your spouse’s chart.



        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Thanks, Margaret,

          Sorry, I didn’t mean send me your moons/suns/risings. I meant I would have to construct your charts, and I charge for this — i.e., a reading. I will ooine that your bond has grown boring, which is usually the case when sun signs are adjacent, as your two are.


  2. JS

    Hi Tim,
    just curious why we cant start anything new till Feb 11 (i guess you mean feb 11 2017)?

  3. gdavi

    Hi Tim,

    Yes, good call on the stock market! I also agree with you regarding deflationary trends, which will continue until the monumental levels of debt we have now are liquidated.

    I was thinking about your comment regarding the US moving towards Fascism or Socialism. Some consider the US war in Iraq was a form of Fascism; many others don’t. Those on the other side of the political aisle consider the open borders policy a form of Marxism (creating a dependent, easily manipulated, proletariat). Lots of polarization all around. Very hard to know which way we’re heading. Regardless, I found the following George Orwell quote apropos:

    “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.”

    More timely Orwell quotes here: http://theantimedia.org/10-george-orwell-quotes-that-predicted-life-in-2014-america/

    Thanks for all you do, Tim! Keep up the great work!

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