WEEKLY FORECAST – JUNE 15 – 22, 2014

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 All times/dates are PDT (Pacific Daylight). To reference your own time, see “WORLD CLOCK” on the right of this page, or go to www.worldtimezones.com.

 START NOTHING: Before 10:27 am Sun., 11:07  am to 11:26 am Tues., 12:06 pm to 2:26 pm Thurs., and 3:24 pm to 8:03 pm Sat.


I just thought of a new, simple way to use numerology: simply  add up your age.

For example, I just turned 66. So, 6+6 = 12 = 1+2 = 3, the number of short distance travel, restlessness, conversations and casual acquaintances. Without thinking of this, I had already planned 3 trips. Looking back, I saw 65 as a year I  attempted to make new friends; in addition I started my blog and severed relations with the Now Newspaper publishing giant. 6+5 = 11, the number of friendship, groups, socializing and “audience” – and, in old-time numerology, justice. (“Double numbers” such as 11, 22, 33, 44, etc., are usually not reduced.) Age 64 = 6+4 = 10 = 1+0 = 1, the number of new starts. At this age I moved to a new community….

So, below stands my quickie “age indicator.” Whether it holds water, is viable, you can judge. I’m not convinced nor unconvinced

Age:  Indication:

1 – new start,  assertion of the personality

2 – accumulation urges, possessiveness, politeness and diplomacy

3 – restless, travel, wandering, curiosity, communicative

4 – security urges, attachment to home, parent, recognition of neighborhood

5 – self-expression, creativity, sports and games, fun, recognition of beauty

6 – work, chores, health matters (taking care of own health, cleanliness) love of family

7 – relationships, negotiation, love and enmity, exploration and discovery

8 – secrets, research, building something, accumulation of money, toys or hobby collections; sexual discovery, possible abuse

9 – wisdom, learning, philosophy, religion, understanding of society, knowing, exploring a wider world, culture (e.g., going to movies)

10 – like 1, but now includes ambition, sense of self as seen by others, sense of prestige, and dealings with authorities: seeing authorities, teachers, etc., objectively

11 – friendships, groups, joining clubs, stage presence, concept of social justice and of the group versus the self

12 – see 3 above, but with the addition of a sense of “what is left behind” when one does travel – e.g., the “shadow self” emerges. (For example, when I go to summer camp I’m homesick for my family, friends and neighborhood – which, while I’m camping, are my “shadow self.”)

13 – see 4 above, but additionally, I now have a perspective on my family and security – I see them more objectively (and perhaps am not sure I want to cling – perhaps I want to define my own self/future, to argue or question my home, security, family)

14 – see 5 above, but now self-expression might include puppy love, writing poems, acting (from humorous mimicking to “acting out”) – sports, crafts, arts, etc.

15 – see 6 above, but include possibility of  family chores or a part-time job

16 – see 7 above – “sweet sixteen” because girls are sexual, and relationship-oriented. Boys begin to form personas that they will show to the world, fashions, hair styles, am I a jock or a brain?

17 – see 8 above, but now the possibility of sexual relationships is very high

18 – see 9 above, but now graduation ceremonies, teachers begin to speak of morality and ethics, fearing their students are not ready for the real world, philosophy, reflected in the valedictorian speech, many students go on to higher learning at colleges and universities, some youths take long journeys to foreign lands; this is often (with 20 yrs) the age of political awakening, of standing up for ideals

19 – see 1 and 10 above. New worlds, exploration, dealings with authorities, learning to bend under the rules of society, university, etc.

20 – see 2 and 11 above, but in addition: the acquisition of diplomatic skills, and the dawning of the “earning” personality, what can I earn and what can I buy with it. The awareness that sex does not necessarily involve love: i.e., the birth of adult sensuality, perhaps of promiscuity

21 – see 3 above, but now the restless urge sees the world as its oyster; the concept of luck and the acquisition of optimism and confidence based on the feeling that I am special, or somehow favoured

22 – see 4 and 13 above, but now I might be establishing or seeking my own security outside the family, the familial home; this is a “death and rebirth” year; the old skin is shucked off, and a new person begins to grow

23 – see 5 and 14 above..

And so on! Remember, for every year over 9, add the two digits of the age to get to the “core meaning” of the year. You can do this also with the so-called “master numbers” (11, 22, 33, etc. – e.g., 33’s core indications are 3+3 = 6 = domestic love, chores, tasks, service, health matters. Because 33 is a master number, this age is also probably one in which we break new ground in our lives, in the area of domesticity, health, employment, etc. E.g., more likely to buy a house than at the mirror ages of 6, 15, or 24 – all “6’s”. )



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Start nothing; complete errands and communications tasks. Your money luck continues – it’s a great time to send gracious collection notices to people who owe you, or to work out an amiable agreement with your creditors. (Approach the  latter as: “I want to work out a past mistake…” or  whatever.) Relationships are still on fire; talking, emailing helps, shows you at your best. (A good chance to resolve any problems, or express desires, Sunday to dawn Monday.) Sunday to Tuesday morning brings optimism, happiness, friends, entertainment, possibly a light romance. (Remember, don’t start a brand new relationship, unless you both know it’s a gossamer moment’s enjoyment.) Buy nothing, commit to nothing, Monday pm (PDT). Retreat, rest and contemplate Tuesday pm to Thursday noon. You’ll be weary, but almost everything succeeds, especially government, management, charity, spiritual or institution related. Great period to tackle neglected chores. Your energy, charisma and enthusiasm climb nicely Thursday pm to Saturday afternoon – use it to gather favours, complete tasks, correct wrong impressions.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Start nothing big or important before July, Taurus. Your work provides plenty of activity all June and July, maybe too much for your liking. Don’t let the intensity nudge you into making mistakes. It’s very likely you’ve neglected a duty (to a person, government, whatever) – try to rectify this. A former money source, or debt, might arise now to late June. Sunday pm to Tuesday noon brings prestige matters, career, status relationships, practical ambitions – these flow swiftly and well, except Monday afternoon – skirt this short period. Happiness, optimism, popularity and entertainment arrive Tuesday noon to Thursday noon – enjoy! (Romance is a bit dicey, someone’s “sensitive” Thursday to noon. Retreat Thursday afternoon to Saturday – rest, contemplate where you’ve been the last few years and how you got here, money-wise. A boss or other authority might be on your case Friday morning, noon – don’t react with anger. Instead, tackle those neglected chores/duties mentioned earlier. Friday eve, Saturday are smooth. A month of errands and conversations, trips and visits starts Saturday: but rest. This night, you perk up.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your  energy and charisma remain at a yearly high, but use these to clear up past matters or to keep your ongoing ventures chugging along. Start nothing before July 1. Someone from the past will contact you, probably about an affair or project that was almost complete. Your  relations  with civil servants, institutional and charity workers, and spiritual types continue to be  sweet, affectionate. (A bottom-level example: you go to church and see a good-looking member of the opposite sex – but don’t start anything!) Sunday to Tuesday noon brings intellectual acuity, learning, other cultures, far travel or international themes, and gentle love. (In fact, you could fall in love.) But things here have a disappointing “message” or answer Monday pm, so seek before and after this interval. Bosses, authorities, parents and VIPs treat you well, Tuesday noon to Thursday noon – show your skills, make friends with higher-ups. Joie de vivre, social delights, entertainment and big hopes flow in Thursday pm to Saturday – even the “difficult” eventsor circumstances of Friday daytime won’t dent your happiness!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Continue to rest, lie low, avoid competition, and contemplate or meditate. Be spiritual, charitable. This week and next, tackle government-institutional-head office affairs, especially ones you’ve neglected in the recent past. (You might hear of these Thursday.) Start nothing new before July (includes relationships). The good news is, Saturday will end these weeks of weariness; your  energy and pizzazz will return. Life’s mysteries, sexual urges, major financial concerns and health diagnosis fill Sunday mid-morn to Tuesday noon. DON’T invest, at least not Monday pm. Sexually, you might have better luck. Other than Monday pm, this is an  easy, productive period. Wisdom, understanding and a mellow mood flow over you Tuesday noon to midday Thursday. Again, all is smooth, gentle, except for a possible “bump” around Thurs. noon (PDT). Ambition, prestige relations, your status and reputation concern you Thursday pm to Saturday – be cautious before suppertime Friday, then proceed with optimism.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Remember, start nothing major before July 1. (For you, most relationships are major.) Tackle routine chores Sunday morning. From mid-morn to Tuesday noon, relationships take center stage – partnerships in love and business, contacts, competitors, even enemies – all come out now, so  be diplomatic, loving, humorous. There’s only one disappointing interval, Monday pm, when your links seem to stress your home (afternoon) or career (night time) environments. Secrets, mysteries, research, sexual yearnings, financial manoeuvres, health diagnoses fill Tuesday noon to Thursday afternoon – all’s good, so charge ahead (without starting new projects). Thursday  afternoon to Saturday brings legal matters, international travel, cultural venues, wisdom, higher learning, publishing and gentle love – all of which carry  a “spur” that keeps catching on the weeds of life. Take care in all these areas, Leo, now to November 2015. DO NOT start a lawsuit. These few present days assault you with problems (including an angry person, perhaps) to Friday suppertime, then flow nicely. This week and next, an old friend or former “happy flirt” might return.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing new before July – instead, continue with projects already begun (but try to avoid launching “new stages” in those established ventures). A former career role (or a former boss) might return this week or next. You itch to buy something new, but it will almost certainly disappoint. Instead, put all your present nice flow of money in the bank. (Heightened income will continue through July – even then, you’d be wiser to save. Big, “comfortable” investment opportunities will come this August through next August – save until you see it/them.) Sunday morning kisses you with nature’s beauty. Mid-morn to Tuesday noon brings chores – tackle them carefully Monday pm, as mistakes can wipe out results. Protect your health also. Tension can be at the root of everyday ills (colds, backache, etc.) Relationships surprise and please you Tuesday pm to Thursday afternoon. You could fall in love! Welcome everyone. Someone who evades you does want you, but considers the cost/danger too high (especially if you’ve hurt him/her before). Mysteries, detective work, health diagnoses, large finances and sexual longings fill Thursday pm to Saturday. Be cautious Friday, until suppertime. From 2011 to 2018, your biggest health threat is neurological.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sunday morning to Tuesday brings love, perhaps  an old flame, beauty, creativity, good luck and  a winning streak, speculation, sports, games and  charming children. Except Monday afternoon, when your luck might falter. Tackle chores Tuesday noon to Thursday noon – it’s a great, productive interval. (Remember, though start nothing new before July – that includes brand new, unfamiliar chores: e.g., hooking up the new stereo. And DON’T buy machinery before July, either.) Relationships confront you Thursday afternoon to Saturday (or more likely, you confront them, as you’ve been a bit of a warrior these last few months, and continue so to late July). Be diplomatic, but DON’T merge with another now to November 2015. Careful Friday, all day to suppertime: aggression, money conflicts or “stand my ground” urges lead to upsets. An old flame, even a former spouse, might return this week or next.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, start nothing new in any arena before July, Scorpio. A former investment opportunity might return this week or next; so might a former sexual partner. Judge each on its own merits: you could get a rare, lucky second chance. (Someone wise said we can never tell what is actually good luck; I agree.) Home, security, property, retirement prospects, Mother Nature, gardening, agriculture, food, nutrition – these are slated for Sunday to Tuesday noon. All’s well, easy, productive, except Monday pm. Romance, beauty, art, love of children, a gambling, risk-taking mood, creative surges come Tuesday pm to Thursday afternoon. Enjoy  this lovely interval, but remember, nothing/no one brand new. DON’T invest Thursday morning. Tackle chores and protect your health Thursday pm to Saturday. Be careful Friday daytime before supper hour – practice safety, and soothe or avoid angry co-workers (and civil servants!). Generally, before mid-November 2015, don’t surround yourself with work, and don’t volunteer. Others continue to view you affectionately, especially spouse.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Avoid new ventures and/or relationships before July, Sage. A former link might return in the two weeks ahead – perhaps a former spouse or old flame this week, or a former intimate link or financial partner next week. Your chores/work continue to be pleasant. Your romantic hopes continue high (to late July) – but doing is better, usually, than hoping. Sunday morning to Tuesday noon brings errands, trips, visits, communications, details and paperwork. Make a “to do” list before you step out the door – otherwise, forgotten items or wild goose chases are likely. Take care Monday pm – results disappoint. Your home, family, property, security, retirement, garden, diet/nutrition are emphasized Tuesday noon to Thursday afternoon – all’s well, even great! Romance, creative urges, speculation, sports, games, charming children, beauty – these have good luck but “bad karma” Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Proceed carefully, especially Friday daytime. (Until late November, 2015, you’d be wise to seek sex, light romance, friends with benefits, even marriage, partnerships, rather than big, heavy romance,infatuation.)


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start nothing new before July. This week, at least, you’ll be too busy to even contemplate a big new project. Someone remains “responsive” to your romantic overtures (if you make them). Bosses and other higher-ups remain testy, impatient – but don’t let them rush you into mistakes. A former chore or employment role (or a health concern) might return this week or next. Friday excepted, this is a smooth, pleasant week. Your energy remains high Sunday. This morning to Tuesday noon emphasizes purchases, possessions, income, and sensual attractions. All goes well except during Monday pm, when events seem to literally conspire to thwart your goals. Ah, well. Buy no large new items. Errands, communications, paperwork, details, trips and visits fill Tuesday noon to Thursday afternoon – again, a smooth, easy, friendly  interval. Get things done! (A “to do” list is wise.) The focus lies on home, domestic affairs, real estate, security, retirement, garden, nutrition, stomach and soul Thursday pm to Saturday. This zone contains subtle traps and downturns now to November 2015, so be careful, avoid big commitments. Steer clear of a confrontation Friday – and practice tool safety.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

It’s your last week of romantic yearning, and it might bring an old flame back. You’re kind and friendly, but rather unemotional and rational – except when you fall in love. When you are in love, you should act on it, as most Aquarians are successful suitors. Sleep in Sunday morning (PDT) – by midmorning your energy bounces up, to stay buoyant until Tuesday noon. You can accomplish a lot, but peddle slowly and thoughtfully all Monday pm. Love is possible. (In the big picture, August 2014 to September 2015 will be luckier in relationships, love and otherwise, than the present month.)  Tuesday noon to Thursday afternoon brings fortunate monetary opportunities, whether selling or buying. Remember, start no brand new projects before July. Don’t try to buy love Thursday morning. Life kind of pulls you toward errands, trips, calls, emails, paperwork and detailed hand work Thursday pm to Saturday. Keep an on-going “to do” list to aid your memory. But otherwise, don’t indulge the tugs of life in this arena – e.g., don’t waste time in chatter – before mid-November 2015. When in doubt, choose the long side: novels over newspapers, international over local travel, signed contract over verbal agreement. Take care driving, in shady areas, with tools/machinery, belligerent people or gossip, Friday daytime.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19 – March 20

The accent continues on home, parents/children, security, gardening, nutrition, stomach and soul. Start no new projects nor relationships – and delay ending either – before July. A former home, or your childhood, or a property you wanted to buy in the past, might return to your thoughts. (Don’t buy that property.) A long-gone family member might contact/return. Sunday morning’s optimistic, friendly, but late morning to Tuesday noon nudges you to rest, withdraw from the hectic crowd. Seek your own thoughts, deal with civil servants or head office, institutions, warehouses or assembly lines. Luck accompanies you, except Monday pm, when a wish might be denied. (Practical matters don’t support it.) You jump up with energy and magnetism  Tuesday pm to Thursday afternoon – now nothing stands in your way! Ask favours, impress others, take giant strides with projects (remember, not brand new ones).  However, don’t seek co-operation Thursday dawn to noon (PDT). This pm to Saturday brings money themes, particularly buying/selling and earnings. This whole zone is a bit of a trap for you until November 2015, so take care. (Same period, investing is wise.)

The End.

Disclaimer: Tim is not a lawyer, medical doctor nor financial advisor. Though astrology addresses all these fields, you are advised to discuss Tim’s advice with the appropriate expert before acting.