WEEKLY FORECAST — JULY 10 – 16, 2016

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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: Before 1:32 am Sun., 8:01 am to 1:52 pm Tues., and 3:22 pm Thurs. to 2:14 am Fri.


Notice how few and short the “Start Nothing” times are this week? (See above.) This hints that the week ahead is a busy, significant one, and that we’ll make much progress “without forethought.” (In other words, don’t get bogged down in planning – act instead.)

Well, I told you several months ago Bill Clinton would do his wife more harm than good on the campaign trail, just as he did in 2008, because subconsciously he does not want her to become President. In the past few months Bill alienated Blacks by arguing with them (over Black Lives Matter and Hillary’s “superpredator” comment). Now, he’s subverted justice and smeared his wife by attempting to influence a court official in her favour – and worse, letting it be public, like mustard on Hillary’s hot dog face. A.G. Loretta Lynch – the court official he wooed, and who obviously took too long to remove his hand – is obviously also corrupt.






Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The accent remains on your domestic arena. Be restful, don’t hurry to fulfill obligations that others might not even remember you owed. Relationships and choices fill Sun./Mon. Sunday’s easy, co-operative – you express yourself well, especially with the family. (And, if single, in intimate situations.) But Monday’s the opposite, fractious, non-co-operative. Time actions accordingly. Tuesday afternoon starts three days of secrets, sexual attraction, high finance, debt and investments, lifestyle changes, medical diagnoses, research/detective work, and “changes” – because every commitment leads to a consequence. These, com. and consequence, hit subtle barriers Tues. afternoon, but from that point onward, luck rides with you. (Wed. best – good day for male-female co-operation, and for investing.) A mellow, wise mood floats over you Fri./Sat. Your luck is very mixed here, so be nimble, be quick. You could meet a future love. (Though it could become a tense bond.) Buy travel tickets or apply for school entry (especially for your kids). You’ll be satisfied!


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

The emphasis remains on writing, speaking, messaging, paperwork, short distance travel, visits, and curiosity. This week is jumpy Sunday to Tuesday, and Saturday, but smooth and fortunate in-between.  Tackle chores Sun.to Tues. noon, and protect your daily health (sniffles, headache, etc.) with sensible eating and dressing. Mon./Tues. are a bit fractious and hold obstacles, so get your important things done/started Sunday. Relationships fill Tues. eve through Thurs. This whole interval favours love, co-operation, teamwork – fresh horizons and fresh opportunities face you! Love could begin now. Sex, secrets, extra-marital temptations, large financial actions (invest, consolidate debt, etc.) medical emergencies and lifestyle changes arise Fri./Sat. Luck is very jumbled here, so proceed with “nimble caution.” If you can act before 10:30 am Fri. or after 4:30 pm Sat. (all times PDT) you’ll succeed. Your “domestic side” grows and sweetens through the weeks ahead.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Continue to chase money and to spend judiciously, Gemini. You could land a pay raise now, or overtime, or sell all that stuff in the garage. The time is also “okay” for large purchases (machinery, etc.) – rising to lucky Tues. eve to Thurs. afternoon. Sunday to noon Tues. excites and pleases you. Nature’s beautiful, you feel romantic, children charm, and sports call. But don’t gamble Mon./Tues. In fact, everything goes best Sunday. This day, you could woo someone romantically, while he/she has an eye on marriage. Better to flirt and run, because a bond formed this Sunday, while essentially good and workable, will run into various obstacles, upsets and tense “stand-offs” in future. Tackle chores and protect your health Tues. eve through Thurs.  You’ll get such a pile done you’ll feel proud. This is a good time to purchase heavy machinery, a car, etc. – Thurs. morning is probably best, but the whole interval is good. Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, dealings with the public, negotiations, litigation, contracts and enmities fill Fri./Sat. For best results, be diplomatic, emphasize others’ desires. Best Fri. morn, Sat. eve and night.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Your energy, magnetism, clout and effectiveness continue at a yearly high, Cancer. You’ll get your way – now all you have to do is get out and reasonably demand it! Others will naturally follow your lead. You’ll be occupied with home, kids and parents, groceries, renovations, etc., Sunday to Tues. noon. Sunday’s the best of the 3 days, so launch your projects early. Careful with electricity, romance, career and driving Mon./Tues. A lucky wave of romance and pleasure flows over you Tues. pm to Thurs. afternoon. A day makes a difference: if you’re attracted to someone Wed., emotions, intuition, quietness and depth will characterize the future of this bond; if on Thurs., the future link will be more fiery, vivacious. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. Best times: Fri. morning and Sat. eve/night. But almost the whole 2 day period is good. Careful with electricity and water. You’re already receiving money and purchase news – in another week, you’ll pursue these.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Continue to rest for 12 more days. Soak up sweet solitude, daydream, let your mind wander, survey your future, your plans, and look over charitable and spiritual prospects. Catch up on obligations, especially those involving the government or institutions. Errands, calls, communications, short trips, casual friends and “facts” fill Sun. to noon Tues. Get busy Sunday, for it offers much more progress than the next two days. Careful driving both midnights (Sun. and Mon.). Your home, family, and security rise to capture your attention Tues. pm to Thurs. afternoon. Your luck is excellent here, so embrace spouse and kids, have a family council and planning session, contact preferred schools for your kids, garden, make a new meal plan, etc. Good time to start renovations, decorating, landscaping projects, etc. Your mind turns from security to adventure, familial warmth to romantic risk Fri./Sat. You’ll do better with romance, creativity, speculation and games/sports Fri. morning and Sat. eve/night, than the time in-between. Something goes very well with home affairs.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Look to the future, Virgo, because that’s where you’re going. You’re at a yearly peak in optimism, popularity, and simple joy. Light flirtations, social delights, entertainment visit, and a wish might come true. Chase money, buy/sell and “handle” sensual attractions Sun. to noon Tues. Sunday’s best – a sexual attraction could flare, with conversation that’s unusually easy. Be diplomatic, count your money Mon./Tues. Tuesday afternoon through Thurs. brings errands, light chores, paperwork, messaging, travel and media. Be curious, you can learn some valuable facts. Your luck sails high, so use this communicative interval to speak with significant people: lover, spouse, boss, etc. Head toward home Fri/Sat. – you’ll accomplish the most Fri. morning and Sat. eve/night, so time important projects (buying that fence wood or new cutlery set, telling the back-hoe where to dig, repairing windows, etc.) for those periods. In-between, soak up nature, rest, hug the kids or chase them with a water hose, etc. You can make a good investment (stocks, real estate) around Sat. suppertime.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sun’s up, Libra! Be ambitious, get going, you can succeed now, especially in money zones. Your prestige, communit5y status, and dealings with higher-ups are emphasized. Your energy surges Sun. morning to noon Tues. – however, only Sunday is easy, so charge ahead this day, make contact, phone, talk, propose. You have a “laser eye” for the money implications of any situation. Use Mon./Tues.’s energy and clout to overcome problems: make obstacles stepping stones. Chase the money Tues. afternoon through Thurs. – you’re lucky, others think you should be paid fairly – so sell garage items, seek a pay raise, etc. Great time to start or seek a job or a career boost. Errands, messaging, short travel, casual acquaintances and siblings, paperwork and details fill Fri./Sat. Best times: Fri. morning, Sat. eve/night. Do the boring chores in-between; save these two good times for a) meeting and conversing with friends and “bankers” (i.e., people with money) Fri. am and b) with lovers, potential partners Sat. pm.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re in the midst of a mellow, wise, philosophical period, Scorpio. It has two more weeks to run. Use this time to contact others far away, to travel afar, to pursue higher learning, languages and any intellectual pursuit, to broaden your vision and make sense of God and Man. And to discuss (more than show) love, if you’re “in it.” Talk might travel toward the far (conjugal) future. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sun. to noon Tues. You’re tired, so avoid competitive situations. Think, plan, visit shut-ins, fulfill old obligations, and seek charitable and spiritual progress. Sunday’s easy and productive. Mon./Tues. need much caution with machines, tools, in speech, etc. Your energy, charisma, clout and sense of timing soar Tues. afternoon through Thurs. – get out, mingle, impress others, take the lead, instigate your own projects and ventures. A splendid luck goes with your heightened energy, so you can hardly lose. Seek love; realize your sexual energy will “come to the rescue” Thurs. afternoon. Chase money and clients Fri./Sat., buy/sell, step into a sensual relationship (but if it’s without love, this bond will bore you soon) and memorize important lists/facts. The first 16 hours of Sat. need care, but before and after this, you march forth.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Life’s mysteries surround you. You might be attracted to a married person, or be alert to a hint, an intuition, that someone wants you in a deep way. Listen, Sage, sex and intimacy are natural urges now – this is Mother Nature’s “rutting season” for you – instituted so people would get pregnant and continue the species. But be honest and moral, or someone will get hurt. You’re also in a powerful financial month. Your health might need diagnosis, surgery, or a diet change. Sunday to Tues. noon lifts your spirits and hopes. Social delights arrive, and your popularity rises (mildly, as this is a somewhat secretive month for you). Sunday’s splendid, but could tempt you toward a secret affair. Mon./Tues. are packed with obstacles and “event failures” – but you’ll be so happy you’ll hardly notice. Retreat Tues. afternoon through Thurs. – lie low, rest, contemplate, plan future actions/ventures, and interface with civil servants, institutions, charitable and spiritual organizations – good luck accompanies you in all these. (So a good time to apply for government aid, student loans, etc.) But if you do nothing but rest and daydream, you’ll benefit. Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri./Sat. (but not to peak elevations, as this is a quiet month). Charge ahead, especially Sat. after dawn (PDT) when love and ambition can thrive. This eve/night, romance is sexy, friendly, an adventure!


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Relationships remain crucial. They can bring you grief or success, enmity or opportunity – and much of this is up to you – up to your past actions, and how you approach others this week and next. Sun. to Tues. noon imbue you with an extra shot of ambition – Sunday’s good, and mid-day Mon. to suppertime offers good progress. Other times, exercise caution, in career and at home. Happiness arrives Tues. afternoon through Thurs. – your popularity rises, social joys and optimism lift you, and a significant flirtation could occur, even start a life of love, if you’re single. Give and accept invitations: from gatherings, comes opportunity, romance. Bow out Fri./Sat., retreat for peace, quiet and rest. Contemplate, plan actions, ventures. Deal with civil servants, any red tape situation. Though there are problems, they all appear Sat. midnight to dawn (PDT) so you could sleep through them. All week, be diplomatic; realize both relationships and home are under stress. But, all’s well that ends well, and this week seems to, by Sat. night.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Only 12 days of drudgery left, Aquarius. Get in the spirit, tackle and finish as many chores as you can. This will leave you free to embrace the opportunities and relationships that pop up after July 21 (and into August). ​Sun. to Tues. noon brings a mellow, wise, thoughtful mood. You can see why and how society works, you can understand love (and your partner). Far travel, intellectual pursuits and love are favoured Sunday (so is career action/communication) – but Mon./Tues. needs caution, as disruptions and obstacles abound. Be ambitious Tues. afternoon through Thurs. – good luck accompanies you, so work hard, connect with bosses or VIPs, show your skills and show off – you’ll succeed. But remember, higher-ups are impatient now – so work, don’t goof. Your popularity rises Fri./Sat.—social delights, flirtations, entertainment, optimism and lucky meetings occur. Get out, mingle, accept invitations (affectionate ones Fri. morn, “stuffy” ones Fri. pm). Saturday morning’s disruptive – bad time to start an important chore, or fool with electrical wiring – but this afternoon, eve and night seem to climb toward more and more “love success” (or good friendship).


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, sweet love! – It could be staring you in the face this week and next. If single, Pisces, you’re in a powerful marriage phase (until early September) – so romantic intervals such as July should not be ignored. (If you are married, and unhappy, the period August 2015 to Sept. 2016 brings separation. If happily married, this period brings adventure, travel, new projects.) Whatever your status, children show why you love them, creative and risk-taking urges call, and jumping into “immediate” pleasure will cure many things. Sunday to noon Tues. brings sexual yearnings, financial actions, research and investigation, and possible lifestyle changes. (“Gee, gotta get to the gym this week…”) If you recently met someone exciting (July 8, 9) this link can veer into more intimate zones. Sunday’s best – Mon./Tues. hold barriers, rejections, bad investments. A sweet, wise, understanding flows over you Tues. afternoon through Thurs. This period is made for love, and for far travel, intellectual pursuits, media/publishing, and cultural engagements. If someone is chasing you, don’t be too coy! Your career, prestige relations, worldly status – these grow temporarily important Fri./Sat. You can succeed Fri., especially (as the day grows old) in stable, stuffy areas. Saturday afternoon into late night offers good progress, even a “lucky break.” Saturday’s significant: before dawn, a possible love break-up; in the pm, a possible love success, even a new love.

The End.



U.S.A., banana republic: where else but in a corrupt, jungle country would the presidential candidate’s spouse meet with the nation’s attorney general to have criminal charges against her dropped or delayed until after the election? I’m basically a Democrat/Liberal, but voting for this corrupt regime would turn my moral stomach. Bill’s a liar and a lifter of young skirts; Hillary’s a liar and a seller of state favours; Obama’s a liar (he lied twice, consciously and in front of the public, about Obamacare); Elizabeth Warren claims to have “Indian blood” so she can scoop up all the benefits (e.g., free college) even though her name and her face appear 100 % WASP. Attorney General Loretta Lynn, confronted with her unethical, perhaps criminal actions, refuses to recuse herself.  Where does it end?

Perhaps its an apex – the highest justice official in the land, Loretta Lynch, commits crime, colluding to slide Hillary free of the FBI. I don’t care if you say, “Hold on, we don’t know she even discussed these matters in her 37-minute gabfest with Bill.” That doesn’t matter. L.L.’s guilty. She’s a government pigeon, soft, grey and without a backbone. And Obama, whom I used to like, sits over them all like a puppet master…More and more, Hill is feeling like Nixon. She works in the background, hiding her moves, motives and weapons.

Poor Hillary. Her thirst for power has dried up her emotional reservoirs. In a way, it’s unfair. Who will suffer as much as her? I think she is, or will become, the nation’s scapegoat, its sacrificial woman; though we might never consciously see this part of her life. It will be there, when pride falls asleep but Hillary awakens to confront the emptiness of ambition, and the barren steppes of power. Loneliness. We view Hillary through her own lens: as logical, competent, and, in my case, I’m out on a limb here, honest. Honest in the sense that I don’t think she has lost sight of, nor injured irreparably, a certain core honesty, one that can call her back at crucial moments, because she is Scorpio, and cautious. This is her life line, her saving and the rock upon which she can build again in a more honest way. At present she walks the line of honesty-dishonesty, exhibiting both but always appearing to be cunning somehow – an unattractive flaw, especially as it cannot seem to stay hidden. Worse, it is a signpost flaw: it signals that in the honesty-dishonesty battle, she has slipped more than 50 per cent into the dishonest side. Even in good moments her triumph gleams with cunning’s grin; you feel it more than see it. It’s not irreparable.

But how much vengeance, anger, disdain, and entitlement are hidden by her pretty, intelligent face? How would these affect her presidency? Like Nixon, would she try to settle old scores? And why does no one ever ask what she was doing while Martin Luther King was giving freedom speeches, being arrested, leading the “Million Man March,” while his civil rights struggle was featured on television and his face slapped on Time magazine’s cover? Here’s what Rodham was doing: she was giving speeches at school supporting Barry Goldwater, and began working for him. Goldwater was the antithesis of MLK – a white supremacist and racist. But the liberal media won’t report this; they have decided she should win the presidential election.

It’s all the same to me.

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